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Madeleine 'hunt' goes to Sweden

McCanns: Find girl in Swedish photo

by Antonella Lazzeri

Detectives were last night desperately hunting a girl who was photographed in Sweden - after computer-matching showed she could be missing Madeleine McCann.

The girl, who was pictured at a car show, bears a strong resemblance to Maddie, who would now be six.

Her jawline is identical and her eyes are the same colour as Maddie's.

After the snap appeared on a website, Swedish police were inundated with calls from the public saying how much it looked like Maddie.

They also received a spate of calls from visitors who believed they had seen Maddie at the car show.

Face-mapping technology used by British police identified the girl as a possible match, and Maddie's parents Kate and Gerry have now asked for an urgent investigation.

Maddie - snatched from her family's holiday villa on Portugal's Algarve coast in May 2007 - has a distinctive mark in her right eye.

But the photo of the girl in Sweden is not clear enough to show if she has the same characteristic.

The girl was with a man and a woman at the car show, held in Sweden's capital Stockholm in August.

The man was Swedish but the girl spoke perfect English.

The woman remained silent, and the snapper said both adults refused to be photographed.

Kate and Gerry, both 41, of Rothley, Leics, have seen the photo and believe it should be investigated.

A source close to the couple said: "They feel it bears a resemblance to what Maddie would look like now.

"They can't be certain but feel it can't be dismissed. It should be looked into.

"The girl does look quite like Madeleine, especially around her jaw.

"It is enough of a similarity for the investigators to look into it further."

The couple's official spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "Kate and Gerry and their investigators are aware of the picture and are liaising with the relevant authorities.

"The investigation team are looking into it."

Swedish police are now liaising with British cops and the private detectives hunting Maddie.

The photographer failed to note the girl's name, and Swedish police have so far been unable to find her.

The photo is not the first time the search for Maddie has been linked to Sweden.

The Sun told in August how a Victoria Beckham lookalike asked a man at a marina in Barcelona, Spain: "Are you here to deliver my new daughter?"

One of the yachts linked to the woman came from Sweden.

The luxury cruiser was one of six recorded as having left the Algarve port of Portimao the morning after Maddie vanished.

All the other boats have been traced and eliminated from the investigation.

But all efforts to find the Swedish yacht have failed.

An investigator revealed: "It has apparently vanished without trace.

"The captain told port authorities he was going to the Algarve port of Albufeira, but the boat never arrived and has not been found since."

Detectives hunting the Posh Spice lookalike, who spoke with an Australian accent, believe it is possible that Maddie was whisked away from Portugal by boat.

Gerry McCann this week spoke at an international legal conference in Madrid, where he told delegates: "We will never give up hope, we will never give up searching for Madeleine."

source: The Sun, 10.10.2009

Note: This blog respects children's privacy, therefore we do not publish the photo at issue.


  1. and on and on it goes,this charade is surely taking it's toll on all who perpetuate it, what price " freedom " McCanns ?

  2. When is the press conference then?

  3. "The man spoke Swedish but the girl spoke perfect English."

    If the then three year old Madeleine McCann really was spirited away to Stockholm (or wherever) she would in all likelihood be speaking the same language as her abductor, be it Swedish or Swahili.

    Who in their right mind would believe that Madeleine aged three spoke perfect English and managed for the past two and a half years to insist on speaking English wherever she went?

    I feel a Buildafire update coming on...


  4. "The girl does look quite like Madeleine, especially around her jaw"

    mmmm....jerry! the colobama was not a "good marketing ploy" then???
    Are you in Sweden yet?
    Oh....sorry! you dont like questions

  5. Antonella Lazzeri - specialist in planting stories like this.
    How telling that THIS blog respects the privacy of innocent children and parents caught up in the McC publicity machine, whereas that despicable pair and their henchmen have no corresponding morality and do not care whom they victimise.

  6. The volume of frauds increases yet again.

    I wonder how the UK police feel about statemnts being made about their involvement in this latest farce!

