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How the McCanns made his life a living hell

Gonçalo Amaral never hid the doubts about the McCanns’ conduct. Elected to be their ‘international enemy’, he is now subject to legal persecution, forbidden from opening his mouth, with the book suspended and the assets seized.

Amaral could be a disciple of famous Inspector Columbo, the 70s television series’ star. Played by actor Peter Falk, Columbo was a detective with a neglected look, although methodical and with an almost obsessive dedication to the cases that he investigated.

Of course, the former Portimão PJ coordinator wears better looking suits, but he displays a vaguely distracted expression that conceals the same astuteness and attention to detail that were Columbo’s trademark.

In two and a half years, almost everything changed in the life of Gonçalo Amaral: he became disgraced at the PJ, he was grinded by the English media machine, persecuted and sued by the McCanns who demand a compensation of 1.2 million euros from him.

The reason for so many hassles is widely known: Amaral does not believe the English couple, he doubts the story that they tell about their daughter’s disappearance. And, understandably, the McCanns do not forgive him for that mistrust.

The Maddie process entered his life like a hurricane, swept his sleep away and now threatens to compromise his patrimony. It is the price to pay for having become the ‘thorn in the side’ of the McCanns. After managing, in September, to obtain approval for an injunction that suspended the sale of the book “The truth of the lie”, which reproduces aspects of the official investigation that was carried out by the PJ of Portimão, they equally managed to convince the civil court to advance towards seizing the former inspector’s personal assets.

The siege has closed in so tightly that the court went as far as determining that Amaral cannot speak about the book in Portugal, or in any other country in the world.

For now, the target was a firm that the former policeman uses to receive the money that is generated by author’s rights. Furthermore, there is the brutal compensation that is claimed by the English through the law firm that represents their interests in Portugal.

Apart from the legal threats, that are now starting to materialise as lawsuits, it seems evident that Amaral’s steps are under tight scrutiny. As recently as this week, the McCanns’ lawyers managed to prevent a French television channel from broadcasting the documentary about the ‘Maddie case’ that was produced by Valentim de Carvalho, as well as an interview with Gonçalo Amaral.

The argument was precisely the Lisbon Civil Court’s injunction.

International Enemy

Amaral bought himself the ‘war’ of a lifetime, by becoming involved, professionally at first, then from a personal point of view, with the searches to find the little girl that went missing on the 3rd of May 2007, while spending a holiday in Praia da Luz, Portimão. And it could have been no other way. Amaral was in a command post at the PJ, and his curriculum was filled with solved cases. This was just another one.

But it had a special component: it involved a couple of doctors with political connections in England. That condition almost always crossed paths with the police investigation’s data. The arrival of the English dogs in Portugal operates a turnaround in the process, opening new hypotheses to explain Madeleine’s disappearance. Amaral, who headed the investigation, became the target to shoot.

Pressures at the highest political level, at a time when the Portuguese Government needed to approve the Lisbon Treaty, counsel extreme caution in the relationship with the English.

What is for sure is that Amaral is removed from the investigation and the process ends up being archived. Singed by the events, as he leaves the PJ under circumstances that are publicly unfavourable for his image, the former coordinator embraces the case in his new civil life, insisting on the thesis that the police had followed but the court had not validated.

“The premature end to his career, did not only remove him from the case, but it also emphasized a certain obsession in trying to solve it, and that implied colliding with the McCanns head on, with the results that are known”, an investigator who knows Gonçalo Amaral tells “O Crime”.

Another investigator mentions: “I have no doubts that he is, at present, the McCanns’ strategy’s main target. They want to shut him up, fit him into a legal straight jacket. The amount of the lawsuit, 1.2 million, is a sign of that intention. Does anyone think, starting with the McCanns, that he owns assets in that amount, or anything near it?”.

source: O Crime, 29.10.2009, paper edition only


  1. Thank you for posting this excellent article, Astro.

    I hope we will see more and more like it published everywhere to bring attention to the unjust treatment of Sr. Amaral.

  2. Sounds so threatening, doesn't it?
    Is the documentary in France no longer going ahead (was scheduled to be shown again in Nov)?


  4. this just shows that Mr amaral is right and thats why the mccanns have to stop him.but i cant honstly see the mccanns coming out on top and its only because most people in britain only get to read the british papers that they have got away with this SO FAR.

