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McCanns: ‘No pact of silence’

Madeleine McCann's parents deny 'pact of silence' accusation

Portuguese journalist raises old allegations

GERRY and Kate McCann’s latest appeal for help over their missing daughter Maddie (inset) was overshadowed yesterday by some tough questions from a Portuguese journalist. The 41-year-olds were asked about allegations made in a book by Goncalo Amaral, the detective formally in charge of the case. The pair from Rothley, Leicestershire, denied there was a pact of silence over what happened in Praia d Luz in May 2007. Mr McCann said later: ‘The place to have those discussions is in the judicial and legal environment.’

in Metro, paper edition

Full interview by Sandra Felgueiras next Thursday on RTP1 - Especial Informação

Emotional McCanns deny 'pact of silence' on Maddy

By Paul Burnett

Kate and Gerry McCann were grilled yesterday for the first time about allegations they could have been involved in their daughter's disappearance.

Portuguese police had previously named the couple as "arguidos", or formal suspects, in the case in September 2007.

But the McCanns, both 41, have always strenuously insisted they are innocent, and their suspect status was lifted when the authorities in Portugal shelved the case in July last year.

However, last night Sandra Felgueiras, a reporter for Portuguese TV station RTP, questioned the McCanns about claims made in a book by Goncalo Amaral, the former detective in charge of the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance.

The couple took legal action against Mr Amaral and in September Lisbon's main civil court banned further sale or publication of his book.

The McCanns were visibly frustrated by the course of the RTP interview, which included questions about the findings of sniffer dogs brought in to search their apartment in Praia da Luz and whether they had close links to the British government.

Ms Felgueiras quizzed them on claims there was a "pact of silence" between the couple and friends on holiday with them when Madeleine disappeared.

Mr McCann explained that there was no pact, but they had all refused to talk to the media about what happened that night in line with Portugal's strict judicial secrecy laws.

The journalist also asked if they felt they were victims of the Portuguese investigation, to which Mr McCann replied: "The victim is Madeleine."

Ms Felgueiras said afterwards: "It is two-and-a-half years after Madeleine disappeared and this was the first time they talked to us in a big interview since the files were closed. I think I should feel free and they should feel free to talk about it. It would be the only chance to clear up the rumours."

But Mr McCann insisted that: "The place to have those discussions is in the judicial and legal environment where they can be properly assessed and dealt with within the bounds of the law.

"That's the approach that we've taken, and clearly we're very pleased that the Portuguese judiciary have agreed that there is absolutely no evidence that Madeleine is dead or that we were involved, and that's why injunctions have been given.

"If people accept that, then they will accept that Madeleine is missing and can still be found."

Earlier Gerry McCann told how the couple's four-year-old twins have started saying they want to find and fight the person who took their missing sister. Sean and Amelie were just two when Madeleine vanished.

But their parents have discussed the fact that their big sister is missing with them and they are now fiercely protective of her.

The McCanns were speaking as police released a video showing how Madeleine might look now, in a bid to prick the conscience of anyone who knows what became of her.

The 60-second video, released in seven languages, features film footage of Madeleine and digitally enhanced photos of what she might look like now with shoulder-length blonde hair, as well as one with a tan and dark hair.

The clip, produced with the aid of psychologists, can be viewed at www.ceop.police.uk

"This message is aimed at prompting the conscience of an individual who is keeping a secret," said Jim Gamble, head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

Mr McCann hailed the global online appeal as "a world first".

"We're optimistic that this message will get to them, it will cause them to wrestle with their conscience," he said.

in Irish Independent

Translation of the extract of the newspaper article published in Sol, on June 30, 2007, titled 'Madeleine Case: Pact of Silence': «Gerry and Kate’s friends, who are interrogated tightly by the PJ over almost a month, refuse to clarify this contradiction, when asked by Sol. “We have a pact. This is our matter only. It is nobody else’s business”, says David Payne, another element with the group. Minutes after we tried to contact Kate, Gerry, in a fury, calls the Sol journalist: “What do you think you are doing? Do you think you’re better than the Portuguese police? I’m going to forward your contact to PJ and you will have to explain yourselves”.»


  1. if i were one of the tapas 7 i would not keep the pact to cover for the mccanns,i would shout what i know from the rooftops to PROTECT THE REMAINING 2 CHILDREN FROM THIS EVIL PAIR.

  2. at least Sandra Felgueiras didnt let madeleine down and ask the right questions UNLIKE THE SO CALLED UK JOURNOLISTS.

  3. I see Mitchel is there...Kate Mccann looks 51...not only the age process causes the face to age but living a lie...Lucky her husband knows about the strain on the heart that all of this is causing his partner in crime.

  4. I wish I had stored information that I had seen for myself because I know somewhere the McCann's or one of their friends said in an interview that they had a "Pact of silence" and shortly after that John Stalker wrote an article saying he felt they were hiding a dark secret.

    It was their or their friends comment about the pact that caused so many people to wonder why they would do such a thing. I have always felt the pact was not so much to do with Madeleine's disappearance but more to do with how they all managed to ensure their kids were asleep so they could go out, but I am only guessing.

  5. I wish Dr Amaral, or somebody who is representing him, would make a comment about what the McCanns are saying here. They could do so without breaking this 'command' not to discuss the case.

    It is about time the McCanns were stopped from going around saying whatever they like, and seemingly, never being challenged by anyone.

