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'Maddie,The Truth of the Lie' - McCanns Ask for 1,2 million euros in damages

Frozen Assets

The quota of Gonçalo Amaral in his unipersonal company, a third of his salary as the manager and the values delivered to that company by way of author rights or via commercial trademarking of works made by the former Judiciary Police Inspector were seized obliging the order of the process for defamation brought by the McCanns.

"This is a siege, they are trying to asphyxiate me at the desk", said the former Policeman to the CM.

The claim for damages follows the injunction that banned the book 'Maddie - The Truth of the Lie', written by Gonçalo Amaral, who led the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine in the Algarve. The English family - Kate, Gerry and their children, including Maddie - ask for 1.2 million euros to the former coordinator. The attachment is a precautionary measure until the decision of that judicial proceeding.

António Cabrita, Gonçalo Amaral's lawyer, has already added the contestation to the the claim for damages. "What is in question here is an unconstitutional decision, to the extent that the book reflects the right of expression and freedom of opinion," said the lawyer to the CM. António Cabrita alleges in the contestation that the book "has nothing offensive to the McCann family, nor accuses them of killing their daughter." And he stresses that Amaral's conclusions in the book are the same of the archived process, of which the final report leaves open several possibilities, including murder.

Gonçalo Amaral suspects of the intention of financial asphyxiation , given the high cost of court fees in order to contest and for which legal aid was sought (see support). "I do not have a fund, a fund to finance my defense," said Gonçalo Amaral. And concludes: "Not only I am deprived of my basic right to freedom of expression but I also face constraints related to my defense."



The Justice fee to contest a claim for damages of 1.2 million euros is worth more than two thousand euros. Amaral asked for legal aid, so that the contestation could be made, although there is still no decision regarding the support.


The Publisher Guerra & Paz was also notified to hold back the royalties payable to Gonçalo Amaral. Valentim de Carvalho was also notified, because of a video based on the book, however it was not possible to confirm this information until the closure of this edition


The McCann arrived at a figure of 1.2 million claiming that Amaral received 25% of author rights and that he charged for interviews. "Not true," says Amaral.

The book is being sold in 5 countries and was to be published in England when the legal action took place.

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  1. They've made untold millions now off of Madeleine and there doesn't look to be any end in sight. I truly hope justice is served not only for Madeleine but also her parents. And by that I mean, Kate and Gerry should be prosecuted for child neglect and made to pay the consequences of their conning people to donate to their bogus Find Madeleine Fund.

  2. Não seria agora a altura de mostrarmos o nosso apoio a GA contribuindo para suportar as despesas da defesa?

  3. I totally agree with setting up a fighting fund for Dr. Amaral! If anyone deserves a fund it's him! It's the least we all can do, considering that many of us are reading and watching his works( book and doc.) for free in the net! If everyone would contribute with just one euro soon he would have the means to defend himself in court.

  4. Sim, isto e uma vergonha.
    Desde o principio que os McCann tomaram uma ofensiva descarada, maldosa e gananciosa.
    Apoiados por uma fonte inesgotavel de dinheiro.

    E Portugal, por cobardia ou velhacaria, tudo lhes tem permitido...

    Talvez seja agora uma boa oportunidade de formar um fundo para a defesa de Goncalo Amaral, permitindo que o caso va a tribunal e que varias verdades venham a lume?

    Sim, porque mais uma vez, isto e uma tentativa de evitar que o caso chegue a tribunal... Dinheiro facil!

  5. Isn't it bizarre that at the time of the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance, the parents had set up a separate investigation running in tandem with the official one. However, their investigation was to divert and distract attention away from the prime suspects.

    They then managed to have the official investigation shelved due to non co-operation.

    They are now busy expunging any trace of the original investigation (a clean up not unlike apt 5A)

    How many other prime suspects have been afforded this privilege?

  6. Joana

    There seems to be a lot of support over various threads for some sort of support fund for Sr Amaral.

    I realise that is not your function to organise such a fund but do you have any contacts you could speak to who might be willing to set something up?

    Would you be prepared to publicise it if such a fund came about so we armchair viewers could at least feel as though we were doing something to assist this brave man.

    Mr B

  7. Well said Rosie. I truly support Mr Amaral. This is my first ever comment about Maddie's case. More and more I'm getting disgusted by Mccanns behaviour and actions. In fact, their actions speak louder than words, their actions say that they are hiding a lot...

  8. How dare they accuse Goncalo Amaral of charging for interviews when they have been paid for interviews since the date Madeleine disappeared. They have made a fortune and fame (albeit notorious) out of their daughter's disappearance. Even if they claim it went into the Fund to find Madeleine, what a waste of time and money that's been with the amateurs and unsavoury lot they have hired, including Mitchell. Pot, kettle, black, as they say! Another million or so going their way. Not bad for a couple who couldn't afford to pay their mortgage a couple of years ago!

  9. Completamente de acordo com a Joana. Isto é uma vergonha. Dá a impressão que a justiça portuguesa está comprometida com os McCann. A PJ não iliba o casal do desaparecimento da Madeleine, mas a justiça parece estar do seu lado. Incompreensível...

