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Little Gregory, Someone Has Told Me

Britain has "its" Gregory case. A British lawyer firm has set as a goal to gag all those who doubt the thesis of the abduction of Madeleine McCann.

Why does an innocent parent refuse to cooperate with the police?

The news, at times, have startling overlaps, for example, the one of the new twist concerning the old murder case of Grégory Villemin, motivated by the discovery of two DNA traces sealed in a police storeroom, with the unexpected return of the media focus on Madeleine McCann's mysterious disappearance case in Portugal, May 2007.

The famous British law firm Carter Ruck, which on behalf of its clients, has become a global specialist in silencing the media, those who in their view manifest defamatory tendencies, has in fact, sent secretly, in early September to the Madeleine Foundation's directors, created during the disappearance of the eldest daughter of the McCann couple, one of its fearful warnings.

Carter Ruck (recently dubbed «Carter Fuck» by Guardian journalists denouncing an imposed censorship) ordered the closing of MadeleineFoundation.org, the delivery of all the copies of a booklet published by the Foundation, entitled "What really happened to Madeleine McCann? - 60 Reasons which suggest she was not abducted" and all of those copies still in stock of its simplified version, a leaflet listing only 10 of the 60 reasons.

It is true that the Foundation recently distributed thousands of copies of the leaflet in question in the mailboxes of the [United] Kingdom. True to its method and hired by Maddie's parents, Carter Ruck has set as a goal to gag all those, and they are becoming more and more numerous, who doubt the abduction thesis sold by the McCanns to the Portuguese police in order to explain the disappearance of their daughter.

One Year of Suspicion

One recalls that Madeleine McCann was reported as missing by her mother, the doctor Kate McCann, at 10:00 in the evening, on Thursday, May 3 2007. Since then Maddie has become the world's most famous missing child. Her parents which, as the investigation  revealed, presented at the best case scenario evidences of great negligence, claimed that she was abducted by a man, whose trace was never found, while they dined with friends in a restaurant about fifty meters away from their holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on the Algarve coast.

The Portuguese police have always believed in parental involvement in Maddie's disappearance. They were officially considered as suspects from September 7, 2007 to July 2008. On that date, following troubling and intense diplomatic actions of the British government, the Portuguese Minister of Justice stated that, because of insufficient evidence, no one could be held responsible for Madeleine's disappearance. The "spokesman" for the McCanns, a veteran public relations who headed the "Media Monitoring Unit [MMU/COI] formed by 40 people (!)", was placed at their disposal under enigmatic circumstances, he has repeatedly stated that «they have been cleared of all suspicion».

In October 2007, Gonçalo Amaral, the Portuguese officer in charge of the investigation, was officially removed from it, following his revelations about the pressures exerted by the English government. Some years earlier he had solved a similar case, the alleged disappearance of the child Joana Cipriano in which the mother and the child's uncle were eventually convicted for her murder. Since then, Amaral has written a book ("The truth of the Lie") disclosing the case in which he states that Madeleine died in Praia da Luz. A thesis later taken to the screen in a gripping documentary visible in YouTube.

A 10-Point Argument

Why did the McCann friends refused to make a reconstruction of Maddie's disappearance night?

What are then the 10 reasons cited by the Madeleine Foundation to support its allegations against Maddie's parents in the leaflet that has caused Carter Ruck's wrath?

Reason No. 1 the statistics; and they demonstrate that young children reported kidnapped are usually already dead when the alert is triggered. [76.2% of children murdered as a result of abduction are dead within three hours - Read the rest of Marc’s Klaas Action Review here]

Reason No. 2 is much more annoying for Kate and Gerry McCann; "Eddie" and "Keela", the two famous police dogs trained by Martin Grime, who are able to detect cadaver odour and blood respectively, made gruesome discoveries in the McCann's apartment. When questioned, their trainer said that "Eddie" had never made a mistake in his 200 previous searches. And the brave animal has detected cadaverine odour in the apartment's living room, in the parents' bedroom, on the veranda and in their apartment's garden, also in two clothes belonging to Kate McCann, on a T-shirt belonging to either Maddie or to her brother Sean, but especially in Maddie's favorite toy (her "Cuddle Cat"), in spite of the fact that it had been washed at least once by her mother. "Eddie" also reported suspicious smell in the trunk of the Renault Scenic hired by the McCanns and even on the ignition car key. "Keela", meanwhile, found blood in several places in the apartment. To verify that the dogs were not just ill-disposed against the McCanns, they were taken into several other apartments of the resort as a way of test. There were no results.

