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English Close the Freeport Case

Freeport's founder Sean Collidge, left, watching Edward and Sophie open the Freeport centre in 2004

London decided to close the English side of the investigations to the alleged corruption regarding the approval of the outlet of Alcochete. The Portuguese authorities are left alone in the case.

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and the Overseas Anti-Corruption Unit (OACU) of the London police decided to close the case of the autonomous investigation to Freeport case, which was ongoing in England since 2007, confirmed the Expresso.

The English authorities decision to close the inquiry into the alleged corruption of the "green light" given to open the Freeport shopping center in Alcochete [a protected natural area] was taken on Thursday and is due to the lack of sufficient evidences to constitute arguidos in England and to advance with a formal accusation.

The SFO has come to request information from Portugal in early 2009 through a rogatory letter, revealing that at the time they had a list of six British citizens suspected of being involved in the corruption case. One, was Charles Smith, who was made an arguido in Portugal, since he resides here, but in relation to the other five  no sufficient evidences were  gathered to support the continuation of the investigations. Sean Collidge, the controversial founder of Freeport, Gary Russell, Jonathan Rawnsley, Rick Dattani and William McKinney Junior cease to be under the watchful eye of the authorities in London.

It now remains to prosecutors with the case in Portugal, Pais de Faria and Vitor Magalhães, to wait for the SFO to contribute with the answers to the rogatory requests for financial information sent by Lisbon, which are still pending.

The expectations are, however, low. According to what the Expresso revealed in the last printed edition, 75 percent of the accounting files of Freeport in London were burned in a fire.

In addition, access to databases of the internal mails relative Portugal should not be possible, since the English authorities say that those are protected by professional secrecy.

in Expresso

Update: Freeport Plc

The Serious Fraud Office, supported by the City of London Police, has been conducting an investigation into allegations of corruption relating to the development of the Freeport retail outlet in Alcochete, Portugal.

That investigation has now been closed. The Serious Fraud Office will continue to provide such assistance as is required to the Portuguese authorities by way of mutual legal assistance.

published today at Serious Fraud Office


The Rogatory Letter send to the Portuguese Authorities by the Serious Fraud Office

Email exchange 2001 - when the Freeport Outlet project was refused

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  1. The expectations are, however, low. According to what the Expresso revealed in the last printed edition, 75 percent of the accounting files of Freeport in London were burned in a fire.

    Well what a surprise.

  2. What significance, if any, does the Freeport matter have in connection with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Were any of the tapas 9 involved with the proposed shopping mall or something?

  3. Comment 2
    The Freeport mall is built on land that used to be under environmental protection. At that time, Mr. Socrates, the current prime minister of Portugal was the minister of the environment. There are allegations that Mr. Socrates accepted a bribe to make the construction of the mall possible. It is believed that the Portuguese government has had a part in the archiving of the Madeleine case and in protecting the McCann couple. Many feel that the Portuguese government has acquiesced to the demands of the British government, in relation to the McCann case, because of the British government's knowledge of political corruption in Portugal, e.g. Freeport.

  4. Guerra re your post 3

    Perhaps that may be true and the PT Government seems to have done nothing to rectify the reputation of its Police and justice system after, and the continuing McCann onslaught. I wonder why that is? Not only that, Amaral has been hung out to dry ( some might argue by his own volition) and the PJ do not appear to have given him public support either. I may be wrong in my conclusions. Overall it smacks of political coverup which does not bode well for solving of the case as it is never going to be allowed to be solved at least in public. What would we do without politicians and their self serving corrupt ways?

  5. London may well think 'case closed'.London is not the people.
    There will be an election next year when prospective MPs will be looking for my vote. I for one, will be questioning them on this amongst other subjects.
    Thankyou Joanna.

  6. Maybe the Sun news paper is waiting until just before the next General election to Expose these scandals and cover ups to Ruin the Labour parties chances of being re-elected.
    The Sun have already said they are now supporting the Tories for the next Government.
    Or is this just wishful thinking on my part!


  7. To Anon 2 and Guerra 3: As far as the Maddie case is concerned the Freeport case is of major significance. As guerra said Freeport smells again of corruption and the now Portuguese PM José Sócrates is involved up to the eyeballs. This fact as known to Gordon Brown was and is the lever to haveGonçaloamaral removed from the case, have the case shelved and keep it shelved as long as possible. It was a political decision achieved by interference of political figures into the investigation lead by Amaral and the result of blackmail. Two weeks prior to the signing of the Lisbon Treaty Gordon Brown "invited" José Sócrates urgently to no. 10 Downing Street and confronted him with the situation. Brown urged the Portuguese to remove Amaral from the Maddie case and make sure the investigations will be stopped and the case archived soon or he could not guarantee that the illegal involvement of Sócrates with the Freeport case would be kept under the carpet. It is unknown what Sócrates responded. However, two weeks later in Lisbon, Brown personally inquired with Sócrates if Amaral was in fact removed from the case and if the case would be shelved within reasonable time and no action taken against the McCanns. A very reliable source added that Brown urged Sócrates to immediately comply with his "suggestions." The aforesaid is no way rumours or fantasy but - a confirmed fact! Given the obvious importance of the Maddie case for certain people, you may imagine what it would mean for them if the truth should become publicly known one day. I would say all this proves clearly that the "bond" between McCann, Brown, Miliband and many others is far more than just friendship. Most certainly, they all share a terrible secret which, if revealed would cause an earthshaking scandal and send all of them to prison for a very long time!

