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Maddie Case Process: PJ Intercalary Report

Processo NUIPC – 201. 070.0 GALGS
Vol XV
Pages 3948 to 3964

Intercalary Information

With the aim of comprehending and linking the circumstantialities found in the process files in a better way, this intercalary report was elaborated.

The case refers to the disappearance of an English girl, Madeleine Beth McCann, the daughter of Gerald Patrick McCann and Kate Marie Healy, who would have been 4 years old on 12th May 2007.

With regard to place and time, the events occurred on 3rd May 2007 during the time period, according to witnesses, between 21.05 and 22.00 at the Ocean Club resort, in Luz, Lagos, where the girl’s family, together with seven other people, who were friends of theirs, were spending their holiday.

The group’s arrival in Portugal, via Faro airport, took place on 28th April, arriving from the UK. They travelled in two different groups, given that they live in different areas of the country. The journey from the airport to the resort in Luz was made in a small vehicle provided by the Mark Warner company which was responsible for the management of the resort.

During check in they were allocated different apartments, all of them in block G5, close to each other and this had been an imposition or at least a suggestion made by the whole group.

The McCann family occupied apartment G5A, located at the left corner of the residential block, which can be said to be the most accessible apartment and with visibility from the outside.

This was a group that was in certain way homogenous, given that seven of the members were doctors, trained in various specialties, added to which they all had young children with them. The McCann family consisted of the parents as well as Madeleine and the twins, Sean and Amelie, aged two years old.

This holiday trip was organised by the Payne family, namely by David Payne who had previous experience of Mark Warner tourist resorts.

This group shared, concomitantly, a friendship that dated from before the holiday, based upon professional relations and other leisure trips.

With regard to the disappearance, the intervention of this police force occurred at about 00.10, by means of a communication received from the Lagos GNR, informing of the disappearance of a girl, which led to the immediate departure of the police to the scene (pages 2 and ss). Jointly with various diligences carried out to establish the facts, a photographic report was made of the scene (pages 12 to 23) as well as the diffusion of the disappearances, with photographs and a description of the girl, both to the authorities and to the press, after authorisation from the Public Ministry (pages 32 – 33B and 459).

During this night and the during the early morning intensive searches were carried out by this police force, GNR officers equipped with sniffer dogs and by local people organised in groups and employees of the resort. These searches were extended over the following days over a radius of 15 km2 by GNR officers and tracker dogs, locals, marines (page 821 marine control Portimão), civil protection officers, the use of a helicopter as is documented in the report on pages ??? (sic) In spite of titanic efforts, time and methods used, the search for the girl was fruitless.

As the investigation was oriented in two initial objectives, the location of Madeleine and the discovery of the truth of the facts, we proceeded to the questioning of the parents and the whole group of friends (page 34) as follows:

Gerald Patrick McCann – Apartment 5A
Kate Marie Healy – Apartment 5 A
David Anthony Payne – Apartment 5 H (1st floor)
Fiona Elaine Payne – Apartment 5H
Dianne Webster – Apartment 5 H
Russell James O’Brien – Apartment 5D
Jane Michelle Tanner – Apartment 5D
Matthew David Oldfield – Apartment 5B
Rachel Mariamma Jean Mampilly – Apartment 5 B

In synopsis, from the witness accounts obtained, it is important to emphasise the statements of Gerald and Kate as well as those of Jane Tanner and Matthew Oldfield.

With regard to the former, their daily routine was marked by normality, nothing strange or of any relevance was detected during the days before the disappearance. After leaving the children at the crèche, the twins near to the Tapas restaurant (inside the resort) and Madeleine at the main reception, they dedicated themselves to ludical and sporting activities.

With the exception of the first day, all day time meals were taken in the apartment.

At night the group would dine in the Tapas restaurant, leaving the children asleep in their respective bedrooms, without an effective control, although the Payne family had baby monitors.

The children’s supper, described as high tea, took place as a group, regardless of age, at a recreation area next to the Tapas restaurant between 17.30 and 18.00. Once this meal was over, they were taken to the apartments, where they were bathed and prepared for bed, at about 19.30.

On 3rd May, the daily routine was followed as normal, the McCanns returned to the apartment at about 17.30/18.00 accompanied by their children. After this time and until 19.00, they bathed the children, fed them again, giving them light products, they played a bit and then went to bed, the parents stating that the three of them were asleep at 19.30. Gerald remained at the tennis courts until about 19.00.

The parents then consumed some drinks and got ready for dinner, leaving at about 20.30 in the direction of the Tapas restaurant (a journey on foot of a little more than one minute). Upon leaving, as usual, they left by the patio doors, which could not be locked from the outside and which was just pushed to, the reason being that it was the shortest route to go to the restaurant and for consequent return, whether to check on the children or for definite return. The checking of the children by that route was a daily practice and which seems to us to have been carried out daily, carried out at half hourly intervals, although as the case files show, in truth these were extended to periods that were superior to one hour.

