1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Gonçalo Amaral Receives Support on the Internet

The former PJ Inspector is receiving support of citizens who want to take to the Portuguese Parliament and to the European Parliament a text in his defense.

Taking to the Portuguese Parliament and to the European Parliament a text in defense of Gonçalo Amaral is the objective of the petition «Projecto Justiça para Gonçalo Amaral», organized by a group of citizens who support the former PJ coordinator.

The petition already has more than fifty signatories, mostly Portuguese, and will be delivered to the Portuguese Parliament, to the European Parliament and to the European Court of Human Rights.

The petition was also released in English and already has 206 signatures.

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  1. The Portuguese petition is near 100 signatures
    The English one has 218

  2. Wow, 256+ signatures - that's a lot :D

  3. Happy to support Mr Amaral in any way!

  4. Gerry Mccann has more power in UK than the Queen Elisabeth II, more than Gordon Brown & Co and chapeau, Gerry you are as clever as Ronald Biggs was.

    Hats off for you,Gerry!
    You are the winner and nobody in this world is able to catch you with trash in your hands ,Gerry.
    Sometimes I ask myself how you cop with so much stress.
    But you look very relaxed all the time even to answer difficult questions, RESPECT!

    Gerry Mccann you are the cunning fox of Europe a sly old fox and I am sure- to save your skin you are ready to sale your own mother to
    You are a rarity like old, expensive scottisch whisky.


  5. Re, Anonymous at 13.34 no.4, Just to say Ronald Biggs did get caught eventually- as with every cunning fox, they always come a cropper in the end!!!

  6. Good, Gerry had brought this on himself.
    More people will want to know why he gagged the ex police.

  7. Signed. With immense pleasure.
    Freedom of expression and free speech are the backbone of a civilised nation.

  8. Where can i sign in support of Dr Amaral

  9. International petition http://gonaral.epetitions.net/
    for all citizens

    Portuguese petition http://www.peticaopublica.com/?pi=PJGA%20
    for Portuguese citizens and foreigners residing in Portugal

    thank you for your support anonymous

  10. Hi I am Axa on Maddie case cant seem to get the link to work for my support of Dr Amaral

  11. Hi Axa, just copy and past this http://gonaral.epetitions.net/ on your browsers address bar, on the top usually where it says the http://joana-morais.blogspot.com then press enter, it will take you to the epetitions site where the petition to support DR. Amaral's civic rights is hosted. If you still need more help please contact me to joanamorais@gmail. thanks

  12. Axa said Thanks Joana will wait till hubby comes home from work and he can show me am useless on computer but really want to show support for this remarkable man

  13. Gonamar would have sound better.

  14. It was automatic Anonymous, not my choice

  15. 105 pessoas já subscreveram - Portuguese petition

    254 signatures on the 'International petition'

    ;)fantastic, thanks to all that are supporting this cause

  16. The last text on UPDATES of Gerry's was on October 22th.
    It is about Everton playing(and losing) in Luz.
    No word thanking for the new video.
    No word thanking Mr. Gamble.
    Come on, Gerry,

    do it. We are waiting for your gratitude.

  17. Je signe complètement,

    Ca devient scandaleux ...

    Tout mon soutien à Monsieur Amaral ....

    Cassandre sur le blog de Mr Levy Duarte et sur Kidnapping.be

    Monsieur Amaral, j'ai lu votre livre mais depuis deux ans 1/2 j'ai lu beaucoup ;

    Une française qui signe en tant que maman, internaute, sans me cacher : patricia guy.. - Cassandre

  18. I signed yesterday, and I'm one of those people that always mean to sign certain petitions but always leave for a late date.. I meant to sign the petition to stop Blair from becoming president of the EU but never got round to it.. to have the Maddy case reopened, to... But when I read about this petition I thought THIS I must do today. It's not just for Amaral it's for supporting freedom of speech as a basic human right. If we don't stop this soon today it is Amaral, tomorrow it could be any of us, or maybe all of us..

  19. Axa said hubby home showed me how to copy and paste have signed petition and received e-mail to verify

  20. Hubby home showed me how to copy and paste signed and received e-mail to verify

  21. Joana, I'm turning to you for guidance please. I have been reading the Madeleine Foundation forum and though I can understand you probably don't want to get involved, and I know this is off-topic, but I can't figure out what is going on. If you can offer even the slightest clarification it would be appreciated.

    I'm 80 years old - I can't afford to have my head messed with like the McCann twins.

  22. J'ai signé aussi Cassandre et envoyé le lien à Moreas,Bakchich aujourd'hui et à d'autres blogs et journaux internet demain.Cela suffit.
    Comme diraît Perret: la Bête n'est pas morte. Et elle va tous nous dévorer si nous n'y prenons pas garde.

  23. Com alegria volto a dizer que os McCanns perderam uma boa hora de terem ficado quietos.
    Infeliz o momento em que abordaram o child exploitation.
    Puxa, eles não esperavam o tiro sair pela culatra.
    E saíu.
    O pior foi que foi tiro de canhão.
    Bem feito.
    Imagino o medo, dia e noite.
    Alguém, amigo íntimo de alguém, amigo íntimo de outro alguém já poderá estar decidindo contar o que ficou sabendo.

    Se calhar já contou.O negócio agora é saber se autoridades estão escondendo a declaração.

  24. Oi Joana tudo bem?

    onde é que nós os brasileiros podemos assinar a petiçao?
    aqui somos 16 pessoas que querem participar.
    Abraços e obrigada,

    Maria e a turma do Rio de Janeiro

  25. Signed with pleasure you have lots of people behind you Mr Amaral also emailed the daily express for the case to be reopened.

  26. Signed with pleasure!
    Estamos todos consigo Dr Amaral!

  27. lets spread the petition to the newspaper blogs. At least in Portugal where comments on the news are allowed.

  28. Olá Maria,

    Para cidadãos portugueses ou estrangeiros residentes em Portugal:


    Para cidadãos estrangeiros, a petição internacional, aqui:


    Muito obrigada, e bem-hajam!

  29. Assinei a petição e recomendei aos meus amigos portugueses. Amanhã recomendo aos meus amigos estrangeiros.

  30. I wonder what the mccanns are thinking! Hopefully they realise they are NOT the only ones with a voice..... :D
    Do they see the million euros being "whoosh clunked", melting away may be.....? aw :))
    Are we "hurting Madeleine's search"?

  31. Did you all observe Gerry saying that Maddie could be using contact lents to hide the brown spot in her eye?
    My goodness!
    I can hear it on one of the videos published on this site, the Marathon of the Mccanns.
    I think it is the video right above Sandra Fergueiras'.

  32. Amazing, no sights of Madeleine or the abductor friend, after what they called a " huge planetarium campaign". Over the time, even the more perverted brains don't want to be connected with Mccann's campaigns. The Euros don't buy everything and the efemere fame of mccann's stage it is not anymore an attraction for a certain style of witnesses which feed the circus on the pass.

    OR THAT MEAN'S an almost dry FUND?

  33. I know this is slightly OT but I don't know where to post this. I was reading this morning in the MF site (also in Truth for Madeleine) that Amaral's Truth of the Lie, English version, has been printed in the USA. Has this got Amaral's permission? I thought he was forbidden from printing the book in English.. These articles were written on Nov 4th and Nov 6th. And yet none of this has been mentioned here. Is this true? I'm totally confused now..

  34. Call for reform of libel laws in UK.
    Recommandation in the UK Law Gazette for damages to be limited to £10,000.

    All over the proper Press and on BBC



    Recommandation of £ 10.000 cap on damages

  35. Oi aqui é Maria do Rio e pergunto ao anonimo que escreveu o texto abaixo oque significa esta importante informaçao pois nao entendi.
    obrigada pela resposta

    "Com alegria volto a dizer que os McCanns perderam uma boa hora de terem ficado quietos.
    Infeliz o momento em que abordaram o child exploitation.
    Puxa, eles não esperavam o tiro sair pela culatra.
    E saíu.
    O pior foi que foi tiro de canhão.
    Bem feito.
    Imagino o medo, dia e noite.
    Alguém, amigo íntimo de alguém, amigo íntimo de outro alguém já poderá estar decidindo contar o que ficou sabendo.

    Se calhar já contou.O negócio agora é saber se autoridades estão escondendo a declaração"

  36. A rather subdued blog from McCann thanking all the people around the world who have passed on the infamous video looking for the nonexistent person who's going to finger the nonexistent abductor and help bring the nonexistent child home. Not a word of thanks to the ominous CEO of the mysterious CEOP which describes itself as part of the UK police but actually isn't part of the police at all. Has fireman Fred been brought in to wrap this up? Rather clever changing the emphasis to looking for a person to finger someone else. Of course it will attract a lot of people with a grudge and anonymity is guaranteed so it has the best chance of producing a wide variety of candidates including one who will no doubt fit the bill or be made to fit the bill. It's a bit of a gamble but apparently they have lot of experience of this kind of thing.
    Meanwhile time is running out for the only honest cop on this case. I hope Dr.Amaral and friends really do have something which will blow this wide open.


  37. Joana,
    I looked for how many signatures on, portuguese petition, but nothing, why?

  38. What do you mean exactly, T4two ? CEOP seems to be a governamental institution and calls itself "CEOP.police.uk". Can you be a bit more specific ?
    The McCann cas is certainly a remarkable illustration of virtuality power in our times.

  39. Thank you so much, Anonymous 37, for these links to articles about the "archaic" british libel laws. Let's hope that Portuguese Law people, more Catholic than the Pope, will have a look at this.

  40. The problem with sightings of M. is that almost all old tricks have been used, which means that the informants have to be very imaginative !

  41. Georges Moreas is very courteous but strangely enough he doesn't correct his articles when some mistake is pointed out to him.

  42. aacg

    Can you tell me which constabulary the CEOP is a part of? Can you tell me who this self-styled law enforcement agency report too? Is Gamble still an active member of the police with police powers?


  43. If Mr Amaral no longer has the copyright for the book because he sold it, then it is out of his hands and nothing to do with him any more.

    And how many times since has it been sold on?

    This must be worrying the McCanns very much.

    No doubt there will be a great effort made to stop the publication and distribution.

    If the US is involved it is doubtful they can manage to control that big country, so forget it McCanns.

  44. In the Times today is an article by John Kamofner about freedom of speech. it mentions GM and says he was right about the press. I think Mr Kampfner needs to be made aware of GM trying to gag anyone who dares to question him.

