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FBI searches for detective who worked on Madeleine McCann case

A British security consultant who was paid £300,000 to assist efforts by Kate and Gerry McCann to find their daughter Madeleine is being sought by the FBI over an alleged £1.3m fraud.

A £500,000 contract given to Kevin Halligen's private detective agency, Oakley International, to help with the search for the missing child was terminated last year after a major benefactor of the McCanns expressed concerns about the quality of the firm's work.

However, Halligen is now wanted by the FBI following an indictment issued by US authorities in connection with allegations that he defrauded a London law firm of money that was supposed to be used to lobby for the release of two executives from the Dutch company Trafigura, arrested in the Ivory Coast.

He is accused of using the money to buy a mansion in Great Falls, Virginia, that sources close to the McCanns believe may also have been funded by money intended to be spent on efforts to find Madeleine.

Halligen, an Irishman living in the UK who presented himself in private security industry circles as a former intelligence operative, owes £100,000 to others who carried out work on the Madeleine case, the Sunday Times reported.

The McCanns' spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said: "Oakley International was contracted to help with the search for Madeleine. Due diligence was carried out at every stage and payment was only made for work properly carried out. It was only towards the end of the six-month contract that question marks were raised about delivery in some areas and the contract was terminated."

The McCanns did not contact the police about Halligen, who visited their home, but his behaviour aroused suspicions at an early stage among the couple and their advisers.

Oakley International secured the contract from the Find Madeleine Fund to monitor the phone hotline, sift through CCTV footage of possible sightings and carry out investigative work.

However, it was terminated after the British double-glazing millionaire Brian Kennedy, who has underwritten the fund's work, raised concerns. Documents reportedly show that Halligen's company was withdrawing large amounts of money for personal use.

in The Guardian

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First Published here:  Former McCann detective Kevin Halligen Indicted for Fraud and Money laundering


  1. "Due diligence was carried out at every stage and payment was only made for work properly carried out..."

    Yet the newspapers report there were no results from Halligen and he was using company funds for his personal needs. Good to see the UK newspapers have got this story at last.

  2. The McCanns did in on purpose.
    Deviation of the fund money to the USA, using this Irish man.
    500.000 pounds to Halligen to search for a dead child? Burried by the McCanns themselves in Algarve? Who in this world trusts blindly a stranger, to the point of sending him 500.000 pounds?
    The deviation aims to garantee their financial future abroad.
    The Mccanns stopped his 'help" probably when they oppened their own account somewhere in the USA.

    The intention was to transfer the 500.000 pounds to this new account and it seems that it went wrong.

    I wonder if the McCanns really lost 300.000 and if they can sue this Irishman who could prove that the new account is for privet use, not for searching for Madeleine.

  3. Why didn't the McCanns sue this Halligen already last year?
    Or at least at the beginning of this year?

    How many days did they spend in the USA, when they went for Oprah and for the Maddie's photo?

    Time enough to go to a Bank, Kate getting a procuration, and time enough to talk to the Irishman? Or only to talk to his Môther, sîster, brôther?

  4. When the FBI catch this guy, Kevin Halligen, and he is charged please God he sings like a canary and exposes the whole charade in exchange for a lighter sentence (plea deal).

  5. The two paragraphs in red are contradictory : either it was "towards the end of the six months contract" as the pinky one pretends or "his behaviour aroused suspicions at an early stage among the couple and their advisers"

  6. Ladrão que rouba de ladrão tem cem anos de perdão.

    Santa Bárbara, Califórnia.

  7. How difficult is it, to find a respectable Private Investigation Company, with a good track record of assisting in missing persons cases?

    Not difficult at all I would imagine, when you have a £million Fund, top criminal lawyers, accountants, and advisers already on the payrol.

    These “advisers” are being paid to give expert advice, which, no doubt does not come cheap. Yet they have failed on a few occasions.

    Of Halligen, Oakley, Clarence Mitchell states:

    “question marks were raised about delivery in some areas and the contract was terminated."

    Question marks have been raised by the public since the first PI’s in this case, Metodo 3 were hired and told the world they would be returning Madeleine by Christmas 2007 and that they had purchased a doll for her.

    Now that was the ‘mother’ of all ‘wake-up’ calls – that these people did not have a clue! Yet a stream of PI’s, all equally useless, all equally checked out by the McCann advisers followed.

    One has to ask: Why are the McCann “advisers” still on the payrol?

    Just as we are told ‘question marks’ were raised re Halligen, surely questions were raised about the “expertise” of the highly paid advisors? They too, failed in their ‘delivery’ not once, but on 4/5 occasions it would seem. Surely their contracts should have been terminated also? Yet that does not appear to have been the case.

    One has to ask, how can the Fund and its directors, mess up on the most crucial part – Hiring suitably experienced persons for the search for this wee girl, and mess up on more than one occasion?

    Outrageous as Clarence would say.

    And as Clarence would also say – The McCann’s have an innocent explanation for anything which may come to light in this case.

    The 'spin' on this one should be interesting! Clarence will be getting paid overtime rate!

    These advisers manage to get it “right” when hiring criminal lawyers to keep the parents out of the reach of the long arm of the law. They manage to get it “right” when it comes to Carter Ruck and cashing in on law suits.

    When it comes to finding a company who know anything at all about missing persons these advisers fail miserably. Every one they have come up with so far, know diddly squat!

    Perhaps,a Yellow Pages – they don’t cost a penny!