The McCann couple was the first to arrive at the restaurant table and engaged in a casual conversation with a couple who were not part of the group, but who were also British, whose surname was Carpenter. As time passed, all of the other members of the group arrived.

At about 21.00 Matthew and Russell went to check on the children, having first listened outside the window of Madeleine’s bedroom, located at the front of the residential block on the ground floor. Upon his return, Matthew did not report having noticed anything unusual. Russell stayed in the apartment as his daughter was ill.

At 21.05, given that Matthew’s check did not involve him entering, Gerald went to the apartment. He left through the second reception area, headed up the road for twenty, thirty meterS and entered through the metal gate, next to the bedroom, which leads to the garden/patio. He entered the apartment through the sliding patio door, which according to what was mentioned earlier, was not locked. He walked through the living room and headed for the children’s bedroom, noticing that the bedroom door was wider open than normal, as it was normally left pushed to. He presumed that Madeleine had got up for some physiological need. He entered the bedroom and saw his three children sleeping calmly. He went to the WC and left by the same means. Upon coming out of the gate he met Jeremy Wilkins, known to him from tennis practice, also British, who was pushing his son in a push chair and who was also on holiday at the Ocean Club. He conversed with him for a few instants and returned to the Tapas restaurant at about 21.15.

At about 21.10 Jane Tanner, Russell’s wife, given his absence went to check on the state of her daughter. She left by the reception and went up the road that runs along the entrance to the block. She was not seen either by Gerald or Jeremy although she did see them, she saw Gerald from the side, however Wilkins was facing the place that Tanner passed.

At the exact moment that she passed them, she perceived, at the top of the street, an individual on foot who was carrying a prostrate child, barefoot and in pyjamas, heading in the opposite direction to the entrance to the apartments. She thought it was a father carrying his child.

She only told of this situation sometime after the discovery of the disappearance and made the association, saying it was Madeleine, as the pyjamas were identical. A photo fit was made without facial features, the description and clothes of the individual were also spread by the media, to see if anyone could clarify what was happening there (page 1592) – no response was obtained.

Coming back to the narrative, at about 21.35, half an hour having passed, Kate decided to go and check on the children, but Matthew volunteered to this as he was also going to his own apartment to do the same. He took the normal route and entered by the patio door of the McCann’s apartment which was open. When he was in the middle of the living room, which had a slight light, he saw the twins in their respective cots, given that the door was ajar, however he did not enter the bedroom and therefore could not confirm whether Madeleine was sleeping in her bed.

Upon his return he said that everything was fine. When he was questioned at police HQ he added that the children’s bedroom had more light than would be probable if the windows were closed and the lights off. He cannot clarify the state of the window nor the existing luminosity.

Half an hour later (22.00) according to their reports, Kate went to the apartment to check on the children. She entered by the patio door which she closed upon entering and she saw that the door to the children’s bedroom was open wider than the way she had left it when she went to dinner. Upon closing the bedroom door, she felt a current of air which led her to observe the bedroom with greater care and this is when she noticed that her daughter Madeleine was missing. The bedroom window was wide open as were the curtains. The bed was practically intact, her daughter’s soft toy was at the head of the bed.

In a state of alert and with waves of panic, she searched the entire apartment, not managing to find the girl, which led her to go, in an upset state, to the Tapas restaurant, saying that her daughter had been taken. Clear allusion to an abduction, justified by the fact that the window was open, they said. During this time, the twins were in the bedroom, alone and sleeping. Furthermore, they never woke up during this night, in spite of all the commotion.

Informed about the disappearance, the whole group went to the McCann’s apartment, accompanied by Ocean Club employees, who searched the apartment and the adjacent area several times, without results. The call to the GNR took place at 22.41, according to the list in page 3051.

With the arrival of the GNR, the officers of that force again searched the whole apartment including the electrodomestic appliances, no useful results were found inside or outside the apartment. On that night the commander of the Lagos GNR received, supposedly from Gerald, four photographs of the girl, page 2294, poster type, 10 x 15, in two different poses, identical to page 30, their printing/developing must have been done at a moment before the events.

Diligences were carried out to establish the origin of these images, pages 2295 and 2296.

After 00.00 a team from this police force arrived at the scene and immediately began diligencies, namely fingerprint inspection which only revealed the collection of prints from people who had legitimate access to the apartment. The bedroom was also examined by Scientific Police Laboratory, which collected numerous vestiges for continuous examinations, which up until now have not contributed to a full clarification of the facts.

During the course of the collection of elements, on the next day a mobile GNR post was placed in front of the residential block with the aim of receiving/treating and channelling information related to the disappearance, all investigated by this police force in a methodical and strict manner, some were added to the inquiry, others were placed in annexes so that it was possible to visualise what was done.

Apart from the information collected by the mobile post, hundreds of other pieces of information from civil society and from the authorities were received by email or telephone and were treated in the same manner.