  5. "The reason for so many hassles is widely known: Amaral does not believe the English couple, he doubts the story that they tell about their daughter’s disappearance. And, understandably, the McCanns do not forgive him for that mistrust."
    They cant not forgive him? Because they (the mccanns) are narsistic sociopaths? Next thing will be, they dont forgive me (or any other web user) or what? Disgusting greedy couple, and I dont believe a word they are saying.

  6. for Mr Amaral to have to put up with all this is a disgrace when all he wants is the truth to come out,thank god that madeleine has Mr Amaral on her side,shame her so called parents havent asked for the case to be re-opened,THATS THE ONLY WAY THERE BE A CONCLUSION AS TO WHAT HAPPEND TO MADELEINE

  7. The McCanns WILL get their comeuppance one day. Of that, I am certain!

  8. I would love to see this article published by other news agencies especially in North America, but that's wishful thinking. This article basically says it all, i.e. the McCann's true intentions and the forces at play.


  9. Mr Amaral is highly respected by the portuguese who admire him for all the work inside the pj and for being the only one until now who has had the guts to challenge the mccanns . They loathe the mccanns for what they have been doing to him.

    The evil and negligent mccanns won't be able to shut everybody up forever.They'll run out of money, the people in high places that have been helping them will lose their power, their unscrupulous laywers will be involved in a huge scandal(bigger than the latest) with major consequences in their careers ( we all know the kind of clients they have).And I'm sure it's a matter of time until one of those who have been silenced through either bribes or threats will speak up.Nothing is stronger than a heavy conscience.And nothing is stronger than karma.
    Força. Sr Amaral.

  10. Indeed Amaral is a "thorn in their flesh"! And if in the process of putting a gagg over his mouth the McCanns can pocket a few mill, it only improves their image as shrewed business people(italian Mafia, here's something to learn from). Are these people really doctors of medicine? They are devoid of any humane values.
    In the end,they will be faced with a huge dilemma: the twins will grow up and will want to know what REALLY happened to their sister. They will read Amaral's book and the official files. Awkward questions will follow, and doubts will form in their minds. How will this couple live not knowing if their children believe their innocence? But, as self centered as they are I woudn't be surprised that they wouldn't care less, really.

  11. Le us hope this is not going to cost his health.
    He could better use some acupuntur and send the invoyce to the McCanns.

  12. They can do nothing against such a spirited man.
    We will not let them

  13. No matter how many priests may reassure them, the Bible definitely states that NO LIAR IS ALLOWED INTO THE KINDGOM OF HEAVEN.

    If this applies to the McCanns they should take heed and do the right thing.

    And fast, because nobody knows how long we are for this world.

  14. I really find some of this article unbelievable....what do I want to happen? I want WHOEVER it was that harmed Madeleine and caused her to disappear..WHOEVER THAT IS..but Amaral cannot go around Europe saying it was the McCanns....he has NO PROOF that the McCanns did anything other than leave the children unattended....he could not prove anything when he was still in the PJ and he still could not prove they were involved when he wrote the bood so it is right that he is sued over it...this is not trying to get justice for Madeleine this is a persecution of Madeleine's parents withouot any proof and that is NOT RIGHT!

  15. The McCanns life is also a living hell, much and much worse than Amaral's.
    Their child was victim of at least a tremendous irresponsibility, lack of consideration with a human life that totally depended on them,she was supposed to be protected by them, respected by them, being still alive.
    I hope this is hell for them, feeling guilty every moment of the day, till death.And I hope a lot of nightmares and Maddie's spirit visiting them and begging for justice.
    And I wish them a long life, long and lucide enough to be confronted with the twins who will get to know them better than we all know.
    Amaral's life is a joke compairing with their lives.

  16. A quick look on the W9 website would indicate that what must have been a repeat showing (on November 4th, of the original documentary) has also been pulled.

  17. .......................

    Anonymous said...

    [Mr Amaral is highly respected by the portuguese who admire him for all the work inside the pj and for being the only one until now who has had the guts to challenge the mccanns . They loathe the mccanns for what they have been doing to him.]

    If this is the case, why hasn't there been any visible public support by the likes of Sargento, Flores and Cristovao for him since the gagging? I've been waiting for someone of note to stand up and speak out against the gagging order but so far nothing :-/ :(

  18. Not to worry, think of all the money he is going to make once this pair of psychopaths are convicted.

  19. Trying the icons :)) =))

  20. About time people learned the REAL truth about this case I think.


  21. ...

