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Marcos Aragão Correia Disrupted Gonçalo Amaral's Birthday Party

Birtday Party Invitation

Marcos Aragão Correia, the lawyer who represented Leonor Cipriano in the process in which Gonçalo Amaral was condemned – to a suspended sentence of one year and three months in prison over false deposition -, interrupted the former Polícia Judiciária coordinator’s birthday party, at around midnight yesterday, in the company of a PSP patrol, in order to identify the authors of an alleged aggression attempt that would have taken place only minutes earlier, at the restaurant’s door.

Our source at the scene told us :«After dinner, just outside of the restaurant, there was a huge cake, dessert and champagne. The Mayor of Portimão, Manuel da Luz, and a few members of his staff joined the party. At 11.30, there was fireworks, "Happy Birthday" was sung and champagne bottles were popped.

And then, shortly after the fireworks, a car approached and parked opposite to the restaurant's entrance, where the party was in full gear. Inside the car, looking ostensibly at the party, there was Marcos Aragão Correia. He made sure that his presence was noticed, then he drove away.»

Marcos Aragão Correia at that time made an obscene gesture to the guests, who were on the street to make a toast after the fireworks. The lawyer was sitting in a car, with two other occupants, parked in front of the restaurant where the party took place, in Portimão’s riverfront area. A witness – who was identified by the PSP – admitted to having threatened the lawyer after seeing him make the obscene gesture. After the threat, the lawyer, who was driving the vehicle, took off in a hurry with the tires screeching, and returned, minutes later, accompanied by a PSP patrol.

Our source at the scene said :«There was police all over the place (PSP, Public Security Police) because Marcos Aragão Correia had called in the police, stating that he had been aggressed by a few party guests. The whole scene was witnessed by dozens and dozens of people, including the Correio da Manhã reporter and the Mayor. Marcos Aragão Correia had obviously NOT been aggressed, that much was clear, and things were soon clarified with the PSP agents, who left the scene a quarter of an hour later.»

When Gonçalo Amaral and Paulo Pereira Cristóvão (co-accused acquitted in the case of Leonor Cipriano) approached the PSP agents in the middle of the street, Aragão Correia fled running. The CM attempted to contact him yesterday, but he had the mobile phone disconnected.



'The English Gag' is the title of the new book - under review - from Gonçalo Amaral. "It's an essay on censorship and freedom of expression", written in ten days after the ban of 'Maddie - The Truth of the Lie'.


Last Friday, the day he turned 50, the former police pierced his left ear. "It was a request from my wife," he justified.


Paulo Pereira Cristóvão and the lawyer João Grade had dinner. The mayor of Portimão and his deputy attended the toast on the street.

in Correio da Manhã/with extras from our source at the party



    A pergunta que se impoe e: O QUE E QUE ELE FAZIA NAQUELE LOCAL AQUELA HORA? a resposta e simples e obvia: PROVOCACAO PREMEDITADA.
    Foi de proposito ao local, porque a zona nao e de passagem, e um local muito frequentado no verao mas so la vai quem vai jantar ou beber um copo num dos muitos bares que preenchem a zona. Provavelmente descobriu onde Amaral ia organizar o jantar e caiu na tentacao irresistivel de o perseguir e provocar. E E ESTE ADVOGADOZECO DE COMPORTAMENTOS ARRUACEIROS E SEM PRINCIPIOS QUE A ORDEM DOS ADVOGADOS PROTEGE E PROMOVE ATRAVES DO APOIO DE MARINHO PINTO. AO QUE DESCESTE PORTUGAL.... NUM DIA EM QUE SE COMEMORA A REPUBLICA, SERIA BOM que quem esta a frente dos destinos do pais se interrogasse sobre que Republica e esta- se a REPUBLICA DOS DIREITOS E DA LIBERDADE RESPONSAVEL ou se a REPUBLICA DAS BANANAS E DA LIBERTINAGEM SEM LEI.