    Good try from the lady journalist, but the McCann spinners have deflected the questions, yet again.

  6. Oh, yea! The courts are the proper venue to discuss matters and evidence according to Gerry McCann! That is correct and therefore these evil creatures have avoided the courts by all means and continue to do so. The only legal action they take is to shut down everybody by all means who attempts to say and publish the truth. The Portuguese legal system is as much a shame as the deteriorated Britsh one. Things like those being pulled-off by the McCanns are known from Banana Republics and are only possible there. In other words: They are possible where corruption reigns. This pair of scumbags make me sick! But, don't worry. They are going to meet their fate very soon. They will end-up in prison together with all of their partners in crime, including political figures in the UK and Portugal. Gonçalo Amaral, possibly one of the best invastigators PJ ever had and totally dedicated to the job, was picked by evil forces within the Portuguese administration and is meant to be sacrificedin order to cover-up the involvement of certain figues on both sides of the Channel. It will not work. Amaral will get the necessary help and funds he needs to defend himself against the evil forces and finally justice will prevail.

  7. Hi Fencesitter,

    I have always believed the pact of silence to be the timeline!

    When they speak of 'checking times' in their statements, they are not remembering what happened that night, but rather recalling what they wrote on Madeleine's colouring book when they got together to produce a timeline. Hence the reason they all have the same "recollection."

    If you look at other parts of the statements, we are told by some that they were not really watching what others at the table were doing, their comings and goings. Yet they all 'signed up' for the same timeline to be presented to the police!

    To make them appear less neglectful (if that is possible) it was crucial that the timeline showed several checks of the children. It was also crucial that this timeline fitted with the 'sighting' by J. Tanner.

    The pact could also be something a little or a lot more sinister.

    I remember reading the Stalker article and he was most definitely of the opinion that something didn't sit right in this case, that they were hiding something. I agree!


  8. I have soo many doubts about their story, how can they can say that someoneone close, family or friend have important information about the little girl?
    And they are in touch with internal minister and foureign office and interpol, etc..? but they are not with the british and portuguese police?
    BUT WHY, WHY, WHY?!!!

  9. Joana I am going to try and post your translation on MSN...Lets see what happens, there is a madeleine thread will post there but also try and start a new thread under Politics.

  10. Did you notice that the official video talks about disapppearence and not about abduction anymore?
    And the journalists don't talk about abduction?
    I strongly feel Gamble does not believe the McCanns and he is careful because he has not gotten 1.2 million on his bank account?
    Could he know things about Payne as well?

  11. Are they talking about of their friends of the Tapas group? the ones they trust or trusted, the ones that sued the press and gave the money to the fund? the ones ( one) that saw a man carrying a little girl(maddie?), and gave them the alibi to their abduction allegation?

  12. OK Its there lets see how long it lasts.

    Gordon Brown and his Meddling stopped the Portuguese Investigation

    04/11/09 12:20 PM We have had a blitz on the Mccanns yesterday and yes I am aware of the Mccann thread. However, this is more to do with finding the truth and Gordon Brown is at the heart of this. Yesterday ,a very brave Journalist had the guts to ask the Mccanns questions that the British Press have failed to ask. The relationship between them and Gordon Brown...a very nervous Mccann refused to answer the question and side stepped...I will be interested to see how long this thread is allowed to remain...

    Emotional McCanns deny 'pact of silence' on Maddy

    By Paul Burnett

    Kate and Gerry McCann were grilled yesterday for the first time about allegations they could have been involved in their daughter's disappearance.

  13. Hi A Miller,

    Yes you could be right about the timeline. None of us know what the pact of silence was about, because it was a pact of silence:-)

    However one thing we do know is that it was mentioned (as I said before I cannot remember by who) and I only form an opinion based on what I see for myself. On this occasion Gerry has just proved to me that he is telling a lie when he said they had no pact of silence.

  14. this pact seems to cover a lot of people and not only the tapas 7 so i dont think madeleine died(i believe in eddie and keela) of a accident,i think its something more sinister and thats why the body must not be found also even IF you believe in the abduction can you tell me WHY the mccanns were all smiles from the begining.no this just does not sit right

  15. METRO mentioned the diffcult questions put by a portuguese TV interviewer, the sniffer dogs, the pact of silence??? Yupee!!! I bet now a lot of british people are itching to be able to see that interview! I hope it will be on Youtube and all the blogs, PRESTO! Good job, METRO!


  17. Perhaps the plea to somebody to spill the beans was angled closer to a certain person who is thought vulnerable, more than people realise.

    Talking of angles and body language, am I the only one to notice in one of their media interviews that Kate McCann looked like she was pulling away from her usual closeness to Gerry. Almost as if there was a bad smell or something.

  18. Someone somewhere sometime HAS TO STOP these "incredibly" evil McC's. I just cannot tolerate the fact they are getting away with this just because they are Doctor's!! The interviews (and I watched them all) were in NO way a grilling, they need to be tied down and asked directly and to the point - what happened to your daughter? Was it an accident? Where is she now? Sorry if this offends their supporters but if they had nothing to hide then they would answer ALL questions without hesitation!!

  19. Good! I'm glad there is no pact of silence. I thought they had a pact to shut everyone up who disagreed with them.

  20. Anon 15. The Metro had comments for their story about the age progression photos yesterday. They printed the one about having the 40 + questions being answered too. Well done Metro!

