1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Portuguese Press Coverage of “Citizens support Gonçalo Amaral”

Gonçalo Amaral support movement launches petition on the Internet

The movement “Citizens support Gonçalo Amaral”, the former Judiciária inspector who investigated the “Madeleine McCann” case, has informed today, Saturday, that it has placed two petitions online to deliver to the Portuguese Parliament, the European Parliament and the European Court of Human Rights.

In a press release, the “Citizens support Gonçalo Amaral” movement indicates that it has already placed two petitions on the internet and that the goal is to “support the constitutional right to Freedom of Expression, exercised in a responsible manner and without any other limits except those defined by law”.

“The first initiative by this movement is to place two petitions online – one for Portuguese citizens and foreigners that reside in Portugal, another one for foreign citizens, which we intend to submit, respectively, to the Portuguese Parliament, the European Parliament and the European Court of Human Rights”, reads the press release that was sent to the media today.

The movement “Citizens support Gonçalo Amaral” has appeared after the creation of a website that is titled “Project Justice Gonçalo Amaral”, whose purpose is to “return Freedom of Expression” to the former Polícia Judiciária inspector.

According to the movement, Gonçalo Amaral “has not done more than to publish, in a book, the report of a criminal investigation: a report that is based on facts and on the conclusions of an entire, vast team of investigators, as clearly results from the process itself, which has been made public already”.

Gonçalo Amaral’s book, “Maddie, the truth about the lie”, was published in 2008, but in September this year the Civil Court of Lisbon prohibited the sale of the book, whose subject is the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Madeleine McCann disappeared on the 3rd of May 2007, from the room where she was sleeping with her two younger twin siblings, in an apartment at the “Ocean Club” tourist resort in Praia da Luz.

On the 7th of September 2007, the child’s mother, Kate, and the father, Gerry McCann, were made arguidos.

Nonetheless, the authorities have never been able to establish was really happened to Madeleine McCann, and on the 21st of July 2008, the Attorney General’s Office announced the closing of the investigation and the archiving of suspicions against Gerry and Kate McCann.

The McCann family demands the payment of a compensation of at least 1.2 million euros from the former PJ inspector, over his statements about Madeleine’s disappearance, that are considered to be defamatory.

The movement for Gonçalo Amaral warns that “other actions will follow, always with the purpose of supporting the “constitutional right to Freedom of Expression”.

Portuguese News Agency Lusa, 14.11.2009

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  1. Excellent, the more publicity for this the better.

  2. I'm so happy! Good news! I was a bit afraid that this movement would be ignored by the press, that they wouldn't want any involvement.It's so good to see that it wasn't the case, in this way it will reach a great number of people who agree and support Dr. Amaral's views but do not visit the blogs, only read whatever news comes in the papers and would be ignorant of this wonderful initiative. I hope that this will start the signatures rolling in by the thousands.

  3. all good things come to an end

    good things=cash in fund

    end=truth for Madeleine

    Joana/Astro, well done.....without your hard work, this couple would have got away 'Scot-free' (as we say in UK).......

    McCanns will be found out.....guilty

  4. Goncalo Amaral has only quoted his belief/opinion based on the police investigation and its finding's. With absolutely no evidence to support abduction, the parent's involvement must be taken into consideration. There is evidence to prove they were negligent in the protection of their children by leaving them unsupervised. Therefore, the possibility of an accident befalling Maddie in their absence has to be a consideration. The evidence that has been found, although not, irrefutable proof, does suggest an accident could well of taken place. The only persons with reason to conceal such an accident are the parent's because an accident of this nature would be proof of neglect/abandonment, an imprisonable offence in Portugal?
    Until such time as abduction can be proved beyond doubt, the parents involvement must be a consideration.
    Goncalo Amaral doesn't accuse, he suspects, Thats not defamation?

  5. so encouraging to see so much press on goncalo side

  6. Just Hope THE fund is not going to Pay THE 1,2 milion to THE mccanns.....

  7. Support Gonçalo Amaral in any possible way!
    The truth about what happened to Madeleine should be known to the all world! For everyone not to be afraid to speak!

  8. Wonderful. Que bela chapada na Sandra Felgueiras e na RTP que fizeram campanha pro-Mccann e ainda nao tiveram a coragem de divulgar ao mundo ( atraves da RTPi e da RTPafrica) a existencia destas peticoes. BELO SERVICO PUBLICO DE INFORMACAO, que deixa de fora a vontade de milhoes de portugueses pelo mundo que nao acreditam na teoria do rapto ( ate porque nao tem o suporte de qualquer evidencia) e amam Portugal, acreditando que e um pais seguro onde as criancas nao sao raptadas ou traficadas.

  9. Estou encantada to see the support Dr.Amaral is getting from the Portuguese media.The leates mccanns circus in Portugal trying to "buy" the portuguese media is NOT bearing the fruits they did expect.Shame on their libel lawyer and their new mediatic "army". GO and hide!
    After all it is the Portuguese Constitution which is at stake,THEIR constitution.
    Not only the truth about Madeleine's "disappearance" must be known but it has also become now imperative for people -in this instance Dr.Amaral- to preserve their freedom of expression.
    This injunction is pushing people to a revolt in the true sense of the word.
    Força Portugal!
    Força Dr.Amaral and Family! and an enormous thank you for the team who has started this action.

  10. How many people have signed the Portuguese petition?
    Or where does one click to find out?

  11. Anonymous nº 10 the Portuguese petition has exactly at this moment 533 signatures, the link to see the number is http://www.peticaopublica.com/PeticaoListaSignatarios.aspx?pi=PJGA

    The International petition currently has 463 and the link to view the signatures is http://gonaral.epetitions.net/signatures.php?petition_id=947

  12. Well, Joana, that is great.

    Thank you for posting this news.I hope the McCanns have seen it already.
    I invite you all to search a short interview of Jim Gamble on Sunday Express, the One Minute for Madeleine+ some few words of Gamble's himself.
    He tells it is the first time the CEOP makes such a kind of video, directed to the person close to the ofender.
    The Mccanns must regret they ever asked for it.
    Too much to the point.

