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Mail-Order Maddie 'Was Snatched by Crime Lord'

By Scott Hesketh

MADDIE McCann was a “mail-order kid” snatched by a scarfaced North African crime lord, according to explosive new claims revealed today.

Police are now hunting an Algerian mafia boss who allegedly bragged to British associates in Portugal just weeks after the child’s disappearance.

He told them he had snatched Madeleine in a £100,000 “steal-to- order” kidnap plot.

And the Daily Star Sunday can reveal that police are set to quiz two jailed British gangsters believed to have heard his shock claims.

After a tip-off from underworld sources, detectives want to quiz Liverpool drug baron Paul Bennett, 45 – behind bars for perverting justice after going on the run for eight years in the Algarve.

They are also keen to talk to James Neil, 40, a business partner of Bennett and an associate of caged Notts drug baron Colin Gunn.

Both men and our source – who is also a top-level gangster – were running a lucrative entertainment protection racket in Portugal.

A shadowy Algerian, who went by the names Younis and Tariq and was staying in Albufeira, allegedly tried to muscle in with his Moroccan-based mob.

Our source, who was based just 15 minutes from the Praia da Luz resort from where two-year-old Maddie was abducted in May 2007, said: “This fella heard what Bennett was doing and wanted a slice.

“He was a nasty piece of work – a heavy-hitter drug dealer who also talked about mail-order kids.

“The kids were nicked to order – snatched and delivered to wealthy people for big cash payouts.

“Bennett and Jamie thought they could negotiate with this guy but he was just looking at them thinking that they were a couple of big, roast chickens and he was going to gobble the lot up.

“In one meeting, before Maddie vanished, the Algerian said he’d taken kids from other parts of Europe and sold them on to rich families in Morocco.

“After Maddie was gone, we had another business meeting and he just came right out with it and said he and his team had done Maddie.

“The Algerian said Maddie had been taken away by ferry and joked about mail-order kids again.

“I don’t think he was bothered whether she was sold to paedophiles or just a family.

“He was only interested in the money. It was around 100 grand.”

The Algerian – black, with cropped hair and facial scars – is “known to police in Portugal”.

Last night a police spokesman in Leicestershire where the McCanns live, said: “We have no comment to make.”

in Daily Star, 25.10.09

Read as well:

Gangster Paul Bennett freed after eight years on the run across Europe

A NOTORIOUS Liverpool gangster was freed from a Portuguese prison after fighting extradition back to the UK. Fugitive Paul Bennett was arrested in June on the Algarve after eight years on the run. But today the 42-year-old from Anfield was a free man after time ran out and Portuguese officials had to let him go.

Bennett was wanted by detectives who suspected him of being involved in a con which led to him and associate John Haase being given a royal pardon in 1996.

He fled the UK in 1999 after police uncovered a cannabis farm in Manchester.

After his arrest at Faro airport he fought the Metropolitan police’s attempts to bring him home. His extradition case and subsequent appeal was heard by both the Supreme and Constitutional courts in Portugal.

But before a decision was reached on the second appeal the time limit for keeping Bennett in custody expired and under Portuguese law he was set free. The ruling is seen as a massive blow for the Met who have already charged 58-year-old Haase, originally from Everton, with perverting the course of justice.

Bennett was released from prison in Beja but few in Liverpool’s underworld expect him to come back to Merseyside. A Foreign Office spokesman said: “Paul Bennett was released from detention when his custody time limit expired.

“He had appealed against his extradition and under Portuguese law the authorities had no alternative but to let him go free when that time limit was up.”

Bennett and Haase were originally arrested in 1993 by customs officers investigating a massive heroin trafficking plot. The following January they were registered as official informers by HM Customs. It led to two “massive” weapons seizures, including 150 firearms and explosives, being made on Merseyside.

After pleading guilty in June 1995 to heroin distribution they were sentenced to 18 years in jail.

But 11 months later they were granted a royal pardon by then home secretary Michael Howard on the advice of officials convinced their “cooperation” over the weapons find was genuine.