    The Sun is getting more like the 'Daily Sport' every day!

  7. (1) How can Madeleine be in Sweden when she's in a cellar in the lawless land around Praia da Luz, as Dave Edgar insists she is?

    (2) IF Dave Edgar's wrong - and how can anyone in the McCann camp ever be wrong? - would any abductor worth his salt parade the world's most famous missing child around in public, especially after all the McCann publicity of recent days, such as the parents trip to Portugal and Gerry's trip to Spain?

    As always, no respect for a child almost certainly long-dead, but anything that can help keep their circus on-going seems to be ok.

  8. Its a marketting ploy, they are probably going to release a board game based on 'Where's Wally?'. 'Where's Maddie?' will be based on a game map of the globe.

    The game play will involve making up stories, the more ludicrous the higher the score.

    There will, of course, be no game piece modelling the form of Madeleine, as she plays no real part in this farce.

  9. If the UK police are wasting their time on this garbage, then I'd like to know why they arent investigating Madeleines actual disappearance - and especially the alleged perverted behaviour of David Payne and Gerald McCann.

    Leicestershire police have failed in their own home county, they continue to show the allegedly fraudulant fund website on their site and they should stop wasting public money on the distractions generated by the McCanns and their private 'detectives'.

  10. Ah ha! Diversion time again. More chance of her turning up in Salt Lake City playing a harp than at a Swedish motor show I should have thought, or perhaps they really should look in David Cameron's garage?


  11. Oh oh, a new sighting, I can't believe it. More work for Mr Edgar. Isn't he wonderful, going from Barcelona to Stocholm and other such places? Such a difficult job for him. I don't know how he can make it. I am so grateful we are informed of every new sighting, even before they have been checked at all, though I must say, the suspense is unbearable. Thank you for letting us, joe public, know.

    The little girl's picture is on the Mc Cann Files. She really looks like the missing girl: she has 2 eyes, with eyebrows on top, apparently 2 ears, a nose with two nostrils on each side, a mouth (not sure if she's got teeth as I can't see inside), a bracelet, she looks like a girl, and her hair is straight, with the right colour, ah, and I mustn't forget to mention the jaw line of course. All of it in line with the Swedish yatch in Barcelona, and the posh woman with an Australian accent asking the drunk (but not quite drunk) stagparty English man about the daughter, in the middle of the night, outside a café. Makes me shiver. I just can't wait for the Mr Edgar's press conference.

  12. Já vi a foto da criança em causa e não tem a mais pequena semelhança com a Madeleine.Custa-me a acreditar que quem ainda pensa que a Maddie foi raptada ache que esta criança pode ser ela.Espero que os pais desta menina tomem as devidas providências contra este pseudo-jornal pela exposição a que estão a sujeitar esta criança e contra todos os outros que seguirem a mesma linha.Até quando vão estes criminosos protegidos pelo Governo e media ingleses continuar a prejudicar pessoas por esse mundo fora que nada têm a ver com esta farsa?Será que nunca ninguém terá força e coragem para pôr um fim a isto?

  13. So Mr Edgar,what's the connection with the Australia, the Lair and Sweden?

  14. I looked into the Sun online and saw the picture, it is difficult to tell if there is any likeness because The Sun chose to place their logo right on the girl's face(!) of all the places they could have placed it! I'm sure it was intentional, to make it more difficult to compare. Yet, from what I could see, it does look like this girl's eyes are set much closer in the face than Madeleine's, who, from the pictures available, has distinctivelly wide-set eyes.

    "The man was Swedish but the girl spoke perfect English."

    "The woman remained silent, and the snapper said both adults refused to be photographed."

    "The photographer failed to note the girl's name, and Swedish police have so far been unable to find her."

