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Processo Madeleine McCann: Linha temporal manuscrita em livro infantil


Nesta data, por se considerar de interesse para a investigação, juntam-se aos presentes Autos, duas capas de um livro infantil, manuscritas no seu verso, que foram facultadas a esta Polícia na noite do desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann por um dos intervenientes dos Autos e componente do grupo de amigos do casal McCann, de nome Russell O'Brien.

Para constar se elaborou o presente Termo de Juntada que vai ser devidamente assinado.

Portimão, 09 de Setembro de 2007
O Inspector,

(Ricardo Paiva)

(clique nas imagens para ampliar)

in: Processo 201/07.0 GALGS - Volume X - págs 2577 a 2579


  1. That was the point where the FAKE ABDUCTION starts. The all story was a fabrication, deliberatly made-up. If not, we just need to have a cold revue from the emotions of that night if we were the parents of a missing girl which knows absolutly nothing about what hapenned to her:

    . The first feeling will be... she just wonder off by herself, taking into account that the doors were open and she cried on the night before asking for her dad.
    What the Tapas 9 have done? They Write down in a child story book a line of time events ( Wonder how long they meet to achieve a consensual plan before writen it down) instead of going out and look everywhere to see if they can find Madeleine before she fall in the pool or get lost in PDL streets and outskirts.

    . The parents will be so panicked with situation that they will have no brain to plan anything, they will stick at the polices giving as much information they remember and they can, forcing their friends to do the same and forcing the police to look everywhere. Writing a time line on their daughter's story book will be something unthincable, not only because of the time wasted but also because the book belongs to Madeleine and parents tend to keep the child belongs preserved and almost sacralized.

    . The parents will never ever leave their other childs asleep and alone for any secound. Each one of the parents will carry one of the twins and go everywhere to look for Madeleine. on that moments, there is no cold, no rain, no tiredness to avoid doing everything they can. The pain and the panic gave strenght and resistence to fight everybody and everything. BUT... THE MCCANN'S KNOW STRAIGHT AWAY THAT SHE WAS KIDNAPED FROM A BED WHICH ACCORDING TO WHAT THE INVESTIGATION FOUND... SHE DID NOT SLEEP ON IT ON THAT NIGHT.... There is no evidences of Madeleine on the bed, JUST ANOTHER ODD SIDE OF THE FANTASIST STORY AS THE TIME LINE IN THE BOOK... AND THIS IS WHY KATE NEVER PHISICALY SEARCH FOR HER DAUGHTER, or for HER ABDUCTOR. BUT.... TWO YEARS AFTER SHE HAS A FACE TO COME TO THE WORLD TVS AND ASK THE WORLD TO SEARCH FOR HER DAUGHTER AND HER ABDUCTOR... something she failed to do on the first minutes, when she disapeared. Apart of everything, you Kate, you really joke with your child destinny. This is so odd as not keeping absolutly preserved a book which connect her last moments with your life to remember and respect her, no matter if you keep her bedroom as it is when she was in Rothley.

  2. Hummm, so on the 1st version there was NO Oldfield check at 9:35..., only the "just listening at the windows" at 9:00. I wonder why did they "needed" a "partial"( he just actually saw the twins) check made by him at 9:35?...

  3. If you read the back cover of the book you'll see a safety warning about the potential danger of suffocation if children swallow any of the small parts that come with the book, I think they mean the stickers. The warning concerns children under 3 years old, but who can say for certain that a 4 year old would not be tempted to place any such objects in her mouth? Was that what happened, an unfortunate accident, death by suffocation? Was that the reason why the book needed to be ripped apart, to destroy evidence? What happened to the rest of the book, the inside pages? Thrown away in the garbagge, far away from the Ocean Club? Is there any reference to the rest of the book made by the police? One might say, oh, if that's what happened why keep the covers, why not do away with the whole thing? Well, sometimes the best way to "hidde" something is to put right under everyone's noses...