    Then we have the usual contradictions in statements.

    Re Halligen, Oakley:-

    “It was only towards the end of the six-month contract that question marks were raised”


    His behaviour aroused suspicions, AT AN EARLY STAGE among the couple and their advisers.

    So, which was it?

    If Kate and Gerry McCann AND their advisers had suspicions about this man from an EARLY STAGE, then it was at THAT point the question marks were raised and NOT, “only TOWARDS THE END OF THE SIX MONTH CONTRACT.”

    Why was the plug not pulled on this guy at that time, afterall, they were now experienced in dodgy PI’s?

    If the guy was trying to pull the wool over their eyes and they suspected it, who, were more able to deal with this, lawyered to the hilt with the most formidable legal team, than Kate and Gerry McCann!



    Why were the police not informed? They suspected this guy was screwing with them. Screwing, with the investigation re their missing daughter. A police matter surely.
    More to the point – What were the suspicions the McCann’s and their advisers had re Halligen from the, EARLY STAGE?

    Now if your daughter was missing, and some guy takes the piss, pretends to be searching, takes the money donated, in the main, by the public to search for your daughter and you are suspicious of this, why do you wait from the ‘EARLY STAGE' of suspicion until TOWARDS THE END OF THE 6 MONTH CONTRACT to take action? You’d want to break every bone in the bastards body!

    The McCann's had a duty, to not only Madeleine, for whose benefit the fund monies were donated, but a duty also to the public who donated so generously, that their monies were not 'stolen' from them or Madeleine. It was their duty to ensure that this man, if they suspected him, was checked out by proper authorities at the earliest sign of something untoward.

    The McCann's and their team did not!

    Halligen had broken the contract, by 'non deliverance' in some parts we are told. They clearly, we are led to believe suspected him, there was no need to wait until towards the end of any contract before action was taken.


    So why were the police not informed?

    McCann’s AND their advisers suspected this guy was screwing with them. Screwing, with the investigation re their missing daughter. A police matter surely.

    Was the advice given to them by their highly paid legal team – to not bother informing the police?

    How strange, to say the least, if it was.

    Interestingly, Clarence has not failed us. I hear you all gasp. Well he has not failed us, in as much as his statement is, as ever contradictory.

    He tells us that McCann’s were suspicious from an EARLY STAGE about this guy, as were the advisers.

    He also tells us:

    "it was only towards the end of the six month contract that question marks were raised about DELIVERY IN SOME AREAS and the contract was terminated.”


    DUE DILIGENCE was carried out at EVERY stage and payment was only made for WORK PROPERLY CARRIED OUT.

    If work was properly carried out and this was checked at every stage, then what exactly were they ‘suspicious’ of at the early stage?

    That he wouldn't carry out his work properly, or that he would use the Fund money inappropriately?

    Clarence is clearly leading us along the path that it was the performance 'delivery' that feared/were suspicious of as being lacking, leading us away from the possibility that the McCann's suspected anything other than this.

    At the early stages though, one would not suspect someone of perhaps not being able to 'deliver' and if you did, you would get rid of them, not pay them hundreds of thousands of pounds.

    Doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    I guess too that they cannot sue this guy if they are telling us that they paid him ONLY for work which was carried out PROPERLY.

    To re-cap:

    Until Brian Kennedy sacked the guy (towards the end of the contract – for 'NON DELIVERANCE') the McCann’s and their advisers who from an early stage were SUSPICIOUS of his behaviour (and did not contact the police) found, through practicing ‘DUE DILIGENCE’ at every stage, that in fact, Halligen had carried out his work PROPERLY!

    Clearly they were satisfied with his performance and no longer suspected him, as they continued to pay him hundreds of thousands of pounds?

    If McCann’s and the advisers were satisfied with Halligen, sufficiently so, to pay him this vast amount of money – what made Brian Kennedy suspicious, or who brought to his attention that something was awry?

    Who brought it to his attention that the 'due diligences' had failed?

    I guess we all know now why Brian Kennedy withdrew his offer of never ending funding.


  9. Notice the date of the endictment,APRIL 2009.Why the sudden publicity now? Is this the xmas appeal, hot on the hels of Children In Need weekend? "Shameless" doesnt come near to describing this behaviour!

  10. Good investigative post A Miller, as usual.

    I suspect the McCanns will once again come out 'smelling of roses', that is to those who think the sun shines out of their rear ends! They have so far hired only duds and it would appear that they need special investigators to probe their special investigators at every stage!

    Only idiots could get it wrong so many times, bearing in mind they have so many pals in positions of clout! I'm afraid I don't go along with the newspapers that the McCanns have been conned, yet again! There must be much more to it than that.

    Let's hope they catch him in another country because if they catch him here he will no doubt be persuaded, financially of course, to toe the party line!

  11. When are people going to wise up and stop sending these McCanns any more money.

    Let them use their own, and then see who they hire.

  12. Clarence has totally lost the plot on this one. He must learn to think in future before he opens his mouth.

    Is there is also the possibilioty that Gerry was also milking the double glazing salesman and tranferring funds to the US via Halligen ?

    I'm sure it will all come out in the wash.

  13. Perhaps they should try yellow pages next time!

    Or wouldn't the people who advertise in there charge as much as the shady characters they have hired so far.

    Only the most expensive and least efficient for the McCanns when it comes to searching for Madeleine.

