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Halligen arrested

Kevin Halligen, 'conman' accused of defrauding McCanns, arrested at hotel in Oxford

A 48-year-old man wanted by the FBI who allegedly defrauded people across the world, including the Madeleine McCann fund, was arrested last night at a hotel in Oxford.

Kevin Halligen, from Surrey, was hired by the Find Madeleine fund as a security consultant. His Washington-based company, Oakley International, was awarded a six-month £500,000 contract by the fund, but Mr Halligen allegedly disappeared with £300,000.

He had allegedly boasted that his contacts in the US capital could provide high-tech satellite imagery to help the search.

He is also said to have made £1 million from links with Trafigura, the controversial Dutch company accused of causing mass illness after waste was dumped on the Ivory Coast.

According to The Sun, Mr Halligen booked into the Old Bank Hotel in Oxford with an old girlfriend under the alias Richard Stratton. A source told the newspaper that the couple were preparing to leave in a taxi when police arrived and arrested him.

Thames Valley Police last night confirmed that a 48-year-old man was arrested at the Old Bank Hotel on suspicion of fraud after a discrepancy in his hotel bill. He was being held last night in the city and it is reported that a court hearing related to his extradition will take place later today.

Two weeks ago, he was indicted in the US on charges of wire fraud and money laundering over a false contract with lawyers acting on behalf of Trafigura.

A report from the FBI said that he was wanted for conning the law firm of $2.1 million (£1.26 million) between November 2006 and January 2007. He had supposedly promised to use the funds to secure the release of two of the company’s executives, but allegedly fled and used the money to buy a mansion.

Having left a string of creditors in his wake, Dublin-born Mr Halligen’s debts are estimated to amount to £3 million. Though he is known as Halligen, the name on his birth certificate is said to be spelt with an “a”.

He allegedly fooled individuals at the highest echelons of the security business and tricked friends by claiming that he had worked for a string of intelligence organisations in Britain and the US. He is also said to have claimed that he briefed the Pentagon on Iraq.

A spokesman for the McCann family said: “Our association with Halligen and Oakley International ended well over a year ago. Given that an arrest has been made it would be inappropriate for us to comment.”

According to the FBI indictment, Mr Halligen told a law firm that he needed funds “to pay expenses incurred in the United States to help secure the release of two executives of a client of the law firm who were arrested in the country of Ivory Coast” but instead spent the cash on a mansion in Great Falls, Virginia.

source: Times Online, 25.11.2009


  1. Will this, the SECOND in a series of dodgy detectives hired by the McCanns at the expense of the contributors to their faux charity fund, SING like a canary? Let's hope so!

  2. Did the McCanns report Halligen to the police
    If not why not

  3. 'A spokesman for the McCann family said'

    So how much is that costing the fund for the spokesman to say absolutely nothing.

    The bloody McCanns think they are royalty or something or they don't have a tongue in their head between them.

    I hope Halligen has plenty to say.

  4. To quote Clarence Mitchell at the time that Oakley International were taken on by the McCanns (in the wake of the Metodo 3 farce) - "These are the big boys"!!

  5. This is hopefully good news, if it weren't for the fact the FBI wants him, i would have doubts, but even Gordon Brown won't mess with the yanks.

  6. And Mitchell and the Mccann's shaking, affraid of his mouth. Have Mitchell popped at OXford to try to control the situation before he was handed over to the FBI? Mitchell on the way to a miracle- trying to convince him for not speaking out of the Mccann's case. If so... he will have his criminal condition agravated. A promise from Mr. Mitchell!


  7. Sky News has a " GAVE YOUR OPINION" about that article. Wonder to see if they show freedmon of speech and publish the anti-Mccann's comments.

  8. Hopefully he'll want to make a deal and will reveal all.
    The McScams must have been up all night praying St Dismas (patron of thieves) to protect them!

  9. wont there be another suicide inside prison

  10. Mitchell saying " WE did not say nothing now that he was arrested". What a CON MAN. Off-course he don't want to be involved with a guy which is under arrest for doing exactly the same as he and the Mccann's do: FOOLISHING PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD, LYING, GETING MONEY TROUGH A FRAUDULENT FUND AND USE IT FOR THEIR PERSONNAL PROFITES. Watch your face in the mirror Mr. Mitchell, you will find that guy in front of you.

