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Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer confesses to having used “creepy” method

by Augusto Freitas de Sousa

The Public Ministry in Portimão is surprised about Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer’s appeal in which he “admits to having violated basic rules”

Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer confessed that he obtained a statement from his client’s brother “based on absolutely forbidden methods”. In it, João Cipriano assumed that he had tried to sell his niece Joana.

This, at least, is the understanding of the Public Ministry in Portimão, after analysing, and refusing, the request from Marcos Aragão Correia for a revision of the sentence that was applied to Joana’s mother, who has been condemned to 16 years and eight months in prison over qualified homicide and concealment of a cadaver. It is now up to the process’ judge to decide whether or not he accepts the appeal. According to the Public Ministry’s decision, the jurist – in the document in which he requested the revision of the appeal – presented a confession from João Cipriano “that could be used as the basis for a movie scene”. In that written document, Aragão Correia confesses to having invented a story to fool Joana’s uncle: a police source allegedly told him that an inmate intended to murder Leonor’s brother.

A technique that he called a “bluff” and that allowed him to obtain a statement from Joana’s uncle, confessing to having tried to sell his niece. This confession led the Public Ministry to consider that the lawyer is violating the Lawyers’ Order’s statutes, which forbid “contacts with witnesses or other process parties with the purpose of instructing, influencing, or, by any other means, changing their deposition, thus damaging the discovery of the truth”. On the other hand, it suggests that “the activities that were undertaken by the lawyer” are communicated to the Order.

Among other explanations, the Public Ministry thus refers that the “new evidence” that is presented is not valid and adds that references to “false confessions that were extorted by the PJ team, which was responsible for the investigation, under brutal and cruel torture” and the allegation that ‘Gonçalo Amaral took his degree in criminal investigation in Guinea-Bissau, or an analogous country, or was fuelled by still unknown interests in the sense that truth would never be discovered’, do not contribute to the serenity, being completely alien to the appeal”, concluding that the process that accused the PJ’s agents has not reached a final decision yet.

The president of the Lawyers’ Order’s Faro District Counsel, Augusto Cabrita, told i that in this case of eventual violation of the Order’s statutes, it has to be established what Aragão Correia’s main address is, and in case it is in Madeira (there is a main and a secondary address), it will have to be the Lawyers’ Order in Madeira that open the process. And, in that case, this will be yet another process that the lawyer will suffer at that body in Madeira.

source: i, 19.10.2009


  1. And the circus rolls on!

    It beats me how Aragao Correia is able to get away with what he does! Who is protecting him?

  2. To runaway from justice, that guy ( Aragao) will confess to the judge that he is MENTAL ILL. Keep him on "Julio de Matos"... it is the apropriate place for such idiot.

  3. This is the pro-McCann's IDOL, their HERO! Goes to show what the pro-McCann's are all about.
    Justice for Maddie, reopen the process!

    É este o HEROI, o IDOLO dos pro-McCann's. Fica-lhes mesmo bem.
    Reabertura do processo Maddie, JÁ!!!

  4. De cada vez que as nuvens pairam sobre o ceu dos Mccann, este idiota emerge da escuridao e arranja tempo de antena para distrair o publico. Precisa desesperadamente de mostrar servico.
    Ja que os seus poderes paranormais parecem ser do mais pauperrimo que ha, porque nao pedir ajuda ao Bruxo Pepe para localizar Maddie e o raptor. Entretinham-se os dois a encantar Obama e a manipular os satelites. Podia ser que da manipulacao saisse um "EGG MAN", sem cara e sem expressao mas com... um sotaque marcadamente escoces.

  5. When is the Portuguese justice system going to disbar this idiot, how much more can they tolerate?

  6. I am totally uncredible on justice -UK, PT, US, ETC...i DISCREDIT EVERY POLITICAL AND POLICIAL AGENCY.

    That is the reason I stopped expressing myself.

    As Luz, I've defended my country, my people, a lost child - Madeleine -....But now there are more lost chilren in the world. Every person deserves our preocupation, but how can I keep up with "Starred" versus poor people that lose their children.
    I've had it with those criminals McCann.

  7. Astro, Joana & Kazlux

    you have nothing to do with my opi ion.

    The Faro and Portimão Court judges stink, Mr. Alexndre Marcos Aragão Correia é "louco" (certificado) , o Bastonário da Ordem dos Advogados, Marinho Pinto, é um terrorista, e a Justiça em Portugal está na mão dos piratas dos offshores.


