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Businessman hired to look for Madeleine denied bail

A businessman hired to help look for Madeleine McCann and wanted by the FBI on fraud charges has appeared in court.

Kevin Halligen was arrested at an Oxford hotel on Tuesday and refused bail at London's City of Westminster Magistrates' Court on Wednesday.

The 48-year-old from Surrey is facing extradition to the US, where he is wanted for an alleged £1.2m fraud.

The Irish national was hired by Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry, as a security consultant.

His Washington-based company, Oakley International, was paid about £300,000 to help search for Madeleine, who was nearly four when she vanished from an Algarve holiday flat on 3 May 2007.

The firm had initially been awarded a £500,000 contract, but the McCanns terminated the arrangement before paying any more fees.

'Bought mansion'

The US Department of Justice issued an indictment for Mr Halligen earlier this month, alleging he tried to defraud a London law firm of £1.2m ($2.1m).

It says he took the money as part of a deal to secure the release of Dutch business executives arrested in the Ivory Coast, but instead spent the money on buying a mansion and gifts.

The magistrates' court heard he had been staying at a series of addresses during the past eight months to evade reporters interested in the McCann case.

Melanie Cumberland, acting for the UK government, told the court Mr Halligen was wanted in the US for taking money from the Dutch company Trafigura, via a London-based law firm.

She said he had been employed after the two executives had been arrested following a petrochemical spill on the Ivory Coast.

Instead, she said, he had spent £1m ($1.7m) on a mansion, £85,000 ($141,000) on a gift to his girlfriend and more than £26,000 ($43,000) in cash on other items.

She said when he had been arrested at the Old Bank Hotel in Oxford over a discrepancy in a bill of about £5,000, police had discovered he had already packed his bag to leave.

Refusing bail, Judge Howard Riddle said: "I note the gravity of the offences alleged and the high value involved.

"At this stage, comparatively little is known about his movements, how he came to be in this country and where he has been staying."

The court heard a full extradition request was likely to be submitted by the US authorities by the end of January.

source: BBC News, 26.11.2009


  1. Brian kennedy, Gordon Brown, Socrates, Carter Ruck and Team Mccann imo Halligen maybe feels safer with Scotland Yard bobbies than he does been arpund this lot, as the Scum have already reported, Halligen was aking for more money from Team Mccann was this hush money that they have said no too, lets hope he starts to talk to SY or FBI for a shorter sentance!!!!!!!!!


  2. "via a London-based law firm."

    Did the BBC received also a super injunction forbidding to name Carter Ruck? Of course it's not very glorious for the best lawyers of the world to be fooled by a single man!Is it diffamation to say Carter Ruck was duped, or facts???
    The Guardian's blunder, Halligen's blunder, next hopefully, Amaral's blunder.

  3. Staying with Clarence perhaps?

  4. Does he have nobody representing him?

    Seems a bit unfair.

  5. This man has screw man many other people yet Kate and Gerry are plonked in as if these other people do not matter!

  6. Old Portuguese saying:
    "Ladrão que rouba ladrão, 100 anos de perdão".
    "Thieve who steals from thieve, 100 times forgiven" (forgived would rime better =)))

  7. This has all been TOO neatly tied up with a fancy ribbon.

  8. If it's a London based law firm that he is alleged to have defrauded, then why isn't the case being held here?

  9. Does anybody know the name of a lawyer who is representing him?

    Did he request bail and give reasons why he should be granted it?

    Though it might be best for him to stay inside because by the time the Sun has finished with him there might be lynch mobs baying for his blood.

    The way they are portraying him he sounds like Dr Crippen and Jack the Ripper rolled into one.

    How can he stand much of a chance with that pro McCann propaganda machinery against him?

