1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Citizens in Defence of Rights and Freedoms – Project Justice Gonçalo Amaral


On the 9th of September, 2009, Portugal and the World learned, through the media, about an extremely serious occurrence in this country that fought so hard for Democracy: an act of censorship against a book.

The book “Maddie: A Verdade da Mentira” was subject to an injunction that sought not only the suspension of sales of the book and the DVD that was based on it, but also of any and all divulgation of the thesis that is defended by Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, author of the book and former Judiciary Police coordinator, about the ‘Madeleine McCann’ case.

Through this action, a ban was imposed not merely on the written work, but on an entire line of thought: the expression of an opinion, based on the facts of a police investigation; a rational, responsible, mature decision.

Nonetheless, said injunction was merely the tip of an iceberg. In the main action that it refers to, Madeleine’s parents seek to extort the sum of 1.2 million Euros from Dr. Gonçalo Amaral – an astronomical amount that is out of any proportion, both legal, and ethical.

A second injunction succeeded in apprehending belongings and professional income from the defendant, stifling his capacity to respond in financial terms, given the fact that judicial and process costs are indexed to the value that is demanded through the main action. In this manner, stripped of his freedom of expression and economically asphyxiated, the siege on a Man who, at huge personal and family cost, seeks nothing more than the reopening of a judicial process, in order to conclude an investigation that so many consider has been cut off halfway through, closes in.

Dr. Gonçalo Amaral cannot speak. But we, Citizens of the World, can speak for him.

We can speak, and we can act.

We can act to defend freedom of expression, a constitutional right that we see as inalienable, mainly when it is exercised in a responsible, mature manner.

We can act to support a Man who is deprived of the means to legally defend himself, following deliberate manoeuvres from those who seek his personal and professional destruction.

We can act because today, the victim of censorship’s gag is Dr. Gonçalo Amaral – tomorrow it can be any one of us.

This Project seeks action and support for a Man who wants Justice. The Citizens that initiate this movement associate in a free, independent and apolitical form, united in the defence of freedom of expression, and in mutual respect.

Our first action is the launch of a petition; other initiatives will follow.

For the exercise of free, firm and responsible citizenship, we will not be silenced.
Join us!

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Portuguese Citizens and Foreign Citizens residing in Portugal please sign this petition instead.


  1. Signed Joana.
    Thank you for doing this.
    Mandelifeboats (Mand)

  2. I have signed, also thank you so much for putting this in action and enabling us here in England - who are tearing our hair out - the opportunity to do something positive,

  3. Excellent initiative! I signed !

    A second great initiative could also be launchedd : where can we send financial aid to help G.Amaral ini his defense ?
    Note, I did not say that the Mac Cann will put him in the pocket, certainly not!

  4. Signed with pleasure! My hope is that the petition is taken seriously and not simply tossed to one side by the powers that be!

  5. As Anon 3 suggested, the second initiative - financial aid for G. Amaral enabling him to defend himself in a proper manner - should be launched immediately. But, whoever intends to launch the project should keep in mind:THE BANK ACCOUNT AND/OR FUND NEEDS TO BE OUTSIDE THE EUREOPEAN UNION, PREFERABLY IN THE USA, AND UNDER THE CONTROL AND IN THE NAME OF A TRUSTED AMERICAN LAWYER who takes care of necessary transferencies to Dr. Amaral's lawyer and or to cover court fees etc. This measure would guranteee that the greedy McCanns can not put their hands on the money.

  6. Signed!
    Lots of people are signing. GREAT.
    Is there one friendly newspaper / TV Channel to make the public aware of the petition?
    We cannot expect the Express, Scum, Star etc to be unbiased and report this news.

  7. Assinado Joana! Bela iniciativa, e espero que ajude a re-instalar a liberdade de expressão que sofreu rude golpe no nosso país.

  8. I shall also sign, but before I do I would like to ask everyone to remember .Joana, this is our day of Rememberance. The day young men and woman lost their lives so that we may have freedom. Freedom..Many have forgotten what this means and the loss..

    I have written a poem as though I were the mother of a son who died in that dreadful war. I have written and asked him a question of how he would feel, if he had died so that we would lose our freedom of speech becasue of two Doctors guilty of child neglect. I hope it hits home.

    My Dearest Son, that day you lost your life,
    Your first born and the smile of your wife,
    You died in the mud, so that we may be free,
    Thanks to you ,my Grandson, reached more than aged three,
    How would you feel to know this was all in vain,
    Because of two Doctors who will not take the Blame,
    Something dreadful happened one night,
    The parents not there and well out of sight,
    Would you believe, they left babies alone,
    In a strange place, not safe in their home,
    Portugal and England, we are trying to unite,
    To find Truth and Justice of what happened that night,
    Today, is the day, I remember you most in my Heart,
    Though of course ,to me, we have never been apart,
    If you see Maddie, please give her my Best,
    We are fighting to find a place where she can forever Rest,
    Dearest son I hope you are proud of me,
    And Madeleine too,where ever she may be.

    Remembering you both Always.

    Love Mum..xxxx

  9. A bit unfortunate choice of masthead..'Justice' seems to be about to bring down her sword on the wee cherub holding the truth poster

  10. Ironside you have touched my heart .thankyou for the most moving
    poem .

  11. In great contrast, only a few years ago Britain went to great trouble and great expense to defend, support (and hide)Salman Rushdie who wrote the highly inflammatory book, The Satanic Verses.

    People died because of that publication. It just shows how the powers-that-be have their priorities, how goverment can control outcomes and skew results. Men and women died so that we could have the freedom of the press.

  12. It is absolutely essential that a fund is set up to help Amaral fight this pair.
    Somebody please organise it.

  13. Just signed the petition.

    Your poem is beautiful Ironside.


  14. Signed.
    Thanks for doing this.

  15. Now please let's have a 'fighting fund' for Sr. Amaral. I have signed the petition.

  16. Alredy done! ( I'm feeling so full of myself, I'm in the first 20, yeaaah!)
    Come on you lot, don't be shy(or lazy!)!


  17. Ironside, that is a beautiful poem. Thank you.


    I have also signed the petition.

    Thank you for these efforts on behalf of Sr. Amaral and all of Portugal.

  18. Thank you I have signed with pleasure

    Letter From Iberia

  19. Iron, beautiful poem, thank you
    Joana, thank you for your initiative. This is one of the many ways and tools WE have in our hands and I believe many will use it.
    Too many have died for their rights and the mccanns cannot be left trashing peple's basic human rights in such and ANY way. This must stop and I am personally comitted to fight them
    Forca Portugal
    Forca Gonçalo
    Un abrazo

  20. So glad I had a chance to sign and I hope Mr Amaral gains huge support and help from this petition. We are all on his side.

  21. I've just signed . Hopefully Dr.Amaral will get the justise he so rightly deserves .


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