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McCanns launch TV Blitz to Find Maddie

“imagine if someone like you never came forward...”


By Tracey Kandohla and James Murray

KATE McCANN will take part in a round of heart-rending TV interviews this week appealing for anyone who has knowledge of her daughter Madeleine’s kidnapping to come forward.

The 41-year-old mother has been keeping a low profile for months but has now decided that she wants to take a more active part in the effort to find her daughter, who would now be six.

Madeleine vanished from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on the Algarve on May 3, 2007.

Kate will join her husband Gerry for a series of face-to-face interviews with the BBC and ITV.

And in a new move they will also speak to several Portuguese TV journalists who are flying to London later this week to interview the couple.

Kate and Gerry, of the village of Rothley in Leicestershire, hope that emotional appeals broadcast in Portugal could persuade someone to come forward with vital information and have employed a Portuguese press officer to help them get their message over.

The woman press officer is also helping the couple deal with the Portuguese press over their long-running legal battle with former local police chief Goncalo Amaral, who is being pursued for £1million damages over a book he wrote about the case, which has been banned.

Last month Kate travelled to Lisbon to meet her Portuguese lawyers and also gave a brief interview to Portuguese TV, saying she cried every day for Madeleine. It was her first trip back to Portugal in two years.

Both she and Gerry intend to make a ­private visit to Praia da Luz in the coming months.

Now that the McCanns’ twins, Sean and Amelie, are at school, Kate is finding she has more time to spend on the hunt for Madeleine.

She works closely with their private investigators David Edgar and Arthur Cowley, who believe the answer to the riddle lies within a 10-mile radius of Praia da Luz.

“Kate has renewed vigour to get involved,” said a source. “She realises emotional appeals from her have a powerful effect and could provide the breakthrough in the case.

“There is a greater awareness now on getting the Portuguese media involved in all the initiatives they do.”

The findmadeleine.com website has been changed to carry a poignant internet appeal which says: “Imagine if she was your child, imagine the pain and grief, imagine if someone like you never came forward.

“If you stay quiet you are as guilty as those who took her.”

in Sunday Express 1.11.09


  1. I believe this is a reaction against Stevo's book news.

  2. I don't believe the parents were transporting Maddie's body in the Scenic.
    It could be they were transporting her internal organs that were removed out of it, due to strong smell.
    This could mean her body was left on a dangerous place, quite near to strangers walking around.
    Under a thin cement or marmer, altar, who knows.
    They buried the organs but the body itself is somewhere, unburied.
    Who knows full of formol, easylier preserved,no internal organs.
    It could be maddie never left the place where she was brought to on that fatal night.

    To drive around with a corpse is not a wise thing.
    Too dangerous.

    It is easier to transport organs.

  3. Watch both photos.

    Candle in the Church

    ##"It seems you live your lives
    with a candle in a church..."##

  4. This is more spin to divert attention from Mr Amaral its more brainwashing of the UK public and some very sad to say will fall for it. Is there any power on this earth that can stop this pair, they fear no one and hide behind money and lies, of course they will return to Luz they know their daughter is buried there.

  5. Do the Maccanns not have to publish the accounts from the fund that was set up are they not accountable for how the money is spent. Ester Macvey a television presenter and possible candidate for election to parliment was very involved with the fund but resigned last year and has now removed all traces of Maderlaine from her website. I wonder why.





    Now thAT the twins are at school Kate has more time to spend on the hunt for Madeline.

    The Portugese media to be .

    made more aware of the initiatives they do.

    In my opinion they are bullies who have no respect for anyone, findmadeline.com is a lucrative income for the McCanns.

    nO doubt the British Press will be giving the latest update that the child is held in a 10 mile radius of Praia da Luz, sorry to be cynical but she sure does get around

    I hope that one day Madeline will get the peace she deserves

  7. Who takes all these photographs of the Mcanns

    Maybe they are looking at receiving an emmy.

  8. At least they are not smiling or laughing in these photographs. Damn, I am sick of these two people and their play-acting.

  9. they are bad liars and even worse actors - the problem is the 'mind-set'...

