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Amaral to train with former “enemy”

Gonçalo Amaral’s patron was Leonor Cipriano’s defender until the trial of five PJ inspectors over torture on Joana’s mother. Now they are great friends

by Rute Coelho

Life’s irony: Gonçalo Amaral, who in court helped to condemn Joana’s mother over her daughter’s death, is going to train, from January onwards, at the Portimão office of João Grade dos Santos, Leonor Cipriano’s first lawyer.

On the other hand, João Grade stopped defending Leonor – who exchanged him for lawyer Marcos Aragão Correia – on the eve of the trial of the five PJ inspectors and former inspectors that stood accused by the Public Ministry of torture over Joana’s mother.

“Since the first moment of the Joana case, I never forgot that I was merely a lawyer playing my role, and Amaral was a policeman”, João Grade dos Santos told 24horas.

“Gonçalo contacted me to become his patron during the training, which is due to start in January. Given the fact that he resides in Portimão and I have an office there, I think he chose me for a practical reason”, he explains. “That would be the reason, otherwise he would have proposed to practise at the office of his lawyer, António Cabrita [head of the Faro District division of the Lawyer’s Order], with whom he has an excellent relationship”, the lawyer explains.

It’s been months since João Grade dos Santos and Gonçalo Amaral started regular contact. “We speak very often”, the patron says about the retired inspector. João Grade even believes that the former inspector who led the Joana case investigation “may have been the victim of an injustice in the process over torture against Leonor Cipriano”.

Gonçalo Amaral ended up being condemned, on the 22nd of May this year, to a penalty of one year and six months in prison, suspended for a similar period, over the crime of false deposition. He was acquitted of the crime of omission of denunciation. The former coordinator in the Joana case investigation has appealed the sentence.

“He knows more than a 20-year-old trainee”

According to the Laywers’ Order’s rules, the training starts at the Lawyers’ Order itself, for six months, and only then can the candidate start his practical experience at a lawyers’ office. It is always the candidate who must find a patron. The full training period lasts almost three years. Then, one still has to pass the Order’s exams to be accepted as a lawyer.

João Grade dos Santos believes in his new trainee’s abilities. “My instinct tells me that Gonçalo is going to be very good. He has a refined smell and a brilliant career at the Polícia Judiciária: he become a coordinator during the time when inspectors were still called agents”, he praises, considering that “with his experience, he already knows a lot more than a trainee in his early twenties”.

Criminal investigation gives experience. “I have no doubts that he will be very good in the penal law area”, he says. As for other areas, like civil or family law, the future “master” of pupil Amaral bets on the student’s ability to learn: “I will explain to him how a process works. He won’t know how to carry out a divorce or an evacuation action at the first attempt, but I believe he will learn quickly”. The patron and the trainee are from the same generation. João Grade dos Santos is aged 51, Amaral is 50.

He even gave him the book

Gonçalo Amaral offered his patron a copy of his book about the Maddie case, “The truth about the lie”. “I read his book and I was convinced, as I had been before, anyway, that it was not an abduction. But the book does not defame the McCanns, Gonçalo Amaral does not express his opinion in it, but an investigation thesis”, says João Grade. Long before they became friends, the lawyer refused to cooperate with Spanish detective agency Método 3, which, according to a special programme on SIC on the 12th of February, wanted to count on his help in the investigation due to the Amaral factor, which was common to the Maddie and Joana cases. Grade refused. Método 3 contacted Marcos Aragão Correia, who accepted.

source: 24Horas, 23.11.2009


  1. What a MONSTER Goncalo Amaral must be, to be accepted as a trainee by his former opponent in court. An opponent who, by the way, doesn't believe the abduction theory, either! Monsters, both of them, surely, as they dare to oppose the McCanns. Quick, sue the Cipriano lawyer, he doesn't buy the abduction either! 1 million, 2 millions, 3 millions - to make up for the Halligen conundrum!
    Frankly, what is Britain waiting for !? WAKE UP!!!

  2. Thank you Joana, a very enlightening read with no fuss and frills.

  3. Good for Goncalo.

    He's getting there, and things will begin to turn around.

    The McCanns have had it their way for too long.