  10. And the Scotland yard will do everything they can to avoid him being deported to the USA.... after earing everything he knows about the most protected couple in UK. The secrets should never ever go out of UK soil... if so, Mr. Brown will have to paint his face and bake a magical explanation to avoid people protesting in the streets and asking his head. Too much troubles for Mr. Brown. Now, that all the mess is already done and a cocktail of crimes was set-up with blindness of the authorities, S. Yard sticks on what is more convennient for Mr. Brown.... ABDUCTION OFF-COURSE with all Con-mans framed and silenced in british soil.

  11. It seems he will stay quite a long time in the UK.
    Time enough for people to start a process against him.
    And time enough to listen to what he has to tell.Or will be obliged to tell.
    The Mccanns are terrified, aren'they?
    The CEOP video, the McCanns not capable to sue Gamble, deadly unhappy and nervous bothe of them, and short after Halligen in the police hands.
    This is getting better and better.
    Halligen will do everything to protect himself, till the last second of this process.
    He is lost anyway, why protect others like the McCanns?
    He can not care less.
    I repeat here that I don't believe the McCanns gave him any money at all to search for Madeleine.
    The goal of the money was something else.
    IMO to transport it to a privet account of the McCanns' somewhere.
    Halligen must have their number Bank account, Bank address, o yeah, what a hell!
    That's why the McCanns did not sue him and to sue is their hobby.
    And Clarrie was insisting that everything was ok.
    Brown pants, brown pants, that is all they have gotten now.

  12. Anon 4 The lawyer is Mark Aspinall of Waterson and Hicks, London

  13. Nothing to do with that... or alots of things to do with that:

    A BOMB IS EXPLODING IN PORTUGUESE JUSTICE: Judges, lawyers, deputys and citizens are indignated because they find out that the lawyers which are defending the arguidos in Face Oculta belong to the "Conselho Superior da Magistratura" an organization which decide the most delicate processes in justice and where Pinto Monteiro (PGR) and the President of the STJ belongs to. That mean's, the lawyers participate in decisions related with cases which they are defendants. WE CAN UNDERSTAND NOW WHY MADDIE CASE WAS SHELVED EVEN WITH ALL EVIDENCES THE PJ FIND OUT- Mccann's lawyers are members of the CSM, like the PGR? Face Oculta is revealing all the games behind some cases in Portuguese Justice.
    Today, in RTP, the representant of the judges expressed the indignity against the pressures of the governement in justice and demand the PGR to made Public the Fundaments of his decision to shelve the " PM ESCUTAS".

    It is getting hot Mr. Mitchell... The TAILS WILL REVEAL THE CATS!

  14. Could CM, in fact, with his caricatural dumb behaviour, be the secret agent H. pretends he is.

  15. It could be years befor Halligan goes to trial, even then he could plead out. How can this help Madeleine. Somone needs to step up from the family and tell the truth.

  16. Anon at 13

    I think there were a lot of people dumbfounded when the McCanns weren't charged, or at least Kate McCann, including some of the cops in UK.

    I think Gerry McCann's face when he came out from being interviewed said it all.

    And then they got out of Portugal quick and went and got the high priced extradition lawyers.

  17. When the story first broke Mitchell had had no instructions about what to say or which line to take. He therefore said that they wouldn't comment and as far as they were concerned the matter is closed.

    Oh dear! a short time later the McCann propaganda machine went into overdrive; which makes me think that this Halligen guy might know too much. This would leave them a choice of buying Halligen off or going all out to discredit him so that nobody believes a word he says. It's obvious now that it was too late to buy him off and they've decided to go all out to discredit him. IMO Mitchell is briefing against him through the Sun, probably on an exclusive basis.


  18. In my opinion Britain is ready to listen to Halligen's stories and everybody will believe him.
    Two and half years of Eggman, North Africa, Malta are more than enough.
    We all want to hear something new, and I mean the TRUTH.
    Halligen does not know what happened to Maddie but who knows he contracted people around the Mccanns to find out the truth in orde
    he could become stronger and invulnerable. And McCanns can not sue him.
    That man is clever, oh sure he is.

