1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Madeleine’s parents may return to Praia da Luz before the end of the year

Madrid, 6 oct (EFE) – The parents of Madeleine McCann, Gerry and Kate, may return to the Portuguese village of Praia da Luz, where their daughter disappeared from, before the end of the year.

Thus said today the father of the little girl that disappeared in May 2007 while the family enjoyed their holiday at said village in the Portuguese Algarve.

“Kate would like to return to Praia da Luz when things are less intense, but we’d like it to be a private visit, probably before the end of the year”, said Gerry McCann.

McCann intervened in the international lawyers’ congress, which is held at the Municipal Conventions’ Palace in Madrid, as a lecturer on a panel about the media and the right to privacy and to reputation.

In a statement after his participation, McCann asserted that, although there was no advancement in the investigation, there is also “absolutely no indication that she suffered any hurt or harm, therefore we must believe that she is alive out there and we cannot stop looking for her”.

“As parents, it is our obligation to continue searching for her; we must convince people that the searches must continue, and we should return to Portugal”, he said.

The McCann couple was in Portugal in late September, in order to reactivate the search for their daughter.

Speaking in front of an image of his daughter just like she was when she disappeared, and a computer-generated one of how she might look almost three years later, McCann underlined that “only because she disappeared over 2 and a half years ago, people should not forget about Madeleine or about the search for her.”

source: El Confidencial, 06.10.2009


  1. Provocation.
    Learning from MAC, it seems.
    Insulting the Portuguese people.
    Humiliating us.

    The people of Luz deserve so much better.

    Not even to speak of Maddie.

    Poor, poor child.
    We will protect her memory. Against her parents.

  2. we do not forget about Madeleine but we would love to forget about you!
    Dont come to Spain too much coz we dont like you here.Nobody does.You smell like fascist rats.

    Come on now,tell the truth:
    a) have you been summoned for a reconstruction?
    b) are you just going to Portugal to insult this country a little bit more?
    c) going to sue your favorite lawyer,The Visionary One, the One who was looking for Madeleine"s body?a dead Madeleine,wasnt it?
    d) do you really believe we believe any of the crap you say?
    e) when are you going to fart next?You dont like being in the "news" but you LOVE it.
    f)How comes you have the cheek to talk about "media and privacy"?

    OoOoOps.....I forgot! you dont like questions.......

  3. I really believe him to have serious mental health problems...

    he has spent the last 2 and a half years lying through his teeth and it's starting to take it's toll

    the past will catch up with him

  4. I wonder what he means by "intense". Are things just as intense now? Does he mean media intensity - if he STFU things wouldn't be as "intense".

    Perhaps they are going to visit PDL before the end of the year to bring Madeleine home for Christmas from her lair where she has been living happily for 2 1/2 years.

    We were told some time ago that M3 would have her home by Christmas - maybe it's this Christmas.

    If that child is "unharmed" after all this time then it doesn't say much for her family life pre "abduction" fairy tale does it.

    I don't know why anyone gives them air time. The less we see/hear from them the better. Do you think he is protesting too much about his daughter being unharmed.

    I see they are still investigating the murder of Minnie Dowler - searching a lake for a suspect car at the moment. 7 years on they are still looking for evidence ..... imagine that.

  5. these MILESTONE parents make us sick

    They will have a Christmas 'campaign' planned already. or even 2010 3rd anniversary of 'abduction'.

    Maybe get Mandela involved during World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

    I sound like CM, sorry.

  6. I'm sure the good people of Praia da Luz will welcome both of them with open arms. They have done so much for the reputation of this town I would expect at the very least the mayor and the catholic priest of Praia da Luz to head a welcoming committee maybe with a contingent of local police complete with a set of yellow and green handcuffs for each of them. Perhaps Dr. Amaral could say a few words to express the population's everlasting gratitude as the pair are driven away to face prosecution and imprisonment. As a mark of permanent friendship the towns of Praia de luz and Rothley could then be twinned.


  7. "we cannot stop looking for her”

    (as long as it's not too dark and we're not too busy.)

    you never started.

    wonder why.


  9. Firstly i wish everyone at this blog the best of wishes in nailing these bastards, i for one am sick to the back teeth of the whole affair
    It's been to bloody long if anything was going to happen it would have done so by now, it's quite obvious that their are biggers powers at work here and these bastards have gotten away with it.
    I only hope someone with enough balls who knows what happened has the guts to come forward.

  10. Quote

    There was a lot of information came in after our investigator asked for information, regarding the Barcelona sighting. So, thats on going I can't give you any detail.


    There was no sighting in Barcelona of Madeleine..

    We had a woman who was probably a hooker asking "have you got my daughter" daughter is slang for " Quarter"...meaning drugs. I very much doubt that even took place.

    He has developed a twitch in his right eye. You would think they would be so tired of all the lies. I know I am.

  11. there is also “absolutely no indication that she suffered any hurt or harm, therefore we must believe that she is alive out there and we cannot stop looking for her”.
    So states this sick individual from his podium puffed up as usual with his usual megalomaniacal self-importance and arrogance.
    In that case 'whose blood was it spattered on the walls of the holliday apartment? Why did the cadaver dogs smell death in that holiday apartment?
    Too many questions-too few answers?

  12. Quote...

    There is no evidence that Madeleine has been seriously harmed.


    What does he mean by this? Harmed but not seriously...Not raped 4 times a day then?...

  13. Wold he have gone to Spain in response to the report that Mr Amaral had gone there to voice his thoughts, is this Gerrys reply?

  14. 'Ermmm, we miss your MONEY...we'll do whatever it takes to get your MONEY rolling in again...'

    Ah, well. And they call it Love.......

  15. Kate and Gerry are addicted to publicity, plain and simple.

    If Madeleine wasn't involved in their antics I would find this latest excursion almost funny.

    If Kate goes anywhere it should be *back to work*. And Gerry should, perhaps, take up a hobby.

    Poor Madeleine, she continues to be victimized by her own parents.
    Just unbelievable.

  16. To the poster who wrote, "I really believe him to have serious mental health problems..."

    I like your understated style of expressing things Lol!


  17. "there is...absolutely no indication that she suffered any hurt or harm"

    Didn't the police say that there were "indications" that the apartment had been scrubbed and washed down to within an inch of life?

    The police dogs still went crazy though didn't they, Mr. McCann? That is indication enough for most, even if it isn't enough in isolation to get anyone into court.

    Yes yes, we know, Donal told us, the "abductors" must have cleaned. So why aren't you asking for the police enquiry to reopen and work to find the person/s who scrubbed and washed away the "indications" of harm to your daughter??

    Hope, if you go back, Praia da Luz gives you both the welcome you deserve.

  18. My condolences to the Portuguese people if indeed the McCanns again invade Praia da Luz.

    Hopefully, their invasion will be short-lived and whatever they're after (certainly not Madeleine) is thoroughly scrutinized, and this time, reported on without the usual propaganda.

  19. Whatever they can do to keep the profile high for Madeleine would be considered positive by any missing children organisation/ charity.

    Good for them to keep hope high for Madeleine.

  20. Madrid? International lawyers' congress? LECTURER on a panel about media and the right to privacy and REPUTATION? "WE cannot stop looking for HER". Her name is Madeleine - and when did either of you actually "look" for her? As parents, you and your wife have rightly earned your reputation.

  21. There was no sighting in Barcelona only the drunken memories of a guy on a pub crawl who overheard a conversation which had nothing to do with anything

  22. i see the mccanns still want to be celebritys.gerry and kate do us a favour
    f*** off

  23. i think we should rename the mccanns the wannabe.s.
    they want more money for the fund ,they want to be celebrities,
    they want us all to beleive in abduction,they want to sue who ever they can,they want to stop free speech.the only thing they dont want, is look for madeleine

  24. There are probably a great many stones yet to be turned in PDL.

    Who knows, perhaps Kate & Gerry might actually get around to turning one over themselves, instead of turning over bloggers, detectives and newspapers.


  25. This is typical attitude of a person who knows he did not convince the public.
    Day and night they are worried about what people might think about this case.
    Their insintency Maddie is probably alive shows they know they don't sound convincing.
    They have to indocrinate the public all the time.
    Could this trip have to do with the list of 7 witnesses Amaral presented in Lisbon?
    Are they going to pressure an eventual witness in Praia da Luz?