  4. Even though the posting of Anon 1 is a little sarcastic and rightly so, it is right on track! Surely, the McCanns are pondering about the possibilty to also sue Amaral's "master" for money since he denies the abduction theory as well. But, I am sure, they will not give it a try because every mentally sane person in the world who can read and thinkandcome to conclusions would reject to follow the McCann theory of abduction. Madeleine is dead and she died in Apartmtent 5A of Ocean Club in Praia da Luz on or around May 3, 2007. That is the official conclusion of the official investigation conducted by the official organisation for that purpose, the Portuguese Polícia Judiciária. And nowhere the final report clears the McCanns from any suspicion. It simply says at the time of shelving the case there was no sufficient evidence for a charge. That makes all the difference and is the truth. They are still and remain the prime suspects! No, the fact that Gonçalo Amaral is now the «apprentice» of his former opponent in court is one more nail to the coffin of the McCanns for the simple reason that it clearly proves the integrity and high moral standard of this lawyer in question who very well distinguishes between his job and the professional qualification of his opponent. Compare this with the behaviour of nutcase attorney Arragão and you will see the difference: João Grade dos Santos is a pride for the Portuguese judicial system, and Arragão is a shame for the same.

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  7. I watch the video One Minute for Madeleine over and over again.
    It talks about " misplaced loyalty".
    It is calling the attention for the fact the person who did it does not diserve loyalty.

  8. Did I understand correctly that the Lawyers' Order was somehow involved in the Cipriano torture case which ended up convicting Dr. Amaral of some trumped-up charge and handing him a suspended sentence? If so, isn't the next headline going to be about the Lawyers' Order rejecting Dr. Amaral's application to train to be a lawyer?

    Oh! and Gerry would like to know whether Amaral gave the copy of the book to João Grade dos Santos before or after the injunction?


  9. #6, don't you like the news? Not good for the McCann's, or what?

  10. Anon at No.6

    You sound a tad bit disgruntled.


  11. Cheer up, number 6. =))

  12. I bet the McCanns will have a sinking feeling to the stomach at this news as they give nothing but the impression they would like to completely destroy Goncalo.

    Too bad McCanns, he is fighting back and making powerful friends.

  13. #6 - What an inane comment.

    Go GA.

  14. Anon no:6

    If you think it is a load of carp you should get back to sipping your tea aka not searching!

  15. A fresh start in life at the age of 50 - truly inspiring, and more than enough proof that this man is intelectually and morally more than able to discern between good and evil, fact and fiction.
    I wish you all the best in your new profession, Dr Amaral. May you continue to pursue truth and justice, now on "the other side", but always on the side of honour and honesty!
    Parabéns, felicidades, e muito sucesso, são os votos de milhares e milhares de portugueses que não se deixam espezinhar.
    Força, Gonçalo Amaral! FORÇA!

  16. The McCanns must know by now, that its only a matter of time before they are brought to justice. Anyone with half a brain knows that they are more involved in Madeleine's disappearance, than neglect, which is still bad.

    I'm amazed they haven't fled the UK and I still think they will
    in the near future, if they aren't brought to justice. If they do scarper,Clarence will make an announcement after they've gone, saying they've done it for the sake of the twins. Of course that won't be true, the McCanns only do anything if its in their own interests, especially if it is going to save their own skins.

    None of us know what is going on behind the scenes,but if plans are afoot to bring the "gruesome,twosome" to justice,lets hope that the authorities are aware that the McCanns could decide to scarper to pastures new. They've done it once and they'll do it again.

    Goncalo has acquired another ally, lets hope more join him.If we want to keep our children safe, we need people like Dr Amaral, to rid the world of people like the McCanns.

    Thank goodness we also have people like Joana, she has made it possible for us to find out information about the McCanns and to express our views.

  17. Oh how ludicrous, Mr Amaral. How truly unhelpful!
    Does this mean you are not going away?! Poor McCann's. LOL!!!

  18. 16,well said,but what of tapas lot,will they do a runner as well so
    that they are not left holding the baby,so to speak.
    good times ahead i think with this news

  19. Hello Zodiac, Anonymous(comment 6)could be Gerry McCann or one of his team. He has already publicly mocked critics of theirs, by calling them "Nutters" He also told Sandra,when she recently interviewed him and his wife, that those who criticised them in forums were "Sad individuals"

    If criticising the McCanns, makes me a "Nutter" or a "Sad individual" so be it. At least I never behaved in the way the McCanns did and still do,also when my husband and I took our two children on a family holiday, we spent our days and evenings with the children.

    We took two children on holiday and brought two cbildren home. If we hadn't have brought both of our children home, it would have been because of an event outside of our control,such as an accident.

    If Anonymous(comment 6) isn't Gerry McCann, or one of his team,he/she, should do some research into this case, before he/she makes crass comments on this, or any other public forum.

  20. Hurrah for Dr. Grade! Well done!

  21. Right Kath, but do you think they'll take the tree and all they planted in memory of Madeleine at the bottom of their garden as well?

    Perhaps they are committed to stay there forever!

  22. Anonynous #6

    If that is all you have to say, and the news is too much to bear, you can do us all a favour: go and hang yourself!

  23. I went on vacation and took my children with me. Brought all of my children back, and I still owe the mortgage on my house. Sad nutters 'r' us...

