1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Maddie Case: A Broke Cop

By George Moréas, Honorary Chief Commissioner of the French National Police

At the moment that we are told that the solution to the investigation into the death of little Gregory [4 year old boy, murdered in 1984] might come out 1 from the end skirts of the Iberian peninsula, the Inspector Amaral sees the door (of the closet) closing on him.

What other relationship, you could ask me, exists between these two cases except that the victim is a child? Basically: a failure from the start. In Maddie's disappearance, shortly after a few weeks, the coordinator of the investigation was discarded: he had become a nuisance. And today, he has many troubles. What he faces is too big for him, the little Portuguese cop, and he is on the brink of being broken 2. Hotshot lawyers drag him to court. He must confront them. Just because the parents of Madeleine McCann did not accept the thesis of his book: the accidental death of the child and concealment of her body in order to make credible the kidnapping. Which we can certainly sympathize with, even if the arguments of the investigator hold solidly that line [i.e. supported by facts].

Just like they did previously with several British newspapers, now they require an amount that makes one's head spin: 1.2 million in damages and interests. To defend himself, the former police officer has applied for legal aid.

Three days ago, in a press release, Gonçalo Amaral has denounced the censorship that is being made to his book (a bestseller translated into 5 languages) and to the film adaptation that was based on it. In this text, he considers himself to be the victim of a serious attack on his freedom of expression. The court, inclusive, prohibits him from "quoting, commenting or analyzing any part of the book or of the video that defends the thesis of the death or the concealment of the body." And according to my contacts in Portugal, many were surprised to see in this way tampered a constitutional right.

We must recall here that in the absence of a complaint (the word is not entirely correct 3) by the parents of the victim, the investigation has been «archived», and by the Portuguese procedure the file has become public.

Amaral's book has been withdrawn from sale, and it seems (if my translation is correct4) that the copies in English did not had time to be spread. Thus far, it as not been banned in France. However, the debate to be held on Wednesday, October 21 at channel W9 broadcast of 'Criminal Investigations: the magazine of current affairs', has been canceled without anyone knowing why.

Having myself not able to cope with an armada of lawyers, I will not comment. But for us French, the process of opening a commercial site * The online store of Madeleine (Madeleine The Online Store) seems a bit strange. It is hard to imagine parents doing business selling search posters (£ 1.75 for 10), bracelets, or t-shirts bearing the face of their missing child (£ 7) ... This is not really in our culture.

This is probably different in Britain ...

To be quite honest, as I found sympathetic the reaction of the former police officer who wanted to proclaim "its" truth, all the commercial aspects that followed bother me 5.

Finally, it seems that it's all a matter of money.

* See in the business pages of Google. I do not link to not advertise.

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1. "sortir du placard", word game meaning coming out of the closet; here expressing 'opening a door in the investigation', not the coming out (of the closet) with an homosexual connotation.

2. sur la paille, literally meaning sleeping in a straw bed - i.e., being broke.

3. The McCanns as parents of the victim and as assistants to the process could have requested the investigation to be reopened. Why they never asked this, is a mystery to me.

4. This is clearly a mistake by the author, since the book version in English does not exist nor was it ever published. The pre-recorded interview with Gonçalo Amaral and the documentary based on his book 'Maddie, The Truth of the Lie' were forbidden to be broadcast at Channel W9 with an injunction or threat of injunction by Carter Ruck, the McCann lawyers.

5. Clearly Monsieur George Moréas fails entirely to address the fact that Mr. Gonçalo Amaral left the PJ Institution to be able to express himself freely, which he could not have done had he stayed in the Judiciary Police, thus he was able to expose publicly the truth of the facts pertaining to the investigation of the Maddie Case and that are in the process released by the Public Ministry, loosing not only a job that he was passionate about and quite good at it but also a vast amount of his retirement.


  1. Good to be reminded that the McCanns are just about the only people with a child that has 'disappeared' that are SELLING their child's image on t-shirts, etc.