None of this information to date had attained the required result of locating the girl and clarifying the facts under investigation.

The British media were alerted to the disappearance, on the night of 3rd May, Sky news opened its news report at 07.00 on 4th May with news about this case. A huge media presence without precedence was mobilised, accompanying all the police work, speculating and imagining scenarios, some of them possible, some of them fantasy.

Given this introspective picture, we can be sure that as well as the abduction situation, all other possibilities were open, as they are now.

This thesis – abduction – was exhaustively investigated, all information leading to this in every sense, was examined. No ransom was ever demanded.

We clarified two situations, with the valuable help of the Dutch and Spanish authorities which led to the detention of three persons who were trying to extort money from the family in exchange for false information about the girl and who were proven to be fraudulent. These facts can be found in two Apenso volumes annexed to the files.

We proceeded to question all the Ocean Club employees, pages 848 and 856 whose statements did not reveal anything of any relevance in spite of the parsimonious attention used.

We carried out diligencies in 443 rooms in Praia da Luz, page 198, nothing useful was found.

For the rest, we heard witness accounts relating to incidents with children, which were not possible to link to Madeleine, in particular the case of a Polish couple who were on holiday in Portugal and who were seen taking photographs of a girl who looked like Madeleine. But once again nothing of relevance was found with relation to them as can be seen in pages 213 to 216.

Photo fits were elaborated based on the indications of witnesses who reported situations that they characterised as being “strange, most concretely of individuals who were seen in the proximity of the apartment during the day, but again, nothing that could be related to Madeleine.

Particular attention was paid to individuals connected to the criminal underworld, those connected to crimes against children, diligences, which to date have not enabled the collection of any relevant data.

In order to perceive the Babel of information, we can say that some of the incidences about the disappearance, in particular with relation to sightings, placed the girl at the same time and date in different locations in our country (pages 524 and ss) as well as in places around the world separated by thousands of kilometers, from Japan to the States, passing through Indonesia, Singapore and the African continent. As regards the latter, a sighting was transmitted from Morocco, near to Marrakesh, at a petrol station, by a Norwegian woman. In spite of efforts the images were never obtained, therefore it was partially dismissed.

We had reports of sightings in public transport and on motorways all over Europe, in some of these cases it was possible to confirm that these were girls accompanied by their parents and in some cases, girls with physical similarities.

The images from petrol stations along the main roads of the Algarve were seen, the result was negative, Gerald and Kate were shown stills from these images, such as those in pages 129 – 133, showing a similar looking girl but who did not correspond to the missing girl.

At a determined moment, and because as is known in these cases, it is necessary to have a perfect knowledge of the scene, in order to facilitate procedures and plan actions duly, suspicions fell on an individual who lived meters away from apartment 5 A, Robert Queriol Murat. The suspicions referred to are found in pages 308, 328, 442, 461, 957, 960, 961, and 968 – 1000.

During the initial phase, before the deepening of the investigation, this individual fulfilled the conditions to be made a suspect. The intrinsic elements of his condition as suspect can be analysed in the previously mentioned pages.

In order to confirm or discard the suspicions about Robert Murat, searches were carried out and telephone interceptions were made, pages 995 – 1013 of the suspect and of individuals who interacted directly or indirectly with him, namely those who had daily contact with him or with whom he maintained telephone contact. In spite of an exhaustive and methodological investigation of Murat and the persons close to him, no elements were collected that could connect him to the crime being investigated. Apart from the analysis of communications and forensic examinations of their computers which did not reveal anything useful, various searches of his home were made with the use of sniffer dogs, the subsoil was examined, physically and using detection methodologies, again with no useful results.

The cars of those connected to him were examined, no results were obtained.

The homes and vehicles were minutely inspected by the Police Scientific Laboratory, no relevant vestiges were found.

The analysis of the telephone and electronic communications (attached in annex) and the resulting correlation, gave no results.

At the police HQ the suspect denied any involvement in the events. The inquiries made in relation to the other individuals who had personal or professional relations with Murat did not bring up any data worthy of investigation.

In truth, during the searches various objects were taken for analysis without any incriminating result having been found yet.

As reported on page 1606 and following pages, a new element appeared, brought by an Irish family, who told of a sighting on 3rd May 2007 at about 21.55 of a man carrying a child who was walking down a road that leads to a zone near to Praia da Luz. They did not manage to recognise the man, however Martin Smith, in subsequent information, page 2871, said that judging by the bearing it could have been Gerald McCann, which upon initial analysis did not seem very viable to us given the time period indicated. However, new questioning of Martin Smith by the Irish authorities was requested in order to check the reliability of his information. A reply is awaited.

Concerning the theme of searches referring to the construction work underway in Praia da Luz, page 1650 and ss we collected the statements of the workers, employees and the engineer in charge who did not detect anything unusual and who focused on the impossibility of hiding a body, even a child’s body.