Haase is one of seven people awaiting trial over allegations he and his criminal contacts planted the weapons.

in Liverpool Echo, 29.11.07

Note: "Daily Star Sunday can reveal that police are set to quiz two jailed British gangsters believed to have heard his shock claims" and in the second article we learn that "The following January they were registered as official informers by HM Customs.". Make your own conclusion.


  1. Paul Bennett, good idea!!!!!!!
    It makes the McCanns think of Tony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Again a reason to sue Tony, that is for sure!

  2. And how does the description of this "shadowy algerian" match with Miss Tanner's (the McCann's star witness) "Bundleman"??? Or with the man the Smith family saw? Not even "Pimpleman" fits the bill, he was white, this one's black. Are we going to have yet another addition to the suspects sketch gallery?...a black version of "Pimpleman" perhaps?

  3. Totally of-subject, sorry, but I'm at a loss here, I do not know what to make of Gallery seventy seven in the McCann Gallery. I look at the photos over and over again and the "lightbulb" moment does not come to me! It's all very enigmatic but i'm sure there is a purpose, a meaning, Mr. Himself is telling us something, but what? Calling all Miss Marples and Poirots out there, please help me understand!

  4. LOL, "Scar faced North African", Cara Cicatriz lives again, "Take a look at my little friend." North African, maybe the satellite pictures exist after all. "Mafia Boss", I can envision him in his mansion smoking a water pipe, surrounded by thugs with machine guns. "entertainment protection racket in Portugal", what in heck does that mean, maybe the paparazzi in Portugal are vicious. "Shadowy Algerian"; "The Algerian – black, with cropped hair and facial scars", Am I reading a news report or a crime underworld fiction novel?

  5. They seem to have decided that being overtly racist is a good idea after all, and so we have the return of the swarthy foreigner, with bells on this time. A 'scarfaced Algerian gangster' no less- who admits to stealing and selling (pretty, white) children, probably to paedophiles, or at least to other swarthy foreigners. Could it be any more cliched? Whats more, he conveniently confesses this to British 'associates' in a 'business meeting'?!. Oh how respectable the British sound by contrast! (Oh yes, they are all 'gangsters' too...but they are British, you know, not swarthy, so of course they can be trusted...!!!)

    The McCanns & co have always seemed so desperate to keep the British public on side- at least, the great unwashed section of it. I can't help wondering if this latest 'turn' is anything to do with the publicity lavished on the delightful Mr. Griffin last week, and the perceived support for his racist views within certain portions of the population? I don't think it's any coincidence this rubbish has been fed to, and published by, the 'Daily Star', and this week in particular. But maybe this case has made me just too cynical...

  6. It's pretty obvious that this latest abductor claim is a publicity scam once again. It seems anyone can make money out of just mentioning a connection with poor Madeleine. He and his hangers on are just jumping on the bandwagon and will be selling their story to the media before you can say Cock Robin! They are criminals already so they won't worry about a few more charges against them.

  7. The McCann’s are going to believe a scar faced North African crime lord and not an ex Portuguese policeman.
    What perfect parents they make
    Please contribute more money to their "Find Maddie" fund as the McCann’s mortgage payments are due.
    More smoke and mirrors
    The doctors McCann know that she is dead and the doctors McCann are guilty of the most heinous of all crimes.
    There is no Justice for defenceless children in Portugal or maybe there is just no justice in Portugal

    Letter from Iberia

  8. as anyone thought about the sum quoted? 100,000?
    is that not the sum found to have entered an offshore account that was linked to a portuguese policeman.

    the mccanns are covering there tracks at every angle it would appear


  9. Hello from Kuala Lumpur!

    as I told you ...the new supect will be a black man.
    we will go thru all different races. I am just waiting for an Asian a member from the Triade, maybe he is from Beijing and lives in Portugal ?etc!Name? criminal history? age, ? Its up to you Gerry !


  10. Another load of crap by Daily Star! Is this paid by the fund? Is this a consequence of another "fluid investigation" by the famous detective Edgar & Co? Please tell me what police is investigating because, as far as it is known, the British police doesn't have any case. Or did Gerald and Kate finally asked the British police to get involved? Nope.... I don't think so.