  24. if no 6 is gerry or any of his family or friends,you had better start stocking up on nappys, as boy your time is acoming, and not soon enough for all those people that want JUSTICE FOR MADELEINE

  25. Good on Sr Amaral and this lawyer, i am sure they will do well together. I feel the tide is turning in Sr Amarals' favour. Thank you all for bringing this lovely news, i am unwell at the moment and this has cheered me up nicely. I have always believed in order to affect change in any system, it is wise to get in the middle.

  26. An left wondering how the McCanns are going to spin this in their favour, or is Clarence really at a loss for words.

  27. Good for Gonçalo for having the determination to train for a new career at the age of 50. I hope it'll be a long and successful one.

    Maybe Kate McCann would like to study for a second career as a lawyer? She hasn't gone back to her work as a doctor and told Sandra Felgueiras she has no plans to go back, incidentally wasting all that training at the taxpayers' expense.

    Anyhow, just a thought. With no money coming into the house except Gerry's salary and the child benefit it couldn't do any harm to retrain in another field. With the twins now at school she's got plenty of time to study for something, if she doesn't intend going back to work in the medical profession. She might then learn something of the law, especially the fact that it applies to everybody equally, something they'd all do well to remember.

  28. OMG what with the FBI trying to find Halligen now this, they will be alot of twitchy people in Team Mccann now, and that includes Brian (d/glazing) Kennedy, as already been said ........................FOLLOW THE MONEY!! and Mr amaral knows this too.


  29. Picture of the mccanns,in their Rothley Obscure Manor, around The Big Cauldron Of Libels stirring machiavelic thoughts over Jaõ Grade: shall we or shall we not sue ? :))

  30. Am I right in thinking that Amaral previously trained as a lawyer before becoming a policeman?

  31. The McCanns wont be worrying about money, not with the small print written into their Fund.

    This isn't a charity, you could say it is the McCann Family Fund as they can spend it as they choose to pay all their needs.

    And that includes the mortgage!

    Yet the people who are sending it don't appear to be aware of that, so that leak from someone on the inside that they were paying the mortgage with it must have been a real shock.

    Great care will no doubt be taken in future to make sure nothing like that happens again, only the information about the spending of the money on the search.

    Is that amount true?

    Who knows, but the McCanns. Presumably they could say whatever they want and it is being taken as gospel.

    Just like so much else of what they have said!

  32. Mr Amaral has remained dignified and tough during this ordeal. He is patient and will see this thing through with the help of his friends. The duo didn't realise they took on such an intelligent man.

  33. you might be interested in this .....

  34. But why should Kate Healy go back to work as a doctor when she now only has two purposes in life: to make Tea For Two and To Keep Her Mouth Shut Lest She Go Off Script? What I life! Can you imagine her going back to work and being lured into a conversation she'd very much like to avoid? Safer at home! Don't be so sure, honey..........

    Goncalo Amaral, everything aside, I commend you for your drive and determination to keep moving forward with your life. Your life's not over yet, bud, and not until your Maker decides it's time you've breathed your last breath. Congrats and stay strong. The Truth Prevails in the end...! :)

  35. According to The Guardian:

    "The McCanns did not contact the police about Halligen, who visited their home....."

    Of course not, criminals have their code of honour!

  36. What praises for Goncolo from a former opponent, and he has also read the book and does not believe the McCanns scenario of abduction.

    This must be getting around the other lawyers there if they didn't know already, so let's hope it is reaching the attention of the judge who has imposed the ban on Goncalo's book who ought to read it if not already done so.

    The book speaks for itself as truth and not a concoction of lies.

    Dr Amaral is also needing to set the record straight for the sake of his children after the disgusting lying vilification of him in the UK press, and by Team McCann.

    That is why this book should be published in the UK.

    The McCanns are not the only ones who have children to be swept up in this, and Dr Amaral was not the person who let Madeleine down by allowing serious harm to come to her.

    Her parents have only themselves to blame for whatever books are written based on the facts of this.

    They may not like it, but too bad. It is the truth.

  37. Being called Grade, he will bring luck to Amaral's intentions, and to our intentions.
    He could not have a better name.
    Good luck, you both.

  38. Anon at 34

    I can't see that Kate McCann will ever be allowed to answer questions alone and off the cuff again since she was asked whether Madeleine was asleep or awake when she last saw her.

    Sounded like there was some indecision as she took time to answer before saying 'asleep'.

    Madeleine was also supposed to have told her mother that the day she disappeared was the best day of her life, presumably her last words before falling asleep.

    If these things are not true then you need a good memory in case you slip up and say something different next time.

    It's the details that are easy to get wrong.