  4. Matt 9 pm...All SHUTTERS down...

    9.15...Mccann apt.

    9.20... Tanner sees man.

    The timeline is impossible, shutters were down, anyone know how dark that would make the room. How would an abductor know that one of the children would not wake up and scream?

    Only fingerprints on Shutters found to be Kate Mccanns.

    We Know from B.O'Donnell that there would be nothing unusual in seeing a man carrying a child at that time of the evening. This was explained by her own husband doing that very same thing the evening before. BOD said her husband collected their child from the creche wrapped in a blanket....So why would Tanner seeing a man with a child assume it was Madeleine ?No wonder they would not go back for the reconstruction at the invitation of Paulo Rebelo.

    This is not a Timeline it is an Alibi and a very bad one.

  5. hastily written but for what purpose?

    why not outside looking for her?

    no logical explanation if your child was lost you would look for them anything other than this is a suspect reaction apart from obvious physical grief making the person unable to look or communicate?

    too many unanswered questions

  6. I've never seen this before, but it's pretty convincing. It must have been an abduction, it says so in the colouring book. I'm now sorry I doubted the whole abduction story. I believe it, even though there are two differing versions. That just makes it more believable.

    I can't help but wonder if Rebecca Stevenson might have escaped her suspended sentence if she'd written a similar checklist on a colouring book before embarking on her cider and cocaine frenzy. She missed a trick there.

  7. Anon 3...Only a couple of days ago there was an article in The Mail where a small child had choked while sucking a lolipop. I believe the stick had come away from the sweet. The childs elder brother tried to help him and an ambulance was called. There was nothing anyone could do, the child died. Had the Mccanns been present and Madeleine had swallowed something which resulted in her death would the outcome be any different. I think not. I still believe that the Mccanns could not permit a post mortem. Madeleines medical records were refused. The Mccanns are now playing down Madeleines eye defect. Why?..two reasons come to mind..1) The eye in the campaign was exagerated..or..2) This eye defect is also a sign of illness, holding back Madeleines medical records makes me ask again Why?.

    Mrs Fenns words from Kate Mccann..." We have let her down" We have let her down" ....

    So many questions for Kate Mccann

  8. @ #4 Quote.. This is not a Timeline it is an Alibi and a very bad one.

    Summed up perfectly, hence all the inconsistancies when trying to remember when questioned and why they would never do an official reconstruction as it would have given the game away, they would have been running round like headless chickens not knowing where they were meant to be!.
    Everything in this case smacks of abnormal behavior and they wonder why forums like this exist.
    I believed until recently all they were saying in the press releases until I read the artical about them trying to close down the Madeleine Foundation website and curiosity got the better of me and took me to sites like this one, the case files etc. and after lots and lots of reading drew my own conclusions.
    If most of the public were aware of the facts presented I feel the majority of rational thinking people would smell a rat or nine.

  9. on a lighter note I have purchased a pet rat for my Grandaughter, not a dirty looking sewer rat but a nice clean white one that looks harmless, never the less its still a rat underneath that white coat... we have called it Gerry! for some reason.

  10. From JusticeSeeker:
    To you all: You might like to know that on Nov. 13, 2009 Carter Ruck attempted to ban the German edition of Gonçalo's book and have it withdrawn from the market. In a letter to Amazaon.de it was «demanded» to stop the sale of said book with reference to the injunction issued by the Portuguese Civil Court, pretending this temporary decision to be applicable in every European country. In other words: Pretending jurisdiction of the Portuguese court outside Portugal, claiming this injunction can be enforced everywhere in Europe. Well, it did not work this time. C-R's demand was refused and C-R was told that their way of handling things constitute the crime of attempted fraud and coercion according to the German Penal Code. Let's wait for their next move. If they should continue with cheating, urging or threatening people, criminal charges will be filed against this questionable British law firm and the McCanns. In Germany, that is for sure, no injunction will be issued by no court without the prior hearing of all parties involved, unless it is an emergency to prevent further damage. This case is definately no such emergency. And this would give the German publisher the chance of getting the deposition of the McCanns, forcing them to show up in a German court room to answer a lot of questions. If they refuse to show-up, bad luck for them!