    Anybody else would be giving them away, and thankful there were people out there that would wear them to remind the public about the child.

    Yes, one can't help but think that with the McCanns it is all about money!

  2. This must not stand on this way.Joana and Astro, is it not possible to make some association defending the freedom of speech? I, myself , belong to generation who fought for it, we had shock police inside the university , and we didn't shut up. Is it possible times are going back !?
    I think the freedom of speech, that was removed to GA is also symbolic . We must help him between other ways by propose the theme in public debate.In Parliament.
    I can't believe that MY BELOVED COUNTRY, fell in a situation like that.
    I think newspapers and TV channels are in a certain way carter rucked.
    This is disgrace i never thought i will see again.

  3. Thats the Mccanns, seek and destroy. How many victims are there in this case..Starting with madeleine and the twins...I often wonder what would have happened that night if two of the children had died and not just one. I suppose the Mccanns would blame the 'abductor' who as to date has not left a shred of evidence that he ever existed.It won't be today and it won't be tomorrow but as my dear old mum used to say God does not pay his debts with money. The Mccanns will have to pay one day for the crime they are commiting.

  4. With two children dead/disappeared Ironside, no doubt the sighting by Jane Tanner would have been of an eggman with a child under each arm.

    If it had been all three children, now that would have been interesting as to what she would have come up with having seen.

  5. There was an article in a British newspaper recently where a 24 year old mother left 4 young children alone while she went out to party all night. The comments section in the paper showed outrage by the public towards the mother. Perhaps if one of her crying children had been abducted she would have been given a spokesperson by the government, a fighting fund to help out and hotshot lawyers to gag anyone who didn't agree with her view.

  6. It is all "very well" but what are we doing to defend Gonçalo"s human rights?
    Are we mobilized? are we really aware of what is actually going on and is totally anticonstitutional in our "democratic societies"?
    Projects and inversion plans are being drawn in various thirld world countries to fight against repression and others but nothing happens in Europe when there is such an example of violation of human rights
    Are we just going to watch this violation happen and do nothing?
    I am sick of words and analysis,action is calling for.We MUST DO SOMETHING
    I am not a dreamer,just somebody with a great sense of injustice and I will not stop before justice is done.Never ever.
    Qui m"aime,me suive.....

  7. Very true Ironside, God does not pay debts with money, and if they are being protected and there is something big behind all of this, I for one would not want to be in their shoes because one day they might find that they are no longer worth protecting and are in fact a liability..

  8. Dear Joana,
    Don't publish this post if it displeases you.

    What do you think of researches and attacks on Amaral's private life and finances published by some pro-Mccanns blogs?
    It will probably be released and used: do you know if what they say is true? If yes, which organizes the leaks from non-public documents of the police and taxes? Why don't Amaral sue them?
    I think Amaral would have been wiser to give the money earned from his book to charity. He is in this case clearly very bad advised.

  9. Quote: 'Finally, it seems that it's all a matter of money.'

    Exactly! One thing we all can do is make sure that as many people as possible are aware of exactly how much money the McCanns are demanding. Everyone I've told this to is shocked that they want to make themselves millionaires, on the back of their missing child.

    I hope if/when they finally manage to become millionaires this fact will be reported in every newspaper and tv news bulletin in the UK. It's the one thing that will show the average member of the public exactly what these parents are like, how money - from the public, from their online shop, from newspapers and from Mr Amaral - seems to be what they're always looking for, while not looking for Madeleine.

  10. In reply to the article and to Jo, specifically, I would like to invite all those of you who want to DO something, to check out the following link: http://themaddiecasefiles.com/topic2832.html or http://bloguistan.blogspot.com/2009/10/uncle-am-needs-you.html.
    We need numbers, and we need to give these numbers a face. Lets make ourselves heard.