  11. http://boards.msn.com/UKNewsboards/thread.aspx?threadid=1261835&boardsparam=Page%3d1

    If anyone wishes to go to war MSN have a madeleine thread with regards the banning of Amarals book...

  12. Interesting that the Star is same group as Express though.

  13. And the circus go on. Sweden dropped again. Moroccos up again and Liverpool of course. The caucasian egg man from Jane Tanner, over the time became a black algerian. Well done... to much fire on the story burned it. AND.... THE MOST INTERESSANT- LEICESTER POLIce has no coments on that. That mean's they are not the police force involved in the investigation. I lost something because G. Brown replied the e-petition saying that thepolice stil looking for the litle girl. Which police and how?

  14. The truth about the McCann case is out. A crime was committed and the parents were made suspects. They weren't charged because of insufficient evidence at the time. Since then they have published more and more embarassingly irrational stories to keep the 'abduction' theory alive. This time we are expected to believe she was taken by ferry, (in her Pyjamas of course), earlier it was by motor yaught, but she was supposed to be 10 miles from Luz, or was it in Sweden, now she's in Morocco again all the time. Ha ha, what nonsense. Nobody believes them anymore.

  15. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/nottinghamshire/6908816.stm

    Here is Colin Gunn....There is also an actor called Colin Gunn...

    Lets see what other parts these characters turn up...

  16. http://www.rbooks.co.uk/product.aspx?id=1845962400

    Paul Bennett...an invaluable informant....I think we can cross him from the list...

  17. Anon
    "Nobody believe them anymore"

    Nobody ever believed them.

  18. http://www.nottsnarpo.com/download/ForceTimesOct08.pdf

    Cannot find James Neil....only Chief Superintendent Neil James who just happens to have been involved in the Colin Gunn incident.

  19. New ! The Daily Star accepts comments on his webpage.

  20. So the little Swedish girl really was a little Swedish girl then? And Dave and Artie can stop digging around in the underground lairs of Praia da Luz? And the Posh Spice lookalike lady with the Australian accent really was just using rhyming slang for a quarter when she said she was looking for her daughter?

    Whew. It was the Algerian underworld all along. Who'd have thought it, eh? Well, apart from the fevered imaginations of TM, that is. Another exciting instalment for Mr Builda to get on to as the circus moves on once again.



  21. If it is the same James Neill but with a double LL I can tell them where to find him . he is banged up with Colins brother David....

    But the story itself is sensational enough already. Only the other day I heard that David Gunn is at Lowdham Grange prison with Robert Briggs-Price, Jamie Neill and Donny Quinn (three other well-known Nottingham criminals). Why on earth would you put all those people in prison together? It’s ridiculous. The authorities make it so easy for them to carry on doing what they’ve always done and so hard for them to rehabilitate.

  22. http://www.leftlion.co.uk/articles.cfm?id=2427


  23. http://iwc2.labouronline.org/167192/anger-as-gangster-colin-gunn-gets-his-own-website

    Colin Gunn has his own Website....I hardly think this is going anywhere...as someone commented the Express and Star are sister papers..playing a game of cat and mouse with the mccanns....Tanners abductor has now gone from egg head to scar face.

  24. These men are brutal, who ever is behind this is playing a very dangerous game.

  25. Brilliant: Paul Bennett (the unknown Twin brother of Tony?)

    And what's about the Tanner sighting - pal white man?

  26. A Good idea for next round Everton X Benfica- Everton suporters must wear a T-shirt with the faces of all the suspects which already show-up on Mccann's abductor's galery. with that sentence:

    "WHO??? Kate answer it!"