  21. Please say that all these difficult interviews will be posted on here for us in Super-Injunction-Land (UK) to view, I doubt the McCies will allow any difficult questions to be repeated over here. Well done Sandra though, I hope a few more of the interviews get difficult for them , hopefully we will get to the nitty-gritty eventually. I nearly choked on my tea when Kate said about Mr. Amaral's motivation being financial- from the woman who paid her mortgage from the fund!!! Such hypocrisy!!!!

  22. All this asking for somebody in the know to snitch on somebody else could end up putting somebody's life in danger.


    You might end up having a little accident or even disappear altogether, just like Madeleine.

    Better to come clean now before that happens.

  23. The "Pact of Silence" was mentioned and confirmed by no one less than David Payne who keeps a very low profile for quite some time and has to be considered the main suspect together with Kate Healy. And, contrary to what some commentators assume, the Pact has nothing to do with the fake timeline prepared by the Tapas gang to fool the police. No, the "Pact of Silence" is meant to cover the "accidental death" of Madeleine. Payne was the one who was present when the "accident" happened in Apartment 5A, and he was most certainly responsible for the "accident" which may easily turn out having been "death by suffocation". This is not the space to go into details but the game is not over yet. It seems, its just now going to enter the next round and the McCanns will be the big looser. The "timeline" is a scam, irrelevant. Much more interesting are for instance the entries in the creche document of May 3, 2007. The entries about Madeleine are most certainly forgeries. Ask yourself: Why should Kate McCann, when allegedly picking-up Maddie at 17.30 h at the creche sign her out as "Kate McCann" when she never was a McCann? Kate's name was always Healy, she did not adopt the name of her husband. There is no other document she had ever signed as Kate McCann. Why allegedly in this case? No, she did not. Someone else did it not knowing that Kate's name is NOT McCann, and it was done for a certain purpose and on behalf of certain people. Could it be that Maddie left earlier or was never in the creche this particular afternoon? This, and much more is covered by the "Pact of Silence" as mentioned by David Payne. Very soon the truth will come to light and justice prevail. If you find this thesis hard to believe, ridiculous, you should consider that I - like Gonçalo Amaral - spent almost 27 years of my life with PJ and know very well what I am talking about.

  24. If there is no pact of silence, why Kate did never gave an interview or statement, alone, without Gerry or Mitchell?
    Her husband and their Spoke-person always treat Kate, as a child, somebody which cannot think or speak by herselve. I don't understand, why an adult lady with high education agrees with such behaviour from her husband. There is no similar behaviour on any Media story in the pass. Several times during a common interview, the question was endossed to Kate, but Gerry suddenly interromped her and answer the question. What is he affraid? I CAN ONLY THINK ON PACT OF SILENCE AND SOME FACTS WHICH NEED TO STILL CONCEALED FROM JOURNALIST AND PUBLIC EYES.
    When we compare such behaviour regarding the interviews, with other parents of missing childs, it's amazing to spot the diference: The mothers of Rui Pedro and Rui Pereira, always come to the TVS alone. Filomena Teixeira even had been in "Pros e contras", a very emotional programe without the suport of anybody. By herself and open to all the questions, not only from journalists but from a pannel of people which included lawyers, polices, judges, journalists and doctors. THIS MAKE A DIFERENCE BETWEEN A MOTHER WHICH CHILD WAS really ABDUCTED AND ANOTHER WHICH we ALL have serious suspicion's that the abduction was a fake made-up.

    And we can still on with more examples. No longer after Maddie, in Huelva, little Mariluz disapeared. Her parents made appeals, statments, interviews separeted. Some of the interviews are in the streets without pre-arrangements. Why is MRS. Mccann not allowed to do the same? BECAUSE THERE IS AN AGENDA WHICH NEED'S TO BE STRICT FOLLOWED... THAT IS THE CONCLUSION, after more then 2 years of strange behaviours.

    I HOPE, one day Sandra Felgueiras, got the courage to invite KATE for an interview alone, direct on the TV cameras. THAT DAY... a journalist will make a huge step to achieve justice for Madeleine . Let's see, if Kate accept the invitation and most important, let's see how her husban react. He will fulminate Sandra Felgueiras.

    By the way... where is aunt PHILL. She was so active at the beginning looking for Maddie and completly fade away over the time. that mean's she did not believe on the abduction theory and don't agree with the campaign? Wonder, all close relatives went bake stage. AUNT PHILL WAS SO ANGRY WITH LISBON AIRPORT AUTHORITIES, WHEN THEY REFUSE TO STICK MADELEINE POSTERS, AND NOW DID NOTHING TO HIGHLIGHT THAT HER NIECE STILL MISSING AND NEED'S TO BE FOUND? hum! hum!... wHY?

  25. Anon 23 I have always believed Payne was someway involved in Maddies' fate, my suspicions are not pleasant ones but put with Gaspars statements and the McCanns lack of emotional connection with their children, and total lack of concern and care for their childrens' needs, it would seem the fate of all their children may not be a happy one. The McCanns purpose in having children may not be the normal purpose, how else can you explain their total disregard and neglect.

