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McCanns "avoid" RTP questions

In the interview that will be aired today after Telejornal (RTP1), Maddie’s parents fail to explain who continues to finance the searches for the child

by Maria Francisca Seabra

The McCanns appeared “visibly frustrated” over the interview that was done by journalist Sandra Felgueiras, on Tuesday, in London, which will be broadcast today during a Special Information on RTP1. Such is the conclusion of an Irish newspaper that justifies Maddie’s parents’ frustration with the fact that Sandra Felgueiras mentioned the issue of cadaver odour that was detected by dogs in the Praia da Luz apartment, in the Algarve.

“The McCanns immediately replied that the dogs are not reliable, just as they escaped a series of other, more difficult questions” the journalist, who has been following the case since the disappearance of Madeleine in May 2007, tells Sol.

During the interview, which will be aired after Telejornal, there was an attempt to understand the reason behind the couple’s criticism over the performance of former Polícia Judiciária inspector Gonçalo Amaral, which was continued by Paulo Rebelo, a coordinator of the PJ in Portimão.

According to the British edition of free newspaper Metro, “the latest appeal from Gerry and Kate was stifled by some hard questions by the Portuguese journalist”. Felgueiras defends herself, saying that this was the McCanns’ first interview to a Portuguese television channel, since they lost their arguido status, and therefore “many questions had to be asked”.

Some of the answers remained missing: “They avoided replying when I asked them if Richard Branson and J. K. Rowling continued to finance the searches, but stressed that there are many people who still help them on an individual basis”.

source: Sol, 05.11.2009


  1. thankyou joana,,cant wait to see the video.the best couragest journalist ever .shame on british ones

  2. sandra you are a star ,thankyou and thankyou joana astro and team

  3. What is the actual point in them having interviews since they are not going to answer any real questions? Surely by now they must realize that the more they avoid answering even the basic issues, the more people will believe that they are covering up. It looks to me that the latest PR exercise has gone badly wrong for them, as much of what was said by Gamble is ambiguous and could be applied to them and the Tapas 7 equally as much to any alleged kidnapper. It is that total lack of transparency that will niggle in the minds of those even sympathetic to them. Why do they have to be so secretive and elusive with their replies? It makes them look more suspicious and no amount of PR will change that.

  4. Em outras palavras, entrou areia no ar inocente dos McCanns nas últimas entrevistas.
    Espero que a Sandra tenha feito entrar o Sahara inteiro.

  5. Joana, I cant'wait for the video of Miss Felgaras.
    Thank you!

  6. Sandra for president :)
    Better than Socrates anytime...

  7. I'm not sure if Joana will be able to put the full RTP interview her, but it can be watched here (I'm doing just that at the moment):


    It's the oportunity for the english speaking people to watch it, as I'm sure no british tv channel will dare to show it. Enjoy the opprtunity to see a real reporter at work, asking inconvenient questions! Bravo, Sandra Felgueiras!

  8. Sandra didn't let us down. Just saw the interview and Gerald and Kate were visibly in troubles to answer Sandras questions. Neither of them could really give direct answers always trying to escape like snakes. Good job Sandra.

  9. I must add my support to this brave journalist. She is a credit to her country and to her profession.

  10. Good interview by Sandra. She didn't disappoint and the McCanns were clearly rattled!

  11. I love the short sequence about the dogs:

    Gerry: ask the dogs
    Sandra: I am asking you, Gerry


  12. -------------------------------------
    Johanna said...

    I love the short sequence about the dogs:

    Gerry: ask the dogs
    Sandra: I am asking you, Gerry

    So Gerry = dog

    =)) =)) =))

  13. I'm sorry but I don't agree. I think they looked like in troubles on purpose or rather they looked so much annoyed to have to "repeat Madeleine was the only point to that bloody TV channel" for the sake of their daughter. The ridiculous and artificial hands holding suggests solidarity hence attack. Pure fake.
    Deep down they are extremely calm, the only explanation being that they're so very sure Madeleine's body will never pop up. They had agreed to the questions and of course some had to be "delicate" to look authentic. SF did her best but that best was limited as proved by various lost opportunities to raise interesting questions.

  14. Hope you are able to post the video Joana. As I said a few days ago, I knew we could count on the Portugese journalists to ask the hard questions.

  15. Sandra is not only very pretty:D, she has also brains and balls!!!!! Well done.
    About the interview, I have no sympathy for this couple, they are arrogante and abnoxious, hard to beleive their story and their actions are disturbing. x(

  16. It does not take much for them to become unstuck on an interview. The arrogance though of taking on interviews when they are not able or are unwilling to handle pertinent questions. Leave it to the spin doctors or get Pinky to do it. All questions and no answers as usual.

  17. Good job, Sandra!

    I particularly enjoyed watching Kate chirping 'judicial secrecy' when asked a question, only to be reminded that there is no more judicial secrecy. One to watch again....and again.


  18. Jon Clements (Mirror) wrote this back in Feb. Very interesting in light of the new appeal.

    From my point of view, it suggests Kate and Gerry may, I stress may, have been subjected to an unusual - perhaps unprecedented - degree of surveillance after the returned to the UK.

