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Now Scotland Yard must step in


IT IS both a scandal and a crying shame that almost two and a half years after Madeleine McCann went missing the forces of law and order have failed to solve the mystery, bring her kidnapper to justice and find her.

Portuguese detectives working closely with Leicestershire Police and with limited support from Scotland Yard have amassed bulging case files but precious little hard evidence or, more importantly, any suspects.

The Portuguese investigation has effectively been shelved, with senior officers saying it will only be reopened if they receive credible new information.

So now finding Madeleine has become the responsibility of two retired middle-ranking police detectives working as private investigators for Kate and Gerry McCann.

While David Edgar and Arthur Cowley have done a solid, credible job so far, Home Secretary Alan Johnson should now ask Scotland Yard to set up a cold case review team to follow through on the pair’s fresh leads and work closely with their Portuguese counterparts.

For there is still so much work to be done. As a matter of urgency all forensic material, including Madeleine’s blanket and bedding, must be re-examined as the culprit must have left a trace of a knock out drug.

Scotland Yard must demand spy satellite images of the resort as the kidnapper is probably on film casing the apartment in the days, weeks and months before the kidnap. There must also be a proper, systematic search of all the scrubland in and around Praia da Luz as it is likely the kidnapper hid in the undergrowth for several hours after the kidnap and almost certainly left clues behind.

Mr Edgar is believed to be looking at five or so “persons of interest” but he has limited resources. That is why Scotland Yard must restore public confidence by taking over the investigation.

The public has a right to expect its government will spend whatever it takes to capture the most heinous of criminals, child abductors.

in Sunday Express, paper edition only

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  1. Excellent work by the Sunday Express! They are really putting the pressure now on the McCanns even though they try to mask it as something else!

  2. Sim sim. Vejam lá bem as imagens recolhidas pelos satélites e vejam lá se não vêm o Gerry McCann com Madeleine ao colo a descer uma artéria que leva até à praia e a cruzar-se com a familia Smith, hein? Vejam lá se não é assim. E já agora, vejam lá de descobrem qual o percurso que o Renault fez no dia que foi a Huelva, pode ser que encontrem um casal, a cavar num dos pântanos....

  3. Yes, yes, yes!!! Come on Scotland Yard, come on Portuguese Police, come on any police force that could possibly be justifiably involved in looking into this case.
    "Mr. Edgar has limited resources" - no he doesn't, or he shouldn't have, he has The Fund behind him. What he has is limited ways of hiding the truth. Time for the real cops to take over.
    "The public has a right to expect its government will spend whatever it takes to capture the most heinous of criminals.." Indeed we do - let them spend it on a REAL investigation, an OBJECTIVE investigation, an investigation without INTERFERENCE from those who should be under investigation themselves.
    The Express may be dressing this up as a comment which backs the McCanns story, but taken in conjunction with other recent stories in the newspaper I am really beginning to think there is a different agenda... fingers crossed for truth for Madeleine and justice for WHOEVER was involved in her disappearance.
    What are the McCanns going to say? "No, no, don't ask Scotland Yard to investigate"? Hardly leaving no stone unturned, that would be be....

  4. Edgar only needs to look at 2 persons of interest... his employers

    the trail to Madeleine starts and ends with her parents

  5. If the background wasn't so tragic I'd be laughing, in fact I'd be hysterical. I note that The Express are calling for Scotland Yard's involvement and not Leicestershire police. Wasn't the Yard involved at the start and when they turned out to be not particularly McCann-friendly quickly removed from the case? Perhaps The Express could also campaign for Dr. Amaral to be re-instated to lead the investigation? I'm sure he'd oblige if he was asked nicely.


  6. "including Madeleine’s blanket"

    Dr Goncalo Amaral and Paulo Sargento seem to have rattled them!

  7. We know it is tongue in cheek, because they mention that missing BLANKET.

    hah, got you there Mr and Mrs Doctor (who were unable to tell that their own babies had been drugged by someone they "KNOW" came in the room to take their older child).