    Nao deixa de ser interessante, ver Joao Grade ( ex advogado de Leonor) entre os amigos de Amaral.
    Nem o advogado que a defendeu esta contra o policia que a investigou, portanto e porque sabe que a pena que ela esta a cumprir e merecida e ele ja fez um bom trabalho, como advogado, pois livrou-a da pena maxima(25 anos) que era a correcta.

  2. Correia really has problems and if i was the mccanns i would NOT UPSET HIM if they do it could be the undoing of them. on second thought i hope the mccanns do upset him

  3. If this is NOT a provocation I wonder what it is.....the guy is good to be locked up in a psychiatric clinic as soon as pos.
    On the other hand it goes against him as this incident points out to a severely disturbed personality.

  4. Good morning Jo, yes agrre the man is BONKERS.

  5. It should be noted that the lawyer who defended Leonor Cipriano during the trial of her daughter's murder, João Grade, was one of the main guests at the party - proof that civilised people like Gonçalo Amaral and João Grade, former opponents in court, can get along just fine.
    It is only Marcos Aragão Correia who is unable to realise this!
    A dangerous lunatic who may, some day, resort to violent action.

  6. Anonymous IRONSIDE said...

    Good morning Jo, yes agrre the man is BONKERS.

    05/10/09 09:08

    Morning Iron
    Yep! the man is acting like a cheeky little boy but the only problem is that not only he is not a "little boy" but mainly is nuts beyond repair...
    In a sense, I think this sad happening is "good" because it really speaks volume.Which credibility has he got left right now? none....if he ever had,that is...

  7. What follows now Your Excellency Marinho Pinto and the Lawyers Bar? Will Aragão Correia suffer any sanction? Do you think this is acceptable behavior from one of yours? This lunatic should have been disbarred long ago, just how far will he be allowed to go, with the L. Bar's blessing and protection?
    Despicable! And stupid too, to provoque people and set a trap on Mr. Amaral in front of so many witnesses who can justly testify to what really took place, for me it reeks of desperation and madness.

  8. NOT somebody you'd want on your side, is he? But somehow rather suitable for those he supports, including Leonor Cipriano and the McCanns, IMO. Like calls to like, as they say.

  9. I love the logo on the birthday invitation, it fits Dr. Amaral like a glove, he is a fierce "eagle", fighting the cause of justice, evenly balanced justice, unlike the one we are getting, with the scales ostensivelly tipped to one side, the side of wealth and power. Just look at the case of Tony Bennett/ Madeleine Foundation versus McCann and Carter- Ruck!

    About Correia, I wonder why the McCanns have not taken any legal action against him...afterall he claimed he had visions of Madeleine, DEAD, and that is capital sin in the McCanns book, no one is allowed to hint at her death, it hinders the quest for their daughter and stops people from looking for her and coming forward with information.
    What are they waiting for? Oh, I see, maybe it has not yet been over a year that he made those claims! It seems that they only take action after that period of time...like they did with Amaral's book and The Madeleine Foundation...

  10. The Mccanns could not have had a worst propaganda.

  11. This is an excellent propaganda for Amaral.
    We all can see how disturbed Aragão Correia is.

  12. 'When Gonçalo Amaral and Paulo Pereira Cristóvão (co-accused acquitted in the case of Leonor Cipriano) approached the PSP agents in the middle of the street, Aragão Correia fled running. The CM attempted to contact him yesterday, but he had the mobile phone disconnected.'

    The big girl's blouse.

    How long before this guy is sectioned?

  13. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-507782/Police-ignored-tip-Madeleine-raped-murdered--dumped-reservoir.html

    Yes Anon, I remember that story,. the Mail are still carrying it..Madeleine was raped and dumped in the lake.

    So, this crazy man can say she is dead but not Goncalo?

