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Satellites may unveil crime

The Polícia Judiciária believes that the key to the Maddie case lies with images of the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz, on the night of the 3rd of May 2007, taken from Space

by Henrique Machado

The images from North American satellites are the hope that is left to find out what happened on the night of the 3rd of May 2007, in Praia da Luz, Lagos. They have the capacity for it, enough resolution to reveal who took Maddie live or dead out of that apartment – and the Judiciária knows it. The investigation equated asking for international cooperation at that level, Correio da Manhã has established, but the military and secret character of the use of that technology rendered the request inviable. Now, it’s the British government who will formally request the images from the United States.

The formal request for cooperation is to be submitted to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency by Alan Johnson, the British Home Secretary. This information is advanced by the ‘Sunday Express’, which cites the reaction from a spokesperson for the North American Agency. “NGA does not provide imagery to private citizens or private companies. For reasons of national security we do not discuss specifics about what images we have or our capabilities.” But the relationship between both countries may make the difference – and the newspaper advances that England is going to do everything that it can, on the diplomatic field.

Meanwhile, Correio da Manhã knows that this matter was discussed several times at the highest levels within the PJ’s investigation, in Portimão. The satellites have predefined routes, they receive directives depending on the interest zones – but the Portuguese investigators knew that the United States have military interests in the North of Africa, and the Algarve is a potential passage area.

The PJ even went as far as to investigate the possibility of European satellites, which are public, having relevant information – but only the North Americans will have the capacity of going back to the night of the crime, and to clearly reveal who walked around in Praia da Luz, carrying the four year old child. Nonetheless, the information request never moved forward: it was understood that the United States would never place secret information and military interests at stake, to solve the Maddie case.

Doubts about the McCann couple

The practical use of the satellite images in the Maddie case would be in the sense of obtaining pictures that reveal who took the child out of the apartment at the Ocean Club on the night of the 3rd of May 2007, and where she was taken. Dead or alive. The PJ considered trying to use this means at different stages of the investigation – namely at the end, when it was left without evidence. Satellite images could also clear the doubts about the McCann couple.

Direct Speech: General Loureiro dos Santos, former CEME

“I believe that the USA will help”

Correio da Manhã – Is it possible that the United States captured images of Praia da Luz on the 3rd of May 2007?

- Most of the satellites are geostationary, they are fixed from the Earth’s point of view. They act permanently over military or economical interest areas, for example. In terms of that area of the Algarve, it’s possible, but only the USA may answer that.

- Are the images recorded, and do they have enough quality to identify a person?

- They are, depending on the interest that the area has at that time of the year. I presume that the images are of great quality.

- Do you believe that the USA accept to cooperate in the investigation?

- I do, as long as making those images available, assuming the surveillance of a certain area, does not compromise the USA’s strategic interests.


Legal discussion | If there are satellite images, their use would imply a legal discussion – this would be an unedited means of evidence in Portugal. They would have to be validated by an instruction judge.

Brown and Obama | The ‘Sunday Express’ advances that Gordon Brown’s commitment may lead him to personally intercede with Obama.

Most evolved country | The USA are the world’s most evolved country, in terms of satellites.

source: Correio da Manhã, 19.10.2009 (paper edition)


  1. I still don't believe this story but if it has some truth, could it have been the reason why the detective told the abductor had a coppy key of de front door, and he left through it?

    Would the USA open precedents, checking on satellites films, searching for a criminal person?

  2. If Kate and Gerry Maccann have nothing to fear from this case and their version of events in Portugal are true they should have a press conference to demand the police get the pictures also to clear them and find who took their daughter, Come on Kate and Gerry show the world your Innocence you now have the chance no more woosh woosh. Get the pics. Lets star a petition to help these poor people on this blog they would be thrilled to bits. Lets show them how much we love them.

  3. Well, there's nothing like leaving it for over two years before looking for clues about a missing three year old is there?

    Good job the New Zealanders are more on the ball and managed to find Aisling within a week.

  4. UNBELIEVABLE. Mr Amaral asked for satelite details when he was in charge of the case, just prior to his removal!! I believe he was informed that the satelite was directed towards Morocco on the 3rd May 2007.

    I suggest that Mr Amaral is reinstated to his former position within the PJ and then re-open the case. If Mr Amaral was still in charge, this case would have been solved years ago!