  14. Wonder if Kevin halligen will save his own skin,and start to talk explaining where the £300,000 has gone.

  15. The poor mccanns have been stolen!!!!!!!
    Quick do a "Pay Pal" job now!the fund is running low,sounds like....
    They must be rubbing their hands with glee to the prospect of being "re-funded" eventually when this man is caught but will he be caught?
    Ah....the californinan dream! a mansion!
    Por dios! give us a break and find Madeleine.....by the way,mccann people,how comes you didnt sue Halligen who has definitively "prejudiced" the search for Madeleine??? tut....tut....
    If you want to live with the wolves you have to haul with the wolves :D
    It will be interesting to see what the FBI comes up with because they certainely will scrutinize all the monies given and used by the man in the US,wont they? At long last something interesting....? :))

  16. Maybe they should hire Clarence a spokesman as he seems about as reliable as the PI's they hire.

    #8 Summed up perfectly again A. Miller
    they should offer you the job!!!!

  17. I think there is one word that could sum up the current state of affairs...


    May justice prevail, no matter how long it takes.

  18. Is the story of the amount this man has had true? Has it come from the McCanns?

    I ask that because wasn't it Metodo who said they were going to sue the McCanns because the amount the McCanns were saying they had received was not true.

    I suppose at the end of the day the McCanns can say anything to account for where the money has gone and nobody would be the wiser.

    It is their money after all to do with as they wish, it says that in the small print.

  19. im thinking perhaps the mccanns have also been syphoning money fronm the madeleine fund.

  20. Of course, money laundering comes to mind. This is why the McCanns will never press charges against this Halligen because too much incriminating evidence would come out. Instead they would rather try to play the role of gullible, heartbroken parents, who only wanted to find their daughter, and who were victims of a con man.


  21. I wonder who it was that snitched on them about those mortgage payments they paid with Fund money?

    That didn't put them in a very good light with the public, and they wouldn't want any bad publicity regarding future Fund money they spend on themselves.

    It would have to look like it is being spent on the search for Madeleine, even if it isn't.

    All perfectly legal of course, because it is their money according to the way they have it written up, although the public may not be aware of this, thinking it is only going to be used for the search for Madeleine.

  22. I think a lot of people aren't aware of the terms of the fund, especially where the fund states that the McCanns can use the fund to aid their finances. My neighbour wasn't aware, until I informed her and she will never send another penny to the McCanns, especially as she now realises that they were the cause of Madeleine's disappearance.

    As far as I know only those with access to a computer have access to the terms of the fund, I don't buy newspapers so I don't know if the terms were ever published in a newspaper.

    The McCanns family begged for money days after Madeleine went missing. There was already a huge reward in place, pledged by newspaper companies and celebrities and Portugual was using its own resources in the search for Madeleine and the investigation into her disappearance.

    Its obvious the McCanns were in dire straits where money was concerned, because they had only been in Portugal for a short time, when they borrowed money from the fund to pay 2months mortgage. They had to put the money back in the fund, how I don't know if they didn't have the money in the first place. Unless of course they borrowed money from their families, to pay back the money.

    Shortly before the McCanns returned home, Kate McCann's uncle Brian Kennedy(not the double glazing magnet), was interviewed outside the McCanns home. He pleaded for more donations for the McCanns living expenses in Portugal and their mounting bills in the UK.

    When the McCanns returned home, there was footage on the news of Gerry and Kate McCann in their cars, both had 4x4s. The McCanns aren't prepared to drop their standard of living and if they have to use the fund that is supposed to be used to find Madeleine, they will do so.

    Little Madeleine has been used as a money spinner by her parents and its time they were stopped. The fund should be removed from team McCanns clutches and given to a child protection charity that looks for all missing children. All of the members of the fund are either friends or family. The McCanns themselves are now directors of the fund.

  23. Why didn't the advisors who hired top rate lawyers for the parents check out agency references for experience in finding missing children. Why did they hire these agencies above all others. I expect Mrs McC will take over now since she's apparently working hard on the case, according to her interview.

  24. It is about time the law stepped in and put a stop to this kind of thing.

    It is one thing to have a kind of charity where the donations are used for a specific thing, but when a Fund is set up with the small print saying it can be used by individuals as if it were their own money, then that is another matter altogether.

    It may not legally be a fraud, but it is a moral fraud on the public who are asked to donate. That is why there was such anger at the money being spent on the McCanns mortgage repayments.

    I don't doubt that many people who donated money to help find Madeleine sometimes have difficulty in paying their own mortgage. Why should they be helping to pay the McCanns?

    There is also no accountability as to the amount of money received by these people, as money will be coming in all forms, even bank notes in envelopes.

    It is all far too trusting and really depends on the McCanns maintaining a confidence and trust that they are doing everything they can to find Madeleine and they are honest.

    No wonder they have to stop the books.

  25. Let's cut through nonsense. At the time the McCanns hired Halligen, CARTER-RUCK where already working for TRAFIGURA. ADAM TUDOR, the McCanns' Carter-Ruck lawyer is a SENIOR PARTNER at the firm! He MUST have known about Halligen! It'll be interesting to see where this case leads. Halligen may not actually be in hiding from everyone. Perhaps, certain individuals are shieding him as the prospect of him singing like a canary when the FBI nab him will be grim for them!

  26. I have thought for some time now that the start of demise of the McCanns will be brought about not from anything contained within the PJ's file or some new piece of evidence coming to light, but by the unraveling of the web of spin and lies particularly surrounding the fund and bogus McCann investigations.