  13. This is seriously great news, especially if the people of PT and the UK are going to donate to a legal fund to support Mr Amaral.
    I hope this fund is for Mr Amarals legal side and not the libel 1.2m Euros the Mccann are hoping to get their sweaty palms on.

  14. "...on the 21st of July 2008, the Attorney General’s Office announced the closing of the investigation and the archiving of suspicions against Gerry and Kate McCann."

    it's just so simple and easy, isn't it? Why are the British press not able to report the truth in the same way?

    Thanks to Joana & team for bringing us this news, and thanks to all involved for making this initiative happen. Here's hoping for the best outcome from this for the admirable Sr. Amaral, and that justice for little Madeleine will finally follow.
    :) E

  15. This is great news - well done to Joana and Co.

    The British press must follow suit - there is absolutely no reason why reporting this could be considered defamatory - its only reporting that a petition has been started for Amaral, and its true - it has.

    I also have concerns that if I donate to his fund that it won`t end up being paid to the Narcissists.

    So pleased for Amaral - he`s so gorgeous as well ! Whoops should I not have said that - just being female !


  16. Louise, the solidarity account is not in the name of Mr. Amaral therefore the McCanns will not be able to seize or or take any legal action against the defence 'fund'.

  17. Anon 16, not only is Mr Amaral gorgeous, but so is his wife. The news about the petition should be in all the British newspaper to show a more objective approach to this case by the British press.

  18. personally I have no problem with Sr Amaral stating his thesis. But if a person feels there is libel in that thesis against them, takes it to court and that libel is confirmed, they should be protected by the rules explained by the same declaration of human rights and free speech which ensure that those rights are practiced responsibly.

    What sort of free speech do you want? Total non censorship? Even when it abuses the human rights of others? That isn't democracy.

    You could say Sr Amaral had his cake, but wanted to eat it as well.

  19. http://thecouncilchamber.blogspot.com/2009_11_01_archive.html

    The Council Chamber Blog has set up a new site called 'The Maddie Mystery'..They have realised there is still a lot of interest in this case. Therefore please drop in from time to time and leave your thoughts.

  20. http://www.maddiemystery.blogspot.com/

    Direct link to Councillor Blogs new 'Maddie Mystery site.'

  21. I hope they are dying with jealousy to see the amount of support GA is receiving without mentionning the cash people will put in this fund for HIM against THEM.
    They must think "oh....no! all that cash we cant grab"! jeje
    They must know about this action, they know about it but cant say anything at all nor DO anything at all,can they?nor did they expect anything of the sort.....surprise,surprise.....may be they will try to squizz a "new lead" or a "new sighting" but somehow I doubt it.....too late for this. They have been strangely quiet recently.....mmmmm

  22. Il faudrait que cela soit publié dans d'autres pays européens.

  23. Hi ModNrodder,

    These great news of support for Goncalo Amaral are clearly not of your liking.

    However, The Truth of the Lie being a mere repository of the official files, the McCanns should have taken the Portuguese State to court in the first place. GA just splashed it in the book. And he did it very well. If the book is libelous, so are the official files. Only the McCanns don't dare to sue the Portuguese state because their action would backfire.

    And as to the eating of the cake, I thing the McCann couple are far greedier than GA. Their hunger for money is endless...

  24. I believe the McCanns may have caused their own downfall by overdoing their arrogance and viciousness, as the case now has implications which will continue to mobilise large numbers of people around the world.

    Say, God forbid, the child of one of us disappears while in a holiday resort. Is it acceptable to have a police investigation
    stopped short, without even identifying somebody carrying a child around that time (the Smith sighting), because of political
    interference? NO. Removing the main investigator for no good reason and archiving investigations prematurely because somebody doesn't like them IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

    Say, we have a friend or relative who writes an opinion in a book or magazine, based on actual facts, that somebody doesn't like.
    Is it acceptable to have the book banned and his assets frozen (so that he does not have the means to defend himself) as a "precautionary" measure, to guarantee that the other party will not risk losing any money?

    I could go on.

    The way that the case was handled was almost as nefarious as the crime itself.
    And, unless we do something about it, it sets precedents that may harm ANY of us.

  25. I personally hope Amaral gets money to fund his case so that he can defend himself. Better for all that he loses in court than to lose by default! Forca Amaral lol

  26. Amazing press coverage in Portugal so far. Keep up the good work. On a side note: why does the portuguese judiciary release the files on DVD but bans a book citing from it? Maybe because Amaral added the possible interference by Gordon Brown?

  27. The McCanns are reported as saying, "Mr Amaral's central thesis has no evidence whatsoever to support it." we wonder how the expertise of a Senior Detective and his team can be less reliable than that of two professional adults who chose to leave their three very young children unattended whilst they went out on an evening of drink and food. luis jersey

  28. One must ask if any information provided by Mr Amaral is not the truth owing to his tracked record and his suspended sentence for falsifying evidence....Why do so many people believe this man when he has convictions behind him.

  29. Só faltou foi pelo menos a Imprensa digital colocar o link para o blog e a petição, mas é a excelência do jornalismo que temos hoje e vá lá... no Reino Unido ainda é pior.

  30. 23 Jo, They know about it and have their blog monkeys working on it.
    They are trying to get the fund carter rucked. People should not give money to liars according to the Pros. Have your list of lies the McCanns have told at the ready!!


  32. O número 27 aqui tem um teclado de computador semelhante ao meu.

  33. The Maccanns from day 1 of this case, have been out to save their own skin, they don't forget stood by and watched Robert Murat take the blame they are still out to save their own skin lies lies and more lies, they hide behind a little innocent child, who is most probably lying in Portugal discarded like rubbish,how can Kate Maccann live with her self she carried that child for 9 months has she no feelings for her she is worse than her husband, A very evil dangerous pair.
    Little Madddie is better away from them.

