1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

McCanns Media Marathon

McCann's new Motto: “It's not too late to do the right thing” first said by Gerry McCann at “The Oprah Winfrey Show” May, 2009

Madeleine McCann family unveils new campaign with help from Clarence Mitchell

The latest stage of the Madeleine McCann search campaign has been launched today, with support from adviser Clarence Mitchell.

Madeleine's parents have been doing a host of media appearances this morning to promote a new video message aimed at reaching a key witness in Madeleine's disappearance.

The video was produced by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre.

The couple have already done interviews on GMTV, BBC Breakfast and are set to appear on This Morning, BBC World, Radio 5 Live and Sky News. They are also going to do a round of interviews with Portuguese media who have been invited over to the UK to meet the couple.

The national media was briefed yesterday by the CEOP's press team and the story has appeared on the front page of today's Daily Mirror and The Sun.

Speaking to PRWeek, Mitchell, who has been working with the family since 2007, said the media blitz was vital to get awareness and promote the new video.

‘We need to get the video out as widely as possible,' said Mitchell. ‘We need the mainstream media to push people online to view the video.'

The video, produced by police, has new images of how the girl might look now, which they hope will prick the conscience of someone close to Madeleine's abductor. Psychologists have been used to help persuade them to ‘do the right thing'.

Police hope people will spread the new film via blogs, e-mail and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Madeleine, of Rothley, Leicestershire, was three when she vanished from an Algarve holiday flat on 3 May 2007.

«The person we are looking to reach is likely to be a partner, family member, friend or colleague of the person or people who were involved in Madeleine’s disappearance. It is also highly probable that they, or someone close to them, is using the internet to search for any updates that may suggest the police are getting closer to discovering the truth.»

extract from Jim Gamble's press release at CEOP

Media Madness...

Maddy video needs to be spread 'far and wide'
Star Tuesday, November 3, 2009 1:59:00 PM CET
British police are asking Internet users to spread a new video aimed at people who may have information about Madeleine McCann...

Online clip released of Madeleine McCann
smh Tuesday, November 3, 2009 1:21:00 PM CET
British police have asked internet users to spread a new video aimed at people who may have information about Madeleine McCann....

Plea to spread Madeleine McCann message
channel4news Tuesday, November 3, 2009 12:10:00 PM CET
Internet users are urged to spread a new video about Madeleine McCann's disappearance aimed at picking the conscience of those who may know what happened to the young girl....

Video targets Madeleine witnesses
bbc Tuesday, November 3, 2009 11:32:00 AM CET
Internet users are urged to spread a new video aimed at reaching a witness to Madeleine McCann's disappearance....

Fresh appeal for Madeleine with video showing her 'aged six'
24dash Tuesday, November 3, 2009 11:01:00 AM CET
British police appealed today for internet users worldwide to spread a new video aimed at pricking the conscience of the key witness who knows what happened to Madeleine McCann. The one-minute film includes fresh images of how Madeleine might look now, including one with dark brown hair and tanned skin in case she has been living in north Africa....

Plea to spread Madeline McCann message
channel4news Tuesday, November 3, 2009 10:40:00 AM CET
Internet users are urged to spread a new video about Madeleine McCann's disappearance aimed at picking the conscience of those who may know what happened to the young girl....

New McCann appeal issued
RTERadio Tuesday, November 3, 2009 8:58:00 AM CET
The UK's national online child protection centre has issued a internet message aimed at anyone close to the person who was involved in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann....

Web users targeted for Madeleine McCann video
independent Tuesday, November 3, 2009 8:45:00 AM CET
British police appealed today for internet users worldwide to spread a new video aimed at pricking the conscience of the key witness who knows what happened to Madeleine McCann....

New Madeleine video for internet
irishtimes Tuesday, November 3, 2009 8:35:00 AM CET .
British police appealed today for internet users worldwide to spread a new video aimed at pricking the conscience of the key witness who knows what happened to Madeleine McCann....

"Conscience-pricking" McCann video launched
timesofmalta Tuesday, November 3, 2009 8:13:00 AM CET | info More about this article...
Police released a video today of how Madeleine McCann might look now, in a bid to prick the conscience of anyone who knows what became of the missing girl. Madeleine, from Leicestershire, vanished from her room at the Portuguese resort of Praia......

Video appeal in search for Madeleine McCann
YorkshirePost Tuesday, November 3, 2009 7:38:00 AM CET
British police yesterday urged internet users worldwide to spread a new video aimed at pricking the conscience of any key witness who may know what happened to Madeleine McCan...

Plea to spread Madeleine message
eirepost Tuesday, November 3, 2009 6:36:00 AM CET
The parents of missing Madeleine McCann will engage in a series of interviews with ITV and the BBC in an appeal for information regarding their daughter’s disappearance. Madeleine vanished in May 2007, An international campaign has been launched to "re-energise" the search for missing Madeleine McCann....

Federal Police support new McCann plea
NEWScomAU Tuesday, November 3, 2009 3:23:00 AM CET
THE Australian Federal Police has thrown its support behind a new initiative to find missing UK girl Madeleine McCann. 12:27pm...

AFP supporting Madeleine McCann search
smh Tuesday, November 3, 2009 3:09:00 AM CET
The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has thrown its support behind a new initiative to find missing UK girl Madeleine McCann....

New Madeleine McCann video released
telegraph Tuesday, November 3, 2009 2:23:00 AM CET
A new video featuring fresh images of how Madeleine McCann might look now has been released aimed at pricking the conscience of anbody who may know what happened....

Picture Of Madeleine McCann, Aged Six
skynews Tuesday, November 3, 2009 1:54:00 AM CET
Police have released new age-enhanced pictures of Madeleine McCann as part of a fresh online appeal for information....

Image of dark-skinned Madeleine McCann released in UAE
guardian Tuesday, November 3, 2009 1:52:00 AM CET
Internet video intended to show what missing six-year-old would look like if held captive in Africa or Middle East An image presenting Madeleine McCann as a six-year-old with dark skin and dark hair was released by British police last night in a "viral" internet video aimed at coaxing fresh.......

Plea to spread Madeleine message
bbc Tuesday, November 3, 2009 1:47:00 AM CET | info More about this article...
Internet users are urged to spread a new video aimed at reaching a witness to Madeleine McCann's disappearance....

Madeleine video aimed at internet
icWales Tuesday, November 3, 2009 1:36:00 AM CET
British police have appealed for internet users worldwide to spread a new video aimed at pricking the conscience of the key witness who knows what happened to Madeleine McCann....

Madeleine video aimed at internet
channel4news Tuesday, November 3, 2009 1:33:00 AM CET
Updated on 03 November 2009 Source PA News British police have appealed for internet users worldwide to spread a new video aimed at pricking the conscience of the key witness who knows what happened to Madeleine McCann. The one-minute film includes fresh images of how Madeleine might look now,.......

Fresh video appeal aims to get Madeleine McCann witness to 'do the right thing'
TheScotsman Tuesday, November 3, 2009 1:30:00 AM CET | info More about this article...
BRITISH police appealed yesterday for internet users worldwide to spread a new video aimed at pricking the conscience of a key witness in the Madeleine McCann case....

Madeleine McCann: Is this what she looks like today?
dailymail Tuesday, November 3, 2009 1:22:00 AM CET
The picture above right depicts her as a six-year-old who has been smuggled into North Africa. There were a cluster of potential sightings of Madeleine in Morocco within days of her disappearance. Her hair is darker as any abductor could have dyed it to make her less noticeable. On the left, she appears as if she had been kept in a colder climate....

Madeleine video aimed at internet
ananova Tuesday, November 3, 2009 1:08:00 AM CET
British police have appealed for internet users worldwide to spread a new video aimed at pricking the conscience of the key witness who knows what happened to Madeleine McCann....

Viral video targets family and friends of Madeleine abductor
thetimes Monday, November 2, 2009 11:10:00 PM CET
A viral message directed at a friend, relative or partner of the person who abducted Madeleine McCann, telling them that “it is never too late to do the right thing”, went online at midnight....


  1. Has it been stated anywhere exactly who these "British Police" are? Has any newspaper asked?

  2. What British Police are they?

    Could they be their retired cops they are referring to?