    Somebody will break ranks in a bid to save themselves - human nature dictates it will happen.

    That time may be close!

  27. Money - big money - has been a feature of this case from the very beginning and continues to be. At present the McCanns are claiming more than a million euros 'in compensation' from Gonçalo Amaral who did nothing more than detail the facts of the case as shown in the official files and draw what seems to him the obvious conclusion that Madeleine is dead. The McCanns, while seemingly never having enough money to employ a firm of real experts in tracing missing people, have enough money to hire the best of lawyers to get Mr Amaral's book banned; they also had enough money to hire Carter-Ruck - very expensive - to get the Madeleine Foundation website closed and its leaflets/booklets banned. Other bloggers have received lawyers' letters too, demanding they do this or that - where does the money come from to pay these lawyers?

    How can it be that they have more than enough money for all this legal action, yet still ask the public to donate money to 'help find Madeleine'? Why are the McCanns now both directors of the Fund, something that wasn't the case when the Fund was set up? Why are the directors all relatives, friends or colleagues of the McCanns, instead of more obviously independent people? The track record of the private investigators employed to 'look for Madeleine' is ... well, interesting, to say the least ... so it seems a more professional approach to running the Fund is called for. Perhaps, as Kath suggested, it should be handed over to a child protection agency or a children's charity; they could ensure that tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds aren't wasted on incompetents or con men, but instead find another way of trying to find out what actually happened to Madeleine (reopening the case in Portugal would be a good step in the right direction, IMO).

    A sad day for those who contributed money that they thought would all be used in a genuine search for a missing 3-year-old, rather than on a mixture of hopeless investigators, cheats and libel lawyers.

  28. What would he be saying though ShuBob?

    Will he also be saying the McCanns are lying and he never received the amount of money the McCanns said he had been given.

    If so, that would be the second time the McCanns would have been accused of misrepresenting where the money has gone.

    But of course, set against the word of these disreputable characters, the McCanns would look like the truthtellers.

  29. The Times printing comments!

  30. "The McCanns did not contact the police about Halligen"

    For once they had an opportunity to sue someone for genuine reasons, yet they didn't bother. They are too busy sueing people for expressing an opinion.

    Smells like sea bass to me.


  31. If they really wanted to get this sort of person on the case surely they would have been better going to a family member - Terry McCann of TV's Minder fame would have probably done it for mate's rates!


  32. The McCanns have got hearts of stone. I don't know how they have the nerve to try to set themselves up as ambassadors in the missing child issue, when not only are they the cause of little Madeleine's disappearance, but using her fund to eke out their lifestyle.

    The McCanns bleat on and on about how they believe Madeleine is alive. If they are only(and they have still broken the law, as well as failed in their parental duties)involved in her disappearance, because they left her and her siblings alone, they should have used the media to beg her forgiveness. They haven't, they have used the media to beg for money and and repeatedly say they have done nothing wrong.

    I'm sure if the PJ scoured the files surrounding this case, they would find something that could enable them to drag this disgusting cruel couple, back to Portugal, by the scruff of their necks.

    If Gordon Brown tries to interfere, they should tell him to take a hike and that goes for Richard Branson, who has promised the McCanns the best lawyers in town, to get them off the hook.

  33. So the Sunday papers are telling us that ADAM TUDOR of Carter-Ruck is working for Trafigura, a company allegedly defrauded by KEVIN HALLIGEN and Halligen was employed by the McCanns who also employ Tudor! Why would Tudor work for a couple who are employing a man a company he's currently representing are suing for FRAUD? Isn't there a conflict of interest there? Also, who is this "British lawyer" the Mail claims is also suing Halligen for £1.3M for making no return on an investment?

    So many questions..............

  34. cntd 7, I totally agree with your views. The amount of money that has been wasted paying advisors and spokesman is beyond belief, especially when you consider that todate they have never got it right about anything.

    I do not see how they have the neck to criticise the methods used by the PJ under the circumstances. If they had just stuck with it, let the police do their own reconstruction, answered all the questions in order to eliminate supicion on themselves, given their innocent explanations for all that was found (hmmn), used their contacts to cut the red tape to get information from both forces passed quicker etc etc. they could not have ended up in a lesser situation than they are now. They are still getting absolutely no where and have turned this case into a very bad soap opera

  35. The people who don't believe in the abduction scenario of the McCanns can't be the only ones who are looking askance at the vast sums of money the McCanns have been receiving and where it is all going.

  36. Kath, you have supplied the word there that about sums up the McCanns whenever they appear.

    Bleat, yes bleat.

    Always the impression they leave behind.

  37. These publications on British media today are not a coincidence.
    It could have to do with the CEOP appeal.
    The goal of the publicatios could be to irritate the person or persons who are keeping a secret about what happened to Madeleine.
    Who knows this person was giving money to the fund, believing the Mccanns, and a friend of a friend told him the child died that night.
    Maybe aunts, family -in-law, we don't know.
    It is obvious that the Mccanns took the money out of England to a safer place.
    They could be planning to emigrate in orde to escape from the law in the European Union(extradition, if they escape).
    In the USA it is easy to register yourself with another name and they could live anonymously in a nobody's village or cottage.

    If the FBI finds this Irish man, it will be terrible news for the McCanns.
    He will have to confess why he received so much money and what was the goal of it and where to he transfered the rest of the money, after he spent 300.000.