  14. Este homem é muito perturbado e mau. O seu comportamento não é aceitável e devia ser internado compulsivamente. Sim, esta medida existe e já foi aplicada a outros "alienados". E este anda mesmo a pedi-las. Se nós tivessemos um Ministerio público brilhante, digno, superior, jamais seria permitido a este "marginal" defender um cliente. Mas para o Ministério Público vão os piorzinhos, aqueles que não vingaram na praça. É uma triste realidade, mas é assim (tirando um ou outro elemento, aquilo é mauzinho). Temos este cidadão de segunda, limitado, que se apresenta numa festa privada, sem ser convidado, a fazer obscenidades. Vai buscar uma patrulha, e repare-se: os polícias alinham naquilo. Neste nosso país, o que é mau é mesmo de muito baixa qualidade!

  15. Anonymous said

    'About Correia, I wonder why the McCanns have not taken any legal action against him...after all he claimed he had visions of Madeleine, DEAD, and that is capital sin in the McCanns book'

    Ah, but he hasn't put his claims in a book yet and earned money from it, so would he be worth suing? After all, the McCanns could have taken action against Mr Amaral a year ago, but waited until he'd earned money, money which they now claim in compensation.

    Money, money, money ... it all seems to end up in money ... the Fund, the online store, the rich backers, compensation from the Daily Express, suing Mr Amaral for over one million euros ... money, money money ...

    How much has been spent in the actual search for Madeleine? What percentage of these millions has been used to pay for a top-class, professional firm of experienced searchers with a detailed track record of locating missing children? Anyone know?

  16. On Madeleine Foundation there is a video with Gerry's latest blooper, in Lisbon, short ago.

  17. anonymous at 05/10/09 12:04

    If you had followed the link to youtube you would have found out that that video was uploaded to my account at http://www.youtube.com/user/xklamation


  18. He is a dangerous loonie. He should be locked up, in a badded cell.

  19. Kate and Gerry never spent a Penny for the Maddie Fund.
    They bought the smallest candle they could get for the Blessed Virgin of Fatima.
    M3 and Correia do the dirty job launder money, threaten witnesses, stalk Mr Amaral. Mitchell tells fairy tales.

    B., Germany

  20. He seems to fit perfectly in team McCann.

  21. Iron

    Read the past posts and I think I am going to drop a line to the mccanns to remind them to sue "Arragao-Arrastrao" because HE also said Madeleine was dead and HE even paid for the search of her BODY in that dam dam....gosh! in case thye have forgotten that extremely sad "hush-hush" organised by the Great Engightened One" with all that running of theirs behid people to sue, it is easy to forget,init?

    Anyhow,out of the unpleasantness of thislast outburst designed to JODER Dr.Amaral,the mccanns will be happy: they might not be in the front page but they certainely are going to have an awful lot of very bad publicity.....what a bunch of loonies!!!!

  22. lj said...

    He seems to fit perfectly in team McCann.

    05/10/09 13:06

  23. B. from Germany:

    You're so right! It is amazing how the McCanns and their extended family have never reached into their pockets to contribute to the fund. It would be expected that they mortgaged their houses, cars, whatever, but no, the thought never crossed their minds. It's so much comfortable and safe to ask for donations, donations, donations, and what for? PR, detectives, lawyers, etc., but any actual search for Madeleine only got crumbs.

    In the case of Rui Pedro Teixeira, and maybe in many others, the family spent lots searching for him. I once heard that his late grandfather, who had some means, spent fortunes following tips and leads, unfortunately those came from unscrupulous chatacters who took advantage of the family's desperation. But the point is, they spent their own money, only recently an account to help in his search was created, I believe.

  24. The lawyer was sitting in a car, with two other occupants,


    It was'nt Kate and Gerry was it ?lol lol

  25. Oh, so HE was the one who paid for the reservoir search.
    Let him rip - he's clearly a loose cannon who willirrritate the hell out of the McCs, so good luck to him. GA comes out ell, and dignified as ever, McC stooge looks deranged.

  26. The image of Marcos Aragão Correia running away when Gonçalo Amaral and Paulo Pereira Cristóvão approached the PSP agents to speak with them has left me laughing. He is a small child, isn't he?