The 3rd reason given in the leaflet refers to the strange reactions from Maddie's parents when they were made aware of the results of the dogs' discoveries. Kate McCann stated initially that the odours detected by the animals on her clothes could be explained by the fact that during the 2 weeks preceding the holiday, she had dealt with 6 cadavers in the framework of her work as a doctor (!), even going so far as to say that Maddie's toy [Cuddle Cat] was similarly impregnated because she had brought it to her workplace. After consulting her lawyers, she changed her mind to finally declare that the canine search results were simply not reliable...

The 4th reason is, according to the authors of the leaflet, the implausibility of the abduction scenario described by Maddie's parents.

The 5th, is the refusal of the McCann couple and their friends, who were present on the night of the alleged disappearence, to cooperate with the Portuguese police. In September 2007, the police made 48 questions to Kate McCann over the disappearance of her daughter, the only one she deigned to answer was: «Are you aware that by refusing to answer this questions, you harm the investigation to determine what happened to your daughter?». They have also refused to be submitted to a lie detector. The Portuguese newspaper Sol attempted to interview one of the friends of the couple present in the restaurant that night. The doctor David Payne, refused categorically to answer questions from journalists, merely to conclude enigmatically, with the most terrible effect «We have a pact. This is our matter only. It is nobody else’s business».**

The 6th refers to the continuous changes in the declarations of the McCann couple and their friends.

The 7th is related to the speed with which they hired top lawyers, experts and others to be responsible for their public relations.

The 8th originates in the many contradictions found between the McCanns and their friends versions about the circumstances surrounding the discovery of  Madeleine's "disappearance".

Reason No. 9 is related to the subsequent conduct of Maddie's parents, especially for having registered the trademark "Madeleine's Fund" and the creation of a website, and a business enterprise responsible for the manufacture of "souvenirs"...

The 10th and final reason given on the leaflet is the most devastating for Madeleine's mother : the fact that she washed Cuddle Cat, in spite of which "Eddie" noted the distinctive smell of death ...

Disturbed Friends

But we probably have to look elsewhere for the real reason of the recent offensive by Adam Tudor, a Carter Ruck partner, against the Madeleine Foundation and the injunction to immediately close the website. One can indeed read the copy of a detailed letter of the Foundation to the Prime Minister Gordon Brown showing a real «bombshell» : the statements of Arul Savio and Katherine Zacharias Gaspar, a couple friend of the McCanns, obtained by the British police in May 16 2007, just 13 days after the disappearance of Madeleine, but that was only communicated to Portuguese police in October 2007, after Gonçalo Amaral had been removed from the investigation.

The Gaspar couple, in effect, declared that on two occasions, first in England and then in Majorca during a holiday shared with the McCanns and the Paynes, who were present in Praia da Luz in May 2007, that they felt a great distress after having fortuitously caught conversations and obscene gestures between Maddie's father and David Payne, which left them thinking that they could maintain paedophile relations with the little girl...

In short, there could still be a tiny hope of solving the riddle of little Gregory's murder. The case of Maddie's "disappearance", is clearly just beginning...

source: Bakchich, 27.10.09

* The original title of this article 'Petit Grégory, c’est quelqu’un qui Maddie', is a pun on the French expression "quelqu'un qui m'a dit" literally meaning 'someone who has told me', it's a game of words specifically with 'm'a dit' which phonetically sounds like 'Maddie'.