  26. Anon. 12:55, Thanks for pointing out the surname detail, it seems you'r absolutely right! Why has she always been referred as Kate MCCANN in the media?...
    In the police files she seems to be always Kate HEALY, her's an example:

    Data da diligência: 2007/09/07 Hora: 11H00 : DIC PORTIMÃO.
    Entidade que preside:
    Funcionário que executa: Paulo Ferreira, Joào Carlos e Ricardo Paiva, Inspectores.


    Ther must be a reason for this, using the McCann surname, that is...maybe because of the signature in that creche record...well spotted, I thing you might have dugg up something important here!

  27. Please where can I view Sandra's FULL interview with the McCanns? Thanks.

  28. Anonymous at 12.57, why the theory of suffocation, if there was blood found?

    If the blood splatter which is highlighted on the wall at the side of the window in the apartment (in the photos taken behind where the sofa was) is connected with the case, then it could resemble blood splatter from a small child's head height, the child having sustained force to the facial area with blood spraying behind due to said force, and then as the child is falling forward, blood flung sideways making contact on curtains and window sill and wall beneath the window, resulting in the head lying and discharging yet more blood about the tile area. There was blood and cadaver scent found beneath a tile there.

    That is why it would have been important to have known if there was also blood splatter on the back of the settee, if, of course, the settee had been there when whatever happened, had happened, if that is how it happened.

    But it would be interesting to know why you are suggesting suffocation??.

  29. Also, with a thought to that wall next to the window with the blood marks highlighted in a semi circular pattern, it would have been interesting to have known what was the true height of Madeleine.

  30. Sandra Felgueiras has my admiration for having the guts to ask the McCanns about their silencing Goncalo Amaral - none of our wimpish interviewers has gone anywhere near trying to get to the truth. And for Kate McCann to say that GA's aim is financial is utter hypocrosy and stupidity. He wrote what he saw as the truth and they should be grateful to him for desperately trying to get truth for their daughter, instead of castigating him at every turn. He is obviously too near the truth for them!

    Let's see what they try to do about Stevo's book - they will come up with something I'm sure to silence him too.

  31. ANON:12:55,

    YOUR POINT OF VUE MAKES A LOT OF SENSE. In fact somebody sign the creche out diary on behalf of Kate. peraphs a nanny, pressured by one of the Tapas. Now, we can understand how evil their methodes can be to force people doing what they want. Only the PGR seem's to be blind to all that evidences and he will fall with Mccann's on the mud if he still coming to the press with the same " tape discursse" that the case will be re-openned if a new evidence was found. They should go back to all the evidences they have already and re-evaluate them, peraphs with suport of international and indpendent experts. They should ask the reports, video footages and photos made by all the media when the Mccann's were in Portugal. The background of that videos and photos can give some clues about places and people which can be for high importance in the investigation. A deep and strong investigation must be done again.
    We need a open discussion of Amaral's book because up to now, the PGR did not come up saying that Amaral is incompetent, what he write on the book was lies, or what the dogs find was irrelevant. The PGR know's that he cannot frame and accuse Amaral, because all inspectors and judges including himself arrived to the same conclusion as Amaral. WHAT PORTUGUESE JUSTICE IS ALLOWING MCCANN'S TEAM TO DO AGAINST AMARAL it is not only a crime against Human rights, not only a violation of a Constitutional right, but is also a state crime.
    I just understand PGR position if he is watching Mccann's behaviour attentive and closely. Peraphs he is waiting to see how far the Mccann's can go, waiting for a slipery action. The problem is that they are very well trained by their lawyers and Kate was not allowed to give interviews alone.

    Portuguese, spannish and french journalists should start pressuring Kate for an interviw alone and should make alots of noise if she refuse. They should start pressuring also the Tapas 7 for single interviews and made the world knowing how they react at the invitation. THERE IS MANY WAYS TO STOP THEIR PACTS AND FIGHT FOR THE TRUTH.

    Seem's that THE e-mails sended to RTP got effect and we made our voice heard. No references of Mccann's campaign in "Jornal da Tarde" .

  32. Kate McCann did do an interview once for some Woman's programme on the radio?? and she was asked whether Madeleine was awake or asleep when she last saw her.

    Madeleine's mother had to have a think first as if she had to remember, and then she said 'asleep'. She sounded a bit unsure of that one.

    If somebody is not telling the truth they have to have a very good memory so as not to contradict what they have said previously.

  33. Anon 13.53 and 14.21 - thank you that you are willing to follow my theory and find it interesting and worth to ponder about it. To Anon 13.53, to answer your queastion why suffocation when blood stains were found? Because the presence of blood stains does not necessarily exclude the suffocation. You will understand that this is not the space for me to go into details of my "thory." I do not intend to wake-up a sleeping lion, if I may say so. All I can assure you is, that something huge is flying towards the McCanns and if it hits the game is over - for them and others who participated in this scam for various reasons, including their vulnerabilty to blackmail. For 14.21: Do not expect too much from the PGR. He is part of it and obliged to play the role that was possibly forced upon him by certain political figures. And his name is "Pinto" = Chicken. So, don't expect too much of him.


  35. Anonymous at 15.09 No.35, we live in hope that all is soon going to be revealed, and also the whereabouts of Madeleine.



  37. I applaud Sandra Felgueiras for her authentic journalism and to Mr. Burnett for reporting this story. After Mr. McCann "The place to have those discussions is in the judicial and legal environment," did she comment or inquire about the McCanns having Sr. Amaral's assets frozen, preventing him for raising a defense in court against charges of libel?