  26. Maybe this is the first step planned by their new Portuguese P.R. agency to fulfil the McCanns' desire to be better liked in Portugal. Fat chance of that. If they go back, I hope they are 'welcomed' by hostility and protests in the street and the media.
    No evidence that Madeleine has been harmed, indeed!!! Wasn't this the man who told everyone that his daughter had been abducted by a paedophile ring? How can anybody who thinks their daughter has been snatched by paedophiles possibly think she has not been harmed?! Oh, I forgot, the story changed though, didn't it? She is supposedly being looked after by a couple who desperately wanted a child. In Morocco, that would be, then? Or was it Australia? Or Holland? Oh no, silly me, she's in a "lair" within ten kilometres of Praia da Luz. Gosh, it's hard to keep up sometimes.

  27. Grandes montes de trampa, não os queremos em Portugal!!!
    Não percebem?!

    NÃO PERCEBEM???????!!!!!

    Vão-se embora, deixem-nos em paz!

    Não nos insultem mais!


    GO AWAY!

    GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    LEAVE US IN PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  29. Rule Number 1:

    Criminals always return to the scene of the crime.


  30. Maybe Mrs McCann is going to answer the questions she left hanging in the air as they fled justice?

    Why dont these megalomaniacs go away?

    Is it that they can't risk becoming 'ordinary' again and lose their ability to fund lawyers to shut people up?

    Is it that they can't risk people realising that (on their own admission) the McCann's themselves checked Madeleine only twice that night, once at 9 pm and once again at 10 pm (and that often only if we beleive their story!).

    Has everyone read David Paynes testimony? Even the Paynes considered their children wandering! He actually claims Dianne Webster stayed at the Tapas Bar when the others went to the apartment (and corrupted the scene, incidentally) in case Madeleine wandered by! Yet none of this has ever appeared in a UK 'newspaper'!

  31. Why is McCann given a platform on which to speak?

    Nasty little man.

  32. “As parents, it is our obligation to continue searching for her; we must convince people that the searches must continue, and we should return to Portugal”, he said.

    Yes Gerry, you most certainly should.

    As for planning a private visit before the end of the year, why the need to announce it?

    C'mon, enough nonsense now. Just do it, or not.

  33. http://justice4mccannfam.blogspot.com/

    If you want to see the poor quality site of some 'McCann supporters' follow the link.

    Why do they side with the McCanns? Why indeed!

    Who is Rosie Pops?

  34. Let them come to Praia da Luz.

    There is something behind this trip.
    Not Madeleine, of course.

  35. The Madeleine Foundation website is offline again....any ideas why?.
    The only words that come from this mans mouth every time he appears on TV are...there is no evidence to suggest blah blah blah blah blah.
    The harder you try the less convincing you become.....BULLSH*TTER.

  36. Repeat after me (28 s Pinocchio my nose)"There is no evidence..."

  37. I imagine that most visitors to Portugal would consider their visit as "private". The McCanns really do consider themselves as celebrities and as such feel they have to announce in advance that their proposed visit to PDL will be a private one. Sounds to me their new PR firm is hard at work lining up the Madrid gig and giving the good people of PDL time to prepare themselves for the "private" gig.

  38. It's amazing what a limited vocabulary this man has. Repeating the "no harm" mantra over and over again. Funny, less and less people are being convinced by it. You think he is trying to convince himself?

  39. I wonder if 'the stone' that needs to be turned has little blue flowers growing next to it.

  40. "The McCann couple was in Portugal in late September, in order to reactivate the search for their daughter."

    Except, to ask to reopen the case, what they could do, anytime. But, NO,NO,NO....Not that!

  41. the reason i think the mccanns are so cocky is they know that all that is written on blogs and discussion forums about the police files and the lies they have all told is that it will not see the light of day in the uk media,so they feel very safe

  42. “absolutely no indication that she suffered any hurt or harm....absolutely no indication that she suffered any hurt or harm....absolutely no indication that she suffered any hurt or harm....absolutely no indication that she suffered any hurt or harm....absolutely no indication that she suffered any hurt or harm....absolutely no indication that she suffered any hurt or harm....absolutely no indication that she suffered any hurt or harm....absolutely no indication that she suffered any hurt or harm....

  43. I think they are The Most Hated Couple in the world.

  44. "McCann intervened in the international lawyers’ congress, which is held at the Municipal Conventions’ Palace in Madrid, as a lecturer on a panel about the media and the right to privacy and to reputation."

    How about him being on a panel for the public's right to freedom of speech?

  45. MCCANNS:

    Portugal says GO AWAY!
    You have done enough harm.


    Please, forget that we exist!

    We cant take anymore of this.

  46. "Mr McCann:
    (earlier this year)
    This is my first hand knowledge from discussions rather than knowledge of Portuguese law but clearly within Portugal there has been a balance going on between laws, many of which date back to them being a Fascist government and subsequently a Communist one. Freedom of speech is perhaps more freely enshrined there and yet we have this judicial secrecy which, in many cases, does not function the way it should. There is this element where the press there is potentially much less well regulated, to use that in the loosest context, than it is in the UK. I believe in terms of the legal situation, if a police officer gave information which was known to be on the file and only on the file relevant to it then technically I believe that is probably correct."

  47. PORTUGAL detests the MACCANNS.
    Nobody wants them here, we feel insulted and humiliated.
    Estamos fartos deste casal mentiroso, oportunista, odioso!
    Vão-se embora. JÁ CHEGA!
    NINGUÈM vos quer aqui.
    Mesmo quem não se interessa pelo caso, detesta esta gente. Quando vieram a Lisboa, há poucas semanas, as pessoas sentiram ASCO!
    Metem NOJO!

    Viva Portugal! Viva os Portugueses!

  48. to finde Madeleine...

    Just to remember that we will have two big sport events in Rio de Janeiro -2014 and 2016.
    How about to get in touch with our president Lulla da Silva,Adidas,Nike etc for help? Try your good marketing strategy:

    "The iris is Madeleine's only true distinctive feature. Certainly we thought it was possible that this could potentially hurt her or the abductor might do something to her eye. But in terms of marketing, it was a good ploy.

    The Pearls of Kate McCann(Mccann Galery)

  49. "we must convince people that the searches must continue,"

    He's being fairly honest there isn't he? It's all about convincing people about a certain idea. Had he said "we will carry on searching" that would have been a more natural formula. But we know with the McCanns that sentences are never natural sounding.

    And maybe there's a reason for that.

  50. It's amazing that after two and a half years of looking for Madeleine, the McCann couple look younger now than they did when she went missing! Not a worry line on his face in that interview, or was he well made up. He just loves the limelight that man!

    I suppose they are giving enough warning of their proposed trip to PdeL so that the locals can put out the welcome mat for them. Their pomposity knows no bounds!

  51. Bl**dy nerve of them!!!!! People of PdL you have suffered enough without this despicable pair inflicting themselves on you again.

  52. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/22/20091006/tts-uk-italy-berlusconi-court-ca02f96.html

    Do we really want to be part of a Europe that has countries with constitutions like this?

  53. McCann has a nerve discussing 'loss of reputation' anywhere.

    What does he expect the people to think of him and his wife.

    Don't forget this couple went out every night wining and dining with their pals and left their kids alone in an unlocked apartment.

    The nights previous to the one Madeleine was said to have disappeared they were leaving them from half an hour upwards.

    That is a very long time for a little child lying alone in the dark and no doubt knowing her parents were not there if she needed help. It is also a long time to cry alone in the dark, yet even when informed of this, they carried on leaving the childre.

    The McCanns style of parenting has resulted in serious harm/death happening to one of their children.

    The McCanns are irresponsible/dangerous parents and should not be taken seriously when they bleat on about their reputations.

    People of lesser economic status would no doubt have had their other children taken away from them by now.

    How fortunate for the McCanns that they have friends in high places who have tried their best to reinvent these characters as responsible and caring.

    But it is not working. The people aren't fooled.

  54. Why do they need anyone else to 'search'?

    Do they seriously expect us to believe they are only trying to change people's view of them so they will 'search'?

    Come on McCann, get real! Your smokescreen is ineffective.

  55. going back to visit a grave of a loved one is quite common

  56. Are they trying to stop Amaral's book in Spain?

  57. So is this true, mcCann is LECTURING on privacy?!!!

    I'm staggered!