  27. "The lawyer was sitting in a car, with two other occupants, "

    My money is dumb and dumber

  28. Maddie dead ? This would mean an end to the fraudulent "Fund"
    So she must be kept alive at all costs. We would otherwise lose the few gullible idiots that may still be donating.

  29. I bet the two other occupants in the car were there to act as witnesses and probably with a camera ready to catch Mr. Amaral assaulting A. Correia. I bet that Aragão's black and blue face would be in splashed all over the papers tomorrow.
    Pathetic man!

  30. If only they had captured this nut legging it away. What a laugh.

    He didn't even have the guts to stand his ground when approached.

    Perhaps he was upset that he hadn't got an invite to the party.


  31. Este Aragao comeca a dar sinais de descontrole e desespero. Querera isto dizer que os Mccann, convencidos de terem a causa ganha por terem ganho a proibicao de um livro e o encerramento do site "madeleine foundation"comecaram a retirar o tapete a Aragao e a deixarem de o apoiar monetariamente? E ele para justificar os seu honorarios tem necessidade de mostrar aos patroes, trabalhinho feito, nem que seja o mais sujo de todos?

    Ainda ha-de ser neste espertalhao que a esperteza dos Mccann ha-de tropecar. Haja coragem em Portugal para o Ministerio publico "apertar" com este trapaceiro e toda farsa sera desmascarada.

  32. Como é que é possível que o Dr. Marinho e Pinto, Bastonário da Ordem os Advogados, tão exigente nos procedimentos relacionados com os questionários aos arguidos dentro da Policia Judiciaria, direitos humanos, o que eu considero muito bem, não nos prova que os mesmos critérios se aplicam ao exercício da advocacia e que não podemos ter advogados loucos nas ruas a insultar os cidadãos, e fazer advocacia com ideias sopradas do mundo dos mortos, etc. Mas o que é isto afinal? A esquizofrenia é agora requisito para entrar em Direito?

  33. Amaral must take this geste of aggression very seriously.
    It looks stupid, idiot, but it can be bad.
    Pim Fortuyn, candidate to Prime Miniter in Holland, owning an own political party, was assassinated in public on the day it was known he would win the elections.
    Somehow he was a threatening.
    He was homosexual and very much right wing( but not nazi or fascist).
    He had been very much threatened before but it seems he did not take it very seriously.
    The killer shot 5 times, 3 bullets in his head, one in his back(heart)
    and one on his hand.

    The intention was to kill.

  34. Espero que o Amaral leve esta provocação a sério.
    Este louco é perigoso.

  35. Everyone please print this and put inside your copies of the book 60 reasons, I am putting it on lots of them and dropping them around.

    Hello Kind Reader,
    Just a quick note that I've registered this book "What really happened to Madeleine MacCann? at BookCrossing.com, so that I can keep up on where it goes, who reads it, and what they thought of it. Please visit www.BookCrossing.com/976-7540164 to make a quick journal entry, then pass the book along to someone else who will appreciate it. We can all track this book's journey and the lives it touches forever more!

    Thank You!

    This one is for The Truth of the lie if there are spare copies around.

    Hello Kind Reader,
    Just a quick note that I've registered this book, "The Truth of the Lie" at BookCrossing.com, so that I can keep up on where it goes, who reads it, and what they thought of it. Please visit www.BookCrossing.com/231-7540172 to make a quick journal entry, then pass the book along to someone else who will appreciate it. We can all track this book's journey and the lives it touches forever more!

    Thank You!

    Keep us updated where they get left :)

  36. Two other occupants in the car, now guess who they were?

  37. Dos dois outros ocupantes do carro, nao me admirava que um deles fosse o Leandro, padrasto da Joana. As pulgas vivem em colonias, aglomerando-se para sobreviverem. Este Aragao ja provou que so se movimenta nos sub-mundos ou da miseria e violencia ou da morte e dos seus misterios. Qualquer dia, se as coisas se complicarem judicialmente para ele, ainda ha-de querer provar-nos que ele nao existe e e uma re-encarnacao do Alem, uma especie de ANTI-CRISTO MAL AMADO...


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