    There is also that communication with Sr Amaral about drugs, that was stopped mid flow. What was all that about?

  39. Anonymous 32
    "The duo didn't realise they took on such an intelligent man."
    That was the big mistake. They misjudged GA, thought that manipulating him would be no problem at all. When GA didn't fall into the abduction trap, they hated him, easier than to admit they in fact had been fools making up such a grotesque story.

  40. Anonymous 34 - it must be difficult for them to have any sort of normal life now - just dropping the kids off at school, going to the hairdressers or chatting to the checkout person in Asdas must be such a trial when you happen to be prime suspects. As you say their whole life is Avoidance, Avoidance, Avoidance.

    I`ve often wondered if GM actually does have patients? And would they have confidence in him and trust his judgements?


  41. First of all I must admit I do not know as much as I should about whatever has gone on before, but feel that I would like to comment that, as both are professional men, they must be comfortable enough with each other to feel that they can conduct themselves in a professional manner.

  42. Have been reading Payne's statement and he mentions that the McCanns had problems with their fridge and blind.

    How strange, two things that figure large in the case!

    The PJ were hunting for a fridge as it is believed that the body of Madeleine had been kept in one.

    What exactly was the problem the McCanns said they had with the fridge, and where is that fridge now? Was this mentioned as a reason for the fridge having been changed?

    Then there is the blind in the apartment that could not be opened from the outside.

    Was this the same blind that they were having problems with?

    If so, what was the problem they were having with it?

    Were these ever checked out to see if it was true with the people who were supposed to have dealt with it?

    Did these people ever exist to begin with?

    Perhaps Payne should be requested to answer many more questions than he ever got asked.

  43. Well said, Anon 36. You are absolutely right. One needs to understand that a lawyer defending his client in court against the accusation and the testimony of the PJ inspector who had been in charge of the investigation and the findings, has nothing to do with being «enemies» or real «opponents». Generally, they respect each other and, believe me, if João Grade dos Santos accepted Gonçalo Amaral as an «apprentice» and thereby contributing to fullfil the legal provisions for Amaral being admitted to the Portuguese Bar Association as a lawyer, he is very well aware of Gonçalo's professional skills, qualification, high moral standards and honesty and is convinced of him to be someone who stands up for the truth and justice. Since I have the pleasure of knowing Gonçalo Amaral personally, I can confirm without hesitation that former PJ inspector Amaral is a man of honour, a top class investigator and a man who sacrified much of his private life for many years while doing his job to make justice prevail. All of this, no doubt about that, is known to attorney João Grade dos Santos and that is why he first of all agreed to assist Gonçalo by paving the way for him into the profession of a lawyer. And, don't be mistaken, it will not take long to be known all over Portugal that Gonçalo Amaral is a top class lawyer as much as he used to be a top class investigator. Neither the corrupt forces within the Portuguese political hierarchy, nor the McCanns with their cohorts of co-criminals, sponsors and the bunch of most expensive lawyers will be successful in bringing Amaral down. There is something these pretenders, these wannabe catholics have not taken into consideration. It is called Devine Justice - and that is going to hit all of them very hard in the very near future. Go ahead, Gonçalo! There are inumerous honest people on whom you can count. They will never let you down!

  44. Anon at 42

    Yes, it is agreed by those who have been following the case and do not believe the McCanns that Sr Amaral's beacon of honesty and integrity shine through in this dark mess the McCanns have created.

    May he go from strength to strength.

  45. Will the McCanns continue with their case against Goncalo Amaral with so much vigour now that he is doing a three year course in law, presumably concentrating on libel law? If his grasp of that is half as good as his detection skills then I think he will be on a winner, providing he can keep up with the skullduggery from certain quarters determined to finish him off!

  46. If anybody would like to read "The Truth of the Lie", it appears here and elsewhere on the internet.


    Perhaps the link should be forwarded to CEOP as a starting point for them to follow.

  47. Joana?

    Is the story legit as it's coming from 24Horas? I always have deep reservations about the stuff they write, now.

    Big hug to you,

  48. Yes, it's true that Amaral will train at João Grade's law office.

  49. In my opinion, Kate did not go back to her job because she makes too many Freudian slips.
    And this is also the reason why she did not answer the 48 questions.

    She could at least work a couple of hours a week.

    But in three days time people around her would know all the details of the accident.

    She is blond, isn't she?

    She is now condemnd to stay home for the rest of her life, not even doing voluntaire work for deaf Chineses.
    Too dangerous.
    I would go insane, to live isolated like she lives.
    This is a prison itself till she dies.
    And she could even not be yet on the half of her life.
    She can not make new friends, she talks too much.

    She must live inside a very small circle, the family, the Paynes.
    Always the same subject.