    If this child was indeed Madeleine why would the couple allow her to be photographed or take her to a public event? Why take that risk? Why refuse to be photographed themselves but allow for the girl's picture to be taken? If they had the most mediatic abducted child with them would they do this?
    It seems that the photographer talked to them for sometime, to the point he was able to perceive that the girl spoke perfect english, so this was not one of those situations were you get photographed in a public event, among the crowd. If the photographer had suspected something wouldn't he immediately have contacted the police? And he failled to get the girl's name...well, he also failled to get the man and woman names too, didn't he?!
    Another strange story and maybe once again other innocent people dragged to the limelight with all the harassment it brings. I hope this couple comes forward and "kills" this rapidly, but it can also happen that they will be frightened of the all the exposure and the commotion of being in any way connected with the McCann case, and will remain away and silent to protect the girl and themselves. Remember that family from Morocco? They went through a hard time, and the girl had nightmares of the "christians" coming to take her away! If it was me, I would hesitate a lot before coming forward!

  15. The child in the photo looks quite a bit older than a six year old. Other than the face shape being similar to the age progression image, I don't see 'Madeleine.'

    I do find it a tad odd though, that if this is Madeleine why the couple who were with her would allow a photo to be taken?

    It said too that the girl spoke perfect English and one of the couple spoke Swedish only.

    Would Madeleine perhaps, if taken to live with a Swedish family not speak Swedish? That is what the McCann PI's have been telling us, would be most likely - Madeleine would now speak the language of her captors.

    Perhaps she does and just preferred to speak perfect English on this day!

    It also kind of throws the 'languishing in a lair' theory out of the window, as this child is glowing with health! And she's clearly NOT in PDL.

    I see the Sun also state:

    'Detectives hunting the Posh Spice lookalike, who spoke with an Australian accent, believe it is possible that Maddie was whisked away from Portugal by boat. '


    Does that mean that they think she was whisked away from PDL in a boat, only to be returned to PDL to be placed in a lair at a later point in time? She also is taken from the lair to holiday in Sweden?

    This lair, did Dave not say it would take perhaps 10 years to find?

    Yet, if we are to believe this child is Madeleine and that Madeleine is being held in a lair in PDL, then clearly she and her captors have no difficulty coming and going from the lair to travel to other countries!


    I am, and I think the detectives are too!


  16. 'Face-mapping technology used by British police identified the girl as a possible match, and Maddie's parents Kate and Gerry have now asked for an urgent investigation.'


    I have to ask.

    Does the above, mean that British police were actually involved in using the face-mapping technology in this instance, that it was them who performed this task, OR,

    does it simply mean that
    face-mapping equipment which is 'known' to be used by British police was used?



  17. When will the police get tired of being misled by this couple? This cannot go on and on. This is utterly ridiculous and the police should do something. These two have to be stopped. When the case one day is solved, because it will, I hope the police will demand from this couple the paying back the huge amounts of money spent on countless and useless searches. And then, of course, put them behind bars..... and throw away the key!

  18. And Rubbish circus go on...

    "Kate and Gerry, both 41, of Rothley, Leics, have seen the photo and believe it should be investigated"

    Then why no any paper published the girl photo if Gerry and Kate have seen it?.... It is annother fabrication... They published photos of persons of interess, potential abductors. They even name some people implicating them in serious crimes without a single evidence and NOW, THEY HAVE SEEN THE PHOTO and instead of launching a METEORIC, STRATEGIC and BIG....BIG HUNT for their daughter with the photo published in all papers, in several languages and sveral countrys, they come out with SUN ARTICLE... a tabloid which serious people don't buy and don't read. It is a fabrication and they still insulting and posting a naive label on thousands of british foreheads.
    Mccann's NOBODY BELIEVE ON YOUR STORIES ANYMORE. YOUR PR MACHINE IT IS "DEMODE". They need to go back to the university seats and come with new and fantastic ideas. Keeping repeating the same strategy and changing only the countrys, did not work anymore.... JULIO VERNE TOOK 180 DAYS TO DO A FANTASTIC TRIP AROUND THE WORLD, you took more then 2 years to spread the most rubbish and ridiculous stories about your daughter... around the UNIVERSE!!!!