    We know how Team McCann have such a way with words.

  3. On the ITN lunchtime news Kate Maccann uses the word story regarding Jaycee Lee Duggard case then quickly changes watch the clip she makes a slip up.

  4. Re latest interview: John Clements has a piece in the Daily Mirror about the viral email being sent to rattle the offender. Comments are being taken. My comments were rejected right away because I had sent too many comments in a short time. I have NEVER to my knowledge sent a comment to John Clements. It would be interesting to see if others comments are printed. Instead of being polite I should have written an appeal too: Viral emails to get the offender rattled and a child giving them their twopence worth is not making life easy for the abductor. Give up abductor or more harsh stuff will come your way!

  5. So the Sunday Express got it right about the upcoming Team McCann media blitz. Their PR machine is in overdrive. As usual the media is fawning all over them. The spate of articles really illustrates how lazy journalists are - lapping up whatever is put in front of them without critical thought or reflection.

    Shame on the "great" British media. Why does not one journalist have the cojones to ask the difficult questions?

  6. We're all suspects now, worse than the abductor in fact because we refuse to come forward. Only McCanns themselves are above suspicion.


  7. Weren't we told before that the coloboma WOULD NOT be disguisable not even with contact lenses??? and do they have any idea of how difficult it is to persuade a 6 year old to put a foreign object as contact lenses on their eyes, the struggle, the crying it would bring about? I bet the "abductor" would have to knock her out first! Imagine doing this on a daily bases!( I know from personnal experience, my son started using contacts when he was 15(!), of his own choice, and for the first month it was a daily pain in the neck, a nightmare, he almost gave up. Eventually it became easier, but it took a while till he got the hang of it and got used to them.)
    And, like someone pointed out before, how is it possible that the coloboma has migrated from the right eye to the left in that picture in the Sunday Express article? What the f...k?!

    So, they decided to show Madeleine with a severe tan! Because she is bound to look like that if she's living in a hot climate! He, he, he...I've been living in a hot climate all my 47 years, I'm not fair blond and fair skinned like Madeleine was and I surelly never got a tan like that! She reminds me of those "fake" indians and blacks in old Hollywood movies, whit actors with their skin dyed!
    Utterly ridiculous, ludicrous!

    Where's Mitchell gone to? Jumped ship at last?...

  8. Yes, we are all suspects now, except the McCanns who have been found innocent of all charges??

    The McCann's SPIN of course, and not the truth, because there never have been charges brought for them to have been found innocent of anything.

  9. www.ceop.police.uk

    It is the UK police! Ive logged a complaint with them, I suggest others do the same.

    What an appalling situation...this is getting far worse than I ever imagined it could get!

    Child neglectors, possibly worse...certainly liars...all over the UK media and supported by the UK Police - utterly dispicable.

    And even if this were an abduction, why is this one mousey haired child any more important than the hundreds of others who need help? How much money is being fraudulantly drawn away from proper causes?


  10. Hope nobody has forgotten that GM is a Mason, as are lots of policemen.

    You reckon that may have helped?

    Or perhaps they have had orders from on high, like from Brown, who is a friend of Gerry's.

  11. The abductor better watch out! According to the Daily Mail, the twins are ready to tackle the abductor. Too bad they didn't beat him up when one of them woke up and cried.

  12. Do you think the PJ are aware of what is going on?

    It is about time somebody in authority there came out and made a statement and stopped this.

  13. Are these videos ambiguos?

  14. It is just a campaigne to shut up the new american book against the Mccanns

  15. Well this gives a very good link to the Mccanns and South Donegal...BLAIR:::

    Blair was in Ireland talking peace when Madeleine disappeared.

    Blairs retirement speech 10th May 2007

    23rd June Blair visits Pope

    23rd Dec 2007 Blair becomes Catholice

    PM’s kids have Irish passports – thanks to Ballyshannon
    September 9th, 2009

    By Michael McHugh, Editor

    The former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s children all carry Irish passports, thanks to their grandmother Hazel Corscadden, who was born in Ballyshannon.

    The revelations came during an interview with Tony’s wife Cherie Blair, on Friday’s Late Late Show, the first for debutante Ryan Tubridy, who also later grilled the current Irish Prime Minister and Taoiseach, Brian Cowen.

    While Prime Minister, Mr Blair spoke of his love of Donegal in a letter to this reporter and said that he would love to return at some stage to revisit south Donegal, where he spent many happy days with his parents as a teenager.

    His strong affinity with the island has also been attributed in helping stabilise the powder keg of Northern Ireland, eventually leading to the Good Friday agreement.

    A small plaque was erected at the location of his mother’s birthplace in the Erne Town, by a local history group, but this was later vandalised and the spot remains unmarked ever since.

    An invitation has also been extended to him by the local Town Council, to visit the birthplace of his mother.

    In the RTE interview Mrs Blair said that her 21 year daughter, Kathryn had actually used her Irish passport to travel, who has red hair “just like her grandmother”, a reference to Kathryn’s Ballyshannon’s grandmother.

    “(Hazel) came from a Protestant family, but from Ireland, and it’s because of her that my four children all have Irish passports,” she told The Late Late Show.

    The children also carry British passports and she also spoke of her actor father Tony Booth, whose mother was also Irish.

    Neither Cherie or hubbie Tony though, carry Irish passports – which must be a relief for their country’s military intelligence.

    The comments also saw a plethora of catchy goombeenism titles in British papers in Ireland including “Begorra, her comes the O’Blair kids” in the Sunday Times, to other O’Blair reference in the likes of the Daily Mail.

    Next thing you know, they will be telling us that Mohammed Ali and Barack Obama both have Irish blood in them . . .


    Mccann says he has family ties that go back centuries in Donegal...Worth asking does Blair also....

  16. The person we are looking to reach is likely to be a partner, family member, friend or colleague of the person or people who were involved in Madeleine’s disappearance. It is also highly probable that they, or someone close to them, is using the internet to search for any updates that may suggest the police are getting closer to discovering the truth.»

    Intersting, could easily be seen as referring to people close to the McCanns! Is this a cunning ploy to get someone in Team McCann to blow the whistle on Gerald and his reluctant speaker Kate (of the 40+ unanswered questions!)

  17. A ploy to swamp out the other views on Madeleines fate...someone needs to get the truth hooked into this.

    One physical check is the best they can come up with! SO how bad was the neglect!

  18. Does this mean that the McCanns no longer have to spend their own Fund money, and can use the taxpayers instead?

    Perhaps anybody who dares to say there was no abduction in future will be getting a visit from the cops instead of Carter Ruck!

    Who knows,the McCanns may be setting up some kind of search and destroy tactic with the cops, so they can come search our homes looking for THE BOOKS, and we will be fined, or even worse, for having them.

    All this is getting crazier by the minute.

    Better get our hiding places ready now.

  19. More nervous, more calculating more lies ..Very very unsettling in their own skin. Mccann says the public have seen 'A real live case'...Jaycee....but Madeleine is not Jaycee...madeleine disappeared at 3 years of age what is Mccann saying...Does he even think what Jaycee went through at the age of 11 years...madeleine was a baby...Still no talk and regret of leaving babies on their own...it is all..me..me.. and more me.

  20. Anonymous at 16.23, that is exactly what I was thinking.

    Somebody who is trying to find out what the cops are doing?

    Which police is he referring to? The PJ or the LP?

    I can remember when Coldwater used to be saying that he knew somebody in the LP who was giving him info, and certain people seemed to be tying themselves in knots, giving him hell, yet wanting to know what he knew.

    Perhaps he was telling the truth after all, and was some kind of plant looking for a reaction from certain people.

    Then there was the person who posted saying that the police in UK knew a lot more than they were letting on.

    Sounds like they are monitoring the internet doesn't it. Bet they know who everybody is, including Rosiepops.

  21. What about the Algerian Mafia boss and the two jailed British gangsters? According to the press a week or so ago, the McCann detectives were hot on their trail. If the British gangsters were already in jail, it should be easy to locate them.