    Her life must be hell.
    No future for Kate, only fear and lonesomeness.
    For the next 45 years, who knows.

  50. Does anyone know whats the story with the book Faked Abduction or was this a Faked post/story?

  51. Okay, then. :)

    Congrats to Mr. Amaral. I am happy that he has a new phase of his life beginning and kind support from Joao Grade amongst a circle of peers. It's been a long haul for him.


  52. I believe the CEOP have gotten at least the DVD released by the PJ.
    And Jim Gamble must know more, through the police.
    They are not stupid, they know what they are doing.
    But it is nice,nr 46, that you call our attention for Amaral's book on that site.
    There are little details on it, like Gerry refusing to watch the dogs videos, something that perhaps is not on the DVD.
    What about you sending an email to the CEOP yourself?
    They appreciate every help they can get, that is my experience with them.

  53. We all concentrate ourselves on the McCanns forgetting to think how scared to death David Payne must be.

  54. I agree with you, 50, Kate must have a hell of life.
    Feeling guilty, missing her child, scared of the police and of us,
    we have no idea of what she must be suffering.
    Gerry has at least a job, where he meets many people.
    He can talk about his profession and discuss his patients with his colleagues.
    But he must feel uncomfortable at the hospital. People there suspects him and he must feel it sometimes of even many times.
    He and Kate are carrying this cross all by themselves and uptil now I did not see any interview with David Payne defending his best friend, like Tanner did.
    If you are a true friend, you help your friend who is in trouble.

    Payne never showed up in front of the cameras like Tanner and Oldfield did, to help Gerry and Kate.
    Russel O'Brian, the one with the vomitting child, neither.
    Russel was filmed when he went to the PJ to "recognize"Murat.
    And we never saw him or heard about him again.
    Payne is the only 100% invisible one, of the whole group. Odd, very odd.
    Analysing these aspects, I conclude that the no manifestation, no presence of Payne and O'Brian on the media, in orde to help their friends, could point to their presence in 5A that night, Payne at 6.30 pm and O'Brian the rest of the evening, till short before the alarm was raised.
    That is why they disappeared.


  55. The 'faked abduction' book uses plagiarized content based on translations whose authors never gave permission to be used, it also uses real names of Police detectives who have never given permission to the 'plagiarizer' to publish their stories.

  56. Hello Anonymous(comment52)I admire your loyalty(not) to the McCanns, especially when you say Kate McCann must have a hell of a life and she must be missing Madeleine. Let me put Madeleine's side of the story to you. Through no fault of her own, she was given a hell of a life by her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann on that so called family holiday in PDL and its because of the life they gave her, that she is now missing.

    Any loving parent who has a missing child, would walk over hot coals to look for their child. They would risk life and limb to look for their child. They would sell all their possesions to look for their child.

    The McCanns have not lifted one finger to look for Madeleine, Kate McCann admitted, that they had never physically searched for Madeleine, when she and her husband gave their first television interview in PDL.

    The McCanns, are a cruel, cool calculating couple. Not only are they the cause of whatever has happened to Madeleine, they have used her situation, as a way to raise money. The money which was raised supposedly to find her, is being used,not only pay the wages of Clarence Mitchell and useless private detectives, past and present, but to eke out the McCanns finances.

    The McCanns could sell their big house in Rothley and buy a smaller more modest house. They could also sell their two 4x4s and buy two smaller economical cars. They could put some of the money they generated from the sale of these items, into the fund to find Madeleine. They won't though, their standard of living means more to them, than the child they caused to disappear.

    I hope someone is looking out for the McCanns other 2 children, because I fear for their welfare, I really do.

    As many of us have said on this and other forums, Madeleine is the victim not the McCanns.

  57. Perhaps David Payne is regarded as a bit of a loose canon as well.

    There is his remark about the 'pact' they have which has caused much interest and concern.

    Then he is mentioning the fridge and shutters in the McCanns holiday apartment when being questioned, and there was supposedly something wrong with them. Was the fridge replaced? If so, where is it now?

    What else might he let slip if requestioned to the extent that Murat was?

    I hope that Gamble might take more interest in Payne, given those statements which show suspicion about him and Gerry and what they were discussing, but suspect Gamble is too close to Gerry McCann to be objective.

    I also suspect that Gerry McCann may be being told everything that is told Gamble. It would be much better to call the police with any new information and hope it will be passed onto Portugal.

    I only see it as another vehicle for the McCann publicity machine, and as the official investigators believe Madeleine died in the apartment the McCanns still want everybody running around looking for an abductor, and Gamble is helping them do this.

    Hope I am wrong, but not holding my breath.