    Also, why would an abductor case the joint for months????? Not much point when each holiday maker is only there for one week.

    Or are they saying that Madeleine was so SPECIAL that they needed to get just her. I mean, come on, very sweet and all that, but no different from millions of other kids her age. Jez's wife couldn't even distinguish Madeleine, from the other blond girls in the creche, that her own daughter attended!

    Bring on Scotland Yard PLEEEEASE!


  8. "He thinks it possible that she was then dug up and moved in the hire car which the McCann’s rented 23 days later, and where Scotland Yard dogs found DNA remains which could have been maddie"


    I dont think the mccies will jump with joy.....
    "An offer to provide senior Scotland Yard detectives to review the evidence in the Madeleine McCann case has been ignored by Portuguese police, The Times has learnt"


  9. Thank heavens, common sense at last! Yes, we do have a right to see a proper investigation into Madeleine's disappearance, as opposed to the ridiculous ramblings, ever-changing storylines and cartoon-character 'suspects' that we've had to endure so far. Surely a proper investigation is what we ALL want to see, regardless of 'pro' or 'anti' stance. ALL of us, including the McCanns themselves, should welcome a thorough investigation from the proper authorities because it's the only way this case is ever going to be solved. And solved it must be, for Madeleine's sake.


  10. "The public has a right to expect its government will spend whatever it takes to capture the most heinous of criminals, child abductor"

    Very true but the british govt wont do it.....NOBODY is making a move towards it,noone and certainely NOT the mccies

  11. Ah! Ah! the Fund it is almost dry and the Mccann's are desesperate to keep the story up and avoid a properly investigation... this is why now they want the Scotland yard in.... to spin and feed Mccann's illusion's at the coust of British taxes.
    And thos newspaper are giving an hand to the Mccnn's. OH YAH... Scotland yard should do a cold review and FOLLOW MCCANN'S story, not the PJ and British joined investigation. NOT FACTS OR EVIDENCES WHICH CAME OUT FROM PJ FILES. THE EXPERTS FROM SCOTLAND YARD MUST WORK UNDER EDGAR SUPERVISION. GOOD JOKE... from a British tabloid which put a label of incompetence in all British police. Edgar and his team are the champions of incompetence and everytime they show-up, WE HAVE TRILLIONS OF STORIES ABOUT HOW RIDICULOUS THEY ARE AND HOW HELPELESS WAS THEIR WORK TO LITLE MDELEINE. SHE NEVER EVER WILL BE FOUND UNDER THE WORK OF THAT TEAM... BUT, I REALLY BELIEVE... THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HER PARENTS WANT- MADELEINE SHOULD NEVER BE FOUND.

  12. i wonder what the mccanns reply to this article will be,very interesting times if the express carry on in this vein,

  13. This certainly looks like a very tactful approach, midway between both prevailing theories.
    Finally a moderate voice in the newspapers - something to keep up in the future!
    Is there any way that this proposal can be formalized near the Scotland Yard?

  14. The S.Yard must demand the satellite images?! I believe the portuguese police did hust that and the answer was that there were no images available because all satellites were facing Morocco at the time of events!!! WHAT MATTER OF SUCH MAJOR IMPORTANCE WAS TAKING PLACE IN MOROCCO THAT DEMANDED FOR ALL THE SATELLITES TO FOCUS ON THAT COUNTRY???

  15. Yes T4two, spot on! What desperate innocent parents would shun the experience and expertise of the world renowned Scotland Yard in favour of the local plods, the Leicester police?! I wish the Express would have the guts to print that, let the british people know that the S.Y. was involved at first but turned away later because they dared to question and doubt the Tapas9 version of events and started asking inconvenient questions! Sadly they still are not prepared to go that far...Carter-Ruck is watching them closely!

  16. Maybe the "dry run" happened on the night Mrs Fenn heard Maddy crying.
    The crying stopped when one of the parents came back. Had the "dry runners" disappeared by then or was it another case of them hiding in the apartment in the company of a parent?