  10. The Mccanns are sick,tacky merchandise who have gone well past their sell by date. They are now pathetic , trying to sell the same Mantra...we are innocent. We would all do well to read up and follow the Casey Anthony case...who is accused of moving the dead body of her child in the trunk of her car...The reason for the smell in the boot has gone from two dead squirrels to a 12 day old Pizza riddled with maggots. Cause of death cannot be determined but it is thought that maybe Casey sedated her child so that she could go out drinking and enjoy herself...Maybe once again a tragic accident...In the States maybe they are no so easily taken in by a parents lies. The death penalty is on the table.

  11. They put the personality rights of the parents higher than the personality rights from everybody else. I am a personality and I have to listen to to their unsubstained lies frequently. There seems to be nothing that points to an abduction, otherwise there are indications that point toward a dead body in the appartment. So why can't I as a normal citizen not forbid the McCs to speak about an abduction.
    Why are they allowed to insist that it was an abduction- without evidence- and all the rest of the world is not allowed to their opinion. What about Madeleines personality? Does she has no right of the truth?
    But where is the truth ? Surely not in an emotional appeal.To answer the police question, to take their parts into the reconstruction- that would be a little more helpfully.And last but not least-if I remember correctly-there were no case about a missing toddler- if you had done,what every mother has to do.Watching the own children in every minute of the childrens life.
    Ohh, yes, I know:"It was our holiday too".Given the current situation in your private life,it would be in your interest to reopen the case. Perhaps you want to ask the portuguese reporter ?

  12. Why do people go on about the 48 questions?

    Do they not know that it is an inalienable right that is in place to prevent suspects from incriminating themselves? Also no inference can be drawn from a refusal to answer questions.

    But people bring it up, in direct convention to the whole concept, as implying somehow that it is a sign of guilt.

    It is not required by Kate McCann or indeed anyone to answer questions if she chooses not to. You may not like that fact but people cannot ride roughshod over basic human rights to suit their own agenda.

  13. Great I can't wait to see what clothes KAte is modelling. She has really put British Home Stores on the map.... maybe in the set of interviews she will slip up and incrinate herself

  14. Anon @ 08:03, people presumably 'go on about' the 48 questions because for the vast majority of human beings, it is beyond incomprehensible that a mother would refuse to cooperate, in any form, with the investigation that was trying to find out what happened to her daughter. But the truth is, that lack of cooperation started well before the 7th of September of 2007. That lack of cooperation started on the 3rd of May of 2007, when the McCanns and their friends decided to lie to the police, about the events of that evening, and about the events that preceded it. Read the files, read their statements. The lies are painfully easy to find. Even the prosecutor stated that in his archiving dispatch.
    What happened to Madeleine McCann? I don't know. What role did her parents and their friends play in this case? I don't know, either. But I know that they did not cooperate fully with the police, and that there are lies in their statements. THAT is not an inalienable right - it's a breach of the Law.
    By the way, your statement that "It is not required by Kate McCann or indeed anyone to answer questions if she chooses not to", is incorrect. Witnesses are obliged to answer questions. Witnesses are also obliged to attend reconstructions.
    Except when they are friends of the McCann couple, of course.

  15. Strange how these Sunday titbits always seem to be exclusive to the Express (or sister paper The Star). Why have we heard nothing about this from the BBC or ITV? Perhaps they haven´t been told! If these interviews are to have the desired effect surely they need as much advance publicity as possible.

  16. Anon.8.03 re the questions - The police had conflicting statements, they were trying to piece together the whole scenario and their questions were designed to do that. The McCanns made themselves look guilty by refusing to answer. They should have done everything including a police reconstruction to help - end ofç

    http://www.dailyexpress.co.uk/posts/view/137379/McCanns-open-hearts-to-TV-in-search-for-Maddie YAWN

  17. ANORAK have picked up on this story..No one believes the Mccanns that is plain to see. They have become a very tacky joke.

  18. Have looked around and no other paper is carrying this story. Makes me wonder if it is also news to the Mccanns...lol

  19. Looks like the figure of 1.20000 has gone down to 1...
    Whats new?
    A new spin that comes up after the new of a new book..very predictable and predicted.Very boring really....