  19. Well, well,well, just had a quick glimpse of the picture of the young girl in the Sun. The only similarity to Madeleine is the colour of her clothes, which just happen to be the same colours as those worn by little Madeleine in the 'last photo'of her with the tennis balls. OH WHAT A CO-INCIDENCE. Over to you Mr Edgar!!!! ps, when is the Press Conference?

  20. Are the McCanns on their way to Sweden then, as we speak? NO - THOUGHT NOT.

  21. I can understand how Madeleine's parents have become such heroes in Britain that the newspapers tell us more about them than about Her Majesty the Queen Herself. Yesterday we heard that they prayed for the New Zealanders whose child disappeared (I can picture them praying, but I would have preferred a photo to say the truth). Today their detectives are going to enquire about a sighting in Sweden. Last week Gerry was at a conference in Spain. We know exactly what he said there. And we have learned that next month perhaps, Kate, in spite of her anguish, will at last take it upon herself to go to Praia de Luz, that dangerous place in the jungle, where policemen are bad enough to sit together over a meal at lunchtime instead of looking for the holidaymakers's children, without ever sitting to eat, or lying to sleep. Don't those bungling cops realise the tourists pay them for coming, and feed them with their stirling pounds, dollars, yens and euros?

    Yes, the McCs are good parents: they desparately, as well as hopefully, look for their daughter, and they let us know that they do so, setting an example which will be difficult to forget. They pay brilliant retired Scotland Yard detectives to look for her all over the big wide world. They are the most moving example of parents, aren't they, maintaining the good old national traditions in the way they bring up their children, and looking for the lost one in a big way?

    And the papers are wonderful too, helping them with their search, reporting the sightings, telling us about their moves, even when they go "privately" rather than "publicly", informing us on their brave crusade against slurs and libel.

    The public too are wonderful, following their saga, and supporting them blindly, even giving them money.

    What a wonderful world we live in, with wonderful people all around. Should we include among them the monsters out there who kidnap toddlers left alone at night? After all there is no proof whatsoever that they harm them in anay way.

  22. Are we supposed to now forget about the 'lair' story, along with all the other previous ones? Last we heard, Dave Edgar was telling us that Madeleine was being kept by her evil, sub-human abductor in a hell-hole in the badlands of PDL - not just that, but in a place so unreachable that it could take ten years or more to track it down.

    Now we see a picture of a young girl, in pretty clothes and accessories, smiling and looking the picture of health, enjoying a day out at a motor show, happily posing for the camera.

    Now the silly bit... the man and woman with her refused to have their picture taken but allowed the child to be photographed. (Obviously the abductors don't want their faces in the papers - though I think they were a little foolish to allow 'Maddy' to be snapped.) The girl speaks perfect English (despite being kept in a hell-hole until this one day when she was allowed out in the sunlight, she has been keeping up with her education)..(oh, and she obviously has access to a sunbed to stop her skin looking all pale and sallow from being kept in a dungeon.)

    What was that, Dave? You might have been wrong about the lair thing? Oh, right... so this child is being well looked after and spends a healthy childhood, out and about in public places, smiling happily and chattering away in English. Then suddenly, on one particular day, hundreds of people look at her and think, 'Oh look, it's Madeleine McCann - we must phone the hotline'. No-one's ever noticed this uncanny likeness before? Has she never been seen before? Oh of course.. we're back to the lair again... you must have been right all along Dave. Well done.


  23. Maddie, at a motor show with thousands of people? Wouldn't that be a little risky? She is after all the most famous missing child ever.
    Sweden, the world center for fair haired blue eyed children. I should imagine there are thousands of young girls that look similar to Maddie.
    The McCann's are no doubt winging their way there as we speak/type?