  11. Goncalo gave up his human rights when he attacked the McCanns and was unable to prove what he was stating. What I would like to really know is why he went the route he did and don't give me this garbage about wanting justice for Madeleine. I am perfectly happy to leave Portugal deal with Goncalo in whatever way they see fit.

  12. Georges Moreas, I don't know why, insists in not understanding what the note 5 explains (and I have at least twice tried to correct him about this essential part). I'm going to post on his site once more, in French.

  13. This is utterly appalling. The French writer of the article above, dares not express an opinion, because he cannot fight an Armada of expensive lawyers.

    When will the super rich backers of the McCanns wake up, and withdraw their funds? That's the only way there can be justice it seems. Unless we, the public, stand up and back Dr Amaral with our pockets, (not just our verbal support) so he can afford an Armada of expensive lawyers too.

  14. "I often wonder what would have happened that night if two of the children had died and not just one. I suppose the Mccanns would blame the 'abductor'" (Ironside)
    As a matter of fact they are lucky the abductor took only one (a support to the idea he was alone). They could launch a campaign with a "On that night you nicely left us two, be nicer yet delivering our third one for Xmas".

  15. Is is against the law to put in print, an untruth....Amaral may believe what he has written but contrary to what he has advertised he has NOT proved that the McCanns were involved in their daughter's disappearance.....now what part of that is hard to understand?

  16. I think the Amarals should do a Mccann...Open an online shopping store . He could sell printed T shirts with a slogan for those who wish to support him in his search for truth..wristbands ...and down loads for your mobile...with a Paypal button for those who wish to contribute to his Fighting Fund.(Sound ridiculous? The Mccanns have done it) Portugal does not seem to be a good idea to start such a campaign , as they seem to have betrayed him. Another country of his choice..Spain perhaps. The Amarals have lots of contacts in high places not just the Mccanns have such a luxury.. I think it is about time that he started using them.

  17. Tonight I am babysitting my two grandaughters, aged three and five. After hearing of the injunction against the French television channel I looked through my bedroom window and calculated the same distance the McCanns were away from their children.
    It's only when you confront this actual space you realise the appalling circumstances the children were left in.
    Sadly, I know, a few people play russian roulette with their childrens lives. Most, I hope are brought to justice one way or another. But these neglectful parents continue to spin the barrel of the metaphorical gun. What they have perhaps overlooked is that the metaphorical bullet can only be spun a certain number of times before it eventually hits it's target. By then all options will have expired and the final bulls eye will be themselves, along with their ruthless backers and lawyers.
    Mr Amaral will have his day, of that I am sure. Support for him will grow as the McCann's greed knows no end.

  18. I am in shock at the Utter GREED from all the people making money of the back of a little innocent girl, who disappeared from the face of the earth, and that goes for the McCann's and the Amaral's...shame on all of them...Is Money more important than human life??? Amaral has imho discredited himself, he promised that all the proceeds of his book sale would go to charity....Not to buy a Jaguar...and the McCann's should hang their heads in shame for their Online store selling t-shirts and wristbands...OMG...poor Madeleine...and poor Amilie and Shawn :( May True Justice prevail...I live in hope that Karma will strike everyone of the dishonest Greedy bunch.

  19. In an ideal world the 'powers that be' would see the discrepancies in the McCann affair and demand that it investigated fully, both to satisfy a baying public and to clear or convict the parents.
    But it seems that the 'powers that be' don't want any sort of investigation to happen. And that is the end of it. Democratic decision?

    The expenses scandal showed how out of touch the British M P's are and how deep the abuse of the system went. You or I would be dismissed on the spot and facing criminal charges. They say sorry and pay some back. Laughable. I wonder what other grubby little secrets they and their rich friends hold amongst them.

    A little 4 year old girl dies in circumstances which if the truth comes out might uncover even more scandalous actions by those in power. So the case is halted. All part of collateral damage to be contained in house to safeguard money, power and control.