  8. Lots of burning papers,init? :D

  9. Here comes an illustration of the British representation of the Iberic Peninsula :
    In its Friday edition, the Guardian publishes an article entitled "We can't hold our kids' hands forever" where the author writes : "While leaving a toddler alone in a cot with a bottle of milk wouldn't go down well with the authorities, for obvious reasons, on the other hand Madeleine McCann's parents were forgiven by some for leaving a three-year-old and two-year-old twins alone in a Spanish resort room.
    I wrote to the Guardian errors and inaccuracies report dpt :
    I'm sorry to observe, one more time (last time it was MP Lynne Jones who described G. Amaral as a "disgruntled Spanish Police officer" and then argued she was learning Spanish etc. !), a geographical error : the little McCann girl didn't vanish from a Spanish resort room but from a Portuguese one !
    If "resort" helps mixing up languages into what's called basic English, nationalities, in spite of EU and the virtual European citizen, are yet realities.

  10. Anonymous 7. If this is fact then the information should be sent to the Press as widely as possible in the UK and the USA. I'm sure the 'Sun' would welcome it.

  11. Guerra and Anon 7.

    Thanks for the detailed explanations from you both. Very grateful.

    Anon 10.

    I agree this information should be made as public as possible, but no doubt our media will be under pressure to deal with it in the same lenient way they have with the McCanns.

    Let's hope all these greedy dishonest parasites get their just deserts - it would only take a whistleblower, or two, after all!

  12. But why is Brown protecting the McCanns? This hasn't been explained. Are you suggesting that they are all involved in some kind of scandal?
    A sexual scandal? swinging? paedophilia? I have heard the Mccanns swing in high places.
    But really, it all seems a bit far fetched. Why would a prime minister protect these doctors? That's the question. Is it face saving?

  13. To Anon 12: You ask why Browen is protecting the McCanns. And actuallty, you answer this question already. Yes, no doubt, they are all involved in the same scandal, given the fact that David Payne is a suspect of paedophilia according to eyewitness reports and declarations signed bt the Gaspars. But, back to your question: If, indeed, this is what we deal with, interested parties must avoid by all means that the Portuguese police investigates the McCanns, does what the Americans call a "background check". Please, note that such check is mere routine for the police in cases of missing persons, abduction etc. Such check would very soon bring to light interesting facts and evidence. That is why the McCanns refused to hand over any medical records at all, any credit card records etc.If you read Gonçalo Amaral's book he dedicated a long sequence to exactly what useful informations for instance a credit card record provides. If you hold one end of a thread all you need to do is pull and the thread will lead you to the truth and possibly to - Gordon Brown and others. That is exactly what had and has to be prevented by all means. Given the tough consequences if exposed they don't mind to use blackmail or destroy the life of Amaral and others if necessary. Not far from now the truth will be known and. as I saisd before, it will be an earthshaking event.

  14. GB seems to have a track-record for meddling in things, messing things up, then swiftly U-turn, covering his a**. Such as: Abolishing 10% tax rate; providing inadequate Afghanistan army equipment; abolishing financial 'boom and bust'; and writing to an Army casualty's bereaved parent with terrible spelling mistakes. Incompetence plain and simple. Cock-up more than conspiracy.

  15. Anon 16:54 - you say "confirmed FACTS". I wonder where you are getting your facts from? A source would be appreciated.

  16. Comment 12 "But really it all seems far fetched."

    I like many people can only guess as to why Gordon Brown is protecting this couple, but protecting them he is. Can you not understand our suspicions. Here is an example: You have a couple who was suspected of harming their child and yet British politicians invite this couple to the European parliament and try to associate them with a cause for child welfare. What in hell are politicians like David Miliband doing? Can you imagine the scandal if Miliband's counterpart Hillary Clinton had done the same thing in the States? Do you not think that Gordon Brown knows what is going on with members of his own party, shouldn't he have advised against this? What do you think was the message, this action by the British government, conveyed to the Portuguese police?

  17. As long as i remenber , at the begining of the case it was Tony Blair who was in power and he told Brown to continue proctecting the maccans

  18. Very convennient now that Socrates is underfire in" face oculta" process and the portuguese justice is showing pressions and corruption from top to bottom. The british authorities again giving an hand to Socrates, before everything break-off in portugal and uk.

  19. I did comment 12.
    I've always thought the McCanns story didn't ring true.
    But you must admit it does seem far fetched..but truth is stranger than fiction.
    The above case, Freeport, I knew nothing about this...very odd.

  20. What happens when Socrates is out, who would take over? whoever it is would they be prepared to help the UK cover up this crime, I think not,they wouldn't have the Freeport to worry about this is only Socrates problem, come on Portugual you could help solve this terribly crime very quickly if you get Socrates OUT and also show Gordon Brown for what he really is!!!!!!
    They have the power now but it is a power they do not have forever more do they, infact I dont think either of them have very long left at all.


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