  24. Do the McCanns seriously think that the public believe these ridiculous stories of various sightings etc.

    Dog's do not lie. GM has ridiculed Eddie & Keela but I wonder how many cases these specialised dogs have been involved with and the defendants found guilty. If this is the case then, surely there should be re-trials?

  25. Anyway, if a bloke you've never met before comes up to you and says, 'Hey, cute kid you've got there, can I take a picture of her and stick it on a website?' you'd say, 'sure, go ahead, but don't take one of us because we're a bit camera shy'. 'No problem mate, I only want a pic of the kid.'

    Personally, I'd kick him in the *alls.


  26. The little girl looks nothing like the age progression photograph of Madelaine Maccann. this lot are barking mad and they think the british public are as well. They will never stop untill they are stopped for good by the truth.

  27. "After the snap appeared on a website, Swedish police were inundated with calls from the public saying how much it looked like Maddie.

    They also received a spate of calls from visitors who believed they had seen Maddie at the car show."

    I don't understand.... so the police were inundated with calls AFTER THE PHOTO APPEARED ON A WEBSITE? Calls saying how much the photo looked like "Maddie" (aren't we all supposed to call her Madeleine, not Maddie?). And from the way this is written, it looks as if there was a spate of calls AFTER THE PHOTO APPEARED ON A WEBSITE, from people telling the police they believed they had seen "Maddie" at the show. Can that be right? If they thought they had seen her, wouldn't they have phoned straight away, not after they saw a picture on a website? And this was in August! Why the delay? And why publicise this so-called sighting now?

  28. Ahhhh good, finally the McCann case will come to an end.....


  29. This is for Dave Edgar.

    Dave, I pay close attention to everything you say about this case, maybe more so than most because you're originally from N Ireland and so am I. We Ulster folk must stick together, mustn't we?

    Now, please tell me, how did Madeleine get out of the cellar? From your interview with the Belfast Telegraph -

    'Dave said he was convinced Maddie was entombed by an abductor in a cellar or dungeon, like Austrian cellar victims Natascha Kampusch and Elisabeth Fritzl.
    “Maddie is most likely being held captive, possibly in an underground cellar, just like Natascha or Elisabeth, and could emerge at any time,” he told us.'

    So ... are we to believe Madeleine has now emerged? (BTW, you'll be in big trouble if you keep referring to her as Maddie, you know.) What we'd all be interested to learn is, how did this 'out of the cellar, in to the motor show' happen? Did her abductors decide it was time she made a public appearance? Did they tell her she could go to the car show as a special treat, provided she only spoke English and posed for one or two photos, but no holding a press conference? Did they tell her to dress in her favourite colours and in as noticeable a way as possible, so that she'd get plenty of attention from other people, because no abductee of theirs was going to be overlooked if they could help it?

    I don't like to cast any doubts on your powers of detection, Dave, but even you must see why there's just a smidgen of doubt here. This little girl at the car show doesn't really look like someone who's been kept in a cellar for over 2 years; she looks blooming with health. And do abductors who keep children in cellars usually take them out for day trips where they're allowed to pose for photographs? Maybe they do; I don't know any abductors or paedophiles or people who live on the edges of society, I'm afraid, so I'll be very interested to hear your views on all of this.

    Are you and Clarence and the McCanns going to get together to give a press conference? Will they allow you to speak? Will they be able to shut you up? Will Clarence look petrified every time you open your mouth? Will the McCanns now expect Sweden to prepare itself for a Visit, as well as Praia da Luz?

    Gee, the questions are endless ... but we'll all be waiting for answers. We're not going anywhere, trust me.

  30. I have emailed this ridiculous 'journalist' Antonella Lazzeri in the past taking her to task over similar ridiculous articles written on behalf of the gruesome twosome and her last reply to me was ..."please dony (sic) contact me with your vile views- how you people can live with yourself is beyond me"
    It beggars belief that newspapers are still prepared to publish rubbish like this. How long will it go on for? I am sick to death of it.
    I cannot wait for the day the truth outs (and it will)...people like this absurd woman and her employers will have nowhere to hide.

