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A New Justice Minister for the XVIII Constitutional Government of Portugal

The Prime Minister José Socrates met today with the President Cavaco Silva to inform him about the composition of the XVIII Constitutional Government of Portugal, this government was formed on the basis of parliamentary elections on September 27, 2009, in which the PS won without an absolute majority. The Executive has eight new ministers. The Presidency of the Republic announced the inauguration of the new Socialist government on Monday, at the Ajuda Palace.

From the previous government are out Maria de Lurdes Rodrigues, Mário Lino, José António Pinto Ribeiro, Severiano Teixeira, Alberto Costa, Jaime Silva and Nunes Correia.

Profile: Alberto Martins, Minister of Justice

Ten years later, Alberto Martins returns to the Government, this time assuming the role of Justice Minister, replacing Alberto Costa.

Alberto de Sousa Martins, 64, was first elected as an independent in 1987, keeping the place of parliamentary mp in the following legislatures.

He was born on April 25, 1945 in Guimarães, in a family linked to the textile sector. He graduated in law at the prestigious University of Coimbra [created on the XIII century, in 1288]. Dedicated to political causes early, he was president of the directorate-general of the Academic Association of Coimbra in 1969, during Salazar's regime, and was the face of the academic revolt thus being arrested for political reasons [pictures of that day bellow].


Currently Alberto Martins is the leader of the parliamentary group of PS.

He served as Minister for State Reform and Public Administration in the XIV Constitutional Government (1999-2002).

He is also the author of New Citizen's Rights (1994) And Right to Citizenship (2000). He received the Grand Cross of the Order of Liberty in 1999.

The President of the Permanent Observatory for Justice, Boaventura Sousa Santos, said today that the appointment of Alberto Martins to Minister of Justice is "a sign that the prime minister will give priority to this area."

On the Side

Cultural Information

Coimbra is a city and a municipality in Portugal, former capital of the country during the first dynasty period (12th century) and home to the University of Coimbra, the oldest academic institution in the Portuguese-speaking world and one of the oldest in Europe.

Students are represented by the students' union Associação Académica de Coimbra (AAC). Formed on 3 November 1887, it is the oldest university students' union in Portugal, with a long history of struggle against unpopular state policies, forming notable politicians and intellectuals along the way. It also harbours a very dynamic associative life, with its numerous sports and cultural sections, as well as a number of other autonomous organizations. It is an important structure of extracurricular formation of the University of Coimbra's students and a major institution of the city itself.

"Fado of Coimbra"- typical song from Coimbra sang by students at Coimbra´s University Students Annual Festival "Queima das Fitas"

Academical Traditions

And of course, an absolute classic of the fado-de-Coimbra, recorded by Zeca Afonso more than 20 years after his last days as a student of the University of Coimbra



  1. I hope this is good news for the Portuguese.I also hope that this is good news for those who seek Justice for Madeleine McCann,especially Goncalo Amaral.

  2. Maddie's spirit was present at the Everton/Benfica's game last night.
    I'm sure about that.
    Her spirit is still suffering of lack of justice.
    Everton lost the game, she did not allow them to make a simple goal.
    She is screaming for justice and for protection of those who care for her: the Portuguese police and Goncalo Amaral.
    She beggs for protection of her little siblings.

    Yesterday, it was a message to Everton.
    "Please help me. My spirit can not rest.
    Please help me to find peace!"

  3. Is this good or bad news for Mr Amaral,

  4. I don't believe the new minister of justice will change anything. The nucleous of the government still the same and according with some news, was framed by the Freeport. This minister will work on the behalf of the PM to avoid the Freeport to reach the courts. Almost all the portugueses believe Madeleine did not got justice because powerful people are involved in the Freeport, then it is a justice businness: The english protects the portuguese politicians involved in the Freeport and the portuguese droped the case against the Mccann's. The probleme is that the Mccann's hire so expensive lawyers that they apetite to money is pushing them too far. They will fall one day on their own stupidity. When yesterday they decide to extend the frame of Goncalo bbok profites into Italy, Spain, France and Holland, they lost the reality. Who they think they are? The USA which pretend to rule the world or two neglect parents which leave their babies abandonned to their own life? one day, lowyers from this countrys, related with the editors and not framed by the Freeport will put their feet on the ground and will make them face the reality. I hope they insist on annoying the other european countrys and Amaral did not close his mouth on this countrys. Amaral can changehis residence status to other european country and defend his rights and Madeleine rights. The portuguese lawyers will be the most ridiculous in the world or the Mccann's will need expensive lawyers in all countrys. Lets see if they can suport a campaign like that and how the portuguese government reacts when all the world know's how they frame their own cytizen, a police inspector to protect people suspect of a crime. Mr. Amaral don't give up... you have many ways to protect yourself and get justice for Madeleine. Corruption in justice is a exception, not a rule on many of developed countrys in Europe or in USA.


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