  20. i too think this all about stevo,s book coming out

  21. Once again, the McCanns are not searching in Portugal. Where would you be if your daughter were missing, 10 miles from Praia da Luz as the paid private sleuths say is the key location, or on UK TV protesting your innocence? UK viewers to BBC and ITV have no witness information on the case of a girl who disappeared in Portugal. The McCanns are appearing to transparently cover their backsides once again trying to brainwash UK viewers because they fear the twins will hear about their involvement. But it's too late.

  22. I would like to know if the questions in the TV interviews are going to be prearranged.

  23. Didn't they get a new PR firm in Portugal? Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  24. Hopefully, ONE JOURNALIST will finally ask Kate when she's going to answer those 48 questions and if she accepts she is "as guilty as those who took her" by not answering the questions! Come on Sandra Felgueiras!!!!!

  25. 'imagine if someone like you never came forward.'

    What a nerve. Why don't we start with you and your mates coming forward, Kate and Gerry? And why don't you ever want to talk about the people that have come forward, such as the Gaspars, the Smiths, Yvonne Martin, Mrs Fenn etc....


  26. The book has been BANNED??

    Last I heard there was a temporary injunction until a court case settled this.

    Sounds rather like the spin that the McCanns have been found innocent of all charges, when there have never been any charges so far.

  27. The pictures are perfect for Halloween.

    I would love to have the chance to say directly to the McCann's "How dare you guilt-trip me?" There is nobody "out there" like me who is withholding information. After 2 1/2 years, the only people who would withhold information are criminals.

    I hope they read this message here.

  28. Perhaps it's in response to the proposed showing of the documetary in France.

  29. disgusting liars and pretenders. WHO YOU REALLY ARE, MCCANNS ?

  30. When are they off to visit the US then?

    Or are they going to wait 'til the book is a best seller and making a lot of money hoping they can grab it for themselves.

    You can almost hear them now 'how can they let a book called 'Faked Abduction' be published when we have been found innocent of all charges'.


  31. Joana, podes dar-me o teu e-mail?

  32. I genuinely think I'm going to vomit.
    How much longer will this charade go on for??
    I curse this despicable pair and the people backing them.

  33. The new web page now says. The World is Still watching...if you know something, say something...has anyone been able to enter this site?

  34. So now the twins are at school Kate has enough time to look for Madeleine :-o

    Has no-one told her the first 48 hours are critical,

    Answer the questions Kate
    Speak the truth
    Cut the bullshit

    The public have had enough

  35. Gerry McCann had no problem answering the 48 questions ( purelly out of rage, he justified!), only Kate had a problem with it! Mr. McCann did not feel that those specific questions could make him incriminate himself, but kate seems to have thought so...why? For anyone who reads those 48 questions are not tricky, a simple yes or no would do...why would Kate feel threathened or scared? If she was completely innocent of any wrong-doing she should have no problems whatsoever in answering all or some of them!

  36. @ anonymous 13
    "Do they not know that it is an inalienable right that is in place to prevent suspects from incriminating themselves?"

    Everybody knows they were made suspects to have the right to lie or not to answer, privileges that a witness doesn't have.
    Of course lying is much more complex than simply tell the truth. If you make contradictory statements, bad for you...

  37. @Anonymous 23
    Do you really doubt ? It's take it (McC oriented) or leave it.

  38. British journalists (interviewers) will likely give the McCanns another "pass". I hope the Portugese journalists ask the really hard questions and their interviews are published in the British press.

  39. So glad to hear that Madeleine's mother is finally going to take an active part in the effort to find her daughter - it's been what? - two and one-half years now - some would say, "IT'S ABOUT TIME".

  40. So it all keeps coming back to Madeleine being within a 10-mile radius of Praia da Luz. Of course, this could in fact be where her body was buried/disposed of by ...

  41. Journalists never ask the McCanns any awkward questions; the questions have to be submitted and approved in advance - either that or the journalists would lose their jobs if they veered away from the agreed slant. I really wish a freelance journalist would unexpectedly ask questions which matter and which the McCanns are not expecting. They wouldn't answer them, but their reaction would be revealing.