  31. I've seen the picture... I only have one question...
    is it a Mustang or not ?

  32. I've just been looking at the 'tennis' photo and comparing it with the latest offering and I feel a little better knowing that the abductor/s choose to let 'Maddie' dress in exactly the same kind of clothes that her mother used to choose for her. I see she still poses in the same kind of way, too.

    If I was a cynical type of person, I'd say someone was trying to kid us...... Nah, couldn't be....could it?


  33. Good! Now Kate can physically search for her daughter in Sweden while Gerry pops over to Norway to collect his Peace Prize. Oh it might be too late.

  34. @ 10/10/09 13:30 :-}!!

    As prof points out over and over again: the policy is look everywhere but at the parents; look at every possible scenario but death. So team McCann created a new victim. From now on all parents who refuse to have their kids photograhed by strangers are pedophilic kidnappers.

    I have said many times before: the damage these pathetic parents have done to the cause of missing children is immeasurable. I think we now can add that the damage these pathetic parents have done to children with normal, caring parents is immeasurable.

    And their blinsided fans talk about vile .....

  35. The only similarity: THEY ARE BOTH KIDS AND WHITE SKIN. Not sure about the genre and the age. All other similarities are fabrications of a very doubtful team with suport of a very untruthful newspaper.

    We know why this article came out on Sun newspaper... it is for British consuption only. That paper never reach Sweeden and the parents of that little girl maybe never imagine that them and their little girl face, is circulating on a British tabloid connected with a crime which envolve abduction and paedophilie. The SUN was counting on that lucky situation to come out with such rubbish article. But one day the lucky time will finnish- Sweeden was not like Morocco. People reach information trough the internet and we will be not surprised if one of that days, the Sun newspaper and the Mccann's became sued by this "Persson's of interess" which have absolutly nothing to do with their crime.

    Are the Mccann's now in Sweeden, enjoying a weekend, hunting and phisical looking for her daughter? NOOOOOOOO!

    Is Edgar team now in Sweeden, asking all persons of interess to check the "forced" connections between PDL, Portimao, Barcelona, Australia and Sweeden? NOOOOOOO!
    Oh, I forgot... he is hunting Madeleine in a cellar, 10 miles away from PDL.... Who knows? With all this tectonic movements with earthquackes and Tsunamis... Sweeden became located 10 miles away from PDL...IS IT? GOOD WORK.... MCCclowns foolishing public from all over the world. Don't insult our intelligence, we will not give up untill the truth come out.

  36. I'm really curious about the witness which come out with that picture:

    -He or she was able to understand that the men spoke sweedish, the girl perfect english and the woman nothing. Well done!

    - He or she was able to take a picture of the litle girl and was not affraid of raising suspicions from the adults connected to the girl which can easily call the police and accuse that witness of paedophilie. I just remember in hot summer of 2007 in Portugal, several photographs got in trouble with police and the public because they are trying to take pictures of childs in the street. I believe sweeden parents don't enjoy stranges having pictures of their litle ones... unless they got profitable money from the all situation. The all story is a fabrication and I don't need a PHD in criminology to achieve that conclusion. It is obvious...

    - Last and least... the newspaper where the article come out. Of course... convennient witnesses just agree with convenient newspapers to advertise their ilusions. THE SUN it is the perfect tabloid to spread lies. It is loosing the sense everyday....

  37. Hmmm... in my last post I mentioned the similarity between the colour/style of clothes and the similar pose. I've just noticed something else - the bag the girl is holding in the 'new' picture is a very similar colour to the tennis balls that Madeleine is holding. Two words spring to mind, 'subliminal messages'. I may be making more of this than I should, but then again, maybe not. Oh, and I would like to know what the girl said in her 'perfect English'. Did she say she was having 'the best day ever'?