    I also wonder if the McCanns ever 'wrestle with their consciences' or do they even have them?

  38. Very right, A. Miller ! The pact is that timeline for sure. There was a global interest, all of them leaving their toddlers alone. The only delicate and dialectical point was to manage sufficient snatching time and rather frequent listenings.

  39. Anonymous No.35, It might have been both.

    Felled with a blow and then what you said.

  40. Gonçalo,Sandra,Tony,Debbie y all the ones working "backstage" os quiero MUCHO mucho.

    We will help the mccanns finding Madeleine or what is left of her: the truth

    Be careful when signing forms with somebody else"s name: you will wake up the lion..... :D

  41. To Anonymous 12.57. A very interesting post. Personally, I believe it to be accidental, on the night Mrs Fenn heard crying; a nosebleed as a result of a head injury. They gave her Calpol instead of taking her to hospital. I think her condition worsened on the night of the 3rd and proved fatal.

    I think she was taken to the beach on the night of 3rd, but her body moved again. Gerry McCann was reportedly witnessed walking into other apartments in the resort soon after Maddie disappeared. Did he secretly rent (or get someone else to rent) another apartment? Freezers can be ordered online and delivered. Did he get someone to help him with this? I know Gerry soon acquired a laptop as well.

    The cadaver odour in the wardrobe came about I think because Gerry handled her and it’s his wardrobe where his belongings are stored. I think after the initial panic he carried her to the beach area, but before that I think he may have hidden her for a few minutes behind the sofa, fearing he would be disturbed and again in the flowerbed so as not to be seen leaving his apartment with her.

    The Smiths saw him on his way to the beach but he has always denied it was him and they are only 80% certain, so it’s his word against theirs.

    I believe there was a cover up of an accident for the reasons that they are guilty of neglect on several counts: -

    1. Failing to do a risk assessment on leaving 3 children alone at night in a strange ground floor apartment
    2. Leaving 3 children unattended for as long as 75 mins.
    3. Leaving them in an unlocked and unlit apartment
    4. Failing to get medical help following a potentially serious injury.
    5. Administering Calpol or similar over 72 hours without seeking medical advice (sedation gone wrong!)
    6. Realising she had worsened sometime during the 3rd and still leaving her and their other two children.

    Perhaps for an ordinary couple the above might not warrant a cover up, but for a pair of well educated doctors their actions would have more serious consequences and their respective hospitals would not employ them knowing their child had died due to such neglect.

    Also they have probably in the past been responsible, as doctors, for other people’s children going into care. Its double standards at its worse and again a sackable offence.

    Therefore their best plan of action was damage limitation. They have admitted to leaving their children but making it look like an abduction gets them sympathy.

    Any normal parent would not be able to live with themselves. But, are they normal parents? Normal parents would not leave their children alone in the first place.

    Panic was the first problem they encountered and then deciding what to do in the best interests of the twins. I believe they decided on a cover up.

    I believe the reason for their ‘smiling’ at the time was to keep things ‘normal’ for the twins and to keep the message going that Madeline is still alive, stolen by a desperate childless couple. This is important because they are saying to the whole world, we have not neglected her, it wasn’t anything we did – so everyone please feel sorry for us and give to the fund.

  42. To Janf58: I just read your comment to my Anon. 23 posting. If I understand your posting correctly, you seem to be right on track as far as David Payne and what happened in the afternoon of May 3, 2007 in Apartment 5A to Maddie is concerned. Yes, indeed most cetainly something very ugly and perverse happened. So, watch your back because you seem to be suffering from the «Amaral-Syndrome». You came too close to the truth and you know what happened to Gonçalo, right? But, don't worry. Finally, Gonçalo Amaral and his supporters will be the big winners of this dirty game that went on for too long already. Since you are obviouysly capable of logical thinking, I want to give you another hint: What is your opinion and conclusion about the open Bible found by PJ in Kate's room after their departure to the UK as reported by Amaral in his book «A Verdadeda Mentira»? Gonçalo refers to the biblical book of Samuel 12.

  43. 'On this occasion Gerry has just proved to me that he is telling a lie when he said they had no pact of silence'


    Hi Fencesitter,

    Gerry McCann tell a lie? Never!

    The inconsistencies in the stories, from documentary to documentary and in fact in the course of the same documentary are too numerous to mention.

    Like you, I like to read for myself the files and listen to these people speak on interviews documentaries.

    As you say the secret pact is exactly that. I just feel that it could possibly be the timeline, done to cover the neglect of the children by all members of this group.

    Or, as I said the pact could quite likely be something a lot more sinister!

    I believe it was David Payne who made this remark to a journalist. I'll try and see if I can find something on this. David Payne is the guy who the Gaspers (?)two doctors, who are a married couple, and who made a report to the police re their concern of behaviour they had witnessed re Payne and McCann whilst holidaying with them.

    As for Gerry lying, getting straight answers? In one of the recent interviews -

    In response to the question - 'Why did you not take your children with you to dine out?

    Gerry - They were sleeping!

    In their first 'made for by the McCann's' documentary they stated they did not take the children as they did not have a pram. They stated in same documentary that they didn't think they would be able to get a booking at the restaurant. They also said that they were going to take the children with them and then changed their minds.

    I remember listening to this in disbelief!

    In response to a question put to them yesterday -
    Have you any real clues?:

    Gerry - "We won't know until we find Madeleine!"