  17. I'm not so sure I share your enthusiasm for Scotland yards involvement, won't they simply dance to Gordon Browns tune too, just as Leicester police and the forensic service's have? The result of which being, the case will be archived for ever.
    What knowledge of Portugal does Scotland yard have and wasn't it them that Goncalo Amaral criticised in the first place, getting himself removed from the case.
    Didn't forensic services say the forensic evidence had been lost or destroyed? If this is the case, what is there to investigate?
    I'm all for the investigation being re-opened but I can't see Scotland yard being any different to Leicester police, especially as it can only happen on the instruction of the same polititians we're already suspicious of?

  18. Surely this is tongue in cheek stuff?
    The bit about the kidnapper hiding for a few hours in the scrubland just sounds really sarcastic. The think the Express are dressing up this article as pro-McCann, but they have not really forgotten being sued.......

  19. We should all write to the Express backing them for Scotland yard to investigate this case, and help the 'poor' Mccanns

  20. Great, great,

    yeaah, the blanket!!

    On Oprah show she refers to Kate's words: "I hope who ever has her, gsves her HER blanket..."
    and later Ammaral commented"What blanket? It was left behind, in the appartment..."
    Could it be that the police returned the blanket to the parents and the blanket disappeared?

    And that the police missed it when they searched the parents home, with the dogs?
    And they registered the disappearence, with no comments?

    Gerry will probably explain that that thief stole not only his wallet, with the credit cards, but also the blanket, at the airport in England.

  21. Whilst I agree and applaud the general sentiment, I think the newspaper telling the Police HOW they should proceed is not right.

    They need to be left to independantly investigate starting with a detailed review of the claims of the parents and their friends.

    The danger here is that this is the beginning of a whitewash.

  22. Maybe someone needs to tell the Express that the process could easily be reopened at request of the McThicks, but they won't ask will they? However i do think the Express is doing this tongue in cheek, they won't have liked being sued or gagged, and i don't think they can really be stupid enough not to have checked the facts in this case. They are sticking two fingers up at the McMurderers.

  23. I remember one of the Portuguese officers in charge of the investigation referring to a comment by a British policeman member of the group helping the Portuguese, that went like this (commenting to the amount of allelles in the DNA samples found): ” In Britain, I have seen people condemned for much less than this”. Revealing! Might this indicate that INDEED there was heavy pressure from ”above” to do the utmost to prevent the investigation reaching a conclusion?

  24. Super Abductor (by the Criminal Underworld Store)

    The hideous man that was fully prepared with sufficient:
    chloroform, horse tranquilizer, drugs, cotton, sponge,
    duplicate key, latch, rubber gloves (2 pairs), silent shoes,
    trash bag, torchlight, air freshner, detergent, floorcloth.

    First night rehearse: quite acceptable
    Second night: the job
    And…place Cuddle Cat in the…errrr highest shelf ?¿OK

  25. I do not feel totally comfortable with this article because there is an undertone of criticiscm towards the PJ......

  26. I read this article a different way, as merely a piece of typically shoddy journalism

    Traces of knock-out drug ? No evidence to suggest one was used. Even if there were traces of such a drug, how does that help exactly ?

    Casing the joint for days, weeks and months ? Bollocks

    Hiding in the scrubland for several hours after the 'kidnap' ? Codswallop

    This is a pathetic exercise in filling column inches. The very idea that Scotland Yard are going to use a 'cold case review' to chase down so-called new leads is preposterous. And the idea of a british police force taking over a portuguese police investigation - and a shelved one at that - is ridiculous beyond measure.

    I can't believe people are paid for writing this tripe. I'll do it for half of whatever they charge.

  27. Quote: "The danger here is that this is the beginning of a whitewash."

    The beginning of a whitewash?
    the beginning of the end of a whitewash?

    I'll put my money on the second option this time round.


  28. After this weekend's headline about the three McCann children being drugged, and now this demand for Scotland Yard to get involved, I can't help but think that the Sunday Express is trying to push Team McCann buttons.