    The slime ball has buit the career on his abandoned daughter just as we knew he would!

    Its a sick sick world!

  58. If I had not seen this video with my own eyes I would not have believed how insensitve these two McCanns are, "no indication that she suffered any hurt or harm" IF they truly believe their own statments that Madeline was abducted she haS already suffered hurt and harm, one can only imagine how terrifying it must be for a little child to be taken in the night by MONSTERS
    In my opinion it insults all children who have been subjected to abuse and neglect. They also ask for media privacy and reputation but are asking everyone to help, does this mean donating to the fund,buying more wrist bands, purchasing good quality t-shirts or holiday packs from their site? Quote"As parents it is our obligation to keep searching for her" on this I totally agree DEMAND FOR THE CASE TO BE RE-OPENED. If this is refused then let everyone know. Are reputations more important than a missing child?

    once more a message from a member of the British Public who beleives that EVERY CHILD MATTERS

  59. "when things are less intense"

    Hmm I remember reading an article on the McC's by Chris Freind. Chris Freind used a phrase something like "bought and paid for British Press" when GM says less intense I just wonder if that translates as:

    When they have the control of the Portuguese Press. When they can print whatever they want in a Portuguese newspaper (like here in the UK) and use the threat of libel, sueing and injunctions! If they manage to gag GA, Portugal be prepared. Do not allow yourselves to be treated like mushrooms in the dark being fed McPoopaganda by the truck load like us here in the UK!

  60. If you have a lot to hide, you need a lot of privacy.

  61. Gerry McCann: '“absolutely no indication that she suffered any hurt or harm, therefore we must believe that she is alive out there and we cannot stop looking for her”.

    “As parents, it is our obligation to continue searching for her; we must convince people that the searches must continue, and we should return to Portugal”

    Ah well, now we know. Being snatched from her bed by a member of a paedophile gang (the original claim) and taken to a 'hellish lair" (Dave Edgar's words) within 10 miles of Praia da Luz is NOT harmful to a 3-year-old. Thank goodness Gerry is a doctor and can tell us these things, otherwise we might think this was actually a bad thing to happen to a child.

    As for 'searching for her' - how many times must we remind the McCanns that according to their chief detective Madeleine is in a cellar within 10 miles of Praia da Luz and just waiting to be rescued? How come what Dave says keeps slipping their mind? Should we maybe send them a letter and enclose a cutting from the Belfast Telegraph where Dave insists to the interviewer that Madeleine is being held near PdL? I can get a copy of the relevant Belfast Tele easily enough and am more than willing to spend the price of a stamp to remind Kate and Gerry what their chief detective said. I could also include the cutting from the following week's issue, the one where Dave Edgar tells us just how accurate and useful low copy number DNA is, how it has helped him to nail criminals in the past.

    Maybe I'll actually do it! :-)

  62. Both of my children are grown up, but if one of them went missing I would search Heaven and Hell in my bare feet, tearing the ground with my bare hands. I would beg each and every one of you, on hands and knees, to help me find my child. Money? Money wouldn't mean a thing. To sue someone who gave an alternative scenario? No, please, let me hear in case it leads to my child.

    I don't want to go on, because to imagine my child being lost is to see hell itself. I have a daughter of 32 and a son of 27. Would I stand before cameras and calmly read out pre-writen speeches? would I take the time to learn a few lines of a foreign language, write it down and cooly deliver it in front of television cameras? No. I would fall at your feet, clutch your ankles and beg you to help me.

    Any parent would do the same, except those who are devoid of human emotion, human understanding. I have read many comments, such as, 'WHAT are they?', 'Does he think he is god?', 'is he possessed by the devil?', 'Are they the first pair of breeding aliens on Earth?', 'Did the child ever really exist?'. I don't know the answer to any of these questions, but I know that these two are further removed from normal, decent humanity than is the smallpox virus.
    They make my flesh crawl.


  63. If I had a face like that I'd teach my arse to talk.

  64. Odd that Mitchell hasn't put out a press release covering this appearance; or do we have that to look foward to on Wednesday?

  65. A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth.

    (Josef Goebbels, propaganda minister for Hitler's nazi Germany)

  66. On the video Gerry says

    "there is a lot of information"

    If people are informing that lot,
    why accuse Amaral for being an obstakel for others searching for the girl?

    It is the same book, in Portuguese or in other languages, and the public are not influenced by it, on a negative way.
    1000 reactions, like the McCanns said before, is a terrible lot and I bet the whole world is doing nothing else than searching for the child.
    And that is the explantion for the
    economic crisis we are living in, now.

  67. A surprise visit to PDL may be advisable. If it's announced beforehand, there may be a welcoming committee of gagged locals parading posters reading:
    Come to start the search?
    Come for a reconstruction?
    Come to answer the police questions?
    Come to re-open the case?

    Come for the truth?

  68. said "there is absolutely no indication that she suffered hurt or harm". What a strange thing to say. How does he know? An abducted child, or one that goes missing usually suffered terribly as we have read in the media. Look at recent cases where an abducted person has been found. Gerry McCann knows what happened to that child. He is so arrogant.

  69. Simple fact, McCann claims to have checked Madeleine at 9 PM, his wife at 10 PM. No other proper checks were made, all they claim is soime ineffective and vague 'listening at the door'.

    No one lese saw Madeleine that night, from when the McCanns were in the apartment. SO the last person to see her alive, so he says, was McCann himself at 9.

    So he needs to answer the question, simply put, where is she Doctor McCann?

    How can the authorities in the UK and Portugal sit back and allow this farce to go on?

  70. I hope Kate and Gerry McCann get the welcome they so richly deserve from the residents of Prai da Luz. They should be:

    1) completely shunned and ignored (except by the PJ, who should watch their every move very carefully)


    2) repeatedly questioned:

    a) Kate, why didn't you answer the PJ's 48 questions? b) Why didn't you ever personally, physically search for your own daughter? c) Why didn't you and your friends on holiday cooperate with the PJ in re-enacting the events of May 3, 2009? d) Why haven't you asked for the official police investigation to be reopened? e) Who is paying the fees for Carter-Ruck's libel litigation on your behalf? f) Why won't you tell the whole truth about what happened to Madeleine? g) Where is Madeleine, Kate? Where is Madeleine, Gerry? You know, don't you?

    (There are hundreds of pertinent questions, but those are the ones I would ask first.)

  71. Who is crazier,

    the McCanns

    or we, who are still following them?

  72. “absolutely no indication that she suffered any hurt or harm, therefore we must believe that she is alive out there and we cannot stop looking for her”.
    We must believe ?
    Don't forget- Eddie and Keela in action.Searching for the cadaver odour and blood.Successfully.
    But I am sure,Dr. G. Amaral will waiting on you.

  73. they are really taking the p*** out of portugal

  74. "panel about the media and the right to privacy and to reputation."

    mccanns reputation is:
    -they were dumping their children everyday in the creche, for a whole day (family holiday)
    -they left them alone, night after night (neclegting parents)

    In other words,
    mccanns reputation:

    neglegting, selfish, narsistic parents.

    When we look at the positive site.

    I don't even want to go to the dark site of their "reputation".

  75. Gerry's behaviour is making me wonder what 'serious harm' he can do to the Children that are his patients

    Its a terrible thought but its seems he does not seem to understand Abuse and Neglect to Children.

    I mean, if he on 24 hour Doctor On-Call, would he still wine and dine with Tapas 7 while Children are in Hospital ward with serious ill health?

  76. People of Portugal cannot be humiliated by this moron or his cronies. The Potugese have more decency in theit little finger than he has in his whole body.

    The only person humilitated is him, this idiot now actually believes he is above the law.

    Dream on Gerry but your time is almost up.

  77. Keep repeating this one it is working.

    Pass on the books Says:

    October 6th, 2009 at 10:52 am
    Everyone please print this and put inside your copies of the book 60 reasons, I am putting it on lots of them and dropping them around.

    Hello Kind Reader,
    Just a quick note that I’ve registered this book “What really happened to Madeleine MacCann? at BookCrossing.com, so that I can keep up on where it goes, who reads it, and what they thought of it. Please visit http://www.BookCrossing.com/976-7540164 to make a quick journal entry, then pass the book along to someone else who will appreciate it. We can all track this book’s journey and the lives it touches forever more!

    Thank You!