    I think that about sums up their investigation, 'until Madeleine comes homes' and tells them where she has been for two and a half years their detectives are clueless!

    How sad is that.


  44. When they were formal suspects they avoided answering questions made by journalists by saying it would be a violation of the justice secrecy laws in Portugal; now, any questions that they find difficult to answer they reply that the proper forum to answer them is in a court of law. The problem is they will never be faced with answering those questions in a court of law unless charges are brought against them. The only time I can envision them showing up for Mr. Amaral's trial is for his sentencing. What has bothered me most about this case is not that I think they're guilty, what bothers me is that they have always been treated as if the law doesn't apply to them.

    As far as the McCann's acting skills, there has been little improvement. To me they are little more than mannequins who utter clichés.

  45. They have become `The Untouchables`, above questioning. They spurt out the same old wooden words and think people are daft enough to believe them. As someone said - they are on a par with dictators.

  46. Anonymous at 15.08 No.35, there is no reason why it couldn't have been both things happened to the child.

    First one and then the other.

  47. ' The place to have these discussions is in the judicial & legal environment'.

    So why was the Portimao Police Station not good enough for you Kate?

    Answer those 48 questions. Then you can quote this clap-trap.

  48. My hope was focussed on one of the tapas 7, really expected in the end one of them to have a conscience and speak up. Don`t count on that anymore. In my opinion de timeline was written to cover up the fact that during those holidaydiners, the children weren`t looked after at all. And in her parents absence, Maddy, drugged en sleepy, tripped and fell badly.
    No one there to provide care and she died. In fear of losing their jobs, comfortable lives and custody of the younger childeren, they made up their famous theory.

  49. Typical of the McCanns - pushing any questions about their reluctance to answer questions in to litigation!

    Why cant they answer questions that arent in any way libellous - like is one sighting of Madeleine in two hours considered by the McCanns as sufficient?

    Why dont they think clarity in the checks as being essential as knowing when there might have been a window of opportunity?

    The McCanns only answer questions that suit them, what makes them able to claim certainty in what helps and what hinders? Of course we all know - anything which questions their honesty or their credeentilas in child care is off limits!

    Doesnt it make you cross to see this constant flaunting of the law?

  50. They hardly say anything and they say the same things - this is how they avoid contradicting themselves.

    Just look over 2 and a half years...what have they actually said?

    The judiciary give them cover by allowing them to silence any independant voice that begins to get the airwaves.

    But they cannot win...they cannot silence the millions who disbelieve. For Madeleines sake they must not be allowed to get away with htis fraud.

  51. so no pact of silence ...does that mean that the Tapas 7 will now be givining interviews? come on jurnos offer them some money

  52. "But Mr McCann insisted that: "The place to have those discussions is in the judicial and legal environment where they can be properly assessed and dealt with within the bounds of the law.


  53. On one of these posts the blue tennis bag is mentioned, the one Gerry denies ever having owned. There is a photo of it in the wardrobe, I believe, but I can't find it. Can someone give me the link to it, please?

  54. Hi A Miller, If you have read my 10.20 4/11 post on new virtual image you will know I am not part of the McCanns fan club. Many things they have said and done are beyond belief and some of the comments they make are ridiculous. I find it hard to believe Kate is a doctor. She seems to have trouble stringing a sentence together and is always welded at the hip to Gerry.

    Maybe, if Madeleine is now the daughter of a nice family (joke), she will not want to come home because she now has parents who would go to her aid when she falls up plane steps, not leave her crying while they go out to diner and do not dump her in the creche all day - Maybe she is experiencing what a real family holiday is meant to be like.

    I also could not believe the way they are handling this with the twins, having them say they are going to fight who ever took Madeline and that people wearing the wrist bands are also looking for Madeline. Are the twins now thinking that people who haven't bought the tacky merchandise do not care!

  55. The Metro has a record of reporting on the McCann case when other UK papers won't. But it's still pretty tame stuff.

    We simply have to accept that in the UK we are living in something less than an open democracy. This case has certainly lifted the scales from our eyes.

    I am looking forward to seeing the Sandra F. interview in full. Should prompt a lot of giveaway body language and verbal slips.

  56. Looks like the legal terror tactics have been working as the Madeleine Foundation appears now to be split - take a look at the website. Looks like Debbie Butler has fallen out with Tony Bennet over something related to the legal action I would guess, although it's not clear.

    Who knows what pressure is being applied to Joana? We can only thank her for continuing to make this site available.

  57. keep at it Jo - I've got the exec producer of QT asking me for more info about Sandra's interview, via Twitter, so can't wait to see and pass on the full interview later.

  58. Just one more fact to add to the Pact of silence. When they are in holidays, one doctor of the Tapas 7 was under fire in UK. He was accused by a family of a man which died after a neglect medical care. Of course, having one of their childs victim of negligence in a foreign country will be a disaster for the judicial process in the UK. Gerry was a witness for that tapas 7. EASY TO CHOOSE THE BEST WAY FOR EVERYONE - THE COVER-UP!