  8. I must clarify that I do bot know if the McCann are hard-on criminals or just frightened people that in face of a disastre attempted to defend the rest of their family. I am more inclined for the second - between loosing one child or all the three, they had to choose. I don't think it was easy, but it wad devious and selfish.

    What I blame on them is the disturbance they brought upon so many people, just because they didn't have the guts to confess to their mistake/error.

    One can forgive an error, but can hardly forgive a lie.


  9. It's as easy/or uneasy to disbar "this idiot" - Aragão Correia, as is to disbar The Carter - Ruck rich puppets!

  10. Luz, enviei-te um email, aguardo resposta.



  11. LUZ you are being too kind. You refer to the loss of their child as a mistake, well the longer this charade continues the more I'm dubious that it was, as you say, a mistake. Having so many powerful friends, did they really have to incriminate innocent people to maintain the lie, e.g. Mr. Murat. Did they have to ruin a man's reputation i.e. Mr. Amaral. Did they have to bring the Portuguese police and Portugal into disrepute? You say they didn't have the "guts" to tell the truth. Do you not think that the lengths they have gone to to perpetuate this lie required some "guts"? Would they really lose the twins? Whether the child died in the apartment or was abducted isn't the cause of either event their negligence? Now,if it was determined that the child in the apartment was killed, be it murder or manslaughter, then they would have a problem. If this couple was given a character test by a psychiatrist, they would be found to be narcissistic with little or no empathy. It's interesting that a former FBI profiler, way back in September of 2007, said the following: "The Portuguese police are trying to get a confession from the McCanns but from my observation of Mrs. McCann, she is the type of person who will never confess."

    Do you not think that what the McCanns have done and the swiftness of it all required planning on their part? Think of it: the website;the so called fund;the visit to the pope;the visit to the European Parliament; their meetings with influential people in the States; the PR firms; the elite lawyers; the shoddy detectives; a government spokesperson with ties to the media; the worldwide campaign to bring the Portuguese police and Portugal into disrepute; the incoherent documentaries; the talk shows; the litigations etc. etc. Don't kid yourself, these people are heartless opportunistic people. Most people in their shoes,faced with the situation of the case being archived would maintain a low profile. The McCanns however have embarked on a career and not only is it financially rewarding to be in the public eye, it also feeds their narcissism.

  12. It seems that the video The Truth of the Lie will be shown in France next Wednesday, 21st.
    Read McCannfiles, please.

    Alícia, California.

  13. Lee Sanders/Epa20 Outubro 2009 - 00h23 - CORREIO DA MANHA

    "Maddie: Justificação dada por entidades contactadas pela PJ
    Satélites desviados na noite do crime"

    "As imagens de satélite da Praia da Luz, na noite de 3 de Maio de 2007 foram das primeiras preocupações da PJ quando começou a investigação do desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann. Na altura, no entanto, as autoridades norte-americanas fizeram saber que não existiam por os satélites terem sido desviados nessa noite.

    'Foi dito que os dois satélites geoestacionários [que podiam ter imagens da Praia a Luz] estavam virados para o Golfo de Cádiz, onde estava a decorrer um exercício naval', explica ao CM Gonçalo Amaral, ex-coordenador da PJ que chefiou a investigação do caso.

    'Era uma hipótese muito séria para saber quem seria o raptor e não só', afirma Gonçalo Amaral, referindo que a Judiciária pretendia as imagens do momento do desaparecimento mas, também, 'as das horas e mesmo dos dias que o antecederam'.

    Perante a informação de que os satélites tinham sido desviados, a PJ acabou por não avançar com qualquer pedido formal. 'Tenho dúvidas que alguém mais tenha tentado obter essas imagens', diz o ex-coordenador da Polícia Judiciária, questionando a razão pela qual 'o casal McCann, que se afirma poderoso, nunca tenha tentado obter as imagens para resolver o misterioso desaparecimento'.

    Contactado ontem pelo CM, Clarence Mitchell, porta-voz de Kate e Gerry McCann, justificou que 'as imagens que existiam há dois anos eram inúteis'. Afirma que 'se houvesse imagens, há muito que o raptor teria sido apanhado' e nega qualquer pedido recente das autoridades britânicas para obter os registos.

    'Tanto quanto sabemos, não está a ser feito qualquer esforço diplomático nesse sentido', garantiu o porta-voz dos McCann.

