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In the Scum, today: ‘Maddie rat tried to sue fund for £150k’

MADDIE McCann "fraudster" Kevin Halligen tried to SUE the FindMadeleine fund for £150,000, The Sun can reveal today.

Conniving Halligen was sacked by the charity - which had already paid him £300,000 - after bosses began to suspect he was a conman.

But he then had the nerve to threaten to sue for half as much money again, claiming he was still owed it as part of a three-phase contract. A source close to the fund said: "There were a series of letters between our solicitors and his.

"He said he was going to sue us for what he claimed he was still owed and our message was basically, 'See you in court'."

Unknown to the fund, when Dublin-born Halligen started work for it he was ALREADY wanted by America's FBI for a £1.2million fraud in the US.


Halligen - arrested in Britain this week - appeared in court in London yesterday over the US fraud and was remanded in custody. He is expected to be extradited to America later.

Halligen, 48, who also uses the name Richard, was nicked on Tuesday after The Sun traced him to a swish hotel in Oxford.

He and a girlfriend had their bags packed and were preparing to leave behind a £5,000 unpaid bill at the Old Bank Hotel.

Police found a glossy brochure for another lavish hotel - which he was believed to be planning to target as his next bolthole.

Bolthole ... items found include brochure,
ringed, for next target of Halligen

Hunstrete House near Bath is set in 71 acres and rooms cost at least £135 a night. A source said: "He might not have been found there for months."

Halligen is chief executive of his own firm Red Defence International - itself a UK arm of his American company Oakley International, through which he staged the alleged US fraud.

The Maddie fund hired him after he was recommended to multi-millionaire Brian Kennedy, who has donated to the search.

Fraud quiz ... Kevin Halligen may be
deported to US

A source said: "After he was hired, at first everything was good. He set up the FindMadeleine hotline and did a lot of work in phone-tracing data.

"But then he started failing to deliver on things and we realised he may not be all he seemed.

"He claimed he was an ex-secret agent and lived a James Bond lifestyle, saying he was being bugged.

"He accused the McCanns' official spokesman Clarence Mitchell of being an undercover MI6 agent sent to spy on him."

Much of the work Halligen claimed he did was actually done by other private eyes he sub-contracted - who are now owed a fortune in unpaid fees.

The source added: "When we terminated his contract he went mad and said he was going to sue us in court. We told him to take a running jump."

Family spokesman Mr Mitchell said: "We are glad this man was tracked down. It is distressing someone would seek to make money out of Madeleine."


  1. Family spokesman Mr Mitchell said: "We are glad this man was tracked down. It is distressing someone would seek to make money out of Madeleine."

    Pot - Kettle - Black comes to mind!

  2. Anyone's guess is as good as mine as to what is fact or fiction in this article. All I can say is that I would be very surprised if Mr. Halligen ever leaves British soil. I'm certain that team McCann knew the type of man they were hiring, just like they knew the type of people that make up Metodo 3. This tells you a lot about the people that the McCanns associate with. I don't believe the McCanns would give these con artists these large sums of money for a service that could never be fulfilled, i.e. finding their daughter. It's all about money laundering, plain and simple.


  3. What mitchell really means is - it is distressing that someone else is making money out of Madeleine, that;s our job.

  4. If you want to evade the tax man you hire a crooked accountant.

    The rest is history........

  5. Sounds like he realised that there was no abduction and was immediately blown out. It has happened before has`nt it?

  6. How was he able to pay the others if the McCanns were refusing to pay him?

    I don't wonder he threatened to sue them.

    It is amazing how he is already being hung, drawn and quartered in the UK press and he hasn't even had a trial, all courtesy of the McCann machine.

    Meanwhile the whiter than white McCanns float on.

    And whatever is said by Team McCann is believed of course.

    Shades of Murat?

  7. By the time they have finished with him whatever he might have to say about the McCanns wont be believed, of course.

  8. If this man knows anything about the McCanns and the death of Madeleine he should speak out.

    He should also be specific about the work he was requested to do and if there was anything underhand there, e.g. spying on bank accounts, etc.

  9. Typically, if you look at The Scums newspage -


    You can comment on almost every story except this one. They are so afraid of public opinion!

  10. He might like to call Metodo 3 as a witness and ask them to tell what work they did for the McCanns in Portugal.

  11. G&KM. Be very afraid of what he will say in court.

  12. See the Scum STILL refers to the fund as a charity.

  13. THE most interesting line in the article is the one about setting up the hotline and tracing telephone calls. Does this mean he was employed to track the identity and location of potential witnesses so that his employer-kennedy- could visit them and harrass them? WHY WOULD ANYONE WITH A GOOD MOTIVE SPY ON PEOPLE HELPFULLY RINGING A HELPLINE?

  14. "He accused the McCanns' official spokesman Clarence Mitchell of being an undercover MI6 agent sent to spy on him."

    The above sounds like the Mcwheels are in motion to imply the conman is mad. That seems to be the Team line attack by using the negativity of words such as nutters, mentally ill, sad indviduals etc. You cannot belive a word he says he is a nutter, he is mentally ill not just a conman who made a lot of money a nutter! Oh and a rat!