  22. Do an interview and answer logically all the questions in the 60 reasons booklet and put all of us doubters at ease!.
    After all you have nothing to hide....HAVE YOU?

  23. Anon they have been monitoring the Internet since day one...Rosiepops is a plant to cause disruptiona and derail. We only found out by accident because the silly moo left her site address by mistake. There is only about five of them with maybe ten aliases each.

  24. But actually there has to be a reason for this campaign because there always is a reason for everything they do. I wonder what it is?

    I wonder why she's supposed to be fronting it and not him? She didn't appear to know anything about it when she was asked.

    But most of all I wonder why she's fronting it in that ghastly pink granny cardi? It's just so not her don't you think? There's got to be a reason for that as well.


  25. Ironside, does that mean that Rosiepops is paid or is a friend/relative?

    What a tangled web it all is.

  26. The video was produced by whom?! Is there really an organisation called the CHILD EXPLOITATION and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre??!!! How very apt - that's exactly what the McCanns are doing, exploiting their child (and trying to cover their arses, of course. Maybe that's where the online protection bit comes in!).

  27. So they are looking for the person who is using the internet to search for up-dates. I suppose I had better cancel my google e-mail alert. I wouldn't want them to consider me a suspect.

  28. Re Rosiepops, what a pity that people reacted to her and other disrupters instead of just ignoring them. How they would have hated that. In any case it is totally a waste of time to argue with such people.

    As for the much maligned Coldwater, I haven´t forgotten how in Mirror Forum days, when everyone was getting very excited about Baby Grace, Coldwater stuck his neck out repeatedly stated, with total confidence, that the body was not Madeleine long before it was made known officially. How was he so sure if he didn´t have inside information?

  29. this is a clever move on the McCanns' part, IMO - and on two counts

    firstly, when Maddie fails to be found people will blame the person who knows who took her for not coming forward

    and having been sold an abductor for so long, they are now being sold the abductor's nearest and dearest, which all serves to make him more real

  30. Exactly, but we are not looking so as to be one step ahead of the police, we would like to know there is some action on the part of the police that they are looking for the child, dead or alive, and that those responsible will be brought to justice.

    We live in hope.

  31. One minute they want to shut down websites talking about Madeleine, then the next they want everyone to use their website to promote this video. The so called abducted would not have to look on the net to find out who their PI's are closing in on this week because they announce in advance in the media who is on their hit list this week. They have covered just about every option from goat herders to pimple man.

    Ironside: Rosie may be a plant but her tactics have made more people turn against the McCanns than they have won supporters. If the McCanns are paying her they should ask for their money back.


  32. Anonymous at 17.53, yes I had forgotton about that.

    Of course Baby Grace, and he picked up flak for insisting it wasn't her. Yet he was right.

    He also said there was 'stand alone' evidence. Presumably that Madeleine was dead. Could that be how he knew Baby Grace was not Madeleine?

  33. I'm really amazed with these interviews. Who can take this couple seriously? No matter how hard they try their body language betrays them. They are so obvious. All the interviews were so civil, so correct, no difficult questions at all, like in a script. Oh yeah, now I remember: they only answer to pre-approved questions.
    Doesn't this CEOP have other children to look for? Why only Madeleine? Very suspicious to me. Also they keep mentioning: "the British police appeals.......". I think this is another lie, the British police would not embark on a such campaign leaving other children behind. This is pure theatre with very bad taste, performed by very bad actors. The twins won't forgive them.... x(

  34. Now that Child Exploitation and Online Protection are involved, and I take it this is an agency funded by the government (the public), will the McCanns be closing the store and winding up the Fund?

  35. Gerry scratched his nose again during the interview on Good Morning TV today. Oh dear, Gerry, what a give away, you just can't help yourself can you?

  36. Child protection expert and media friend Mark Williams-Thomas has been Twittering McCann matters. Says "stranger danger" a nonsense; that people would have more sympathy if they showed contrition for abandoning her; that he had an "interesting" conversation with sole (?) media anti-McCann Jon Gaunt today

  37. I`m confused - isn`t Jim Gamble the policeman that headed Operation Ore? - the paedophile clean up operation. When he mentions `friends and family of the perpetrator` one wonders if he`s speaking with a forked tongue. Surely he must know one hell of a lot about the murky friends of certain people and surely he cannot be that gullible to believe the `mucks`. Is he giving them enough rope to hang themselves?


  38. Are the McCanns up to something?

    Maybe to uncover Maddie's body?

    In this case they would lose Amaral's money.

    If the British police got mixed up in the searching, does it mean the McCanns made an official complain about the disappearence?

  39. http://ore-exposed.obu-investigators.com/Jim_Gamble.html

    Jim Gamble...Operation ORE Exposed...

    Gamble..known as the Sheriff of the Internet

  40. Who is this Jim Gamble?

  41. The McCanns are scared of something.


  42. Perhaps this is a way for the police to take control of the situation, so that people have no fear they have to go through the McCanns first.

    That could put certain people off. Perhaps people who are afraid for some reason or other.

  43. Jim The Sheriff Gamble and just some of his mistakes...

    And a selection of Jim's career highs include....

    Ian Picks killed for being a suspected Paedophile (he wasn't)
    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/mers ... 726115.stm

    Barry Sewell, 49 tortured to death in mistaken belief he was a paedophile (he wasn't)

    Arnold Hartley , 73 murdered paedophile

    Timothy Colwell, 65, murdered outside his flat after being falsely accused of being a paedophile
    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/hamp ... 254977.stm

    William Goad, 60, attacked in his prison cell - attempted murder
    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/hamp ... 185423.stm

    Glynn Davies, 45, 2 months in intensive care after being wrongly accused of being paedophile
    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/manc ... 667436.stm

    Matthew Murray, 39, beaten to death after rumours circulated he was a paedophile
    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/derb ... 700457.stm

    Peter Hamilton-Harvey (convicted) parents home burnt down (injuries)
    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/hamp ... 466967.stm

    Judge appeals for attacks on jailed Paedophile's family to stop

    Mr McKenzie, gang tried to murder him after seeing pics of his own children an a wall (totally innocent)

    Home of 75-year old pensioner firebombed after rumours (WRONG) he was a paedophile

    Vigilante attack on flats where sex-offender lived

    Partially-sighted pensioner was bludgeoned to death before trial on child abuse charges

    Alf Wilkins, 67 murdered after 2 men WRONGLY believed he was a paedophile

    Stephen Hunking, 20, murdered in a an orgy of violence after he was MISTAKENLY thought to be a paedophile

    Richard Hughes, 29, beaten to death by "friends" after they accused him of molesting a child

    Alan Green, 48, viciously attacked (confessed paedophile)

    Family escape arson attack on flat where convicted paedophile once lived

    Paediatrician forced to flee house after vandals confused her job title

    BBC debate hears that AT LEAST 55 INNOCENT people have been attached by anti-paedophile protesters in past few years (dated Aug 2000)

    John Fallen, 69 battered to death after being accused of being a paedophile

    Anti-paedophile protesters in Portsmouth have driven four innocent families from their homes through fear of violence

  44. Jim Gamble EXPOSED FOR WHAT HE IS:::


    Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre
    (Exploitation by name, exploitation by nature. CEOP is already inventing statistics and distributing false information to help justify it's existence)

    Although Jim Gamble is directly responsible for the deaths of innocent men through Operation Ore, he has been well rewarded for his efforts. Jim is the first chief executive of CEOP.

    CEOP is conveniently exempt from the FOI Act.

    'Trust in the integrity of CEOP lays at the very heart of the way their staff, and the community they serve, view it. CEOP will protect its reputation by making full use of the Serious Organised Crime Agency Professional Standards Department (PSD) which makes clear our determination to maintain the pursuit and the prosecution of corrupt and dishonest members of staff, either current or past; and as importantly, those individuals who seek to entrap and corrupt them.'

    Taken from the CEOP website http://www.ceop.gov.uk/professional_standards.html

    This statement cannot be true while Gamble is employed at CEOP, he has committed criminal acts with respect to Operation Ore. He is a consummate liar.

    CEOP - Who is the CEO?