  45. Maria from Brazil, my dear,

    Pelo que entendi, não foi a primeira vez em que os Mccanns pediram ajuda ao CEOPC (Child Explotation and Online Protection Centre

    Provavelmente o primeiro vídeo foi com informações coadas pelo Mitchell, antes da PJ publicar os resultados.

    Em setembro tiveram a infeliz idéia de pedir mais um, com certeza contando com a presença de desenhos mostrando o abductor, trechos do filme deles reconstruindo o crime e a lady de Barcelona, e o tiro saiu pela culatra.

    O vídeo novo se dirige aos conhecidos do offender, não ao offender mesmo, gente que sabe ou suspeita a verdade, inclusive referindo=se a riscos que outras crianças estão correndo, perto do criminoso.
    Interessante é quando o vídeo se refere a isto, você vê a Maddie e os gêmeos, preste atenção.

    Os McCanns não tiveram outra saída a não ser aceitar esta mensagem.

    Para nós brasileiros a pronúncia inglesa é dificílima e imagino que você tenha dificuldades de entender o Jim Gamble.Estamos acostumados com o inglês americano.

    O Gamble diz tbém que realtionships change, que depois de 2,5 anos
    os que sabem podem ter mudado de idéia e decidirem contar o que sabem ou suspeitam.Ele ou um jornalista tbém diz que cada pessoa tem a best friend, e que este best friend tbém já pode saber.Não sei onde vi isto.
    Num momento em que o Gamble se refere a riscos de outras crianças ou se refere à infelicidade do offender com o vídeo, já não me lembro bem(entrevista) a câmara projeta os Mccanns.

    O Gamble diz tbém que o offender controla gente em volta de si e que
    está sentido-se uncomfortable (Em brasileiro: podremente péssimo, inglês é educado).E que o offendar passa o tempo todo vigiando o outro por cima do ombro deste outro.

    Gamble também diz que este vídeo foi feito por criminal psychologists e cada palavra foi medida e pesada.Nenhuma palavra foi surpéflua.

    Daí eu escrever que os McCanns perderam uma boa hora de terem ficado quietos.
    Mexeram numa cumbuca de vespas com certeza achando que poderiam manipular CEOPC mais uma vez.
    E as vespas escapuliram em 7 línguas e em muitíssimos canais na UK.
    Bem feito.
    Até a Sky News, super a favor dos Mccanns, acaba uma reportagem curta dizendo que o offender "could strike again".

    Ciao, ciao, Maria
    Nice to write you again.

  46. It's sad to see that a high ranking police officer has no friends in his own country to take his side. Two foreigners drag him to mud in his own native country.

  47. I hope that judge in Portugal has read Amaral's book and has seen
    the video 1 minute for Madeleine.
    She must have gotten an email address.
    A Portuguese could send the video to her.
    I hope she saw on one of Gerry's interviews (Marathon here in Joana's) Gerry talking about the possibility of maddie wearing
    contact lens.
    That is the most ridiculous thing he has said in 2,5 years.

  48. I've signed the petition in support of Goncalo Amaral.Good luck to Goncalo and I hope it isn't too long before the "Gruesome Twosome" get their comeuppance in court. I also hope those who have helped this ghastly pair, evade justice, are also brought to task.

  49. T4two, you're right, focusing on a person to finger someone else will result in more false leads. The McCann team knows how to exploit people's base emotions.

    I'm glad a petition was finally started, but I'm concerned that only a few hundred people have signed to date. It's only been a couple of days, so maybe I'm overreacting. For this petition to have any chance of succeeding we need thousands of signatures.


  50. A Sandra Felgueiras vai amanha ao programa PRACA DA ALEGRIA, da RTP, para falar da ultima entrevista que fez aos Mccann e daquilo que segundo ela ficou por dizer. Ja posso imaginar o corropio em Rothley para tentarem controlar o que ela vai dizer. Pelo menos haja uma jornalista que quebra o TABU do silencio e comeca a falar do caso.

  51. Guerra is right. At least one thousand. May be the petition should look more Voltairian, in the sense "I do not agree with what you say but I'll defend to death your right to say it". We all know that people would only agree signing on a principle question but not on a real case (that would be involving themselves in an uncertain issue).

  52. The contact lenses hypothesis isn't stupid at all. Madeleine doesn't have reality any more, but her parents insist on a virtual existence based on the lack of death evidence. These computed images have definitively erased the little girl with the tennis balls, the only distinctive mark remaining is that spot in her eye. Gerry has to delete that too.

  53. T4two or two4T
    I'm surely ignorant but I see that the CEOP web link has "gov" in the middle : www.ceop.gov.uk
    What is "gov" if not government" ?

  54. Hello aacg, you're right when you say at least a thousand signatures are needed on Mr Amaral's petition.

    There was an online petition set up calling for the McCanns to be investigated by Social Services and thousands upon thousands of people signed that petition. This happened around 2yrs ago, sorry but I can't remember who set the petition up.

  55. So having a website with .gov.uk is proof enough that CEO Gamble is heading an organisation which is part of the UK police and subject to the same rules and regulations as the police and proves that Gamble reports to the chief of UK police who in turn is accountable to the Home Secretary? I don't think so, but if it is the case it raises some serious questions.

    I would like to know just what the chain of command is here and who ultimately takes resposibility when the head of this organisation appears on TV together with the parents of a child which has disappeared and who have been investigated for complicity in that disappearance by the police force of a sovereign country and by no means cleared by that investigation. I would like to know just how it is possible for a UK government organisation to ignore all the indications that were found by Portuguese police and UK police that the child died in the apsrtment and support the parents in their assertation that the child was abducted. I'm sure that a good many others would like an explanation as well.



  56. No false leads, don't you worry.
    This video is made by very serious people who don't allow themselves to be cheated by others.
    For me it is obvious that CEOP knows what happened.
    All the appeals before were directed by Gerry and produced by Brian Kennedy and several news papers that were sued.
    Tanner's abductor here, bad-skin-thin man there, woman in Barcelona, North Africa.
    Nobody dares to go to the police now with a false suspicion.
    The police would suspect his goal.
    It would be wise if a person who goes to the police with information, would also communicate it to the CEOP asking them to control the police.

    I think this time it is going to work.
    During the filming of the interviews I felt that all interviewers and cameramen don't believe the Mccanns.

  57. Joana, I sent the petition link to almost no-one (my children...) because I can't ask people who ignore the McC case to sign for an inspector whose name they don't even know. But if the petition were more "universal", mentioning the censure against GA only as a symptom, an illustration of the danger in which freedom of speech is in Portugal, then I could send the petition to everyone I know.

  58. http://stuartsyvret.blogspot.com/2009_11_01_archive.html

    Do not forget Stuart Syvret...trying to do the same as AG...uncover the truth. So much is happening in Jersey but is not being reported...The cover up of abuse goes on.

  59. Please note that the CEOP (The Child Exploitation and Online Protection) describes itself as being "part OF British POLICEING" as all honest British citizens are, it is NOT part OF any British police force or any other police force.
    The McCann’s have invented the status of the CEOP being part of the British police as part of their smoke and mirrors disinformation campaign

    It is pertinent to note that impersonating a police man or police organisation is a criminal offence and brings a prison sentence within the United Kingdom

    Letter From Iberia

    I have signed the partition and linked same to my face book

  60. I've signed the Petition, really think the number will go above 1000 by the weekend

    I am sure GA would do a lie detector test......something McCanns will always refuse to do, wonder why?

  61. Se os Media, quiserem realmente prestar um servico a Portugal e a justica, devem explorar ate a exaustao o desnorte que floresce entre o PGR e o Presidente do Supremo tribunal de Justica a proposito das escutas ao PM. nao podemos olhar para a proteccao, quase descarada, que estas duas figuras da justica fazem ao PM, sem recordarmos os episodios anedoticos de Alipio Ribeiro a defender em entrevistas, o caracter precipitado do estatuto de arguidos atribuido aos Mccann. Afinal ficamos a perceber que nao e so o PM, o protegido da justica portuguesa, ao nao poder ser escutado sem autorizacao previa do supremo tribunal. Os Mccann, que nao sao portugueses nem PMs em Portugal, foram protegidos com base na mesma desculpa de ilegalidade- A PJ VIU BARRADA A NECESSIDADE DE INVESTIGAR SMS E CHAMADAS DE TELEMOVEL OCORRIDAS DURANTE O PERIODO EM QUE MADDIE DESAPARECEU, e viu negadas as escutas aos telefones dos Mccann, mesmo depois destes ja serem considerados suspeitos. Afinal, em Portugal ha mais gente com estatuto de isencao perante a justica e joga-se com o Segredo de Justica de acordo com as conveniencias. Para que os Mccann podessem espalhar a sua campanha contra a PJ e a investigacao, a partir de setembro de 2007, acabou-se com o Segredo de Justica. Agora como convem nao responder as perguntas mais quentes dos jornalistas, a proposito do PM, utilize-se o Segredo de Justica como desculpa e refugio para mostrar apenas uma verdade: Crimes graves envolvem quem se passeia pelos corredoes do poder... mas e preciso continuar a certificar os portugueses com diplomas de " estupidos".
    Se os Media quiserem, um grande passo pode se dado para a procura da verdade e o esclarecimento do caso Maddie. Hajam jornalistas corajosos capazes de estabelecer a conexao entre os varios casos. Por mim, tenho espalhado o link da Peticao " Projecto Justica Goncalo Amaral" nos blogs e foruns de jornais que o permitem. No entanto acho que os mentores da Peticao deviam envia-la a todos os orgaos de Comunicacao social e a jornalistas como a Felicia Cabrita que estao habituadas a remar contra a mare. A campanha tem de ter maior visibilidade e ser mais global. A Praca da Alegria, na RTP vai ter hoje como convidada Sandra felgueiras que vai falar sobre os Mccann. Espero que nao aproveite o tempo de antena de uma TV publica, paga pelos nossos impostos, para passar a mensagem de uma Kate e de um Gerry coitadinhos que desesperada e incansavelmente, procuram a filha. Seria bom, fazer chegar a Praca da Alegria, a Peticao.
    Os portugueses sao um povo com inercia mas que se move em torno das grandes causas, quando devidamente sensabilizado. Estamos todos cansados de ser enganados e insultados por uma certa classe politica que age sempre como se estivesse acima da lei e depois de forma descarada e impune, nos rotula como IDIOTAS, para continuarem a fazer MAIS DO MESMO.