  11. The timeline was made up to make it look like an abduction, get real, Madeleine was long dead before all this, between leaving the creche and her parents going to dinner, they are all pedos who couldnt allow a postmortem, they know others in high places to fascilitate the cover-up. Looking at timelines and locked/unlocked doors and shutters is all nonsense. I can't wait for the truth to come out and all those idiots who believe them get the smile wiped off their faces. Posting replies to the pro mcscams is a waste of time, they are here to disrupt forums, nothing more.

  12. Hello, you all out there,

    Why do we, the people, not take up the case of the missing child ourselves? Why do we not study the available evidence, draw up legal papers and hear the case on the internet? Are there any lawyers, UK or Continental, who would like to try with me to put a convincing case together? Is there perhaps a Judge available to direct it in his spare time? If no one else does this, why not a bunch of trained and qualified legal professionals, pro bono of course. A lawyer myself: my fingers are itching!

  13. I just want to add more ODD behaviour to that all sad story. And apart of the all unanswered questions by Kate Mccann, I would like to adress a question to Pinto Monteiro, The Attornney general: Why shelving a case like that with so many unconsistences and so many evidences of a fake abduction?

    I TEND TO COMPARE THAT CASE WITH POLEMICAL DESTRUCTION OF THE RECORDS INOLVING PORTUGUESE PM PHONE CALLS IN "FACE OCULTA". If, with some effort I can understand the protection gave to the PM, I did not accept such protection to a pair of parents which no doubts, neglect their childs and as a result of that, one was serious harmed(still missing), the image of Portugal and the Resort was serious damaged and a huge list of people get their lifes turned into misery: from the employers of Ocean Club untill the all inocent abductors named by Mccann's team. THIS NEEDS A HUGE OPEN DISCUSSION IN PORTUGAL TO CLARIFY ALL THE SITUATION AND TO BRING CREDIBILITY TO JUSTICE. Forbbiden books, gagging people, treating the case as a Tabu or pressuring judges and journalists was, I'm sure, not the way to deal with such sensitive case. WE WILL NOT GIVE UP ON THAT UNTILL WE GOT OUR ANSWERS, NO MATTER HOW FAR WE NEED TO GO. IF WE NEED TO DENNOUNCE THAT SITUATION IN AN INTERNATIONAL DEPARTMENT WE WILL GO. PINTO MONTEIRO DID NOT REPRESENT THE ALL JUSTICE IN PORTUGAL. AN OPEN DISCUSSION MUST BE SETTED TO UNDERSTAND HOW MANY JUDGES AGREED WITH THAT SOLUTION: shelving the case. LOOKS LIKE, SOMETHING SERIOUS WAS HIDING BEHIND THAT SHELVING AND WE FILL NOT CONFOURTABLE BELIEVING ON THAT. One day, could be our child, victim of a serious crime and if the perpetrator was in good position with political power, he must go away untouchable and the child must be part of a number, lost in the middle of a convennient cover-up. PORTUGUESE JUSTICE ALREADY HAVE STORIES OF BAD MEMORY- CASA PIA!

  14. @anon 12-18,can i ask where you saw this ,if its true then its brilliant

  15. @ justice speaker

    cant belive this, because amazon.de banned the book now and they removed all offers on marketplace.

    Source please !

  16. Hi, Ironside, yes of course, there must have been an unspeakable horrendous reason for hidding the body and avoid a post-mortem at all costs, something so damning that was even worth the dessacration of their child's body and memory. I see that the simple fear of loosing custody of the twins or loosing their social and professional status/face/credibility is not enough to justify this whole charade. When faced with Madeleine's accidental death, they might have went in a state of panic and think of all those issues I mentioned above, agravated by the fact it all happened when she was left alone, without any form of adult supervision, but maybe soon they would come to their senses and realize they just could not deny their precious girl a christian burial in order to save their image. Or could they? If they are self-centered people, utterly selfish and narcissistic I would say it they would do it! But this scenario would not explain all the political and finantial support from the "big cats", all the protection, even from their local police force. There has to be a common link, a string that binds them all and I bet it isn't pretty...if I had to place a bet i would go with paedophilia, at the highest levels of society!