    This one is for The Truth of the lie if there are spare copies around.

    Hello Kind Reader,
    Just a quick note that I’ve registered this book, “The Truth of the Lie” at BookCrossing.com, so that I can keep up on where it goes, who reads it, and what they thought of it. Please visit http://www.BookCrossing.com/231-7540172 to make a quick journal entry, then pass the book along to someone else who will appreciate it. We can all track this book’s journey and the lives it touches forever more!

    Thank You!

  78. When he say's "a private visit", is that as opposed to a State Visit?

    Still, they may change their minds yet and request a 21 gun salute on their arrival.

  79. This visit is highly provocative. Gerry is a very vindictive man.
    At the same time he could invite all the other Tapas fellow members and suggest to the police the re-enactement.
    Gerry's cowardice is nauseating.

  80. I think we should arrange for two Springer Spaniels to be there to greet them and watch their faces.

  81. if you believe madeleine is alive mr mccann why did you not do the reconstruction,why didnt your wife answer the 40+ questions,why did not you search for madeleine when you visited lisbon,why have you tried to discredit EDDIE AND KEELA.this list of why is endless. NO MR MCCANN,ANY ONE WHO HAS READ THE FILES WILL KNOW THAT YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS HAVE LIED ABOUT THE NIGHT MADELEINE WAS SUPPOSEDLY ABDUCTED.but you know that we know your time is nearly up because the longer it goes on the more people will read about madeleine and start to question your roll in it,like they are doing now

  82. I wonder if the 'private' visit to Praia da Luz has been announced in advance to gauge reaction to the idea? If the reaction is hostile, maybe the new P.R. company which is supposed to make the McCanns popular in Portugal will know what it has to try to do to overcome the hostility. Or maybe, if the reaction is hostile, the McCanns will decide not to go after all. They definitely wouldn't want to be seen in a bad light. Can you imagine the Portuguese press coverage if they were heckled or people protested? That wouldn't fit in with the McCann Project at all.

  83. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1218662/Kate-Gerry-McCann-plan-trip-Portugal-resort-Madeleine-vanished.html

    Open to comments :)

  84. Este caso só pode ter dois fins: um: a polícia encontra pistas que levem ao lugar onde Madeleine esteve congelada até à última morada, o que eu acho improvável, não impossível, mas improvável; outro: Kate suicida-se, porque não aguenta mais esta mentira, e mostrou-se muito em baixo de forma, quando cá esteve. Já Gerry mostrou capacidade para ir até ao fim, nem duvidem disso, está empenhado em lixar o Ministério Público português. Reparem bem, todos nós lemos os relatórios finais da polícia e observações finais dos Magistrados, mas Gerry ignora absolutamente a Autoridade Portuguesa e diz aos meios de comunicação e a quem quer ouvir, que não há provas de que Madeleine tenha morrido, ou que tenha sofrido algum mal, nem há sequer provas de que ambos estejam envolvidos no seu desaparecimento. Pelo menos é a opinião de quem escrutinou o processo todos para eles. Abrir o processo, obrigá-los a fazer a reconstituição e apresentar as novas provas e testemunhos? Porque que é que os pais se foram deitar na noite do desaparecimento? Quais são as evidências de rapto? Como é que não duvidaram sequer dessa hipótese? Porque pensaram muito sobre isto durante o resto da tarde de 3 de Maio!!! Como é que provam ver as crianças de 15 e 15 ou de 30 em 30 minutos? A vizinha de cima diz que não! Porque lavou Kate o peluche, o último elo de ligação com uma filha desaparecida? Esta para mim é das pistas mais fortes. E na véspera da polícia trazer os cães. A minha filha tem a mesma idade que Madeleleine teria se fosse viva, tem um urso, que as vezes já cheira a raposinho. Mas tem tanto de raposinho como dela e nem sempre sou capaz de o lavar. É um cheiro bom, traz-me boas recordações. Todas as boas mães sabem isto.
    Houve um acidente fatídico após as 17:30h no dia 3 de Maio de 2007. Durante a tarde limparam-se as provas e o apartamento. Mudaram-se os móveis. Alguém do grupo conhecia alguém que lhes valeu com um lugar seguro para depósito do corpo que foi congelado até à última morada. Quem lhes cedeu o espaço pode nem saber para o que serviu o apartamento. Os cães pisteiros deviam ter ido à igreja e a casa do padre que cedeu amavelmente a filha para filmagens, repare-se nisto (também este é suspeito). O Robert Murat não está completamente ilibado, porque não processa ele os McCann ou Jane Tanner. Isso será altamente suspeito se não vier a acontecer. Quem viu os McCann na igreja? Iam sozinhos, com os amigos? Há testemunhas ali. Alguém deve ter visto alguma coisa em alguma altura. Eu acredito que sim. Há sempre alguém que lixa um crime talvez esteja com medo de falar. Os empregados do Ocean Club se calhar sabem mais do que contam. Têm medo de ser despedidos. Isto só se resolve em Tribunal. E o bom nome dos Magistrados também tem de ser defendido. Neste caso, quem não ataca, leva. Já se viu no passado. Os McCann agora estão empenhados em desacreditar o trabalhos dos cães pisteiros. Porque que é que ficaram na defensiva com a polícia à cerca dos vestígios no apartamento e no carro. Porque que é não ficaram antes preocupados com o que possa ter então acontecido a Madeleine. Ai ai ai, eu sei que nada disto faz prova contra eles, mas também não os defende pois não? Malditos sejam!

  85. GRANDE DISSIMULADO ESTE GERRY. Ja que foi a Madrid, porque nao ter dado um pulinho a Barcelona para fazer o trabalhinho que os seus detectives nao foram capazes de fazer? - TOMAR UM CAFEZINHO NO RESTAURANTE ONDE TERA SIDO VISTA A SUPOSTA RAPTORA AUSTRALIANA E FALAR COM QUEM A TERA VISTO. FALAR COM OS RESPONSAVEIS DA MARINA DE BARCELONA, ETC.
    PORQUE SERA QUE ESTE PAIZINHO DE MEIA TIGELA EM VEZ DE OPTAR POR PROCURAR REALMENTE A FILHA E MOSTRAR AO PUBLICO QUE ACREDITA PIAMENTE NUMA MADELEINE VIVA E PERDIDA POR AI, OPTA POR FOLCLORE, PURO... BAIXO... INCONSISTENTE FOLCLORE! Nao convence ninguem... pois facilmente percebemos que ele proprio nao esta convencido das ideias que defende. esta desesperado por enganar o publico e safar a pele. Gostava que um dia uma TV com coragem tivesse a ousadia de propor uma entrevista em directo, a Kate sozinha e fora de Inglaterra, sem perguntas/respostas pre-acordadas. ENQUANTO ISSO NAO ACONTECER, alimentemos o FOLCLORE E A FANTASIA: comecaram como medicos e pais negligentes, ja vao em assistentes numa conferencia ligada a advogacia e ao DIREITO- Que direito? o das VERDADES TORTAS. Por este andar ainda acabam como conselheiros internacionais de politicos para as areas da justica e dos direitos das criancas. COMO E POSSIVEL QUE O MUNDO POLITICO E JORNALISTICO permita tanta sem-vergonha e tanto despudor. Por isso, a abstencao nas eleicoes por toda a Europa vai subir... e IMPOSSIVEL CONTINUAREM A INSULTAR ELEITORES DE FORMA TAO IMPUNE...

  86. I think it is quite simple, the reason he talks about returning to PDL is because when they went recently to Portugal, they had forgotten what Edgar said about Maddie in lair near PDL, they only realised their mistake later when pointed out to them on forums, it's all damage limitation. Covering their arses.

  87. what i dont really understand about this case is that the media must believe every thing they say,other wise they would quote from the files all the inconsistancys,but no not a bean.surely the media cant be sued for that.poor madeleine

  88. In my opinion, Madeleine was hidden near the church or even in the church that night and some following days.
    That is why they had the key.
    It is known that they used to go there at 02.00am "to pray".
    Three days after the disappearence, the Anglican minister arrived in Luz.
    I noticed that his wife brought Gerry to the Faro airport, when he left Luz, after his reconstructionin April.
    Where was her husband and why did he not show up?Feeling guilty, after Murat had suffer such a lot?
    Feeling guilty about the fund?