  10. Reading that article makes me feel deeply sick - sick that the McCanns can get away with this. They are getting greedier and greedier in their arrogance.

    Why did the Portugese heirarchy allow Britain to dictate the course of this investigation. Why didn`t Socrates just say `No` to Gordon Brown? What idiot took Amaral off the case and why?

    This corruption makes me feel ill.


  11. How can we send some money to Mr Amaral to support the defence of his book etc? I am willing to send some Euros to him.

  12. A Fund would not only financially support GA's defense, it would also and mainly publicly prove his credibility, a fortiori if his supporters were from different countries.

  13. Anonymous, money has to be deposited in a Fund, this is fundamental.

  14. The McCanns show their true colors with every single move that they make.
    Truth and Justice will prevail.
    Time will show.

  15. This case gets more and more bizarre. Time will certainly be the undoing

  16. Yes, please set up a fund to help to pay for Dr Amaral's costs and for justice. We need a Paypal link online somewhere. I will contribute.

  17. Like some kind of malignant growth the McCann affair is poisoning the systems of law and order in the UK and Portugal, or perhaps it is only laying bare a need for reform in both countries which has in fact been around for a greater length of time. It is encouraging to note that, however slowly, opinion in the UK is coming round to recognise that changes are long overdue. I do hope that this is a process which is capable of making faster progress in Portugal though, because Dr. Amaral is facing financial ruin now and at the present time I wouldn't put a great deal of faith in the Portuguese judiciary.

    Btw. Pledge my support for an Amaral fighting fund.


  18. Have been reading these forums since this case started. A fascinating study of arrogance, pride, corruption, greed,vanity race (am irish so know how these two were bred) the list is endless. I would gladly pay into a fighting fund to support Mr Amaral and see this thing argued in a court of law. Carry on

  19. I'd be more than happy to make a contribution to the fighting fund too...

    as they're fond of saying as Tesco's;
    "every little helps"

  20. I also pledge my support for a fighting fund.

  21. Why didn't Amaral start a process long ago?
    why wait such a long time?
    what about the 7 witnesses?

  22. I will contribute to help support Amaral, but I doubt if our dribs and drabs will amount to enough. What he needs is a rich backer - surely there are some millionaires with enough decency and intelligence to have sussed that the McCanns are involved in a cover up and who would be willing to help Amaral fight this terrible injustice.


  23. Please, Joana, help us with a way to donate to Amaral's defense. I will be very glad to help this brave man and his family fight this monstrously unfair treatment by the McCanns.

    When will the McCanns be held accountable? That time is long, long overdue.

  24. I too pledge support for Sr Amaral.

    The McCanns must not be allowed to extract money for someone simply pointing out that there is no evidence of abduction.

    The Portuguese judiciary have a chance to strike a rela blow for freedom and prepare the UK for this book to be published in English.

    I dont see why the internet isnt flooded with an English version!


  25. I would contribute aswell those Mc Scams just sicken me

  26. Há quanto tempo é que a justica Portuguesa tem estado a tentar extraditar Vale e Azevedo da Inglaterra? Como é possivel que estes m**das fazem o que querem com a justica Portuguesa?

  27. Im in if anyone can set the wheels in motion...... lets get it on!!

  28. Does anyone have a contact e:mail for Amaral? Is there a way we can contact him directly to offer our financial support?

  29. Eu também estou disposta a ajudar nas custas judiciais. A ideia mãe tem que ver com a possibilidade de Gonçalo Amaral ir até tribunal explorar a tese de morte de acordo com o relatório final da PJ. Esta é a hora de nos unirmos. Estou a estudar também a hipótese de fazermos um peditório, imaginem que cada português dá um Euro, cada Espanhol dá um Euro, Alemanha, Holanda, Dinamarca, Suécia...América (quanto dinheiro daria, uma boa maquia acreditem, nada gananciosa como os pedidos dos McCann mas simbólica, suficiente, para saltar a entrada da secretaria e ter acesso à justiça). Acesso à justiça,devia ser o mote. Agora, como se faz isto de maneira a passar uma ideia séria e transparente aos cidadãos? Aceitam-se ideias.

  30. Eu acho que a melhor maneira seria abrir uma conta no nome do advogado do Gonçalo Amaral, em caso de congelarem essa conta se for no nome do Gonçalo, com esses Ingleses nunca se sabe.
    Só uma ideia.
    Já estou farta de ver o povo Português a ser enxovalhado, há que fazer alguma coisa.

  31. Absolutamente de acordo, a ideia já está em andamento, mal tenha mais informações posto aqui no blog.

    um abraço

  32. The Fund must be crucially in defense of liberty of speech that has been offended through GA's gagging and financial asphyxiation.

  33. Good morning Joana, I did not know where to post this. However, seeing as GA is the only one that seems to care I will place it here. I have found a site where the Blogger was a victim of child abuse. It makes for harrowing reading. This is a real Victim and here she has listed the trauma involved if you are 'one of the lucky ones' to come through this. I would like to push this information up the noses of the Mccanns..would they really want madeleine to be going through this. Maybe you find this information too strong for your blog and wish not to print. If so I understand...but I think it is time that people understand that 'child abuse' is not just a name but what it actualy means .here is the list Joana, let me know if you would like the link to her blog. She is an amazing lady and is fighting for all abused children.