  5. If I were Gerry and Kate I'd order a hot air balloon from Richard Heene and beat a hasty retreat before the unraveling of their tale begins...

  6. Why did the Portuguese police request images from American satellites through the British authorities via the Leicestershire Constabulary?
    Was it because with Gordon Brown already involved they thought that the chances of American cooperation would be better?
    Why didn't they submit a direct application to the Americans?
    Was it because it would have to be done through the Portuguese Public Prosecutor's office and the application had already been rejected?
    Why did Leicestershire Constabulary apparently do nothing?
    Was it because they had already been informed by the Portuguese authorities that they had no intention of making a formal application?
    So many questions and as usual in this case - only speculation, no answers.


  7. Nwezealanders didn't have to cope with foreign meddling.

    Sat pics would be great but doubt the US will ever release them, if they have any.

    Also don't think Brown would like the public to know who really took Madeleine...

  8. Who writes this crap? geostationary spy sat, hilarious. geostationary orbit = 36000km
    Spy sat orbit somewhere around 1000km.
    Pixel resolution approx 10cm/ pixel..no face details, no colour of eyes, no numberplate reading. (sorry but that is all Hollywood)
    You want to know what a keyhole spy satellite looks like? Look at Hubble. You want to know how good Hubble is? Ask where are the pictures of NASA moon landing bases taken with Hubble?
    Well answer is the fantastic telescope does not have resolution to even try to take such a picture.
    Satellites here are only a DISTRACTION people

  9. I wonder when we will get a response to this news from the McCanns. They have been encouraged by far less in the past: Clarence was quick to hold a press conference about the Victoria Beckham lookalike, and they told us how much hope they were given by the reappearance of Jaycee Dugard. But this latest development is surely much greater cause for hope and encouragement.

    I´m also surprised that they have said nothing yet about last week´s editorial in the Sunday Express, asking for Scotland Yard to step in. Surely they welcomed that idea. Perhaps Clarence will be making an announcement very shortly.

  10. Can't find the actual article but I read it at the time and can still find references to it:



    “Satellite and aerial footage as well as internet traffic should be used to help the hunt,” say “intelligence experts”, including Professor Anthony Glees, Director of Brunel University’s Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies. Security is his thing.

    For those who say satellites would be no use, I suggest you take it up with Professor Glees (he should know, shouldn't he? ;-)

  11. Porque se envolve G. Brown pessoalmente no caso de Maddie e nao mexe uma palha pelas outras criancas inglesas desaparecidas? Isto so levanta mais duvidas no publico, fazendo-nos acreditar que os Mccann sao culpados e que Maddie foi vitima de um crime horrendo.

    Ou o jornal tambem nao acredita na versao dos Mccann e pretende pressionar G. Brown a tomar uma atitude que sera largamente discutida na opiniao publica com a eventual denuncia da verdade... ou o jornal tem uma encomenda dos Mccann e do governo ingles para fabricar uma noticia, cujo objectivo e dar o rapto como a verdade absoluta com a assinatura de G. Brown e a bencao de Obama.

    Enquanto a palhacada progride, o governo portugues mantem-se a rectaguarda, fazendo-se cego, surdo e mudo naquilo que ja se adivinha, sera mais uma campanha de manipulacoes, desinformacao e destruicao da imagem de Portugal.

  12. Speaking of Aisling, where are McCanns to offer their sympathy over her death? Too close for comfort maybe? Not much use for the McCann's unless the child is Missing and Presumed Alive. I get it now...

  13. http://www.mccannfiles.com/id232.html

    Many thanks to McCann files.

    Let Our Spies find Madeleine McCann, 19 September 2007
    Let Our Spies find Madeleine McCann The Times (paper edition) c/o Kid Shield

    (Extract from The Times Letters to the Editor dated September 19 2007)

    The failure to find any trace of Madeleine McCann rightly troubles millions of us, in the UK and in continental Europe. No one can now doubt the urgent need to have hard, fact-based evidence to replace the rumour and innuendo so far being pushed.

    One important, but apparently unused, means of securing it could be the UK's intelligence community, in particular a little-known agency, JARIC, the Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre, based at RAF Brampton.

    JARIC is a world leader in analysing CCTV, aerial and satellite imagery, collected from all over the world.