**Translation of the extract of the newspaper article published in Sol, on June 30, 2007, titled 'Madeleine Case: Pact of Silence': «Gerry and Kate’s friends, who are interrogated tightly by the PJ over almost a month, refuse to clarify this contradiction, when asked by Sol. “We have a pact. This is our matter only. It is nobody else’s business”, says David Payne, another element with the group. Minutes after we tried to contact Kate, Gerry, in a fury, calls the Sol journalist: “What do you think you are doing? Do you think you’re better than the Portuguese police? I’m going to forward your contact to PJ and you will have to explain yourselves”.»


  1. Excellent article, Joana. Thanks for posting it here. I especially think that this paragraph is very relevant to this case and this is what needs to be investigated as soon as possible.

    "The Gaspar couple, in effect, declared that on two occasions, first in England and then in Majorca during a holiday shared with the McCanns and the Paynes, who were present in Praia da Luz in May 2007, that they felt a great distress after having fortuitously caught conversations and obscene gestures between Maddie's father and David Payne, which left them thinking that they could maintain paedophile relations with the little girl... "

  2. I have been following cases that Ed Smart has managed to embroil himself in...You remember that Elizabeth Smart was alleged to have been abducted from her bed...Every single case so far that I have found ...the parent has acted in a very strange way..I have not found one case where a child has been reported abducted from her bed...that the case has been straight forward..the parents in all cases have the most amazing reasons for this event. Reasons that are hard to believe.

  3. Very good article, Joanna. Thank you for posting it ... IF ONLY all good men and true in British Government cicles, the Media and Law Enforcement would read it and actually be MOVED to ASK ... 'IS ANYONE DOING ANYTHING TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH OF THIS MATTER'?

    Sadly it would appear not.

  4. A shame this Mccanlandia still feeding the circus. They are guilt for what hapenned to Maddie. This is a fact completly suported by the evidence that the litle girl disapeared, as a consequence of her parents neglect behaviour, night after night.
    When are them, their lawyers and their spoke-person to realize and understand that insisting in a strategy to fool the public, is a waste of time. Thousands of Kate interviews, trillions of processes to gag people... did not change the point of vue of a single anti-Mccann person. We have a brain, we are not stupid. Our feelings are not washable with kate fake words and sentiments or with a terrorist behaviour engaged by their lawyers. IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ON PJ, KATE, YOU HAVE A WAY TO FIND WHAT HAPENNED TO YOUR DAUGHTER AND FOR THAT YOU DONT NEED ANY TV INTERVIEW. PEOPLE ARE GETING FED-UP OF YOUR IMAGE IN TVS and even litle kids start moking about you and Madeleine. GO TO A SCOTLAND YARD OFFICE AND DO A SINGLE STEP WHICH CAN REPRESENTE A HUGE AND SIGNIFICANT HELP FOR MADELEINE- FIL A POLICE FORM TO RE-OPEN THE INVESTIGATION. ALL the investigation will be re-evaluated and all the possibilities will be followed. If you are innocent, you have nothing to affraid, or are you trying to convince us that Scotland Yard will frame you without reason as you accused PJ?
    Give us a brake. Nobody wants to know what you have to say in TV interviews. We much change the channel and leave your TV shows with a lake of audience. Most of us did not buy any paper with news about you. We came to Internet to read where we can leave a comment and bring your fantasy into reality.

    In Portugal a big corruption scandal is on the way to be exposed, involving top lawyers and top politicians. Maddie case is annother story of huge corruption from an european Country trying to control an investigation in another european country. In Portugal, Public, journalists and Oposed deputys, start to speak the same language, they want the corruptors framed and taked to courts and prisons, no matter who tey are. THEIR IMMORALITY IS A SHAME WHICH CAN NOT BE TOLERATED ANYMORE.

  5. Nothing to do with your brilliant article Joana, but just another case to make us thinking how strange can be the behaviour of a mother under some circunstances (a depression):

    LAST WEEK, A MOTHER OF A LITLE BOY (ANDRE, 6 years old) JUMPED WITH HIM INTO DOURO RIVER. She survived, the litle boy died.

    Annother case to add to statistics , showing hat most murdered childs are victims of one or both parents.