  34. It's very good news that this petition is being mentioned in the Portuguese Press. I doubt very much that it will me mentioned in the British press though. Sadly. However, how about the rest of the European Press? Do you think it would be a good idea to send a copy/link to the petition to the main newspapers in Spain, France, Germany.. etc If they publish it at least it would attract more signatures.. Just a thought.

  35. to Anonymous 29
    It is true that GA's thesis has, strictly speaking, "no evidence to support it" (otherwise the McCs wouldn't be free in UK), but only strong presumptions. Now, The McCs' thesis (the abduction) has "some evidence to support it", that is the Smith sighting. Logically then why do the MccS loose time silencing GA when they should energically explore the Smith lead ?

  36. Anon 29

    The idiotic comments they come out with!

    So they say there is no evidence to support the book. The book is an account of the investigation, not fable, it is backed up by fact. Readers can judge for themselves McCanns. Stop trying to control everything.

    Yet there are people still thinking because the McCanns are doctors they can do no wrong, and the detective who has written the book is bad for daring to say anything different to what they say.

    Have these people completely lost their common sense?

    Dr Amaral is not the one who left his kids alone while he went out for the night resulting in serious harm coming to one of them.

    Nor would he.


    Because he is a responsible, caring person, who would think about the safety and needs of a small child and put that first.

  37. Is there a problem with the Portuguese petition?

    Safari can’t open the page “http://www.peticaopublica.com/?pi=PJGA%20” because Safari can’t find the server “www.peticaopublica.com”

    Safari can’t open the page “http://www.peticaopublica.com/” because Safari can’t find the server “www.peticaopublica.com”.

  38. Apologies if I am being dense but I can't find a 'DONATE' button on the “Project Justice Gonçalo Amaral” website. Would someone direct me please.

    Mr B

  39. perhaps there should be a BIG BANNER on the top of each page stateing that content of the book THR TRUTH OF THE LIE is taken from the official files,just for the idiots who still say that the mccanns are innocent.but the thing that puzzle me the most is that those idiots never mention madeleine in there posts,i wonder why?

  40. Just a brief reminder: - it was the investigators from the BRITISH POLICE that came to Algarve to work with the PJ that suggested the bringing of the cadaver and blood scent dogs, due to the amount of damning evidence that was being collected and that pointed to a possible accidental death, with the concealment of the corpse, either by the parents and their friends or by person(s) unknown.
    It was also one of those BRITISH POLICE OFFICERS who said that back in England he had had people arrested with less evidence! But unfortunately it all happened in Portugal, not in England...

    And to #20, of course, they have the right to take legal action against someone, if they feel there's reason to,that they are being insulted, wrongly accused, etc. ..., what they don't have the right to is to prevent the accused of defending themselves on an equal base, by having that person's assets frozen, by taking away their livelihood, in an despicable attempt to force them to agreeing to out-of-court settlements! It would be very convenient, wouldn't it? Getting all that money and never giving a chance to other part to have his/her day in court and expose their reasons, heh? Well, I'm afraid that it is not going to happen...it will be a first, but the McCanns just have to be prepared to step inside a portuguese court if they want the "evil" Dr. Amaral reduced to poverty!

  41. Hi all,

    I'm an atheist but can't avoid repeating the words of Jesus:
    "Nothing is hidden that will not be made known, nor secret that will not come to light".

    Let us live in hope, and all the best to GA.

  42. Mr. B, everything will be ready soon - you won't miss it.

    Anonymous 39, the petition site in PT is working: 629 signatures on the PT petition, 490 on the International. Maybe they have some kind of filter for international IP's? I'll send them an email today asking about that issue.

    To the anonymous asking about Sandra Felgueira interview on the RTP morning talk show 'Praça da Alegria' I finally recoded the asf to avi. Today I'll publish that video here.

    thanks to all, have a wonderful day :)

  43. Massive interference in a criminal investigation on behalf of McCann by the British government. Direct contact of the British prime minister with the suspected parents and with the Portuguese government even after serious doubts concerning those parents has been raised by British diplomatic staff. Replacement of said diplomatic staff shortly afterwards and refusal to disclose related documnents under the Freedom of Information Act. Removal of the Portuguese detective leading the investigation at Brown's request and campaign of false accusations and farcical judicial processes calculated to destroy his reputation. Now, banning of his book and seizure of his assets to destroy his life. This is not a conspiracy theory it is a conspiracy.

  44. Anon. 43, where did Jesus say that?

  45. Speaking about Jesus, somewhere in Brazil, a poster on a church wall, annoucing lectures:
    Today, Friday: Jesus walk on water.
    Next Friday: Searching for Jesus.

  46. The Judicial System in Portugal is well known for its Masonry connections. It is about time these guys be excluded from any public service, jobs (quote). So, no wonder the Macs have been able to sail around smoothly. This country used to be known as the 3 Fs Fado Fatima and Futebol. Well Mr Socrates, people are not so dumb any more and all the likes of you together with Ms Isabel Duarte, are deja vue. Let them bite the dust.

  47. Fernis - I tend to disagree with the saying about things hidden coming to light, especially where the `establishment` are concerned. I doubt the truth will ever come out about Diana or David Kelly or the many dark secrets from history. Who was Jack the Ripper, we don`t know for sure even though Patricia Cornwell is convinced it was Walter Sickert. Things don`t always come to light - even if the general population `know`, the Establishment always cover it up - they hold the power.


  48. Hi anonymous 46,

    Checked it out for you. Luke 8, The Parable of the Sower. Now, exactly where I can't say, satellite was not directed to the spot on that day (or was it night?).

  49. Hi Louise,

    I know and agree with you, but sometimes you must keep thinking positive. And in this case it is this positiveness that is moving us on, isn't it?

  50. Fernis - good for you for being positive - its hard, but I`ll try !
    Power to the People, eh !


  51. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1228178/Behind-scenes-X-Factor-finalists-record-charity-single-video-Great-Ormond-Street.html

    Hello Joana, as you know not much good comes from England and the helping of children. I thought I would post this , it is from the young X factor finalists. Scroll down the page for the video...

