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UEFA Forbids Maddie Campaign in Luz

Estádio da Luz

Campaign by Everton Restricted

The campaign for Madeleine McCann that the Everton team wanted to do today at the Luz Stadium in the match against Benfica was restricted by UEFA .

The governing body of European football banned the use of allusive t-shirts by the English players and the passage of the girl's picture on the screens of the stadium. It is because of this decision that the campaign will be limited to the stands, where the fans of the English club can use t-shirts saying: "We're still looking for you."

Six thousand t-shirts were made, half written in Portuguese and the other half in English.

Maddie vanished in Praia da Luz, Algarve, in May 2007. The process of investigation was closed without proved conclusions.

The parents defend the thesis of abduction and one of the first pictures of their daughter released to the media shows Maddie wearing an Everton shirt.

in Correio da Manhã

images by The McCann Gallery

Game Results

Benfica 5-0 Everton 22 october 2009
Uefa Cup Europa League match goals highlights :
14' [1 - 0] J.P. Saviola
47' [2 - 0] O. Cardozo
48' [3 - 0] O. Cardozo
52' [4 - 0] Luisao
83' [5 - 0] J.P. Saviola

The Fantastic Five Goals

A clip taken by an Everton supporter on mobile at Benfica Stadium - see the t-shirts?

Update from the McCann's site

* THANK YOU EVERTON 22nd October 2009

This is a heartfelt note to say a very big thank you to all at Everton Football Club and all of their fantastic supporters. To see so many fans wearing a Madeleine t-shirt was an incredibly uplifting (and emotional!) sight – such invaluable support and an amazing show of solidarity.

Regardless of tonight’s result against Benfica, you have made one family very proud and have made a special and significant impact on the search for a very precious little girl.

On behalf of Madeleine and all of her family, thank you so much. We are very proud to be Blue!


  1. Thank goodness for that! Riots have broken out at a football match for much less! If only there had been the oportunity to print some t-shirts with the picture of a gagged Gonçalo Amaral and distribute those to the "benfiquistas". Go to the McCann Gallery and have a look at the other "alternative" t-shirts, all great stuff! Mr. Himself's versions are the ones that should be on people's backs out there, the " why didn't you look for me the night I went missing" one!

  2. At least somebody with sense. Football, artists and politiques should not mix with criminal issues. This is not a campaign to raise monney for a child which needs a urgent transplant. THIS IS A CRIME ISSUE!!

  3. Even UEFA understands how sensitive this case is. But not the McCanns, they are devoid of any scruples.

  4. Just want to add:
    Congratulations on the blog makeover! It looks beautiful, easier to read with the white background. I felt a bit lost at first because I had to find my way into (re)opening my google account, I'm terrible with passwords, they slip from my mind like sand between my fingers, that's why I always posted as anon. in the "old" blog.
    Well done, blog owners!

  5. Thank Goodness someone has some common sense, when I read about the Everton publicity stunt my first thoughts were, ahh the McCanns are sounding out the Portugese to find out what the reactions are from the Portugese before the intended return to Portugal to continue their campaign.

    I only hope that the UEFA are not criticised for making a sound decision.

    My opinion is that until the case is re-opened, with all police working together It will continue to become a circus and not justice for a little girl.


  6. Good.

    People have had enough of this.

  7. Thank you UEFA!
    As other posters have suggested, this could cause trouble on the terraces.
    Just WHO are the McCanns?
    WHAT makes them so powerful?
    WHO is behind this 'machine'?
    Answer those questions and we might get to the bottom of this case.

  8. Bravo UEFA!

    Everton FC and TM may have forgotten the rough reception Gerry McCann received from locals when filming his mockumentary in Praia da Luz, but no-one else has. The fixture would have been a disaster waiting to happen.

    Benfica - 1, Everton - 0


  9. UEFA have my backing for this decision. Football crowds are volatile enough in the normal course of events without adding to it. I'm sure many Portuguese fans will be in the crowd and incensed by seeing the McCanns being given publicity, bearing in mind the way they have insulted the Portuguese and especially the PJ's. If they want Madeleine found then they should co-operate with the PJ's in every sense of the word and return for a reconstruction; answer the unanswered questions, and press for the opening of the case. Maybe then the public will believe they are serious.

  10. Phrases without meaning on a t-shirt; an action designed to perpetuate the myth of 'the search' and promote a feelgood factor for 'the fans'. What earthly use is there in a football fan wearing one of these t-shirts? The reality is that those who do not want to find her or know that she cannot be found are only pretending to look and those who should be looking are doing nothing of the kind.