    I've made some more inquiries and it it would appear that the most likely agency involved in any bugging would be the Serious Organised Crime Agency

    They provide a lot of "technical assistance" to small police forces who don't have the skills or equipment to mount a major surveillance operation.

    As some of you have pointed out, they work closely with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre (CEOP) who carry out some very complicated and delicate operations against paedophiles.

  19. I have just watched the interview. Incredible.. a few straight forward questions rattled these two to the core. No wonder they need a spokesman.

  20. Foi notório o desconforto e nervosismo crescente daqueles dois crápulas.
    Entendi também que os ricáços já desapareceram de cena,e que eles estão desesperados por dinheiro,mas não o teram dos bolsos do Dr. Gonçálo Amaral.

  21. Sandra Felgueiras has more 'balls' than all the British journalists put together.

    She knows all the right questions to ask and she makes them squirm!

    Gerald's supressed anger is a sight to behold and Kate's heavy breathing and eyes turned upwards as if to say " Oh, here she goes again" are a dead giveaway.

    Keep asking those questions Sandra, over and over again.

    Never give up, for Madeleine's sake.

  22. just seen the video .Sandra you were brilliant.

    kate cant you pull a better face than a feel sorry for me one

    you were both terrified of the questions

  23. Anonomous post 7, thank you for the link. Sandra ia very shrewd and a credit to her country, unlike the UK media. K looked disturbed, as if she was about to scream. G's smug answer, "ask the dogs"..."the scientfic evidence is that they are unreliable" clearly reveals that he has no concern that Madeleine might have been injured in the apartment... Why? He laughs at the investigation, like it's a game. As always Sandra makes then reveal themselvs. She pushed K into revealing that she found nothing new in the police files. Yet they said earlier they found new leads.

  24. For gods sake these people need their daughter back and her fate might lie on the teritory of Portugal.Instead of enjoying the drama people should help them.

  25. All the interview's of the Maccanns are all the same, like reading from a script the british reporters bowing down in adoration, it make you sick to watch this pair as arrogant as ever. I hope when the truth of all this comes out Mr Amaral will refuse any interview request from any british television network or newspaper. How do I watch the Portugese interview on line

  26. "Crap dogs" thats what Gerry said !

  27. Anonymous 22:01

    Thank you for the link.

    I have to say it is quite an astonishing interview. It has to be watched more than once!

    Gerry when asked a question about the dogs, replied:

    'Ask the dogs'

    I guess he didn't like Sandra Felgueiras barking up that tree!

    I think our journalists in the UK could learn a lot from Ms Felgueiras, that is for sure.

    Ms Felgueiras did ask all the right questions, unfortunately we didn't get the answers. The McCann's squirmed and wriggled and of course avoided answering straight questions with straight answers.

    It did not deter Ms Felgueiras, she did not flinch, she kept smiling and did not allow, their avoidance of her questions to sidetrack her in any way whatsover.

    Their attitude and arrogance displayed will not help them win favour with the public (part of their mission as Gerry tells us) especially not in Portugal where they were hoping to become 'user friendly.' I think their new PR team in Portugal will now have to go into overdrive to rescue what can only be described as a disastrous interview for any hoped for new relationship with.... anyone really.

    After all that hard swallowing by Gerry, his adam's apple, will need a long rest too. At one point I thought it was going to break loose and fall to the floor, his neck skin was so overstretched!

    Kate's right hand I'm sure too will require some medical attention.
    Her grasp of Gerry's hand became so tight, then both of his over hers crushing. I thought perhaps they would need surgery to separate.

    I felt too that Gerry was none too pleased when Kate drifted off in a tangent without looking to him first for permission to do so.

    He looked a very angry man.

    Why did they just not answer those questions, which clearly posed them problems, by stating that they would not, and ask Ms Felgueiras to move on. They didn't! They just spouted statements in reply, which at times had absolutely no connection whatsoever to the questions asked of them.

    That said, the nature of their strange replies, may just have more enlighted the public.

    Indeed an astonishing interview.


  28. UK journalism will never recover from the nadir of their McCann reporting - or rather non-reporting. I don't think I've ever heard a single question based on the freely available police files. Not even the most basic questions seem to be broached - like "why aren't you asking for the Portugese inquiry to be re-opened?" or "why aren't you backing the Sunday Express's call for a proper Scotland Yard inquiry?"

  29. Maybe good news.
    Since the beginning, Gerry was doing everything "to find Madeleine".

    On the RTP1 video, he promises to share the rest of the fund money with families of abducted children, after they find Madeleine and THE ABDUCTOR.
    This could mean Maddie's body could be found any minute.
    No abductor, no money, sorry.
    He will keep his words.

    Replying Sandra Felgueiras, who asked if Kate had read the whole files(Yes!she answered), Kate did not show she ever found unkown details on them.It seems nothing was a surprise.
    This question had to do with the incident in Mallorca, I think, and what the Gaspars suspect also about Gerry(see official files at Joana's)
    Kate did not denie that statement.Probably it was not a surprise to her.Immediately after this question, Sandra talks about their friends.
    I saw a connection betwee those two issues.