  45. The McCanns still look as though they haven't a care in the world. I believe they would do anything to get on television and in the newspapers - they are completely sucked into the celebrity lifestyle which is of course lucrative to say the least!

  46. Jim Gamble's past has come back to haunt him. He worked at the heart of NI's Special Branch.



  47. Thanks Ironside. So, Jim Gamble is (or was) a rather enthusiastic paedophile hunter, it seems overly so. So, why has he teamed up with the Mucks - hasn`t he read the PJ files? Doesn`t he know who their associates are? Oh, all this cloak and dagger stuff is too complicated for me.

  48. Don't say the cops are endorsing the McCanns abduction theory.

    If this police guy is for real, then he is a dope for not doing his homework and finding out what went on with the investigation in Portugal.

    He needs to be sent a copy of Stevo's book as soon as possible, unless he is so enamoured by the McCanns that he can't see past them and is willing to believe everything they say.

    They do appear to have that effect on so many people they come into contact with.

  49. i wouldnt trust gamble if he still think that madeleine was abducted,hasnt done his homework has he or he is on the mccanns pay roll

  50. Do you reckon David Payne is going to be thrown to the lions?

    There you go.

    Case solved.

    McCanns can go retire to Canada.

  51. This is becoming a charade. If the British police force is now involved, they cannot possibly dismiss the conclusions of the Portuguese investigation because the use of Eddie and Keela were suggested by the British themselves. Having found odour of death and blood in the apartment, the British police will have now to tell us what is their conclusion of this and of all the contradictions and lies in the testimonies of the Tapas gang. Something is wrong here as they seem to be singing to the McCanns tune. If this is so, it must be the influence of somebody, friend of the McCanns of course, with power enough to determine this course of events.

  52. I always thought the Irish link was IRA.

  53. I noticed on GMTV that Gerry commented that Madeleine was 3 and a half when she disappeared. I thought she was 8 days off her 4th Birthday. How dreadful is that - not knowing the age of your daughter. Then Kate's insistance that Madeline may have a fake tan!!! How often would that have to be done? Madness the pair of them

  54. In appealing to the "...friennd or colleague" of the "person or people" involved in Madeleine's disappearance, it seemed to me Jim Gamble is speaking to the entire Tapas bunch.

  55. Just seen on Fox news now an item about the updated photos of Madeleine, and then the presenter goes on to say that the parents were cleared of involvement with her disappearance.


    Yet they get away with it time after time.

  56. "In appealing to the "...friennd or colleague" of the "person or people" involved in Madeleine's disappearance, it seemed to me Jim Gamble is speaking to the entire Tapas bunch."


  57. If anybody ever had any illusion that this case was ever going to be solved then this is proof positive it is not, at least by the British Police. They never lifted a finger in the last 2 years, no matter what staring discrepancy emerged. Has such a media tactic ever worked anywhere in the world in a child kidnap case?? I doubt it, if anything it would frighten any kidnapper to pehaps do something worse. Its all just BS and the media love it. There is no way that the British Police will ever admit that they might be wrong, no its better to keep the establishment intact no matter how wrong. Its all for the sheep watching Sky news and reading the Express and other tabloids. Its a massive media scam in my opinion where everybody involved makes money.

  58. That's what I was thinking also Anonymous at 20.17, yet it sounds like he is somebody who has put two and two together and made five plenty of times.

    If so, how easy to throw in somebody like David Payne, or one of the others, as the patsy. It has to be somebody who was there at the time.

    Let's face it, they nearly had Robert Murat all stitched up.

    Sounds like this Gamble guy would fall for it.

  59. Não consegui ver o primeiro video até a meio. Deu-me náuseas, sinto repugnância pelo casal, pelo que eles representam, isto tornou-se visceral para mim. Creio que esta será a minha última intervenção neste blog. Cada um tem a sua tolerância ao sentimento de impotência, eu já bati no fundo. Não consigo olhar mais para este casal dissimulado, que continua numa fuga para a frente, vivendo de aparências numa amoralidade imensa, que não sente remorso pelo que aconteceu à filha, que nunca admitiu a sua negligência, que devia estar na cadeia, ou a cumprir serviço cívico nos próximos 10 anos... Mas não é assim, pavoneam-se na televisão com a conivência dos media, da policia inglesa, da polícia portuguesa, de todos os que têm autoridade para interromper esta obscenidade, de todos nós, no fim, que de algum modo lhes prestamos culto. Espero com tranquilidade que o próximo livro seja algo próximo da justiça, para que a minha Fé nos Homens não seja tão vacilante.
    Não consigo pôr em palavras o que sinto, a minha raiva é inaudível, resta-me amaldiçoar este casal, desejar-lhe que o inferno os engula, onde só possam ouvir choro e dentes a ranger...

  60. Have a look at 6:36 (the first clip) when Kate is asked what else they are doing to look for Maddeliene... she can't answer (because she is doing nothing?) and gerry has to step in and steer ther subject way from what they personally are doing.

    P R I C E L E S S (or do I mean B U L L S H I T)

    Mr B

  61. I believe that CEOPS is actually an agency that can advise and provide intelligence to the police. It is NOT actually the Police. That's more Spin. See the CEOPS website 'About Us'. The BBC Radio News referred to them this morning as "campaigners", and not the "Police".

  62. Jim Gamble's words are carefully chosen I think. He is virtually impartial in what he says and, as others have said, his comments of searching for someone with a concience who could 'grass up' the perpetrator equally apply to the McCanns and the Tapas crew.

    Mr B

  63. Kate is being careful enough not to show up in brand new outfits, she's used that cardigan and top other at other public events. I bet she was advised to dress low-key, in order not to raise accusations of spending the fund money in a new wardrobe! But she sure isn't saving in the hair-dos and make-up...

  64. It appears that no one has updated the givealittle site find Madeline at http:/www.givealittle.co.nz/cause/maddie

    It still reads that no enforcement agency is actively looking for Madeline.

    As far as I can make out, their appeal on this site does not ask for information from anyone.

    You are able to make a donation and purches widgets for the McCann family as they need donations to continue their search.,

    In my opinion the book The Faked Abduction has so to speak rattled a few cages, I think it would be a difficult task to gag America, who take pride in their Land of Free Speach.

    Come on British Police get your heads together with the Portugese Police, leave no stone unturned.

    Re-open the case

  65. Yes, Portugal reopen the case and slap the arguido status back on the McCanns.

    That would put a spanner in their spin of having been cleared of all charges.

  66. "Police hope people will spread the new film via blogs, e-mail and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter."
    But those who don´t hold with the abduction theory are also capable of e-mailing and Twittering and using Facebook! Instead of the video how about a photo of a couple grinning happily a few days after their daughter disappeared?

  67. Amazing, they are not looking for Maddie or the abductor. They are looking for somebody close to the abductor- a friend, a lover, a family. THEY LIE TO THOUSAND OF PEOPLE WHICH CONTRIBUTE TO THE FUND ON THE GROUNDS THAT THE MONEY WAS ASKED TO LOOK AND FIND MADELEINE.

    WONDER to see how boring it is the new video, in portuguese. The lady spoke without flame. We can feel on her voice that she is doing her job without any conviccion on her words. We call it in portuguese "UM FRETE". She did not convince any sceptic portuguese trough that video. BUT THIS DID NOT MATTER- THEY ARE NOT LOOKING FOR MADDIE. Of-course they know where she is...

    Fabulous to see Portuguese journalists from RTP saying and highlighting that the video was not a piece of journalism, but picked from an internet campaign. Again no flame on the news... so diferent when we compare with same news some time ago. Journalists are also having a "FRETE" when they gave news about the Mccann's.

    Sandra Felgueiras interview the Mccann's and the interview will be broadcasted in RTP next thrusday. I hope Joana, you will post it here to allow us make some comments. I will change the channel on that time and not watch the interview in RTP. WE SHOULD SHOW THE MEDIA THAT THIS COUPLE OF NEGLECT PARENTS WILL BRING THE AUDIENCES DOWN EVERY TIME THEY SHOW-uP. AT LEAST IN PORTUGAL. I HOPE SANDRA FELGUEIRAS WILL ASK THEM SOME UNCONVENNIENT QUESTIONS. I will watch it attentive, HERE...NOT IN RTP.