  11. Trafigura's lawyers = Mc Cann's lawyers = Carter Ruck, is n't it?


  12. Halligen is not accused for frauding mccanns.
    Mccanns/clarrie/Kennedy/Housing ltd.(liquadation) are not accusing/suing/prosecuting him for anything at all. He will not be questioned about mccanns/Fund/Housing ltd. money trasfears.
    Traficura and co., that's why he has been arrested. It has nothing at all to do with the Mccanns.
    Clarrie/mccanns keep saying that they have been happy and they have not been duped.
    My question is, who has been duped in this charade?

  13. Lift the lid, Mr Halligen. Do us all a favour and tell the world just exactly what you know about the McCann case.

    For any fools out there who believe in the McCanns you must ask yourself how two companies - who have been recruited to help find Madeleine McCann - have had dodgy dealings.

    Ask yourself this: who was responsible for recruiting these people?

    Or, was there a "special reason" why they were recruited?

  14. Are the McCanns going to sue the British police, the hotel in Oxford and the airline that will transport Halligen to the USA?

  15. It would be wise if the CEOP would get contact with the FBI.
    I don't trust the British police if Brown is controlling them.
    Halligen must suspect or even know something.
    It is odd that the Mccanns even did not tell the police of the disappearence of the money.
    Probably because they are used to disappearences, one more, one less, what difference does it make?

  16. Halligen may not have been in the confidence of the McCanns, even though he visited them, but you know how people talk, and he may have heard something on the grapevine that could make a difference to finding out what really happened to Madeleine.

  17. You can bet that Halligen (his real name is Halligan)has plenty to say and will sing like a canary. Why? Because he may see the difference between perhaps 10 years in prison or a lifetime sentence in the US. Strange question by Anon 5. Would you snitch someone off with the police whom you had hired to launder your money and prepare the grounds for a new home far away from the UK? No, you would shake in your boots as the McCanns do right now. Anon 1 expects the Portuguese OPGR to take acrtion, to collaborate with the FBI with re. to the Maddie case. I am afraid that is too much expected of Pinto «Chicken» Ribeiro. Right now he is very busy to cover the butt of PM Sócrates who is again in for corruption. Amongst Portuguese government representatives corruption seems to be a more contagious virus than the Swine Flu. Therefore, do not expect of him.

  18. Anon at 16

    Presumably, the men who did the work for the McCanns and did not receive payment from Halligen.

    The McCanns said they paid Halligen so he should have passed on the money to them.

    The McCanns got what they paid for according to them.

    Metodo 3 said the McCanns had not given them anything like the amount the McCanns said they had paid to them, so it will be interesting to see whether Halligen says the same.

    Don't forget the information about the actual amounts handed over to these agencies is coming from the McCanns themselves, and how do we know if this is true.

    It would appear that as far as the McCanns are concerned everything they say is being taken on trust. Even though the PJ says their spokesman Clarence lies through every tooth in his mouth.

  19. Anon 16, I share your view. This guy has defrauded bigger fish than the McCanns. The FBI probably wont even mention them. They won't question him about it. However, he may mention something in connection with the case if he feels it is useful in his defence. We should waiit and see, but I would not get too excited.

  20. The mccanns might not want to be too greedy this time and this is why they wont bring charges against HaliigeAn..... :D

  21. I'm worried about the fact that he was arrested in british soil, there's a chance he won't be handed over to the FBI, it has been said before that the U.K. is not the most cooperative country in matters of extradiction and cooperation with foreign police forces. If, in fact, he's connected/working under the protection of some british bigfish or is in the know of sensitive subjects, he/they will do everything to avoid the extradiction, hiring the McCanns extradiction lawyer, you know, the one of Pinochet?

  22. Who knows Halligen had a little recorder on his body, recording the Mccanns, that is why the McCanns never went to the police complaining about the 300.000.
    A recorded chat would protect him of being sued by the couple.
    Besides a process against him would attract the attention of the media in the USA.

    Of course the FBI will check every cent that was sent to Halligen.
    They will find the administration of the Maccnns'money.
    They will get licence to see Bank administrations and see how the Fund money arrived there.

  23. Am sure the Mccanns will put him in touch with the best extradition lawyers in this country. They had them already lined up for themselves.

  24. Clarence wasn't available for a comment yesterday, he was away in Oxford ?

  25. Following the thoughts of anon.#7, Mr.Pinto "chicken" Monteiro specializes in "easy solutions" for though cases, I have this image vividly in my mind, the moment where he told on camera that soon there would be a "solution" to the Maddie case( as he was asked by journalists how was the situation of the case). And a few days later, there it was, the perfect "solution", the case got archived!In the current case of "Face Oculta", regarding the phone taping of conversations that involved the P.Minister, once again, the easy solution, destroy the tapes!
    Mr. Monteiro will go down into history as the man of easy solutions for unsavory cases...when the going gets though, the though gets ARCHIVED OR DESTROYED!