    I don't think he spent months and months in England doing nothing.
    It is late in the night and I wonder if Sint Dimas is still awake.

  19. "Diogenes of Sinope is said to have lived in a large tub, rather than a house, and to have walked through the streets carrying a lamp in the daytime, claiming to be looking for an honest man".

    He is lucky he didn't live in Blair's Britain and know the Mccanns.

  20. "His Washington-based company, Oakley International, was paid about £300,000 to help search for Madeleine"
    How was this payment made ? One lump sum, up front, or in response to invoices for work and expenses ?
    Either way the trustees of the Fund bear a heavy reponsibility for failure to check at every stage. Trustees can be held personally liable for mususe of fund under their control.
    Given that they have now apparently made the same mistake at least 5 times, perhaps someone, somewhere should ask the Trustees a few questions on behalf of the many inocent victims who donated money in the first place.

  21. Even if the UK government tried to refuse his extradition to the US, they surely could not stop an official request from the FBI to travel to the UK & interview him? He may well sing to them. Also, if he agrees to extradition because he believes he has a better chance of a plea bargain in the US then I don't see how they could stop him. Time will tell. It could get interesting, or it could come to nothing!!!

  22. If Gordon is still helping the Mccanns which I believe he is!! I wonder if he will TRY and influence the FBI, would Gordon ask Obarma for any favours, imo I dont think Obarma is that keen on Gordon (clever man this Obarma guy, I think he will be great for US)!) for once this is out of our Governments, CR and Team Mccanns hands, lots of heads could roll including Gordons, remember what Mr Amaral said it will only take one to speak out and it will be like a house of cards coming down, and this is not far away imo!!


  23. The Mccann's will be caught in paralell cases. Same as the PGR IN portugal, which is facing now a huge wave of criticism and contestation.
    If they are citizens of any other country where justice is aplied in a transversal way in society, and not a pantomine to frame the poors and protect people close to the power, all Tapas 9 will be forced to answer in court all the questions which remained answered and do the reconstruction. THE CASE WILL BE SOLVED BY NOW AND UK AND PORTUGUESE JUSTICE WILL BE OUT OF THAT CHARADE WHICH KEEP THE TWO COUNTRYS ON A POSITION COMPARABLE TO COUNTRYS RUNNED BY MAFIA's WITHOUT RULES. It is ridiculous when we look back and watch the two countrys signing with Mr. Bush an agreement to invade Iraque because was a country which follow no rules. WHICH RULES CAN WE SEE IN PORTUGAL AND UK? A Mafia in justice.... Pratical not a big diference from Iraque. Everything is decided in the offices, in the dark, without trials, to protect people which they know if they face justice on the same way as any other citizen, I mean in the court, they never ever escape, because most of the judges have moral and need to follow an ethical behaviour code.
    Since september 2007, the case was not anymore about Madeleine. SICK PARENTS START A SICK BEHAVIOUR TO FOOLISH THE WORLD, BECAME RICHE AND AVOID JUSTICE. They never ever care about their childs, even the twins, which faces are protected from the spotlights of the media, but not their sick experience of being raised with an ilogical hope of having their sister back any day because she went into a long holiday with an Egg Man which can come at night and take sleeping chlds from their beds leaving no traces. WONDER TO KNOW WHICH STORY THEY TELL THE TWINS WHEN THEY ASK THE MOST NATURAL AND INCONVENNIENT QUESTION BEHIND THE ALL SAGA: " WHAT ABOUT US, DAD AND MUMMY, if the Egg Man come back and take us from our beds here? As a flying Egg man, he can go anywhere, he can take us when everybody is sleeping in the house..." WHAT A NIGHTMARE, day after day.
    " BE CALM, IS NOT GOING TO HAPEN! " Said Mum and Dad, and for one moment they are telling the truth without a far explanation. Yes, they know... it is not going to hapen because never hapenned before, in PDL. THE SICK GAME URGE TO BE OVER... with justice!

