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Madeleine McCann fund hired ‘secret agent’ conman

 A BUSINESSMAN who pretended to be a secret agent has allegedly pocketed up to £300,000 from funds intended to pay investigators working on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Kevin Halligen, a British security consultant, was paid to find Madeleine but allegedly failed to pass the money on to the private detectives who did the work on his behalf. A friend of Kate and Gerry McCann, Madeleine’s parents, said they had become increasingly concerned about Halligen.

“He had this sense of cloak and dagger, acting as if he were a James Bond-style spy,” said the friend. “He promised the earth but it came to nothing.” [actually this is taken from 'Mark Hollingsworth Investigates The McCann Files':«Their sales pitch was classic James Bond spook-talk: everything had to be ‘top secret’ and ‘on a need to know basis’.»]

Halligen’s company Oakley International, which is based in Washington DC, was paid £500,000 after being hired by the Find Madeleine fund.

Sources close to Halligen say he offered to provide the McCanns with satellite images and lists of telephone traffic on the night Madeleine disappeared. The data were supposed to come from contacts in Washington but, one source claimed, “all he came up with was a Google Earth image”.

The Madeleine fund was provided with further reports from teams of investigators who found it increasingly difficult to obtain their fees from Halligen. One of them, Henri Exton, a former national head of undercover operations for the British police, is owed more than £100,000 by Halligen for work he did on the Madeleine case.

Documents show that while Halligen’s company was receiving the fund’s cash, he was withdrawing large amounts of money for his personal use. He had been using company funds to finance first-class flights, expensive hotels and chauffeur-driven cars.

His contract with the fund was not renewed in October last year. Halligen left Washington for a holiday in Rome but never returned to Oakley’s offices. He was last seen staying at the Royal Crescent hotel in Bath under an assumed name.

Halligen, 50, often pretended to have served in the intelligence services to impress business and social contacts, according to those who knew him well.

Two years ago he allegedly faked his own wedding to a lawyer in Washington, watched by former agents, a CIA station chief and an adviser to Barack Obama. Halligen told his bride that his spy masters would not allow his real name to be on wedding documents. He was, in fact, already married and the priest was an actor.

A wider financial investigation has found Halligen bought a £1m mansion with money allegedly defrauded from Trafigura, the company accused of dumping toxic waste in Africa. Last week the US Department of Justice issued an indictment seeking his arrest over the alleged Trafigura fraud.

Stephen Dorrell, the McCanns’ MP, said: “This man clearly saw a vulnerable family going through a terrible ordeal and the only thing he was focused on was that there were people offering money to help find Madeleine.”

On the run from the SAS, the FBI, and his fake wife too, pages 10-11

in Sunday Times

First Published here:  Former McCann detective Kevin Halligen Indicted for Fraud and Money laundering


  1. So the money donated to the mcanns by people all over the world is in this man's pocket? How many more of these so called "secret agents" are now having a good time spending the money that was supposed to be used to find the "missing" child? Something tells me this Halligen is not the only one. Who is willing to keep feeding this famous fund? Not me.I bet next week we will have a bit of damage control : thousands of new leads and sightings and suspects and lots of "poor parents"...

  2. Anon 1 - I believe the technical term is "money laundering". When they first hired the dodgy detectives Metodo 3 - remember the "we'll find Madeleine by Christmas" statements and similar crapola - I thought the purpose was money laundering. Get the money out of the fund, blame it on the swarthies, and a numbered bank account in some tax haven gets fatter.

    In my humble opinion, of course.

  3. When is somebody in authority in Portugal going to speak out put an end to this farce?

  4. “This man clearly saw a vulnerable family going through a terrible ordeal and the only thing he was focused on was that there were people offering money to help find Madeleine.”

    And probably this vulnerable family clearly saw a con man who would never enquire seriously about Madeleine ( like Metodo )but would act as if...and it was the most important. I don't believe that B.Kennedy chose them both at random.

  5. If any of this stuff is actually true what a brilliant con man Halligen turned out to be. I really had to laugh when I read about the Google earth image.
    I suppose that playing in a major league with a lot of other peoples' money would attract a swarm of clever criminal elements just waiting to relieve you of it, but I don't see the McCanns as being that stupid and I'm not about to start believing everything their spokesman tells us lol!
    Actually what I find particularly interesting is that things are starting to surface from the McCann camp to try to explain where all the money has gone. Are they in fact trying to tell us that they really are that stupid to be taken for so much from all these shady private investigators? It's starting to sound about as credible as their abduction story.
    Btw. is this Stephen Dorrell person for real? Oh! he's an MP, that explains it then...