Meanwhile, I come to the knowledge of this police force about the information relating to the use of the dogs, page 1989 and following pages, specialised in the marking of human blood remains and human cadaver odour, from the UK.

This is an inspection technique commonly used in the UK, sometimes with positive results, consisting in the use of two specially trained dogs.

One of the dogs is trained to detect cadaver odour and the other to detect human blood traces.

Opting to use this resource, a large number of objects and places were examined, where, in some cases, the dogs were seen to show the behaviour of identification and signaling, as follows:

1. Apartment 5 A, Ocean Club resort from which the girl disappeared

- Cadaver odour dog
• in the couple’s bedroom on the floor next to the wardrobe.
• In the living room, behind the sofa, next to the lateral window of the apartment.

2. Patio area, in front of apartment 5 A

- Cadaver odour dog
• in one of the flower beds, the dog handler commented upon the weakness (lightness) of the odour detected.

3. Apartments where the rest of the group was staying

• Nothing was found by either dog.

4. Residence of the McCann couple at the time of the date of inspection

• Nothing was found by either dog in the villa.

5. In the locality of Praia da Luz

• Nothing was found by either dog.

6. The clothes and belongings of the McCann family

- Cadaver odour dog
• on two pieces of clothing belonging to Kate Healy.
• On a piece of clothing belonging to Madeleine.
• Possibly, on a soft toy belonging to Madeleine (cadaver odour was detected when the toy was still in the residence (on the date it was occupied by the family)).
• Signaling was confirmed in a scenario outside the villa.

7. In the vehicle used by the McCann family

- cadaver odour dog
• signaled the car key

- blood dog

* signaled the vehicle’s key.
* signaled inside the vehicle’s luggage boot.

8. In a vehicle used by a friend of the family who was staying at the same resort, coinciding for a few days.

• Nothing was found by either dog.

9. In all the cars used by Robert Murat and people close to him

• Nothing was found by either dog.

(Of a total of 10 vehicles the cadaver odour dog and the blood dog only signaled the vehicle hired by the McCann family on 27th May).

The places and objects signaled by the blood dog were tested forensically by the reputed British Laboratory (FSS) whose final results are not yet available. However, there are indications that would show that these will be inconclusive, in other words they do not corroborate the dogs signaling without leaving any doubt.

Based upon the action of the sniffer dog team which reveals the eventual existence of a cadaver in the apartment and in the car used by the McCann family and with the aim of enabling Gerald and Kate to safeguard their position in the process they were constituted arguidos, in the face of the mere possibility of their involvement with the eventual cadaver. During the course off their interrogation as arguidos they denied any responsibility in the disappearance of their daughter.


During the process phase we are in, according to the results of the information already in the case files, we proceeded to elaborate the thematic annexes (apensos) that contain all the information relating to sightings, suspects or suspicious situations, temporary analysis reports and reports on communications and examinations as well as information subject to international cooperation.

The investigation continues in the sense of checking all credible information received in the meantime on a daily basis, with particular relevance to information with regard to paedophiles and the authors of sexual crimes which has already exceeded 150 individuals.

Reports and diligences will always be carried out in a methodical manner, taking into account the investigation actions and conclusions already carried out in the unrenounceable and unforgettable hope of discovering the truth of the facts.

In the wake of what has been mentioned, a proposal was made for the elaboration of a Letter of Request to the British authorities, enunciating the diligences, which are pertinent in our opinion and which could be fruitful for the case.

For your consideration.

Portimão, 31st January 2008

Inspector João Carlos

Processo NUIPC –2010700 GALGS Vol XV pag 3948 a 3964
PDF download

Translation by Ines


  1. Out of 10 (ten) vehicles, the dogs chose the McCann's hired car. It is simple to explain: of course the dogs knew to whom the car belonged and had previously received instructions from the police to signal only that particular vehicle. I can't find any other explanation :))

  2. How come Gerry was in two places at the same time on the 3rd May, namely helping to bathe the kids, and also playing tennis at the same time, as that is what it says the routine for that day was??

    This is also in contrast to DP saying that when he visited the apartment to see Kate earlier on, the children were all asleep.

    Kate also said that the cuddlecat was on a shelf and that is how she knew Madeleine was taken, (I actually heard her say that), but here we have him moved to he top of the bed??

    So much that does not add up.

  3. Sea bass Fernis. Apparently they're all over the place in Praia da Luz. Gerry was blogging about sea bass way back; in fact it was day 36 - 08/06/2007 - Friday. Amusing to learn that a 2 year old child had developed a taste for sea bass until one learns that sea bass is one of the few non-human sources of cadaverine. Makes you think doesn't it? Old Gerry as usual way ahead of the game because the dogs weren't brought in until very much later. Yet here he was blogging about sea bass just to cover the eventuality. Very clever that man; do not underestimate the extent of criminal energy involved. You see, all you have to do is prove that there is another source of cadaverine other than a human body and you're home and dry so to speak. Explains the apartment; obviously being let at some time to someone who went bass fishing? Explains the car; obviously hired out to someone who left sea bass in it for some time and also handled the key after clearing them out? Sounds stupid but imo it's enough to cast doubt if it ever came to a trial. The only thing I'm unable to explain is why it was all over Kate McCann's trousers unless she was in the habit of walking around with a sea bass stuffed down the front of them.