  62. Hello Anonymous

    The McCanns won't take a lie detector for the same reason they wouldn't return to PDL for a reconstruction, the same reason Kate McCann wouldn't answer 48 questions, even though she knew they could hinder the search for Madeleine.

    It is the same reason the McCanns never searched for Madeleine and the reason the McCanns told lies, about the shutter, the distance from the apartment to the Tapas Bar and the checks etc.

    In my opinion the reason is, because the McCanns know exactly what has happened to Madeleine and if she is dead, what has happened to her body. Or if she is alive, where she is.

  63. Reparei que ha uma Felicia Cabrita que ja assinou a Peticao. Se e a jornalista Felicia Cabrita, rsponsavel por grande parte do que se sabe sobre o Freeport e pelo denunciar da Vergonha que foi a Casa Pia, PARABENS FELICIA CABRITA! A imprensa portuguesa, precisa de jornalistas com coragem que facam da informacao isenta, um baluarte e um campo de batalha para tornar Portugal e os portugueses um povo melhor. O caso Maddie, precisa de jornalisas assim, portugueses, integros, para ser desmascarado e rsolvido. Mais de 80% da populacao portuguesa, desconfia que corre corrupcao e trafico de influencias no caso Maddie, tal como corre em algumas esferas da politica portuguesa. Nao podemos ficar mais calados, silenciados, amedrontados pelas Carter-Rucks que procuram sucursais em Portugal... E Preciso chamar jornalistas, artistas, deputados integros, gente que e pai e mae e defende os valores das criancas e os direitos de Maddie, como se ela fosse uma filha nossa. E PRECISO DENUNCIAR A VERGONHA, SEM MEDOS. NINGUEM POE CALAR A VOZ DA RAZAO!!

  64. 'Anonymous 63'

    A lie detector???? for Dr.Amaral???? What for??? When did HE tell lies??? :-o

  65. Hello Jo, I agree, why should Goncalo Amaral take a lie detector? He isn't the cause of Madeleine's disappearance, her parents are. If the McCanns had committed the same offence in America, they would be behind bars now.

    I don't understand why people within the justice system, are pussy footing around this disgraceful couple. Does the life of Madeleine mean nothing to them.? We know Madeleine, Sean and Amelie's lives meant so little to the McCanns, because of the way they behaved in PDL before, during and after, Madeleine's mysterious disappearance.

    The McCann children, were put in an impossible position by their parents, they could have fallen ill or had an accident, while their parents were wining and dining with their friends. Unfortunately Madeleine has paid the price, because her parents put their leisure time with their friends, before the safety of her and her siblings.

    Madeleine is the victim not her parents and those who keep defending the McCanns or who have helped the McCanns evade justice should remember that fact.

  66. I've signed the petition and added a pertinent comment. Let's hope more and more people will be signing to help Goncalo Amaral in his utterly preposterous predicament. The McCann's can go on air and say exactly what they want, but he isn't allowed an opinion it seems. Like they waited for him to garner his money for the book before deciding to sue! All about money!



  67. Off topic here, but does anyone know what happened to the Madeleine Foundation site, now in Stevo's hands? I hope it's not been whoosh clunked like the 3A's! Stevo's Truth for Madeleine is still running though.

  68. Joao Gabriel na Praca da Alegria ja levantou um pouco o veu da entrevista a Sandra Felgueiras. Pretendem saber se os Mccann tem sido confrontados noutras entrevistas, em Inglaterra , com perguntas incomodas, nomeadamente perguntas que defendam outras teses que nao o rapto. Apresentou como justificacao o livro de G.A.
    Vamos ver se Sandra Felgueiras tem algo de novo a acrescentar ou se isto e mais uma estrategia dos Mccann para passarem uma vez mais a mensagem do rapto e a vitimizacao, devidamente ensaiada pela Lift Consulting e pelos advogados.

  69. Did you all noticed that Jim Gamble speaks about the offender, on the singular, and continues speaking that the video is not made for the offender but to people near to THEM?
    Freudian slip?

  70. An interesting read

    This month's Vanity Fair has a very interesting article about internet predators and their imagined numbers (page 3 of 7 page article on its website) and how these numbers are skewed by various quangos and become the truth.

  71. More disinformation? In Daily Mail 17.5.09. (Pamalam site)"Mccanns sue detective..."
    "Unlike in the UK, the Mccanns would be eligible for NOMINAL compensation.But a source said their motivation in Suing Mr Amaral was 'simply to censure him.'"
    Since when has 1.2 million euros been a nominal amount?
    However, the article goes on to report that Mr Amaral was setting up his own investigation and planned to make a request to re-open the case. Maybe they will need more than a nominal amount to pursue their claim against him in the New Year.

  72. On the 7th of November, the ineffable Lorraine Kelly wrote in the extraordinary (but read) Sun :
    "Kate just wants to ensure that Madeleine's disappearance remains in the public eye and to appeal directly to anyone who might be shielding her daughter's abductor".
    = she just uses all possible means to force public attention to be focused on an almost null probability. Isn't that highly selfish? After all she could work hard in some charity to support parents who have lost a child and hence remain in people's mind.

    "The website with appeal video A Minute For Madeleine has received more than four million hits".
    Kate's wish has been granted. Gott sei Dank !

    "Her little brother and sister are growing up with a ghost".
    This is the worrying part of that enormous fake. Strangely enough a psy seems to support that illusion.

    "Four-year-old twins Sean and Amelie talk about her all the time and want to know when she is coming home".
    As they most probably forgot everything about their blood and flesh sister, they are regularly compelled to a virtual one. Children love ghost if they don't look awful.

    "Heartbreakingly, they have told Kate and Gerry they want to punish the people who have taken their sister away".
    Well, their parents might stop feeling delighted when the twins decide to punish those who turned possible their sister's taking away...

  73. Maria from Brazil,

    aqui uma correção. Errei pois às vezes pulo miudinho para entender o que inglês fala.
    Pelo que entendi agora, depois de muitíssimos pulos, a CEOP não fez um vídeo anterior ao 1 Minute for Madeleine.
    O Gerry disse em uma entrevista agora(see Joana Marathon) que eles entraram em contato com a CEOP, anteriormente, pedindo conselhos.
    Eñtão este vídeo agora é o primeiro.
    Entraram pelo cano. Mesmo se você tiver dificuldades de entender o inglês-inglês, veja os vídeos aqui, com o Gerry super nervoso e tenso, suspirando e mesmo gaguejando.

  74. Journalist interviewing Kate:
    -What is your opinion about Obama's administration?

    _A brôther, a môther, an ûncle, a pârtner, we are doing everything to find Madeleine.( Clarence instructions).

  75. I've just watched Sandra Felgueiras in "Praça da Alegria"(RTP1). Is it just me or does anyone else feel that Sandra was much tammer, very subdued and cautious?...that bit about the FSS DNA reports, hummm...and the mention of the portuguese investigation shortcomings, not following a protocol, namelly them allowing "the world and it's dog" in the apartment(!),I would have said that Sandra should now better, the comings and goings inside the apartment happened in the 45min. it took the Tapas gang to call the police! I wonder if she and RTP have been "advised" by C-Ruck or their portuguese extention Isabel Duarte...

  76. Sorry, forgott to ask: Is there any chance of posting the interview here, Joana? (not sure if it will be available in the RTP website)
    Thank you, dear!

  77. Tal como suspeitava, a entrevista da Sandra Felgueiras na RTP parece fazer parte da campanha dos Mccann. Bastou-lhe esta entrevista para perder muita da credibilidade que criou, sobretudo quando se referiu aos alelos do ADN, a Goncalo Amaral e quando resolveu trazer a historia da crianca guineense que aterrou em portugal pela mao de alguem que nao era a mae e entretanto se perdeu o rasto, sem que as autoridades se esforcem por saber onde esta. Que vergonha, Sandra Felgueiras, a dada altura ate me parecia o discurso do Marcos Aragao com Portugal como interposto do trafico de criancas. Alegou ser uma jornalista isenta mas fez o discurso de quem o nao e. Esqueceu-se de falar em tudo o que no comportamento dos mccann nao bateu e continua a nao bater certo.
    A entrevista parece uma encomenda para assassinar publicamente G. Amaral, sobretudo quando diz que por ele ter defendido a tese de morte, perdeu o emprego. que falta de profissionalismo, uma jornalista que acompanhou o caso desde o inicio , que sabe das pressoes politicas que houve e das condicionantes da investigacao, vir dizer que e lamentavel que a policia nao saiba os passos que levam a preservacao da cena do crime. Quando a policia chegou, a cena do crime ja estava contaminada pelos papas e amigos, que apesar de serem gente instruida e estar em causa a propria filha, nao se preocuparam em preservar o apartamento. Entao quem cometeu erros, a PJ ou os papas? Depois, nao foi por ter defendido a tese de morte que Amaral foi afastado, foi por ter feito comentarios a accao da policia inglesa. E TRISTE QUE UMA JORNALISTA PORTUGUESA USE UM CANAL PUBLICO, PAGO COM IMPOSTOS DOS PORTUGUESES PARA PRESTAR SERVICINHOS A UM CASAL DE NEGLIGENTES, NUM PROGRAMA DE AUDIENCIA INTERNACIONAL CUJO PUBLICO ALVO SAO IDOSOS E DESEMPREGADOS. Agora percebemos porque os Mccann aceitaram dar-lhe uma entrevista para a RTP... FAZIA PARTE DA CAMPANHA!
    Gostei de ver a Sonia por o dedo na ferida quando lhe perguntou se acredita que a ultima campanha dos Mccann e para procurarem a filha, ou se e mais mediatismo. Foi de resposta dubia e acabou a entrevista dizendo que estara sempre disponivel para trabalhar e ajudar se entenderem precisar dela. Quem? Os Mccann ou a RTP? Os Mccann, digo eu!!

  78. Anonymous @ 80 - Interview is already here:


  79. Atendendo a que o filminho que antecedeu a entrevista da Sandra Felgueiras fez referencia ao Livro " Madeleine Mccann- Faked abduction" e a que a entrevista me pareceu um servicinho Pro- Mccann e ANTI, ANTI-Amaral(PJ), surge-me uma DUUUUVIDAAAA... O LIVRO TAMBEM E BEM PROVAVEL QUE SEJA PRO-MCCANN E PARTE DA CAMPANHA QUE PRETENDE PERPETUAR O RAPTO, dai o fim aberto a consciencia de cada leitor. GRANDE JOGADA... O dinheiro do Fundo, tudo corrompe.