  17. Sorry, Ironside, forgott to add that I've been reading in the net about the medical condition "coloboma" and many times it does involve other serious heath problems that go far beyond the eyes. I was very intrigued by all the "talk" in some forums and blogs that Maddie's coloboma might have never been there, that it was not present in some photographs of her, and just recently, in a photograph in a paper(Sunday Express?) it was present in the wrong eye, the left one!
    This whole saga will end-up ruining the mental health of many of us, sometimes I get such an headache!

  18. janf58 #11
    Agreed, nothing adds up although I don't know the reasons behind it all your theory makes a lot of sense and the Gaspars statements tends to back it up.
    Something rather sick about this whole charade.

  19. Anon.#9, the poor little rat, with a name after such a disgusting character...now, seriously, I have a good lady friend who's called Geraldine but everybody calls her Gerry, and since this whole thing started everytime I call her by the name Gerry the Mccann man pops into mind! Aaarrrgh!

  20. janf58, agree wuth you!
    They are disrupting every forum and blog about Madeleine. And I can see some from them here today. It's so visible and recognisible!
    They are very strong. But - they say - any rope has its and.

  21. Was it ever discovered where the shelf was that Kate McCann said she saw cuddlecat on, and instantly knew Madeleine had been taken because of that?

    Did such a shelf exist? If so, it is surprising that the media did not have pictures of it plastered in all the papers, or did I miss it?

    Why would she automatically think that Madeleine had gone because of cuddlecat being on a shelf anyway, when it could have been one of the others, (who were supposedly checking), who may have picked it up and put it there. Why didn't she ask them first if they had moved it from off the bed or off the floor onto the shelf?

    Surely if the door really was unlocked, the first instinct would be to think that Madeleine may have wandered off.

    She was nearly four, that is not a tiny toddler, as they seemed to want us to believe, since that was usually the way she was described in the beginning.

    She also didn't look that tiny a girl in the photos, another thing we were told.

    By the way, why was the checking routine changed that particular night, when you had been leaving the children for much longer on previous nights, and only checking your own children?

    How fortunate for you that you did! because then you could go to the media and say it was constant checking you were doing on the night Madeleine disappeared, unlike the other nights when it wasn't.

    Sorry McCanns, but not much about the scenario you describe makes sense. No wonder the investigators don't believe you.

  22. Comment 10 JusticeSeeker "In Germany, that is for sure, no injunction will be issued by no court without the prior hearing of all parties involved, unless it is an emergency to prevent further damage. This case is definately no such emergency."

    This is common sense and that is what bothers me about this injunction. Mr. Amaral was not heard and to my knowledge no specifics were presented in court regarding what the McCanns considered libel. Not only that, they seized profits from the book. This is why I feel Mr. Amaral's destiny as far as the court is concerned has already been decided. The book has been in circulation for quite awhile, so you would think it's not an emergency situation. It became an emergency for the McCanns when it was known that it would be published in English. I would be interested to learn more about what is happening in Germany and in other countries with regard to Carter Ruck's attempts to ban the book.

    Comment 13 "If, with some effort I can understand the protection gave to the PM, I did not accept such protection to a pair of parents which no doubts, neglect their childs and as a result of that, one was serious harmed(still missing), the image of Portugal and the Resort was serious damaged and a huge list of people get their lifes turned into misery:"

    The reason they are protecting the couple in Portugal is because in reality protecting the couple is protecting the prime minister. When you have a lot of skeletons in the closet and other people know about it, life can become quite complicated. It seems to me that there are institutions in Portugal that are in constant conflict instead of cooperating with each other to achieve justice. When I first heard about "face oculta" I laughed, because I knew nothing would come of it; the reason being that politicians would be involved.