    The song is called ' You are not alone'...It is a well made video and I hope that it goes straight to No.1 ..All proceeds will go to. 'Londons Great Ormand Street Childrens Hospital'

  52. There are now over 1000 signatures on the two petitions. How many needed before the British press take note. I can`t see anything in our press today - do the British press know? Maybe they`re waiting for more signatures. If they don`t comment, their objectivity will definitely be suspect.


  53. Louise said : "There are now over 1000 signatures on the two petitions. How many needed before the British press take note."

    Imo over 1000 signatures is a drop in the ocean. Unless this petition comes up with many 1000s of signatures all it is showing is the general lack of interest in the McCann affair and precious little support for Dr. Amaral or fighting for the principle of free speech. Easy to dismiss participants as a bunch of internet cranks. It's a disappointing showing by any standards.


  54. Joana, what about that millionair from Texas?
    Could he eventually help Amaral aswell?

    And I repeat the story of the two Texans, impressing each other that one of them was much richer than the other:

    -If at 5am, in the early morning, in my farm, I get in my truck and start driving, at 12.00 o'clock in the night I still did not reach the border of my neighbour's farm.

    -Yeaah, I once had a truck like that too.

  55. Joana,

    Vous allez me trouver pessimiste mais comme depuis le début l'affaire étant davantage politique que criminelle (Amaral qui connaît le dossier mieux que personne, ne peut pas l'ignorer) il n'est même pas certain qu'il gagne un procès contre la famille.(s'il y a un faisceau d'indices qui désigne les parents, ce ne sont pas des preuves formelles, c'est ce que la famille mccann ne cesse de répéter depuis le début).
    Mais d'un autre côté, les Mccann très sensibles à leur réputation ne souhaiteront certainement pas se laisser traîner en justice par Amaral aussi leurs avocats leur conseilleront de lâcher du lest et peut-être d'abandonner leurs poursuites contre Amaral. A mon avis cela pourrait se négocier en petit comité.
    Ces signatures sont donc très importantes : elles représentent un contre-poids et c'est pourquoi il en faudrait beaucoup, beaucoup plus.
    Pourquoi pas lancer un appel afin que ceux qui ont déjà signé la pétition fassent signer au moins dix personnes de leur connaissance !!!
    Danielle W-M

  56. Anonymous 49
    Yes you are correct re Kelly/Diana, but when you have such a large amount of people involved in something so serious as this is, I do have a feeling something will come out especially if the PJ or Amaral have something up their sleves, then you will have them squealing many of them wanting to save their own necks,imo this is what will happen I have no doubt about that.

  57. Hi Louise, they know, they choose not to report at the moment. When is the PR of the Mccanns due to start in Portugal does anybody know?.

  58. Hi Louise
    I am not surprised our UK Press are still not taking this story up, we have had a closed shop for a long time now, imo its going to take alot more signitures on this petition befor they report it, and will it be honest reporting, I think not.

  59. The D Mail is reporting that a woman who left her young children alone for hours has walked free. There is a comment from someone called Hobnob who mentioned kids being left alone whilst on holiday and also going free. It is a great comment and the DM has printed it! Previously they would never print any comment like this so perhaps we might get to hear about the petition in the British press after all. Well done Hobnob and well done Daily Mail.

  60. An.54,

    The British media are gagged.
    They have to be careful for some more time, but not for very much longer.
    I think they would be the first ones wanting to publish this.
    But they have to wait till somebody goes to the police to tell what he knows or suspects .

  61. @Anonymous 48
    Please what are your sources about the Portuguese Judicial System having well known Masonry connections ? I'd rather say Opus Dei.

  62. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1228240/Mother-abandoned-children-home-24-hour-drink-drugs-binge-walks-free.html

    Well Joana, thats England and Justice for you.

  63. Is there any truth to a rumour circulating the internet today that there is an article in the paper version of today's 24 Horas newspaper listing Amaral's alleged debts and why his assets had to be seized? Thanks.

  64. The Judicial System in Portugal is well known for its Masonry connections. It is about time these guys be excluded from any public service, jobs (quote).

    Did you know that Jack Straw , Britain's justice minister has just scraped a law that was been in place for about twelve years,Judges no longer have to disclose if they are a mason.

  65. Will Mr. Amaral's case be heard - and decided - by a jury or only a judge? With so many conspiracy theories, I trust a jury of informed Portugese citizens to reach a proper conclusion.

  66. Anon 62
    So you are saying that the press gag exists for operational reasons?
    In which case maybe the closing of some "anti-McCann" internet sites may not be a bad thing either. I don't mean this site, but after 3As and madeleine foundation.org/Bennett/Stevo business it does make you wonder who's going to be next.

  67. This woman left her children alone while on a drinks and drugs binge. Now that is abandonment and she admitted it.

    The children were found in squaler. Dirty and hungry. Now that is neglect.

    She got away free. Now that is shameful.

    Nothing like tha McCanns at all and I'm sure you will forget this woman in a few hours. But then the McCanns are more usful for you to exploit considering the high publicity.

    Did anyone read 24 Horas today? Amarals considerable debts?

    I'm taking bets to see if this post will be.......ahum, censored or not.

  68. The Masonry connections around the Portuguese Judicial System and not only there are common knowledge and no secret at all and I think it would be about time to end that because it seems very undemocratic and not appropriate in a modern society. No Freemasons in powerful positions could be the next petition.

  69. Is anyone ever going to challenge Gerry's assertion that evidence has shown cadaver dogs to be ''very unreliable'' ?

    That is not my understanding of the situation at all.

    Typical that no British journalist had the balls to ask the question

  70. ModNrodder, Joana is not in the busines of censoring as you can see. You have lost your bet. The Mccanns have exploited their 3 year old child and continue to do so on a daily basis. I shall not forget this young woman who abandoned her children and yes even though she is very young and addicted to drugs there are no excuses.I shall not forget any parent who claims their child was taken from their bed and later evidence proves that this is not the case. No one has ever accused the Mccanns of harming their child . This is Mccann propaganda, the Mccanns know what happened to Madeleine along with a few of their chosen friends.