    Depois, o Jorge Gabriel para atrair o publico, fez propaganda enganosa.... alvitrou fazer perguntas que permitissem perceber se os Mccann sao confrontados c/ perguntas incomodas noutras entrevistas, o que deixa meio mundo curioso, e depois... nenhuma pergunta sobre este assunto. A RTP, FINANCIADA POR DINHEIROS PUBLICOS, LEVOU ATRAVES DA RTP INTERNACIONAL A MENSAGEM PARA OS 4 CANTOS DO MUNDO DE QUE.... PORTUGAL E UM PAIS POR ONDE CIRCULAM CRIANCAS TRAFICADAS E A POLICIA E AS AUTORIDADES NADA FAZEM PARA MUDAR A SITUACAO. DAQUI se DEDUZ, mesmo sem evidencias forenses que Maddie foi provavelmente raptada e os otarios dos cientistas, psicologos e investigadores e que foram os culpados e sao os culpados por ainda estar desaparecida. A Sandra Felgueiras, so um ano depois de ter sido levantado o segredo de justica, percebeu que afinal os vestigios biologicos eram umas coisas indefenidas e que 17 em 19 alelos sao insignificantes e mais, que o funcionario do laboratorio afirmou que aqueles alelos naquela percentagem estavam presentes em grande parte do pessoal do laboratorio. Bem... ou os Mccann e o pessoal do laboratorio andaram numa profunda promiscuidade, ou o laboratorio e incompetente e devia se processado por contaminar amostras com material genetico dos seus proprios funcionarios, ou o "low copy" nunca foi aplicado as amostras. E que a memoria do publico nao e curta e se bem me lembro, quando os alelos foram noticia, paineis de cientistas e investigadores os discutiram e varias vezes inspectores de varios paises disseram ja terem prendido pessoas com menos provas. COM O TEMPO COMECAMOS A PERCEBER QUE HOUVE MESMO FRAUDE NO LABORATORIO.

    Depois como e que a S. F. sabe que o Amaral tem problemas economicos? Tem andado a investiga-lo? E quando lhe perguntaram qual lhe pareciam os motivos de Amaral para escrever o livro e defender a sua tese, porque e que ficou num impasse e nao respondeu qualquer coisa obvia do tipo... defendeu as suas conviccoes, quis mostrar que nao estava enganado, manteve a sua tese orgulhosamente. Deixou no ar a mensagem de Kate, de que Amaral escreveu o livro para ganhar dinheiro a custa de Maddie. POIS NAO E ISSO QUE A MAIORIA DO PUBLICO PENSA DO LIVRO, MAS E O QUE TRANSPARECE DE UM FUNDO QUE SERVE PARA TUDO MENOS PARA PROCURAR A FILHA.
    Espero que a S. felgueiras comece a ser confrontada com as justificacoes que deu em outros jornais que nao a RTP. Fazia-lhe bem uma entrevista com a Felicia Cabrita.

  80. Anonymous 81, pois é, pois é... Obviamente a SF apenas está à procura de notoriedade e por isso está pronta a sacrificar ao sensacionalismo, tentando no entanto revesti-lo com os trapos da informação jornalistica.
    Espero muitíssimo que leia este blog e veja como rápido chega o crepúsculo dos ídolos !
    Translating (Sandra F. revealed, in a TV debate this morning, that she has in fact no guts at all, sort of criticized GA, the PJ etc. and moreover said erroneous things about a case she's supposed to know perfectly)
    SF is obviously looking for fame and is ready to sacrifice anything to sensationalism for that purpose, though trying to cover it with journalistic information's rags.
    I hope immensely that she reads this blog and sees how quickly falls the idols' twilight.

  81. Anonymous 64, I agree with your observations. Any case that affects the people in power is prevented from advancing to a conclusion. I would abolish "o segredo da justica" in Portugal. I would leave it up to the discretion of the police whether or not they reveal the details of a case. The police should have a spokesperson who is able to deny, confirm or not comment at all on, what is circulating in the media. It would no longer be used as an excuse not to answer questions that the public need to have answered.

    I didn't see the Sandra Felgueiras interview, but from reading the comments of those that have, it appears that she has been reined in by the McCann team. The outcome of Mr. Amaral's trial has already been decided. He should be making appeals to international courts outside of Portugal. He should do this now and not wait for the trial. That is his only chance.


  82. How quick Portugal authorities respond to foreign critics, even if passed though garbage media : 800 814 028 is the number created for the McC dubious quest !
    Well done, but what about Portuguese missing children ?

  83. I do have a feeling that this number will be constantly busy... Portuguese will not resist to that offer to show anonymously how fed up they are.
    By the way who is paying the attending persons ? I'm afraid we, tax payers...

  84. With regard to Madeleine possibly having to wear contact lenses to disguise her appearance, sightings will be really easy - or truly impossible! After all, considering the two pictures which were revealed last week, we are supposed to be looking for a black child or a white child, with fair or dark hair (or any colour, really, as it would be dyed)and, with the contact lenses, any colour eyes. We do know that she's a girl, but what if her cunning and dastardly abductors disguise her as a boy?! No wonder the McCanns think there will be a massive response from their latest publicity campaigns. I saw a child this morning, must ring the McCanns!

  85. How much did you win , Sandra? Was it payed by the fund?

  86. Now I Can understand, why after almost a week of the last planetarium campaign, there is no sights of Maddie or the abductor. they don't need to waste more money on such strategy. The campaign still on the way... Mccann's RTP interview with Sandra felgueiras was part of the campaign ( everything looks so planned now) and sandra felgueiras apearence today in Praca da Alegria ( RTP again) still part of the campaign. ashame, that RTP, payed by portuguese taxes, was used to play such evil game on the behalf of a huge clean-up of Mccann's image. Sandra F. a journalist which follows the case since the begining play today C. Mitchell song and all the bad taste of British Media... THE POOR MCCANN'S AGAINST THE EVIL AND INCOMPETENT PJ. Shame on her... because we all saw her almost day after day standing in PDL showing the world, the jogging, the press conferences very well planed by the Mccann's to pass the only theory they accept - THE ABDUCTION. I don't believe, she was not touched by the same doubts which passed to all our minds, she did not make questions about some suspicious behaviour?
    She almost ridicularise today, the evidences which the police ( British and portuguese) find in the flat. Very convennient, because she ignored the samples collected from the car and the Villa rented after the disapearence. Very convennient... ridicularising some evidences and ignoring others. BUT AGAIN SHE FAIL TO SHOW US A SINGLE EVIDENCE TO SUPORT THE ABDUCTION and I would like to see her making a story to explain Kate fingerprints on the window and the abductor jumping the same window carrying Maddie on Jane Tanner way. It is clear that this interview on Praca da Alegria it is to suit mccann's agenda. Wonder to be a fly and discover who had the idea? Sonia or joao Gabriel? S. Felgueiras? Or somebody from the Top at RTP? Looks that carter-Ruck still working in Portugal, trying to gagg 10M of people. Today, they try to reshape the minds of grannys and unemployed people which spend their time watching Praca da Alegria. BUT I HAVE SERIOUS DOUBTS THAT THEY DID NOT ACHIEVE THEIR INTENTIONS. Most of the public caught the strategy right after the first minutes.
    Since, the salarys of that RTP team are payed by our Taxes, The Finance Minister should ad a question on the forms which we use to fill when we pay our taxes, if we want our money to be used on the salarys of such journalists. They use RTP to spread a message that in Portugal a child can be traficated under the eyes of the authorities and when a child disapear because of a neglect behaviour of her parents, the fault was not from the parents ... but from the police. Shame, I don't want my taxes spended on salaries to feed such agenda!

  87. Ja posso imaginar o cabecalho da proxima noticia no "THE SUN":


    PARABENS RTP PELO EXCELENTE SERVICO PUBLICO QUE FIZERAM EM PROL DO PAIS E DOS PORTUGUESES. Merecem todos os sacrificios que fazemos com os nossos impostos para garantirmos os vossos salarios principescos, pagos a horas certas.

  88. A very sad day. I am not able to read the comments from Portugese posters but from what I understand from the other comments, it would appear that the second interview by Sandra was not as expected. That disappointment, together with the Madeleine Foundation site "Forbidden", makes me wonder if all the high profile people we hear about who I believed were concerned with justice for Madeleine are more concerned with egos and money.

  89. @ Post #90, are you saying that Sandra Felgueiras appeared on Portuguese TV today singing to the McCann tune :-o :-o :-/

  90. oh no dont tell me sandra has turned,and she was doing so well,poor madeleine is there no one apart from mr amraral who will speak up for madeleine

  91. Has the Madeleine FOundation website been taken down?

    If by Tony Bennett = good.

    If by Team McCann = bad.

  92. Dear Joana, could you please put the Praca da alegria interview with sandra felgueiras, on this site?
    And your view on that? Im reading some disapointing comments about Sandra Felgueiras:(

    Thank you.

  93. Sandra f was the only journo that I had faith in .NOW THATS ALL GONE ,oh sandra what have you done,,,mccann curse !!!!

  94. of course Sandra hasn't "turned"
    but she has to be very careful not to invoke a writ by directly accusing the McCann's of anything

    she knows perfectly well what's what and no one can un-make her mind

    thank you Sandra for being the only journalist prepared to nail the badly told story

  95. I'm becoming increasingly worried by the bizarre accusation that CEOP are not a part of UK policing. They most definately are a part of UK policing, and they report directly to the home offfice.

    I dont trust them, and their agenda certainly isnt the protection of children, its more likely to be the protection of paedophiles, but they are certainly a legitimate part of the UK establishment. They were not invented by the McCann's and to suggest so brings this site into disrepute

  96. All the other interviews were a sham so why should SF not be the same? By the very fact of her interviewing the McCanns would have meant pre arranged questions and any real journalist would not agree to that. Its the public at large are the gullible fools as its all theatre just to keep them in the spotlight and the cash coming in. There are wages to be paid that's the bottom line.

  97. Thank you anon.#82(I'm anon.80), but I meant the short interview that Sandra Felgueiras gave today in a program called "A praça da alegria" in RTP1, NOT Sandra's interview with the McCanns. Because it is small part of a show/program I'm not sure if Joana will have the possibility to place it here, I hope she can, because it is well worth watching.
    Thanks once again, have a good night.