    The McCann charade started because they had to prevent an autopsy on the body. If it was a simple accident in which the child died from a fall, there would likely be no criminal proceedings. It becomes serious if the autopsy revealed the child died from a blow, or the presence of a foreign substance in her body or worse from abuse.

  23. according what I read about coloboma, it can involve cardiac problems and the child grows up slowly and remains shorter than other children of its age.
    If you compair the twins lenght at 4 and Maddie at a few days before becoming four, there is a big difference in lenghts.The twins are much taller and stronger.

  24. From JusticeSeeker to Anon 15:
    Interesting news! The source of this is the German text of the letter addressed by C-R via Amazon.de to the German publisher. It states expressis verbis what I have posted today. If Amazon.de has banned the book, this behaviour and decision is illegal and they are liable to a lawsuit for damages. Thank heavens, Germany is still not that much of a Banana Republic as Portugal obviously has proven to be. At least not in this respect. There is no corrupt PM and no chance to blackmail politicians and the judicial systems - as I pointed out in my previous post - is still reliable. I need to do same inquiries and shall come back to the case later.

  25. From JusticeSeeker to Anon 15:
    Yes, you are right. The Amaral book is gone from Amazon.de and Amazon.fr - very interesting. Amazon did this without the consent and contrary to the demand of the German publisher which is Argo-Verlag, Marktoberdorf, to continue to offer Amaral's book. Maybe Amazon.de is now facing a major lawsuit for damages in Germany. Until this matter is solved Amazon.de offers you the book «Incompetence or Corruption?» by "Justice for All The McCann Family Forum". This book continues to support the abduction theory and attacks Amaral's professional competence and even claims there may have been corruption involved on the part of PJ. It is unbelievable and about time to put the McCanns out of business.

  26. Anon at 23

    How are we to compare the difference in heights between Madeleine and the twins of the same age?

    We have only the McCanns account of how tall Madeleine actually was.

    Just as we have only the supposed pillowcase of Madeleine's that Gerry went and fetched from Rothley, as none of her DNA could be found in the apartment and the McCanns had got rid of her toothbrush and hairbrush.

    The DNA from the pillowcase, that was supposedly Madeleine's, led to much confusion.

    Confusion all round. Nothing should be taken for granted as truth.

  27. Please don't feed the trolls, they're a waste of time. Just ignore it!

  28. From JusticeSeeker to Guerra: See my post(24). In addition I can tell you that I did some research and found out that Amaral's book was indeed dropped by Amazon.de and also Amazon.fr. This means they decided to ignore the requests of the German publisher to continue offering the book and gave in to the demands of Carter-Ruck. What happens next is to be seen. As to the urgency of an injunction: I fully agree with your opinion There was no urgency in Portugal and there can in no way be an emergency in case the McCanns should apply for such injunction with a German court. The difference between Portugal and Germany is (even though Germany has also turned into a Banana Republic to a certain extend within the past years)that the courts are not corrupt. There is nothing Gordon Brown, the McCanns or Carter-Ruck could use to «urge» the court to certain measures and decisions in their favour. The Portuguese judicial system is a farce because it is totally controlled by freemasonry and the keyplayers in the courts and in the office of PGR Pinto Monteiro may have plenty of skeletons in the closets which makes them vulnerable to blackmail. No need to remind you of the lever used by Gordon Brown to have Amaral removed from the Maddie case and the case itself shelved. It was and is the «Freeport case». If there is no solidarity with Gonçalo Amaral, a «war chest« i.e. a fund and donations for his defense, he definately is finished. He is the chosen lamb to be sacrificed. And it is up to us to not let this happen.

  29. Make no mistake about it, the McCanns are trying to silence the world.

    Who do they think they are, God or something.