    Revenge is a dish best served cold, as they say.


  29. "That is why Scotland Yard must restore public confidence by taking over the investigation."

    What utter rubbish! The Portuguese have primacy in this case, Scotland Yard cannot take over the investigation. The McC's and their T7 friends need to return to Portugal and agree to take part in an offical re-construction. Or the mother of the missing child needs to agree to answer the 48 questions she previously refused to answer. That is all that is required to re-open the case I believe. Why are they not doing this? Why is Justice Hogg, who I believe is MBM's legal guardian, not pleading with/persuading the T9to do this? Surely the legal guardian of the child should do everything in her power for the interest of the mysteriously disappeared child? How is an archived case helping find this missing child? Get the parents to do all that they require to re-open the investigation then if the Portuguese feel they need the assistance of Scotland Yard they can ask for it! Imo the parents inaction of not requesting the re-opening of the case is a hindrance in the search for their child they claim has been abducted. How can they accuse Dr Goncalo Amaral, the first lead Senior Investigating Officer in this case of being a hindrance in the search for their child whilst they seem perfectly happy to their child's case remain archived and sitting on a shelf gathering dust! Gathering dust and no ongoing live official investigation for her.

  30. "Edgar only needs to look at 2 persons of interest... his employers"

    Actually who employs Edgar and Co is the famous Fund...

  31. Bridget,

    Agree 100%. Article is a complete nonsense.

  32. I wonder, is it really possible after such a long time to see the movements around the apartment via satellite? If so, it must the end of the Teams golden era. Perhaps it will even reveal the emty table long before 10 pm that evening. Well well...

  33. http://www.3news.co.nz/John-Campbell-speaks-to-Aislings-parents-and-Insp-Gary-Davey/tabid/367/articleID/124787/cat/65/Default.aspx

    I cant help my views when watching this, its another case where parents are saying an abduction has occurred. maybe it did, maybe it didnt.

    I just know that it is increasingly obvious that stranger abduction is extrememly rare - the idea that a gang put in so much effort to abduct a child with a visible easily spotted flaw when they could have had two 'neutral' ones - and they had even drugged the other two as well - is ludicrous.

  34. They might also look into the missing blue sports bag.

  35. The Express are just trying to sell more newspapers with this dubious report. Although I must admit it's a change not to hear about how the tragic McCanns will never rest until Madeleine is found!

    I agree with Zodiac. This crime happened in Portugual and it's the PJ's who should be persuaded to open the case, preferably by the McCanns and with Goncalo brought back in, but that's not going to happen.

    Therefore the LP's or Scotland Yard should be urging them to do so, with or without further evidence. Surely there is already enough to go on, bearing in mind the non-co-operation of the Tapas.

    One could almost be persuaded that they don't really want Madeleine found at all!!

  36. This SE article is colonialistic, tries downgrading Mr Amaral and the PJ.

    Beata, Germany

  37. Yes yes yes.... Scotland Yard !
    We've seen stories about smelly Scenics, new Jaguars and Ford Mustangs.... I wonder where Scotland Yard will come up with....
    Aston Martin ?

    Just hope they don't mix up again... and send Austin Powers ....

  38. The Sunday Express will never forget you both, McCanns.
    Believe me.

  39. Asked to comment, the McCanns' official spokesperson Clarence Mitchell said Portugal's strict "secrecy of justice" laws meant "we cannot and will not comment on any matters that go to the heart of the police investigation. However my understanding is that the reports about the restaurant are inaccurate".

    Isnt it about time they now answered all the questions that the "Secrecy of Justice" laws no longer apply?

  40. Probably no point getting Scotland Yard involved - who`s to say they`re not under Gerry`s spell as well.


  41. I think some of you are missing the point here.
    The SE article is not a brilliant piece of journalism, no doubt; but they are using an ambiguous tone here, and heading in a direction that is sure not to please the Mcskunks...