  6. What a sinister looking group in the above photograph.

  7. Exellent article....
    Yes..the Gaspards talked about that dirty episode in MAY 2007 and their statements was given to the PJ in OCTOBER 2007 just when Dr.Amaral was "vanished"....but the "pact of silence" was already in place and not only within the group but outside and the group or some elements were protected by the authorities,especially the british authorities.Whats new?

  8. Since day one that the McCanns have been pursuing this media all out war against any idea that opposes their own abduction thesis. Newspapers and TV publicity became already an obsession for this couple! They cannot stop it! One day they will meet one courageous journalist who will dare to ask them those difficult questions: Why didn't Kate answer the 48 questions? What secret pact is that referred to by David Payne? Could he explain that conversation with David Payne in Mallorca? Why did he delete all the text messages from his mobile? Why did he leave the rented car doors open during several nights? And so on .... By the way, this journalist could be Sandra Felgueiras. But if this ever happens I'm sure he will stand up and leave as he did in that famous Spanish TV interview. A man of courage this Gerald McCann...

  9. Ironside said...

    'What a sinister looking group in the above photograph.'

    I think it resembles one of those old Wanted posters from Wild West days. All that's missing is some stetsons and a few Colts or Winchesters. Oh, and the ladies would need longer skirts, of course. Wonder why R O'B didn't join the Wild Bunch for this photo?

    Back to the article: yes, excellent. This bit: 'The case of Maddie's "disappearance", is clearly just beginning...' is right. The case so obviously needs to be reopened so that the police can look again at the various scenarios and this time hopefully get the cooperation of the parents and their friends in the matters of answering questions, doing a full reconstruction, etc. I hope when Kate starts her round of interviews this question of reopening and all that it would entail is brought to the forefront in the media. I'm sure everyone wants this case thoroughly investigated by those whose job is investigation, rather than by the McCanns 'promoting' Madeleine as though she were a new brand of coffee. All IMO.

  10. Ironside, if a child is abducted from their bed it is usually for a ransom. I remember the case of the black panther - he found out that 17 year old Leslie Whittle was heiress to her father's coach business in Worcestershire. He then kidnapped her from her bed whilst her mother was sleeping, and then demanded something like a £50k ransom. Sadly the money could not be got to him in time and he killed Leslie. So, although these cases are isolated, there is always a motive behind them.

    No ransom demand, no body, used and dumped by a paedophile group, no credible sightings that would have led to someone benefiting from the huge reward ? Sorry Mr. and Mrs. McCann, you may try your hardest but you will NEVER convince me that you had nothing to do with your daughter's demise.

  11. 'The case of Maddie's "disappearance" is clearly just begining'.
    Oh yes, you are SO right it is !!!


  12. The sheer scale of the measures taken by the parents to shut down any voice which queries their version of events is so out of proportion to the efforts made to search for the child that even the most disinterested person can no longer be in any doubt whatsoever that they are concealing something. Indeed it has long since passed the stage where reasonable people can explain the parents motives and continue to give them the benefit of the doubt by assuming that they are concealing an accidental death made possible by their negligence.



  14. There are some crimes that cannot be forgiven,
    For which no punishment can be enough,
    Which should by such harsh sentence be forbidden
    That none would dare so damned a fortune touch.

  15. Unless he took her for his personal and exclusive use, the abductor couldn't expect to sell her for as much as the gratification value. No one, as well and in spite of the new message on the McC page, would keep silent and heroically resist grasping that amount of money.
    The message then is perverse, tends to convince anyone that he/she's guilty (of what ? It doesn't matter, as long as Madeleine remains unfound, we all are guilty, except the sagrada familia, of course).

  16. Maddie m"a dit
    - 1 an de suspicion
    - 1 argument en 10 points
    - Des amis troublés
    Maddie m"a dit
    Le Vrai Cas Madeleine a just commencé...

    At long last

  17. Ironside, you are so wrong to say that about the parents being suspect whenever a child goes missing from its bed. So, so wrong. You need to read up on a few very well known horrific US cases before you take a pop like this.

    It's nasty, nasty, nasty. What is it that makes people do this? I will never understand it as long as I live.

  18. Really "nasty" is the all-out war on Portugal and anyone with half a brain who dares to point out that the McCanns have so much to explain...