    I'm going now, the outside world is calling.


  38. Just picking up from where they left of... it was the obvious next step - the Swedish yacht, lost in the Barcelona triangle - PDL, Albufeira, Barcelona... they will explore this until it finally leads nowhere, as usual. Then they'll find something else...
    Btw - it is a Mustang, annoyed :D

  39. Does one know what this car logo is ?
    Children don't change as much as that between 4 and 6 !
    Is it a blanket she holds ?
    I wonder how much the photographer was paid (he finds a vague similarity, makes the picture, contacts the Sun ?), since he was there to photograph cars, not little girls.
    Is the Swedish police really working on that ?
    The "perfect English" is a totally ridiculous argument. Madeleine, far from an English speaking context, would at the best speak the approximative English of the 4 yrs old ones, not the basic English of 6 yrs old.

  40. Congratulations Joana on not printing the photo - this little girl is being exploited enough. She will be added to what is becoming a long list of "possible" Madeleines.

  41. next stop : CHINA !!!

  42. I've noticed Sky News has deleted the Life of Crime comments on the Madeleine McCann case as well as former comments on the Discussion section relating to Madeleine.

  43. This sounds like an old sighting from TM.

    Was there not a sighting of a possible Madeleine in a market somewhere last year with a man and a woman?

    I believe that the people with the 'supposed' Madeleine were either German or Dutch in that particular fairy story.

    When will the McCann's stop recycling the same old stories by only changing the fact that these people are from a different country.

    Where will be the next sighting, Timbuctoo?


  44. Are the British police actually involved in this? Did they take the time to use face matching technology? I very much doubt it. It's like when they tell you that the Portuguese police has been informed and are investigating. What is strange is that they can get away with making misleading statements without being questioned. You can be sure that the British police, the Portuguese police and the British media know that there is no abductor but they tolerate this nonsense and in the case of the media they foment it. Does anyone believe that their detectives are actually investigating these leads? They aren't, no one went to Barcelona to ask questions. So what can we conclude? We conclude that the people who are helping them are doing it for fear that what may be revealed will ruin them and others are involved because they value money over morality.

    This is the McCann's career; a story like this informs the public, that is in the dark, that they are still looking for their daughter and that they need donations.

  45. What an appalling con! Someone has found a child, dressed her in pink and put her forward for this lates farce.

    Where the hell are the authorities in all of this?

    Why are the McCanns charged by the CPS for this clearly fradulant latest 'sighting'?

    Are the authorities so stupid that they cant see whats going on here? Letting Gerald McCanns spin his ludicrous web of lies?

    Is it only a few of us that can see that the McCanns on their own admission only checked Madeleine once at most - only actually saw her oncebetween 8 and 10 pm tht night? Is this enough in law to have checked three little ones alone in their apartment in a foreign country whilst there parents went out?!


    We hear enough about baby Peter, how far away from that case is this one?

  46. The picture in the Sun newspaper describes how much the little girl lookes like Madeline especially around the jaw, also she has the same colour eyes. Does this mean that the little girl in the photograph has a distinguishing mark in her right eye? The girl spoke perfect English? (maybe the lair she was supposedly being held at had a private English teacher) The article also gives a small mention of the missing 2 year old Aisling stating that the parents of missing Madeline McCann last night sent a heartfelt message of support to the couple whos two year old daughter has vanished in New Zealand. No mention that they will help with any funding to help find her. I must be getting cynical but how I see it the McCann Team will use other peoples misery to take centre stage.

  47. Please try to cover her hat, hair and dress.
    watch this girl's face.
    she does not look like Maddie at all.
    And this photo was not taken in Sweden.
    Imo it is manipulated, a montage.

  48. Amaral should keep all news about public around the world, that are calling or writing the McCanns and the police,showing they are still searching for Madeleine.
    This all means that Amaral's book did not destroy the search for her.

