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Leonor Cipriano to be questioned on the 9th of December

Leonor Cipriano is going to be questioned on the 9th of December at the Penal Execution Court in Elvas, following the extraordinary appeal that was filed by the lawyer representing the mother of Joana, the child that disappeared from the village of Figueira, Portimão, in the Algarve, in 2004.

The hearing of Leonor Cipriano, who is serving a prison sentence of 16 years and six months for the crimes of homicide and concealment of a cadaver, has been scheduled for 2 p.m. and was determined by the 5th Section at the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ).

The SCJ’s dispatch, dated November 13, also determined the hearing of João Cipriano, Leonor Cipriano’s brother who is equally serving a prison sentence of 16 years and six months at Carregueira Prison, in Sintra, over the practice of the same crimes.

Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia, has requested the extraordinary revision of the sentence that was applied to Joana’s mother, presenting a confession by João Cipriano for his niece’s homicide.

Aragão Correia has further requested the opening of a new inquiry, with the purpose of determining the agents and causes of Joana’s disappearance, on the 12th of September 2004.

Nevertheless, in its answer, which Lusa agency was able to access, the Public Ministry considered that the extraordinary appeal is not “admissible”, considering that the confession is insufficient “to raise doubts for a revision of the decision”.

Public prosecutor José Franco Pinheiro has stressed that there are no new facts and has revealed strangeness over the fact that Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer has confessed to obtaining João Cipriano’s confession “based on absolutely forbidden methods”.

On the other hand, former Polícia Judiciária (PJ) inspector Gonçalo Amaral has requested the opening of the instruction of the process in which the Public Ministry has constituted itself as an assistant of Leandro Silva, Joana’s stepfather.

Leandro Silva accuses the former inspector of having aggressed him on the 13th of October, 2004, at an interrogation in the PJ building of Portimão, for him to confess the location where Joana’s body was deposited.

source: Destak, 27.11.2009


  1. Please Portugal, put your judicial system in order, get these people back to serve their sentences for their despicable crime and stop trying to discredit Dr. Amaral with the testimony of a couple of convicted child murderers.


  2. This trial is not for the Ciprianos. It is for Aragao or Amaral. If FINNNNNALLLY , justice works, ARAGAO WILL BE CAUGHT ON HIS MAQUIAVELIC STRATEGY and a light will glow at the end of the tunel, for Madeleine. Can be the begining of the new Madeleine case- a paralell one. The Ciprianos will end up exactly with same sentence but maybe one of them will share the prison with a new guest- ARAGAO!

  3. do you really think this is going to go mr amarals way,
    i dont think so,it seems that criminals get away with murder in portugaul.

  4. I wonder if Carter Ruck are funding the Ciprianos appeal?

  5. I don't quite understand - does Amaral risk a jail sentence if found guilty of 'aggressing' the stepfather?

  6. My apologies for being off topic but please may I urge everyone who supports Gonçalo Amaral to visit the Projecto Justiça Gonçalo Amaral websites (there is a link at the top of this page) and donate whatever you can to support his defence against the McCann’s libel claim. The donation link and details are towards the right-hand bottom of the page.

    D O N A T E N O W !

    Mr B

  7. Unfortunately, what Anon 1 and 2 are longing for - a judicial system in Portugal that is honest, straight, unbiased and indeed just - is wishful thinking. That is not going to happen! The Portuguese judicial system is corrupt to the eyeballs! There is no need to give many details and examples, just take a look at Freeport Case and Face Oculta. It is unbelievable what is going on in Portugal, and that is only possible because there is a system within the system. How can it happen that the PGR orders the destruction of the taped conversations involving again Sócrates, claiming there is no suspicion justified against the Portuguese PM, and the Juiz de Instrução and the public prosecutor in Aveiro, handling the case, are of a totally different opinion. Do different Penal Codes exist in Aveiro and Lisbon? Who may think this happens only in the Champions League, where politics and justice come together, is grossly mistaken. No, you'll find this muddy water everywhere in the judicial system right down to the lowest level of the adiminstration. Portugal is a paradise for crooks and criminals of any possible kind, and the more money you have in your accounts the easier you can escape justice! Taken this into consideration - facts that can be proven if need be - I wonder how Gonçalo Amaral can seriously claim that he trusts in the judicial system of his country. Based on what? Or is this also just wishful thinking?

  8. any update on the court appearance on the 9 dec,please


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