  89. An., the media is forbidden to talk about it.

  90. Jan 07/10/09 11:29

    Hi Jan,

    I have to agree, that thought, crossed my mind also. That due to the reaction of the public, as to why they did not go to PDL during their recent visit to Portugal - they have now been advised to rectify matters, hence this annoucement.

    I find it tragically sad also that Gerry and Kate McCann, who have stated their belief that Madeleine is being held by paedophiles, still insist that:

    'there is absolutely no evidence that Madeleine has been seriously harmed.'

    If by serious harm he means, death, then he should say so.

    I do not know what 'scale' the McCann's use to gauge harm, or at what point in their estimation, it falls into the category of 'serious?'

    I take it by saying that she has not come to 'serious' harm he is at the very least, acknowledging she has come to harm?

    If this was put to him though, I'm sure he would turn it on it's head, as he does not want us to believe she has been harmed at all.

    If he did indeed say that he was 'obliged' to search for Madeleine, that too is tragic.

    It should not be an 'obligation,' his heart, soul and love for the child should be the driving force.

    If he believes his PI that Madeleine is in the wilderness in PDL, every penny in that Fund should be allocated to a search at this moment in time. There is plenty of money to do so.

    While Madeleine languished in a lair in PDL, Kate and Gerry were lapping it up in Lisbon, then headed straight home to Rothley.

    I find it difficult to understand that the mum of a missing child, did not return to the place where she last saw her daughter. How could you visit the country and not go to PDL?

    They remained in PDL for months, long after Madeleine disappeared when it was "intense."

    What exactly makes it so difficult now?

    I note too that in the report it states:

    “absolutely no indication that she suffered any hurt or harm"

    If report is accurate, then I find it odd that he stated 'she suffered' - the past tense!

    I certainly have not heard the full interview, and in the video clip I did not hear this.


  91. "...If report is accurate, then I find it odd that he stated 'she suffered' - the past tense!..."

  92. Quote: "...the media must believe every thing they say,other wise they would quote from the files all the inconsistancys,but no not a bean.surely the media cant be sued for that.poor madeleine."

    It is not just a question of being able to successfully defend an action for libel - the press are being silenced simply by the threat of such action.
    In other words they are not prepared to risk being made to bear the horrendous costs which would be incurred in defending it.
    That is why McCann is constantly talking about the invasion of his privacy and damage to his reputation by the press. It is simply a ploy to keep the dice weighted against the press if any such action were to be initiated.


  93. Could they be going to PdL for the court case against Goncarlo?
    Announcing it like this puts a positive spin on things, as though they are primarily choosing to go (for the good of Maddie?) rather than be summoned to appear in court to answer questions from GA's defence team.

    Mr B

  94. I understand why the newspapers will not print anything which could lead to them being sued by the McCanns, but why continue to paint the McCanns as saints? Why drag Goncalo Amarals name through the mud all the time? Can't they simply let the McCann case drop? Report nothing. After all, they've grabbed the headlines for over two years now. Let the McCanns continue their search away from the media now. The 'abductor' probably reads the papers so he/she gets to know every move detective Dave and Co. make before they even make it, so it's counter-productive anyway. 'Abductor' thinks, 'Yikes, they're coming for me', 'abductor' legs it to a new location.

    Keep it quiet, take the 'abductor' by surprise.


  95. Team Mc Cann roll on ,when in Gods name are they going to be brought to justice ?And above all else when will MADDIE get justice ?

  96. Why the hell do they go to PDL? And why the hell do they publish this in the media? Didn't GM claim during congress the right of privacy?

    The McCanns are the ones who keep the media circus running!

  97. re. The UK press

    Quote: "Can't they simply let the McCann case drop?"

    No they can't, for the simple reason that a Maddy headline on the front page boosts sales by around 70,000 copies according to the Express/Mail figures which at a time of contracting sales and advertizing revenue is a significant number of copies. The problem is that nobody else (e.g. Amaral) is feeding them stories. People on fora moan about 'biased' reporting and in the same breath they reject the idea that Amaral should have a PR company running his show in England to feed the press Amaral-friendly stories. So be it... but then don't moan about the UK press being one-sided.


  98. Maybe they want the body of Madeleine to be found now....

  99. "The Barcelona sighting"? I thought it had been established that the "sighting" was not of Madeleine - it was Victoria Beckham. According to the article posted at mccannfiles.com, Gerry was the keynote speaker, if you please, at the conference in Madrid. He was speaking about their fight to hold the press to account. I guess we should be holding a conference to hold the press to account.

  100. The newspapers could be onto the Mc Canns and dont want to print stories because if they are sued the money goes into the Fund which if everything is right is a fraudulant fund and also the journalists have witnessed these Mc Canns at first hand and can see what they are really like so why give them more money??? If I was Snr Amaral id give my money away or burn it rather than give it those Mc Scams!!!

  101. Perhaps while they are there they could organise a search party?

    "This way a bit.. No, left a bit.. right a bit. Ok, start digging."

  102. thanks for the explaintion t4two,so we could have mr mccann going on and on and on about the supposed abduction and thier invasion of privacy,dont make sense to me when it is mr mccann who is doing all the talking and willing to be splashed all over the papers,doesnt seem to be about madeleine any more,poor child

  103. Quote: "doesnt seem to be about madeleine any more,poor child..."

    Actually it never was - it's always been about the McCanns and protecting their reputations. Wasn't it McCann who said at the outset, "We're doctors, we have our reputations to protect," ? He then proceeded to spend the money which had been donated by the public to hire expensive teams of top lawyers, dodgy private investigators and of course to pay the mortgage on his big house. I think in the first year 13% of fund money was reported to have actually been spent on 'the search.' Small wonder that so many people are absolutely disgusted and outraged.


  104. Someone said above that this doesnt seem to be about Madeleine now. Has it ever been about her? Gerald McCanns seem salways to have thought he was CEO material (ludicrous! Incredbile!).

    I beleive the McCann's have been in defence mode from te very night that they allowed her to disappear (however that happened).

    I wish someone in the media would clarify things a little more.

    According to the McCann's themselves, Madeleine was only checked once - I mean physically checked with confirmation that she was actually even there!). This was the claimed 'check' by Gerald at 9 pm. Even Kate was 'almost tempted' to leave without actually checking the children (she actually said this on the McCanns 'documentary').

    Isnt it incredible that this has never explicitly been stated in the UK media? Surely it cant be claimed that it is in any way libellous? Its their statements, their documentary!

  105. quote 'The problem is that nobody else (e.g. Amaral) is feeding them stories. People on fora moan about 'biased' reporting and in the same breath they reject the idea that Amaral should have a PR company running his show in England to feed the press Amaral-friendly stories.'

    I don't know if Mr Amaral should have a PR company advising him or not, though I think it would certainly be interesting to see what would happen if he did. I would love to be able to read positive things about him in our newspapers. Sadly I don't think it will happen, though I would like to be wrong about that. I do realise that Madeleine stories sell newspapers but why portray as saints the people who are threatening to sue them? They could at least drop the emotive words when talking about 'poor frail Kate, trying so hard to be brave', and 'Gerry, strong, determined and focused' while on the other hand there is 'disgraced former detective' and 'bungling cop who was thrown off the case'.
    The papers may have to do as they're told, but they don't have to like it.


  106. Maybe they are going to PDL to check out Donal's daft theory. How the intuder wandered into the apartment via an open door, mindful to close it behind him. Then went straight to Madeleine's room, lifted the known 'light sleeper' from her bed before manouvering around the twins' cots, in the dark, and opening the curtains, windows and steel shutters (having presumably forgotten about the open doors) then clambering out with the still-asleep madeleine in his arms. And all the while careful to leave behind no fibres, no dna, no PDL dust or sand, no bootmarks on floor or bed (needed to step upon to clamber through window), no finger-prints, no glove prints, no disturbance of the fine film of lichen on the windowsil. All within a three-minutes time frame.
    Oh yea, and who then casually walks passed J Tanner, McCann and his tennis chum, whilst still carrying the still sound asleep Madeleine.

    McCann, you are lying, good-for-nothing little sh*t. I don't need sniffer dogs to tell me that.