  24. Anon at 18

    Well, we for a start are all ears.
    I hope he manages to get his side of the story told.

    Perhaps he could write a book about his association with the McCanns. Or would the McCanns try to ban that as well?

  25. Of course Mitchell knows more about Halligan than he lets on. Why do you think Halligan was staying in Bath so frequently? And Halligan is said to be from Surrey. Hmmm...don't be surprised if Mark Williams-Thomas doesn't know more about Richard "Dick" Halligan either. Halligan has been painted as a buffoon by the press but a buffoon can't simply prise hundreds of thousands of pounds out of people in the way they are making out.

  26. Anonymous, post 24 - I think Clarrie said payment was made for work done. Halligen was probably given some money up front for initial expenses, and then paid on a regular basis after he 'showed' Team McCann what he had supposedly been doing in the meantime. The McCanns wouldn't part with hundreds of thousands of pounds up front in case the person they had contracted ran off with the money. Oh whoops, and look what (allegedly) happened anyway!

  27. Anon at 23

    Blair, Brown, Bush, Obama and all.

    All part of the promotion for the New World Order, One World Government. A tiny elite ruling the world. There is no way a person would get a sniff of high office if not.

    In public they look like they are opposing each other, but in private they all belong to the same back slapping Bilderberg group.

    All willing to do favours for each other behind the scenes.

    Corrupt to the core, the lot of them.

    There is also much paedophilia in high places.

    As for Obama, check out his pal Larry Sinclair and see what he has to say about him, though they have tried the same old attempt to discredit him and make out he is a mental case. His life has also been threatened.

    Check out the info about the young homosexual men who have been murdered recently, who were members of the church Obama attended for twenty years.

    Hard to believe? yes it is.

    In public these people are whiter than white. It's spin all the way.

    The old boy's club of you do me a favour and I'll do one for you. In private, of course.

  28. He'd of disappeared overseas if bailed - not suprised he didnt get it.

  29. Yes, Anon No.28

    Never to be seen again.

    Missing, like Madeleine.

  30. Anonymous 24 you said "Trustees can be held personally liable..."

    Liable for what? First of all, the fund is a private company. It is run by a board of directors. It is not a charity run by trustees. Four of the directors are in the McCann family - Gerry, Kate, John and Uncle Brian. It is nothing other than a family business run by the family on behalf of the family. Forget words like "trustee". It is not and never has been a charity. It has masqueraded as one to sucker in the public into donating money but this may as well be called Messrs McCann Ltd. The others involved in the board are either friends or colleagues of the McCanns. FACT: The company was set up by Freemasons for Freemasons and they are answerable to nobody.

  31. I really do not understand the whole fuss over the new mccann-halligen thingy if everything is ok between them....err...as it seems to be accordingly to Pinko....

  32. In my opinion... what do we expect from a couple who take no responsibility for leaving children alone, will not co-operate with the police (unanswered questions etc. etc.)
    Now we are asked to believe that they, who by their own statement will leave no stone unturned, employ a number of shady people to find their daughter, spend an absolute fortune of other peoples kind donations in the process... In the U.K. anyone working with children are required to hold a current enhanced police disclosure.

    I would have thought that any responsible person would have taken every avenue available before employing anyone in regards to child safety. It would be interesting to know if the McCanns are using police enhanced disclosures when employing anyone in their search as I feel other children may be at risk from criminals.

    I hope the FBI will leave no stone unturned.

  33. Halligen is an Irish National currently being held in a British jail awaiting extradition to the U.S. on fraud charges.

    Because of his status as an "Irish National", can he be extradited from the U.K. to the U.S.?

  34. Who in this life believes the McCanns gave him money to search for Madeleine?
    This was a deviation of the fund money, I said it before.
    The McCanns were the first ones to know Maddie was dead, they asked for money for their lawyers and for escaping from the UK when it would be necessary.
    Halligen knows why the money was sent to him, to a Bank account abroad, and he spent it.
    I repeat he knows Gerry's bank account number and adress abroad, he can use that against them, that's why the McCanns never sued him.