    Why we do not react to such an injustice on the measures taken against Amaral?
    The Mac Cann are themselves are under the eye and the doubts of many people who would know the truth about what happened during the day and evening May 3rd?
    - They seem to forget.
    Who owns the truth?
    The Mac Cann did everything that they themselves avoid trial and used the help of higher authorities!
    No face to face, no trial, no explanation has ever been necessary!
    Yet, they deliberately left their children alone every night for a week and this is a serious fault, Madeleine 3 years, the twins 2 years without serious supervision while their parents ate and drank with friends carelessly.
    - Why and how can we admit that the Mac Cann were not considered?
    Why they can claim support from Carter Ruck and require much money for defamation?
    The Mac Cann fired a lot of money with the public, and they pay 2 mortgages for their homes, they deserve a trial them, they abused the kindness and gullibility of the public?

    - The indices used by Amaral in his theory seems to weigh heavily in the balance, but is this a reason to use such a form of aggression and force this man to pay 1.2 million to Mac Cann (ex arguidos!).

    Clearly, these results suggest rather a settling of accounts, that Amaral to pay for a crime that the officer did not commit! (the one to have suspected for a year when the survey is expensive!)

    Those who from the start, constantly seek to defend and continue to fill the box, they wonder if the money goes to them or was actually looking for their daughter?
    But so far no real trail and has never been seriously discussed as is the case of a kidnapping ... then expect Kate and Gerry to leave aside the strongest advocates of the UK and bring Police also live up to these great lawyers to finally make the search for Madeleine?.
    So easy to contradict the results of police investigation, and the theory Amaral ...

    Wake up to the public, then there is still time, do not remain motionless and speechless. In all conscience, do you accept such behavior, such censorship?
    Is it fair to try to silence someone who just wants and at any price that the truth be known?

    The roles were reversed. Nobody seems to notice the last 2 ½ years, power and money are masters in the center of this heartbreaking story.
    And it's very sad when we think the result at the end of the investigation has not yet put in place today, some new information that might cause a kidnapping?
    So, for justice for Madeleine to Gonçalo Amaral, has to react, and thus contribute to a background! But there was no response to our request with Joana ...

  22. We all have to support this brave man with actions not just words on this blog There is an election coming up in the uk labour will lose there must be some MP we can put pressure on

  23. Much as I admire Goncalo, I think it's time he STFU because the McCanns will like nothing better than to know he is suffering.

    Far better to let them squirm by not knowing what he's up to.

  24. People are sick and tired of the Mccanns. I know I am. They have become Cheap and have sold their souls. They are as tacky as their on line Maddie shop...I would imagine Mrs.Amaral is very worried about all of this and what will happen to her family. I would also imagine they could curse the day that the Mccanns and their drinking buddies ever set foot on Portuguese soil. Mr.Amaral is a man with scruples. Mccanns would have to look this word up, it is not in their vocabulary. The Mccanns are liars and their drinking habits cost Madeleine her life.

  25. I like Sr Amaral - he seems a decent enough bloke, but I think that you people are giving him way too much credit and are bestowing him with too much honour - undeserved, in my opinion.

    You regard Sr Amaral as the only 'beacon of hope' in this sad case - you have crowned him as the patriarch of Justice For Madeleine - personally, I do not think that he deserves that title.

    I think that writing the book was an attempt, on his part, to save face and to salvage his ruined (disgraced) reputation - setting the record straight - he is doing exactly what everyone is accusing the McCanns of doing - damage control.

    It doesn't mean he is a bad person, not at all - it just means that it is quite 'fresh' of people to accuse the McCanns of being obsessed with saving their reputation, when Sr Amaral is doing exactly the same thing.


  26. Shame on you mccans for what you did to your child!Shame on you mccanns for what you have been doing to this man!Shame on you!

  27. Although we have the official files for all to read, where all the inconsistencies and contradictory depositions of the Tapas group can be found, there are people here still stubbornly defending that couple. Are they brainwashed, or simply stupid?