    So what to do? How can the normal person in the street see justice be done? Other than a good old fashioned uprising there don't seem to be many options. Maybe that will be what it takes.

    How can we let them get away with this?

  20. Ironside, good idea about the Amarals having an online store! I suggest t-shirts showing the gorgeous Eddie and Keela; I'd buy one of those in a flash. Or alternatively some of the 'happy snaps' could be used, or perhaps a quotation or two from those masters of the snappy quote - the 'good marketing ploy' one would do for a start. Anything that would do the twin purposes of raising awareness of the other side of this case and raising money for a Fighting Fund. If the deplorable duo can do it, it's obviously ok for others to do the same.

  21. What I'd like to know is what outspoken people like Paulo Sargento, Moita Flores and Paulo Cristovao make of the McCanns' censorship of Amaral. Is anyone speaking up for Amaral and highlighting his plight publicly?

  22. I cannot see any light at the end of this tunnel we are going round and round in circles. The maccann couple have a very strange hold over everyone. Mr Amaral God Bless him we can all write on this blog forever its him and his family who have all the worry how on earth is he going to fight this evil pair to them money is no object. We need to set up a fund for this man urgently. It seems Portugal is as bad with its justice system as England. The main political parties here are not going to do anything about this case what about the BNP anything is worth a try. Any Ideas

  23. The Portuguese people are allowing the parents who are responsible for the disappearance and probable death of their child to go unpunished.
    The Portuguese people are allowing the same parents to suppress the truth.
    The Portuguese people are allowing the same parents to vilify a man who is trying to bring justice for an innocent girl.
    As this disgusting episode unfolds it is demonstrating that there is no justice in Portugal
    Shame on you Portugal
    Letter from Iberia

  24. Good question, ShuBob ! A lawyer on her blog protested. But who else ?

  25. So the french program was cancelled because of Carter-#*uck? How come do british laws apply in France, or any other country for that matter? Do injunctions (or threats of)coming from a british law firm or a british court have any legal weight outside Britain? Surelly they must use a french lawyer and a french court for this,don't they?(just like in Portugal, where they used the services of Isabel Duarte, not C-R)
    God help us all!!!
    It seems we the portuguese need to change back our national anthem to what it was originally:

  26. Right on the spot ShuBob! I too am bothered and surprised by the silence of those usual commentators of the Mccann case, plus Hernâni Carvalho (though this one might still be digesting his electoral defeat in Odivelas! I would have expected to see them screaming their indignation and their support for G. Amaral from the roof-tops, that is, in blogs, newspaper articles, tv shows, etc., but no...radio silence instead...,what's going on, what does this silence mean?
    Your guess is as good as mine...

  27. Why did the french show bow to C.Rucks demands/threats? Who died and made C-Ruck God?! Other british "sharks" threatened Paulo Reis(Gazeta Digital) with legal action if he did not oblige to their demands and he gave them the most wonderfully sharp and witty reply! It's in his blog for those who want to read it.

  28. I agree with an anonymous who writes that amaral was badly advised.
    yes, a weak laywer.
    He should have started this process long ago.
    What was he waiting for?

  29. I really hope a miracle will happen soon ,It is deserved and must be done ,with gods help evil will be crushed ,,,R,I,P Maddy

  30. "The court(...)prohibits him from "quoting, commenting or analyzing any part of the book or of the video that defends the thesis of the death and concealment of the body" "

    From the police files and process, that, let's not forget, WAS MADE PUBLIC by the portuguese judge/court:

    "From all that has been exposed, it results from the file that:

    a) The minor Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A of the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz, on the evening/night of the 3rd of May 2007;

    b) an abduction was simulated;

    c) in order to render the child's death before 10 p.m. impossible, a situation of checking on the McCann couple’s children, while they slept, was made up;

    d) Kate McCann and Gerald McCann are involved in the concealment of the cadaver of their daughter, Madeleine McCann;

    e) at this moment in time, there seem to be no strong indications yet that the child's death was not the result of a tragic accident;

    f) from all that has been established up to this moment, everything indicates that the McCann couple, in auto defence, does not want to hand over the cadaver immediately and voluntarily, and that there is a strong possibility that it was moved from its initial location. This situation may raise questions concerning the circumstances under which the child’s death occurred." "