    What do GAs debts if true have to do with Madeleine ?

  71. ModNrodder - you keep coming back.

    This woman that you refer to is as despicable as the McCanns, and has been slated today in the press.

    She probably will be forgotten by most people soon though, as you say, because, fortunately her children are all alive and survived being left alone.

    The McCann case is somewhat different. Surely you can see that. Surely you do not believe that Madeleine was abducted. If you do, then this is not really the place for you

    What do Amarals debts have to do with this. The McCanns could not afford to pay their mortgage, right at the beginning of this, and took money from the pretend charity fund. The McCanns started this pretend charity-private company within days of their daughters alleged abduction. *This*Is*Not*Normal*Behaviour* no matter how you look at it.

    I could go on, but perhaps you are a lost cause. I do feel that the so called anti-McCanns are the free thinkers, prepared to find out for ourselves rather than believe what the McCanns and our so called media spoon feed us. If you do even the slightest bit of research, you cannot fail to have serious doubts about their innocence.

    Perhaps you should!

  72. The 24 horas article is a rehash of the Expresso newspaper article published on 28 Oct. 2009 - link bellow


  73. Mãe de criança desaparecida detida por tráfico humano
    16h03m - Jornal Noticias

    foto The Fayetteville Observer/AP

    Polícias procuram criança desaparecida

    A mãe de uma menina norte-americana de cinco anos, que está desaparecida há uma semana, foi presa e acusada de tráfico humano, abuso infantil e prostituição.

    A criança, de nome Shaniya Davis, desapareceu na terça-feira passada em Fayetteville, estado da Carolina do Norte. A polícia foi avisada pela própria mãe, que alegou que a filha teria sido levada da casa onde a família morava.

    No entanto, as autoridades descobriram um vídeo de uma câmara de vigilância de um hotel na cidade de Sanford que mostra um homem transportando Shaniya nos braços para dentro de um quarto. O homem entregou-se à polícia, depois de ter sido denunciado por um funcionário da unidade hoteleira, e admitiu ter estado com a criança no hotel, mas diz agora desconhecer o paradeiro de Shaniya, que vivia com a mãe apenas há três semanas. Antes, morava com o pai.

    A criança continua desaparecida e procurada pela polícia de Fayeteville e FBI.

    Nao sei o que passa pela cabeca destas maes sem coracao, para quem os filhos nao passam de objectos para usar e descartar de acordo com a conveniencia do momento. Nao fosse o video que traiu a mae e ajudou a policia, tinhamos aqui mais uma historia de rapto, fabricada, vendida aos Media para alimentar as emocoes do publico, enquanto a mae se iria divertindo num jogo de "caca ao rato" com a policia. E la viria a repeticao de Maddie e Cailee com campanhas, Fundos e acusacoes a policia que desconfiou das inconsistencias no primeiro depoimento da mae e do lapso temporal entre a hora a que a crianca foi dada como desaparecida e a hora a que a polica foi alertada. MAIS UM CASO A PROVAR COMO SAO RELEVANTES AS ESTATISTICAS CRIMINAIS QUE DEMONSTRAM QUE SAO OS PAIS, OS PRINCIPAIS AGRESSORES DAS CRIANCAS.

    Wonder to see if the Mccann's will talk about that missing girl... WHy not sending a message of suport to her mum?

  74. Shaniya Davis Found Dead Along Highway in North Carolina
    EmailWritten by Deena on Nov-16-09 8:38pm
    Shaniya Davis' body was found alongside a North Carolina highway near her hometown, sources said this morning. The 5-year-old had been missing almost a week. Her mother, 25-year-old Antoinette Nicole Davis was due in court today after she was charged with human trafficking and child prostitution this weekend.

    Antoinette Nicole Davis' daughter Shaniya was found dead. (abcnews.go.com)
    Police spokesperson Theresa Chance said there had been tips about sightings of the little girl alive, but her body was found along Interstate 87. She was last seen with Mario Andrette McNeill, her mother's ex-boyfriend, on a surveillance video at a hotel last week. McNeill is being charged with the kidnapping and is being held on $100,000 bond.

    Clarence Coe was initially arrested in the case, but was released and is said to have helped identify McNeill.

    Davis' other child, a 7-year-old boy was removed from the house and put in foster care. Sources say that human trafficking of people's own children is "extreme," especially at such a young age.

    Shaniya's father Bradley Lockhart said the girl had lived with him up until last month, and that she was the product of a one-night stand with Antoinette.

  75. I would suggest that people look at the way the head of a 'shoot to kill' policy by British establishment agents in N Ireland was treated. John Stalker was discredited and then takin off the investigation because he was establishing the truth and ready to disclose his findings. The similiarity between the 'dirty tricks' being employed on G Amaral is very striking.

  76. Annonymous you say if I believe in the viability of abduction and keeping hope alive that Madeleine is alive and well, then this is not the place for me? So much for free speech then. Who is this the place for then? People with conditional justice?

    I see a admin of sites signing this free speech petition. Admin and members who champion justice for Madeleine, as long as there are conditions such as considering 'Abduction' being censored. Is that hypocrocy?

    Poor Madeleine, how unjust that people have turned this into a political competition. A theory competition and ignorance of putting Madeleine first above justice for anyone else.

    Justice sees no boundaries and only looks for the truth. When it finds it then that is justice. Remove the boundery from your own eyes before looking into someone elses to judge them guilty.

  77. ModNrodder - the 22 year old mother at least admitted the abandonment, the Macs never did that, her children were found dirty and hungry, i.e. not sleeping as oppose to ...

  78. Hi ModNrodder,

    I am very interested to hear just how you believe an abduction actually took place.

    This is a question I have asked many times to the very few people who support the McCann's, but guess what? I never get an answer.

    Please tell me what evidence there is of an abduction?