    I would like to highlight aswell the words of Inspector Olegario de Sousa, The PJ spoke-person, in a press conference in TV: " O que quer que tenha acontecido naquela noite, naquele apartamento, foi uma tragedia para quem o viveu". TRANSLATED: " Whatever hapenned that night, on that flat, was a tragedy for who live it". That mean's he was not talking about an abduction, but about a serious harm of Madeleine, peraphs her dead and he says more, he says that Madeleine was ot alone when she died... somebody was with her and who was with her, live a tragedy.
    For me there is two strong reasons for the Pact of silence:

    . The way Madeleine died. Even if it was an accident. Something really wrong should be behind what can cause such serious accident.

    . The judicial process one of the Tapas 7 was having in UK. Gerry start his businness straight away. He negociate his witness suport. The Cover-up and the pact of silence was the only way to avoid charges in Portugal and Uk and to keep their childs.

  59. What has happened with the D-Notice article Joana? I got the impression from what you wrote at the time that the D-Notice could not apply to you (as not publishing in UK) and also that it is a voluntary code in any case? Did you have any further response/action from Bindmans? Or perhaps you decided that leaving the question in place raised more issues and showed the attempts to close down legitimate discussion from only certain websites (the details are available on many, many other websites).

    Mr B

  60. Off topic maybe…

    I had a quick look at Bindman’s website (they are the Lawyers that censored one of Joana’s articles - see her note at 60, 01:13).

    Would you believe it, they have won awards for campaigning for Censorship Freedom of Expression.

    The Awards honour those battling censorship, or those bringing to light stories that would otherwise be forgotten. Index is Britain’s leading organisation promoting freedom of expression.

    See http://www.bindmansaward.com/

    I am amazed! Perhaps the only other entry for the award was from Carter-Ruck!

    Mr B


  62. Hi anon 44, in reply to your question, let me tell you, as well as being a trained rape counsellor, i used to work with the NSPCC and worked with adults who had survived sexual abuse in childhood, most notably satanic abuse, does that answer your question.

  63. Ps, anon 44, sorry for delay in replying to your post, was looking after my two gorgeous grandsons so my daughter could go to work.

  64. The pro McCanns (often making out they are anti McCanns), and in whatever form they are taking with their ten or so names each, are having a field day spreading falsehoods about the people who really are anti McCann, saying the most disgraceful and disgusting lies about them.

    And the awful thing is that some anti McCanns are falling for what they are putting out.

    This is how they are managing to play divide and rule and get sites closed.

    Absolute liars, they should be prosecuted.

    They are everywhere, getting on all the sites. How is that for planning and undermining anybody trying to get out the truth about the investigation.

    It is like some military campaign they've got going.

  65. To janf58: Thanks for responding. Don´t worry about the delayed response. Based on your professional experience you probably got it right and I share your opinion. What we deal with is not just the Maddie case but an international network of paedophilia, and that explains a lot of what is going on to me. Back to the book Samuel 12 and my question. Let me give you my opinion: It mentions the name «David» various times. Couldn't it be a hint to the guilty one who perpetrated the crime in the presence of Kate Healy? A hint to David Payne? I discussed this with Gonçalo Amaral some time ago and he shares my opinion.

  66. Maybe Payne or some other Tapas has some serious dirt on a prominent UK public figure hence the cover up.
    I had a friend who was a student doctor, one day a famous TV presenter was admitted to the hospital with a disease that pretty much proved he was gay. This was at odds with his public persona. The incident was largely covered up but I knew about it cos my friend told me. Just goes to show how much a doctor can easily find out about famous people!!

  67. Joana, please can you tell me what time today Sandra's full documentary will be aired and if you'll be kind enough to link it to your blog for visitors' viewing delight. Thanks :_*

  68. The McCanns have the gall to accuse Goncarlo Amaral of only writing his book for monetary gain,these sociopathic parents who swan around giving interviews to the useless lily livered British press,why aren't they searching for their daughter?.well we know why don't we ?How much money have they made off the back of their daughter?.Who pays Mitchell,John McCann and all the rest of the hangers on.?

  69. I have been reading in the news today about the Jaycee Lee Dugard case; a damming report has criticised the investigation, saying she should have been found earlier. The waters were muddied in the investigation apparently by Jaycee herself who, for reasons only known to her, did not want to be found.
    I believe that in the case of Madeleine, lets say it really was an abduction by a stranger (not that I believe that) but if it was I think the McCann’s have been so interested in trying to clear their own names that if they had not come up with all their faux sightings and faux suspect abductors then the Portuguese Police might still be working on the case now. I am convinced the case would still be open if they had not meddled so much and got the British Gov. involved. If it really was an abduction and if they had not interfered it may even have been SOLVED by now. They should hang their heads in shame that they have not allowed the Portuguese Police to get on with their jobs. In years to come, if she is ever found, the criticism of the Police will be the same as in the Jaycee case, that they should have solved it earlier. Either the McCann’s have muddied the waters on purpose because they are covering up, or they are more interested in clearing their own names and restoring their reputations than getting to the real truth of the matter.

  70. Anon 69 not sure really what to make of bible passage, yes as you say David is mentioned several times, likewise death of child, however i dont believe the Mcs leave anything lying around by accident, i think it is possibly a red herring. Satanism is opposite of christianity, like wise true evil is the direct opposite of all 10 comandments.