  42. If I were the McCanns I don't think I'd like this article:
    1. they are actually suggesting that the investigation should be done by a police force, somethingthe McCanns have avoided at all costs

    2. more importantly, they are following up exactly on what Sofia Leal said (Sunday Express as well?)

    “There are satellites which probably have close-up pictures of what was happening on the ground that day. He tried to get the images but he couldn’t. The US said the satellites were trained on Morocco at the time and that was it. That is what annoys him because he says the inquiry was not completed to his satisfaction."

    Not only that but it suggests that
    "Home Secretary Alan Johnson should now ask Scotland Yard to set up a cold case review team to follow through on the pair’s fresh leads and work closely with their Portuguese counterparts."

    Portuguese counterparts? Is that the PJ?
    If I were the McCanns I would be scared indeed. The idea might just gain enough momentum...

  43. Also, the Mail On Sunday ran this headline in its book review pages:

    'Laughing All The Way To The Bank ... and making an idiot of Oprah along the way.'

    I almost choked on my pint. A review of Amaral's book, maybe? Not a cat in hell's chance, of course. But an uncomfortable headline and review for you know who. The review was of a book which chronicles stories that have been revealed to be fake. Winfrey comes in for particular stick for cosying-up-to and giving publicity to some of the most despicable liars of the past twenty years or so. Saint Winfrey, eh? Not so particular with her research, after all. Oh dear- not comfortable reading at all, eh, McCann?

  44. O caso McCann será analisado por psiquiatras, por sociólogos e eventualmente por polícias (embora estes últimos não se tenham revelado muito bons). Ese caso poderia ter um desfecho de ouro: McCann acabaram incriminados por detectives que os próprios contrataram inicialmente para coloborarem na tese de rapto.

  45. Please correct me if I am wrong but in the early day did`nt Kate Mccann say that she did not want Scotland Yard involved?

  46. Recomended reading


  47. I am surprised that those in the know have allowed this farce to go on for so long. It must be becoming embarrassing now with the continuing rubbish from the Express yesterday. Scotland Yard is mentioned to try to give creedance to finding an abductor, as if there was one. There is not a hope in hell of it getting involved. Why the need for the yard the Express and Edgar have already solved the case, perhaps they can name the abductor now?

  48. People might be interested to know that there is a precedent here and that Scotland Yard can and do negotiate with the police forces of other countries in cases involving British nationals to get them re-opened.


    Therefore the Express demand that Scotland Yard gets involved is a legitimate one and I guess one which reflects the mood of the wider public in the UK. For the Express, heading a campaign to get the case re-opened is the kind of angle they so desperately need to get an edge over other newspapers and boost circulation quite apart from the fact that the Express do not take kindly to having two fingers put up at them by someone like McCann.


  49. This is again an ironic article.
    It is not criticising the PJ nor Portugal.
    If it is so ironic, it is because the Sunday Express believes in the PJ.
    It is even refering to the blanket, Amaral's words.
    It is very difficult for a paper in the UK to write directly what they think.Don't forget the couple are running out of money.
    The media have to be careful.

    It is possible they realise that the Mccanns went too far, by banning Amaral's book.
    Being ironic like that, this paper belives Madeleine is dead and her body was concealed, the parents protected by high placed people,etc.

    About the Scotland Yard getting involved: yeaah, why don't they help the PJ, by complaining about the disappearence of a British citizen?
    I bet they are prepared to.

  50. This is excellent news. One has wondered about the Sunday Express ever since the Sofia/Amaral article that was balanced - an unbelievable happenstance in the UK media!

    So now they are calling for an effective UK police investigation - something the McCanns have never done (and we know why) and something (incredibly) that no one media outlet has called for even though the most touted theory is that she has been spirited away across international borders (the UK police have every right to investigate in those circumstances).

    Yes - this is another "choking on your cornflakes" moment for the McCanns and Mitchell.

    They must know that the Sunday Express is like a Great White Shark circling them and sniffing for blood all the time.

