1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Twitterers protest in person at Carter Ruck office

Media lawyers Carter-Ruck felt the wrath of Twitter users once again as a 'flash mob' descended on their Central London office yesterday.

By Rory Crew

The symbolically gagged protesters were opposing Carter Ruck's injuntion against the Guardian. Acting on behalf of commodity traders Trafigura, the lawyers had attempted to stop the press a reporting parliamentary question asking about an injunction banning publication of the Minton report which relates to the alleged dumping of toxic waste in Ivory Coast.

The injunction was partially lifted on Wednesday to allow reporting of the question after it was widely flouted by users of the Twitter social networking site.

Richard Wilson, 34, author of, Don’t Get Fooled Again, set-up a Tweetvite uring some of the Twitterers to make their protest in person at the Law firm's offices.

Although only half of the promised 25 protesters turned up police were on hand in case of bigger crowds. The police stressed they were there to facilitate the demo and to ensure no obstruction was caused.

The small crowd was largely unnoticed until a car carrying a mobile stereo system added some entertainment to the proceedings. A group calling themselves the suburban pirates circled Carter Ruck's offices, calling for greater freedom of speech over a PA system. Their vintage pick-up truck, emblazoned with a reggae flag was ignored by the police but it was discovered it had been stopped en route to the protest and allowed to continue.

A member of the web-based anti-Scientology group, Anon, said he felt that Carter Ruck's injunction was symptomatic of the suppression of the media that has been used by companies and individuals to censor adverse publicity. He stressed he wasn’t a spokesman but feared reprisals, taking care to hide his face a mask from the film V for Vendetta.

in Press Gazzette

Read as well: Carter-Ruck in new move to stop debate in parliament

«Farrelly said: "Carter-Ruck's manoeuvres this week, were it not so serious, would be tantamount to high farce. It is important MPs should not be prevented from going ahead with debates next week."

The prominent media lawyer Mark Stephens said: "This sort of assault on democratic privileges is what you would expect to see in a banana republic."»

Minton report at Wikileaks: Trafigura toxic dumping along the Ivory Coast broke EU regulations, 14 Sep 2006

«Updated October 15, 2009: The "Minton report" exposes a toxic waste dumping incident which hospitalized thousands. The UK media has been suppressed from referencing the report and its contents since a secret gag order was issued against it on September 11, 2009. The report was commissioned trhough Waterson & Hicks, a UK law firm, possibly to claim client-attorney privilege should it leak. Client and dump is "Trafigura", a giant multi-national oil and commodity trader. The report assesses a toxic dumping incident involving Trafigura and the Ivory Coast—possibly most culpable mass contamination incident since Bhopal. The UK media is currently unable to mention the URL "http://wikileaks.org/wiki/Minton" or anything else that would direct people towards the report.»

Listen to Prime Minister Questions podcast: Wednesday 14 October 2009 at 24:17 minutes

Take Action! Sign the petition: Freedom of Expression on the Madeleine McCann Case

«We refer to the high profile case of Madeleine McCann.

We have heard the McCanns side of the story and its variations through the UK press and media many many times. There are thousands of people who question the validity of these press reports and would would like to hear the other side of the story, that being the version told by Gonçalo Amaral, the investigating officer in the case, and the Policia Judiciaria.

Gonçalo Amaral`s side of the story is available in his book "The Truth of the Lie", and can also be viewed in his documentary where he claims to dis-prove the McCanns version of events.

We, as members of the public are entitled to hear from Mr Amaral, we are entitled to the facts of this case and we are entitled to draw our own conclusions from the evidence that stands.

We also want to hear from the Madeleine Foundation. We want access to the book "60 Reasons to suggest that there was no abduction" by Tony Bennett.

We are human beings with human rights, one of those rights being the freedom of expression.

We feel that the firm of lawyers namely Carter Ruck have overstepped the mark and taken away our rights as members of the public.