  19. Perhaps the real attempt to silence Dr Amaral so long after his book has been around is not so much of what he said in his book, (which after all can be read on the internet anyway), but because of what he has not said.

    Didn't he say there were other things that he knew yet had not put in his book.

    Now he is not allowed to discuss anything to do with the case.

    Which is exactly what they wanted.

  20. Thank you Joana for posting this article and for ALL that you do to keep those of us who are so many miles away informed of this very troubling case. I trust the Portugese journalists who will be interviewing the Mcanns this coming week get a chance to do a truly indepth report.

  21. I feel I must defend Ironside he is right on the ball where this case is concerned. What I cannot understand are people who after 2 years of utter rubbish from team Maccann can stil be taken in by them. Wake up and smell the cadaverine, the truth about this case will come out sooner or later, and egg you know is very runny it runs all down your face. Well done Ironside keep up the good work.

  22. We keep repeating this story and analysing it over and over again.
    I hope the re-opening of the case will happpen soon.
    At least we will have some new information, I hope.
    When will Amaral get the legal help, to defend himself?
    By-the-way, that theory of bleeding during an eventual resuscitation was already considered by the PJ, I read it somewhere.
    And what makes the PJ think Kate has to do with the accident, not Gerry?
    Did they conclude that the child must have died between 6.00 and7.00pm, when Gerry was away?

  23. It is obvious that the authorities in England and Portugal have no interest in re-opening this case. I believe that the authorities in both countries have already concluded that the child died and that no abduction took place, but for whatever reasons they do not want justice to prevail. Perhaps the British authorities believe that the worst that happened is that the child either died of a misdirected blow, complications due excessive medication or an unfortunate accident that occurred when she was left alone. Whatever it was that caused the death of the child, the British authorities have no qualms about ignoring what happened, if this is what they want then so be it. If the British media wants to continue disseminating far-fetched articles designed to convince the less astute that the child is still alive then so be it. Portugal cannot control what happens in Britain, however they can control what happens in Portugal.

    Portugal should ignore this couple. All media reporting with regard to this couple should cease. If they want to come to Portugal don’t treat them as if they are ambassadors by giving them special police protection. If they want to hold a press conference, don’t send reporters and journalists. Portugal should also not let this couple make a mockery of the Portuguese constitution by letting them take away from a Portuguese citizen the right to freedom of expression. I know that all this is wishful thinking on my part, but it is the best thing that Portugal can do under the circumstances.

  24. Ironside, there was a disappereance from a bed, Charles Lindebergh's son.

    A very strange story.
    In my view, a lot of smoke around it.
    See Google.

  25. Anon..15.39...

    When any member of the family goes missing wife, husband or child...the police have to rule a family member out first. Once this has been accomplished they may then look outside for a suspect. Anon. It is a fact that most not all ,but most children come to harm at the hands of their parents.I am looking at some terrible cases in America...Casey Anthony for starters..who explains the smell in her car from two dead squirrels...her mother who will be her down fall said the smell was like a dead body. Later changing her story to protect her daughter who if, is found guilty faces the Death Penalty. Show me one case where a child is abducted from their bed and something does not sound right with the parents story...and please not Elizabeth Smart...

    Go take a look at the blog....'parents behaving Badly'an American site.. just see what these parents have done to their children.Parents Anon. not strangers.

  26. Thank you Anon. I had forgotten Leslie and yes that was an isolated case.. When it comes to money ,I always find it strange that the Mccanns never mention the Reward for information leading to Madeleines whereabouts...2.5m.not sure if that is euro or pounds...Every day in Spain in the Daily Mail...yet the Mccanns stay silent about this large amount of money.

  27. It is not only about whether or not Madeleine was abducted.

    If the McCanns know that Madeleine is dead then they are perpetrating a MASSIVE FRAUD on the public.

    If they were to be convicted for that they would go to prison for much longer than for hiding Madeleine's body.

  28. Guerra,

    What is best? To forget this couple exhists or to confront them wherever they appear with the questions they don't like and don't want to answer? I would prefer a batallion of journalists bombarding them with those crucial questions and see them going through the roof..