  34. http://ordinaryevil.wordpress.com/

    Here is the link Joana , it may help you decide..lol

  35. This is exactly the way the McCanns and their lawyers operate - they make sure that their victims cannot afford to go to court and defend themselves. It is sick, evil and very, very wrong. It is also very revealing. They are obviously scared witless about having to appear in court themselves, even in a civil case.

  36. Gerry McCann cowardly stings from behind a mountain of pounds put at his disposal by his financial backers and donors, to deprive anyone who doesn't believe his abduction fantasy, the right to express his/her voice. Adding the out of court settlement´s money in his pockets, he is arrogant enough to be convinced he is all powerful. Therefore, he is dangerous and doesn't know how to stop now.
    If, as it has been suggested by many, a help fund to support Mr. Amaral in his battle to clean his name and help in the search of the truth could be established, I am all for it. At this difficult time, Gonçalo Amaral must know we are with him. This may be a step closer towards the day we'll see this people in court. I hope so. Perhaps the McCanns don't know, but the humiliation of Portugal and of the Portuguese has a price. And sooner or later they will find out..in court!

  37. This is interesting http://www.givealittle.co.nz/cause/maddie

    Take a look

  38. It's a registered charity and sponsored by the New Zealand police, It seems donations are still flowing.

    Quote.......It's believed Maddie has been sold into child sex slavery - if so, she is just one of the est. 1 million kids currently enslaved by this industry. Donations go to supporting Maddie’s parents who privately fund ongoing investigations. It is only with the support of others, they are able to afford to continue with their search. Please help. unquote.

    Strangest thing.

  39. http://www.givealittle.co.nz/cause/maddie

    It would appear that this site has not been a good earner in New Zealand as up to present donations stand at $10.00

    Donations go to supporting Maddies parents who privately fund ongoing investigations. It is only with the support of others, they are able to afford to continue with their search.

    It explains that there is no evidence to suggest Madeline has been killed, its believed Maddie has been sold into child sex slavery, NO law enforcement agency is actively looking for Madeline.

    Well it does ask for a little and a little is what has been given.

    I also agree with comments regarding setting up a fund for Mr. Amaral and would gladly donate to help.

  40. About this cause:
    Quick summary:
    It’s now more than two years since Madeleine McCann was abducted. There is now NO law enforcement agency actively looking for Madeleine or the person(s) who took her. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Madeleine has been killed & so since she is still missing, someone needs to be looking for her. Her parents will never stop.

    More about Find Madeleine:
    It's believed Maddie has been sold into child sex slavery - if so, she is just one of the est. 1 million kids currently enslaved by this industry. Donations go to supporting Maddie’s parents who privately fund ongoing investigations. It is only with the support of others, they are able to afford to continue with their search. Please help.


    Have copied the link from Silve...Silve this is more lies. the Mccanns had the chance to ask PJ for the case to remain open. they chose not to. The Mccanns could go today and ask for the case to be reopened they choose not to.

    Madeleine is not with any sex slaves and if the Mccanns hope that she is...please go to link I have provided. This is from a victim who was an abused to child. She is open and honest. No mother would wish this for their child. The Mccanns only want the gullible to believe madeleine still lives to keep their backsides out of prison.

  41. We have got to help Mr Amaral. what is happening to him is an absolute disgrace. The mccanns need to be shown that they are NOT omnipotent and gerry needs that smug smile wiped off his face fast.

  42. The truth about the McCann case is out. A crime was committed, the parents were suspects and were not charged only due to insufficient evidence. They were not cleared. There is NO evidence of abduction. They continue to finance people to publish embarassingly badly thought out half-baked theories. Noboby believes them anymore.

  43. what in gods name is going on in portugal,i hope all portugese are standing shoulder to shoulder with this courageous man.
    May god and truth be with you on this long journey you have chosen to undertake on behalf of Madeleine Beth Mccann,and for that i say thank you mr amaral

  44. To Ironside

    Thanks for taking the time to read the link, I may be very cynical but I was a little taken aback about why the McCanns were on this site asking for donations when they appear to have a very good site that has been fruitful in funding their campaign, on this site they are offering a widget for donations, maybe the good quality tee shirts are on order. (sorry)

    I browsed through the numerous causes that the site asks for dontations and found that little Aisling Symes donations reached $10,384.22 which is being given to her family to help with funeral costs and expenses. Here I go again me being cynical but didnt the McCanns send wishes to them when she went missing? The little girl died of a tragic accident not an abuduction the family having no part in any crime.

    In my opinion the McCanns have seen an opportunity to gain funds from this families tragedy.

    Until they ask or better still demand that the case is re-opened I for one question their credibility.

    Once again my message to the McCanns Answer the 48 questions.

    And once more I send my best wishes to Mr.Amaral


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