  51. You wait - any sign of Scotland Yard getting involved and Gerry will have them shut down ! (unless, of course, they let him be director of operations)

  52. Oh, and just in case there is anyone out there who still does not believe that a very 'clever' firm of lawyers is causing mayhem with the UK media's right to report matters in the public interest I recommend taking a look at this:


    Carter-Ruck this time involved in gagging The Guardian no less. Aren't they the McCann lawyers? Of course they are.
    So what do you think they have been up to on behalf of the McCanns these last couple of years or more-fighting for free speech and justice for Madeleine?


  53. Starting a campaign to launch a British police investigation (at long last) would be a huge moneyspinner for the Express.

    Especially with a combination of names like "Maddie" and "Scotland Yard".

    I wonder, what can we do to help the Express in this very worthy cause? ;<)

  54. The whole tone of the commentary is somewhat mocking IMO and I doubt the Express has any more faith in Edgar than the rest of us. In his Belfast Tele interview Edgar said 'We could still be sitting here in 10 years' which doesn't exactly sound like someone who knows anything specific or who has any great hope of solving the case. He's only theorising about what might have happened to Madeleine, using his own knowledge of cases of missing persons, but anyone can do that - it doesn't mean they actually know more than anyone else.

    The idea that someone was 'casing the joint' for weeks or months in advance is laughable; who would waste their time doing that on the off chance that a child of the right age, sex and appearance (all of which I presume are important in cases important enough to warrant 'dry runs') might eventually turn up?

    So no, I don't think the Express really believe what they're writing, not unless their staff now also believe in fairies and Santa Claus. (If Madeleine had disappeared at Christmas would the British press lean towards the theory that Santa Claus took her, and start reporting sightings of her on a sleigh in Lapland? Nothing would surprise me!)

  55. Another great analysis by Dr. Martin Roberts entitled "A Breath of Fresh Air" on www.mccannfiles.com website.

  56. Scotland Yard was in Portugal May 2007, Goncalo Amaral, Maddie - Die Wahrheit über die Lüge, chapter 5, page 98

    Beata, Germany

  57. I wonder if the McDoctors can sue a newspaper for being so obviously ironic. After all, it must hurt their feelings. Let's face it, they must be losing sleep over it.

    Watch out Express, you could be Carter Rucked again.


  58. I'm reading this article over and over again.
    It is very funny.

  59. From time to time I have a look-see at the Sky discussion site just to check the flavour of the posts. Today someone posted that he/she donates every month to the McCann Fund. This at a time when legitimate charities are experiencing fewer donations due to the recession.

  60. I agree with the post above - it would be a huge money spinner for the Express. Look what ten years or so of "Diana" headlines did for their circulation.

  61. Who writen that article must be a cheap Freelancer... he or she is out of very important facts from the investigation. Homework was not done before puting this out.
    We know...British tabloids always gave to Freelancers, Madeleine News. They are easy to convince how to fabricate news and sale paper. But the public was not stupid anymore.... SCOTLAND YARD WILL NEVER JUMP ON THAT INVESTIGATION, BECAUSE THE MCCANN'S WILL NEVER RE-OPEN THE CASE AND ASK THEM TO INVESTIGATE. THEY DON'T WANT MADELEINE TO BE FOUND. THEY DON'T TAKE RISKS. Find Madeleine it was the worsest scenary for her parents because with all the new technics will be easy to know what hapen to her and who do it. The police will not repeat the same mistakes, witnesses gagged will talk to save their skins, Amaral will not be gagged anymore, the Fund will be investigated and MOST IMPORTANT THERE IS NOT A SINGLE EVIDENCE OF ANY KIDNAPER OR ABDUCTION.
    The litle girl spend few days in Algarve... a short time for a Kidnaper to plan a huge and perfect abduction as her parents want us to believe. Terrorists, with a lot of help, take months or years to plan their attacks and most of the time they are not perfects, they fail. WHY SHOULD A KIDNAPER, NO MATTER HIS REASON'S, TARGET A FOREIGN GIRL IN A SMALL AND UNKNOWN VILLAGE IN PORTUGAL? NO WAY...GERRY, NO WAY.... YOUR STORY IS A FABRICATION. Your girl Untill May 3, 2007, was just an ordinary girl same as trillions in the world. You are not Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise.... you are just two ordinary parents which don't care at all, about your childs, then an accident hapen... nothing new, nothing different from what careless parents went in... some time on their lifes.
    You loss your face because instead of facing the reality you take an option- FOOLING PEOPLE AND SETTING A FUND, RAISING MONEY FROM INNOCENT AN CARING PARENTS.