  49. Just saw the Sunday Express. NOW the defectives think all THREE of the McCann children were drugged - exactly what we have been saying for over two years. The spin is that the abductor administered drugs - not exactly what I have been thinking.

  50. How many blond girls do we have here in Sweden and how many look alike Maddie do we have?
    In Swedish newspaper the police says they don´t belive it is Maddie.

    In Expressen Maddies parents says that they don´t belive it is Maddie.
    You can read it here


    It is in Swedish so you have to translate it.

  51. NEXT STEP: Maddie, SORRY MADELEINE... in less important matches in Sud Africa Football World Cup.
    Her parents have been able to made her... THE MOST TRAVELLED MISSING GIRL AROUND THE WORLD. She atended several crowd public places and public events, but her parents, even knowing she was there, never travelled to that places to check in locu, before spreading the hot news. And the police.... MY GOD...the Europol, the Interpol, the local polices from that places... are all incompetent, shameless, worse then PJ, because no-one made a single effort to catch that child and her fear predator. What a rubbish NEWS.

    Wonder to see if Gerry will be apearing tomorrow, smiling around at his work, when in Sweden his litle girl still walking around in the hands of a paedophile ring. ONLY PEOPLE WITH SMALL BRAIN can believe that this strategy will change any step on Public opinion. They do more damage to their image then trillion books or interviews from Amaral.

    Come on Gerry, your PR machine is loosing sense and credibility. If they stick on your strategy they will loose clients much more important then you. Your businness is a disgrace to each one who went in.
    Have you got a reply from the parents of the litle girl which disapeared in New Zealand, saying thank you for your HURRY to stick your story at them? NO!!!! Even parents from missing child want to stay away from your spin machine... 2 years of Media manipulationn made a lot of damage to missing childs cause... and no any parent ask your advise to set up a raising FUND. WHY? BECAUSE ALL YOUR STORY LOOKS LIKE A FRAUD SINCE THE BEGINNING and intimidating people, gagging people, closing websites, foruns, blogs, sueing normal people, forbiding books... did not change anything. You close one today and thousands will pop up tomorrow, more acusative, with more doubts about your behavior. UNLESS YOU RE-open the case and let justice work... you never clean-up your names. If you are innocent, what are you affraid? YOU KNOW THE ANSWER... and I think, TRILLIONS OF US ASWELL....

  52. In Sunday Express

    Of course they where drugged.
    But the different is that the parents did it twice without knowledge of the other i think.

    Why don´t they write that Kate controlled the breathing of the twins?

  53. At least the McCanns’ private detectives have a new solid lead...
    now they will investigate who has seen a white Ford Mustang with blue stripes in Praia da Luz in the week prior to Maddies abduction.

    More news in tommorrows UK news-papers !!

  54. I think is worrying that this photografer is taking photos of young girls he doesn't know, and the parents let him.

  55. IN PORTUGAL ONLY ONE NEWSPAPER GAVE LITLE TIME TO MCCANN'S SPINNERIE and even that one with few sentences regarding that fabrication:

    "Kate e Gerry McCann
    Nova pista sobre Maddie na Suécia
    Os detectives contratados pelo casal Kate e Gerry McCann estão a investigar a fotografia de uma menina que poderá ser Maddie. A foto, tirada em Agosto, mostra a criança durante uma exibição de automóveis em Estocolmo, na Suécia.
    Desde que foi colocada on-line, as autoridades suecas foram inundadas com chamadas de pessoas a garantirem que a menina da foto é Madeleine McCann, desaparecida da Praia da Luz em Maio de 2007.
    “Kate e Gerry têm conhecimento da fotografia e os investigadores estão em contacto com as autoridades”, disse Clarence Mitchell, porta-voz do casal, ao jornal ‘The Sun’.
    Os investigadores alegam que Maddie McCann, que teria agora seis anos, terá uma fisionomia semelhante à da menina da fotografia. A foto não deixa perceber se apresenta a marca no olho direito tal como Maddie."




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