  107. Congratulations Joana, 100 posts.
    I think that Ed Smart and Mccann are having a competition at the moment.
    Elizabeth Smart is headline news in the states ,with the possible trial coming up of an 'abduction' that is as doubtful as the Mccanns.
    Ed Smart and Mccann have a lot in common they cannot bear being out of the news.
    Bloggers are saying they are sick and tired of Elizabeth and her pushy father.
    They will be glad when she clears off to France.

  108. Hello from Rio de Janeiro !

    I can not see another way for Gerry & Co - he MUST go on his search for his child.

    Please take one second and put yourself in his shoes: if you had betrayed the entire world for more than 2 years and even the PM of your own country ,the Pope, ministers in USA etc blablabla was involved HOW please,HOW can the poor Gerry now
    tell us that it was only a walloping lie?
    If one of you show me a way out for this blinde alley and an idea for a decent ending for Gerry I will be very glad.
    But is too late for a return.
    What do you think Joana and A. Miller ? I respect your opinion more than my husbands.

    Thanks a lot,

    your loyal

    Maria - Brazil

  109. “As parents, it is our obligation to continue searching for her; we must convince people that the searches must continue, and we should return to Portugal”, he said.

    The searches must continue AND we should return? An intresting disconnection between searches and the return! As usual the McCanns not actually doing anything themselves. Have they ever actually done any searching other than type a phrase into google!

  110. Gerry keeps cropping up alone (i.e.,without Clarence,) these days. With the imminent disappearance (!) of the U.K.Labour government, Clarence Mitchell will be off, looking for a new and safer job.
    On a lighter note - do I see a trace of mascara on Gerry's fluttering eyelashes?
    And on a serious note - at least the people of Pria de Luz have been given adequate advance warning of the McCann visit.

  111. Has apartment 5A been sold yet.? It would not surprise me if the Mccanns have not bought it to use at a later date when they make the Movie. There has to be a movie. Smart made his movie within a year of Elizabeths 'abduction? .Mccann is lagging behind.

    Maria from Brazil , yes you have hit the nail on the head . Cannot go back now, they have fooled too many people. There would be no place to hide.

  112. “Kate would like to return to Praia da Luz when things are less intense, but we’d like it to be a private visit, probably before the end of the year”, said Gerry McCann.

    Gerry is doing it again, like the Elton John concert "far sooner than the one-year anniversary", always planning long term, never expressing the hope that Madeleine might turn up tomorrow.

    What a giveaway!

  113. Lynne

    You only have to look at the recent article in the Express about Dr. amaral and his wife, which I think proves my point that the UK press would print positive stories about Dr. Amaral if they were fed them by a good PR organisation.
    Just ask yourself whether you think Clarence Mitchell is the best PR man on the planet. I think your answer would be - not by a long chalk - in fact he's pretty mediocre and isn't the cleverest person around, to put it mildly. A good PR person could run rings around him, of that I have been absolutely convinced for a long time.
    I have a lot of respect for Dr. Amaral, in fact I have only respect for the man, his obvious ability and his moral strength.
    I'm a voice in the wilderness I know, but the world today is such that it is not enough to be an honest fighter for a cause even when you have the moral high ground - it has to be presented properly through the right channels and that means the media has to be dealt with absolutely professionally.
    McCann has always recognised this and been very successful at it but this situation is crying out for something new - the knight in shining armour that is Dr. Amaral. How I wish that I could wake up one morning and see that it has become a reality at last.


  114. Ironside, do you think the Mccanns will buy 5A, with a ghost around?
    It is the place where the accident happened.

  115. ¡que gentuza! no tenemos bastante con los sinvergüenzas nacionales, encima nos vienen importados.

    Pobre Madeleine, Dios te tenga en su gloria.

  116. I've always thought that if any UK newspaper wanted to make absolutely sure that Gordon Brown wouldn't win the next election they would do some serious investigation into this story.

  117. Let us not forget Gerry met Ed Smart very early on. They met when Gerry visited Washington within a few weeks of Madeleine's "disappearance" as part of his world tour to promote his no stone unturned wider agenda.

  118. "As parents, it is our obligation to continue searching for her; we must convince people that the searches must continue, and we should return to Portugal”, he said.

    Come on Gerry.... you are so selfish, so hypocrit....
    You know... the worsest thing which can hapen today, to you and your wife, it is Madeleine being found dead or alive... because that mean's the end of your must successful business - THE FUND!

    And that mean's... if she's dead, her body still telling the story about who and how she was serious harmed.
    If she's alive... it is now old ennough to tell the story about who, why and how she was moved from the room and keeped so long behind scenes. No doubts...whatever was the situation, you and your wife will be at the top of the headlines.

    You need to desesperate ensure that she cannot be found and this is the only explanation for a whish to come back to PDL soon. If somebody know's something ... you need to be sure that this mouth will be closed...with money, or with pressures and intimidation...
    You know...you are not wellcomed to PDL.

  119. Our family have a much loved pet, she is a cute little cat with a great personality, when we holiday we use a wonderful boarding kennel,they take all precautions that whilst she is there she gets first class care. She is also very popular with our neighbors who have offered to take care of her whilst we are away, they have keys to our house and say they would feed her,pop in and out for toilet duties and generally keep an eye on her. Their kind offer would save us a great deal of money(more spends for us ) but we would not put our kind neighbors under any kind of obligation, she may try to find us and get lost. go missing, we feel much more secure that we have taken precautions for her safety and well being when she goes on her "holiday" to the kennels who have up to present never lost an animal, have trained staff on duty and a local vet on hand.

    If we left her home alone and she went missing our children who adore her would be devistated.
    Our kind neighbors would also probably feel responsible

    We would never forgive ourselves for not putting her safety first by trying to save a few quid ,she is worth a lot more than than.

    I suppose we could talk ourselves into into believing that she came to no harm as we have no proof to say different, perhaps some one has her and is taking care of her, if so I bet she is giving them what for (smile)
    Or even collect funds from caring people who feel our loss. Then we could go public.

    Better Still our neighbors saw someone acting very strange the night she went missing could someone have taken her, YES YES YES this is the only answer lets get someone to investigate, the police are more interested in finding all answers not just the ones that suit us.

    How do we convince everyone that we are responsible and caring? I know we need someone to teach us these things and speak up for us, great problem solved, we have a lot of money donated by good people who want to help we can pay for our good name.
    Sorry Tiger you will have to take a back seat until we sort this out but dont worry we are still looking for you.

  120. "Nao ha nenhuma indicacao de que Madeleine tenha sofrido..."

    Mais de dois anos, longe dos pais, nas maos de pedofilos ou de um casal ansioso por uma crianca que a mantem isolada numa cela, O QUE E GERRY? - INFERNO OU PARAISO, PESADELO OU SONHO, BRUXOLANDIA OU DISNEYLANDIA?

    Os meus filhos, mais velhos que Madeleine, se se perdessem dos pais hoje, por uma hora... essa hora teria a duracao e a dor de uma eternidade... mesmo que nada de mal lhes acontecesse e que quem os encontrasse os enchesse de carinho. Perderem-se dos pais e a mais temida experiencia para qualquer crianca, basta pensarmos no quanto e doloroso e chorado o primeiro dia de escola, a distraccao num centro comercial,etc. Mas para este pai, 2 anos de ausencia nao sao sinonimo de dor....

  121. I'm dying of curiosity to hear who are Amaral's 7 witnesses.I wonder if he is waiting for the start of the process, before he publishes
    "The English Gag".

    He is corageous,isn't he?

  122. Gerry... o mais desonesto e ridiculo dos pais, quando se dignara a calar a boquita e desaparecer dos jornais e dos ecrans de TV? Sera possivel que ele ainda nao tenha percebido que ja ninguem o OUVE? As pessoas comentam as parvoices que ele vai depositando na imprensa para demonstrarem o seu odio e a sua revolta perante o mais evidente dos crimes e a mais repugnante fuga a justica. PORQUE NO TE CALLAS???? IRRRRRA!!!!

  123. You've detected a death scent in our apartment? No-one else has ever died in that apartment? The body must have been there for at least two hours for the dogs to have detected that smell? You've found traces of blood in the apartment too? None of this is evidence that Madeleine is dead. It's all rubbish, I tell you. Madeleine is alive, and we need people to keep on giving us money...er...looking for her. All this talk of forensic evidence is hurtful and unhelpful - we will keep on insisting that Madeleine is alive until we are blue in the face...as was Madeleine the last time I saw her, actually...