    Wonder to see which one of that amazing characters is the one who fits Kate description because she revealed at the world TV channels that she was sure, Madeleine is on the care of somebody which loves her very much. This is why we have been delighted with an updated gorgeous and health Madeleine with 6 years old, watching a cars show in a developed country as Sweden.

    come on "STAR" NEWSPAPER... you are not shinning as your name pretend to: Now you want the world back into Moroccos, Algerian, the underworld of the organized crime, the drugs universe. Definitly you still not doing your homework before printing such news. And amazing to see that before Maddie case I have no idea about HOW BRITISH JOURNALISTS WORK- IN FACT MOST OF THEM LIVE IN A ISLAND AND HAVE THAT MENTALITY OF KNOWING EVERYTHING JUST BECAUSE THEY THINK THAT EVERYBODY LIVE IN AN ISLAND AND MAKE NO QUESTIONS. Which Ferry carry Madeleine on that night? Which boat are you talking about? At the time, in Portugal there is only one Ferry from Vila Real to Ayamonte and the crue of this one had Madeleine's picture sended by Pj since the first minute she was reported missed. Even if she was taked trough the Ferry before the police being advised, the crue will remember her face and will report it. Spannish Ferrys have being advised by Pj at same time. If you are talking about other boats, definitly you don't know nothing about Portugal and Spain. Portugal and Spain have one of the best equiped marine police, with speed boats and aeroplanes equiped with night vision and they are very active on the search of drugs and illegals, everynight and day. Is a kind of 24 hours working this why they are one of the most successful polices in Europe and the drug gangs know that they have to change their routes to avoid that police forces. DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND BRING US ANNOTHER STORY more truthful. MAYBE YOU DON'T NEED TO GO OUT OF YOUR ISLAND TO COME OUT WITH A BIG CHANGE, SOMETHING WHICH REALY HELP MADELEINE. GO TO ROthley.... do a litle investigation on Mccann's world, on his friends world instead of spreading a racist suspicion, where the bad guy should be always a foreign tan man, uggly and connected with underworld. Show us who are the Mccann's before Madeleine went missing, and who they are now? Show us how much the Fund change their lifes, and I'm saying the FUND, not Madeleine tragedy? On my grandfather village in portugal, people use to say: " show me from where you come and I will tell you who you are and where you go". Apply this sentence to the Mccann's...
    since they want us to look and search her litle daughter, we have the right to know who they are, who we are helping. The police are prevented to do that job, but journalists not. Journalists don't need a court permission to investigate anything... they can go as far as they imagination, they inteligence, they clever unlimited power...... take them, made them powerful.

    We have a joke now in Portugal. Socrates won the last elections, but who is ruling effectively the Country, is Carter Ruck trough the Mccann's representatives. Don't tell me that in UK is the same. That guys don't need to show us their government programe, don't need to submit their programe trough an election and they are ruling already 2 countrys in Europe. I would like to advise spannish, French, Italian and Deutch people- Pay attention.... IF YOU DON'T SAY A CLEAR NON TO THAT ASSAULT, this team want to rule your country aswell. You will be next. NEXT TO BE GAGGED, NEXT TO HAVE FORBBIDEN BOOKS, NEXT TO BE FRAMED IF DON'T FOLLOW THE THEORY OF THAT TEAM... NO MATTER IF THEY ARE A MINNORITY.

  27. "We will see exactly who has been 'hoodwinked' because it's time for the authorities and the gutter press to put up or shut up.

    "Watch this space everyone, I will never give in and will fight anything in front of me 100%."


    Words from Colin Gunns blog.

  28. Annother wonderful article at Mccannfiles: "The Pyjama Game".

    Everybody with a brain make questions, match the contradictions.

  29. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1222802/Senator-Jersey-accused-leaking-police-report-wants-asylum-fleeing-trial.html

    Leave you to decide where to put this Joana...Senatoir Stuart Syvret has fled Jersey. hH is another Amaral, trying to prove through his blog that there was indeed sexual abuse towards children in Jersey and that Grimes dogs were not wrong...He is in hiding in a friends flat at the moment in London. He has also been ruined financially. Will send you a link to his blog.