    Wonder to see the police forces involved on the campaign: Australia, United Arab Emirates, Interpol and Europol. First question: Australia and Emirates police are not working with Interpol?
    Second question: Now CEOP is the British police? If so, then what should we call Scotland Yard and Leicester police? Europol YAH?!?
    Third question: Why no any police from an european country or from Moroccos? Too danger... they can agree with PJ and made doubts about the lab inconclusive report. YEAH?!?
    Fourth question: Interpol and Europol it is an ilusion, yes? To be accurate we should say only CEOP, full stop. To involve Europol and Interpol, you need to re-open the investigation officialy because they don't work on private grounds but suporting legal and oficial polices from the countrys. THEN WHY AGAIN, ARE THIS TEAM TRYING TO FOOLISH THE PUBLIC AND TROW SAND AT OUR EYES? WE ARE NOT STUPID...

    YOUR CAMPAIGN START AND DIED ON THE SAME DAY... WE STILL NOT BELIEVING ON YOUR SSTRATEGIES TO PASS THE ABDUCTION THEORY AND THIS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH AMARAL OR HIS BOOK. YOU ARE THE First responsables of damaging your images with rubbish campaigns like that, followed by useless interviews, where you dont bring nothing new. We can predicted all your words and actions. NEXT WEEK THE MEDIA WILL BE INNUNDATED BY SIGHTS OF MADDIE, ALMOST BLACK INSTEAD OF REDDISH, around hot and tropical countrys. I will be not surprised if some media come out with Maddie being sighted in Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix, which just hapenned last weekend.

    Do properly your Work.... Blonde skin girls, under the sun don't tan, become Reddish. Blonde hair under the sun become even more blonde, not dark. What a waste of money and time with such a disaster campaign.

    WE STILL WAITING FOR THE DAY THAT YOU SAY "SORRY" TO PORTUGAL AND TO ALL THE PORTUGUESE. You involved the name of our country and our reputation in a crime which we have absoluting nothing to do with. AND YOU INSIST IN PERPETUATING THE CRIME....

  68. I wonder if this Gamble believes in the Maccanns'innocence.
    Sometimes I think he hopes someone of Tapas 7 will come foward.

    And I'm sure each of Tapas 7 commented the truth with some relative or friend.

    I also hope these videos will help with an answer.

  69. "Whoever took Madeleine could strike again".

    That is what worries me the most!

  70. I wonder who the sad bloggers are? Any ideas?

  71. I was watching the Canadian news when the story about the McCann internet video came on. My blood pressure started rising but it stabilized when the news anchorwoman said: "alleged abductor."

  72. I think Gamble is making an appeal to Tapas 7, their friends and relatives.

    "relationships change..."

  73. Maybe the Tapas crowd will be checking their computers to night for that virus in the email??? Its all so in your face that one has to pinch oneself to actuall believe that this absolute nonesense is being pushed s real. Its like a really bad novel that the plots are so predictable. Since the media swallow it whole then it works great for the publicity and keeps the cash rolling in.

  74. Kate, Gerry,

    no holidays in Canada anymore, ok?

  75. The Mccanns are asking people to come foward, telling what they know or suspect so that they can be sued.

    The fund is running out of money.

  76. i can not beleive that portuguese media is also covering this *** of a story, shame on you!!!!
    que triste!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Angel 22.40, I think the 'sad bloggers' are those who cannot follow the published police evidence and post sarcastic comments. I haven't watched any of the TV coverage and won't be, on principle. I don't read the newspaper propaganda and I will delete any 'viral message' email, not to pass on any virus. I think the media are straining at the leash and want to blow the story apart. One day they will. It wasn't even mentioned on the serious UK Newsnight programme with Jeremy Paxman.

  78. I hope Sandra Felgueiras asked about the dogs and about Payne.
    And about the blanket.

  79. I Watched the video clips of the mc cann and Gamble interviews today and almost all the interviewers called it the disapearence of Madeliene rather than the abduction of Madeline and were all in my opinion cool or luke warm towards the mccanns.
    I thought the interviewer on gmtv was looking and talking to g mccann with disgust and disbelief in his eyes.
    I thought Kay Burley on sky gave them an uncomfortable time as much as she could without being carter rucked.
    Kay said to k mccann after watching the video "im emotional after watching that and shes (Madeleine)not my little girl, in other words how come a stranger like me is upset watching the video and you her mother is not.
    Kay also said to k mccann let me take you back to that night(May 3rd)What happened?and just like the 48 Kay didnt get an answer either.

    I dont know too much about Mr Gamble but i got a very strong impression that everything he said in the interviews and in the video was being vented towards the mccanns ,the tapas gang and any other friend or relations of theirs who know the TRUTH OF THE LIE.


  80. If we look at the evidence for Madeleine McCann still being alive, what do we have ?
    Her remains have not been found

    That basically is about it, isn't it? There have been absolutely no confirmed sightings of her. So the only evidence we have that she is still alive is the very fact that we cannot prove she is dead.

    So, okay. Let's look at the evidence that she is dead.
    Again, it's all circumstantial. She has been missing for a long time, with no confirmed sightings. Previous experience has shown that this does not usually indicate a good outcome. But we do actually have other indications, don't we. We have the cadaver dog evidence.
    That dog did not just give one random, isolated indication. He signalled the presence of a cadaver in multiple locations. And all of those locations were ones associated with the McCann family.

    So we could certainly hypothesize that there are far stronger indications that Madeleine is dead than there are to show she is alive.

    Now clearly this evidence is insufficient in isolation to take a case to court, but that fact in itself is meaningless in terms of the wider context of determining what happened to the child.

    Let's say that we accept that the strongest indication of what happened to Madeleine is the reaction of that dog - where does that leave us ? Just because that evidence is not sufficient to put before a court, does that mean that we dismiss it altogether ?

    And this is where the McCanns have a major problem

    Just suppose you were the parent of a missing child. More than anything you want that child back. You have not harmed your child, but have fallen under suspicion due to the circumstances. You know that the cadaver dog evidence cannot harm you because you know you have not harmed your child.

    Wouldn't you be in pieces at the news that a specialist dog had given very strong evidence that your daughter is dead, and was dead from the evening she disappeared ?

    Wouldn't you start with this - the strongest indication you have of what happened to the child - and explore it to it's fullest extent ? After all, this dog is telling you that your child is dead !!

    To the best of my recollection, the McCanns have never sought a second opinion. Never asked for another cadaver dog to examine the scene. Never taken this evidence that their child is dead and asked whether it's correct or not.

    You see, Gerry and Kate, it isn't Goncarlo's book which makes people believe your daughter is dead. It's not the conclusions of the PJ in their report which make people think she's dead. It's footage of a dog reacting very strongly and in multiple locations to the smell of your dead daughter.

  81. I think what we have to remember is that although McCann’s spoke of Law Enforcement now having involvement (CEOP) this case has not been re-opened. Should it be it will then be the Portuguese who will head and be in charge of any further investigation!

    The McCann’s at every opportunity, at every interview/ press conference over the past year, have stated that there was no Law Enforcement actively searching. This position remains the same.

    This was stated, in my opinion so often by them, most likely to cast a bad light on the Portuguese for shelving the case, and to emphasise any appeal for the Fund. ‘We are the only ones searching, but our Fund will run out by......?’

    CEOP and a police force specifically dedicated to an active search/investigation - quite different.

    The implication in latest interviews was that there now is a police force actively searching. Not accurate at all, not by a long chalk.

    Again, in my opinion, said to give the impression that if the police are doing this, then they, the police believe in our "innocence.”

    It was as much to do with an appeal to the granny, colleague of the alleged abductor, as it was with “proving” to the public that - if the police are involved then they “believe us, believe Madeleine was abducted.”

    The old mantra ‘there is no law enforcement agency actively searching for Madeleine’ will rear its ugly head again as and when needed.

    They instruct that anyone with information should telephone their local police office as though this was a special arrangement with the police.

    Fact is, anyone may phone their local police office with information on any crime or requesting assistance at any given time. Nothing new there!