  98. Sandra F. accepts the abduction theory? Wow! That is odd, given her clearly sceptical approach to questioning. Perhaps she just feels it's her job to adopt a sceptical approach to all information proferred whether by agencies or witnesses. It is rather puzzling.

    However, her apparent acceptance of the theory does not advance it. For me the abduction theory could not of itself be discounted. An insider helped by an accomplice could easily accomplish an abduction. What makes the abduction theory incredible is everything that surrounds it.

  99. Não me sinto desapontada com a entrevista que a Sandra Felgueiras deu no canal nacional,porque esta senhora é, foi, e será sempre BURRA E INCOMPETENTE.
    Ou seja tudo menos jornalista.

  100. The PR Company in Portugal seem to be doing a good job for the McCanns; no doubt they arranged this interview with Sandra Felgueiras which, although she beat all of our reporters to the post when it comes to getting to the truth, still left a lot of questions unanswered - she didn't mention Kate's unanswered questions to name but one, and I'm sure we can all think of other pertinent questions she failed to ask. Of course, I suppose time wasn't on her side, so we should give her the benefit of the doubt, but now she is seeming to side with the McCanns. Has she been got at like many others! I sincerely hope not!

  101. IMO Team Mccann/Carter Ruck have targetted Mr. Amaral deliberately. They are using him as a warning to others not to make adverse comments about the McCanns. I think when they first said they would sue, many people thought they would not carry out the threat. Now Editors, Journalist etc. know to what lengths Ruck are prepared to go, I believe they are now all too scared to speak out.

    During Sandra's interview the McCann's could have done a good PR job for themselves, but they chose not too. I presume that after the interview they went straight to their lawyers and told them to put a block on anymore questions that they did not want to answer and it seems to have worked.

    It appears that all comments now (apart from bloggers) are defending every action of the McCanns. Even a police officer commenting that the tapas bar was close enough - For heavens sake, even if Madeleine was abducted the McCanns are not innocent of everything. How can anyone justify leaving small kids night after night.

    I do not think there will ever be a conclusion to this saga and I think it is time that the media cease dancing to the McCanns tune and stop giving this story coverage. Same goes for TV inteviews.

    The McCanns did not co-operate with the police but expect everybody to co-operate with them in what they want to do. Time to turn the tables IMO, no more publicity until such times they realise the only way is total co-operation between police forces, themselves & their friends

  102. Não tive a oportunidade de vêr entrevista no programa Praça da Alegria mas, pela leitura que fiz dos vários comentários convergentes sobre as suas declarações, parece que Sandra Felgueiras ”borrou a pintura”.

    Após a sua boa entrevista ao casal McCann, onde alás poderia ter feito perguntas mais incisivas, e lembro-me por exemplo sobre a célebre conversa de Mallorca com David Payne, entre outras, fiquei com a impressão que ela seria a única jornalista com a coragem suficiente para enfrentar este arrogante casal.

    É claro que todos nós já sabemos que houveram alguns precalços no decorrer da investigação pela PJ, mas não podemos colocar em causa essa mesma investigação levada a cabo por uma polícia séria e competente, e cujas conclusões todos nós já sabemos. Não iliba este casal de envolvimento no desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann. Aliás, se a própria polícia Inglesa não dá um passo para, por sua vez investigar, fico com a impressão que eles terão concluído da mesma forma. Simplesmente, a pressão política inegável efectuada sobre o caso acabou por têr as suas condicionantes. Parece que Sandra esqueceu este detalhe na sua entrevista. Conhecendo todos os indícios de culpa que existem, querer tão levianamente passar por cima deles, não foi sério.

    Criticar (atacar?) de forma pouco honesta Goncalo Amaral, esgaravatando as suas eventuais dificuldades económicas, não me pareceu muito correcto ou até inteligente. Pelo contrário, deu a impressão que têm alguns preconceitos que conseguiu esconder muito bem até hoje.

    O que a levou a conceder esta , a meu vêr, deplorável entrevista, depois de nos ter dado a entender que estava bem por dentro dos dossiers da investigação, fica por saber. Parece que uma volta de 180 graus, assim de repente, é muito mas muito estranha.

    Não foi justo querer colocar em causa quer a investigação, quer Goncalo Amaral, tendo todo o conhecimento sobre as condicionantes sob as quais ambos estiveram submetidos.

    Será que ficámos a saber que afinal Sandra agora inclina-se (ou sempre se inclinou mas enganou-nos) para a tese do raptor? Sendo uma mulher inteligente, que nos habituou a reportagens e entrevistas criteriosas, esta sua última prestação deixou-me de boca aberta. Será que ainda nos vai esclarecer o que é que significa toda esta repentina baralhada? Terão os McCann ou os seus assessores algo a vêr com tudo isto? Deram-lhe a volta agora que esteve com eles? Não quero acreditar.

    A sua imagem sofreu uma beliscadura que vai ser agora muito difícil de sarar.

    E um bocadinho de amor à camisola também não lhe ficava mal.

  103. Good morning Fencesitter, I agree with you. I really see no way forward . I think that there should be a complete Blackout and starve the Mccanns of their oxygen. I am sick to the back teeth of their lies and really do not want to hear or see anymore of this Circus. They have turned a little girl into a joke. Looks like Portugal with their PR team have jumped on the bandwagon.No, there will now be no Justice for Maddie.

  104. Someone please explain to me what Sandra Felguieras is meant to have said in a recent RTP programme? Surely, she has not done the unthinkable :-/

  105. Good Morning Ironside - I also totally agree with you. I do not know if the McCanns are innocent or guilty but they have lied about many things and got away with being questioned about those lies. The way they have marketed their child, turned the whole thing into a media circus, and had no regard for innocent lives that have been dragged into this is disgusts me. But even to this day they still think what they did (leaving the kids,not co-operating with PJ etc.) and what they do now (endless list) is beyond reproach. Truly sickening and as you say "there will now be no Justice for Maddie"

  106. Madeleine was not abducted as she was dead. That is the conclusion reached by those in the know who worked the case.

    Why would anyone want to abduct a dead child? They wouldn't.

    Madeleine was taken dead from the apartment and concealed somewhere.

    It is a dead Madeleine people should be looking for. So much time has been lost by distraction, and still is.

  107. I would like to add to my post how I will never understand what is behind this charade. How the hell can two no bodies, an ignorant scott attached to a dowdy wife hold two countries to ransom. They had two large find Madeleine web sites up and running one in Turkey and Greece within days of Madeleine disappearing. What for?...
    How have they managed to silence two populations.? They had people like Rosiepops set up from day one to disrupt forums so that debates could not take place finally resulting in newspapers no longer being able to provide a 'Have your say'on this case.
    The Friends of Mccanns sites are disturbing places to visit. These sites are full of hate and bile toward anyone who dares to question the Mccanns. We have seen the true colours of Mccann on the day they left for their holiday. There was no holding hands ,what we saw was a horrible specimen of a father, swearing in front of his small children. Remember 'Fuck off, I am not here to enjoy myself'.this is the father of Madeleine Mccann.

    I also wonder Dear Joana, how much longer you will be allowed to continue supplying us the news from Portugal.

  108. Dear Fernis(#107), I for one would have liked Sandra Felgueiras to have asked the McCanns why they decided to exclude certain scenes from their "documentary/reconstruction" "Madeleine was here"...you know, the takes where Kate enters the apartment and finds Maddie missing, and, if it was true that those were left out because the result wasn't convinging or made sense! And also why didn't they shoot a scene of the abduction itself, as they believe happened, an abductor jemmying the shutters, or leaving through the window with madeleine in his arms! After their criticism and reasoning not to do the PJ's reconstruction due to it not going to be televised one would have expected that they would be very thourough with their own televised reconstruction, and yet they failled to give the viewers the two crucial moments of that night. To this day, that I know of, no-one (except from bloggers) has questioned them about that.


  109. Ironside 112. The reason in my opinion, why they have been able to keep this charade going and get people at all levels involved is that they all share a common interest, and it's not a healthy one. The one thing that reaches from the bottom to the top and is the only thing that keeps people silent. Just look at Jersey for your answer.

  110. ShuBob, see post 79 It seems like she was critical of the PJ etc.

    Ironside 112 - We would all like to know what has been behind all this but I doubt we ever will. I still remember Stalkers comment "They are hiding a dark secret", which of course could be about anything, but nonetheless something that must never be told and something that they are prepared to sacrifice their daughter for. Too many questions and probing could reveal what it was.

    I cannot believe their latest nonsense - allowing the twins to talk of catching the adductor and fighting him themselves. A great way to bring up kids - Let them think there is no point going to the police because they are useless - just set up a fighting fund and do it yourself!!!!

  111. I strongly believe - THERE WILL BE JUSTICE FOR MADELEINE. No reason to agitate people that the Mccanns are impregnable. One day we all will know all the truth. It is very important that Goncalo Amaral deliver all he knows to the public. People are not blind and are able to separate truth from lies. And it is not about how big are your breasts. People judge using some other criteria.

  112. Anon 116 - I sincerely hope you are right. We will have to wait and see if Goncalo Amaral is allowed to deliver all he knows. If he is not, then it will tell us all something although I am not quite sure what!

  113. http://planetjersey.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=1290.0

    Jan, I am looking at Jersey...it is truly frightening.

  114. Rosie (113)

    My problem is that nobody asks the right questions. Everybody continues with the same stupid: "How are you both coping?" What do you tell the twins", "How is your daily routine? What the hell is going on? Are they all afraid? Manipulated? Paid for? Gagged? Threatened?

    As to their so called "re-construction" it was nothing but a parody of bad taste that nobody could take seriously. A re-construction paid and directed by those who are "the arguidos" could only be a farse directed to anyone who knows nothing of the case, or to idiots who believe anything that comes from this couple.

    This case needs urgently somebody able to ask right questions, without ambiguity. We can't let this couple get away with it. We can't continue being bullied by them.

  115. IRONSIDE said " They had people like Rosiepops set up from day one to disrupt forums so that debates could not take place finally resulting in newspapers no longer being able to provide a 'Have your say'on this case."