  58. Kath -

    I couldn't agree more, and another waste of money is their hiring of a PR firm in Portugal - to help make them appear a likeable and honest couple presumably, when what they should be spending their fund money on what should be their main concern, finding Madeleine! What parents of a missing child would worry about their image? What are they, a couple of celebrities? Well, they obviously think they are!

  59. Firstly, congrats to Dr. Amaral in getting on with his life under what must be extreme pressure.
    Secondly, Anon nr. 50 talked of Kate McCann going back to work, but Ii wonder if that is even possible. My understanding is that the new criminal record checks required in the UK for anyone coming into contact with children in their work (as a GP would) take into account allegations made against a person, even if they are not actually proven and the person has not been convicted of anything. I imagine 'losig' a child on holiday and then being named as a suspect by the national police force of that country would fall into that category. Quite a few people have failed their checks because of less that this. So it is possible that Mrs McCann might not pass the criminal record check.Probably someone reading this will have more of an idea, but maybe that is the reason. Possibly Gerry is ok if he works purely with adults. I wonder if David Payne has contact with children through his work????

  60. Anon 50

    If kate wants to free herself from the chains she has created for herself she can come forward and spill the bean or ask for the case to be re-opened.
    Will she......?

  61. Anon.#50, that "blond" "thing",tsstsstss,...lots of intelligent blond ladies out there, just look at our muse, Joana Morais!

    On another subject, I remember there was a strange happening regarding Dr. Grade, but I can't remember exactly when it was:
    He was going to visit a client in jail and someone related to that client gave Dr. Grade some bags, with goods to be delivered to that person. Being a good natured person, Dr. Grade agreed to doing the favour and took the goods to his client. When he was inside the prison the bags were searched, and alledgedly, drugs were found inside. I have strong doubts that an experienced lawyer like Dr. Grade would have taken the bags inside without having checked its contents first, so I suspect those drugs found their way into the bags at some moment after they were given to Dr. Grade, I believe it was maybe an attempt to frame him, put him in a dangerous and damning position that would damage his professional and personnal reputation. Now, after I've read this, I'm more convinced than ever:
    "Long before they became friends, the lawyer refused to cooperate with Spanish detective agency Método 3, which, according to a special programme on SIC on the 12th of February, wanted to count on his help in the investigation due to the Amaral factor, which was common to the Maddie and Joana cases. Grade refused. Método 3 contacted Marcos Aragão Correia, who accepted."


  62. Anon at No.56

    So, what's your point?

    Are you wanting us not to buy it or wanting it banned?

    Or both?

  63. After the disappearance of Madeleine, a security guard reported that the security shutters had been part opened from the outside by who he thought could have been journalists........read it, it's in th files.

    The security shutters that the McCanns called someone in to fix were the ones covering the patio windows in their bedroom....read it, it's in the files.

  64. Anon 58, my opinion on DPs low profile is that publicity might bring forward his other victims. Pedos try to keep below radar.

  65. Anon 31, yes, the Fund and where the money goes is of supreme importance in this case. I knew about the two mortgage payments back in 2007 but IIRC we were told that money was paid back to the Fund. It never entered my head to think any more money from the Fund would be paid personally to the McCanns until I saw people speculating that this might be the case, especially where Kate is concerned, as she says she has no plans to return to her work as a doctor because she is doing the 'most important job of her life'.

    But surely no parent would accept money from a Fund set up to search for their own missing child - wouldn't this be a labour of love, not a paid job? I can understand the occasional one-off expense being claimed for, but I don't think Madeleine's mother would accept regular money from the Fund, she would be only too aware how terrible that would look to the public who donated most of the money in the first place. Kate has her own profession - a very well-paid profession where even working a couple of days a week would bring in a substantial salary. It's her decision to work or not to work, but whatever her decision on that it has nothing to do with the Fund money which is for Madeleine.

    Anyway, getting back on topic, I'm glad to see Mr Amaral is ready and willing to move forward with his life; there's no 'woe is me' from him, even though his whole life has been turned upside down by this case and its aftermath. There's been a truly evil campaign to ruin him, simply because he had the guts to say what he thinks, but he has the courage and tenacity to move ahead. The contrast between him and his persecuters couldn't be more marked.

  66. 58, Gamble is not at all in favor of the Mccanns and not helping them.
    If he would have been in favor of them, he would have shown the "abductors" of Gerry's site and I believe that was Gerry's intention.
    He didn't.
    This time Gerry could not manipulate the message, no Clarence Mitchell, no Jane Tanner.
    Watch the video..."and increases the risk to other children." At
    that moment the video shows the siblings, and not by chance.
    The voice does not say ..."and (eventually)put other children at risk".