  30. Congratulations to the fiction-factory, even better than anything Dan Brown can come up with. I can't wait for what they are going to produce for our Christmas.
    Where are the two detectives -in fact has anyone seen Crowley for the past couple of months? Sweden/Luz lairs/Australia and now back to Morocco with the help of swarthy Algerians and with a Liverpool connection. Remember the trip to Germany? It's doing great work for any geography teachers. Lapa

  31. http://stuartsyvret.blogspot.com/2009_10_01_archive.html

    Stuart says the Mail have just about got the story right. That will be a first..This is important not only for the child abuse in Jersey but the credibility of Grimes Dogs.

  32. Process 201/07.0GALGS, volume XVII, page 2601

    I can't find this reference - is there any kind person who could give me a link to it?

  33. Anonymous @ 16:20, the reason why you presumably cannot find that reference is because something is wrong with it. Page 2601 is in volume X - it's one of the pages of the intercalary report written by Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida. What is it exactly that you are looking for?

  34. Cheers Astro - i got the reference from the Pyjama Game article on the Mccann files and I just wanted to print off that conclusion before it got whoosh clucked (or is it whoosh rucked now?)

  35. Got it now Astro from the forum - thank you for help!

  36. All grist for the Fake Sightings McMill which has been in operation since the Mc3rd May 2007. The only sighting the McCanns are NOT interested in, is that of the Smith family: their guy was 70-72" tall, pale skinned, with light brown, short hair - bearing no resemblance to Bundleman at all, and carrying the child in a logical manner.....

  37. Express Newspapers had to pay out a lot of money to the McCanns. This is the start of payback time.

    The report is ridiculous they know it and we know it – remember there is more than one way to skin a rabbit!

  38. I agree with you Iron: this is a dangerous "game" and it seems the mccanns love it and love mingling with this sort of "news".
    They are revolting people to allow Madeleine"s name to be associated with such gansgsters.
    Their ignominious silence every single time such spin comes in the open, disgusts me from the deepest of my soul.They truly love the paedo scene and the "underworld" panorama....
    THEY are dangerous

  39. Amazing how these stories always seem to break at the weekend ...

  40. MBM seemed to be a sweet enough kid, like millions of others, but no reason at all why a child, who was probably a bit hyperactive and had an obvious eye defect, should be targeted for kidnap. The younger sister would have been a better bet. She wouldn't even have had a memory of her past, and she was certainly a heavy sleeper, and was smaller, so could be taken much more easily.

    So, someone was paid £100,000 to take MBM. OK then... they obviously like money... so why not go for the £1,000,000 plus reward for information and return of the child. That would make much more sense. I mean, a mere £100,000 is just a drop in the ocean to drug barons.

    As usual nothing makes sense.

  41. The Daily Star deleted all comments...

  42. You know erm what really bugs me about all this is erm the jemmied shutters erm the locked/unlocked doors, erm the dogs, erm all the people who have Madeline, erm the checks on the children, erm no evidence of an abduction, erm why 48 questions were not anawered, erm why is this not being investigated further, erm is the Madeline Fund for Madeline or her parents legal costs, erm Any chance of re-opening the case?

  43. British authorities droped Jersey case when became convennient in Maddie case to descridibilize the dogs. Annother farse to show us how justice works. Amazing and just thinking which secret Gerry holds involving somebody in a high position in british government. Is it a personal secret or a state secret?

    French police re-open little Gregory case, 25 years after the crime because they got new ADN clues. Wonder to see if Madeleine will wait all this years to have justice after all the evidences the police have and are public available at PJ files. Some politics have no face to insult us every time they show-up in TVs to ask us sacrifices and try to educate citizens against the economical crise. Where THERE IS NO JUSTICE, THERE IS NO MORAL...