    I do not think the McCanns had anything to do with Rosiepops - she is just a sad old control freak who appointed herself Chief Disrupter. Most of the time she is talking to herself with her multi identities. She is just a saddo IMO

  116. Thank you Joana for keeping this site going, I hope that you too will not be censured!!!

  117. Hi all, I'll upload Sandra Felgueiras appearance at the RTP show 'Praça da Alegria' as soon as possible. [you won't like it though...]

    thanks to all that have signed and are supporting the petition and the cause, if you want to leave messages of support to MR. Amaral and/or his family you can do so here http://pjga.blogspot.com/2009/11/mensagens-de-apoiosupport-messages.htm or at the blog pjga.blogspot.com press "Mensagens de Apoio' button on the menu.


  118. http://algarveresident.com/story.asp?ID=34762

    Tony Bennet...

  119. There's still time to go - but what will eventually see the beginning of the end of this charade will be when the majority of "joe public" get to see the non McCann version of events.

    It must be remembered that most people only have ever heard one side of the story. Yes, there is a tiny minority that reads sites like this and have seen and understand the other side of the story, but it really is just a small band of people in comparison to the millions that know no different.

    Things will only start to change when more people have access to all the pieces of information. The uprising will come from the bottom, people power will win out in the end.

    The trump card has not yet been played. The interesting thing is it has been sat there all the time -

    The PJ files

    Once they are placed in the public domain in a highly digestible form, then things will change.

    The McCanns never expected those files to be released in the public domain and it is the smoking gun in the case

    A quick straw poll in at our workplace showed that out of the 40+ people that worked there only 2 knew of the files existence and neither of them had any idea of any of the information contained in them!

    The PJ files are public documents -they cannot be challenged by the McCanns -they cannot make them go away.

    Once the majority has all the same information as the
    minority then we will see things change

  120. http://www.the-news.net/

  121. Joana, remain corageous, please.
    There is still hope, with that video A Minute for Madeleine.
    It is important that the video is coming from England itself.
    It is reaching all people over there, not only a brôther, a sîster,
    a môther or a Pôpe.

    last night I was dreaming of faeces, probably dreaming of Sandra.

  122. Why are the McCanns doing their utmost to persuede the Portuguese that Madeleine was abducted, and turn around their feelings for them?

    Could it be something to do with the coming court case!

    Mr Amaral has always said he wants to meet them in court so as to get the case restarted. The last thing they want, or they would ask for this, but wont.

    He is playing his cards close to his chest and it's 'in the bag', so to speak, as far as he's concerned.

    Don't think because the McCanns are managing to make the most noise at this time that they will win.

    Truth will out.

  123. In the begining of this case people used to ask me what was going on and I would go into great detail.
    Now I just say I don't want to talk about it.
    I think now we can all imagine how frustrated Senator Sybret is about the cover ups in Jersey.
    He was arrested without a warrant at one point.
    That shows you exactly how high up this goes.
    I am certain that we are talking about pedophilia at government level.
    And right now it does to evoke despondency and futility.
    I do think however that those in power that have lied us into wars, into the loss of freedom, into the breakdown of society cannot endure for much logner.
    The nature of life is change.
    The McCanns and the evil above them have been in power up to now.
    That has to give way. Entropy is the natural state.
    Daily I light a candle and pray for an end to this sickness that has become so manifest.
    For Madeleine and those that strive to bring closure to this child.
    And to Amaral, on a fragile craft in the msot stormy seas I wish for you the protection of the Universe.

  124. I wonder whether it is RTP that has been influenced by the Portuguese public relations company to be pro Mc, more than the journalist Sandra F. If she works for them he may have to tow THEIR line publicly, no matter what she thinks privately. Does RTP have political masters? or is it also the commercial interests that hold sway in this charade.

  125. I have NEVER waivered in my believe that most of the truth about this case will be known one day! It may take several years but I believe that details will emerge which will allow the casual observation know pretty much what happened to Maddie! The Tapas 9 can have no peace until the truth emerges!

  126. Does anyone know what happened to the Madeleine Foundation? It is not online at this point. I have tried to access it for the last two day with no success.

  127. Rosie and Fernis are right : the good questions (like the motives for their elliptic reconstitution) weren't asked and probably will never be. The Press is gagged and not only in UK. The simple fact to say "I don't know whether these parents are innocent or not" is TOO MUCH, the faintest doubt surges as a sacrilege in the official liturgy. Either you submit to St McCann's Gospel or you go to hell !
    Are we dreaming ? Is it the idea we had of our post-modern times ?

  128. Thanks Joana for news about Sandra's report.

    I wonder if Sandra (and her employers?) is uncomfortable with the attention she got this past week because of her interview with the McCanns due to the fact she was the only journalist willing to ask "unhelpful" questions :-/ Is she attempting to redress the balance with her latest report so she's not seen as taking sides i.e being neither supportive nor suspicious of the couple? It's all so strange!

  129. Humanist,you think this way because you are a good person. However, we are not dealing with good people. The friends for Mccanns sites are filled with evil people and vile thoughts. The Mccanns are moving in for the kill and that is the destruction of Amaral Goncalo. I wonder how Sofia feels right now?

  130. I just can't believe what I'm reading right now.
    The First interview with Sandra was amazing! The McCann's looked and sounded guiltier and smugger than ever.
    I NEVER thought for one second that my heroine Sandra could 'turn'.
    It's astonishing.

  131. The McCs do truly want GA's destruction, not because they hate him, they even might have some respect for his courage and his care for Madeleine, but because they fear him. It's him or them, surviving is at stake ! Now for external (far away) observers : there's a couple who has lost a child vs a police inspector who has lost his inquiry, the first has a noble motive to raise the planet's attention on the child, the second can't have but a suspect motive (like despite) to raise the planet's attention on the child's death.

  132. Obrigada Joana,
    Im looking forward to see this interview. I know that RTP is government, so that is probably why they( including Sandra) are helping the parents? Sad if that is true because I really admired Sandra's interview with Mcc's.

    Mais uma vez obrigada pelo seu trabalho.

  133. The McCanns must have something extremely powerful on their side. Absolutely everything seems to be going their way now . Any ideas what it is? I've got my own thoughts.

    posted by Mark.

  134. @ the slave,you ask who are these people,they are very sick people to want to cover up the death of madeleine imo,but fear not they WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH IT

  135. Ironside,
    I cannot believe that this charade will continue endlessly.
    God knows what it is all about.
    I wish I believed in prayer, just feel so powerless against
    this force.

  136. The questions that Sandra asked to the Mccanns were not bad at all, after all.
    The dogs, the money, Amaral's book, etc.
    It is possible that the Mccanns made pressure on her not because of her interview but because of 1 Minute for Madeleine.
    The person who dares to tell what he knows will be gagged or even sued.

    This person could write an anonymous letter to the CEOP.

  137. Iron
    The link "algarve ...." you posted does not work.....

  138. Hi jo...the link has gone. . I had to take it from Chaosraptors.

    I have kept right out of this conflict but I think this kind of journalism is unforgivable.The facts are not yet known.

    The finances of a group described as a McCann smear group, the Madeleine Foundation, are being investigated after the organisation’s bank account was frozen.

    Detectives are investigating claims that Tony Bennett, a 62-year-old retired lawyer who helped set up the Madeleine Foundation, may have pocketed 90,000 sterling pounds in private accounts.

    Most of the money under investigation was allegedly made by Tony Bennett from sales of his book, which was available from the organisation’s website, blaming Madeleine’s disappearance on her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann.

    The Madeleine Foundation claims Madeleine is dead and puts blame onto Kate and Gerry McCann after Madeleine vanished from their holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in 2007.

    It is also thought that donations may have come from people who thought they were donating to the official Find Madeleine Fund.

    Meanwhile, Kate and Gerry McCann want Scotland Yard’s renowned kidnap team to assess a vast amount of new information that has come in since the new internet campaign A Minute For Madeleine was launched last week.

    The campaign, a one-minute video featuring digitally enhanced images of how Madeleine would look aged six, was a success generating over five million hits from around the world.

    Portugal’s Policia Judiciaria is currently in charge of the Madeleine case with Leicestershire police aiding them from the UK.

    A former Scotland Yard chief told the Daily Express newspaper in the UK that it was “outrageous” that the McCanns had had to hire private detectives to investigate the case and that it should have been taken on by Scotland Yard in the first place.

  139. Hi Mark, yes I think we all have thoughts, this is not the Mccanns it is WHO is behind the Mccanns.Neither of them are very bright, certainly not to put this together. This is a master plan well thought out. The Mccanns are a couple of nobodies but they KNOw a somebody.

  140. Wasn't it so that Sandra was invited to England, by the McCanns, to interview them? Who paid for the trip? The RTP? The McCanns? Was there something else going on on the background that we don't know of?

    After last Sandra's display we must question everything.

  141. Su, I feel the same as you. This goes way beyond Madeleine now. This proves the corruption in England and that you can get away with anything as long as you know the right people.I am so glad I no longer live in such a disgraceful country. Time and time again we have seen in the british press children that have been harmed and the culprit has received such a light sentence. A childs life in England means very little, why should Madeleines have more value. I am truly, truly shocked by what is allowed to happen right in front of our eyes. The Mccanns and the press with their stupid 'Victoria in Barcelona and maddie is in a 'Secret lair' stories have made fun of us all. But most of all a little girl has gone for ever and no one gives a damn to find the truth.

  142. IRONSIDE, I cannot prove this to anyone, but what I am saying is the truth, I know it as fact. About 20 years ago some UK cops busted a paedo ring. Amongst that ring was a high court judge and a member of parliment. Charges were brought against all except the two I mentioned. All traces of their involvement was removed from the records and the police in question were told not to take this further if they valued their jobs. One of the officers was so disgusted he resigned and moved abroad. The rest asked to be transferred to another division. They knew they could do nothing as every piece of evidence they had collected was gone and who could they go to anyway. This goes to prove that an abused child becomes secondary to protecting "???". So I am sorry to say that if there has been some involvement by "someone" that "someone" will never be known.

  143. Fernis, if you watch as the camera pulls away after the interview, Mitchel is there. Why does Mitchel have to be there whenever they do an interview?..

  144. Hi Jo ...they have changed the article...maybe it has been pulled not sure...anyway this is now in its place.


  145. Humanist, your post echoes my thoughts exactly.
    This hideous pair, to all intents and purposes, have got away with it. Due no doubt to the fact that they have people higher up the food chain who need protecting.
    Now a decent man like Amaral is about to be ruined too.
    All the time this charade is being played out, a little girl, let down by her parents and now the British establishment lies in an unmarked grave.
    I have no doubt whatsoever that this site will also soon be closed down by the new world rulers Carter *uck.
    All in all, a very sordid episode. I truly do not know how some people can sleep at night.
    I curse and damn them all to hell.