    And who knows Kate made Freudian mistakes when talking to him and the McCanns had to admit the child's death?
    And he promised to engage detectives, he did, and he never payed them?

    I hope he had a recorder in his pocket to record the McCanns'words and he is using those records to blackmail them.
    These kind of gangsters are smart, the first thing they do is to protect themselves, not the client.

    The Mccanns can not sue him.

    If the 300.000's intentions were to search for Maddie,making smoke and mirrors for the public to see, the Mccanns would have started a process last year.

    They didn't because this man is much stronger than they are.

    And the goal of the money was not Madeleine.

  35. freemasons are mentioned again.... didnt you read that jack straw said recently that there has never been any evidence to show that freemason judges have ever done anything wrong.... someone tell poor jack that freemasons keep everything secret and dont leave evidence

  36. 30, I think he can be extradicted. Both countries belong to the European Union and if I'm not mistaken it will be no problem.
    And the US must have an agreement with both countries.

  37. The fund is a privet issue but fraudulent.
    Its goal was to search for Madeleine because she was abducted.
    And the parents knew the child was dead.
    People believed their version and the McCanns became rich, by cheating the public.

    The public have the right to complain to the police that they were cheated.
    I hope the British media will find a way to motivate the population to make an official complain to the Scotland Yard.
    Let us wait for what Halligen will tell in court.

    Joana, do you by chance remember when the McCanns hired Halligen?

    It seems it was six months before they stopped it, and they stopped it about November last year.

    The McCanns must have known the PJ would publish at least 15% of the files and that happened in July.
    Amaral's book and documentary would be made public.
    They were sending the fund money abroad, already in May last year.
    In June July last year they went to Canada and I think they opened a bank account somewhere on the American Continent.
    No correspondence from the bank to England, it would attract the attention.
    Halligen would take care of it, the darling.
    Much later they found out the truth about Halligen and it was too late.

    Joana, do you by chance remember when the McCanns went to Canada?
    Not much later than the couple hired him, I think.

  38. Speaking about paedophilie, I watched a tv show today, doctors, etc,etc.
    Paedophilie is not to be cured.
    The person strikes over and over again.

  39. Mesmo com dois mil anos de experiência com ladrões, São Dimas deve estar horrorizado com o caso.

  40. The Fund is a Fraud. Mccann's cheat the Public. When they set the FUND, to atract people, they said the Fund is charitable fund and is to find Madeleine. This is why they raise millions of euros in few days, a record.

    When people start suspecting the fund and ask questions, they came out with a surprise... the fund is not for charity, it is running by themselves and the money can be used for a huge list of things like paying daylife custs of the Mccann's, such is food, house, travel tickets and their legal and very expensive lawyers and spoke-person. Where is Madeleine in the middle of that fraud? where is the litle girl, the only motivation for 100% of the people which donate to the fund? How much money from the fund they spend with litle girl? PEANUTS IN rubber bands, few posters and few t-shirts! Because the huge posters spreaded in the Algarve and th balloon's launched on Maddie Birthday are a offer from companys and newpapers.
    People have been foolished all the way for more then 2 years.... and the governments which come out asking people to save money, to be responsable and help the countrys combating the crise, act with completly blindness in front of that fraud. This is immoral, specially when we think how hard it is for a charitable organization to set up a fund and how this charitable funds are so strictly controlled, even when they work on the behalf of all society. We must compare mccann's fund with childs cancer fund, AIDS fund, Diabetes fund, etc. This ones work for all society, investigating and promoting an higienical life to fight the diseases. They are tight controlled by the governments and they don't reach millions of euros in few days.
    WHAT IF ALL SUSPECTS IN A CRIME ARE ALLOWED TO SET A FUND. LET HALLIGEN DO IT NOW.... He will need it. He have the same rights as the Mccann's.