  62. Extraordinnary article at Mccannfiles: "FRESH AIR". Maybe, Joana, you can post it here for people with knowledge in chloroform to discuss and give us more information.
    The time is geting thight for Mccann's team. Seam's that any new step from their side it is a gun shut on their own feet. Even Pro-mccann's start feeling that they must keep an idiot face to stick on Mccann's theories. All theories can be easily breaked down just using brain and common sense. If we add thecnologie and Scientific knowledge, then we can just mocke of the way, a team headed by doctors lay so down, so ridiculous, to save their skin.

    Madeleine was drugged togheter with twins, by somebody which the childs feel confident, not by a strange. And was not chloroform. Who travel with chloroform? using chloroform lead the crime into another situation... NOT AN ACCIDENT BUT A PREDICTED CRIME WHICH IS EVEN WORSE. THEY USED EASY AVAILABLE DRUGGS WHICH WHEN HANDED WITHOUT CARE CAN RESULT IN DEAD by overdose. Who knows... the twins maybe took only one dose and Madeleine, because she was not a easy sleeping child and was very active, took more. AND THE DOSE BECAME A FATAL OVERDOSE. SHE CAN GOT AN ANAPHILATIC SHOCK WHICH STPOPS HER HEART TO BEAT. EVERYTHING CAN HAPEN SO SUDDENLY THAT NOTHING CAN BE DONE, OR when they discovered her, she was already dead.

  63. Oh, and just in case there is anyone out there who still does not believe that a very 'clever' firm of lawyers is causing mayhem with the UK media's right to report matters in the public interest I recommend taking a look at this:


    Carter-Ruck this time involved in gagging The Guardian no less. Aren't they the McCann lawyers? Of course they are.
    So what do you think they have been up to on behalf of the McCanns these last couple of years or more-fighting for free speech and justice for Madeleine?

    That is indeed shocking T4two, The Guardian is fuming and will fight it.
    Hope Joana and Stevo see it so can can give it the attention it deserves.

  64. To Sunday Express,

    Very, very clever, my congratulations, keep up the good work.

    Somebody must be crapping in his and/or her bloomers LOL!!!!!!!!!

  65. I attach about as much credence to a piece of editorial from the Express as I do to their horoscopes, frankly.

    Let's look at the situation which exists at present

    The investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine is shelved. It is shelved because there are currently no further lines of inquiry to be pursued. The PJ had one more thing which they could try, which might have helped to shed some light on events.

    A reconstruction

    The Tapas 7 all refused to attend, because apparently no stone will be left unturned with the exception of any which may throw them in a bad light

    So - the reason why the investigation ran out of steam was because
    A. There never was actual evidence of the presence of an abductor in the apartment. Of course, in strict evidential terms that doesn't mean that there wasn't one, absence of evidence not equating to evidence of absence. However, it does mean that in terms of trying to find 'him' there isn't a great deal to go with.
    B. The refusal of the McCann friends to return for a reconstruction meant that the whole hypothesis of an abduction was unable to be tested. It was the one investigatory avenue still open to the police, but the people who were there that night thought better. Being such skilled investigators themselves *cough* they decided that the reconstruction held little value, unless it was to be televised in an effort to generate more 'leads'. I think perhaps the 'leads' they were hoping to generate were the sort which come with numbers and pictures on. And a watermark, usually.