    It should be ordered both to overfly the target area of Praia da Luz immediately and collect any aerial imagery of it that can be found, dating back to May 2, 2007 (the day before Madeleine went missing), as well as any images that may be extant.

    It should also be instructed to examine any satellite images of the target zone for the period after May 2. It is perfectly possible that the European Commission's satellites which track fishing boats may also be able to shed light on Madeleine's fate. JARIC will quickly tell us.

    JARIC cannot task itself; it must receive its instructions from the Prime Minister or from the Ministry of Defence. They should instruct JARIC and its other colleagues in the British intelligence community to intervene at once.

    Director, Brunel University
    Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies

  14. IF JARIC "...receive its instructions from the Prime MinisteR..." THE ANSWER WOULD BE THE SAME AS BLOOD AND CADAVER RESULTS ! THEY ALL ARE IN THE SAME BOAT!

  15. On October 19, maryann said...
    Speaking of Aisling, where are McCanns to offer their sympathy over her death? Too close for comfort maybe? Not much use for the McCann's unless the child is Missing and Presumed Alive. I get it now...


    Well spotted MaryAnn..remember Haleigh Cummings 'abducted 'from her bed in the States...Americas Madeleine screamed the British Press...dropped like a hot cake when it looked like the family were involved. Haleigh has not been found and yes the family members are still suspect.

    Mari Luz Cortes..abducted in Huelva....We feel your Pain....said the Mccanns. That is until Mari Luz was found dead.

  16. Well, the McCanns have been conspicuously quiet in all this. Why have they made no calls for JARIC to get involved, or US satellite info to be made available?

    They are not politically or media shy, quite the opposite. As long as, obviously, it is their own noise polluting the airwaves.

    To anonymous, I disagree. The dogs didn't lie and I believe Mr.Grimes did an honest job. That is the problem of stirring things up, isn't it? The more people get involved, the harder it is to keep them quiet.

  17. Well, G. Brown in race to meet Obama and ask the satellite images which will reveal who takes Maddie.

    Is Mr. Brown aware that the parents of the hot balloon boy in Colorado were charged after foolishing the police?

    Is Mr. Brown aware that Polanski was charged and arrested in switzerland, several years after raping an American girl?

    Is Mr. Brown aware that it was his innuendo with Mr. Bush who fabricated the prouves to show the world how danger was Iraque and legitimate the invasion? The parents of the American soldiers which died in so stupid war will tanks Mr. Brown and all Americans will wellcome him and his huge interess to find "ONLY one" British girl.

    Is Mr. Brown aware that there is more people missing in UK, in Portugal and all over Europe? Why a PM elected by thousands of people and member of the European comunnity need's to stick his name in ONE case, despite the pain of all other missing child parents?

    Is Mr. Brown really on the way to ask Obama free and independent suport, or trying to pressure American President to clear any unconvennient satellite image which can put the Mccann's in the center of the crime? Because... after 2 years, after a Huge PR machine which involved Spoke-persons and expensive lawyers, books been forbbiden, people gagged and blogs closed, after all that... THE PUBLIC DID NOT GIVE UP ON TRYING TO FIND THE TRUTH AND THE MAJORITIE OF THE PUBLIC DID NOT CHANGE THEIR FEELINGS ABOUT THE MCCANN'S,THEIR BEHAVIOUR AND THEIR SUSPICIOUS FUND.


    Then Sunday Express it is your time to inform the public instead of spinnng fairy tales . It is your front page the beginning of a serious work to help Madeleine achieving justice or annother "single moment"which dies before going no-where?

  18. Is Mr. Brown on the way to show Mr. Obama why police dogs should not be used in crime investigations and DNA Low copy technic it is completly useless?


    Then... ALL CASES WHERE POLICE DOGS HAVE BEEN USED, DNA LOW COPY TECHNIC WAS USED and because of that people have been charged, SHOULD BE RE-OPENNED and re- evaluated. MORE THEN HALF OF PRISONS IN USA AND UK WILL BE EMPTY and serious killers will be released... We can't accept 2 justices and two types of investigations: ONE FOR THE MCCANN'S AND ANNOTHER FOR THE ORDINNARY PEOPLE.