  44. I don't believe that "Providencia cautelar" started by the Mccann's agains Amaral will go anywhere. They never ever achieve to sue Amaral in the amount they pretend to. They will not go more far... Forbbiding the book and gagging him was the last step. They don't take the risk of going more far because they don't know the reaction of the public in Portugal. Portuguese citizens can go quickly from a peaceful and apathic reaction into a boiling fight against the government in the streets. No longer Lisbon had a huge protest in 25 April bridge, called "BUZINAO" which end up with a resigner of the PM. Mccann's portuguese lawyers know it. THEY WANT TO SCARE AMARAL AND SOME OTHER PUBLIC PERSONS WITH THAT LEGAL ACTION WHICH HAVE NO PRATICAL EFFECTS. In Portugal the book was not anymore at the top sales.... every family buyed one copy last summer when the book came out. That mean's IN PORTUGAL EVERYBODY KNOW'S THAT IN THE BOOK AMARAL DID NOT DEFEND THE MCCANN'S INVOLVEMENT ON THEIR DAUGHTER DEAD. SAME AS THE PJ FILES he stated what is in the files: THE POLICE BELIEVE, BASED ON ALL THE EVIDENCES, THAT THE LITTLE GIRL DIED THAT NIGHT OR BEFORE, MOST PROBABLY DUE AN ACCIDENT AND SOMEBODY CONCEALED HER BODY. Then, the fundament of Mccann's process against Amaral is again ONE FRAUD, because they acuse him of difamation and there is no difamation at all. I was waiting for Isabel Duarte saying that what is in the book was false because it is diferent from what is in the police files.... and use that to fundament and suport the court decision. What a surprise, she cannot say that because the book is a copy of the police files writen in a way that everybody can understand. THEIR CASE IS STANDED more IN TERROR THEN in LEGAL REASONS AND CRIMINAL EVIDENCES. JOANA D'ÁRC was burnned in the fire because of people like that using the same methodes. But, fortunatly we are faraway from that time and trying to bring it back is an error enormous.

    We should not forget when the court made the decision public... When in the country Saramago is underfire because of his book "Cain"and his statements against who criticises the book. The court use that time to bring out a controversial decision and avoid big movements in the press and public reactions. Everybody was connected to Saramago case and Amaral become a second figure. If Not, the case will be diferent. But people did not forget and they just need a little drop to empty the glass. Peraphs will be the public standing in front of the parliament, in front of the justice ministery, in front of the PGR or in front of portuguese embassys, asking for justice and asking for the case to be re-openned, who will make the diference and will help Amaral and Madeleine fighting for justice. We have to work on that with suport of all nationnalities, not only the portuguese, because Madeleine became a global issue. If we can remember Michael Jackson in a very noisy way, why not using the same noise to achieve justice.

  45. Os Mccann ja nao tem olhos.... foram substituidos por cifroes $$$$$$
    $$$. Milhares de cifroes que podem pagar emprestimos bancarios mas nao compram a LIBERDADE NEM A PAZ. E eu nao me refiro a liberdade que as prisoes retiram nem a paz que as guerras suprimem. Falo da liberdade individual, aquela que cada um de nos usufrui sempre que sai a rua e se passeia anonimamente, sempre que troca um sorriso com um desconhecido, sempre que afaga o cabelo de uma qualquer crianca, sempre que recebe um cumprimento, um desabafo. Falo da imensa paz que essa liberdade nos traz.

    Os Mccann, por mais cifroes que tenham, nunca mais vao poder ser cidadaos anonimos numa qualquer rua do mundo, nunca mais vao poder livremente distribuir sorrisos ou afagos porque muito provavelmente do outro lado estara a hostilidade de quem nao pactua com farsas, de quem faz da honestidade um bastiao e quando muito se sorri, e com cinismo, por ver tao estupidamente defraudado o seu desejo de liberdade. Eles podem nunca passar pelas paredes de uma prisao, tambem nao precisam... a prisao mora neles, naquilo que nunca mais poderao fazer ou viver por maiores que sejam os cifroes do Fundo. Ha prazeres que o dinheiro nao compra, e o pior e que eles nao venderam apenas a liberdade deles, tambem hipotecaram a dos filhos que serao eternamente os irmaos de Maddie, emoldurados na heranca que um crime mal resolvido significa. Havera sempre alguem teimoso, que fara a pergunta proibida, que insinuara o inusitado, abafando a paz e emparedando a liberdade. E este o futuro que os Mccann escolheram para eles e para os filhos.
    Por maiores que sejam os cifroes, Amaral andara pelas ruas do mundo, e em cada canto, em cada beco, alguem lembrara a sua odisseia e o brindara com aquele abraco, aquele sorriso, aquela palavra que faz dos homens do povo cidados grandes e verdadeiros mentores da LIBERDADE. Sera sempre um homem livre e NAO SILENCIADO!!!