    This appeal as the McCann’s stated was not a general appeal to the public for information, nor was it an appeal to the alleged abductor. It was they tell us specifically aimed at those who know the alleged abductor. Guilt ridden, the person/s in ‘the know’ hopefully will come forward.

    Gamble stated that relationships can change over time, between the alleged abductor and those innocent persons, his granny for instance, who know or suspect what the alleged abductor has done. Falling out of favour perhaps, leading to the alleged abductor being reported to police.

    With the same token, an accomplice of the alleged abductor may also have a ‘changed’ relationship, being a criminal himself (unlike the granny) he is not going to ‘turn-in’ a fellow paedophile, unless of course there is some huge incentive – cash and perhaps no charges, or lesser charges brought against him. Do deals like this really happen? Do paedophiles, report each other to the police, even for a reward?

    Oddly enough, once again, there was no mention of the huge reward......?

    What some people do out of a sense of decency - reporting what they know- others need that little enticement.

    I think the reward should also have been mentioned. Another stone unturned?

    The McCann’s quite naturally want their daughter back alive and well. They tell us Sean and Amelie talk about Madeleine every day. I’m sure they do, but it won’t be of memories of Madeleine and the time they spent together, the twins were a tad too young.

    Adult McCann’s speak of when Madeleine comes home they will be a ‘happier’ family as Gerry said.


  82. cntd

    It is completely understandable that this is the picture the parents of a missing child would have and hope for, but realistically, even if they get the result from this appeal which they are hoping for - that is - a guilt ridden friend of a paedophile who ‘turns him in’ – Madeleine may not be alive.

    Of course some will say, as the McCann’s do also, look at the Jaycee Dugard case, children do come back. Of course they do. But each case is very different. Madeleine’s case from the beginning has been extraordinary. Never before a case quite like it! I don’t believe there has been a case ever where there has been more mystery in items attached/surrounding the case, than the mystery of how the child could have vanished without trace.

    Heaven help this child wherever and however she may be.


  83. And don't forget the blood under the tile at the exact place the dog alterted to cadaver scent.

    The alert to cadaver scent to the second shelf of the wardrobe where previously had been a large blue bag (as in photos taken early on), and then disappeared.

    Such a bag was mentioned by Martin Brunt in his documentary who said it had vanished around the same time as Madeleine, and was a bag belonging to Gerry McCann.

    Gerry McCanns has since denied he ever had such a bag??

  84. What is also clear from the interviews, is that the investigation by the McCann PI's has been fruitless.

    All of the talk in the early days, of finding, in the official police files, items which were not properly investigated, doesn't seem to have transpired.

    I can only take from this, that the Portuguese police investigation was robust and thorough, leaving no stone unturned.

    When asked in one of the interviews if they, McCann's have any real clues, Gerry states -

    "Until Madeleine is found, until we know who took her, until that point, we don't know what information we have, I think....?"

    What an extraordinary answer!

    Isn't a clue or information generally what comes first, something which may lead you to whatever/whoever it is you are looking for?

    It's not usually the case that the person or item is found and then you realise that you had all the information and clues in front of you.

    What is Dave Edgar doing with his time then?

    Doesn't Dave Edgar update them with information acquired?

    Do we take it from Gerry's statement that he and Kate are not in agreement with Dave Edgar that Madeleine is in a lair in PDL?

    Or, is it that they feel the friend of the alleged abductor is going to come forward and lead them to this unreachable lair?


  85. Just popped up on Sky News under the section where they discuss the headlines.

    Ridiculous one by the Daily Mirror re McCann twins wanting to attack the man who took their sister.

    'The kids, who now attend school, are so heartbroken at having Madeleine ripped out of their lives they have even vowed to attack the kidnapper when he is caught.'


    Shouldn't these two kiddies be left out of this altogether?

    How tragic.

    What was it the McCann's said about Sr Amaral's book and the effect it may have on the twins when they went to school?

    I do hope they address the issues in this article. Ooops, they provided it would seem information about the twins! Hardly protecting them!


  86. Why cant' they not keep the Twins out of the 'game'??? That's abuse to use the truly innocent kids to fight their ugly battle - And nobody step's in to shout STOP? They are getting hurt with that nonsense and somebody should act!!

  87. As I posted yesterday, the campaign died already. The video is not available at any on-line portuguese newspaper. Even 24 Horas which have the Mccann's at the front page, have no video at the on-line edition. That mean's... most journalists don't believe a single word from that team. They interview them, with pre-agree questions/answers because they have to do their jobs, but personnaly as citizens and parents they don't believe any word. And I wonder how many jokes they made about that team and how they moke about their strategies and lies.
    The big majoritie of portuguese public did not buy papers with Mccann's references, then for newspapers their stories are not anymore a good businness. The same start hapen with TVS. We got tired of lies an spins.
    Now, we should congratulate the Media which stays out of Mccann's spin machine and e-mail them with our suport. On the same way, we should protest on Media blogs if they insist on spreading the Mccann's strategie. Yesterday, I congratulate "Sol" newspaper and posted in all newspaper blogs, refusing a Brain wash in Portugal and asking the PGR to re-open the investigation. At least, portuguese newspapers have no censure and we can use our rights and free-express and contest the way that this case is dealed by portuguese justice. WONDERFUL.... THE BLOGS ARE INNUNDATED WITH A HUGE MAJORITIE OF BLOGERS POSTING AGAINST THE MCCANN'S AND THEIR USELESS CAMPAIGN. IN PORTUGAL, THEIR SOAP LAWYERS DID NOT WORK... WE ARE NOT WASHABLE!!!

    THURSDAY, we should not watch SANDRA FELGUEIRAS interview with Mccann's. Let's bring the RTP audiences down, because the interview, same as the others must be with pre-agreed questions/answers. This is not acceptable in a Public TV channel payed by the portuguese taxes, special when our police has no rights to defend herselves.

    RTP is following Mccann's strategy because even in " Bom dia Portugal" they insist on idea that the video was made by british police. CEOP was not British police. Connecting the video with british police it is a mistake to try to get the attention of the distrait public and make them believing that now British police is investigating the case and believing the abduction theory. Again they are trying to discredit PJ and AMARAL. WITH help of RTP, a public channel payed by portuguese taxes. Unnacceptable.

  88. Why do they even need to tell the children that Madeleine was taken, there is no evidence she was and the door was left unlocked so she could have wandered off,(not that I believe either of those things happened).

    Why should they have been allowed to tell other people's children that as well, frightening them into thinking the same could happen to them, and they could be taken from their beds in the night.

    What an irresponsible, unimaginative pair.

    When are they going to be stopped for goodness sake?


    Gerry hated Sandra's question: are you still talking to Gordon Brown? He twisted, jerked, blinked his eyes. HE WAS NERVOUS and was having difficulties in answering. Pity that Sandra was not able to press them with more incisive questions (also afraid of Carter-F.ck?)

  90. A.Miller and Anon. Good morning to you both...I think we can all see where this is heading with the twins. They are being groomed by their parents and when they are old enough we will see them along with their parents on TV ,having memory recall. They will remember a dark shadow of a man taking their sister, they may even remember this man placing something over their mouths. Remember Mccann said he thinks the twins were given a substance.There is true evil in Rothley and if I had my way I would put those twins out of harms way and not leave them with the Mccanns who are playing mind games with two innocent children.What on earth are they saying to their new playmates in school, more to the point what are the Mccanns telling them to tell these children. Pretty soon we may hear of children being taken out of school because the Mccann children are causing other children to have nightmares with their horror stories.
    The Mccanns are two disturbed individuals.

  91. Protestemos contra a cobertura que a RTP esta a dar ao video dos Mccann no " BOM DIA PORTUGAL"

    O video nao foi feito pela policia inglesa, entenda-se por policia inglesa a Scotland Yard ou neste caso a policia de Leicester. Foi feito pela CEOP, uma agencia dedicada a criancas desaparecidas.