  29. @Anonymous 19 ; you're right, but there's something they can't stand, the idea that GA made money with a drama they have been so busy to set up in spite of GA's perspicacity.
    Let's not be mistaken : these people aren't happy, not only they lost their daughter but they can't grieve properly.
    Everybody asks justice for Madeleine, but she doesn't need anything any more. Crucial is to solve this case for the sake of justice itself. Two little children are very closely concerned by that.

  30. Guerra, I wish it could be too ! And may be the McC themselves... They must be starving for public oblivion, thinking they'll find peace then, their conscience comforted by the idea that their strategy maintained the twins within the family.

  31. With regards to a missing child, the first thing that professional investigators do is to investigate the parents. They do this because statistics indicate that the parents are usually involved. The FBI looked into 4000 solved cases in the states in which a child died. In 80 percent of those 4000 cases the child was accidentally killed or there was premeditated murder by the parents. In many of these cases the child's body was concealed and the crime scene altered to trick the police. A small percentage involved the child wandering off and dying as a result of an accident. Only a very small percentage involved abduction, and none of these abductions occurred inside the child’s home. It does not mean that it could not happen but the chances are remote.

  32. Ironside, 'Parents behaving badly' truly horrific.

    So what secrets are the McCanns hiding with their unprecedented legal campaign to shut down all sources of criticism? Would anyone go this far to conceal an accidental death? Would anyone get so much support from British government sources the media and the 'chattering classes'?

    To the poster hoping for some real questions from the Portuguese journalists, Why do you think they have been picked to fly over? Because they have a history of asking difficult questions? Don' t kid yourself. There are enough Portuguese journos willing to sell their souls for a story just like their UK counterparts. That's why McCann now has Portuguese PR, Portuguese legal team etc etc. The days of neglecting the 'Portuguese market' are long gone. Better get used to it.


  33. Its just another photo op for the McCanns and nothing else. Finding Madeline is their career now and like all celebs they have to do the PR thing every now and again. It is all so transparent and they are living in a bubble, they are only kidding themselves in the end. Who really cares what Kate McCann has to say as it will all be rehearsed and not a word of significance will be uttered.

  34. Ironside, it is so easy to light on the cases we know of where the parents lied. I am challenging you to go and find out about the cases where they DIDN'T, where the kids were taken from their beds by others. They are the ones you ignore, and it has even happened that the abductor left no trace. And the parents had everyone doubting them until a body was found.
    As for 'war on Portugal' mentioned by someone else - please, leave nationalism out of this. Madeleine deserves better than to have people bringing such specious arguments into it.

  35. Guerra, cite your sources. I personally know of cases where children were taken from inside a house while adults were there, and murdered.
    And no, it wasn't the families that did it. Cite your sources, don't just produce statistics out of thin air which you could have made up.

  36. ''Show me one case where a child is abducted from their bed and something does not sound right with the parents story...and please not Elizabeth Smart...''
    Well, here is one for starters.


  37. I truely beleive that in any case of a missing child the police have a very difficult job to do. Unfortunatley as we all know there are people out there who do harm and murder their children lets not forget Fred and Rosemary West.

    In my opinion by stopping, banning, sueing free thinking people only helps the likes of the Wests and other like them to continue.

  38. Ferris, your idea of a battalion of journalists constantly asking them the questions that still remain to be answered surpasses my wishful thinking. The McCanns operate in a controlled environment and journalists are much more timid, now that they realise that the McCanns have many powerful people supporting them.

    aacguedes, The McCanns have always sought the limelight. I doubt very much that they will go into seclusion, even if they are successful in subduing Mr. Amaral. That's why I think the best strategy is to ignore them and not give them the publicity they seek. I can only guess as to what was the reason they started this whole affair, however from what I have observed it appears to me that their main goal now is to protect a steady flow of income.

    Personally, the questions I have would not be directed at the McCanns but at members of the British government.