  28. Just to remember some people around here:
    -A kidnapper seen only by one of the couple's friends, who have since changed her version several times;
    -Gerry seen by an irish family running towards the beach with a child in his arms, the night Madeleine disapeared;
    -Death scent and blood found by the best sniffer dogs inside the apartment where the mccanns were staying;
    -Death scent and blood found inside the car hired by the mccanns several days after Madeleine was reported missing;
    -Death scent found in Madeleine's cuddlecat;
    -Death scent in the mother's clothes;
    -Parents told everybody there was a jemmied window that never existed;
    -Several inconsistencies in the timeline given by the parents and their friends to the police;
    -Parents have contradicted themselves several times in interviews given to tv channels and newspapers;
    -Both parents refused to take part in the reconstruction of the night the girl was reported missing;
    -The mother refused to answer 48 questions asked by the police;
    -Best defamation and extradition lawyers working for the parents;
    -Detectives with no experience whatsoever in finding missing children, "searching" for Madeleine;
    -Parents refuse to reopen the investigation;
    -British lab behaved very unprofessionally;
    -British authorities never gave the information about the couple and the child, asked by the portuguese police;
    -Parents with political connections;
    -British government intervened in a police investigation in a foreign country.

  29. Nigel Nessling - what an idiot you are, ignoring all the key evidence........................

    McCanns - guilty as hell!! Wake up and smell the coffee for goodness sake!

  30. Nigel Nessling, thank you for posting the link to your blog, you're completely bonkers! 8-}

    ps. have you heard of child murderer Leonor Cipriano's lawyer? You should get in contact with him asap, ask rosiepops for his contact, he is your soul mate! =))

  31. McCanns simply created a business team (Lawyers, etc) within days of Maddie's tragedy.

    Only in Britain, people get away with this.

    My only question to them parents is HOW DO THEY SLEEP AT NIGHT?

  32. «It's about time» - rephrasing nigelnessling - that people stop harassing an honest professional that only did his job, while in active service, and that being impeached from fulfilling it he decided to write a book with the facts he found, that can be confirmed by the data on the official judicial files made public a little later.

    It's regrettable that the «supposed victims» instead of trying to get his help to keep on the search for/about the fate of their daughter should only care to hurt him, either by insults or by libel suits.

    Innocents do not attack those that try/have tried to get to the TRUTH.

    This last attempt from the McCann show on which side they lie on.

    Not wanting to put money as their prior motivation - although their actions in the last 2 years points to it - I fail to understand how can they want to put aside the official investigator that was closer to the facts in the first 5 months.

    They should be asking for his co-operation and not ostracizing him, unless they are really guilty and fear he has proof against them.

    Anyway, Amaral will not need the money from the Editors - any author knows how little they receive from any publication - and it's impossible to retain the gains from the authors since they/he was an independent worker.

    I'm afraid the McCan's are facing a big blow down on this one - there is no money to rob...


  33. Re Nina post
    You have no reason to say that Snr Amaral is 'saving face'. Snr Amaral has said that he is in fact seeking to make public the exactly where the evidence found by the police investigation led the investigating team, that is to the likely conclusion that the child died in the apartment. Your wild accusation is unfounded and an insult to a fine professionally qualified industrious man with a fine reputation. He was not 'disgraced' as you (and the UK press) put it, but was taken off the case merely because he said something that was embarrassing to his superiors... but true, something politically incorrect about the interference of the British. Your remarks are possibly not stupid, but merely mildly disingenuous, and are in no way valid.

    Where is your common sense, how does Snr Amaral 'save face' by courageously seeking to publicise the truth that the McCanns want to attack. And what exactly are the McCanns saving face for... Child Neglect?

  34. What exactly did Mr. Amaral do that was disgraceful? The epithet disgrace originated in British papers. They tried to convince the public that he was a disgrace because he ignored leads. Please someone, anyone, tell me what leads did he ignore? Give me some specifics. They said he was a disgrace because he was lazy, an incompetent, a drunk? This man has solved many crimes, worked long hours on this case, has written books, made a documentary attended numerous talk shows, so how is it possible for a lazy incompetent drunk to do all that? What ever he's drinking, I want some too. Was he a disgrace for saying that the English police were doing the McCann's bidding? If a man speaks the truth, is he a disgrace?