    (in: Process 201/07.0GALGS, volume XVII, page 2601)

    In view of the above isn't it obvious that the McCanns must get an injunction against the portuguese state and demand the destruction of the files/process and forbid any mention of their contents?
    How does what is written above differ from what is in G. Amaral's book and video, his "thesis", his personnal and professional conviction? I really must be very stupid, but I cannot see the differences, I cannot see where there is reason for libel and compensation claims or anything that can justify the court's decision! If they have legal ground to silence and get compensation from Mr. Amaral because he claims there was an accidental death and the concealment of the body, then they must do the same with the portuguese police and the portuguese state.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. I agree with willo, regarding the powers that be (expenses scandal) GB is planning on giving the MEP's a wage rise, so that they can pay back the expenses they STOLE from the Tax-Payer's, afaik...so there you go...that's how CORRUPT the U.K Government really are... they couldn't spell the word Honesty..GREED is their god.

    To Demise...I Hoped that Amaral was a decent man of integrity....(so although I see what you are getting at)and to some extent I agree that what is good for the goose is good for the gander...I also don't think that 2 wrongs equal 1 right....Amaral should'nt go down the McCann's path imho, because the McCann's are digging their own very deep hole right now...and no matter how long it takes...imho the truth will out and the LIARS will trip themselves up...it is inevitable.

  33. Anonymous, "The court(...)prohibits him from "quoting, commenting or analyzing any part of the book or of the video that defends the thesis of the death and concealment of the body"

    You are not stupid; you are a very rational person. People must realize that the decisions being made by the Portuguese courts are setting a dangerous precedent that will undermine the rights of each and every Portuguese citizen.

  34. According to my TV magazine, the W9 programme: "Enquêtes Criminelles", on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, has been rescheduled for Wednesday 4th. November, at the later time of 22.30.

  35. I take heart from the fact that when the truth does emerge, the anger for what has transpired will flood out... a million times more intensly than if they would have allowed the truth to be told from the beginning.
    The repercussions will match the extent of the cover up ....."huge".

    The Mcanns can never really win for multiple reasons,the main one been they do not have truth on their side.
    When Truth does emerge and the world see's exactly what has gone on in this case, they will be held in the same esteem as fred/rose west, myra hindley, and yes the one their friends reported on Ian Huntley.
    Not only will the mccanns be held to account but All who have helped them.
    I can assure you all here who may at times feel that the truth will be lost, that it will not and that there day will come.

    rest assure they have not nor will never get away with this.....please beleive that!


  36. The Mccann's became a Trilogy of the 3 M .... (MMM...for Mccann's, Madeleine, MOOOOOOONNeyyyyy). It is all about money.

    If we had a possibiblity to do a Public referendo about Madeleine- 99% of the public will answer, she is dead. 98% will answer, her parents know it.

    What the Mccann's are dismissing, is the perseverance and the memory of the public. They can frame and gagg Amaral now, but this case did not fade in the Internet, did not go away from blogs, coffee meetings, family conversations. That mean's...we will remain here with same feelings, with same questions and unless they do something to answer our questions, convince us and show us a single evidence of an abduction, they will remain forever suspects. And they will not be able to afford expensive lawyers the all life. DECENT PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO BE CONNECTED WITH THEIR CAMPAIGN.... THEIR ON-LINE MADDIE STORE IS AN INSULT TO LITLE MADELEINE MEMORY AND TO HER BROTHER AND SISTER. They sale her daughter as Disney studio's sale the image of Mickey or Minnie. Ultrajeous... for all childs.... How can somebody responsable for the disapearence of a child, start a businness, build a Marketing machine behind such tragedy. And I'm not saying that the Mccann's are rsponsable for Maddie possible dead, but.... there is no question on that... THEY ARE RESPONSABLE FOR WHATEVER HAPENNED TO HER, because they leave her alone night after night in a strange environment, where the litle girl did not even speak or understand the language. THIS IS ABANDONMENT and what came after, starts on this abandonment.

