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Amaral surprised about book that defends him

A detective on the other side of the Atlantic believes in the thesis of Madeleine’s death, which is defended by Gonçalo Amaral. The former inspector swears that he knew about nothing

by Miguel Ferreira

“I don’t know the book and I have never been contacted by the author”, says Gonçalo Amaral about a book about the Maddie case that investigator Brian Johnson promises will soon be available in the United States. “I have received news from that gentleman only yesterday, through an email that he sent me to inform me about the cover, where one can read ‘Madeleine McCann, Faked Abduction’”, added the former PJ inspector.

Accompanying the image, a brief text: “To be published soon in the United States. In support of the many and good investigators that dedicated themselves to finding the truth that lies behind the disappearance of Madeleine McCann”.

The book, with data from the Judiciária’s investigation, points towards the death of Madeleine McCann.

An unexpected story

According to information that is published on the Internet, where Brian is also responsible for the “truthformadeleine.com” website, the book highlights “the inconsistencies in the various alibis, the ever-changing witness accounts and the lack of police cooperation from the McCanns and their friends, the so-called Tapas 7”. Brian Johnson also mentions that “while researching the book, the McCanns have declined to answer important questions relating to the disappearance of their daughter”. For the North American, there was a clear attempt to gag the persons that wanted to publish the truth about the case.

And Brian advises, “after reading the book, decide for yourself if this was a Faked Abduction”.

For Amaral, this is an unexpected story. “It was surprising to see my name and that of inspector Tavares de Almeida cited right on the cover”. The policeman, who retired from the PJ, further states that he does not know the book’s content and also rejects that it could be “an attempt to reply to the prohibition” of his book “The Truth about the Lie”.

Concerning news that have been published in the Portuguese media, referring to negotiations between Brian and Amaral, the policeman states that they are false, and recalling that the publication rights over his book belong to editor “Guerra & Paz”, he further questions “if that gentleman wanted to write a book, what could he possibly want to negotiate with me?”

Kate and Gerry McCann’s spokesperson has already stated that he does not know the book, but asserted that any attempt towards defamation will face justice.

A new lawsuit from Joana’s mother

Gonçalo Amaral is serene over the news that come “from the other side of the Atlantic”, but restless and revolted about the news that have been imposed by the Portuguese justice. Yesterday, he was summoned to give a statement, at the Public Ministry at the Court of Portimão, within the certificates that have been extracted from the process that opposed Leonor Cipriano to several Judiciária policemen, namely Gonçalo Amaral.

Unsatisfied with the jury court’s decision, Marcos Aragão, Joana’s mother’s lawyer, has filed new lawsuits against the former Polícia Judiciária inspector. Within those, he returned to court but remained silent. “I will only speak when the complaint that I have filed in April, against Marcos Aragão, suffers some sort of advancement”, he indignantly told 24Horas, explaining that, relating to that case, “nothing was done, nobody was heard”.

In his complaint, Amaral requests, for example, that Marcos Aragão is subject to a mental evaluation.

source: 24Horas, 30.11.2009



  2. What? My goodness!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Maybe someone should point out to Payne and the Mccanns that we also have a pact.

    We will not rest until they and their accomplices are behind bars.

  4. In his complaint, Amaral requests, for example, that Marcos Aragão is subject to a mental evaluation.

    People seem to forget, so I would like to remind them ,it is Marcos who said that Madeleine had been raped ,murdered and thrown in a lake. Marcos does not only need URGENT evaluation he should be in a hospital where he can get the help he so badly needs.

  5. As far as I know, 24Horas is a tabloid.
    I don't want to diminish its value, but it is a tabloid.
    Maybe this is true, maybe not.
    It is hard to believe Amaral knew nothing about this new book.
    We have to wait and see.

  6. The news of this book is on the new madelaine foundation website and you will be able to order from there, very very clever change of name the Maccanns will have to sue again.

  7. Sorry, my comment is about another comment left on the post "McCanns launch tv blitz...". Someone there mentioned that Maddie's photo in the Sunday Express shows the coloboma in the wrong eye (the left side one). I had not noticed it and I went to the Find Madeleine website to compare with her photo there, and, oh boy, it sure it's strange, the photo in the Find M. shows the coloboma in the right side eye! What's going on here? I've read about the all coloboma story being a fake before, about photos where there didn't seem to be any defect in any of the eyes, and now this! Were the photos photoshoped( sorry, not sure about spelling)? If so, why? About Madeleine's coloboma, as in many other matters regarding this case, we only have her family say so, remember, there were never any medical records to confirm or deny if she indeed had that particular defect. Despite the PJ's requests those medical files never reached the investigators. It was said that she presented the coloboma in both eyes, but to a much lesser degree in one of them( the left one?), but in the Express photo it clearly shows the full coloboma in the left eye, while in the oficial site it undoubtedly is in the right eye!
    All so very weird and fishy...