    As autoridades britânicas vieram ontem negar que estivessem a fazer qualquer contacto diplomático para obter os registos dos satélites norte-americanos.



    Robert Murat levou a tribunal, por difamação, a testemunha no processo Maddie que lhe apontou actos sexuais desviantes.


    Clarence diz que os detectives privados contratados continuam a seguir 'pistas fortes'".

    João Mira Godinho/Paulo Marcelino

    E clarissimo porque e que estes papas nunca procuraram imagens daquela noite. ELES NAO QUEREM QUE A MIUDA APARECA. VIVA OU MORTA, SE FOR ENCONTRADA E O MAIOR DESASTRE E A GRANDE DESGRACA DAS SUAS VIDAS. O que interessa e manter eternamente a CHAMA DE UMA MADDIE VIVA,ALGURES POR AI. Assim sempre se enganam OTARIOS que vao alimentando o FUNDO e financiando a BOA VIDA de um grupinho de TRATANTES ILUMINADOS.

    Quantos dos nao colunaveis, que contribuem para o Fundo, fazem contas ao fim do mes para pagarem bens fundamentais? Quantos deixam de dar as suas criancas convencidos que aquele dinheiro serve para procurar a menina cujo drama tocou o planeta? GRANDES OTARIOS... que espero comecem a abrir os olhos e percebam que a crianca que tem ao lado merece mais um "miminho", mesmo que ja tenha muitos, porque a Maddie jamais os recebera.
    A termos de fazer um sacrificio, que seja pelas grandes causas... pelas criancas do Dafur, pelas que que sao vitimas da Sida ou do Cancro. A Maddie FOI, E e SERA eternamente VITIMA DOS PAIS QUE TEVE. Lutemos para que lhe seja feita justica, porque este deve ser o UNICO BEM a que ela ainda pode ter DIREITO.

  14. Como estava mansinho o Marinho Pinto, ontem no PROS e CONTRAS. Ja deve ter percebido que fazer servicinhos e prestar-se a fretes, nem sempre compensa... pois so recebe Tachos " quem come da mesma gamela".
    Ficava tao mal, sentado ao lado de um homem de causas grandes, o Dr. Fernando Nobre, presidente da AMI. Foi como se se juntassem o dia e a noite, com o SOL (Dr. Nobre) sempre a brilhar.

    Para os "Grandes homens" as criancas sao uma MISSAO. Para os " Pais pequenos" sao um negocio a explorar enquanto a HISTORIA DER.

  15. Hello Gerry... The News are spreading. Today more papers and TVs are sticking on Sunday Express whishes of having Gordon Brown and The USA on the way to get the satellite images of May 3, 2007.
    Your Spoke-person quickly came to the stage to say that there's no movemments from the house nr.10. HOW CAN HE SAY THAT ON A SO QUITE WAY? Why is he not screaming against British authorities, ordering a call or a quickly flight to meet Mr. Obama and ask his suport with such important step on the search for your daughter? THEN... I MUST ASSUME, THAT SOME STONES SHOULD STAY UNTURNNED... instead of your EARLY promise that NO STONE WILL BE UNTURNNED.

    Today, Mitchel brought the "Cherry on top of the cake". FINDING MADELEINE was the most improbable and the most inconvennient situation for you and your team, this is why you accepted so well that no -any image from that night should be highlighted and looked for.
    We know... most probably the all situation was a farse and the Fund, a Fraud.
    WHERE IS YOUR PLAN TO SUE SUNDAY EXPRESS AND ALL THE MEDIA WHICH SPREADED THE IDEA OF SATELLITE IMAGES? The monster is growing with trillions of people in the Internet, trillions of voices, of ears, not believing anymore what YOU ALL, are saying.

  16. From USA, came an example to show how quickly justice works. THE PARENTS OF THE HOT BOY BALLOON WILL BE CHARGED. Their narcyzism and their blind attempt for fame and celebrity, trow them inside a crime by fooling the police and trillions of people in the world. For few hours,the American authorities were suspense, watching a empty ballon crossing the skys and feeling the pain of the family, the terror of the little boy, a male american version of Maddie. Then the truth emerged from the little boy mouth, showing the world how selfish some parents can be.
    I can't look at that story without remembering little Madeleine and her selfish parents. If she disapeared in USA instead of PDL... If PJ were allowed to do a properly and free investigation as the police in Colorado do... The Mccann's will be in prison long time ago, with or without Madeleine's body and the twins in the care of somebody more altruist and less egocentric.


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