  4. Muito bem. Palavras para quê: artistas britânicos. É de facto imensa a suspeição que recai sobre os pais. Eu vi o filme completo do exercício dos cães e é surprendente a linguagem e o comportamento canino, e muito directa a interpretação do polícia inglês. É indesmentível o interesse único e genuíno que os cães revelam pelo apartamento e pelo carro dos McCann. É interessante ver o desinteresse pelos restantes apartamentos e viaturas. Não servem como testemunhas ok. Mas as imagens falam por si. O que é também impressionante é a polícia ter seguido à exaustão a tese de rapto. Começou-se a casa pelo telhado. Depois da polícia ter detectado evidentes incoerências nos discursos dos pais médicos e amigos, não encontrando a polícia vestígios de arrombamento, e pensando que estatisticamente os pais podem estar envolvidos, a vinda dos cães devia ter sido imediata. Os telefones deviam ter sido escutados. Até o telefone do Primeiro Ministro tem "ouvidos". Que inibição caramba. Não sabia a PJ tão tímida. As análises, nem em Portugal nem em Inglaterra (a boca do lobo) talvez França, ou Holanda. Independência e transparência. Logo duas palavras que o nosso sistema não reconhece. Enfim, não admira que o PGR não queira reabir o processo: a investigação cheira tão mal como o corpo algures escondido (sorry my french!). Aprendemos nós como se gasta parte do dinheiro dos contribuintes, aprendeu a polícia (porque este caso vai ficar na memória de pelo menos 3 gerações de inspectores) e para algum conforto (muito pouco) de todos nós (os que sentimos que não foi feita justiça a uma menina que teria hoje a idade da minha filha) aprenderam os pais dela de uma maneira dura a mentir todos os dias da sua vida. E quando os outros filhos crescerem e começaram a ter second thoughts vai ser difícil explicar-lhes que o texto acima traduzido pela Inês it's only foolish things and no-sense.

  5. "The call to the GNR took place at 22.41...".
    Kate Mccann told the police she discovered that Madeleine was missing at 22.00 and she has claimed in several interviews that as soon as she saw the room she knew her daughter had been abducted (although she has never explained what made her be so sure about that).So why did it took her 40 minutes to call the police?

  6. So have they given up on the dirty nappies and rotting meat being the reason for the cadaver scent then?

    Were they throwing the sea bass bones to the back of the settee after they had finished the meal then?

    If this sea bass rubbish excuse had been brought in front of a jury as the reason for the cadaver scent, I bet it would be laughed out of court.

  7. I wish we would know if there is any new information, after the CEOP video was made public.
    If there is any, it will take time before we hear the news.
    years ago there was a mysteryous murder where I live and by chance a forensic laboratory identified a DNA, and the man lives now behind bars.
    Between the identification and arresting the man it took 5 weeks.
    The police was preparing the questions for the interrogation.
    He was followed from the beginning after the police identified him and he got arrested on a very early morning, when he was leaving to his work.
    If there is any information about a dead Maddie in Portugal, the PJ will keep it secret uptil they are ready with the new investigations.No hysterical media around them, not this time.

    This time the PJ will control everything themselves.
    Preparing everything in peace.

  8. Had the little one who supposedly liked the sea bass gone off it by the time the McCanns moved to the villa?

    I ask that because there is no mention that the cadaver dog alerted to cadaver scent/sea bass smell there. Only in the holiday apartment and the back of the car.

    But then, that's kids for ya!!

  9. Gerry talks about food as much as Madeleine in his blogs-"sometimes it's hard to beat mince and tatties" and "banana splits with child friendly toppings"

  10. Sometimes I think not Maddie's body was in the car but her internal organs, lungs, intestins,stomach,etc.Too difficult to hide a 4 years old dead child in the Scenic without attracting the attention, but you can transport the organs in a sac.
    If I'm right, her body must have not been properly burried of even not at all.With its own organs inside, a corpse smells much strongly and perhaps the smell was attracting the attention or it would attract the attention of the dogs.
    Getting rid of the organs could have happened on the trip to Huelva, not in Spain but near Luz, somewhere burried or in the see.

    And her empty body could have stayed in the same place where it was from the beginning, a place where the scent of cadavers is normal.
    She could be in a superficial tomb, her empty body treated with chloroform.
    The church?
    Bringing the dogs to the church would have been useless.
    Churchs have always cadaver scent.

    I wrote this before and I repeat it today.