  8. I think that his knowledge of the book or not is of no importance. The fact now that there is a book in English saying the exact same thing as Amaral must surely help in his court case. How can a case go ahead now when there is a duplicate...Mccanns will have to also sue Brian and have this book banned...Having said that, portugal has very strange lawyers who hear voices wandering about and let the Mccanns who have done so much damage to their country enter and leave as they please. Anything is possible...I hope though that this book goes in Amarals favour.

  9. Hi Eillen..No, Stevo is Brian Johnson...lol

  10. The "New Madeleine Foundation"
    A New Book
    A RE Newed lawsuit by an other crazy one....
    Isnt it "funny" how things evolve?
    The answer to this new book is a Cipriano"s re kindled squizz of venom against Dr.Amaral.
    "Hace un dia precioso y alguien viene y te lo jode".
    "Its a lovely day but somedy comes and f....it up"
    Typical.Expected.Crystal clear.
    Yes, the Cipriano"s lawyer definitively needs a mental evaluation and a straight jacket to go in on that future beautiful day it happens because it will.

  11. Dr Amaral is a smart man. By publicly distancing himself from the book this way, the McCanns cannot claim he's in breach of the gagging order he's currently under! Nice one ;))

  12. Iron....buenos dias

    ......AND because he said what he said why didnt the mccanns sue HIM? I mean he SAID M was DEAD and he was looking for a CADAVER.
    Anyhow I think they should also sue Tavares de Almeida shouldnt they?:))

  13. You don't need Dr. Amaral's permission to quote stuff that he has put in the public domain as head of the investigation and later as author and fighter for justice. This applies to any of his erstwhile subordinates too.

    It's obvious that Dr. Amaral cannot comment on this book in public because the Portuguese court has forbidden him from discussing anything about the case and he would be in contempt if he did.

    What does it matter who Stevo is or Brian Johnson? What matters is getting material out to a wider public to encourage discussion of the case and increase pressure for it to be reopened. Anything which forces the spokesman's hand to issue a threat of legal action has got to be good. If it makes the McCanns furious that's even better.


  14. Stevo has tied himself to Amaral and done him no favours in doing so.

  15. I hope Mr Amaral doesnt let himself be associated with this Stevo character, or with Benett. Not good for his credibility. Not good at all!

  16. @anonymous at 11:55.what a ridiculous thing to say,any person who brings the truth to the public should be commended.my you seem to be getting a tad worried,but i doubt its for mr amaral.

  17. The McCanns were unaware of this book said a spokesman - Yeah right, we believe that don't we.....

    http://truthformadeleine.com/ has been taken down. Carter *uck strike again??

  18. After reading this article I went to the author's site truthformadeleine.com to have a look and the site was up and running. That was this morning, but I had to go out so I decided to read it later. Now I've been back and the site is gone! There's some rubbish adverts in it's place. Has the site been Carter-F*cked?

  19. Dr Amaral knows what he is doing. He doesn't need that kind of advice, and by the way, leave off trying to besmirch Stevo and Tony.

    They have done a lot more than most of us to help get the message out.

  20. This book is the first of many ,I'll be bound!
    You are not alone Dr.Amaral.
    Writers, journalists, investigators! Go forth and multiply!
    Viva The TRUTH!

  21. Stevo seems to be judged and his book "faked abduction" subjected to prejudiced comments even before book is in circulation. Why look for enemy outside when we have it within? Team mccanns will jump on this bandwagon with glee.

    No matter whether people know Stevo shortcoming was, wouldnt it be best leaving the judgment of the book until people have read it. It's Stevo sticking out his neck afterall? Are people duly concerned because they are worried for him or do people have personal agenda?

  22. Anonymous at 13.24, why don't you put a sock in it and get back to your rosiepops site, or wherever else you have crawled out from.

    Good try but nobody is buying it.