  39. I have brought this over from 'Little Morsals ' Sashas blog....Interesting...

    Amaral seeks state aid in fighting McCanns

    Source: Portugal News Online

    Gonçalo Amaral has this week applied for legal aid to assist him in litigation with the parents of missing toddler Madeleine McCann.

    The former chief detective in the case has justified the application by stating he has insufficient funds to support the legal costs involved. Kate and Gerry McCann have sued Amaral for 1.2 million euros in damages for suggesting they might have been involved in the death of their daughter. A Lisbon court this week also ordered Amaral to hand over his €70,000 Jaguar purchased in May in the name a company registered as Gonçalo Amaral Unipessoal Lda.

    Edition: 1034

    The following comment posted in response to the above article:

    Mr Amaral has NEVER sugested "they might have been involved in the death of their daughter". If you are just repeating the McCanns' baseless accusations, then you do your readers a bad service. If you are making this up just because you need to show your support for the McCanns, you are still doing your readers a bad service. Either way, you do your readers a bad service by omitting that Dr Amaral has appealed the Lisbon Court's injunctions against him. And finally, maybe you would like to check your news: the Jaguar was in Portimão, in Dr Amaral's hands, as recently as yesterday evening.

    Posted by Sofia from Algarve on 30/10/2009


    Anon 21.02....I am not ignoring anything. I am interested in these 'Bed abductions' because they are so rare. Jaycee whom the Mccanns like to relate to now was 11 years old and taken from the street. Her stepfather was a suspect...it took 18 years to prove this was not the case. It does not alter the fact that he was a suspect by the police. I find the fact that the Mccanns happily relate to this case...Jaycee was 11 when she was raped...If the same thing had happened to madeleine she would have been 3 years old when she was raped. How does that make you feel.Anon...you are glossing over what happens to a child who is taken by a paedophile...No parent would want this to be happening to their child and yet the Mccanns are happy to think that she is with one of these monsters. Go figure.

  40. If Dr Amaral is going to get the chance to call his witnesses I can't see the McCanns having a leg to stand on with the libel case.

    The PJ also believe Madeleine is dead.

    There is nothing he has put in his book that can't be backed up with witnesses, and I hope he is calling Mr Smith. This may then get reported by the UK media, and the likeness of the man carrying the child towards the beach area that night will be revealed as looking like Gerry McCann.

    The dogs, the timelines the Tapas friends gave, Jane Tanner's account that changed with the telling, it's all there, and it speaks for itself. Dr Amaral has not pulled any of it out of the air in a figment of imagination.

    Unlike the McCanns with their abduction theory for which there is no proof whatsoever.

  41. One more point Anon 21.02....Haleigh Cummings reported to have been 'abducted from her bed'..british Headlines ,Americas Maddie...the Mccanns were very quick to jump on this...That is until the finger started pointing right at the family...Haleigh is still missing and the finger still points at Misty, Haleighs step mum....She has taken lie detector tests and failed them all. Without a body it is hard to prove what happened to Haleigh.

  42. Hi Guerra,

    I agree with you. The McCanns do hand pick journalists and only answer to pre-approved questions. But I still would prefer them to be confronted with those questions. Ignoring them wouldn't do. They would take care not to be ignored anyway, I'm sure of that.

  43. They just sue Amaral now and forbbid now his book because they are two parents really perverse. They don't care about the litle girl or what was writen in the book. I f so, they must sue portuguese authorities and all internet blogs, foruns and sites because the content of the book, and the PJ files are spreaded everywhere. In fact, most of the people buyed already the book. That is the point- THEY Wait ONE YEAR, untill the time the book sold already THOUSANDS of copys and they can raise more money and make more profites on BEHALF OF THEIR DAUGHTER TRAGEDY and using AMARAL WORK. IN FACT EVERYDAY THEY SHOW US WHERE THEIR IMMORALITY CAN GO. FRom what they already show the world and it is public, there is no doubts, something very odd hapenned to Madeleine and they are trying to conceal it. After gagging Amaral, I start believing that Maddie did not die from an accident... must be something more dramatic and more shocked. It is urgent to re-open the investigation and go untill the end. THE WORLD CANNOT TOLERATE THIS KIND OF INJUSTICE!!!