  46. well if this NEW EVIDENCE then the case should be re-opened.also is it the REAL police or the PRETEND pi,s who are going to interview this person,i think this should be made clear

  47. This time we have a real picture instead of a sketch, so I presume this guy exists although I do not presume anything else.. It is also claimed that he is only interested in money, so why have the McCanns not offered a reward higher than what it was claimed he was paid to take her. Surely this guy would tell where he took her too (if he did take her)for a vast sum of money and assurance he would not be prosecuted. No need to prosecute is there, the McCanns only want their daughter back and will do whatever it takes, according to them. So put your money where your mouth is and either put this story to the test or put a stop to these constant "new information" stories that no body does anything about.

  48. EUREKA! Mccann's find the Aladine lamp to solve the case. Now, there is a name and there is a face. More important... They know... we know what move that man- MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.
    THEY HAVE THE SOLUTION FOR THE CASE, since Gerry promised not leaving any stone unturned:

    FLY TO PORTUGAL TONIGHT TO RE-OPEN THE CASE, ASK ALL THE WORLD TVs FOR A BIG COVERAGE AND OFFER TO THAT MAN A REWARD OF 1,2 MILLIONS EUROS . Quickly with all the Tvs coverage, the reward will reach abductor house and for that amount, or even for less, he will bring Madeleine back. At the end.... Madeleine's Fund Exists for that...or not?

  49. In 2008 Michael Shrimpton had a theorie that a Peadophile ring had abducted Madeleine for their sexual activities and than in september, I think, cam back with this theory and said that Madeleine died on December 15 2008, I don't remember for sure the date, but I'm sure it's in december. How did he cam to the conclusion that Madeleine died on a specific date in December 2008 ? I don't know you tell me.

    Also, Christopher Story in August 2008 published another theory that Madeleine was abducted by high powerfull man of Portugal Elite and that the McCanns were framed to cover this crime. At that time, he did not published the name of that person. In early October 2009, Story published again his theory but published the name of the man who placed the order for Madeleine. Because he did published the name, he has received death threats the same day his article was published. I don't way to say the name of the man. I don't wish to receive death threats either. If he is right, the McCanns were frame by the PJ in Portugal because the PJ in Portugal knew who was responsible of Madeleine's abduction and they had to cover the tracks the best way they could.

    Today, another theory....

    I'm sick of this. If Madeleine is still alive and kept in a safe house somewhere, I wish those people keeping her will place her in a place of security like a church or an hohtel lobby and release her and than, the McCanns will be cleared of any involvement or responsibility. If Madeleine died while she was kept in that safe house because she was abused or else, those people should send a anonymous letter to the police and tell exact where to find her body, so that the McCanns could put to grave their daughter and pray for her.

    I don't beleive one bit that the McCanns are cruel enough to kill their daughter, hide her body somewhere, wait 25 days to change the location of her body, put in place a special foundation to get money, travel all over Europe to ask for help, continue to do so, and for what ? Money ? I don't buy that... Even Ted Bundy wouldn't be so cruel....

    I want this circus to end.

    In all level of governement in all countries, we can find, he we look closely, people with high profile responsabilities who have devious needs for little girls and littles boys. They are peadophiles and they will do everything they can to stop an investigation, control what is put in the media and make sure the public won't know their names....

    Portugal is well-known for her corrupted police force. It is known to be the perfect place for peadophiles to hide....

    You make your own judgement but the facts are their.

    If the bastard who took Madeleine is reading this blog, I want him to give up and relase Madeleine, because soon are later, that creep's name will be on front page. And if, in deed, that creep his a member of an Elite peadophile Organization, image how many heads will be chopped off ....

    It still time to do the right thing !

    Make her come home for Christmas now !



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