    You see, on the other hand, there is plenty of evidence to support the theory of a cover up, as has been well documented in both Portuguese and British Police files.

    It is a fact that the case is only shelved by the Portuguese and the McCann's have not been cleared.

    I fear that, despite the evidence to hand to support a cover up, without a body none of that evidence is completely backed up. Now it would be sufficient in many other cases for defendants to be charged, but in this particular case political interference has seen the case shelved for the meantime.

    Anyway, again please inform what evidence there is of an abduction?

  79. ModNrodder

    Take the blinkers off.

    Explain the indications of the cadaver and blood dogs, the best in the world.

    The cadaver scent behind the settee with blood under the tile in the same place indicating a dead body having been there at some time or other.

    Can you explain this, or do you choose to ignore it?

    Who died there previous to Madeleine going missing?

    Answer is NOBODY.

    So where is the cadaver and who did it belong to?

    Are we explected to completely ignore the dogs findings because the McCanns discard them as it does not suit their scenario?

    As I already said, take the blinkers off, take a look around, you might end up having a change of mind.

  80. ModNrodder,

    It's nothing to do with free speech, as you can see, you are welcome here, you can say what you like, but here, we tend to have read the facts, and not just skim the surface.

    There is No, Zilch, Zero, evidence of an abduction. Absolutely none. You can discount Jane Tanner - and you will if you read the facts.

    There are at least 30,000 pages of an in depth investigation with plenty of evidence pointing to a death, a cover up, discrepancies in statements, refusing to answer questions, ignoring police requests, and intervention by the British government.

    Don't assume - read the facts. It is obvious from your posts so far that you have not done so.

  81. If there are newspaper reports about Amaral's debts, I would like that to be brought to this forum to discuss openly. Not doing so only gives the appearance that there is something to hide. We discuss the McCanns' financial behaviors and possible motivations regarding money. It is only fair that we pay attention to Sr. Amaral's situation, as well, and be allowed the opportunity to analyze it.

    Anyone can have financial problems and still be an honest person in their dealings personally and professionally.

    However, I think this should be addressed, considering that many people are now considering donating to a defense fund for his use.

    Sometimes, people are not what they seem to be, as we have recently been shown with regard to certain persons who have worked on behalf of getting the investigation facts out to the general public and having the case reopened.

    I think it is imperative that this issue be addressed and would also request that Sr. Amaral issue a statement here regarding his possible indebtedness.

  82. Hi LJC. It's in the files!!

    The files show that no crime has been established therefore for the investigative mind all theories are on the table, including abduction.

    Also for the investigative minds, proving the crime suspected is the usual way. Not proving a crime which was not committed.

    So here we have the files, no crime, shelved.

    Yet some say, so here we have the files, a crime, identity of criminals, case shelved.

    Case shelved? Sorry guys if you think a case is shelved when there is allegedly conclusive evidence of a crime then get off the case and back to your desks writing the next edition of the X files. Or campaign party politics when it's nearer election time.

    Meanwhile dont forget Madeleine. The alive Madeleine, the perhaps against the odds but possibly alive Madeleine. Dont give up on her while you consider everything else that gives up on alive Madeleine.

  83. Anon@ post 82.

    Oh I have read the same facts as you. I just dont fill in gaps that aren't there or read into meanings that were not meant.

    How do I back that up? The PJ files backs me up.

    The archiving of the Process concerning Arguidos Gerald Patrick McCann and Kate Marie Healy, because there are no indications of the practise of any crime under the dispositions of article 277 number 1 of the Penal Process Code.

  84. Today's 24horas is almost a verbatim copy of the Expresso newpaper
    http://aeiou.expresso.pt/tribunal-fica-com-jaguar-de-goncalo-amaral=f544234, there's a 'wonderful-full-of-quality-without-errors-translation' made at rosiepops forum and is published on various other forums. http://tinyurl.com/yk57xte

  85. If you mean the facts as in corroborative evidence then you can discount everything or discount nothing. The files show that there is much but yet nothing, cavader but not cavader, lies but no lies, sightings but non sightings, truths and untruths, crime but no crime, zero plus One, minus one = zero.

    The files ended with the conclusion that no crime could be established. Followed by a book which added value to the files and a campaign which added value and self publicity to the book and the files. Sorry but if you add value or remove value from what is there then it's not the files that you are looking at.

    The police need to be investigating a crime. Not the parents of a missing child.

    Leave your negative or cynical opinions aside for a moment. The McCanns are not the police and are trying to be positive, hopeful and united to keep on going on and as a family. They believe in abduction from what they have seen. It's an assumption that they have arrived at from there own journey through this. No matter what you think or believe. Please recognise that you may be wrong and these people deserve to be allowed to proceed in the only way they know how. Pleas leave them alone and leave the police to do their job.

    Thank you Joanna for allowing me to post. This is the last one tonight.

  86. The reliability of what is printed in 24Horas is close to none, they might start with a shred of truth,let's say 1% and develope a story from there, but a story of their own making, suiting their own agenda, a deeply distorted story, with a sensationalist title that ensures sales, that's the tabloid way!
    Does anyone still remember 24 Horas claim that Gerry McCann was not Madeleine's biological father and that they had even found out the real father somewhere in Manchester, I believe? Well, did they follow it up, printed an exclusive interview with the man, offered any tangible proof of their claim? No, they kept their readers waiting to this day...if you ask me about Madeleine's parents, well, I would sooner say that Kate is not the biological mother, despite what I read somewhere, that Gerry said "oh, she might look like Kate, but her personnality is certainly of a McCann", I cannot see any resemblance with Kate, but I certainly can see all the McCann features in Madeleine's face, I have no doubt she had McCann blood running in her veins.

  87. Sounds like another effort to discredit Dr Amaral.

    Somebody is desparate.

    Perhaps it would have been interesting to have a dec at the McCannns credit card payments (before the Fund of course).

    Bet they don't have any financial problems now.

    Handy to have your own personal fund like that, no worry about future mortgate payments for the McCanns.