  42. Anon 15.41

    I think The mccanns made a deal..they could not know what questions would be asked of them and I doubt that Kate would remember all 48 and her replies. Therefore, much easier to say I will not answer any questions...for mccann then it was straight forward..no danger of tripping each other up...you have to hand it to the Mccanns they are always one step ahead.

    For instance..in their statements to PJ there is no mention of Madeleine saying "Why did you not come when we cried"..This was invented later when they knew the files were open to the public...This was for the benefit of Mrs Fenn. The Mccanns of course changed the night from the 1st to the 2nd..but they had to cover that crying incident..who will remember one night from the other...Well,I do and so does Mrs.Fenn and Mrs fenns friend, whom she telephoned to tell of the crying child.

  43. Bring it on!
    The more they speak the more inconsistencies after all.
    Body language experts get you notebooks ready.

  44. Bring it on, bring it on! It is always very interesting to watch them, whenever they open their mouths, they bury themselves more in dirt. Lies are very difficult to remember, every new interview is a DELIGHT!!!
    And with PT journalists, YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!
    We can hardly wait, Kate and Gerry. Another dozen interviews or so, and NOBODY will believe you anymore, except for the pros, that believe in every word you say - even when you lie in your witness statements. Amazing.
    BBC, ITV, PT press - IUPIIIIII!!!

  45. The poor child crying alone in the dark for such a length of time.

    If that was Madeleine, then shame on you McCanns, and you still went out and left her again.

    Now she is gone forever.

    How can you live with yourselves, but you obviously can as we have seen the photos of you both walking hand in hand, laughing.

    How to fathom people like you is impossible. You must be hard as nails.

  46. @Anonymous 35
    Kate was the first one to be asked the questions. (If we admit she would have had to lie) there was a risk Gerry, questioned after and according to her answers, would contradict her. This is probably why the Portuguese top lawyer advised her not to answer.

  47. Gerry looks so sinister in that photo.
    It deserves a wider viewing IMO.

  48. She believe the answer is withing 10 miles radius of Praia da Luz, sure, she desperately needs somebody to find her (Madeleine) body so she can finally rest in peace.

  49. Too little too late Kate, unless you are going back to answer the 48 questions. Incidentally, you can't incriminate yourself if you are innocent..........

  50. Possibly, in the absence of Mitchell, the McCanns will give an up-date on the Algerian Mafia boss and the two jailed British gangsters who were being investigated as reported in the press last week.

  51. If the McCanns and their private detectives really believe Madeleine is within a ten mile radius of PdeLuz, then why the hell haven't they sent a search party out already. Of course, we don't expect them to actively look with their busy lives, but I'm sure they could drum up some support to end their suspense.

    By the way, the photo of Maddie on the front page of the Express shows the coloboma in the wrong eye. Just what's going on there? No wonder they aren't taking comments!

  52. No doubt this will be their Christmas appeal for funds - get the cash early before people spend all their hard earned money on their own families.

  53. "If you stay quiet you are as guilty as those who took her".

    And that is why Amaral and we don't stay quiet,McCanns.
    As you both can see, we are making as much noise as we can, since the very beginning.

  54. A mother desperately trying to find her missing daughter would answer a 1000 questions....

  55. So, I see the Wider Agenda is still very much alive.
    Too bad the media are such pussies.

    All the McCanns are interested in is money and fame. Period.

    Poor little Madeleine. Makes me wonder how much they neglected her when they were supposedly raising her. Sad-eyed Madeleine, I do hope you are at peace, despite your greedy disgusting "parents".

  56. lovely to see you all,not read here for while,keep up the good work,

  57. “If you stay quiet you are as guilty as those who took her.” Kate, it is this a monologue? You are talking and recriminating youself? You are the one which refused to answer 48 questions to help the police looking for your daughter. And the police advised you that doing that you are damaging the investigation, and you don't care.