  26. The McCanns can now file charges against Halligen/Halligan, but will they? The Express newspaper donated 550k to the fund. Can they ask where the money went and whether every effort is being made to charge the person who made off with it?

  27. Contrary to what the Daily Express might print Halligen did not directly defraud the McCanns/fund but those he subcontracted the work to such as the mysterious Henry E. But as one poster pointed out, the FBI are seeking him for fraud on a far larger scale and to do with the Trafigura affair; nothing to do with the small fry of the McCann case atall. Therefore expect the British to pack him off to the States for trial posthaste, "Nothing to do with us old boy, arf arf."

    On the other hand the McCann money was apparenty transferred by a company belonging to the ex 'old washer of windows' which has since conveniently been liquidated. Perhaps there is more to the Halligen/McCann connection than meets the eye? If there is then the FBI should be able to get to the bottom of it; always assuming that this is the real FBI and not a McCann pretendy version of course.


  28. Northeren Ireland again!linked with Trafigura
    IO reported- issue 576- how Aspinall recruited Halligen, who took part indirectly in a MI5 operation in Northern Ireland, to help organize the release of his client, Claude Dauphin, founder of Trafigura, from the Maca prison in Abidjan.

  29. 16, of course the FBI will investigate everything about Halligen.
    Not only Traficura.
    They will start with it and they will investigate more things.
    That man had dishonesty contacts, the FBI will check on everything.
    Checking on every cent that came in on his account.
    Who knows the CEOP will not ask the FBI to check on the McCanns.
    Or the Scotland Yard.
    Or Tony Bennet?

  30. Birds of a feather flock together:
    McCanns, Methodo3, The Clowns, Halligen, Dr. David Payne

    Beata, Germany

  31. A spokesman for the McCanns seems to be trying to distance them from Halligen, I wonder why? Who is this "a spokesman", has Clarrie's crown slipped? Why are the McCanns' Fund not suing Halligen if he also laundered £500,000 of theirs, ah of course, they say they weren't duped. Cough.

  32. I have a question.
    If Halligen defrauded the McCanns but they never told the police about it, nor did they make any public statements about the matter.. How do we know that he defrauded the fund for that amount of money? It appears that the McCanns kept very quiet about it. At least I didn't know anything about it until Halligen was wanted by the FBI. So how did this make its way into the public domain?

  33. This guy Halligen took fraudulently money from Madeleine's fund, and the fund didn't try to get it back even though they had all the right to do so. WHY? One should expect nothing else given the McCanns readiness to sue everybody, and their lust for money. Or is the glazing fellow somehow involved? Is this really a case o money laundry? Anyway, as the FBI was after this type for different reasons, it's interesting to see if the Maddie case will come up at all.

  34. No more " Have your say at SKY NEWS" . Mean's they recieve very supportive Comments about the Mccann's. YAH!!! WE hope more Halligen's cross Mccann's life because money which was not properly earned cannot be properly spended. BUT I STILL CONVINCED- THAT GUY RECIEVED A SYMBOLIC AMOUNT FROM GERRY AND KATE AND HELP THEM TO CLEAN THE MONEY FROM THE FUND INTO THEIR PRIVATE ACCOUNTS SOMEWHERE IN AN OFFSHORE. Lets see if the British police stay away from corruption and do an apropriate investigation on this guy which can give some clues about Maddie case.

  35. If the Mccann's are not duped, why they jump so quickly on that story? Sending a message to the man trough the Media:" Don't trouble us because we don't trouble you".
    The FBI will take care about the Guy or is Brown going to hold him in the UK, avoiding the eyes and the ears of USA justice in Maddie case?

  36. I agree with Anonymous 16 : the McCs and co haven't sued H. (may be fearing he would have some suggestions, the guy looks smart). They took advantage of his being looked for by the police to do their victims show. In fact all newspapers over the planet have sung the last title of the victims album. I managed to have an (injurious) comment removed in the Liverpool Echo. Another comment was removed (I haven't read it), mine remained ! Must be the first and the last time!

  37. The satellite pictures story isn't a old one. 3 or 4 days back this H. comes to light as a crook who sold google map pictures as satellite ones. But business between the McCs gang and him has been (well) concluded one year ago. To-day he's been arrested for other reasons (remarkable efficiency of the UK police : just a few days !).
    Curious !