  88. I don't understand why you do not publish and translate the articles on Amaral's alleged financial troubles here, on this site. There are plenty of media articles related to the McCann case that do not agree with your POV and yet you publish and translate them here and we read and comment on them. This subject is also related to the McCann case. Inconvenient as the timing may be for this to be published, I am sure I am not the only person who has supported Sr. Amaral who would like this matter addressed. If he deeply in debt, we should know about this to make up our own minds, not have our minds made up for us.

    Sofia Leal has painted a picture of frugal living in her family, living within their means, cutting costs to be able to pursue the cause of justice on behalf of Madeleine McCann. Is there more to the story?

    Please help us find out, Joana.

  89. If these reports of Sr. Amaral's indebtedness are not factual, it will be easy for Sr. Amaral to address this matter and set the record straight. He should be asked to do so, in my opinion. I would not be surprised at all if this is a further attempt to discredit him. However, ignoring it will not make it go away, either. We talked in depth about the Cipriano case and the attempts to frame him for allegedly covering up police brutality. Why should this be any different?

    Regardless of what the McCanns have or have not done, it does not mean those seeking to expose their lies should not have to answer questions, just because 'they didn't have to.'

    I will not keep hammering on about this. This will be my last post here on the subject unless and until until a related article is published here about it.

    I believe honesty and transparency is important for trust to be maintained.

  90. Quote "They believe in abduction from what they have seen". Yes, they have seen something and that something is something that they have seen.
    Quote "It is an assumption that they have arrived at from their own journey through this". That must have been the shortest journey -proclamatory cry on the night "they have taken her".

  91. If you do a search on this blog for "24Horas" and another for "Expresso" up will come many blog entries with translations of articles from these two publications. (The October 28 Expresso article on Amaral's finances is not included, however.)

    Therefore, the excuse that either of those papers is not reliable enough to report on what is in them doesn't wash.

    Okay, THIS is my last post on the subject. :)

  92. Jolie, bellow is the translation made at http://tinyurl.com/yk57xte, you can download the pdf's of both articles for comparison: the 24 horas article of 16 November 2009 http://www.scribd.com/document_downloads/22630291?extension=pdf and the Expresso newspaper article of 28 October 2009 http://www.scribd.com/document_downloads/22630726?extension=pdf, here is a forum were you can discuss this issue http://themaddiecasefiles.com/topic187-2200.html

  93. joaquim.m.oliveira@24horas.com.pt
    Portuguese newspaper 24horas today: The judge who ordered the seizure of the house and jaguar of former PJ inspector, rated a trail of debts, in a action of anticipation of the eventual sentence of compensation to Madeleine´s parents. The assets of Gonçalo Amaral was already precarious before the decision of the Civil Court of Lisbon, who last October ordered the arrest of the proceeds frfom the rights of copyright related with the sales of the book "Maddie - the truth of lie". Until May 19, 2008, hung over Gonçalo Amaral, two measures of attachment, an attachment of seize and tax / debts, which together amounted to 468, 4 thousand euros. According with a certificate signed by the 3rd Land Registry of Lisbon, with the date of 21st September of 2009, which 24horas had access - the former PJ inspector was noticed in those three actions by A.S. Amaral, by the National Treasury and also from the Bank of Espírito Santo. The first of those three actions, a seizure of the order of 129, 6 thousand euros, was brought at February 9th of 2005, referring to a "fact" verified in December 16th previous year. A.S. Amaral, and the applicant of the action was at the time, resident in na 3rd floor of Quinta da Mata, in Corroios (Seixal). 24horas could not locate him. At September 14th of 2006, new "nightmare to Gonçalo Amaral with the National Treasury to move forward with seize action of 16.996 euros. The day of May 19th of 2008 was a date of an even worst news. An action - another one - the seize by the Bank Espírito Santo (which belongs to BIC) against Gonçalo Amaral reaches the sum of 294.405 euros, plus with other 14,7 thousand as payment of expenses of the executive process, judged and ordered by a judge of Olhão´s Court. The Civil Court of Lisbon understood, once evaluated the finantial situation of Gonçalo Amaral, that if he becomes to be condemned as a result of the application of indemnization requested by Madeleine´s parents, does not offer guarantees of match it´s payment. It´s from that assessment that comes the decision of... arrest the house, the jaguar, the share of Amaral in the company Gonçalo Amaral Unipessoal Lda, and a third part of his salary as manager of the firm.

    House arrested:

    Amaral and his wife, Alexandra, had bought a house with 240 square metres on a land with a total area of 1145 square metres at Urbanização Cerro Azul, in Quelfes, Olhão - with 2 floors, 2 terraces, a pool and a garage - at October 25 of 2002. The house was registered only in Alexandra´s name, but, the registration communion marriage of acquired in which the married, dictated their arrest due to actions taxes against her husband. The couple payed for the house 204, 3 thousand euros, form which they move forward with na voluntary morgage, as a loan title, hired in that same day and near BIC, with the total value of 292,9 thousand euros. At october 31st of 2003, the demand another loan at the same bank, with the top value of 64, 5 mil euros.

  94. Retirement pension also under "pillage":

    That same house would be the target of a seize of 129,9 thousand euros demanded by A.S. Amaral in 2005 and would work with the same purpose on the next seize, the one at 2006, as a guarantee of payment of 16.996 euros to the National Treasury. But, there is more. Retired since June 2008, Gonçalo Amaral receives a pension by early retirement - after 26 years of service - of 2039 euros, but the Retirement Administration Office forces him to discount a sixth part of that value every month, until the value of that debt reaches the 10.505 euros. The former inspector payed five of those benefits until the beginning of October. He has yet 26 to pay. And yet... a certificate of debts of October 16th of 2009 at Finantial Service from Olhão which proves that Amaral owes to the Tax payer office a total of 13.426.7 euros. The debts (of 2006, 2007, 2009) has origin in fines, IRS, stamp duty and transfer tax. In a statement released in October 21, Amaral told that he feared to "be prevented of defending his reasons in court" due to the "higher costs of money" by the judicial action requested by the couple McCann. 24horas tried to get in touch with Amaral and his wife to clarify this situation. None of them answered the phone. Also none of them answered the written messages sent by 24horas.