  30. Anon 23.47

    I don't think anyone else on this thread believes:

    a. the parents
    b. that a live Madeleine will ever be found

    This is where people's criticism is coming from.


  31. Anonymous said...

    'For gods sake these people need their daughter back and her fate might lie on the teritory of Portugal.Instead of enjoying the drama people should help them.'

    Don't you know that according to the McCanns' own chief PI, the answer DOES lie in Portugal? That Dave Edgar insists Madeleine is being held in a cellar within a 10-mile radius of Praia da Luz? So ... why aren't her parents demanding the Portuguese police reopen the case? Why aren't they letting everyone know what their own chief investigator has already told the Belfast Telegraph? Why did the McCanns go to Lisbon, but never bothered to go to Praia da Luz to help Dave Edgar with the search? Will they go to help him search for her when they make their well-publicised 'private' visit to PdL? Or will they visit, then walk away, in spite of what the man they employ to find Madeleine has said about her whereabouts? They say she is 'findable', is 'recoverable', but are they trying to help their PI recover her? And if not, then why not?

    Questions ... questions ... questions ...

    At least Sandra has the guts to ask them a few tough questions, not like the pussycats and lapdogs that go to make up the British media, who seem afraid to ask anything that might deviate from the 'she was taken by a predator' mantra. They're meant to be interviewing these people, for God's sake, not getting into bed with them.

  32. The dogs cannot be dismissed so easily, they do not false mark and the McCanns know this, they have no real answer so just laugh it off.
    Life has funny was off paying you back....your day will come!

  33. The Maccanns should help the police and return to Portugal and demand the case be reopened, they made the drama and are still the main actors give them a star on the walk of fame in hollywood get their names and faces in lights you Idiot.

  34. It will be difficult to watch this interview because of the disdain I have for these two. They said they would explain everything once their arguido status was lifted, but how can they explain lies without creating more lies. Excuse my cynicism, but were they really not aware of the questions that were going to be asked?

    If cadaver dogs are not reliable then what use are they? Why even bother with the time and money spent in training these dogs?

    There is no point interviewing these people. With regard to this case Miss Felgueiras should be interviewing people like the foreign secretary Mr. David Milliband, she should say to him:

    Mr. Milliband why did you accompany the McCanns, suspects in a criminal investigation, to the European parliament and try to associate them with a child welfare initiative? Did you not realise that your actions would be looked upon by other countries as not only being improper but scandalous?


  35. Ms. Felgueiras is just AWESOME!
    Such boldness in the face of Gerry.
    She knows how to rattle him.
    Kate was TERRIFIED!
    Bravo, Sandra!

  36. Comment 24,"For gods sake these people need their daughter back and her fate might lie on the territory of Portugal.Instead of enjoying the drama people should help them"

    For goodness sake, nobody is ENJOYING the DRAMA, people are observing falshoods and deceitful replies to questions, and commenting on what the pair are revealing in their interviews. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  37. The dogs are not reliable, then I want to know, why Kate has answered the questions about the origin of the scent of death on her clothes?
    With her answer she has confirmed, that they were right, at least in one case. Why should they be wrong in all the other cases, where they have given an alert? Why were the parents of a missing girl not frightened when they learnt about the dogs findings?
    Because they know exactly about the fate of their daughter!

  38. Comment 24

    So why did Madeleine's mother refuse to answer all those questions she was asked by the investigators? Don't you ever ask yourself that?

    Why don't you go address your concern to those parents of Madeleine about searching Portugal.

    They could have been doing this themselves for the past two and a half years, but of course, they were too busy jogging, playing tennis, getting hair streaked, visting the Pope, visiting the White House, appearing on Ophrah, etc. besides threatening to sue all and sundry who dared to say there was no abduction.

    No stone unturned eh.

    That will be the day, when those two actually do start turning stones looking for their daughter.

    Are they more convinced she will be found in USA than in PDL where she vanished from? Where is the logic in that?

  39. Thank you Joanna, Astro and Kazlux for bringing us these videos and news.

    I was shocked when Gerry said 'ask the dogs'. FGS this is his child that is being discussed.

    Regarding Mr. Amaral doing this for 'financial gain', if that had been the case he could easily have written this book and left the reader to make their own decision. Instead he put forward his own theory based on what evidence was available.

    Jane Tanner is supposed to have seen this abductor yet Gerry and Jeremy don't see him!

    Why aren't the McCanns begging the 'friends' to return and help the police do a reconstruction and help this case to be re-opened.

    For Madeleine's sake please have PROPER police looking for your little girl Mr. and Mrs. McCann.


  40. gerry said ask the dogs,didnt his sister say something like that at one time.what an idiot

  41. Parents of truly missing children would be concerned about dogs' finding and not rubbish it!

    That alone speaks volume of their coupability.

    They didnt even bother to ask what could dog findings possibly mean. If it were me and I am truly innocent I would invite police to let the dogs go over those items again to clear up my good name and if dogs marked exactly the same items and places I would want answers for that.


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