  41. Is this the correct timeline?

    Brian Kennedy recommended Metodo3 (how did he know Metodo3?). M3 were hired by the McTeam. Exton came on board some time during that period, again through Brian Kennedy (how did he know Exton?). Metodo3 contract was not renewed, instead, (through Exton/Brian Kennedy) Halligen (Oakley International) was hired. Exton allegedly first met Halligen at the Special Forces Club (and yet Exton was allegedly present at Halligen's fake wedding and was also a shareholder in Oakley International. (The Special Forces club is open only to Spooks or former Spooks - do they vet their members?) Halligen stayed in Washington DC bragging about his "life as a British spy" while Exton and his "team" were on the ground in Portugal and elsewhere, infiltrating paedophile rings and hanging out with gypsies. Halligen met often with the McCanns, so he must have done a bit of trans-Atlantic traveling. (Saving up frequent flyer miles for that trip to Rome?) Halligen sent a Google satellite image to the McCanns and charged them a few hundred thousand quid for the favor. The McCanns were happy with the work to that point (The Google image must have been full color!) but began to think maybe they weren't getting their money's worth beyond the 300,000. Exton was paying his people out of pocket for their efforts with the gypsies and paedos and got angry that Halligen wasn't reimbursing the expenses. Exton contacted the FBI (?) and they did some forensic investigation into Halligen's finances and found a few "problems" there. Exton went home to the UK, Halligen went to Rome and then off to Bath and finally Oxford, "hiding from the press". Halligen was arrested over an unpaid hotel bill, held until the FBI warrant could make its way to the UK, was refused bail and is now waiting for a second bail hearing on Dec 2.

    Am I missing anything? Do I believe that Halligen fooled ANYONE? Not on your life. Look away from the direction you are being told to look and you are more likely to see what really happened. In my opinion it is no different to the slight of hand that was the Tanner sighting while a few streets away an actual sighting by the Smith family took place.

    Whatever is public is likely not true, particularly if it comes from a man dressed in a signature pink dress shirt.

  42. Wouldn´t you have expected Gerry to have something to say about this on the official Madeleine site? After all, he used to love chatting away to his supporters, and surely the least he could do would be to give them an explanation, a reassurance, even an apology (well pigs might fly!) for having been a trifle careless with their generous donations. Any decent person would do it.

  43. Anon at 30

    You make a good point with that question.

    Can a person from another country be extradited to the US on the say so of a UK court?

    Perhaps the answer is no, or he would be gone by now.

  44. The McCanns were supposedly wanting Google satelite images.

    Why would they want that?

    Were they wanting to be reassured that such a thing was not available.

    Or were they wanting to check that a certain place had not been disturbed?

  45. To anon 45
    Was the certain place in the Burgau-Raposeira area around mid- June? I understand the PJ were loking at phone triangulations in this area. CM said the car had no suspicious smell whe he travelled in it to Lagos on June 7th. Around this time , the MCs were wearing black and talking of their need to grieve and their role being different after the Morocco trip Gerry- the fit runner too exhausted to attend a vigil for M on June 8th, when family and friends were gathered.

  46. How great it would be if Halligen was reading this and would answer these questions.

    He may actually have knowledge of something important that he doesn't even know he has, because he has not been following the ins and outs of this case.

    Or, he may have been following it and put two and two together.

    Either way, he would have to be stopped from speaking out.

  47. Can we believe anything CM says being as how we have been warned by the PJ that this guy lies? 'He lies through every tooth in his head'.

    So, if he says there wasn't a suspicious smell there may be a good chance there was.

  48. @ post # 42, I believe you are spot on!