We therefore demand that:

Carter Ruck remove any injunction and refrain from creating any further injuctions against any person including Gonçalo Amaral and the Madeleine Foundation, to speak out against the parents or anyone else connected with the Madeleine McCann case unless they can prove that anything that has been said is false, libelous or defamatory.

We want to hear from Gonçalo Amaral in the United Kingdom.

We want the option to purchase the book "The Truth of the Lie".

Gonçalo Amaral must be allowed to publish this book (which is based on the facts of the case as already published in the original police files), in the United Kingdom.


We want to see the Documentary of "The Truth of the Lie" by Goncalo Amaral in the United Kingdom.

We want the Madeleine Foundation website re-instated

We want the book "60 Reasons to suggest that there was no abduction" by Tony Bennett back on sale.

We want Carter Ruck to stop Gagging those who are seeking to find out what happened to a little 3 year old girl and let us get on the task that the British Government failed to do.»


  1. SIGNED!
    I believe it is now the right time to put as much pressure as we possibly can for the re-opening of the case

  2. Yes. "Stop banning books - reopen the case" should be our slogan.

  3. Iron
    Off topic but I was wondering if we are not neighbours.Have you ever mentioned "Santa Pola"?or is it my wild imagination?

  4. Signed.

    Sick of TM's smoke-and-mirrors blather. It's time to return to the cold, hard facts of Madeleine's case.


  5. http://bastardoldholborn.blogspot.com/2009/10/carter-ruck-v-twitter.html
    Do you mind if I post this link again - Old Holborn is such a good site! (Not mine BTW)

  6. Thank you Joana for posting this press item. I had been hoping this demonstration would garner more media attention - along the lines of the antics of the Fathers for Justice group which got world wide attention.

  7. Joana and Kazlux

    Thanks for that interesting report and I hope Carter Muck get the message that people want freedom of speech and reporting.

    The dumping of toxic waste in any country needs front page media attention without hindrance.

    Likewise, Goncalo Amaral and The Madeleine Foundation, even if people don't agree with their views, have the right to voice an opinion on the McCann case.

    Let's hope the petition is successful.

  8. Think this little protest march should have been cancelled due to lack of interest. Hardly anyone showed up. Fine line between freedom and liableous comments.

    I support Carter-Ruck - good for them.

  9. A police presence for a dozen peaceful protesters. How ridiculous.

  10. The crazy thing is that the 60 reasons are simply obvious statements and are not in any way libellous, yes they make the mcCanns look bad, but think on this...

    Kate McCann refused to answer 40+ questions asked of her by the Portuguese police - who were trying to find her daughter!

    This is fact, why is it libellous?

    Gerry McCann only checked his daughter once that night, Kate didnt check her at all until 10 pm.

    No other checks were made where anyone actually saw the children.

    Despite how important these things are, the McCanns have left the public in total confusion about what actually went on that night.

    Carter Ruck were sent the 60 reasons booklet before it was publically available, no effort was made to stop it, none of the points raised were challenged.

    They have now decided to bully the MF - putting the frighteners on two free citizens - money clearly being the power and the blunt instrument used to crush freedom of expression.

    Its jsut such a shame that os few people are realising whats going on here - and only a handful of people demonstrated against the bully boys Carter Ruck.

  11. signed ,I have the right ,as well as anyone else

  12. http://wikileaks.org/wiki/Suppressed_Madeleine_Foundation_book_by_Tony_Bennett%2C_2008

    Hi Joana...Do you have this link?

  13. Sunday Express - British Home Secretary to ask U.S. for satellite images in order to identify Madeleine's "kidnapper".

  14. Spread that Petition trough your e-mail adresses and send it to the media. I think we need to extend the claim to Portugal because the book and the documentary are forbbiden there aswell.


  15. Maybe only a few people turned up this time. But my belief is that the protests will grow.

    After all, this was before they were mentioned on national news re the Guardian gagging, and the gagging of them being able to say they were gagged.

    I would support a demo near me but couldn't get to London.



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