    "Unknown to the fund, when Dublin-born Halligen started work for it he was ALREADY wanted by America's FBI for a £1.2million fraud in the US."

    Hmm so this conman who was already wanted by America's FBI for wire fraud and money laundering to the amount of £1.2 million was supposedly going to sue the Fund for £150k he was going to go to court!

    Also since when is £135 per night a lavish hotel!

    This article sounds like an "Oi everyone look over there. No stop concentrating on us, look over there I say!"

  15. Hello Anonymous #7
    Too right, the Scum don't want any comments.
    I had started a thread on Halligen and the McScams in the "My Sun" discussions yesterday. It was promptly deleted.

  16. Perhaps he should get himself a spokesman, or find some way to put his side of the story.

    At least not sit silent.

    If he does, he will be steamrollered by the McCann Machine.

    It sounds more like he was approached by Team McCann to work for them, rather than he approached them, which you would have thought would be the case if he was out to do a con on them.

  17. "The Maddie fund hired him after he was recommended to multi-millionaire Brian Kennedy, who has donated to the search."

    By whom was Halligen recommended to Brian Kennedy? Surely that is the point of that sentence and as usual what we need to know is missing.

  18. I agree with guerra. I don't believe the McCanns gave him this large sums of money. Not at all because they know Maddie is dead.
    The McCanns are used to receive, not to give.
    Maddie's expenses went no further than green, yellow balloons, T-shirts and bracelets.
    Imo the intention was to transport the money to a McCann privet account in the US and he spent it.
    Maybe Halligen was black mailing them when he asked for 150.000.
    "Pay or I will tell about your account here."
    Halligen must have some prove the McCanns are as dishonest as he is himself.
    That's why they never sued him and they kept their mouth.
    The McCanns are under pressure.
    This man knows nothing about Maddie's death.
    But he knew he was strong enough to spend the couple's money and not to be sued.
    And that's what happened.
    If the intention of the money was to find Madeleine, he would have being sued already, arrested,etc.
    But it wasn't.
    Halligen must have the number and Bank address of Gerry's in the US.
    Maybe when the McCanns went to Canada on holiday, last year, they crossed to the US, to the Bank.
    Or they opened a Bank account in Canada.
    Their holidays were too far to travel with two little children.
    16 hours of flight? I don't know.
    Changing of planes on airports?
    waiting, waiting for the next flight?
    Two little children?

  19. It's NOT a CHARITY!
    Sun has got that wrong - why???

  20. could Halligen be a blackmailer?

  21. Let us pray that he does know what's going on and dishes the dirt at the first opportunity.
    It's significant that the British gutter press has started to blacken him pre-trial.

  22. If nobody officially complains about him in the UK, he will be delivered to the FBI.
    I hope people who gave money to the fund will go to the police and complain about its disappearence.

  23. São Dimas passou mais uma noite acordado, ouvindo orações.
    Se continuar assim, ele vai ter saudades da cruz.
    Nela ele pelo menos morreu e a morte é descanso.
    Descansou até ser canonizado e foi aí que ele começou com plantão, 24 horas por dia.
    Ouvir os Mccanns deve ser fogo, com a pronúncia deles.

  24. The sun the most hated tabloid in the UK burnt on the streets in Liverpool its a rag.But a rag that's in love with the Maccanns

  25. nothing will come of this re the mccanns,he will have been bought off

  26. The McCanns have used donations to hire a series of the wrong sort of people to come up with no useful results. Why? They do it time and time again. Why? Are they stupid, No. Or do they think the public are stupid? It's good to know the real FBI are investigating something connected with the Fund. They can liaise with other police forces and Halligen could plea bargain.

  27. "Conniving Halligen was sacked by the charity..."

    A conman conning conmen, more like.


  28. If I remember correctly, Oakley International were specifically prevented from investigating in Spain and Portugal - that, for undisclosed reasons, had to remain a Metodo 3 franchise (they had done so well hadn't they? )

    We can only hope that Mr. Halligen makes some "ludicrous, hurtful and unhelpful" statements when he gets the chance, as that might help prise open the lid on the can of worms.

  29. Anonymous 9 and 10
    Let's hope ! But, considering his present situation, he'll probably prefer money.

  30. How ever much the fund has paid this guy it will not be enough to keep his mouth shut, Team Mccann are in trouble imo this is just the start of it, we have the sun saying that he has tried to sue them for another 150K, pay up or else, so the Mccanns have taken a chance by not paying him, not realising the FBI would be on to him, I bet they wished they had paid up now to keep his mouth shut.
    Hope they all have extra loo paper available!!!!!

  31. Maybe he has a track on their bank accounts, the McCanns I mean.

    He might have got suspicious early on.

    Takes one to know one and all that?

  32. If only somebody who knows and likes Halligen were to get onto the internet and give us his take on what happened, then we could have both sides.

    I can't see why not, because he hasn't been charged with anything in connection with the McCanns and I doubt he will be, so there would be no legal reason for them/him not to talk.