    Come to PDL streets and check yourself how friendly people will be at that time. Come to Portugal and have the ousady to ask portuguese citisens to look to your daughter again. You need to hide your face, if you have any, because people will remind you about how helpeless you have been to your daughter, you don't even look for her on the night she disapeared. Why did you stay home? What or who was inside the flat that you need to take care about, instead of looking for your daughter? We got ennough of you and your fantasist stories, dont pull the string so far. We, the portuguese, we are not stupid and if you foolish our government with your pressures and stories, you don't foolish us and the country did not believe a single word of your team.
    Are you in UK? You still not looking for your daughter?. Last week was spreaded all over internet the news published on one of yours newspaper: The abductor, with a face and a name ( no Sketch), member of a drugs mafia, somewhere in Moroccos. Did you fly there to ask personnaly, moroccan police to look for the abductor and find your daughter? Did you re-open the investigation? NO!!!! Then, give us a break and give a break to so many lies and stupidity.
    We will wait to see who are the portuguese journalists which meet you in London, to spread rubbishes. Who are this monkeys which will make their papers or Tv channels lost money, because we stop buying the newspaper which help your stories and add nothing to childs justice and to portuguese dignity. We don't feed anymore your businness machine.

  58. Kate e Gerry, que tal uma consultinha ao bruxo Pepe? Ele adora jogar jogos iguais aos vossos e usar os Media para os divulgar. Alem disso diz-se infalivel no VUDU e especialista em encomendar lesoes. Agora que ja tem um raptor com cara e nome, argelino e a morar em Marrocos, despecam os detectives, o Mitchel e os advogados exploradores. O Pepe sozinho, e o reforco que voces precisam. Encomedem-lhe um VUDU ao raptor, uma lesao daquelas que sera notada ate pelos mais distraidos e o levara as urgencias dos hospitais de forma continua. EH! EH! ESTAS COM MEDO KATE, De DARES UMA DESSAS QUEDAS QUE TE PARALISEM, ou acordares com uma dor tal que chegues "marreca" a todas as urgencias. PEPE OLE, he must help you...

  59. oh god no,cant see any reporters from the uk asking the deadly duo any serious questions and i DEFINATLY cant see the mccanns answering any if they were asked of them.what we need is a jorno with guts from another country to keep pushing them about the inconsistancies in there statements,but alas cant see that happening either,as it will be all wrote down on paper what questions the media will be aloud to ask

  60. Of course the McCanns are not going to answer any questions they don't like, so they wont be asked.

    It will be the journalists fawning all over them as usual.

    The McCanns have managed to reinvent themselves as the caring parents who were not responsible in any way for what happened to Madeleine. It was the big bad abductor don't you know.

    And woe betide anybody that suggests otherwise!

    Remember early on when Gerry McCann walked out in a miff when asked about drugs.

    Showed what a temper he has when put on the spot.

    They wont let that happen again.

  61. According to Martin Brunt's blog at Sky News site, there will be an online appeal for information at midnight tonight.

    Midnight tonight!!! This only adds to the show-business flavour - like the much anticipated films or dvd's fans line up for days to see and purchase.

  62. Full moon tonight as well !


  63. Have just watched the new video on the Daily Mail site. While they want someone to come forward with information, there is no mention of the reward. I can't recall ever hearing the McCanns mention the reward. If my child was missing and such a generous reward posted by others, as a parent I would include that fact as part of my appeal. I have to wonder why they never have.

  64. Have just read a story in the Sun that shows how the missing child might look with a tan and dyed brown hair. It's how she might look if she is in Morocco or Tunisia. Oh dear. I couldn't believe my eyes. So keep a look out for her you guys. Don't stay quiet!

  65. Em resposta ao anónimo(a) do comentário 32: sim, claro, é joanamorais arroba gmail.com ou então use o link em cima, onde diz about us, seleccione contac us. Obrigada.

  66. Funny how they have made her look portugeuse (10 mile radius from pdl). They have given her a nice tan too, so nice off the paedophile (gerrys words) who, by the way, is keeping her captive for neally 3 years in underground tunnels, a solarium to top up her tan. Perhaps she's giving them her 'tuppence worth' (kates words).

    A paedophile that puts a smile on a childs face, doesnt harm them, treats them well, so all those families that have had their child abducted, dont worry, as gerry has said, maddie hasnt come to any harm even though she is in the hands off paedophiles and it must be tru cos GERRY said so!


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