  11. I read recently that contrary to what has been said about the cameras not working, they had been working, and they were telling a different story to the one told by the Tapas friends.

    The cameras showed there was not the constant checking they are saying there was.

    Is this why the PJ says the Tapas friends were not telling truth?

    If so, why no charges for them as they must clearly have been neglecting their kids?

  12. Anonymous-5, more to say - Kate refused to call police when someone offered to do so saying that she already did it! They'd played for time!

  13. Anonymous-11, could it be PG let the Tapas 9 go just to watch their actions, their behaviour.

  14. O assassinato recente da Universitaria Viseense pelo namorado, trouxe-me a memoria o caso Maddie, as inconsistencias e mentiras contadas a policia. Raramente, a policia experiente nestes casos, se convence com historias mal contadas e quando e deixada trabalhar sem pressoes, chega rapidamente aos factos que permitem resolver os casos.
    E inacreditavel a perversidade da mente humana em determinadas circunstancias. Como e que alguem tem coragem para matar assim uma pessoa que conhece ha muitos anos, enganando familiares e amigos, e consegue depois elaborar uma historia que mete SMS e chamadas telefonicas para a familia da vitima e para a GNR, auto-mutilar-se e elaborar uma historia maquiavelica para contar a policia. Se uma cabeca sozinha e em aparente panico, elabora uma historia assim, imaginemos um grupo de adultos instruidos perante um drama que nao tem retrocesso, a morte de uma crianca.
    E se o rapaz de Viseu, tivesse chamado os Media, arranjado um Porta-voz e fosse de uma familia politicamente influente? Apesar do corpo da jovem ter aparecido, do carro ser um Peugeot 309 sem interesse e das desconfiancas da policia, provavelmente prevaleceria a historia do carjacking contra criminosos desconhecidos e a vitima ficaria injusticada apesar do crime horrendo que viveu.

    A leviandade com que a justica portuguesa tratou o caso Maddie, inspira estas mentes perversas a cometerem crimes graves e tentarem enganar a policia com historietas, mesmo que sejam as mais ridiculas. Pobres vitimas.... FiCAMOS TODOS MAIS VULNERAVEIS E DESPROTEGIDOS perante uma justica inoperante cujas penas nao sao dissuasoras.

  15. If there had been a body transported, or something connected with the body transported, there must have been some sort of container that it was in.

    So was that discarded separately? With the body buried or hidden close by? The cadaver scent of that would be very bad.

    Perhaps on a scrap heap, or some sort of tip in the countryside near PDL?

    I wish they had taken the dogs to these areas for longer.

  16. I sent an email to the CEOP requesting them to follow the British police in case a witness shows up with information. Somebody has to control the police.
    I told the CEOP what I know from Amaral's book, that the police sent an important statement too late to the PJ and that they even did not reply some requests.
    I think the CEOP must know about that.They are not stupid.
    I got a nice reply, that they had taken notice of my suggestion.

  17. I always thought there was something fishy about this case- This is the first time I have heard the sea bass story. It has been said that the McCanns have innocent explanations for all doubts. I have often wondered why they have never chosen to give those explanations to the police. Surely that would be the most sensible thing to do in order to get the case totally focused on abduction.

    Even if this is a possibilty, the odour was found in the most unlikely places and only in 5A. Wait for the next picture from JT, it will show the abductor with a fishermans bag on his back!!!

  18. We owe a huge vote of thanks to Joana, Nigel of McCann Files, and others too numerous to mention, who work so hard to give us up to date news on this case. If we had to rely on the UK media (apart from the Express) we would know nothing of what is going on.

    There are so many questions unanswered, the most important of which are the 48 asked of Kate McCann which are still gathering dust in a drawer somewhere or other.

  19. Did the McCanns hire the car when they were staying at the villa?

    If so, why was the cadaver scent/sea bass smell only in the boot of the car and not in the villa.

    Are we expected to believe the child sat in the boot of the car eating the sea bass instead of eating it in the villa?

  20. The CEOP are not stupid. They are a competent and well organised police wing.

    Thats why they are helping the McCanns in the search for missing Madeleine while you play with politics or shower fora with prejudiced hate.

  21. Hi Anonymous, I think the CEOP along with the British Police, will have seen all the interviews the McCanns made and footage of their strange behaviour. If most of us have sussed out that the McCanns are more involved in Madeleine's disappearance than neglect, the British police and the CEOP, must have.

    Its a crying shame that these two agencies have stood back and done nothing. The PJ tried, but bowed to pressure from Gordon Brown and had to release the McCanns from their arguido status, saying they have done nothing wrong, knowing full well that they had broken the Portuguese law, by the fact they had neglected their 3 children.

    Every scrap of evidence that pointed to the McCanns being more involved in Madeleine's disappearance, than neglect, has been discounted, why?