    It says "increases". The siblings are living at risk already, the long it takes to find the offender, the more the danger increases.
    Citing Sky News, the offender "could strike again". At the moment that Sky News says that, you don't see any picture, and you concentrate yourself only on the words.A picture can distract the attention from words.Sky News did it very well.

    Back to Gamble, he is in favor of Madeleine not of the Mccanns.

    Watch his interviews on Joana's The Mccanns Marathon and watch the fear on the McCanns faces. They had no choice but to sit down at Gamble's side, in front of the cameras.
    And Gamble did not refer to an abduction at all.

    How must they regret the moment they approached the CEOP again, asking for help.

    The CEOP knows what happened.

  67. I don't think 52 is in favor of the McCanns.

  68. Anon at 68

    I suppose the reasoning might be that the more likeable they are the more MONEY they can generate.

    By the way, could it be that there is unfinished business in Portugal for somebody.

    e.g. the picking up of a discarded FRIDGE? and removal to a safer place??

    That's if the PJ didn't get to it first of course. They were searching for it.

  69. Anonymous #68 is talking about the Fund's money being better spent on Madeleine's search instead of wasting it with PR firms, and so on. In my humble opinion they don't need to spend a pound of the fund's money. They can always ask the Portuguese police to do the search and they will do it for free. The problem is that the Portuguese PJ won't dance to their tune. The search has been done and we all know the result. For the McCanns is a good manoever to "continue" with this "search" charade and spent the money offered by naïve pensioners, school children and concerned persons, and still pay for their house mortgage and new 4x4. As the Kuwait Fund slogan goes: The (Kuwait) Madeleine Fund, helping the McCanns help themselves!

  70. Thinking about Tapas 9, or better Tapas 7, I wonder why Rachel Oldfield went back to Portugal, together with Russel and Fiona, making a statement recognizing Murat.
    I understand Russel, who had to explain his absense during the whole evening:his sick daughter and changing sheets(the hotel denied giving him or giving others of Tapas 9 any clean sheet.)
    Altough his wife had seen the abductor, and it was not Russel,he went back to reinforce his innocence and to acccuse Murat.

    More than obvious, Fiona went back to innocent her husband and herself, accusing Murat aswell, although they had a monitor that evening, but it is never too late to lie again.
    Catch every chance you get and the PJ will canonize you.

    But why,oh why did Rachel Oldfield joined them, going back to Algarve and accusing Murat?

    Whom was she protecting?

    Not the Mccanns, Jane had seen Gerry and the abductor at the same time.
    Not the Paynes, they did not leave the table the whole night and they carried a monitor with themselves, to the Tapas bar.

    Not Russel,everybody knew he was staying with his sick child (or cleaning up 5A?).

    Was Rachel protecting her own husband, Matthew?

    Was it necessary to protect him, for some reason she knows and the police and we don't?

    To travel that far away to accuse falsely somebody else, yes, this had a goal. Own interest?

    Russel's and Fiona's presence would have been enough.

    Rachel's trip back to Algarve intriges me.

    But who knows Matthew is as innocent as an angel.
    Perhaps only bad luck, travelling with the Mccanns.

    I hope the British police investigates his life and I hope the CEOP will do the same.This could liberate him of any suspicion.

    Live the rest of his life with a dark cloud above his head would not be good, for him, Rachel and their children, if they are innocent.
    People could place him in the same basket with Payne and the MCCanns.

    Because people talk and very many people suspect the whole group, not a few of them.

  71. Anon 69 - it's a pity the PJ's didn't put a tail on the McCanns right away - then they would have seen exactly what they were up to, but I suppose at the time they were feeling sorry for the McCanns, just as the majority of the public were! Just why did they go to Huelva?

  72. Anon 67, you make great points.

    Any GP would have contact with patients of all ages, including kids. So is David Payne still working as a GP? Does anyone know? There does not seem to be a lot of information about him.

    And has anyone ever come across another 'Abduction Case' where the parents have a PR firm, lawyers in several different countries and a personal spokesman working for them? The McCann case seems to be without precedent.

    Why doesn't everyone watching this case find this situation suspicious? I supported the McCanns for a long time until it became obvious that they were shifty. Now it all fits into place. Isn't it obvious to everyone after 2 1/2 years of lavish spending and dubious sightings that they are hiding something?

    I wish Mr. Amaral the best.

  73. Anon 56, As far as I know, "Faked Abduction" is not published and available to read yet, so how can you know this? What's more, is it not more likely that the facts are really plagierizing only the police evidence files? That's ok isn't it?

  74. 72, you are right.
    Short before the McCanns became official suspects, I met a group of British people who already were saying that Tapas 9 were paedophiles, going on holidays together and exchanging their children among each other.
    Since that time I started to follow the news with sharper eyes.
    I hope somebody will come forward with the truth, to punish the bad ones and to innocent the honest ones, if there are any innocents among them.
    I would not sacrifice myself, my name, my family and friends to protect sex offenders, the worst crime somebody can commit against a child. Being innocent and carrying a bad name for the rest of my life?
    No way!!!!