  11. I can't find any confirmation of this story on the UEFA website, the Everton website and even Google has no clue.
    The story in Correira doesn't add up. It is wishfull thinking??
    Without an confirmation by a independable third party, this is a hoax!

  12. A responsible decision by EUFA who are aware that the disappearance of MBM is an unsolved crime which has inflamed national feelings and has no place corruptimg the sporting world and inflaming football fans. The case needs to be re-opened by the police and solved.
    EUFA 1. McCanns 0.

  13. Viva o Benfica!!! Justice for Madeleine, and courage and strength for Dr. Amaral. You'll never walk alone, Gonçalo!

  14. http://mccannmilliondollarchallenge.webs.com/mccannsrespond.htm

  15. Good luck Benifica , hope you win tonight

  16. are the Mccanns going to sue the UEFA as well????
    Claudia from Germany

  17. If this is true, then common sense has prevailed, as for the McCanns legal issue with Sr Amaral, what about the Court of Human rights, are there no large law firms who would take his case on pro bono, are there no multi-millionaires in Portugal who would support him? If indeed a fund is set up for his legal costs you can count me in! The actions of the McScams is now placing them in a very dangerous position, for if this comes to court and they loose, the house in Rothley can go for a start. I can just see Gezza and Katie on the streets, or should i say i would love to! I have always believed that what goes around comes around, and if you do not pay for your sins in this life you certainly will in the next.

  18. Finally someone with b@lls! As someone posted yesterday it seems theuir new Portugal campaign consist of "up yours" activities. What a disgusting duo. Time somebodu put a stop to it.

  19. Marvellous response from UEFA, at last someone is both sensible and powerful. This action could have resulted in running battles as fans from both countries vied with each other.(Anyone could have predicted that.)
    Would the McCanns have been found liable for damages if anyone had died or got injured after the match?
    Also, and far more to the point, the photo of Madeleine in the Everton shirt is some years out of date by now and no good for identification purposes.

  20. Just wanted to say i really like the new layout folks, well done!!

  21. Protestem contra as T-shirts de Maddie no estadio da Luz.

    Inundem o site do Benfica com protestos. Aqui vai o e-mail do benfica e a copia do meu protesto:


    "Como Portuguesa nao posso deixar de lamentar que hoje num estadio do meu pais adeptos de futebol vistam t-shirts que levarao ao mundo a imagem de um Portugal de raptores e pedofilos. Misturar o espectaculo do futebol com o crime de negligencia que foi deixar Madeleine Mccann e os seus irmaos entregues a si mesmos e portanto a merce de qualquer crime ou acidente, e um erro que deixa o futebol mais pobre e especialmente, os adeptos de futebol portugueses, mais pobres e muito insultados.
    A UEFA tomou a decisao acertada de proibir a campanha. Os adeptos do Benfica, esperam que do seu clube tambem saia uma decisao que engrandeca e respeite Portugal porque o crime esta por resolver e e com investigacao policial e nos tribunais que ele tem de ser resolvido, NAO EM ESTADIOS DE FUTEBOL OU NAS RUAS.

    Quem alimenta estas campanhas nao defende os direitos das criancas e nao defende os direitos desta crianca em Particular. Ela merece que se descubra a verdade para que possa ser encontrada. Na policia Judiciaria e nos tribunais portugueses, e onde tem de ser feita a campanha por ela, nao nos Estadios de Futebol.

    Que o Futebol permaneca como um espectaculo para reunir multidoes e nao um motivo de discordia e polemica, e que hoje.... venca o melhor!."

  22. There is a Black-out on portuguese media, about everything related with Maddie and Amaral. Only few papers (EXPRESSO and Correio da Manha) reported the news about Amaral and the court decision about the profites from the book. Seem's that there is pressure in the media to give a litle coverage. Like this, they prevent a big amount of public to know it and got to the streets to protest against all this cover-up.
    PUBLICO is a newspaper which always publish everything with "have your say"open and without monitorazing the comments. Today, nothing about that in the Publico.