    I'll tell you who is a disgrace. Disgraceful are the politicians and the administrators of justice who performed public relations services for people suspected of committing a serious crime. Disgraceful are the politicians that were complicit in bringing the investigation into the disappearance of a toddler to an abrupt end. Disgraceful are the British media who decided that it was more important to protect the parents than to determine what happened to the child. Disgraceful are the means they used to achieve this end; censorship, xenophobia, racism and lies. Disgraceful are the people who go to web sites with only one objective, to use their lies to plant doubt in the minds of the uninformed.

    It irritates me when I read that someone believes the McCanns are suffering because of guilt. These people still don't understand who they are dealing with. I have had experience in dealing with narcissists, they appear to be charming people but the charm is superficial. They use charm and lies to achieve their goals, it doesn't matter if they ruin people's lives in the process. Let me relate a snippet from the life of a narcissist I knew, let's call him Bob. On one occasion at my place of employment my co-workers and myself were given a questionnaire which comprised 200 questions. The purpose of this questionnaire was to evaluate characteristics such as productivity, empathy, emotional stability etc. A week later Bob went to meet the person who had administered the test, in a closed room, to obtain and discuss his test results. Soon after he had closed the door I started hearing angry screams and then I saw bob, with a livid face, storming out the of the room and slamming the door behind him. What happened in that room that angered Bob? We later found out that he lost it because the administrator told him that on the empathy scale from 0 to 100 he got a 3. Bob was incensed because his true character had been revealed. The administrator was lucky that he was contracted by the company for only 2 weeks; if he had been a full time worker you can be sure that Bob would start using mischief and slander to destroy his reputation.

    In my opinion the McCanns, like Bob, would barely register on the empathy scale.

  35. They put the personality rights of the parents higher than the personality rights from everybody else. I am a personality an d I have to listen to to their unsubstained lies frequently. There seems to be nothing that points to an abduction, otherwise there are indications that point toward a dead body in the appartment. So why can't I as a normal citizen not forbid the McCs to speak about an abduction.
    Why are they allowed to insist that it was an abduction- without evidence- and all the rest of the world is not allowed to their opinion. What about Madeleines personality? Does she has no right of the truth?

  36. So where exactly was that shelf that Cuddlecat was supposedly on that so convinced Kate McCann that it was an abduction and the child hadn't simply wandered off.

    Tidy of the abductor not to leave it on the floor. Yet he did also do a bit of cleaning up as well!

    Or has the story since changed, just like Jane Tanner's many accounts of the Bundleman?

  37. Re Nina post.

    Nina is partly right. But in all fairness, Amaral did what he had to do after being shamelessly humiliated and seing his integrity and honourability put into question by the British press and the McCanns. I would do exactly the same! I would want the public to know what I had been doing and the conclusions our investigation team came to after all the evidence gathered was analysed. Unfortunatelly Amaral didn't fall into the trap of doing what Gerry wanted: to investigate, ONLY, his abduction theory .

  38. "Doing what Gerry wanted" - that's the clue. There is a photo of their 5a interior where both McCanns are kneeling, facedown, on the bed watched by astonished Portugese police. I am convinced this was a distress call to other authorities (Masons?)
    There are also other photos where Gerry, alone, falls to his knees outside their apartment, also in front of bemused police.This is not normal behaviour!!
    Sorry, I really do apologise that I cannot give sources, but I have definitely seen both episodes on internet sites. Lapa

  39. Goncalco Amaral most probably knows more than he can say right now. It will be something he hasn't mentioned in his book. Could come out in court which would be a good place for him to speak out. Hope the Mcs and Co are there when he does speak. Mr Amaral is like an annoying mossie to the Mcs and they are trying hard to shut him up with little success.

  40. It's the type of comment above that leads me to believe that some people are living in the twilight zone. Amaral has been very suceesfully shut up. Book and documentary banned. He cannot even talk about the case.

    And if he has some damning evidence to implicate the McCanns then he would either be a)not believed or b) charged with withholding evidence.

    There are no clever games or ticking of tocks.

    I would suggest to those that think that this is just another "pro" post to read the last few lines of the prosecutor's ruling on the case. That IS the last word on the case. Pay special attention to the part that says: "NO evidence of ANY crimes"

    You can kick and scream and say the McCanns will get theirs but that IS the official state of play and the reason that Amaral is in so much trouble.

    Simple really.

  41. No Clever Dick Anonymous at 23.11, it is not simple really.

    As for there being no evidence of any crime, that flies in the face of rationality for a start.