  38. Anon 27

    You are confusing seasons...

  39. Brian Kennedy-Halligen. Join the dots!
    Helligen, middle company to Oakley, Housing Agent Holdings- company numbers 03684951, 04294126, 00856121, Weatherseal House Winsford. Housing Services Ltd (Dissolved/striking off pending)Everest House, Potter's Bar. Weatherseal Holdings ordered to stop cold calling 3.7.08. after thousands of complaints, in breach of PECR regulations and refusal to give company address -Brian Kennedy.

  40. At post #22, it is clear that close confidants of the McCanns have been speaking to the press about the case since at least August 2008 when the Daily Mail first covered the story. Also, Kate's mum, Sue Healy is quoted in the press today as saying "as I understand, he [Halligen] didn’t fulfil the contract, but it was closed as Kate and Gerry weren’t happy about it."


    This contradicts what Clarence Mitchell has been saying since Sunday when the Sunday Times broke the story about Halligen being wanted by the FBI.

  41. Somebody in the UK could warn the FBI that the money of the fund comes from fraud and the public wants to know where it went to.

  42. Large or small, fraud is fraud and it is crime.
    The FBI will start with Trafigura and will check on the rest of his administration, who knows checking on drugs money or other things.
    The British media (Express?) could get in contact with the American media for an investigation.
    There must be British journalists in the USA who could contact the FBI, explaining the fund.
    There must be a way.
    Let the FBI watch Amaral's video.
    Eventually read the files.
    And ask the FBI to check on the McCanns'money.

  43. Did Brian Kennedy transfer the money?
    Greetings from the Mafia and have a nice Christmas!

  44. If the fund transfered the money to Brian Kennedy, it is alseo a crime.
    The aim of the fund is to preserve the money in it, and use it to search for madeleine.
    Not to transfer it to a privet company.
    Unless Brian Kennedy "asked"his money back.
    In this case, the fund has to retorn everybody's money, not only Brian's.

  45. If Halligen had been staying at the Oxford hotel for several months according to the hotel's finance director, what was he doing in a hotel in Bath, Clarence Mitchell's hometown, when he was spotted recently?

  46. My opinion has always been that this fund was created by the Mccanns as a medium to launder money, purely and simply, which I think has been verified by all their subsequent actions.

    As the fund relies totally on public donations I cannot understand why they are not obliged to notify the public of ALL expenditure and NOT by some half-baked audit published nearly two years ago.

    I have absolutely no idea of the legal implications here so I ask, if there is a lawyer that visits this site, could you please enlighten us? I note many people believe that this fund will be the eventual ruination of the Mccanns, is it therefore possible for the public to demand detailed information under the constitution of the funds rules and regulations?

    Someone out there please reply to this post!

  47. Was Brian Kennedy the link to Metodo 3 as well?

    And with the Bath connection mentioned yesterday might it be that Clarence and this guy know each other very well indeed?

    Something really does not add up.

  48. Last spot was in Bath, it wasn't specified whether recent or not.
    The Old Bank hotel says there was some discrepancy in the bill. Another from the hotel pretends he recognized the guy thanks to the picture in the newspaper. What is true ? The fact is that H. doesn't look at all like the guy on the picture. What about the girl friend, she wasn't arrested it seems though she used the hotel as well : delation ?

  49. he's been arrested for not paying his bills in England....they will put him behind bars because of this...no way he'll be extradited...jmo...this has been planned....poor Madeleine, just what powers are at work here... a word beinning with P is the only possible answer.

  50. I have read that Halligen is an "Irish national". What effect will this status have on extradition proceedings?

  51. What a genes do have the families McCann, Healy,Kennedy.

    Al Capone would be jealous of them.

  52. It is already good news that the media is connecting Halligen with the McCann.
    Worse it could not be.

    A gangster among gangster.

    Is he also Brown's friend?

  53. There are several mentions of contacting the FBI.
    The FBI online form for reporting crimes is here:


  54. As the FBI investigates Halligen for fraud, their investigations should uncover any illegal activity including money laundering. They would be open to tip-offs about the Fund, and the USA national press would be too. The Press in the USA is more open than the UK Press in reporting on this subject due to the UK libel restrictions.

  55. When you think about it, all that money spent on supposedly looking for Madeleine when really she is dead.

    What a waste of money, eh.

    Might somebody else have been having that same thought?

    And decided to do something about it! But of course, it would have to look like it was being spent legit.