    The Mccanns did not dare to sue him.He knows too much.

  38. Remember what G said on bus "F**k off, i'm not here to enjoy myself". It was IMO premeditated, the whole thing has been about money. I don't believe they have been conned. Anyone who suspected it was a con would have brought the police in sharpish. Lots of murders are about Money, No one has followed up how much they got paid for interviews ie. Oprah. Probably sitting in a bank in US that's why they couldn't let Sr Amarals' book be printed in English, there families who weren't in on it would have found the truth and let's not forget it would have hit the US as well. That is why they have never admitted to neglecting the three children, they didn't. It has all been a scam. However i still believe they were involved in peadophilia and that is how they got help in covering this up, it is the one thing that keeps people quiet, because they are all involved. Don't forget there was talk of a book and a film as well. If made in America it would have brought them millions.

  39. I have now found out that the "British lawyer" the Mail refers to is in fact the then TRAFIGURA lawyer, Mark Aspinall.

  40. Were G&K in debt before they went to Portugal? If so, how much? Is there any evidence at all about their financial affairs before they went on holiday. Financial access was denied to PJ wasn't it? Its interesting that GA's finances have been published yet G&K's have been kept private. Could be a case of pot calling kettle black!

  41. Anonymous 12: Quote, "Is there is also the possibilioty that Gerry was also milking the double glazing salesman and tranferring funds to the US via Halligen ?"

    Yes. Perhaps the FBI should include this posibility in their investigations.

    Anonymous 10: Quote, "I suspect the McCanns will once again come out 'smelling of roses'"

    Dog roses perhaps?

    Unlucky once? Maybe
    Unlucky twice? Highly unlikely
    Unlucky thrice? unbelievable

    The McCanns' experience shows that it is not easy to find people who are qualified to conduct a 'search' which is intended not to be successful since such people must of necessity themselves be driven by criminal energy.


  42. Kate and Gerry my dears - I can recommend some really professional detectives who, if you really want to find Madeleine, will do so. They are the Portugese police - and they will do it free of charge !! Duh


  43. What took these mega rich people to blindly back this couple baffles me in the first place! They didn't know a damn thing about their involvement or not in the disapearance of their daughter. They had only their word, and nothing else to back their abduction claim. For me it's very strange. Do they now regret having put their millions in the hands of criminals? Some of them must be wondering what the hell is going on?

  44. Anon 28
    This will be very interesting, as the accounts for the year they paid Halligen will have already been prosessed, what will Team McCann do if Halligen says he didn't receive this amount of money from the Fund and can prove it, can Team McCann really trust this guy, loose canon comes to mind, interesting times ahead.


  45. I hope when the FBI apprehend this guy he is located on US soil. If he is found elsewhere I fear the extradition specialists, Carter-Ruck, will do their thing to "shield" him.

  46. Madeleine is still "missing". The dodgy detective is missing. Does he look at all like Victoria Beckham?

  47. It seems to me that we are coming much closer to seeing the truth of what has been going on behind the scenes for the last two and a half years. I think we'll find out why Gerry was not in the best of moods while on the bus to PdL. We'll find out why every single person involved in this has links to Northern Ireland. We will find out why the McCann bar was "ransacked" a few hours after Eileen McCann was there last year, why the British government has tried to corral any holiday photos from Ocean Club guests, why witnesses were intimidated by the McCann investigators, why Exton's group went undercover in the Algarve and how Raymond Hewlett fits into the story. One there is a serious leak, there is no holding back the water from the dam.

  48. I am reminded of the immortal words of Deep Throat, FBI man, of

    Watergate fame, "Follow the money".

  49. Is it possible that this is all Exton's work to try and get owed monies from the McCanns?

    The Sunday Times reports it was Exton and the ex Trafigura lawyer, Aspinall, who reported Halligen to the FBI. It also claims that the McCanns were contacted by four PIs which I assume include Exton to ask for some £200k which Halligen owed them. The McCanns claim to have already paid the money to Halligen. Maybe Exton was having none of it and so the McCanns leaked his name to the press which has resulted in him consulting his lawyers to try and stop certain information about him being talked about. Some reports claim he (Exton) was hoping to release his memoirs under an assumed name. Perhaps, with the leaking of his name it's now difficult for him to continue with that project.

    This case is crazy. Who would have thought the McCanns would be linked to Trafigura is any way whatsoever? Some predicted over two years ago that money would be the McCanns' downfall. They may be proved right!

  50. "I do not see how they have the neck to criticise the methods used by the PJ under the circumstances..."
    Imo the self qualified victims will argue that this is just another perverse effect of PJ's incompetence : evil keeps going at these poor dear ones.

  51. "The Soap Opera Of The Century"
    Chapter XXII : Will Halligen be woosh clunked? :-o

  52. Anon 8. I think you are being to hard on Halligen. He might have searched, but not physically. That's OK in this case.

  53. This is becoming the crime of the century. Was Madeleine the first human clone? Something went wrong - hence the coloboma etc. "They've taken her" - who are they? the government health department, perhaps, for further experiments? Hence the government coverup.

    Clearly this child was being neglected and abused (the bruise on her arm in the tennisball photo, the Calpol, and being left alone for hours). The suggestive pout of the mouth in the short video clip that is frequenly shown, makes it appear is if there was also child sexual molestation.

    This poor wee little girl did not have a hope in hell in that family.