  146. Anon 14.36

    I read on TruthforMadeleine that the MF site is being updated. Maybe Stevo gave some warning on the site before it went off air but I didn't read it if he did. We shall have to wait and see I suppose. If Stevo reads this forum, maybe he could enlighten us as to what's happening.

  147. Look Ironside ! A little girl died probably a similar way some little children die everyday : through domestic accident, very quickly. Everybody knows that, everybody knows that Madeleine wasn't abducted, that it's a pure fake imagined by the parents to keep their twins, their family/friends confidence and their respectability. The parents organized a circus to convince their family, their friends and the planet of their total innocence and now must be even convinced themselves of their innocence. The authorities never minded that circus, because they were not prejudiced (they could be if the truth emerges, because of their support) and because Justice, concerning Madeleine, as well wasn't (there was no homicide). If the people cry and get passionate and claim justice for Madeleine, authorities consider it as recreational as the games the people of Rome were distracted with.

  148. Hi Ironside,

    I hope you are wrong about there not being justice for Madeleine, but it's certainly looking more and more like that unfortunately. The fact that the McCanns are trying desperately to make people like them, employing PR firms in Portugal, and no doubt here too, shows just how worried they are in my opinion.

    Nothing will ever convince me that this couple and their tapas friends don't know much more than they will have us all believe. What I don't understand is how the media reporters who interview them can't see through their self promoting publicity act, and how their reactions to questions about Madeleine's disappearance, even to the most inexperienced eye, clearly show they know more than they are letting on.


  149. Ironside,

    No, I didn't notice. But your observation and question is very pertinent indeed. What was he doing there? Was this after all a very well orchestrated interview to give us the impression that they were finally confronted with hard questions? And was really Sandra part of this? So many questions and no answers. However, I still am of the opinion that they will be caught, sooner or later. I have said sometime that PJ's pride has been badly hurt and they won't forget it easily. I'm sure we'll still hear from them.

  150. It is about time at least one of the people interiewing them asked Kate McCann why she refused to answer all those questions regarding the disappearance of her daughter.

    In particular, the question of whether they were about to hand custody of Madeleine to somebody else, which was one of the questions?

    Was that a last resort for not being able to cope with Madeleine?

  151. Nige on the Mccanfiles has created a library...going through his work today I realised that even without the evidence of the dogs and even without Amarals book or documentary. The Mccanns story is a tissue of lies. Here are just two examples...1) the Mccanns said they never called Madeleine ,Maddie...Nige has a list from the grandmother to the nanny at the creche...Madeleine was known as Maddie to everyone...

    Why did the Mccanns say this, what was the reason, why was this so important for them to get that information out there...Overtime, we have discussed this at great length..The reason could be that Mrs Fenn said she heard someone crying Daddy Daddy....when in fact it may have been was someone crying Maddie Maddie...

    Madeleines pyjamas...Kate said that the pyjamas she was showing were the same as maddies but were smaller because they were Amelies....but a couple of days before it was reported that Amelie was wearing madeleines pyjamas.They all laughed because Amelie said Maddies...

    Now Nige has a good question on his site...If Amelie was wearing Maddies pyjamas why did Kate show a smaller pair when she had an exact pair of Madeleines ...and if she had the pair that Madeleine was said to have been wearing then what was madeleine wearing when she disappeared?...

    More to the point why would Kate dress Amelie in a pair of pyjamas that were too big for her when she had her own?

    I know they are small points but if you have lied about what seems trivial, what else have you lied about and why?

  152. aacg

    I do not think anyone thinks that the Mccanns killed their child GA has always said a tragic accident in the ap.5a...I believe as you do a domestic accident...Mrs Fenn heard kate screaming 'We have let her down' several times to Gerry...Mrs Fenn asked what was wrong and Gerry said 'A child has been abducted'...or very close to this. Therefore did this suddenly pop into Mccanns mind ,is this when the 'abduction' was born...?

    Susan Healy said when Kate phoned her 'She's gone mum, she's gone.'

  153. Yes, it does sound a rather strange way of telling somebody the child was not there by saying she was 'gone'.

    There's something permanent about that word, more like trying to say she was dead.

    I think most people would say 'she is missing mum, she is missing'.

    Yet, how to fathom the McCanns, they do say the strangest things.

  154. QUOTE
    Ironside said... 150 Hi Jo ...they have changed the article...maybe it has been pulled not sure...anyway this is now in its place.
    12/11/09 18:05

    Immediately I saw the original article earlier today I emailed the 'Algarve Resident' telling them that what they had written was incorrect (especially the bit about the £90,000) and admonished them for just cutting and pasting from The Scum and similar articles.

    I'd like to think that was perhaps the reason the storey was pulled.

    Mr B (not TB btw)

  155. The 'Algarve Resident'...
    Yes the story has been pulled and replaced, you can still find it in the cache here:

    I suspect they did have a change of heart (though they have not responded to my email). I did say to them You will be aware of much of the scurrilous reporting in the UK media and misinformation spread by ‘Team McCann’. I am very surprised that you appear to have jumped on this bandwagon too after the damage that has been wrought on the Portuguese people and their economy by this affair.

    Mr B

  156. 158 and 159 - I remember two times in my life similar - the first when my 5 yr old was missing from school (thank God he was only missing about an hour after which time the police found him), I was sobbing "He`s vanished, he`s just vanished, where is he?" and then more recently when my husband died I came out of the hospital and met a relative and said "He`s gone, Peter, he`s gone".


  157. p.s. IMO "She`s gone Mum, she`s gone" reflects the emotion that there was an expectation of her going (as there was an expectation of my husband dying) and me saying "He`s gone".

    What I`m trying to say is that you say something completely different when its a shock, to when its expected.


  158. Perhaps 'gone' is a term used in hospitals when the medical staff break news of a death to somebody.

    I don't know, but it doesn't sound as stark as saying somebody is dead.


  160. "We've let her down" is extremely expressive and the "she's gone" can't be "she's left home" because Kate recused that hypothesis immediately.
    I don't think the abduction idea germinated in Kate's head. Gerry had it and counted on his Phil sister to support it blindly because she adores him and also because Madeleine looks so much like her (except for the extraordinary weight of course).
    Observe the famous hands holding : in fact G's hand holds K's hand, never the contrary. The curious part is K's stretched arm. It is as if she were grasping Gerry and keeping at a distance in the same time.

  161. 163. When my father had a heart attack, the doctor came and after a while my mother came out and said to us, "He's gone, he's gone".

  162. Do you really believe that the Mcscams would have agreed to be interviewed by Sandra if they were not first given the questions ?
    I very much doubt it.

  163. you're absolutely right anonym 169 :-L

  164. The abduction scenario was supposed to be that the abductor came in through the window (presumably because the door was locked), then when it turned out that the shutters could not be raised from the outside, it had to be changed to the door was unlocked and the abductor came in through the door, and then went out the window.

    Why, if the door was then said to be unlocked, did they not simply say that Madeleine possibly wandered off?

    Also, one of the things that was said by somebody in the Tapas group was interesting, that when Kate was yelling Madeleine had been taken, she thought it was the McCanns playing a hoax again. AGAIN?

    Strange. What to make of that.

  165. 169 - You`re probably right and therefore they knew there were going to be awkward questions, hence KM`s replies have nothing to do with the questions asked. Each time Sandra asked a good question, KM`s answers had me shouting at her `for goodness sake, answer the question, that`s nothing to do with what you were asked`. She`s had some good lessons in avoidance.


  166. Wondering about everything I have read here, yesterday and today I think that, very much probably, Maddie's body is not cremated but it is burried somewhere in Alagarve, even in Luz.
    The pressure on Sandra could have to do not with Sandra herself but could have to do with a person in Portugal, who knows where the body is.
    This person is warned now to keep his mouth about it.
    Somebody in Portugal must know what happened to the body.
    This smoke and mirrors around Sandra could be also a way to distract people in Portugal of watching the video One Minute for Madeleine.People could now concentrate themselves on the new gossips around a Portuguese journalist, about Amaral doing wrong, etc.
    If this noise has to do with the CEOP video, the strategy is working( for a short time).
    Because Sandra's questions to the Mccanns were not bad at all.
    Maybe she was invited by the Mccanns exactly with the goal to destroy the Portuguese public interest on the video.
    This could mean that at least one person knows about the whereabouts
    of the body.
    And the attention of people around him, the person who knows where the body is, is now focused on the gossips.
    It would be good if this person would exhumate the corpse and put it somewhere on a public place.
    Unless the corpse is under cement and the noise of breaking it would attrackt the attention of neighbours or other people.


  167. I wonder whether the McCanns intend to be in Portugal when the trial comes to court, or can they send somebody to represent them?

    Perhaps Kate will be ill and not able to attend or something like that.

    Can it all go ahead without them? Does anybody know.

    It will all be a bit frustrating if so, and Dr Amaral gets the case reopened with the help of the witnesses he is calling.

    The McCanns wont be around to be made arguidos again if they don't attend, which sounds like a strong possibility if case reopened, if not actual charges brought.

    If they must be there for the trial to proceed, that is the risk they must take. I hope by law they must attend and not be able to wriggle out of it, being as how they are the ones insisting on the trial.

    The last time they legged it back to UK before they had answered all the questions. Let's hope they get to answer some this time.

  168. to Ironside: very good observations and analysis of the known information about the children's pajamas. I can't remember for sure, but I remember someone writing on a forum that the parents bought more than one set of that style of pjs for each girl child. If that were true, then if Madeleine was wearing one pair when she disappeared, there would still be another left at home. When Amelie's pjs were in the laundry to be washed, could it not be possible that they used Madeleine's for her in the meantime? I'm not saying this is what happened, just bringing up a possible explanation (you're welcome, Kate and Gerry). Does anyone know for sure how many pairs of the same pjs it was said each girl had?


    Anonymous at post 171 said,

    "Also, one of the things that was said by somebody in the Tapas group was interesting, that when Kate was yelling Madeleine had been taken, she thought it was the McCanns playing a hoax again. AGAIN?"

    I don't remember ever reading anything about a hoax but I do remember a report of someone from their group saying that they thought Madeleine had disappeared before and was found outside playing hide-and-seek.