    How to go about it though, that is the question, because there must be no questions asked.

    So, how could that be prevented and with minimal risk of exposure?

    Whoever attempted that would have to have the mentality of a great con artist, and a risk taker, and be utterly devious and uncaring!

    Just a thought.

  56. Finally an arrest!!

    Halligen will spill the beans then he will be given a Royal Pardon but it will be kept under wraps.. the Lost Pardon of Halligen boom boom!

  57. Could someone who gave money to the Fund press charges? Sorry if this question seems stupid, but if the McCanns will not be doing so, could an individual contact the FBI with a complaint against Halligen/Halligan?

  58. Surely extradition laws will enable the States to insist that he is put on a plane back to face the courts there, as that is presumably where his most serious frauds took place. The fact that he owed money to the McCanns and hotels etc here must pale to insignificance by comparison!

    I still find it extremely difficult to believe that the McCanns, after having been conned by the first choice of detectives and presumably suffering a large loss from their Fund, then hired another fraudster without checking him out to see if he was whiter than white. What fools, other than the McCanns, would do that. They must have had a good reason. There is so much more to this than meets the eye!

  59. Halligen has probably been refused bail so that the McCanns' lawyers cannot contact him =))

  60. Well if the Lockerbie bomber Megrahi can be released and returned to Lybia. Why would someone who is only guilty of not paying a hotel bill or guilty of small scale fraud (because the McC's Spokesman has stated in the press the McC's have not been duped) in the UK not be returned to the US, where he has been indicted for fraud and money laundering?

  61. If Halligen really is a con man, I expect he is no fool. He would know that the McCanns' story doesn't add up. I wonder what else he knows about the case. I sure hope he wasn't asked to do anything illegal like spy on the likes of Murat and Amaral. Regardless, I expect certain individuals are tonight wearing nappies underneath brown underwear ;))

  62. Anon at 57

    According to the McCanns, Halligen has not defrauded them, as they say they received information from the work requested when he was paid money by them.

    There were reports written by people who had been employed by Halligen to do some of this work, and it had been given to the McCanns.

    It is those people who are saying they did not receive any money from Halligen for doing this work. So, it is up to them to sue him.

    Therefore, there is nothing that a person who had given to the Fund could do about it, as the McCanns are saying that as far as they are concerned he did not defraud them.

    They are wishing to distance themselves from him, yet the newspapers are portraying them as having been the victims of a con and a scam.

    Ah, poor McCanns and all that.

    As usual, the McCanns want it both ways.

    I hope somebody can lighten our darkness as to what is really going on with the McCanns repeatedly involving themselves with these shady characters.

  63. Halligen has connections to a US cryogenic company - hmmm i wonder.

  64. For a couple of years the Portuguese Judiciary has been trying to get the former Benfica president extradited to Portugal, without any success (he was convicted of several frauds, in Portugal). I would think that, being a Portuguese citizen, the British authorities would want to get rid of him as soon as possible (British police being allergic to everything Portuguese). With this Halligan guy being Irish, I am waiting to see how fast they will extradite him to the USA!
    As the authorities in question are from a country with whom Britain has a special relationship, I bet we'll see the guy in a US court in no time at all. Or what?
    In the meantime, Benfica's president continues merrily spending his criminally acquired fortune in Her Majesty's Country.

  65. So a man knowing he is on the FBI wanted list wouldn't pay his hotel bill and got arrested for that ?
    Do they really think we are all stupid ?
    What's really behind this scam ?

  66. Did the newspapers invent the story of the Google maps pictures instead of FBI satellite ones ?
    I do think that at first the McCs caught the opportunity of being victims of ANOTHER crook. The public opinion reaction and the arrest made them (or CM) reflect that this could be a dangerous attitude. So now H hasn't prejudicated them.
    Very interesting would be to know what the Fund got for the 3 000.

  67. "A report from the FBI said that he was wanted for conning the law firm of $2.1 million (£1.26 million) between November 2006 and January 2007. He had supposedly promised to use the funds to secure the release of two of the company’s executives, but allegedly fled and used the money to buy a mansion."

    Just my opinion:

    If Halligen is capable of using monies, which was supposed to release two people, to buy himself a mansion then I really do not think he will give a t 0 s s about the McC's et al when it comes to making a deal. Self preservation imo will be uppermost in his mind. Look at that lovely looking woman, in the article above, standing next to the shriveled ugger. She thought she was married to him and look how things have turned out for her. I personally think the conman will look after numero uno.