    Justice MUST prevail.....please

    The fraud of the century. The con of the century. How far and wide does the net of evil span?

  54. The incompetence of the McCanns hiring not one but two maybe 3 incompetent detective agencies, Metodo 3 and Oakley, not only incompetent but criminally fraudulent. Once maybe, but twice. Bit of a pattern there methinks. Is there anything associated with this case straightforward or honest? Even the simplest thing appears to be connected to some murky elements. Both agencies were never meant to find anything that is why they were hired. Maybe even the fees paid were re-routed back into peoples pockets as a way of taking money from the fund under supposed legitimate expenses, what we all call a kick back? Well if the McCanns are going to associate themselves with crooks then they can only blame themselves if some of the tarnish wears off on them.

  55. do youu reckon the tapas have had money out of the fund and thats why they have kept quite

  56. There's an old saying that money brings out the worst in people.

    And with some people that's not hard to do because they are a bad lot anyway.

  57. Anyone else get the feeling they're hiring people who won't look TOO hard for Madeleine?

  58. What about if each of us would send the CEOP video to Gerry?

  59. Didn't anybody notice they (the Mccann's) always hire "crooks" to take the investigation? Isn't it too much of a coincidence?

  60. Does Halligen have his investigators office in Washington, the same city where the McCann received new Maddie's photo at age of 6, on April 2009?
    The same Washington where Gerry went to on July 2007?
    Was he already transfering money to the USA?

  61. Daily Express :

    "His (H.) indictment in the US is likely to dismay thousands who gave money to the Madeleine Fund. It received more than £1million in donations after her disappearance but this was hit heavily by the sums given to Mr Halligen for his services.

    Stephen Dorrell, the McCanns’ MP, said: “This man clearly saw a vulnerable family going through a terrible ordeal and the only thing he was focused on was that there were people offering money to help find Madeleine.”

    Last night the McCanns’ spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, was unavailable for comment. But earlier he insisted the fund had not been duped."

    Unavailable, hm hm...
    The Dorrell one reflects what the undoubting people will feel since criticism spirit is not politically correct. CM will sing that song too, probably, as if the poor victims had not at their feet la crème de la crème of lawyers

  62. Anonymous 53 - also ... hence Kate called Maddie `Mini-Me` and referred to her as `special`.


  63. Perhaps these people are specially chosen because when they are eventually exposed as crooks the McCanns can claim yet again they are victims.

    Those poor McCanns, and all that. All part of the image of bad people taking advantage of their trusting innocence.

  64. According to today´s Express "last night the McCanns' spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, was unavailable for comment". Is this a first?

  65. It's about time Clarence Mitchell (he who 'lies through every tooth in his mouth', says the PJ) shut his trap and disappeared completely.

    How can we believe anything he says.

  66. So it seems that the DA notice, preventing mention of Halligen and Exton, is being ignored in the UK now. Or perhaps Bindemans LLP are busily drafting hundreds of their intimidating letters to every media outlet in the UK.
    (see http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/11/censurable-censure.html)

    Mr B

  67. Stephen Dorrell, the McCanns’ MP, said: “This man clearly saw a vulnerable family going through a terrible ordeal and the only thing he was focused on was that there were people offering money to help find Madeleine.”

    So is that the way it happened? Did Oakley international select the McCanns as a target? Erm no,
    The McCanns' spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said: "Oakley International was contracted to help with the search for Madeleine.

    It seems Stephen Dorrell is also a signed up member of Spin Team McCann. Either that or he opens his mouth without thinking. Ah yes, he is a politician so it is probably both.

    So if ‘Oakley International secured the contract from the Find Madeleine Fund to monitor the phone hotline, sift through CCTV footage of possible sightings and carry out investigative work’ does it mean that work was never adequately carried out? That could be the reason why there are no images from the night – or perhaps they are but they just show the wrong thing…

    Mr B

  68. The only victim in all of this is Madeleine, the child who was left unprotected by those whose job it was to protect her. But once she'd disappeared it seems the only thing that mattered was money, with the Fund set up within days and relatives and friends of the McCanns piling on board.

    What use has the Fund been? Has anyone employed by it found one thing that forwards the aim of finding out what happened to Madeleine? Not a bit! Metodo 3 'knew where she was' and would 'have her home by Xmas'. Kevin Halligen handed over the work to others, who alleged he didn't pay them. Dave Edgar and Arthur Cowley have been hauled over the coals in the press for failing to interview people who might have had something to say in the Posh Spice lookalike pantomime.

    Yet the McCanns (who now themselves are on the board of directors of the Fund) have the unmitigated cheek to accuse the Portuguese police of incompetence! They've paid out hundreds of thousands of pounds to people who couldn't find a tractor in a haystack, assuming they even bothered to start looking for it, that is. How easy it is to squander other people's money, but I wonder how quickly they'd have given money to these idiots if it had been the McCanns' own money, if they'd sold their house and put the money into the Fund, for instance? I doubt we'll ever know, because I doubt that will ever happen.

    The Fund needs to be a lot more transparent than it is, it needs to show in detail where every penny has gone. The public needs to know who makes the decisions and how they're made, and they need to know who benefits as money flows out into people's pockets. Madeleine certainly hasn't benefitted in any way, because it's still not known what happened to her. Is this situation going to be allowed to go on and on for ever, with the public being asked to contribute to a Fund but without knowing what's really happening to the money raised? People didn't contribute money to pay bungling private investigators, nor to pay lawyers or PR people or the like. The money was to be used to find out what had happened to Madeleine, not to provide a lottery-win salary for those who want a cushy job.