    Just because they have the money, I think they are getting a bit carried away.

  30. Hi Guerra,

    I agree with you, protecting the Mccann's is protecting the Prime Minister and the all darkness streets where he and his closed friends move in.

    Apart all the charade decisions between PGR and STJ in " FACE OCULTA" PM records, what is amazing is looking at the teams ARGUIDOS/Lawyers. Did you notice that the lawyers are always the same which defend all that politicians and their friends? Again come up Sa Fernandes and Rodrigo santiago ( as a copy of Casa Pia). Again to comment the decisions of the PGR and the STJ, come up Pinto de Abreu, Rogerio Alves and Marinho Pinto. Looks like there is no more lawyers in the country. It is a MAFIA between some politicians and some lawyers, this why the corruption works and the Mccann's runaway after a serious crime. A PROMISCUIDADE DESTA MAFIA METE NOJO E ENSOMBRA A LIBERDADE E A DEMOCRACIA. URGE UMA NOVA REVOLUCAO!!!

  31. Comment 24, Justiceseeker, Germany has had its share of corruption scandals. Look at this article entitled "How corrupt is Germany": http://www.cnbcmagazine.com/story/how-corrupt-is-germany/85/

    I live in Canada and even here we have problems with corruption. Portugal is a young democracy and I think some of the old ways of doing business have not yet been abandoned. In Portugal the ruling government appears to be able to control what happens in the courts. Portuguese politicians also know that they can change laws that hinder police investigations, e.g. tracking the flow of money to offshore accounts, but they won't do it. It is up to the Portuguese people to become more vocal and become more politically involved, so that changes can be made for the better.

  32. What is interesting to me, and shows another conflict of information, is that there is a circled statement on the sticker book: inside cover, to the effect that Jane Tanner saw the stranger walking with a child at 9:20, but according to some of the depositions I think that were given to the Lancashire police, Jane Tanner or someone else said that Jane Tanner only reported seeing this to Kate and Gerry much later in the night. And that she got such a shock at the realisation of what she saw. At what point in time did the Tapas 9 draw up the timeline? If they drew up the timeline before "Jane Tanner came to her realisation", then this latter story was a "mistake" by these witnesses, as it conflicts with the fact that the Tapas9 already had stated that this is what Jane tanner saw. It is crucial to know at what time on that day that the timeline was drawn up.

  33. Hello Anonymous(comment9)You have done your granddaughter's pet rat, a great disservice by calling him Gerry. If the pet rat, was to take himself a wife and they had young, he and his wife, would be better parents to their young, than the McCanns were to their young.

    Even a dirty looking sewer rat, looks after its young better than the McCanns. The McCanns aren't fit to share accommodation with a sewer or gutter rat or any other creature.

    Change the pet rat's name as quickly as possible.You could call him Roland, I'm sure I've heard of a nice rat called Roland:D

  34. From JusticeSeeker to Guerra: With re to your post (31) please kindly note that I by no means deny that Germany is corrupt to the eyeballs as well. But, as far as I can see it, this proven corruption in Germany, contrary to Portugal, has not yet afflicted the judicial system. It seems to be a different kind of corruption (if that is possible), a more «quiet» and «subtle» one and not to the extend as it is evident in Portugal.

  35. Comment 30, I am just becoming acquainted with Portuguese politics and the Portuguese judicial system, however I would have to agree with you that there are certain characters that form a team or as you put it a mafia.

    Os portugueses tem que se envolver mais na politica. Se o povo portugues nao demonstram a sua insatisfacao com que se passa no pais entao nada vai mudar.

    Well said Kath.

  36. I thought I read ages ago that it was when JT went to do the 'usual last check' around 10pm that she saw the man.

    This makes more sense, because why would she check earlier anyway if her husband was taking care of the child who was supposedly ill.

    Might JT have referred to this check as the 'last check' because it was the last check before they then went to the Chaplins club, which was much further away. Remember what time Mrs Fenn heard the child crying for, well over an hour and after midnight, until somebody returned.