    E uma vergonha ver a RTP colar-se a esta campanha quando e um canal pago pelos impostos dos portugueses e tem ao seu servico a reporter Sandra Felgueiras, precisamente uma das que mais coberturas fez as conferencias de imprensa programadas pelos Mccann na sua estadia em Portugal, e uma das que acompanhou o arduo trabalho da PJ em busca da verdade, o achincallhar de G. Amaral e as pressoes impostas pelo poder politico a investigacao. E um facto que os Mccann se recusaram a colaborar com a PJ e procuraram sempre contrapor e descredibilizar tudo o que era feito.
    GOSTAVA DE SABER SE OS EDITORES DE INFORMACAO DA RTP COMUNGAM DA IDEIA IMPLICITA NA CAMPANHA DOS MCCANN- QUE PORTUGAL E MAIS CONCRETAMENTE O ALGARVE, E UM NINHO DE RAPTORES PEDOFILOS CAPAZES DE LEVAR SEM RASTO, UMA CRIANCA. QUE BELO CARTAO DE VISITA A RTP passa ao mundo a proposito do ALGARVE. De facto, os Algarvios, as entidades ligadas ao turismo, e portugal em geral, devem agradecer a RTP por USAR tao bem os impostos dos portugueses. ESTAMOS FARTOS DE TRAIDORES QUE POEM OS SEUS SALARIOS E OS SEUS EMPREGOS, AO SEVICO DE AGENDAS PRIVADAS E NAO DO PUBLICO OU DO PAIS. PORQUE E QUE NENHUM COMENTADOR SE INSURGIU CONTRA A DECISAO DO TRIBUNAL CIVEL DE LISBOA E CONTRA A CENSURA A UM LIVRO E UM CIDADAO? O caso nao foi sujeito ao escurtinio de um tribunal. Os envolvidos no caso nao foram todos ouvidos, nem foram analisadas todas as evidencias, entao porque se ha-de silenciar uma das correntes de investigacao? Enquanto nao se souber a verdade, todas as correntes devem ser discutidas, ou nao se discuta nenhuma. SE AMARAL NAO PODE DAR ENTREVISTAS, OS MCCANN TAMBEM NAO DEVEM PODER DAR, PELO MENOS EM PORTUGAL. PARA A RTP, ha tabus neste caso e o tabu chama-se a morte de Madeleine. Infelizmente mais de dois anos de " SPIN campanha " por parte dos pais demonstram-nos que provavelmente a miuda esta morta e ha muitas perguntas a que eles tem de responder num tribunal.
    PROTESTEMOS em www.rtp.pt !

  92. Their use of the twins is simply appalling.
    The twins believe she has been abducted
    The twins "agony and brain washing. better start as early as possible,n"est-ce-pas?
    "They" "woved" to attack the bad .....
    "They" are saying." when we find who took her we will fight them" and the mccann man adds (to make it more IN-crdible): "That does not come directly from us saying that"

    NO need to underline it: we believe you and so do the twins.....of course
    Isnt there a "sick" emoticon I could add?
    By the way,no media blitz today?

  93. Someone on ANORAK suggested googling....Madeleine Mccann and Susan Boyle....Some interesting sites come up.


  95. http://www.ehow.com/how_5212858_support-siblings-child-missing.html

    Here is a well written article of how to support children when a sibling has been abducted...They do not mention the age of siblings that need this advice.Having read this I am now in two minds. However, seeing the Mccanns and knowing that they left their children alone to enjoy themselves... I find it hard to believe them mentioning the twins because they care for their well being. I see it as another ploy for them later to be used as pushing the abduction.It sounds cold and hard and I cannot believe I have said this but it is how I feel

  96. If all this is true, then these children are being seriously abused. There has been a terrible, traumatic event in their young lives, and the last thing they need is a constant reminder of a horrible bogeyman who comes and snatches children from their beds. They should be being prepared, sensitively, with professional help, for the very real possibility that they will never see their sister again and be allowed to get on with their young lives as free from fear and anxiety as is possible under the circumstances. What do their teachers think? Are there any doctors, social workers, child psychiatrists involved in their welfare? Because if not, there certainly should be. One accepts that the McCanns are not perhaps the most satisfactory parents, but why is the rest of the world just accepting this bizarre and dangerous behaviour? I´m just thankful I don´t have children in the same school as Sean and Amelie!

  97. "spread the news..." Répandre la bonne parole. It's Gospel.

    Cela me rappelle les lettres de "chaîne" qui vous somment d'envoyer tel ou tel message à 10 autres personnes et vous promettent la damnation si vous la rompez. Entre la messe conjuratoire planétaire et le dernier jeu de société: " Je te refile (par email) le calice plein du sang de la suspicion, tu fais comme su tu avais très peur et tu le repasses, en faisant attention de ne pas trop éclabousser , aux copains et copines."
    Le but du jeu, c'est que tout le monde se sente un peu coupable, pour un temps, un temps seulement. Coupable et con, pardon, bon, à la fois, après, par le miracle de la multiplication des petits emails.
    C'est stupide de penser que cette communion médiatique mondiale et participative entre amis, va déboucher sur la prise de conscience tardive d'un témoin capital.

    Surrréaliste ce discours de Gamble face à des McCann tétanisés.


  98. Sandra Felgueiras is the only journalist of any importance in this sorry saga...

    the rest should be ashamed of themselves

  99. Regarding Fernis at 04/11/09 09:10

    A clip of the interview is at http://themaddiecasefiles.com/topic3411.html

    Despite what Anonymous says at 04/11/09 09:00 I think the full interview on Thursday will be VERY interesting.

    Mr B

  100. Hi Ironside,

    The truth can be cold and hard. In this case that is most evident.

    The McCann's cannot on one hand, silence others in the name of the 'protecting the twins' and then supply the press with the statements which they have.

    If the press ask about Sean and Amelie, they should side-step the questions, just as they do those pertinent questions relating to Madeleine's disappearance.

    As they did the one about 'real clues!' They won't know until Madeleine is found if they have any clues or information!

    There should be no mention of Sean and Amelie, what they say or do at home with regard their missing sister.

    It is always going to be difficult for these kiddies. Speaking about them in the way their parents have to the press is reprehensible.

    As I said, the twins are not speaking from memory, but from what they have been told.

    It is totally irresponsible for parents to behave in this way. Their actions are certainly not protecting Sean and Amelie.

    We all know that our young children, when at school draw scenes from home life, speak of home life in their stories.

    What will we have from these kiddies, pictures of an evil man in their bedroom carrying off their sister?

    Some might say, well that was indeed an event in their life!

    But it is one that these kids do not remember.

    I wonder too Ironside, when Kate and Gerry told the twins of this man who took their sister, did they tell them that mummy and daddy were not around to look after them at that time, or at that 'moment' as the McCann's refer to it?

    I'm sure the twins, if bright enough to speak of attacking an abductor, are bright enough to ask how the abductor came to be in their "home" and why mummy and daddy let the abductor take their big sister.

    As for the McCann's always describing it as that 'moment' I believe this is, so as to shorten the time which the children were left alone.

    To say I wish I had been there that 'night' would suggest the children were alone for a lengthy period of time. To use that 'moment' implies, they had nicked through to the kitchen for a cuppa, and oops, when they returned Madeleine had gone.


  101. In the GMTV interview when asked about the encouraging impact of the Dugarde case, McCann says that there, "the public have seen a REAL LIVE case happening". Why, is the Madeleine case not a REAL live case then? Another Freudian slip?

  102. Yes Gerry and Kate, "It's never to late to do the right thing". Go back and answer the questions, ask for the case to be reopened and stop feeding nonsense (information without foundation) to the public and your children.

  103. Voltaire

    Nous ne sommes ni coupables et certainement nous ne sommes pas cons!
    D"autre part,si, les mccanns ont un gros problem et c"est un GRAND probleme : ils sont complètement CINGLÉS. Ils sont des junkies de la publicité et ils vont rendre fou à leurs gamins,si ils ne le sont pas déja......

  104. I know people have commented on Kate's pink cardy, but I know that if my husband were doing media interviews to try and find our precious daughter, there is no way he would have worn a suit without a tie. Gerry just looks like he did not care enough to finish getting dressed properly.Plus anyone with so much chest hair really needs a tie, great tufts of it on display is yuk!!!