    So lets acknowledge this latest snippet from the Express as what it is. A piece of shoddy, badly composed fiction

    For me, anyone who can write an article in which they suggest that the 'kidnapper', upon snatching Madeline, would have 'hidden in the undergrowth' for several hours, is in need of the services of a psychiatrist themselves. I'm sure the FBI have spent many hours interviewing child abductors and murderers, and I am equally sure that none of them ever said ''Immediately after I abducted the child, I knew I had to find a small group of bushes to hide in''

    It's all bullshit.

    The McCanns, in my opinion, never wanted the full glare of the spotlight thrown on a minute examination of what happened that night in case it threw up irregularities or presented them in a bad light, the kind of bad light that comes from leaving young children unattended. Instead, we have a situation in which the very hypothesis of abduction has never been tested, and the investigation grinds to a halt. And thus it will remain until and unless someone confesses or the child or her remains are found.

    End of story.

  66. Joana, what happened to the sky blog Life of Crime? Why Martin Brunt is silent? Nothing about Madeleine news! No update to Madeleine blog? It used to be very active, very popular!

  67. URGENT...

    I need quickly the very first press release of Tanners with regards to the abduction. Tanner states that abductor WAS OUTSIDE of the window and not at the end of the street. She is also reported to have said that child was wrapped in a pink blanket. I know I have seen this on Mccann files but where?...Anyone have a link. It is important otherwise I would have not asked.

  68. I still wouldn't rule the PJ out, my dear friends. Remember that PJ's pride has been severely hurt both by the McCanns and the British press. A wounded animal is very dangerous and I am waiting for the day the PJ strikes back. Let us be patient.

  69. Imagine that! A GP and a consultant (a group of them in fact) overseeing the death of a child due to their inept administration of sedation! Careers over! Also, of course, this would result in a pact so tight that it would last forever - if anyone cracked, it would be the end for all of them.

    I'm not saying this is the case, of course, just stating in context with previous comments here.

  70. Dear Joana,


    Fantastic blog and please keep up your fight for the Truth and Freedom of Speech!

    You may have missed this this morning!


    I apologize for sedning this anonymously but am too tied up this morning to open a new email account.


  71. Thank you, anonymous and I also invite everyone here to read the article Fresh Air, on McCannfiles.

    It explains about chloroform that night.

  72. Well summed up Bridget.

    You are spot on about the only test left for the police regarding the theory - and lets not forget thats all it is amongst all the other possibilities, a theory - of abduction being a reconstruction. The McCanns and their friends, incredibly, 'deciding' that it was of no value is no reason for not progressing this idea. Surrely the McCanns, who seem to have the libel laws on their side to prevent other theories being expounded, should be demanding a full and detailed re-enactment, if only to cleear their names?

    Surely that simple fact that they have not demanded a no-strings attached re-enactment must be screaming out at the professionals!

    Has anyone ever heard of potential suspects being allowed to dictate the methods used by the investigators?

    The fact is, the McCann's and their friends are not in the game of investigating their lost child's disappearance, they are in the game of defending themselves, protecting themselves, keeping themselves living in the manner to which they are accustomed.

    But Carter Ruck and their ilk are the new world order, the new controllers, the new management.

    Ironic isnt it, that the European Convention on Human Rights has become the primary tool for the very type of abuse against which it had been designed and used to subjugate the very people it had been designed to protect, the ordinary people of Europe.

    Gerry McCann must be very proud at what he has achieved!

  73. To Bridget -

    Have you never noticed how soldiers advance using camouflage?

    The Express papers seem to be adopting this tactic - covering themselves by throwing over them a lot of pro nonsense, but at the same time edging forward with a pro Amaral article and a "reopen the inquiry" editorial.

  74. following on from the comment below the tight pact will last forever ...or untill a couple split and fight over money and custody of children etc this is when the dirty laundry comes out for an airing.

    Imagine that! A GP and a consultant (a group of them in fact) overseeing the death of a child due to their inept administration of sedation! Careers over! Also, of course, this would result in a pact so tight that it would last forever - if anyone cracked, it would be the end for all of them.

    I'm not saying this is the case, of course, just stating in context with previous comments here.


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