    It is also interessing the date that news come out- When annother writer, Saramago, which won the Nobel of the literature is under fire, by not having the same position as the Church have about God and the Bible. It is his opinion and people should be tolerant and respect that. The country is going back to the 15 Century with people gagged and silenced, like during the INQUISITION. Of-course, Mccann's lawyers choose the day to come out with that news because Saramago is the TOP TEN OF THE CRITICISM and nobody cares about other books. A shame. I hope people from outside Portugal, with Power and dignity should look at what is going on in Portugal today and force Madeleine case to be re-openned by an internacional court, where there is no pressions and no corruption. I'm talking about the portuguese comunnity around the world. SOMEONE WITH POWER SHOULD SET-UP a FUND TO HELP AMARAL AND BRING IN INTERNACIONAL LAWYERS FROM USA, SUISSE, FRANCE to solve this case and bring dignity to Portugal and to a child which was completly abandonned since the beginning. LETS TO START A CHAIN and frame the portuguese authorities inside all the mistakes they have done and still doing.

  23. If this story in the paper is true then they have not forbidden the Everton campaign as the title of the blog says. Restricted? I'm not sure this story is true as I cannot find any confirmation.

    I'll be watching the match though and even if the wearing of T shirts to raise the profile of a missing child is restricted to the Everton fan area it will be a success as the cameras will be on Everton fans at some point.

    It beggars belief that people protest at raising the profile of a missing child.

  24. The Everton Campaign,

    The intention is for as many Evertonians as possible to be wearing the T-shirts in the Portugal capital.

    Now UEFA cant stop anyone doing that. So forbidding the Everton campaign? Not true.

  25. watch the game live here http://pt.justin.tv/lmmslive1

  26. 5-0 and no T-shirts in view http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVYZ3_R9TYU

  27. It's a shame that a matter of the disappearance (death) of a little child should be mixed with football.

    I don't like football, but I cannot obviate that Benfica won 5-0 to Everton ...

    Next time bring shirts asking the parents to be truthfull


  28. Benfica-5 Everton-0 ! And no signs of Madeleine's t-shirt!I think they drank so much that they forgot they were suposed to wear the t-shirt. I'm so, so disapointed with the english...

  29. I think that is one game that Everton will rather forget. The club might think twice about such a campaign stunt in future especially to do so on Portugal after all that has happened as in red rag and bull. UEFA made the right decision as the stunt undermines sport and takes away from the event. Using the old picture shows what its about money and the fund using the image as the trademark logo. Explotation at its worst and they accuse others of making money on the back of Madeline.

  30. This was a badly thought out publicity stunt, always likely to backfire in some way. It seems to have backfired by jinxing Everton, but that's what you get for being stupidly provocative in the first place.

    And what on earth was the big idea of showing a 3-year-old Madeleine on the t-shirts anyway? What was this supposed to DO? Everyone knows what Madeleine looked like when she was 3 years old, so why the need to show her at that age again? Are we supposed to believe time has stood still and Madeleine would still look the same if she were alive?

    The sheer stupidity of these people never fails to amaze me. If they want the help of the Portuguese in finding out what happened to Madeleine then they need to ask the PJ to reopen the case, with they themselves promising to answer all questions asked and all the Tapas 9 attending an official reconstruction. This pretence that they're actually doing something called a 'search for Madeleine' is wearing a bit thin nowadays; no one can see anything being done, except one daft stunt after another, all equally ridiculous.

  31. Everton should had been warned not to get involved with the Mccanns.
    This couple brings bad luck to everything and everybody.
    Starting with the accident with their little daughter, for whom they were expected to be responsible.
    Followed by the fraud fund, bilt up by innocent people who believed them.
    Even cheating on the priest and de Vatican.
    Lying day and night.

    Everton was ready to do a favor to them and lost indecently.
    0 against 5,

    and it was Maddie's ghost, begging for justice.
    Do they see that?

  32. Everton from Liverpool, where Kate comes from?

    Is Madeleine sending this team a message of dispair?

    Is she crying for help and for justice?

    Where did Madelein's conception happen? also in Liverpool?

  33. to anonymous 11 http://sic.sapo.pt/online/noticias/pais/UEFA+proibiu+jogadores+do+Everton+de+vestirem+a+camisola+com+a+foto+de+Maddie.htm

  34. 24 Horas newspaper reported that the manager of Everton is a friend of the Mccann's. That explains the suport. But Madeleine's ghost had more power.... they loose on the way that they will never forgot and today they become a joke for all Benfica suporter's.

    Next time they should wear a T-shirt with Kate and Madeleines face Saying:


    Maybe they will get much, much more lucky!

  35. Another waste of money...is one child so important anyway?

    This wasted money could have gone to the NSPCC or other organistions looking after children who are also being neglected, just as Madeleine was.

    A spectacular misfire - the McCanns are damned to hell.

  36. Regarding the 'Update from the McCanns site'.

    TM are in denial as always. They assume that the UK public were not informed about the UEFA ban of their campaign? Will they never realise how naive they are.


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