    This later time of around 10pm would also tie in with the Smith sighting.

    JT also said that Gerry was a long time coming back from his check.

    Did Gerry come back at all from that check?

    The need to write all the timeline down is weird. Now who would be thinking to do that when the child was missing and needed searching for, and why would they have thought it important anyway at that time.

    If they had left the door unlocked, then surely they would be out searching, even in the dark, thinking that Madeleine could have wandered off. Surely they would have searched all night, everywhere they could, until they dropped exhausted. They had torches.

    So why didn't they?

  37. I was disgusted, when Kate McCann admitted in a television interview, that she and her husband, hadn't physically searched for Madeleine. She admitted that fact, after being asked by a presenter, if she and her husband, had ever wanted to join the locals, who took time off work to look for Madeleine. Kate McCann said she and her husband had been busy doing things to find Madeleine in their own way. Yes they had, they had been busy organising events, for the 3 months, 6 months, 12 months after Madeleine's disappearance.

    In my opinion, the only reason the McCanns didn't look for Madeleine, was because they knew what had happened to her, where she was and if she was dead or alive. The same reason they organised events months ahead. They were so sure Madeleine would not be found, alive or dead.

    The PJ are supposed to have studied the media interviews that the McCanns have made. Surely alarm bells should have rung, when the PJ heard Kate McCann say that she and her husband hadn't physically searched for Madeleine?

    Surely the PJ could see what most of the ordinary members of the public could see and still can see, that the McCanns were more involved in Madeleine's disappearance than neglect?

  38. Re the dropping of GA's book from Amazon.de and Amazon.fr, it seems that the injunction against the book is no longer in force in Portugal, as no case was brought against the publisher of the book within the 30 day period as stipulated by law. It seems, therefore, that the copyrights can be negotiated and the book be sold if the publisher wishes to do so.

    How can CR than invoke a ban which no longer exists. They have not only made threats but they have lied blatantly, implying that there is an injunction in force and that said injunction is valid worldwide. They have not learned their lesson after the case with the super injunction against the Guardian in the Trafigura matter. Their arrogance knows no bounds and they are a true threat to freedom of speech.

  39. Aparthotel Sol e Mar, Burgau Apt.C 2nd. floor.
    Paulo Rebelo wrote 2 urgent requests to the Portuguese Forensic Institute on 31.10.07., asking for hair and blood samples collected from this address on 5th MAY 2007.to be analysed.

    Results- S21 Bathroom (Vg5)and 1 Sofa (Vg7)Burgau Haplotype of Jane Tanner.
    "The Haplotype identified by the letter S, present in 2 samples(apartment in Burgau) and identical to that of Jane Michelle Tanner (JT), meaning those samples were from that person or individuals of the same materline bloodline."
    Poster 12- you may be interested in this?

  40. Correction of typos in my post 39-should be 'Paolo' and 'maternal' bloodline.

  41. Burgau-significant?
    External diligences carried out at beach bar in Burgau. 5.5.07. (668-669)670 blank page.
    The Sun 12.9.07. refers to a small beach in Burgau where a sniffer dog allegedly detected the scent of death.
    14.12.07. PJ sent for analysis the root of 1 hair in the bedroom (Vg3) of the AparthotelSol e Mar and 1 in lower zone fibre from car boot.

  42. Anon at 41, regarding the cadaver scent on the beach, there was a child's pyjama item (I think that was what it was), found on a beach, but the McCanns said it wasn't Madeleine's.

    This was early on, before the dogs arrived, or the McCanns were made suspects, and the hunt was on for the alleged abductor.

    So the item of clothing may then have been discarded by the investigators believing it had nothing to do with Madeleine.

    Given that the McCanns themselves became suspects, perhaps it should have been kept and tested.

    I don't know what beach it was found on though. It would be interesting to know if it was the same beach and if so, where, in relation to the cadaver scent it was found.


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