    The reason the McCanns were not charged with neglect was because the prosecutor felt sorry they had lost their daughter when whatever happened had happened supposedly when they were not there.

    And, in case you had not noticed the case has been SHELVED, not closed. No charges have yet been brought, so the McCanns have not been found innocent of all charges as they keep telling people.

    It can still be reopened, and with another prosecutor the McCanns could still be charged with something.

    That is the way it is in Portugal, it blows whichever way with the winds of change, as Dr Amaral knows.

    It is not writ in stone.

    So stick that in your pro McCann pipe and smoke it.

  42. The crime of neglect is only a crime when it is done with intent.
    The prosecutor saw no intent and believed that the checks, while insufficient, showed that they had not intent in harm coming to their children nor could they foresee the possibility of abduction.

    The legal statute in question is article 138 of the penal code and intent is implicit in the violation of this law.

    That is what the prosecutor said, in so many words. You may not like that but that is how it is.

    Your reading of the law is not correct. Do you know of the concept of innocent until proven guilty? Nobody is ever found "innocent" of anything. Innocence is assumed until such time as guilt is proven. Therefore the McCanns are innocent. Simple.
    They do not have to prove their innocence.
    Let's leave that kind of legal system in the dark ages where it belongs.
    They were never even charged with a crime let alone stand trial.

    For well over a year now the case has been inactive. For all intents and purposes there is no case. Nobody from any official criminal agency is investigating it. The case can only be reopened if new compelling evidence comes to light. The longer this goes on the less likely that is to happen.

    Keep on dreaming.

    The current state of play is that Amaral has been gagged and the McCanns are innocent under the law.

    Spin it anyway you like but you cannot deny reality.


  43. The McCanns will have the twins asking questions in years to come assuming they don't do a Maddie on them as well! The best lawyers in the world can do nothing about that fact! They have ruined their own lives and countless others as well.

  44. When the books start to circulate, and they will, more and more, and people begin to get the FACTS and not the spin handed out by Team McCann via the media, then it will be the people themselves who will be demanding the case reopened.

    Very few will end up believing the McCanns account of the supposed abduction.

    Their Fund will also dry up and people will start looking for a dead Madeleine instead.

    And who knows, they many even end up finding her.

  45. The twins will only be asking questions of those who persecuted their parents. Like the people who tried to get Gerry and Kate struck off by writing letters to the GMC.

    You would have to be utterly delusional if you think the twins will do anything but support their parents.

  46. Mr Ameral is only telling the truth anybody with an ounce of common sense can see that.For the Terrible2 even to suggest that his motive is "To make money"is hard to swollow.what kind of human beings would do such a dispicable thing?The Mccanns of course!!!!.When the twins grow up and discover the facts they will be as horrified as every body else to see what their parents have done.

  47. The case should be re-opened as a murder enquiry due to forensic evidence and police file evidence. The media smoke screen that the mccaans have created no ordinary couple could have managed. All the litigation and money making, the on-line maddy store, the mccaans have no shame and neither do those involved. I implore the authorities get to the bottom of it, they cannot be allowed to get away with murder and fraud. Find all the guilty and punish them. This clearly goes further and higher than the mccaans. In the public interest there should be a full and thorough investigation. Newspapers should stop printing the sentimental rubbish they are fed by the mccaan spin team. These two people are clearly guilty of a very grave crime but who else is involved and what is really being covered up. Amaral should have his book published I've read it on line and most of it is information from police files and facts so it should be published in the interest of freedom of speech. I feel we have another crime here, a greater crime than the murder of a child that involves far more people and this is the crime that is actually being covered up - but why?

  48. I agree with you annonymous there is something more to all this that is being hushed up. When Gerry went to check on the children he said he thought an intruder was in the room, so he walks off and leaves the children at the mercy of the intruder, what parent would do this? Mccanns said they thought the place was save, but I think that most parents would be on guard, leaving your children unattended, leaving them at the mercy of an intruder, they should be questioned again and made to tell the truth about what happened to madeleine.

  49. I hope the McCanns lose this case and have costs awarded against them.
    Something about them gives me the creeps when I watch them on TV, always has, I would love to read the book and I wish Mr Amaral all the luck in the world fighting this case,
    Hopefully if he wins it will spur the police to revisit this awful couples part in their daughter disapperance/


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