    12) Oh for Heaven's sake, what now? Not that flipping dog again! OK, so now it got excited when it sniffed our hire car. Thousands of people have probably rented that car - any of them could have had a dead person in the boot. And you've found Madeleine's hair and bodily fluids in it? That's impossible - Madeleine's alive, I tell you. There's absolutely no evidence that she is dead. Your friends must have planted that evidence, Mr. Policeman. You're a disgrace.

  124. Lynne, I believe that many journalists and television presenters are sceptical of the McCanns' claims and new stories, but any newspaper or television channel which refused to include them would be instantly accused by the McCanns of being unhelpful and not helping in the search for Madeleine. I don't think they would court that sort of negative publicity and risk losing readers/viewers so they do include the press statements and stories. However, I have noticed recently that some of them only mention the McCann blurb briefly and then leave it alone. I think this is their way of being seen to cooperate, but not actually doing much to get the McCann message across.
    Earlier on this thread somebody mentioned that the Daily Mail Online was running the McCanns Return To PDL story and comments were allowed. To my surprise, nobody had left any comment, whereas normally there are loads. The article referred to Gonçalo Amaral as the detective "who bungled the investigation". I was so incensed that I wrote a comment asking why the Daily Mail didn't consider that a libellous statement, and suggesting that Gonçalo Amaral sue the newspaper. However, when I had 'sent' the comment, a page came up demanding my personal details, which have to be provided before a comment can be published. I read the Privacy Policy and was not satisfied by it. Presumably, hundreds of other people felt the same, which is why the McCann article had no comments. This is another way of gagging free speech! What would be best? Ignoring McCann articles in the Mail by refusing to comment, or giving false identities en masse and flooding the articles with negative comments when merited?

  125. Anonymous said:

    "You need to desesperate ensure that she cannot be found and this is the only explanation for a whish to come back to PDL soon. If somebody know's something ... you need to be sure that this mouth will be closed...with money, or with pressures and intimidation...
    You know...you are not wellcomed to PDL."

    I was thinking exactly the same thing.

    First of all, why announce a *private* visit to PDL to the world.

    Because it cannot be private, so just to let everyone know that this was a planned visit.

    Secondly, they *must* surely have had help, cleaning chemicals, transport, freezer etc. Perhaps that person is getting itchy and needs another sweetener, another wad of cash......... and it cannot be recorded as a bank transfer, it needs to be handed over........ or perhaps more threats..........

    Just my considered opinion.

  126. re. The UK press
    T4two makes a very good point. It's simply much more profitable to address wooly-minded sentimentalism to the sort of readers who take any notice of these rags, or to those out-and-out neurotics like "Rosie pops" who need to bolster up their own anxieties. And after all what is the alternative? To even the moderately perceptive observer, the McCanns - inarticulate, conscience-less, blatantly mendacious and resolutely brazening it out in the face of all common sense - are barely plausible; represented bluntly according to the facts as we have them they're inhuman monsters too shocking to be credible, indeed beyond the reach of ordinary understanding. That's too strong a diet even for those who enjoy picking over the minor sordid details of everyday life.

    Someone else mentioned "serious mental problems". No, I don't think so. This is entirely a moral question into which psychological justifications should not enter. But it is quite extraordinary that this pair of upstarts, completely uneducated in every proper sense of the word, with a vocabulary of a couple of hundred words, whose logic goes no further than throwing back the same accusations made against themselves, apparently without any real friends because they're utterly untrustworthy or without any real interest of any sort and devoid of any ordinary decency, should have managed to become presumably qualified medical practitioners with the histrionic skills to sway the hearts of the gullible and engage the services of the most expensive manipulators of public opinion. It's a fascinating story, but also rather an alarming one.

    I don't think I'd care to enter a British hospital if this is the standard of its staff.

  127. On October 07, Anonymous said...
    Ironside, do you think the Mccanns will buy 5A, with a ghost around?
    It is the place where the accident happened.


    Yes I most certainly do. The excuse would be "It was the last place we saw Madeleine" The reason would be, It is a good marketing ploy. With all proceeds from the rental going into the fund ie. Seeing as the Mccanns are now both Directors of the fund, going straight into their money grabbing pockets. They have learnt a lot from Ed Smart.

    Smart has managed to keep his very doubtful along with his daughter Elizabeth 'Abduction' in the headlines for seven years now.

    Elizabeth goes shopping.
    Elizabeth was seen with socialite...
    Elizabeth takes her driving test.
    Elizabeth burped yesterday...

    Anything Elizabeth does its in the news.

  128. "A NOSE FOR CRIME"- Amazing video at Mccannfiles about POLICE SNIFFER DOGS.

    Wonder how Hurry... the Mccann's were if they watch that video. At the end... a dog it is always the best friend for a man.

  129. Sharon Shoesmith, who was Director of Children's Services in the ''Baby P'' case was summarily removed from her job, and her case is currently the subject of a judicial review. She has been widely vilified in the press for the failings of her department.

    Whilst there appear to have been failing in this case, and not to excuse that in any way, the people responsible for the death of this poor child are the three who are now in prison for it. They are the ones who brutalized that little boy. Whilst Sharon Shoesmith and her colleagues may have let him down, they are not responsible for his death.

    Contrast the reaction towards Sharon Shoesmith by the media, and the treatment of the McCanns.

    She is roundly criticised for daring to say that her sacking was unfair, and her career ruined, and her attempts to be compensated are described as 'disgraceful'

    Meanwhile, the McCanns judge their own behaviour in abandoning their infants so they could go out drinking as ''falling well within the bounds of responsible parenting'' and the media never challenge this. They seek compensation for the any criticism levelled at them, and the media never challenge this. They were responsible for placing their daughter in a situation where she may well have met a fate far worse than Baby P, and the media never challenge their behaviour.

    So what are we left with ?

    A woman who was not directly responsible for a child, but who's death has cost her her livelihood, reputation and career

    A couple who WERE directly responsible for a child, but who's role in her disappearance has been given the spin doctor treatment to the extent that people actually feel sorry for them.

    It's just plain wrong.

  130. On this video above, Gerry touchs his nose, feeling uncomfortable?

  131. according too them,Madeleine has been "abducted" probably by a nasty paedo and **there is also “absolutely no indication that she suffered any hurt or harm, therefore we must believe that she is alive out there and we cannot stop looking for her”***

    ah....ok then...continue to search for her while we continue to search for the truth and to make jsutice for HER.
    Go and wash your dirty washing OUT of Spain AND PORTUGAL.
    See ya in PdL!
    ....and remember: NO DOGS NO CHILDREN

  132. seems to me that madeleine beth mccann has given her so-called parents more in death than in life.
    i wonder if the tapas 7 are pleased that they have a pact and that mr mccann is the one doing all the speaking so keeping them out of the limelight,time will tell

  133. does he think he is doing the portugues a favour by announcing they might visit later in the year,and a private visit no less.
    well i hope he hasnt told any one seeing as he wants it to be private,
    what a plonker

  134. May be they are visiting Madelein's grave or at least the place where she is buried.

  135. Apologies if this is off-topic but somewhere in this thread was mentioned the search for the Victoria Beckham look-alike.

    I don't understand the emphasis on this search. If she was really asking for MBM then the person who 'abducted' her would be someone who looked like the guy she asked? That guy was the anonymous stagnight business man. Surely a 'photofit' of him would help the search for the perpetrator?

    Again, does this show the lack of thinking by the PIs or have I got the wrong end of the stick too?

    Mr B

  136. Portuguesa

    Or may they will take advantage to be in PdL and go to Huelva? The border is only 50kms aways into Spain.
    I just hope people in PdL ARE waiting for them.....a nice "GO HOME" protest.
    Please,vecinos de PdL, no dejarles otra vez salirse con la suya.
    NO tienen ningun derecho a seguir molestando vuestro pais y pequeño pueblo de PdL
    Basta YA!!!!

  137. Who believes the McCanns will visit Maddie's grave, after having announced their visit to Algarve?
    Not at all, I believe.
    They would not take this risk unless her ghost is asking for it.

  138. Did you all notice that Amaral's documentary is not yet banned from internet?

  139. To Anonymous who remarked that no one sent a comment to the Mail Online. Yes they did because I was one of them.
    As for asking for details? All they want is an Email address, make it a throw away one if you wish. You only have to register once.
    Practically every day I have at least one published and have never had my privacy invaded.
    To why none were published yesterday? Maybe the comments were too critical.