  69. I also believe this is all about making the McCanns look like the victims once more...attack has always been the best defence...they'll deny anything he says and the public already have him stamped as the criminal thanks to the pink prince and press.

  70. In spite of everything I'm pleased to see that the Express and other newspapers are still showing pictures of Madeleine as she was in 2007 and not those truly awful 'as she would look now' pics which I suspect McCanns wanted plastered all over the net presumably to eradicate the last traces of the little girl that went missing in Praia da Luz. Second 'abduction' failed then?(Or should I say foiled?)The Express is doing a good job under somewhat difficult conditions. If only the McCanns were so unfortunate with their choice of legal representation as they are with their private Investigators.


  71. Has anyone ever mounted a complaint about the fund and where their money has gone, to the police or an MP?

  72. Reports claim that HALLIGEN was last seen in Bath. CLARENCE MITCHELL is from Bath.


  73. Besides informing the public as to how the Fund money is really being spent, the public should also be informed that the official investigators have concluded Madeleine died in the apartment.

    Thus, the need to be able to read Dr Amaral's book without hinderence. It should be available everywhere in the UK and in the US, where they have also been doing their usual bleat.

    Then the public can make their own minds up whether they wish to continue giving money over to this so called search.

    Perhaps somebody could also ask why these well heeled McCanns and their family don't start dipping into their own pockets first before requesting the public to do so.

  74. I wonder if somebody went already to the police telling what he knows.
    It takes time to realise and to decide.
    I sent an email to the CEOP warning them to follow the police, in order to control them, if they are hiding statements.
    Somebody in Luz must know where the corpse went to that night.
    Or at least somebody in Algarve.
    And why the Mccanns got the key of the church and used to visit it at 2.00am.
    An anonymous letter to the PJ, to the British police AND THE CEOP, could also help.

  75. Interesting ShuBob

    Is that why there is no comment from Clarence?

    The plot thickens?

  76. Exactly, Anon.#73! One would expect that such an extended, loving, and close knit family would immediately put their assets up-front, that is, mortage their houses, sell their cars, etc. to finance the "ongoing" search for their beloved child! Starting with the child's parents,of course! They have a nice big house, they could put it on the market or re-mortgage, move to a more modest one, but no, they chose to use the fund to pay for one or more of their mortgage installments! It seems their assets are off-limits, let Joe Public pay for the whole circus!

  77. Personally, I don't believe Halligen is in hiding in the true sense of the word. People know where he is but it may be in their best interest not to reveal this information IMO!

  78. The Portugal News Online 30.08.08. " Madeleine detectives' axing denied" refers readers to the entry on the Find Madeleine website. " We feel it is appropriate to comment briefly on our relationship with the investigation company Oakley International. We appointed them several months ago......the working relationship is managed by Brian Kennedy, who also confirms the relationship with OI continues to be good..... A Mccann spokesperson said yesterday, 'Kate and Gerry, the fund and their backers have always sought to employ the very best people and resources in the ongoing search for Madeleine'"
    I presume CM is the spokesperson?

  79. Has anyone asked why the McCanns' MP, Stephen Dorrell, has decided to come out of his hole to cast aspersions on Halligen? Even Clarence Mitchell has not accused him of duping the Fund! When has Dorrell appealed for Maddie's raptors to give themselves up? When has Dorrell commented on the paedo allegations against DAVID PAYNE by the Gaspars? WHERE HAS DORRELL BEING????

  80. It's all a big misunderstanding.
    There must be a wholly innocent explanation.
    [such as money laundering]
    :)) :)) :))

  81. Maybe AT LAST the case is unravelling, it doesn't surprise me one bit, that MONEY schemming is what brings out the truth....I am astonished that the McCann's didn't go to the Police straight away, when they suspected that Halligen was dodgy.....considering how many newspapers they have sued for printing rehashed news from Portugal...also Amaral for printing the info that was ALREADY in the PJ files...it speaks volumes imho....here's someone who ROBBED the fund blind, that was set up to find their missing daughter...and the McCann's just keep quiet and sack him....OMG, the FBI must surely want to investigate the McCann's now...I live in hope that behind the scene's, they are being investigated....somethings got to give eh! This charade has went on long enough, poor Madeleine has became an indefinate MONEY making icon, surely this can't go on and on much longer.

    I wonder how long it will take the Authorities to find Halligen!

    I pray that TRUE JUSTICE will prevail for Madeleine.

  82. Good for Clarence. Perhaps he is tired of the spin too. No comment!

  83. It's in the interests of certain people to cloud the issue as much as possible in the hope that we don't have a clue what is going on.

    This has been so from the beginning.

    Even Mr Amaral's truths have been made to look like lies to those who are not following this case.

    So what is this Halligen story really about? What are we meant to believe and what is the truth of his connection to the McCanns and their pals?

    Who is able to unravel this and get to that truth before it becomes clouded with lies?

  84. The fund audit showed that 13% went to looking for the child (according to the press). Perhaps they needed to show they spent more by the next audit?? They have to account for the money.

  85. Annonymous83 Quote:
    So what is this Halligen story really about? What are we meant to believe and what is the truth of his connection to the McCanns and their pals?