  68. When Halligen is tried in the U.S. we may at long last find that an American investigative journalist investigating his complex case, will uncover the mystery surrounding Madeleine's disappearnce.

  69. You are right ShuBob, and people who are able to con others often have the knack of picking up on what is really going on. I bet he's a charmer who can talk his way in and out of a situation. Yet he has apparently been caught out. How come?

    Sr Amaral did say that his phones had been tapped and his e mails read, so who was behind that. Then there was his dog that was found dead. Is anybody going to come forward and spill the beans as to who put them up to it?

    What work did the McCanns really request of this man? We have only their word as to what he did, and what is that really worth given that the PJ said that Clarence lies with every tooth in his mouth.

    I hope Halligen is not simply going to be taken to the US to fade away without any answers.

    A lot of money was supposedly given over to him, originally coming from trusting people believing that it was to search for Madeleine.

    For the McCanns to simply try and dismiss this man from their lives without an explanation of what he did do is wrong, and these trusting people who donated money should also hear from Halligen about what he says he did, and the amount that was paid to him. Does it tally?

    I can remember the McCanns previous so called private investigators were going to sue the McCanns for lying about how much money they were said to have been given.

    So what happened there? Did they eventually decide they could not afford to sue the McCanns, those people with the powerful friends in high places and loads of money? Or would they have had to incriminate themselves in some way if they had?

  70. Halligen never spied anybody. He just collected money around.
    And he disappeared for a while.
    Speaking about cheating on people, any amount of money is wellcome.
    I don't classify 300.000 as being little money.
    The fund money was also ok.He must have used it.
    At least it is what I hope.
    British media are commenting his arrest.
    And connecting him to the McCanns.
    And that is good news.

  71. Or was the whole amount of £500,000 paid to Halligen?

    That is a lot of money.

    So what exactly did the McCanns get for it?

    It says 'investigative work'.

    That wouldn't be into private bank accounts, would it?

  72. Rachei de rir do comentário que os McCanns passaram a noite rezando para São Dimas.

  73. Halligen is already blaming the McCanns for causing him to go into hiding. IMO, this suggests he believes they leaked his details to the press. Here's what was revealed in court today:

    The six-month contract saw the firm hire other private detectives, set up a hotline and process information. The firm had initially been given a £500,000 contract but the McCanns terminated the arrangement before paying any more fees.

    Melanie Cumberland, acting for the UK government, told the court she was not aware of any proceedings arising from that matter. But the court did hear that Halligen claims that he had been forced to move from his UK address into a series of hotels after press attention as a result of the arrangement with the McCanns.


  74. People use to say that a rotten apple among healthy others, in a basket, contaminates all others.

    I wonder how enormous a certain basked must be in Rothley.

    It started with Gerry.

    Maybe all those apples were already rotten before the accident.

  75. 74, ShuBob, thank you.
    Great of you.
    I've got an idea.
    Let us all be in favour of Halligen, let us find McCanns'and Clarence's comments and put it on internet.
    He must have an internet address.

    And he needs help!

  76. Thanks ShuBob for that information.

    Yes, it does beg the question as to how the media got onto this story, (unless of course, they were onto it themselves, which seems hard to believe).

    It is also unclear from that piece whether the contract was broken by the McCanns, and it was for Halligan to have taken action against them not the other way around.

    It might have been a contract of £500,000 for six months, but did they actually pay it. If not, then this would have left Halligan with no money to pay the people he had employed to do the investigative work.

    Perhaps the McCanns are not going to get to walk away from this as easily as they thought.

  77. I'm not sure they have an access to Internet in UK jails.

  78. Anon at No. 77

    Do you mean like sending information to Halligen's defence team about the McCanns and the things like the PJ saying 'he lies through every tooth in his head' about Clarence, the spokesman of the McCanns, etc?

  79. I think they are allowed access to the internet, but anyway he may be out on bond until his trial, that's if he can raise it, of course.

  80. Sorry No.79, I thought you meant in the US because I got the impression they would be sending him back soon.

  81. Will he plead 'guilty' or 'not guilty', that is the question?

    I am hoping it is 'not guilty' and we get to know why.

  82. ANON 24

    You forgot to add Debbie Butler!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. 500K


    HALF A MILLION for services that were already being carried out by the real Police. I know, hire a shady bloke already wanted for fraud and give him Half a million.

    Actually hunted for money laundering..............

    A shady 'alleged' money launderer.

    Can't call watchdog on this one can you.

    He is a smoking gun.

    Clarence, he seems to know a little bit about your fantasy world as well.



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