  105. They constantly mention the Dugard case, but are not mentioning at all the case of Marina Sabatier in France, whose parents are accused of killing her and then faking an abduction. For each case which really turns out to be an abduction, there are just as many which are not. I would love one of the interviewers to mention the case of little Marina, to see their reaction.

  106. So where is the physical evidence that the child was abducted ?

  107. I watched only one interview with the McCanns on Sky news. They were asked why they felt Amaral had written his book. Kate said for financial gain. When asked about nasty comments from bloggers she said something like "they have their own agenda". Both said they were not interested in going over the past, this video was the new way forward and they wanted everyone on the net to spread the word. They also said people will not bother if they think Madeleine is dead. Ok, so if we accept all that I would like to know why they have not gone the whole hog and made another video in which they dispel all the rumours and speculation. Not a staged managed video I might add, but one where questions that need to be answered are allowed to be asked.

    It seems to me that it is their lack of co-operation, their failure to answer anything that does not suit them is the cause of so many people suspecting their involvement. We all do things differently, but if I were in the same position as them, and I knew I was totally innocent I would do what I have suggested in order to achieve my goal. I am not suggesting trial by media BTW.

    Now I already know that some of you will say they would not do this because they are guilty and you may well be right, but if they are guilty they seem to have the ability to lie without flinching so it would still be in their best interest to do it.

  108. They seem to have the ability to lie without flinching because they have been lying for the last 2 and a half years and are very well practised.

    They obviously didnt have the ability to fool the LIE DETECTOR TEST or they would have taken it GLADLY.

    Yours Sherlock.

  109. Sherlock, I now know Gerry lied when he said there was no pact of silence because I heard for myself one of them mention it in an interview Can't remember who and when but I know I thought at the time how odd that was. If the are not telling the truth about lots of other things and can do it without flinching I am sure by now they could even fool the lie detector.

  110. Hi Fenceleaner (formerly known as Fencesitter!!)

    It was david payne in a remark to a journalist from Sol who said the tapas gang " had a pact and it was no one elses buisiness except their own".
    I would love to have an experts opinion on the lie detection machine but I doubt even the mccanns could pass that test and they them selves have NO DOUBTS, otherwise they would have taken the test and still would if they thought they would get away with it.

    Any innocent person or persons who tell the TRUTH would not fear any lie test ,reconstruction any interviews without pre conditions and would leave NO STONES UNTURNED INCLUDING ANSWERING 48 QUESTIONS etc etc etc because they know they had nothing to CONCEAL and wouldnt trip themselves up.

    Yours Sherlock.

  111. SHERLOCK -Thanks for that. Yes I know David Payne said it to a journalist but niggling at the back of my mind somewhere is the fact I actually heard someone say it too. Gerry said they had no pact of silence they had just agreed not to speak to the press. You will have to form your own opinions on whether that was the case or not. A really odd lot at best. They court the press, then refuse to tell them anything to dispel rumours.

    I agree with you regarding taking a lie detector test, I would have thought it would have been the most sensible thing to do after being made arguidos. If they were innocent it would have nipped in the bud all suspicions and comments and had everyone focused on an abduction.

    I think that the majority of people who watched their latest campaign believe them to be innocent and that is simply because they have not followed the case and know nothing other than what they read in the UK press. On the day of the campaign I went into town and whilst having a coffee a group of people were reading the papers and commenting on the story. Needless to say I made a point of joining in and it was apparent they were not doubting the McCanns in anyway. One said, it is normal for police to suspect the parents (which it is) and they were let off because the police had no reason to keep them. None of them had heard of Amaral or his book. I asked them if they could name 3 missing children, and they could only name one, Madeleine. I said do you think it is time that others got some help and they agreed that they should. So at least I got 6 people wondering why this one is getting so much attention and maybe they will get on the net now and read everything. Having said all that, I still think the McCanns have more people thinking them innocent than those saying they are guilty (albeit through lack of information and/or not really being interested either way).

    I honestly cannot think how this will ever come to an end, unless of course a court case with Amaral brings things into the open. Not knowing the law on this I am not sure how far he would be allowed to go. I think he will not be able to call witnesses like the Smiths as Carter Ruck will say this is not a trial about M's disappearance. If only Amaral had only told the facts and ended on "Madeleine died in the apartment and her body was removed and concealed by person or persons as yet unknown, then I do not think they would have been able to touch him.

  112. Thanks Fencesitter,
    I agree with you completely on those last points.
    There are lots of IF onlys in this case, but IF this new book sees the light of day any related websites to it may also get 100,000 visits per hour (new Madeleine video)and at least we would then have a balanced view or maybe a big tilt towards the Truth of the Lie.
    Probably the only way someone will be charged with anything in thise case is IF SOMEONE SPILLS OR IS FORCED TO SPILL THE BEANS.

    Yours Sherlock.

  113. Like many others, I'm concerned about the twins. This, 'vow' to attack the person/monster who took their sister is abnormal enough in itself for children of their age but what on Earth would spark any four-year-old to say something like that? What are the parents putting into those little childrens heads? 'They talk about Madeleine every day' 'they say that they miss their big sister' 'when madeleine comes home her shoes will be too small and she'll have to have bigger ones' 'they are very protective of her' etc. etc. I'm sorry, but how old were the twins when Madeleine disappeared? Eighteen months or so? Those children may have some memory of her but now, at four, they should be busy playing with their own little friends, making up games with train sets and dolls (yep, call me old-fashioned!) and exploring the world around them without any cares or worries. Instead we hear that they talk about their missing sister every day, they are planning their revenge on whoever took her, their games consist of hunting for the monster who took her from her bed. What the hell is going on in those kids heads? what do they think of when they lie in bed at night? Are the frightened that the monster might come for them? What form does this monster take in their young imaginations? They are four years old, for gods sake, yet their parents seem to credit them with adult emotions.
    I've no doubt that the twins have some memory of their sister, but if, by some miracle, Madeleine ever did go home, she wouldn't be the same girl that she was. Physically different and emotionally damaged. Scared and confused, perhaps not recognising her younger siblings or even her parents.
    Perhaps ten years from now the twins will still be looking for the monster so that they can avenge their sister.

    Frightening, isn't it?

  114. I am sorry Gerry and Kate but I don't believe for a second that your children, as young as they are, could come up with such "vow" to atack Maddie's "abductor". They should be so innocent still! Did you put YOUR WORDS in the mouths of your children? Another lie from you to gather again the newspapers attention? Disgraceful! I am at a loss as to how does the British press stil goes along with your awful acting and imaginary abduction theory. Yes, imaginary because you cannot show us how this could happened, and against the evidence demonstrated by our friends Eddie and Keela and your load of lies and contradictions.
    How do you explain your new posture before the cameras? Just a few days after your daughter was "abducted" you were laughing, licking lollipops and cracking jokes in the PJ's office, merrily playing tennis and jogging. But nowadays, you look so sad (particularly Kate) not a smile to the cameras! Is this the result of instructions from your image builder? I guess so. As good actors, you learned fast. ~x(

  115. They're moving in a fairy tale : the day will come when Red Hood twins open big bad woolf's belly and deliver sweet Maddie.
    BUT what about the day the twins will discover they were left alone with missing Madeleine to babysit them ?

  116. anaon 113 couldnt agree with you more just what are these parents telling thoose poor children because this is not the way any child would think for themselfs.

  117. For heaven's sake, the twins are only four years old. I doubt very much they would even remember Madeleine after two and one-half years. I would be seriously concerned about their welfare if they have been told Madeleine has been taken by a monster. I wonder what the parents say when they are asked, "Where were you when the monster took Madelleine?" and "Why didn't you fight the monster?"

  118. One Minute for Madeleine video is very clever.
    Jim Gamble can not take the phone and call the police in front of the cameras.
    He knows that Madeleine is dead and who did it.
    he says several times that the offender is not feeling comfortable about the appeal.
    The video reachs itself to the best friends of Bunch 7, not even to Bunch 7 themselves.
    After 2.5 years, those 7 may have talked to a relative or a friend.

    I trust Jim Gamble. Ironside had a list of negative things about him.
    Can you provide us of a list of positive things aswell, Iron?
    Thank you.


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