    In USA, the mother of the hot baloon boy, assumed that the disapearence was a fraud and they work on the farse 15 days before. At least they recognise how perverted their minds are and the public soon will forgive all the story. They will pay in justice whatever justice achieve for them and after that they will become free again. Free to walk in the streets, to face neighbours, friends, family or the stranges. Free to carry on a normal life. The Mccann's will remain suspects, not free to walk anywhere at day light and without their army lawyers going ahead to clean-up the streets.

    I saw here their post thanking Everton about the T-shirts campaign. They should know aswell how many Everton suporters wear the T-shirts suporting the campaign- Few, very FEW. And from that few ones, what the Mccann's did not know is that after the second goal, almost all the suporters with T-shirts, removed them an trowed them on the floor. This is what public feels today--- Madeleine is a symbol of BAD LUCK because she did not achieve justice, she can't rest in peace. And most of us would like to know and see Gerry and Kate walking in Portugal streets,in Lisbon, in Coimbra, in Braga, in Faro, in PDL. I will not say here what will be the reaction of the public... maybe will be no words to describe it. Because in our hearts the image of the litle girl still alive and don't need t-shirts, bracelets or appeals to be remembered. She is the only one which matters for us and she don't need a single penny spended on her. She only need justice and being at her side mean's being against her parents and at risk of being persecuted by their stupid and unscrupulous businness machine.

    Today I read on portuguese news that the body of a businness man which disapeared last April in Algarve was found in a dam. His body was recovered only because PJ frame a couple of suspects and they confess where they dump the body. Without a confession wil be almost impossible to find the body. A shame to see that when police was left free to work they always achieve to solve the cases. MADELEINE will get JUSTICE ONE DAY...

  37. Amazing to see this duality: Vale Azevedo is the Most wanted Man in Portuguese justice. He was convicted of economic crimes and should be in prison, in Portugal NOW. Unless... he lives in London as a VIP, doing the same crimes as he have done before, fooling and corromping peolpe across the Europe. Why the lisbon court did not use the same methode used against Amaral, to stop Vale aZevedo forbidding his businness around the world? THIS IS WHY PORTUGUESE JUSTICE AND THE LISBON COURT, BECAME A JOKE... a poor and stupid joke.

  38. "This is probably different in Britain........ " No it's not, most people in Britain do not open an online store when a child goes missing.

    And regardless of how many times a press spokesman tries to tell you, it's not a British way of life to put our children to bed and go out to dinner, It's a selfish and irresponsible persons way of life.

  39. What I find so puzzling about all of this is that the McCanns have not been brought to justice for their crimes they are brazen with their arrogance, their on-line store is a disgrace to the little girls memory and their fund is fraudulent how was it allowed to ever get this far. Sniffer dogs detected a crime had been committed questions arise about the high mileage on the scenic, conflicting statements, Kate not answering the 48 questions, unco-operative Tapas group, no reconstruction, Gerry continuing to lie, a priest says he was deceived, the Fatima connection,the gaspars statements, the smiths statements, Yvonne's statement, yet nothing is done, they have lied and laughed on television taken everybody for fools, all their performances are scripted 'stick to the scrip' Gerry raged at one interview. When this is finally resolved I pray that all those involved in this cover up where a child died will be brought to justice and suffer grave consequences. How the McCanns must hate Amaral but the more publicity they give him the greater his voice becomes, one day Sr. Amaral every newspapers will serialise your book, millions have already read it, we have made our own conclusions, the McCanns are as guilty as hell.


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