    Why were the PJ so thorough in their searches of Robert Murat's mother's property than the McCanns? Why were the McCanns not arrested, when it became established that the shutter they said was jemmied wasn't and they had left their children without adult supervision 6 nights out of 7.

    Why did the PJ accept the McCanns word that Madeleine was abducted, when there was no evidence she was?

    Like you I have also sent emails and although I haven't sent one to the CEOP, I have sent one to the Leicestershire police, the PJ, the hospital where Gerry McCann works and even the McCanns via their website. I have never had a reply from anyone not even an acknowledgement that says my email has been received.

    I think the McCanns would have liked forums like Joana's to have either closed down or moved on to another topic that didn't involve Madeleine. The McCanns hoped that everyone would have swallowed the abduction theory and donations into the fund would continue.

    They have had a shock because many of the ones who initially swallowed the abduction theory, puked it up, once they realised that the McCanns are the cause of Madeleine's disappearance, whatever the reason for her disappearance is. Hence the drop in donations and now the McCanns are looking for ways to sue anyone they think has money, who openly critices them.

  22. Problem solved, abducted by a sea bass and turned into a mermaid

  23. Whats this about Sea Bass?.Sounds a bit fishy to me.

  24. Gerry thinks he is shrewd and fly,but the investigators are shrewd aswell.The body may never be found and so in the absence of said body we have to work with the facts as given.So in my opinion the Terrible2 should be requsted to take a polygraph test and to make it fair on the hard done by couple why not get Mr Amaral to do likewise?.I know its never going to happen but its an idea.

  25. This is not the first time the McCann's have been linked to the CEOP,
    Whan the Portuguese Police seached the McCann apartment they found a book Gerry was reading titled interpretation of Murder, and a CEOP manual which has restricted access only to the Police and Governmental entitles, Mark Harrison the British Police and Goncalo Amaral wondered how this couple had access to this manual reserved for the Police and governmental entitles, you can view the video on youtube titled

    (Casa McCann and the CEOP again in Madeleine's case)Its in spanish with English subtitles. JuanDan

  26. If this is an honest agency, and not somebody simply taking their lead from the McCanns, then they should be looking at those surrounding the McCanns, including the McCanns themselves, to see where the lies and inconsistencies are.

    These are the people who had access to the child.

    These are the people who knew the child was alone every night in an unlocked apartment, not a passing paedophile.

    They have not been asked any hard questions, unlike Robert Murat who was given the third degree and passed.

    The PJ said they lied, so the case should be reopened, and not closed until the PJ are satisfied with the answers.

  27. Anon at 25

    How did Gerry get hold of the CEOP manual?

    Er, might I suggest, the power of persuasion.

    That is what is worrying about the relationship between them.

  28. CORRECTION nr.10,

    I did not mean chloroform but formol.

  29. I read somewhere that there was a list of the luggage they had brought with them on this holiday.

    So was there listed anywhere a blue bag/suitcase they had with them on arrival?

    Gerry McCann says he never had such a bag, though Martin Brunt in his documentary said he did, and that it went missing about the same time as Madeleine.

  30. Anon. nr 5,

    The McCanns took 40 minutes to alarm the GNR in orde to have time enough to contaminate 5A.

    When the GNR arrived the apartament was full of people.

  31. ModNrodder,

    Yeah, we already understood, you are on the McCanns pay list. In my opinion you are a condescending jerk trying to defend what is indefensible. Piss off!

  32. Who was it from CEOP who advised the Mccanns not to show emotion in their initial interviews?

  33. I really don't understand UK government's pressure on PJ. Was it just Gordon Brown's idea of getting the Lisbon Treaty ratified smoothly - without the embarrassment of the whole world knowing that he initially jumped in too soon and "backed the wrong horse"? If so the McCann's and their friends "benefitted" from being in the right place at the right time to prevent them from at least being charged with neglect, to say nothing of false witness statements, wasting police time, tampering with evidence, colluding with a crime, implicating others etc etc etc........

  34. ModNrodder said... 20 The CEOP are not stupid. They are a competent and well organised police wing.

    Thats why they are helping the McCanns in the search for missing Madeleine while you play with politics or shower fora with prejudiced hate."

    Take your blinkers off ModNrodder - consider all the possibilities, then the truth may eventually come to light. Talking of prejudice there has been plenty of that thrown at Portugal from the pro camp

  35. Aparthotel Sol e Mar- Burgau. Why was it searched so early in the enquiries-May 5th 2007, why was the haplotype found on the hair discounted as belonging to Jane Tanner-was it just coincidence that someone of her maternal bloodline had been in the apartment?- if so quite a coincidence! Was the hair found in the bathroom- Murat's- haplotype M?