    The story about Halligen being told doesn't stand to scrutiny. Why would Exton and Aspinall who apparently no longer works for Trafigura call in the FBI and report Halligen for a deal he allegedly failed to fulfill to Trafigura? The captives he was meant to help secure their release where actually released in FEBRUARY 2007! Are Exton and Aspinall still both linked to Trafigura? Why is the personal investment Aspinall allegedly made in Halligen's company not included in the FBI indictment? Why is the money allegedly owed Exton also not included in the indictment? Nah. The story doesn't add up! It is also worth noting that neither Exton nor Aspinall have given interviews to the press and being NAMED as the sources of the claims. There may be good reasons for this but as it currently stands, it's not on.

  49. Perhaps what is happening to Halligen is just an excuse to get him off the back of the McCanns.

  50. I think we should be wary of what the newspapers say about anybody in the McCann case because we have seen it all before when somebody crosses the McCanns.

    Their name is MUD, because somebody is feeding the media along those lines.

    Hmmmm, I wonder who?

  51. But have you read today´s article in the Sunday Mail? (see McCannfiles) How could the sharp, educated McCanns with their top notch lawyers and P.R. man(forgive the sarcasm), and their eagerness to sue all and sundry who offend them, have allowed all this to happen without kicking up a fuss? It´s not as if it was the first time (see the article on Francisco Marco in The Times, Feb. 10 2008).

    It has all reached the point where they come across, even to the most favourably inclined, either as total idiots, or highly suspect. Take your pick.

  52. In the Mail today, there must be a hundred articles.....guess which is the only one you can't comment on?

  53. If only we could have a bit of time with Halligen to ask him what is going on and get his side of this story.

    I bet he would tell us as well.

    It's going to be interesting to see whether he pleads not guilty, and if so, what his defence is.

  54. Anon @ 52

    I wonder if the reason that the C-R, on behalf of the McCanns are not going after Hallgen for duping the fund is because there would be a 'conflict of interest'. On one hand the solicitors represent ing the McCanns agains Halligen and on the other hand a party in an actio against Halligen?

    Mr B

  55. Adam Tudor may not come out of this smelling of roses after all!

  56. ShuBob

    Why might that be re Adam Tudor?

  57. Este Casal McCann só atrai vigaristas (e de todas as classes) porque será? Certamente não será por acaso. Conhecem algum pai ou mãe que com o filho ou filha desaparecido (a) e que não estejam envolvidos no seu desaparecimento, tenham recrutado serviços de investigação amadores muitos deles relacionados com actividades criminosas (como o metodo 3 e este tipo agora)? sendo os pais os potenciais decisores da reabertura de um processo que torne activa uma investigação local com repercurssões mundiais, sem custos, mais eficaz e que ligará esse corpo de investigação a todas as outras polícias do mundo porque não o faz? Porque a deixaram morrer e esconderam esse facto e depois esconderam o corpo debaixo do nariz da PJ que se sentiu intimidada pelo corredor diplomático e andou com o casal ao colo. E quando finalmente sentiu coragem para o enfrentar, este mordeu-lhes e com força! Já outras mães não tiveram a sorte da PJ ter usado pinças e até chegaram a cair das escadas...
    Este caso é um atentado a todos nós que somos pais e restantes cidadãos, a PJ, o PGR devem-nos explicações a todos: primeiro porque usam o dinheiro dos nossos impostos, depois porque enquanto intituições de serviço público devem responder pelos seus actos. Como é que este casal vem a Portugal insultar a polícia, dando entrevistas onde marcam que a mensagem é que não existem evidências que Madeleine está morta, depois de todos nós termos lido os relatórios da PJ? E os jornalistas não conseguem fazer as perguntas adequadas. Alinham neste cócó. Porque não são presos ou impossibilitados de de expressarem publicamente sobre a sua inocência? O Gonçalo Amaral foi proibido. Isto é a total inversão dos valores da justiça e é por isso que devemos estar todos presentes na audiência dia 11. E se for à porta fechada devemos estar cá fora. Joana vamos a isto.
    Mas lembrem-se isto não termina com o caso de mais um casal negligente relativamente à má guarda dos filhos, isto prende-se com a justiça em Portugal que precisa urgentemente de ser reformada.


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