  23. It's interesting that Amaral has filed a case for Marco's mental health to be evaluated. I'm surprised someone with that mental impairment is still allowed to practise - his actions indicated he should have been locked up in a home long before this. What with his ridiculous claim about Maddie's death as well as stalking Amaral. I am surprised Amaral didnt sue him for stalking as well?

  24. I hope this book is real and not another fantasy of somebody which wants to come to the circus and get few minutes of glory and fame.
    In fact if that book exist, all portuguese citisens, PDL residents and all responsable parents around the world, must say thank you to this brave author, in the name of Madeleine. He has the courage to help and highlight the truth and we have the right to know it. Where is our personality right to be informed with allowance to make our own conclusions?
    The Mccann's and their lawyers are the new Hitlers with their whishes and dark strategies to force people to think on a single THEORY- THE ABDUCTION THEORY without any evidence to suport it!
    O "pensamento unico" e a mais foleira das ideologias, no mundo moderno. E preciso ter cerebro de galinha para o defender....

  25. I applaud Stevo, Tony, Debbie and the like. They continue to be the spearhead of our campaign to find out the truth. They have individually and probably collectively done a damn sight more that a lot of these anonymous posters who try to do them down. I am humbled by their persistance and embarrassed that I can only support them verbally.

  26. A false alarm. truthformadeleine.com is back up!! Hooray!!

  27. Anonymous said... 27
    A false alarm. truthformadeleine.com is back up!! Hooray!!

    02/11/09 16:24

    Hooray indeed and what an interesting site it is too!
    Back on topic - this book certainly seems to be rattling a few cages even before it's been published, but then if it's information from the files we already know what's in it and so do they of course. Explains the negative comments; the facts are what they don't want people to know.


  28. I have been giving this case a lot of thought lately, and still believe, despite the rumours about paedophilia, that Madeline was somehow injured, which accounts for the blood findings in the apartment. (Of course it could be that she was subject to both!). However, I have been thinking along the lines that she was not injured on the night she went missing, but the night Mrs Fenn heard her crying. I believe that on that night when Mrs Fenn heard her, that somehow she had fallen and hurt her head really badly and carried on crying. I believe that she may have bled from either her nose or her ear, which is common with a bang on the head. I believe that when her parents came home they managed to calm her down pretty quickly and clean her up. (Remember that Kate McCann did admit, as one of their innocent reasons for finding blood in the apartment, that Madeleine had indeed had a nose bleed). Crucially, I believe they did not seek medical help for Madeleine because they had left her for 75 minutes and thought they would be asked some awkward questions. I believe she should have had a scan on her head in a hospital but they failed to do this, thinking, we are doctors we will keep her under our own observations. I believe they gave her Calpol to calm her down, as well as again the next morning when Madeleine asked why they did not come when she was crying (they omitted to say that Madeline said why did you not come when I was crying because I hurt my head!). I believe no visible mark showed on top of her head because she has a very good head of hair. I then think that Madeline, the next day, and as a lot of small children can do, appeared to get over her trauma quite quickly and because the Calpol had helped soothed her headache, but that the McCann’s both decided to increase their checks on the night of the 3rd May, just in case. I believe that Madeleine would have gone to the kids club as usual next day with her parents telling her that they would mention her head to the staff (which I do not believe they did). I think they gave her even more Calpol when they collected her at lunch time.

    Again, on the night of 3rd May they gave her more Calpol and increased their observations of Madeleine, this is why not only the McCann’s but indeed all of their friends were checking the McCann apartment (Remember, the McCann’s at no time stated they helped to check their friend’s apartments). There must be a good reason for this and I think it was because of Madeleine previously hurting herself. Then, the unthinkable happens, and Madeleine is discovered to have had a relapse from her head injury, which has proved fatal. Having failed to seek medical help for their daughter, having left her 75 minutes when it occurred, having failed to stay in with her on the night of the 3rd, there is only one course of action open to them, that is to avoid a post mortem at all costs. They would be well aware of the consequences of their actions and how they would be accused of neglect. Also they would have given her a lot of Calpol to help ease her headache and it might have been too much for her small body. (I think the twins had had their fair share as well to ensure they all slept soundly). All in all they were disgracefully neglectful of their children, especially of their eldest daughter and failed her. Even Kate McCann is quoted as saying, “We have let her down”. I believe they invented the abduction theory as their apartment was on the ground floor, opening on to the street, and they thought it was a story that would be believed, especially as they are well educated doctors

  29. This still unpublished book is rattling an awful lot of cages on an awful lot of sites:D
    Dr.Amaral cannot comment about anything over books and relationship with anything that "hurt the search for Madeleine".
    And for disruptive posters: Stevo has not tied uphimself to Dr.Amaral nor Tony Benett but ,yes, WE are all tied up with one objective in mind: the TRUTH and JUSTICE for Madeleine.