  6. Since we all know what happened to Madeleine do you really believe that the Mccanns would have paid half a millions pounds, half the fund money at the time, to someone who was going to provide satellite pics which could only confirm their guilt ?

  7. We are, indeed, witnessing a master class in money laundering. It's quite breathtaking. It really is.

    People pretending to be Secret Agents, people pretending to be Policemen, people pretending to tell the truth. Imaginary abductors. Timelines that don't make sense. Out of Court settlements presented as legal judgements by organising a photo shoot outside a *gasp* Court!

    The Pope. The Prime Minister. "Super injunctions". Cars torched in PdL. The FSS. Rogatory letters. Blood dogs. Cadaver dogs. Dead dogs. Oprah bloody Winfrey. Cuddlecat. Trademarks. Copyrights. High quality wristbands (back in stock!) blue sports bags and the swapping of sim cards. Mobile phone pings. Day trips to Huelva. Hire cars, dodgy vicars, British Ambassadors and buxom quiz mistresses.

    Dan Brown wouldn't dare attempt it.

  8. AH,AH,AH! One can only laugh at such ignorance!
    From a comment in the S. Times by someone called Anne Guedes:

    "The Fund has a board of directors who should have controlled the situation. It is incredible that money sent by compassionate people, lots of them being children, was so pathetically supervised."

    She doesn't know the board of directors is entirely composed of the McCanns, their relatives and friends???
    Maybe many people, preciselly those compassionate people, are not aware of this fact, it must be made widely known to the british public,(and not only)!

  9. How could the fund give him such a large amount of money when its 7 directors know very well Madeleine is dead?
    Smoke and mirrors for 300.000 pounds?
    Odd, sorry.

    Maybe this is the new way the Mccanns are finding to convince the public, that they are again victims , and the public has to send them money.

  10. Yes Anon No.7, all of that.

    And don't forget the cadaver smelling sea bass their 2 year old loves.

  11. No, it is not what I wrote on nr.9.
    The disappearence of the money was a deviation of the money, that is for sure.
    The Mccanns planned keeping it in the USA and they payed Halligen to help them and to transfer the money to a new account, on the McCanns name.
    How I pray the Halligen spent it till the last cent.

  12. "The Fund has a board of directors who should have controlled the situation. It is incredible that money sent by compassionate people, lots of them being children, was so pathetically supervised."
    Does this comment imply anything about the directors' identities ?
    The people who read this kind of newspaper need to be aware that the Fund doesn't manage donations - especially donations from compassionate people - correctly.
    This comment was published, those criticizing directly the McCs are not.

  13. Goncala Amaral the investigating officer was silenced and became the scapegoat in Portugal. It's time the truth was told, how high up in England was the support for the MeCanns, and why??

  14. anon 7 - you're right, Dan Brown would be laughed out of his profession if he wrote something like this. There are things that are true that no one would believe if written as fiction.

    This is increasingly looking like one of them. These "saintly" middle class vacancies are turning out to be actually evil rather than vacancies... in my humble opinion, of course.

  15. Yes, superb post, Anon 7. This is all excellent news for achieving justice. Newspapers can write about the many things that just don't add up in this case without any mention about whether Madeleine is still alive or not. Way to go.

  16. My hope is that the Fbi grab this guy and make him talk fast . It might get the mcscums rather worried about all the info he is holding. Lol ... he may even deserve those 300,000 - unless it has gone back into an offshore account in Mclands name.
    I take my hat to the McCanns though, they good, very good.

  17. Joana, este nao e o agente secreto mencionado naquele artigo que voces decidiram retirar do blogue depois de terem recebido uma carta intimidatoria de um escritorio de advogados?

    Que bom para a reputacao do escritorio de advogados. Terem o nome associado a defesa de um crapula, procurado pelo FBI, e prestigiante.

    Sempre me pareceu que estes detectives tinham duas funcoes vitais para os Mccann:
    - Fabricarem avistamentos das criancas e dos raptores.
    - Servirem de veiculo para fazer circular o dinheiro do Fundo para contas privadas dos Mccann em paraisos fiscais, off-shores de dificil controle pela justica portuguesa ou inglesa, em caso de investigacao ao Fundo.

    Por isso eles nunca processaram a Metodo 3, nem processarao este.
    Por isso Brian Kennedy abandonou o barco quando percebeu que o caso ja nao lhe dava protagonismo. apenas chatices e um carimbo de otario na testa.
    Por isso Mitchel, de ha uns meses para ca parece andar desesperadamente a afastar-se dos Mccann e ser puxado de novo para a ribalta pelos jornalistas que lhe fazem perguntas.

    So a PGR portuguesa continua cega perante a chuva que cai.


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