    Why do I get the feeling they want him silenced.

  33. Please stop referring to Pinto as a chicken its childish and totally unneccessary.

    I am proud to be a Pinto and so are my three girls!
    Karen Pinto - The Netherlands

  34. It looks like the McCanns have been employing crooks to look for Madeleine..
    Wasn't one related to Metodo 3 apprehended for drug trafficking and for being in possession of 400 Kgs of cocaine?
    Also Metodo 3 were once arrested in a phone-tapping scandal linked to leading politicians and businessmen. Five senior members of the family-run firm Metodo 3 – including director-general Francisco Marco, who was liasing with Kate and Gerry McCann – were held amid claims of industrial and political espionage.

    Is it SO difficult to hire a decent firm specialised in finding missing people?

  35. Anon at 34

    No, it's not.

    So why did they hire the people they did?

    And what did these people do for them?

    What information have they been digging up on people, and which people?

  36. Zodiac excellent post, spot on!!

  37. "It is distressing someone would seek to make money out of Madeleine." C. Mitchell


    All that story seems to be an excuse to discredit the guy and any secret he can reveal to the police, about Maddie case. Mitchell and the Mccann's are working ahead, trying to kill the image of the man in the Media before he can react and come out with some bombastic revelations. He can be a Con man but I'm sure he is not stupid and he can hold some very important information about what hapenned to Madeleine. We should not forgot that he was kicked out by Brian Kennedy, but Brian Kennedy jumped out of the case more or less at the same time. WHY?

    There is no memory in the story of missing childs all over the world about parents being involved with so many criminous. Decent people don't take a risk and get a job which subject it is hiring people to fabricate sights of Madeleine or involve poor people in witnesses where then can apear as prime suspects of an abduction. Now we understand why the last campaign was so sterile. After almost one month, no sights of Maddie or any abductor. There is a lake of Con Man's and the Fund was no so healthy as before. They sue Amaral but the VIP Lawyers will take all the money they have and the 1.2M from Amaral was not a warranty. If any portuguese court has the ousady to step forward and try to pass this money from Amaral into the Mccann's, will be a revolution in the country. Casa Pia was not over, Face Oculta is involved with a lot of polemical decisions to protect the government. Again the country is watching with suspicion the involvement of some Mccann's lawyers in the defence of some arguidos in Face Oculta. What makes this lawyers so important to defend all that guys? WE WILL GET AN ANSWER ONE DAY BECAUSE THE ALL SITUATION IS GETTING ODD.

  38. Wonder to see if the guy reveal to the FBI that he was hired to fabricate sights of Maddie and to investigate Amaral private life, on the behalf of the Mccann's...

    In Portugal, investigating a private life of somebody it is a crime. Only official polices with permission of a judge can do it and only if they suspect the people. Aragao, already confess in the press that he has a mission, destroying Amaral. For that he is using Leonor but she is not paying his work. He almost confessed in the Media who is paying. A COCKTAIL OF CRIMES... IT IS WHAT MADDIE DISAPEARENCE IS TODAY!!!

  39. Anonymous 29
    Exactly. Who advised BK to contract H. ? At least part of the money came from BK, the McCs could hardly hope that this money would finally fall in their purse.
    BK is a typical megalomaniac, he selected H. because he was supposed to be some sort of James Bond. If BK involves himself in a case, that case has to be very special and very specially handled.

  40. Anonymous 27
    Sun has got everything wrong. The falser the better because the falser the best seller.

  41. I wonder if someone who contributed to the Madeleine fund could complain to the police about their contribution being misappropriated - and with the trustees, through their negligence, as accessories. May be a combined civil action by a group of donors?

    I have no idea whether it would be possible, but someone out there must have, and it would be sweet justice.

  42. Brian Kennedy had agreed to underwrite the McCanns funding, so that surely means that he would only cough up the money if the fund went dry.

    That may be why he was so concerned about the amount being spent, if it actually was.

    And, was he the middleman between the McCanns and the so called investigators. Was he the one that was handling that money himself, saying who got what? Or was it Gerry in control all the time.

    I thought BK had been paying Clarence himself, but was he the one that was paying Clarence out of the fund. What is really going on with BK?

    Such a fund should have independent people at the helm who know exactly what is coming in, and what is going out, and what it is spent on. Does it?

    Who knows what is going on with that fund that is supposed to be used for the search for Madeleine. It would be a fraudsters dream if they got their hands on it and there must be a thousand ways to misuse it, though it would have to look like it was all being accounted for.

    The McCanns were caught dipping into it twice for payment of their mortgage, and the people were outraged.

    They expect the money they are donating to be used to find Madeleine only, and woe betide anybody that is not doing just that.

  43. It seems to be a RAT trying to sue RATS ... lol

  44. In the photo of Kevin Halligen, above, it looks like he is thinking 'why did I ever allow myself to get involved with those McCanns'.

    He's not the first person to have thought that.

  45. Why on earth would anyone pay someone that amount before the job was finished?
    Espeially after being er duped before.


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