  140. Apologies if this is off-topic but somewhere in this thread was mentioned the search for the Victoria Beckham look-alike.

    I don't understand the emphasis on this search. If she was really asking for MBM then the person who 'abducted' her would be someone who looked like the guy she asked? That guy was the anonymous stagnight business man. Surely a 'photofit' of him would help the search for the perpetrator?

    Again, does this show the lack of thinking by the PIs or have I got the wrong end of the stick too?

    Mr B

    08/10/09 12:39

    Well spotted Mr B!

  141. That guy was the anonymous stagnight business man. Surely a 'photofit' of him would help the search for the perpetrator?

    Dave Edgar said, "The indiscriminate issuing of photofits is unhelpful and can be hurtful for innocent lookalikes. I am unable to comment any further due to operational reasons."


  142. The McCann’s are smart, they make some iniquitous statement like the one to visit Praia da Luz and wait to gauge public opinion and from all the comments placed here prepare their own defences.
    This is more McCann smoke and mirrors, they know that despite their being responsible for the disappearance and probable death of their daughter.
    They will never be charged or brought to court or found guilty, because Portugal does not have the will to bring justice to a little girl.
    Letter from Iberia

  143. I'm registered on the daily mail sight and I've put five comments on this article. I'll be very surprised if they are shown?


  144. Madeleines body is completely destroyed, in my view. Acid beds in Huelva? I wonder if anyone has investigated that possibility?

    Geald is very confident as was Clarence Mitchell...'show me the body', someone said?

  145. ***Anonymous said...

    Madeleines body is completely destroyed, in my view. Acid beds in Huelva? I wonder if anyone has investigated that possibility?***

    It has not been forgotten by any means but on the other hand it would have been simply poitless to chaeck for various reasons,the first one being that anything nad especially a body with such tender bones would be destroyed almost immediately.

    About clarrie and 2 of his "pearls"

    ""There is a wholly innocent explanation for any material the police may or may not have found".

    If he says so....in all innocence...

    **Kate and Gerry are realistic enough to know that Madeleine may be dead and it would be a tragedy that she is found as such, because it rules out the hope that she is alive... But any widening of the search area is encouraging and we would welcome that. If she is dead then she is dead, but not by their hand**

    WHY didnt they to sue him for saying "if she is dead,she is dead"???

  146. Hi Anonymous -08/10/09 17:56

    You took this word out of my mouth, I agree 100% with you and I guess this is a fact not just a theory:

    "Madeleines body is completely destroyed, in my view. Acid beds in Huelva? I wonder if anyone has investigated that possibility?

    Gerald is very confident as was Clarence Mitchell...'show me the body', someone said?"

    I tell you all we can say, write or fight for Justice for Madeleine but I do not believe Gerry,kate & Co will ever go to court and tell us the truth.
    Gerry has the ambition to candidate for the Parlament,Labor Party etc .....
    (see the book of Bennet)



  147. There is no evidence Gerry? For you both or to all of us (the rest of the world):

    Letter dated 11 September regarding FSS report received by PJ
    on on 4 September from Leicester Police, citing 15/19 matches of Madeleine DNA

    This serves to add [to the case file] a laboratory examination report prepared
    in England, written in English and translated into Portuguese, delivered to this
    police force on 4 September 2007 by English police officer Stuart Prior.

    This laboratory report tells about the examinations made of two trace evidence
    recoveries, one behind the living room sofa in apartment 5A and the other in the
    boot area of the vehicle used by the McCann family, hired [by them] from the end of May this year.

    In some of these recoveries (samples) DNA was found whose components are also
    found in the profile of Madeleine McCann.

    With respect to the trace evidence recovered behind the sofa all the confirmed
    DNA components coincide with corresponding components in the DNA profile of
    Madeleine McCann.

    In the sample collected in the boot area of the vehicle, 15 of the identified
    DNA components coincide with the corresponding components in the DNA profile of
    Madeleine McCann, this of [having] 19 components.

    Portimao, 11 September 2007

  148. Looking at the body language in the video, he uses new ploys to be more convincing, such as nodding the head, but the frequent closed eyes suggest the things he doesn't believe. He is defiant.

  149. Jo, the McCanns would not take the risk to drive around with a corpse, three months after the death, driving 150 km to the limit of Sapain, driving many kilometres further to Huelva.Also taking the risk to get an accident on the way.
    They are crazy but not that crazy.
    They could have temporarely replaced it, when the dogs arrived, and brought it back to Luz, after the dogs left.Because I believe the body is in Luz or Praia da Luz, somewhere.
    Imo, it was not buried(yet) when the parents hired the car, otherwise the police would have found earth in it, earth with cadaver scent.
    And imo. also no chemicals on the body.Forensic laboratory would have seen it.
    She was kept in a very clean place, that is for sure.
    freezer or a marmer grave monument.
    By the way, the blood in the car was not pure Madaleine's(15).
    There was some mixture as well.
    Did the mixture come all from the same family or from unkown people too?
    Was she kept in a tombe together with another body?

  150. This trip to Algarve has nothing to do with Madeleine.
    They are always lying.
    And since they announced they are running out of money, they are spending much more money than they did before.

  151. It could be that at least one of the 7 witnesses comes from Algarve.

  152. I urge everyone to read a brilliant article entitled "Chinese Whispers" by Dr. Martin Roberts dated 08 October 2009 at www.mccannfiles.com

  153. The perpetrator always returns to the scene of the crime ?

  154. off topic i know but if the mccanns has been charged with child neglect would the case files still have been made public

  155. "I mean it's the last thing I want obviously, is to cause any further extra harm to Madeleine so....."


    The above words are Kate McCann's from the Oprah Winfrey interview.

    I thought there was no evidence/indication that Madeleine had been harmed?

    It would not seem so!


  156. "I mean it's the last thing I want obviously, is to cause any further extra harm to Madeleine so....."

    Actually it reads like an admission of guilt. Of course one can say there is no evidence for it if one has concealed or destroyed that evidence.


  157. "McCanns Pray For Parents Of Missing Girl". Haven't they ever been to New Zealand yet?..

  158. It is very obvious that the McCanns (or their PR) read EVERYTHING that's being said about them in the internet, and act accordingly.. Not long ago when they were in Portugal they were very criticised for not going to PDL where, according to their PIs, Madeleine is being held in a cellar. So now.. surprise, surprise.. they announce that they are going to PDL. If they had that intention, they could have done it in the same trip, couldn't they? Or even announce it then in their press conference?
    But then I suppose it takes time to read all the comments in the internet..

  159. Someone should tell the McCanns' Portugual PR firm that for many people, the only way the image of the McCanns could possibly improve at this point is for them to come clean and tell the full truth about what happened to Madeleine McCann. Yes, it's true that then they might have to go to jail for what happened to her and their actions afterward, but their honesty and a sincere apology from them, would be most appreciated.

  160. It must be the weekend - the Saturday Sun has a "story" and picture of a little girl who was seen in Sweden two months ago accompanied by a man and woman (who didn't want to be photographed but allowed the little girl to be photographed). The McCanns want an investigation of this sighting which took place two months ago.

  161. Do the McCann Team want to re-open the case?

    All the press conferences,fund raising, baloons, etc. etc etc etc, seem to promote taking care of reputations more than giving a little girl an apology that she deserves, How I see it, the parents by their own statements did everything to take care of her, it was ok leaving her and her siblings alone most nights, not bothered about about their crying and asking where were you ?
    What kind of parents are these?

    No parent is perfect .. but this beggers belief!!!




  163. The McCanns know that they are not trusted, nor liked nor welcome in Portugal so why do they keep coming back ?
    The Portuguese public don't want them there. They ran like rats the minute they were made prime suspects and now that the case has been close they keep returning ! - The more these guys do more they incriminate themselves in people's eyes.
    Logic dictates that they should be more willing to stay in Portugal in 2007 when the Police were actively investigating rather than take off and ran away. All this 'campaign' is nothing but theatre.
    They think people are stupid and don't see that all that they are doing is an attempt at clearing their names and somehow trying to neutralise public opinion against them in the hope that people will eventually think differently of them ?!
    If they didn't want to remain in Portugal when they were made prime suspects and when the investigation was on-going, then they should stay away now tha the case has been closed.



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