  36. Your opinion ModNrodder

    PJ report "However, new questioning of Martin Smith by the Irish authorities was requested in order to check the reliability of his information. A reply is awaited. 31 Jan 08"

    Why were they still waiting for this information for so long

    Why did the CEOP not include a photofit of the man the Smiths saw
    in their appeal

    Why do did the press only put out photofits of JT's ever changing description of the abducted

    Why does it appear that the McCann's have dismissed the Smith's sighting in favour of JT's -

    Too many whys need answering before anyone can dismiss all possibilities IMO

  37. Gerry regularly raved on his blog about his closeness to Jim Gamble and CEOP. No wonder Murat was judged by CEOP to fit the profile of Maddie's alleged raptor by a very high percentage! There are so many people who would not want this case to ever go to court IMO!

  38. Thanks anon 25 - just watched the video; I'd forgotten about the CEOP manuals from early in the case. Very interesting.

  39. Anon at 25,

    Did nobody ask Gerry how he got hold of the manual.

    Is this another question he got a pass on, though I don't doubt he would have come up with some explanation.

    That guy has an answer for everything, cray fish and all.

  40. I hope I am wrong, but the more I hear about this Gamble guy the more it is looking like more of the same.

    The McCann's publicity machine rolls on.

  41. Am meaning sea bass, not cray fish.

    I must have been thinking about things crawling along the bottom of the sea and eating dead things, including people.

    Hence, the cadaverine.


  43. Forgive me as im only new to this forum ,but what does IMO stand for at the end of some of your sentences??

  44. Anonymous (40), I´m not so sure. It´s interesting that this latest video talks about the potential danger to other children all the while the perpetrator is at large. Surely that excludes our childless couple then, the ones who are treating Madeleine like a princess. Such a couple are hardly likely to risk grabbing a brother or sister for Madeleine, so cannot be considered a danger to other children.
    Then again Gamble has talked about the perpetrator having "a partner, family, friends, colleagues" and "regularly checking the internet for developments in the investigation". So we are no longer looking for a swarthy, pimply, depraved loner from the wilds of Morocco or wherever, but someone who is socially integrated, with access to the internet and the ability to use it(in English??)
    Seems to me the emphasis has changed somewhat, and those private investigators wasted an awful lot of time and money looking for the wrong person.

  45. @ post #32, it was reported that JIM GAMBLE offered the McCanns that "advice"!

    I was fairly positive about the latest CEOP appeal but the more I think about it, the more uncomfortable I've become. Just thinking about GAMBLE's role in the persecution of Murat has made me question my early positivity :(. Gamble KNOWS the McCanns and their friends have told LIES! It's not speculation or supposition. It is FACT!

  46. Blue bag anon 29. There is a photo of it in the police files, in the wardrobe, on the shelf the dog later barks at- there is a video clip of this- taken on the night M went. GM is asked about it, in his statement, as it had gone the following day. He describes it as a suitcase and mentions the pile of clothes beneath it. he is obviously looking a t thre police photo. See David Payne's statement about tennis bags the group may have had. He describes it as being not big enough to HIDE a tennis raquet in- a slip of the tongue?

  47. anon 43: IMO means "in my opinion"

  48. Was the bag/suitcase that Gerry took to the beach that day with the spade a dark blue one, similar to the bag in the wardrobe?

    There was a photo of this but I never did see it, and now it cannot be found anywhere, unless somebody has saved a copy.

  49. If the CEOP helped the Mccanns at the beginning, it was probably because it was not aware of the suspitions of the PJ.
    There is the secrecy of justice is Portugal, the CEOP knew less than we did.
    The media in the UK were controlled by Mitchell and the British police were hiding facts about Tapas9.

    One Minute for Madeleine was made much after the McCanns were made arguidos and freeded if it, and after the files were being published.

    A huge difference.

    Watch that video over and over again and analyse every word and every picture, specially when Jim's voice says ..."and increases the risk to other children". At that moment you see Maddie and HER SIBLINGS.

    I understood it as: The siblings are at risk, please come forward.
    Every word, every picture was studied by criminal psychologists.

    It is a very clever video.No abductor, no North Africa, it is reaching people around the parents.
    And listen over and over again to Gamble's words during the interviews.
    When he talks about the offender,this person, he continues the sentence in the plural.
    "the person who did it is feeling uncomfortable...THEY don't want..."
    Why THEY, if Gamble is refering to only one person?
    Besides Gamble does not use the word abduction.

    And watch how unhappy and tired Gerry looks on Joana's "The Mccanns Marathon."

  50. I`m not sure which side of the fence Gamble is on - originally he was a fervent paedophile hunter and headed up Operation Orr. Lets just hope he`s staying true to his original ambitions.


  51. I too hope Mr Gamble stays true to himself, I have faith he will, remember nothing is worth losing your respected and good name for, not even King and Queen Mccann Mr Gamble.

  52. It might be he is up too close and personal.

    This could mean he can't see the wood for the trees.

    It would be interesting to know what Dr Amaral's opinion of this is.

  53. Why PJ didn't find anyone, who was carrying child on that night of 3rd May, where Smiths family gave some evidence?


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