    I don't have time right now to research either of these items, but tomorrow, if no one else has posted the answers to them, I'll try to find the information online.

  169. Anon at 173

    I think you are right about the location and more searching should be concentrated in that area.

    The nearest and safest place possible when a body starts to decompose would do.

  170. Searching for the Truth ............

    There are many reports, inconsistencies, rumours etc that shroud Madeline McCanns disappearance.

    There have been reports about the fndings of the dogs, the jemmied windows, the alleged abductor, the checking of the children, the subsequent leads, the spin , the McCanns and their Company Fund, it goes on and on.

    Any deviation from truth telling compromises credibilty.

    In my opinion Mr. Amaral had a very diffucult task with so many inconsistencies, the findings of the dogs, the unanswered questions etc.

    I would ask any Police Officer given the same job to do would you not have reached the same conculsion as Mr. Amaral, If not then why has the case been shelved????

    I find it very difficult to swallow the image of the McCanns as wonderful parents.

    Children left alone most nights on a family holiday in a strange place; and by Mrs. McCanns own statement was asked by her daughter "where were you when we were crying last night", continued to leave her children alone.

    The twins sleeping on matresses in their cots without sheets or blankets (alleged report from the night Madeline went missing)

    Neglect is a form of abuse.

    Re-Open the case for Madeline

  171. I find this blog an addiction its like a drug,it seems to be the only place we can get the truth about the Maccanns, and all who are involved in this site do wonderful work and I thank you so very much, but I am dropping out for a while, I am confused with the Sandra thing is she to be trusted or not, this case is like a roller coaster and I don't think my nerves can stand it. Mr Amaral and his family are in my prayer's daily as are all who fight for the truth, God bless you all and Justice for Madelaine Maccann however long it takes.

  172. Let us forget the whole Sandra Felgueiras and let us look foward.
    Good and bad news don't last longer than 3 days.
    This is not JF Kennedy's assassination nor September the 11th.
    She did what she did and I lost interest in what she might have said or not.
    Let us concetrate ourselves on the 1 Minute for Madeleine, made by very clever people, and send it around, it is what the CEOP asked us and we will do it as much as possible.
    Let us not forget the CEOP is not manipulated by anyone.The contents of that message are putting the offender in great difficulties.
    Listen to it, over and over again.
    You will feel how strong the message is.
    And you will feel stronger.

  173. aacg asks "are we dreaming?"

    Well I certainly have to pinch myself every now and again. Do I really live in a country where journalists have forgotten how to ask questions? Police officers have forgotten how to conduct interviews with potential suspects...cruel child neglect is overlooked...we have to endure a never ending series of bogus sightings and hyped up abduction theories that make no sense...no publisher dare bring out a book on the subject...we are kept in the dark for a whole year about Madeleine being made a ward of court while the McCanns pose as the parents with full legal responsibility for their child...secret injunctions prevent us finding out anything about these people who insist on publicising their case.

    Well yes, it could be a long, long list. We truly are living the dream...or should I say nightmare?

  174. When I went to see my sick Father in hospital some years ago I was met by My Brother ouside My Fathers ward and the first words My Brother said to me was Hes Gone Hes Gone (Meaning My Beloved Father had Passed Away)
    This Terminoligy is widely used through out the English speaking world regarding someone who has Died.

  175. @ 171 -
    I have often wondered why K and G insisted on abduction as the only poosibility.Maybe they reasoned that the abduction scenario would garner public sympathy and dilute their negligence.To admit to the possibility that Madeleine could have wandered off would have only served to reinforce the parents negligence in leaving such small children alone.
    The unlocked door was only 'admitted'after it became clear that the window had not been forced

  176. I believe in change.
    Life and everything in it passes by, changes.
    Nothing, and I mean remains unchanged.
    Even mountains over time will disappear.
    This case for us who are interested in justice
    has seemingly being going on forever.
    But nearly 3 years is really no time at all.
    I always tell my children that every action has
    a consequence - and although we can never know what
    that result will be - rest assured there will be one.

    For now it looks like they have stitched the whole thing up in
    their favour.
    But there will always be the small detail that no one could imagine
    would have any significance that emerges when least expected.

    In this war between the new world order, and us the people, I do
    believe I hear the horseman of truth and chivalry coming closer.
    For all the seeming violence and darkness around us, by the mere
    laws of physics there is equal light and love.
    We need to trust in this.
    humanist su

  177. People are tearing their hair out about Sandra, but no one here has seen the programme, nor do we really know what happened.

    She strikes me as a fine journalist. Which means she shouldn't take sides but ask penetrating questions. Her interviewing of the McCanns was a true breath of fresh air. But I don't believe she should be any less critical of the PJ or Amaral when asking questions, and it is good journalism to ask hard questions about the dogs (because it should stimulate good convincing answers). So it doesn't sound that Sandra has been knobbled, it means she is doing her job: asking hard questions of everyone

  178. Many of you are convinced that Mr. Amaral is withholding a vital piece of information which he will use as his defence when the case goes to court.

    I am at a loss to understand what information he could have, and whether it is sufficient to make any difference. I would have thought that if he had anything to prove his theory it would have been used when the McCanns were arguidos.

    I am not being negatative, just extremely curious. Can anyone enlighten me please, if there is something I have missed about all this

  179. Anonymous 175,

    Diane Webster, Fiona Payne’s mother, is alleged to have said Gerry was always joking and when it was announced Madeleine was missing she originally thought it was another of his jokes. Perhaps a reason she did not leave the table at the Tapas Bar with the others, she thought it a joke.

    Madeleine did go missing previously on the holiday for about ½ an hour - she was found hiding in the bushes.

  180. If it was the family of Shannon Matthews in the McCanns situation I am certain that the media and the general public would have been calling them liars from day one on the evidence available (which we would have a day by day account of the case files in the press) and they would all be serving long long sentences by now.
    Why so different for this lot?

  181. Fencesitter

    Much of what the PJ has is not disclosed, presumably some of it for use when charges brought.

    The Prosecutor did request the finding of the body so as to know what main charges to bring.

    The consensus amongst them appears to be that Madeline is dead.

    It was another of the leaders of the PJ who is saying they are in possession of what amounts to irrefutable proof.

    How exactly she died, accident or foul play, and who helped hide the body and where, looks like being the questions they need answered.

  182. Anon 187 The difference is the Matthews family would not have known how to get so much money so quickly, and then use it to silence people

  183. Good morning Fencesitter, just off to the dentist but thought I had time to say hello. In the early days there were reports from Martin Brunt that the PJ had one stand alone piece of evidence..Something was found where it should not have been. We have never heard about this piece of evidence. We do however know that not all information has been released from the files.If there is anything and it is in the files I doubt if AG will be allowed to mention it, due to the secrecy laws. Maybe Joana can advise here. Well bye for now, think of me as the dentist takes his drill to me one more time...

  184. Anonymous #179

    It seems you believe the "Egg Man" was at work, then?

    I don't doubt the CEOP is not manipulated by anyone, but it is strange that the site is dominated by the Madeleine's appeal. Aren't there any other children missing in need of the same treatment?

    And stay assured that we will pass the the vídeo forward. We are not that arrogant as to say we are 100% sure Maddie is dead, even though
    this possibility is rather close to that figure. As against her parents who continue to force us to swallow their abduction theory as the only possibility; openly and shamelessly lying about what happened that fatal day; refusing to answer to the police questions and participate in a credible reconstruction as required by the Portuguese Polícia Judiciária, the only entity that worked hard to find Maddie and solve the case. Sorry that we continue demanding this over and over again, but that's the way it is, and the suspicions hanging over them won't go away until the day they cooperate fully with the PJ and do what has to be done. For Madeleine's sake.

  185. Anon at 186

    Surely a joke is something you tell, a hoax is something you do.

    Had the McCanns done something similar before that led the woman to think it was a hoax.

  186. Thanks Ironside. Hope dentist is gentle with you!!

    This is all so confusing. I still cannot see if there is more withheld information how it will ever be used if it was not used before.

    Personally I do not feel Mr. Amaral should be facing charges for writing his book as it is based on (as I understand it), the dogs, the blood etc. which cannot be dismissed.

    On the other hand I am critical that the crime scene was not sealed immediately and the McCanns moved out of the apartment. I know too many people had been in there before the police arrived but it would have been easy with DNA tests to identify and eliminate. Gerry said he thought the abductor was behind the door when he looked in - I would love to know if a thorough DNA test on the floor behind the door were carried out. We know if there was an abductor he did not go out through the window, but unless it was Spiderman he most certainly walked on the floor.

  187. Perhaps if the guilty people in the Shannon Matthews case had been a bit more sophisticated they would now be rich and free.

    Because they weren't, they stood little chance of not being caught.

    Dopes. Wicked, using a child like that.

  188. 185, it seems that Amaral continued the investigations after he had to leave this case and went back to Faro, I think to work in investigations of narcotics.
    On As Tardes de Júlia, short after the Mccanns had been on Oprah's, he told he knew more than before, much more and he was waiting for the reopen of the process.

  189. They could not find DNA for Madeleine, let alone the so called abductor. The McCanns had got rid of her toothbrush, hairbrush, etc.

    That's why Gerry went back to Rothley for what was allegedly an item used by Madeleine containing her DNA.

    With hindsight, and the McCanns becoming suspects also, this was being rather trusting.

    Did they really get the DNA of Madeleine. If so, the DNA was showing Gerry was not her father.

    It all got confusing, but then, isn't that what Gerry said something about confusion being best.

  190. 193, Fancesitter,

    the PJ carried out all possible tests in the whole apartment to find out what could have happened.
    No traces of an unknown person, not at all.

  191. 195 Thanks for that, I am beginning to understand a little better now.

    196 You are not kidding about it being confusing, there must have been some DNA for everybody in the apartment - The more I ask, the worse it gets - McCanns getting rid of toothbrush etc - PJ unable to find DNA.

  192. "Fencesitter" (185), are you gerry mccann?

  193. 198,Fencesitter,

    Yes, the police found DNA of all people who went to the apartment
    but they were not considered unknown because they identified themselves.
    What I meant was that the police did not find any trace or DNA of a person who never presented himself to the them.
    Everything the PJ found was identified.

    When are the McCanns finally going to sue the Gaspars?
    It is high time to do it and I wish a journalist would ask Gerry.


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