  30. Of course Snr Amaral knew nothing about the new book in the USA. Snr Amaral is no fool and it is not in his interest to be associated with such a book. He has done his job well and it is now time for other good men to take up the baton and publicise what is publicly available in the evidence files published by the PJ. The McCanns won't like it, and will tear their hair out and run round in circles. Oh what a shame. There, there, never mind. Make no mistake McCanns, there will always be other good men.

  31. If this is real it would be a good thing to do. I hope the book just focuses investigation facts. I would be glad to send a copy to Oprah as her nighty booky. I'm sure that Amaral is not surprised with this new happening but unfortunately lessons were learn in the past and we cannot be good and saint in this country so I sign bellow, no one has nothing to do with this author, with this book, with the format or the matter, we do not know the man, we do not know a thing about anything at all. We just believe a big judgment is coming... but I may be wrong...

  32. Despite the McCann and Co efforts to the contrary, the TRUTH is now available to the English-speaking world. Well done!

  33. Can't wait to read the book 'Faked Abduction' and I'm sure there will be more books written about the Mysterious Disappearance of a little girl from the face of the earth....even if this book gets carter f*cked....the TRUTH will out one day imho.

  34. 1: Truth for Madeleine was 2 years old on November 1st. The credit card I used to renew the domain had expired so when it went to automatically renew yesterday, it didn't go through and had to be done manually this morning. Hence the glitch.

    2: Mr. Amaral is on the mailing list for the new book and currently there are over 5400 subscribers. He would have seen the newsletter/emailing like everyone else. As I have had no personal contact with him on this specific matter he would not know anything about it. The man is absolutely correct in the above article.

    3: The book was under development before the shenanigans with Mr. Amaral's injunction but clearly there is now more interest because his own book is banned. That fact is purely coincidental and again, his rejection that Faked Abduction was created as a reaction to the injunction is absolutely correct. Mr. Amaral speaks the truth. At various times myself and others had communicated with G&P to publish Truth of the Lie in the USA and/or Britain and now it is injuncted, that idea is temporarily stopped.

    Thanks everyone for support. The book is for Joe Public and is a vehicle to let the man in the street get straight down to the facts and form his/her own opinion. The funny thing is that Team McCann is already seeing it as an attack against them when they have not even read it.

    I can only conclude that unless Team McCann controls what is printed about Madeleine McCann they don't like it.

  35. It would seem now Madeleine has turned into 'Swarthy Mode'..just like her abductor...How much more crazy is this going to get.


  36. http://laprensa-sandiego.org/editorial-and-commentary/editorial/how-do-we-create-a-%E2%80%9Cmissing-ethnic-girl%E2%80%9D-syndrome-and-inject-it-into-american-media/

    I have been looking at what is called 'White girl syndrome'...Madeleine fits perfectly into this...or rather she did...So, are we now going to have lots of reports on ethnic sigthings of Madeleine...

  37. I don't believe Amaral has something to do with this new book.
    To edit a book costs a lot of money and his money is blocked.
    No Bank is willing to borrow him a cent.
    Despite the crisis, an American is helping Madeleine.
    And this is good.

    Cecília from Caracas.

  38. A new video on Mccannfiles.Exactly on the 3rd, 2/5 years after her death.
    "It is never too late to do the right thing".

    It is exactly what Amaral is trying to do. The right thing.
    Don't worry, he will manage it.

  39. IRONSIDE: Never mind "swarthy" - Madeleine looks to be about 15 years old in that image. CEOP state "Madeleine is now six years old". I just hope the noose is drawing close to round up the corrupt police involved in this case.

  40. Could the BJ who is "Brian Johnson" be the BJ who is Barbara Jacobs? AKA Sofacleese, the Leicester-based "journo" who boasted some time back on the 3Arguido site that she was writing a book about the case?

    Let's hope not, as she's been playing a VERY dubious game right across the McCann forums for more than two years. Countless identities batting for both sides. Particular fondness for mid-Atlantic personae.

  41. Wouldnt surprise me. I suspect she was behind the collapse of the old Maddie forum on the Daily Mirror site. Also claimed to be friendly with the McVay woman who was head of the McCanns fund.


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