  44. Anonymous, the statistics I gave you were presented on a TV program a few years ago, before the Madeleine case, it involved a study performed in the south eastern region of the States. Like I said I'm sure abductions have occurred from inside the home but they are very rare. If you are interested you can go to FBI websites and get all sorts of statistics. I can give you a quote from a former FBI profiler Candice Delong who was interviewed on the Larry King show with regards to this very case.


    CANDICE DELONG, FORMER FBI PROFILER: Well, a lot of the information we're talking about tonight really has not been confirmed by the police. One of the things that I would like to say is regarding this lengthy interrogation that the parents are now suspects, the parents didn't just become suspects. They've probably been -- should have been at least considered as possible suspects from the very beginning. And Larry, the reason for that is, in the vast majority of cases of missing children of this age, not all, the vast majority, it turns out that they are missing and were murdered by a parent. Approximately 75 percent.

    KING: Wow.

    DELONG: So that's why the parents always have to be looked at. That certainly does not mean they did it.

    KING: What's the typical motive?

    DELONG: Well, oftentimes what we see when very young children -- and we're just talking here, we're not talking necessarily about Madeleine -- when they are murdered by a parent, the motive more often than not is that it was an accident. Oftentimes we see children that are murdered by a parent were hit so hard that they died having to do with blunt force trauma to the head. And what you're looking at when you see a child killed that way is the results of a parent that lost control of their temper and hit a young child way too hard. And sometimes the parents that this happens to, they call the police, and sometimes they stage the crime scene and try and make it look different. And sometimes they try to get rid of the body.

    Miss Delong pegs the figure at 75% nationally. I don't have an agenda. I became interested in this case because of the media onslaught on the Portuguese police and their attempts to convince the public that it was sacrilege to even investigate the parents. I found this highly unusual given the fact that in the preceding years there were a spate of cases in which parents claimed abduction and in the end were found to have murdered their child or children.

  45. I'm sorry guerra, but anonymous stats from a TV programme don't cut it. I went to a US crime site last night and found three cases, all within the last few years, of children taken from their homes. It took me a matter of minutes. It happens. To say it never does is not only silly, but it does a terrible disservice to the victims and their families. I am sick of hearing it. We all know that parents can fake abduction, accident, illness, all sorts, to cover up their own misdeeds. But to claim that every child that goes missing from its home is a victim of its own family is a travesty.

  46. Unfortunately this child WAS a victim of her own family - she was left alone with two even younger children several nights in a row!

  47. Anonymous, did I say there are no abductions? It appears you have a problem with the English language. Let me reiterate, the vast majority of cases in which parents claim that their child has gone missing, the parents are responsible for the child's death. Of those cases that are abductions the majority occur outside the home. Home abductions do occur but are rare and they are usually perpetrated by someone that the child knows.

    I don't doubt that you have found 3 cases, but to satisfy my curiosity why don't you tell me the name of the website and the name of the cases that you are referring to. I assume that the children in these cases have been found, hopefully alive, and that the abductors have been imprisoned.

    Referring to these statistics does not prove in a particular case whether an abduction took place or not, but it does tell us that the police should first investigate the parents to eliminate them as suspects. This is the point I have been trying to make.

    I watched Mr. Gerry McCann being interviewed in June of 2007. A reporter said to him: "You realise that in cases such as these the parents are always suspects." Mr. McCann replied: "We fully expect that we will be investigated by the Portuguese police, if we weren't then they wouldn't be doing a thorough job. Kate and I are prepared to answer all questions posed to us by the police."

    We all know what happened when the questions were asked, they weren't answered. Then there was an international campaign attacking the PJ for suspecting the parents.

  48. Anonymous, I would just like to say one more thing. What is a travesty is the McCanns trying to associate themselves with any couple that has reported an abduction. If such a tragedy had befallen me and I received a letter from the McCanns declaring their support, I would feel insulted. Parents that want to find their child cooperate with the police, they don't employ elite lawyers, PR firms, shoddy detectives or try to cripple free speech for the purpose of maintaining a fraudulent fund.


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