    That is why I often suspect that they all have to do with child offense.

    That's is why they are keeping their mouth and protecting each other.

  75. Anon at 62

    It seems like all those caught up in the wake of the McCanns are in danger of being dragged under. I bet Murat, compensation or not, wishes he had never set eyes on them.

    Yet one is left with the impression of one mind at work directing all the others who obediently follow.

    Are some of them afraid?

    If not, I think they should be. This story is not going away.

    If they know something they should inform the police.

  76. Anon at 63, and what of the fridge?

    Did they ever find the fridge? they were looking for?

    Or is information about that in the secret files we are not allowed to see, and they have had it all the time, or know where it is.

    Perhaps that's the stand alone evidence.

    With another prosecutor Dr Amaral says the case may be reopened

    Hopefully soon.

  77. Anon 76 - I believe DP is, or was, a hospital registrar, not a GP. He worked at the Leicester Hospital where GM worked but changed jobs just before the holiday I believe.


  78. Anon.#71, that trip to Huelva is a mistery...they went there supposedly to distribute leaflets and divulge the search for Madeleine, but it was a weird choice of a day, it was a public holiday in Huelva, all the shops closed, empty streets, a "dead" town, so to speak. And also the mileage on their car, it was said it was huge, too much for the days and trips it was "officially" known to have made.

  79. The Mccann's must keep on their minds that Maddie case is a issue for life. The case can remain shelved for more then 20 years or being re-opened at any time. They will remain prime suspects during all this time, no matter if there is no ennough evidences to charge them now. One day will be ennough evidences. The forensic science will develop alot during this time and PJ, I'm sure, save some samples of evidences which will remain closed in a safety place untill the time they will considere appropriate to re-open and solve the case. Mccann's, 20 years will be not a time for breath, will be a nightmare. By the time, Socrates and G. Brown will be part of the most unglory stories of the History of Portugal & UK. By the time, the twins will be parents of childs with the same age as Madeleine, when she disapeared. By the time, the Mccann's will be grannys involved in a crime against their own daughter. The all money from the Fund will be only a sweet and sower remembrance, wasted to close the mouths which hold many secrets. But the mouths cannot be closed forever. The secrets one day will come to the surface with lots of salt and a pinch of pepper. The twins will assemble the Jigsaw which was part of their lifes every single day. They will understand how poor caring their parents are, making them believe that their sister can come home any day, any time. Raising them as unconfident childs, everynight affraid of the buggyman's which can come and make them disapear without traces. Will be no forgiveness for parents like that. By the time, most of the PJ inspectors involved in the investigation will be retired and free to say what they find and which was the conclusion on September 2008. By the time, Amaral will be there not gagged, free to explain his feelings and write many best-seller books about the most MEDIATIC and most FANTASTIC disapearence of a child and the most HATED and most HUNTED Police in the world. BELIEVE ME... PLAYING A COVER-UP GAME like that, was the most wrong choice you did Mccann's. YOU BUY A TICKET FOR A NIGHTMARE. THE CASE WILL NOT FADE OVER THE TIME.... THE MEDIA AND THE PUBLIC WILL NOT GO AWAY. IF the PJ gave you a choice of two years in prison, as you claim Kate, for your confession and you did not accept... you choose the wrong businness... you choose to live a nightmare of 20 years remaining prime suspect and not free to walk anywhere. You choose to end up, at least with 25 years in prison... all YOUR LIFE!

  80. It is highly likely that Kate McCann would not be given CRB clearance to work as a GP, and these days most other jobs would also be closed to her, eg school dinner lady, secretary in a school, you name it, she wouldn't be able to do it. Nor do I believe that Gerald McCann is working with patients - he is probably retricted to research these days, as even adult patients might come under the category of vulnerable adults. The net is closing in, and I am certain that Jim Gamble from CEOP is hoping that his subliminal messages from the joint interview will get through to the right people without him having to spell it out any more explicitly.

  81. Excellent post Anonymous(comment78)I have always said the McCanns nightmare will start when their twins are old enough to understand what happened in PDL.

  82. Hi Anonymous(81) Someone from Social Services and a police officer, paid a visit to the McCanns, the day after they arrived home from PDL. An announcement was made on behalf of the McCanns, saying that Kate McCann would no longer be working as a GP. Also it was reported that when Gerry McCann returned to work, he would be working in the research department.

    I also read that he was shunned by his colleagues in the hospital restaurant. It may or may not be true, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was true.


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