  71. Anon 69 and janf58

    I have followed the case for a long time and I drew the same conclusion as you many months ago. I wrote a summary of this theory on 3A's but it was largely ignored. I drew my conclusion because I have noted and considered every statement Goncarlo has made. He did explain the blood being as a result of them trying to revive Maddie in the appartment. But I believe DP caused the death. Suffocated her or drowned her in the bath. I hope and believe that the CEOP investigation will trap the killer and free the innocent (GA)

  72. LJC 13.44 could not agree more

  73. Re. 23: If Kate McCann was only known as Kate Healy before May 3rd, this is hugely significant IMO. Perhaps we should refer to her by her preferred name from now on to highlight the fact to others especially in UK who only know her as McCann. Of course, a possible explanation might be that Kate used Healy professionally and McCann socially, but if she never signed herself Kate McCann, then who signed Madeleine out of the creche on May 3rd? Evermore questions and no answers!

  74. Madeleine Foundation appears to be in a right mess and the serpentine Mr. Mitchell appears to have been coiling himself around some of the dramatis personae.

    What the hell is going on one wonders!

  75. Kate McCann chose to remain in Apartment 5A, punching walls and checking the twins' breathing, the night Madeleine was declared missing. She did not go out to search for her child who by their accounts was in the hands of a strange man in a strange country.

    Kate McCann chose not to answer over 40 questions put to her by the Portuguese police. She agreed that her refusing to answer these questions did nothing to help the police investigation.

    Kate McCann chose to leave Portugal, the scene of the crime, her daughter and her daughter's 'captor' still at large when the invetigation turned towards her and her husband.

    Kate McCann finally returned to Portugal over 2 years after her daughter's disappearance: to meet with lawyers. Although their detectives had just recently claimed Madeleine was within a 10-15 kilometre radius of Praia da Luz, and that was the closest she had ever come in over 2 years, going to Praia da Luz and its environs was not what was uppermost in the mind of Kate McCann.

    Now we are told Kate McCann now wants to take a more active role in finding her daughter, after over 2 and a half years.

    So make of Kate McCann what you wish. What is clear is that it was indeed a sad "situation in which Madeleine found herself".

  76. Anon.69 and 74, I think the biblical passage is the one about the death of the son that King David had with Bathsheba from their adulterous affair. God took the child's life to punish David for his sins, because Bathsheba was married to Uriah the Hitite, but David wanted her, so he arranged for Uriah to get killed in battle and thus get him out of trhier way.
    It is a terrible thought, a God that punishes the parents through the sacrifice of a child...and it is also very disturbing to think of the implications of this passage of all to be singled-out by Kate. Why that particular passage? Did she feel that whatever happened to Madeleine happened as a punishment to her or her husband's actions? The sins of the parents perhaps?...
    Makes you wonder, doesn't it?...


  77. Listening bugs should be used regularly when families close ranks after the suspicious deaths of children, say the chiefs of New Zealand organisations, Parents Inc, the Family Commissioner, and the founder of For the Sakes of Our Children Trust. The call follows the convictions of a couple in relation to the death of their 11 week old daughter. Police believe the bugging of the parents - which was carried out - was essential to breaking the case after the couple refused to help. On the tapes, the parents were heard rehearsing lies about the baby's injuries, discussing coaching their elder daughter so she did not make incriminating statements. The couple are of Indian descent and emigrated to New Zealand from South Africa in 2006.

  78. From The Sunday Times
    May 6, 2007
    Britons join search for lost toddler

    ...McCann and his wife, both 39, yesterday walked hand in hand through the apartment complex. They had lunch with the twins at the same tapas bar as the evening before. McCann returned alone to the apartment, emerging with a suitcase and a bucket and spade for the twins...


    (According to The Sunday Times)

  79. To Anon 05/11/09 - 13.56: Your conclusion is as much interesting as the summary you had posted on 3A which was widely ignored. If you have your summary still on file would you mind to post it again on this website - perhaps, as a comment? Your collaboration would be highly appreciated. If its causing you problems, I can provide you with an email address where to send it. There are more professional forces at work on an international scale to solve the case than most people can imagine. And they are getting closer and closer to the truth! A devastating truth for the McCanns and their partners in crime!

  80. Anon at 75.

    If it was a drowning, then why not simply say that?

    There were three kids there, and the one taking care of them could easily have been distracted by one of the other children which resulted in the death of Madeleine.

    It has got to have been much more than that.

    Late afternoon/early evening, yes!

    Perhaps GM did find the child later and it was a shock and not understanding. Instant reactions kick into play.

  81. Dr Amaral and the PJ have said that Madeleine is dead. They sound very sure on that one.

    As for the Portuguese Prosecutor not bringing the charge of neglect against the parents, perhaps he doesn't believe it was neglect.

    There may be much more serious charges than that are on the cards.

    The case is said to be shelved, yet there are still detectives working on it, and I don't mean the McCanns hired ones.

    Something could turn up any time.

  82. the McCanns are out to ruin Goncalo, they are looking for money and thats all, the book only repeats what the actual files say, and being a police officer I would treat his suspicions with respect. There are many children missing without all this greed for money, the parents work hard to find them. Gerry McCann likes his new VIP lifestyle, they know that such a lot of publicity when Maddy was first missing puts pressure on the life of their little girl. stop the circus now!

  83. The cadaver was in the bedroom wardrobe when the police were witnessing the parents emote on the bed. Two people of different mind, temperament, upbringing, perspective and nature do not behave identically. And the mother begins her refusals to answer police questions on September 7 when asked if she checked the wardrobe. We can suppose then that the police did not check the wardrobe on May 7th. If they had...


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