  19. Don't think they said much about Baby Grace either

  20. I believe this is just another sensationalist article, without much credibility, put on the front page to sell papers. After all that has happened I can't believe how gullible some people can still be. It surprises me that there are still people who believe Gordon Brown has any interest in finding out what happened to Madeleine. The same Gordon Brown who allowed his political colleagues to accompany the McCanns to the European parliament to promote them as champions of a child welfare initiative that was not theirs. The same Gordon Brown whose government denied the requests for information made by the Portuguese police. If Mr. Brown gets involved it will probably be to prevent evidence from coming to the public fore.

    To the anonymous who said..."Good job the New Zealanders are more on the ball and managed to find Aisling within a week."

    The Aisling child was found a few metres from her house. It's easier to conduct an investigation when the people who claim that a crime has been committed are not the perpetrators of the crime. Not to mention how much easier it is when there is no interference by the governments of two nations who do not want the case to be resolved.

  21. It is odd that we haven't heard from the McCann camp - there has been a lot lately that they could have commented on. Perhaps they are all in Sweden looking for Madeleine.

  22. Oh come on, people.

    I can't believe CdM are swallowing this cr@p too.

    The only people who benefit from people believing that this case would be cracked wide open if only Gordon Brown would phone the US President and demand night time satellite photography of Praia da Luz on May 3 3007 - and you know that ain't gonna happen - are the McCanns, because it prolongs the myth of an abductor.

  23. I doubted v. much whether satellites would be much help. Depends on the angle of vision and host of other factors. When Maddie's body was moved it would have been dark in my opinion. There may be infrared sensors, but how they would distinguish between someone carrying Maddie and someone carrying a bag or whatever, I don't really know.

    The technical aspects are not that important. It is the application of pressure.

    I would really like the Express to put some of the other Tapas 9 under pressure. How on earth could MO claim to see the twins breathing (as he claimed) as they were behind mesh side panels in their cots and in semi-darkness and MO states categorically (on film) he stood well back from the door way (for some unfathomable reason.

  24. yes anon. "Satellites here are only a DISTRACTION people"...
    but who cares... it's another chapter in our real-life McCann soap.... I love it !

  25. Instead anoying Obama with the satellite, why not allow Amaral's book in the UK?
    It is cheaper and it has more information.
    British people would know about Payne and get the strenght to tell more about him, if they know more.
    It is known that Sint George lives on the moon, keeping company to a drake.
    Who knows both were the ones who saw the whole thing?

    Phone the Pope, and you will hear more.

  26. How come Amaral was told the satellites were focussed on Morroco at that time in May 2007 but this isn't the case now that the government are going to request the images? I smell (yet another) rat. What is the betting that fake images will be produced? After all the help and support Gordon Brown has given the McCanns, it is highly unlikely that real pictures will be published. They know that more and more people do not believe their version of events and this is probably a 'way out' for them; produce some grainy doctored images of some scruffy bloke walking off carrying something near the apartment and that will stop us all questioning the McCanns' version of events.

  27. Hi dear friends,

    What a good old news !
    I'm just waiting for the big mugshot of the perpetrator taked by an american satellite on the sad night Madeleine died.

    First we had an "egg with hair",(like the PJ said )member?described by Jane Tanner?.
    Now we'll see a new face completely different maybe a black man?
    But anyway not Gerry or David or someone from the Tapas 9.
    This picture is already ordered.

    This is as sure as an Amen in the church!

  28. I doubt that the McCanns will get caught ob camera! lol! What aload of tosh. Why dont they just arrest the McCans and charge them with neglect? 1 check is not enough and Gerry and Gerry might not even have made that!

  29. Hopefully the TRUTH about what really happened to Maddie will soon be shown to the world.

  30. THen Gerry...two days passed... where is your press conference suporting Sunday Express idea and asking the help of G. Brown and Scotland yard? THEN YOU ARE COMMITED TO LEAVE STONES UNTURNNED!!!

  31. From Salsa's comment (19/10/09 13:28):

    "JARIC is a world leader in analysing CCTV, aerial and satellite imagery, collected from all over the world."

    Well, world leader?...wasn't the same said of the FSS?...and we all know what came out of it!

  32. Have you ever heard about the use of American satellites to get abduction movements in a certain place at a certain hour? Now you know, it is possible and effective, just ask Gordon he will be kind enough to have a word with Obama. Well, just ask, they will be glad to help...you just have to wait a year or two.


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