    God knows their connection to the McCann's, but no doubt, when he is caught, no matter how much he sings like a canary, the so-called-PR guy (Clarence Mitchell) will turn it against Halligen and in the McCann's favour, by stating his past record of deceit and fraud....shame that Clarence didn't do his job right in the first place, and do a check on Halligen, before they started throwing silly money at him....so what are the specifications of a PR Assistant? Are they employed merely to speak (on clients behalf) to the media? I thought that they would at least do a little research into prospective private Detective's background, before they were signed up for the job....Are the McCann's so niave? as to employ so-called-private detectives, without checking them out first....Or was it deliberate!

  86. "McCann's so niave" - ?!! You really mean MCCANNS NAIVE?!!!

  87. From Times online:

    "Dont worry to much about mr halligen he does no exist, he is a fingiment of the so to speak..."

    "Halligen laundered the found to mccanns privat account in Canada/US, for money, of course 10%"

  88. Perhaps Mr Halligen got swallowed by a sea bass?

  89. Yes Anon 87

    If so, he'll never be seen again.

    You know, there are ways of making people disappear.

    With not so much as a speck of DNA to be found.

    And only a fishy story left behind.

  90. it's just becoming some kind of ... scary movie...

  91. Oops 2 mistakes in my post...sorry..I Quoted from Anonymous 82...and Not 83.

    To Anonymous 85...Yes I meant NAIVE...insted of Niave, cheers for the correction ;)

  92. Anonymous - 90!
    Don't be sorry! I even didn't notice your spelling mistake!
    Anything about Mccanns, but not "NAIVE"!!! Now I am absolutely sure - everything from the very beginning was very well planned. All the rest is in gloom . But it is just for the moment. I am sure, everything should be clear! And very soon!

  93. According to Mitchell, "The matter is considered closed."

    Are the McCanns so far removed from their working-class backgrounds that they can dismiss 300,000 pounds like that?

    Oh right, I just remembered - this money didn't come from their pockets, it came probably for the most part, from hard-working people, pensioners and school children. The same group who they will likely be appealing to when, as victims, they do their Christmas appeal for funds.

  94. I strongly recommend having a look at the superb report The Times did on Francisco Marco and Metodo 3 back in 2008. Absolutely mind-boggling, and even Dan Brown gets a mention.


    To adapt the immortal words of Oscar Wilde´s Lady Bracknell, "To get mixed up with one crook, Dr. McCann, may be regarded as a misfortune, to get mixed up with a second looks like carelessness".

  95. Halligen will be found only after he has spoken to several individuals and has secured himself.
    There must be a lot of very worried people around lining up to buy his silence.

  96. Being as how Halligen went to visit the McCanns on several occasions did he get a look inside the pot on the mantlepiece.

    You know, the one that looks like an urn with 'MADELEINE' emblazoned next to it.

  97. so why are the mccanns not sueing on behalf of the public,after all they are the ones who donated the money.perhaps mitchell can answer that question

  98. The McCann's are good at silencing people. Gerry even silences one of his own sisters, his older sister Jackie, whose boyfriend was murdered in Scotland. Oh yes, he has no problems with his sister Phil and his sister Trish popping up from time to time, but his other sister, now that's a different story. Better keep that quiet. Don't want anyone to realise we've already had a murder in the family!

    Its all about PR with them.

  99. Not just tragedy, but violent criminal tragedy associated with the family.

    That is very tragic in deed.

  100. yes it was pre-planned but it went horribly wrong, the McCanns think that all they have to do is win the PR war but they won't

  101. With the cash-for-comments Clarence Mitchell at the helm, how can they win the PR war? Impossible IMO!

  102. They must think the public are stupid by these constant publicity of them following leads here, there, and everywhere, which turn out to be dead ends.

    Common sense dictates that nobody who really thought their daughter was being kept somewhere or other would want the media alerted before they had even found her, in case the 'abductor' would hear they were closing in and move her somewhere else. Or even kill her.

  103. "The McCanns did not contact the police about Halligen, who visited their home, but his behaviour aroused suspicions at an early stage among the couple and their advisers"

    This is why they never start a process against him. He visited Mccann's home. WHAT HE FIND? WHAT HE SAW? WHICH SECRETS IS HE HOLDING, ABOUT MADDIE DISAPEARENCE?

    Mitchell, if you don't pay him when he was working for you and your friends, you have to pay now... to lock his mouth!

    Wonder to know why Brian Kennedy got involved with Mccann's saga. Why a riche man, which can help a much more charitable cause like suporting Kids cancer organization ,etc. choose to suport only one child in a very doubtful situation... Which connections he had with Mccann's or friends before Maddie story? From where came all his money? We know, some times, riche people got money from the most darkness world( trafic) and need to clean it up. Mccann's Fund is a very easy way to clean up money coming from serious crimes.

    Richard Branson at some time, helped the Mccann's but he manage to jump out on time. This one, we know is an excentric man wich loves protagonism and be on the news for the most bizarre reasons. But he went to Lisbon to launch Virgin Galactic and according to the reports at the time, he had a very good time at Lisbon NIGHT with wonderful food, wonderful wine and the FADO (music). I think, he realised what kind of injustice he was doing suporting a theory which keep the country on a list of kidnapers, paedophiles and all evil minds, when in fact the country has a safety and friendly atmosphere everywhere.

    Brian Kennedy add more innuendos to Mccann's behaviour and his suport should be deep investigated when the case will be re-openned.

  104. Halligen is now in police custody

  105. Haligen has been arrested at a hotel in Oxford


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