    80 thousand for tv interview:

    At the end of april 2009, a correspondent of Five News requested an interview to Amaral. According to information gathered by 24horas, the British journalist received Amaral´s answer, but the interview, if granted, would have to be payed. Amaral issued that he would charge 80 thousand euros, also the same with other broadcasts including Portuguese tv channel TVI.

    Note: this is not my translation...

  95. From now own I only will trust the director of the CEOP.

    I don't care if his name is Gamble.

  96. Thank you, Joana, for taking the time to put the information here. Will you please keep us updated on this subject, as information becomes available? Particularly, if there are responses from Sr. Amaral?

  97. Scenario one
    A single mother, aged 22, with four children under the age of four. Alone, without the support of a partner. Clearly has problems, from which she seeks escape in drink and drugs. Leaves her children alone while she goes out for the evening. Children discovered dirty and hungry

    Result - all children unharmed, and now in a place of safety. Mother prosecuted, given suspended sentence, vilified in newspapers and on bulletin boards where she is referred to as 'scum', and told she should be sterilized. Is only allowed supervised access with her children. Her unharmed, all present and correct children.

    Scenario two
    Professional middle class couple aged 39. Three children under the age of four. Affluent, on holiday at family friendly resort with childcare facilities. Leave their children alone in unlocked premises four nights in a row, while they wine and dine with friends. During the evening, one of their children disappears.

    Result - child still missing two and a half years later. Police believe child to be dead.
    Parents declare their own behaviour to be 'responsible parenting'. Face no charges of neglect, and are the recipients of financial help from a 'fund' designed to find their child. Now self-styled celebrities, delivering keynote speeches at conferences. Their other children are allowed to remain with them. Anyone who questions their version of events likely to find themselves in court.

    Which scenario stinks more ??

    The behaviour of the young woman in the first scenario is completely reprehensible, but perhaps understandable given her circumstances

    The McCanns have no excuse. None.
    Whatever happened to their daughter, happened because THEY allowed it to. They have blamed everyone, bar themselves.

    I know to whom I would be applying the term ''scum''

  98. Hi ModNordder,

    Here is a place of freedmon of speech. The prouve it is that we read your posts.

    Instead of arguing against some of us, why did not you take this oportunnity to show us a SINGLE EVIDENCE OF AN ABDUCTION?

    Lets forgot what the dogs found, the unconsistent statements gave by Tapas 9 to the police and all the circus setted around a girl tragedy. Lets forgot aswell that she have been an innocent victim of continuous negligence during that SHORT Holidays. Did you notice that I highlight the word SHORT? For me, apart everything else, the holidays are too SHORT to allow a perfect abduction, planned by a strange. But, maybe I'm too stupid to understand ...There is no perfect crimes... if the police are free to work and the investigation follow's the logical tracks with help of the people which saw the girl at last.

    For more then 2 years, following since the beginning almost all news about the case, and after reading PJ Files and AMARAL book, I still not finding a single evidence of any abduction. Unless I consider Kate as the kidnaper because she left her fingerprint in the window. BUT I WOULD LIKE TO INVITE YOU TO SHOW US A SINGLE EVIDENCE OF AN ABDUCTION.
    Believe me... unlike the Tapas 9, we are not addicted to our feelings that Madeleine is dead, it is just what logically came out from a huge team of investigators from much more countrys then only Portugal or the UK. WE HAVE OPEN MINDS... IF YOU SHOW US ANY EVIDENCE TO SUPORT THAT MADELEINE WAS KIDNAPPED BY a STRANGE, MOST OF US WILL CHANGE OUR MINDS.
    The Tapas 9, they are addicted to their FANTASIST THEORY. Yes, it is FANTASIST because is based on a story setted up by them on the night Maddie disapeared and written down on the cover page of a story book which belongs to Madeleine. After that... Jane Tanner with her natural confidence to lie and have visions, come up with EGG-MAN, Maddie one day with blanket and another without, one day with pink pyjama and another with floral motives from Whinnie the Pooh AND WHAT AMAZE'S ME.... SHOWING MURAT, AS THE KIDNAPPER, TO THE POLICE. THEN... Was the Egg-man or was Murat? We should take in account that Jane Tanner made all that fantasy few days after May 3, 2007, when her memory must be very fresh and before RUNAWAY TO England. Yes, she too, was one of the first to RUNAWAY from the HOT place. Maybe she missed alot the cold foggy days of a spring UK.

  99. Regarding Amaral's suposed debits and " 24 Horas" newspaper. I don't know if his debits are real or made-up to discredit his honestity as a man and a professional. No matter... because this have absolutly nothing to do with Madeleine and what hapenned to her. When Madeleine disapeared, Amaral was just an anonymous and competent inspector of PJ with several prouves gave by more then 20 years of work and some delicate and mediatic cases solved. I just remember apart Cipriano case, the case of the French brothers which killed the owner of a Katamaran, the case was caleed INTERMEZZO. In both cases, Cipriano and intermezzo, nobody from the public knows the name, the face, the team, working on that cases. We start knowing Amaral and his involvement on Maddie case when the British papers start publishing articles about him with Poor journalism and a great bad taste of sensacionalist insults. An example of what journalism must be not made for.

    We should remember that Aragao Correia and Metodo 3 assumed that they are payed to investigate Amaral's private life. this is a crime in portugal, wonder why The Ministerio Public ignored something so serious claimed in public( was published in some newspapers). On top of that, Amaral's dog was killed, is neighbour house was assaulted and some papers disapeared( at the time it was reported that who went inside Amaral's neighour house, get confused, they think was amaral house). And... something which we never talk about but for me, can be related... Malinka car was destroyed with fire and left with Words writen on the street floor " FALA" which mean's "SPEAK". Why was Malinka car destroyed? CONT.

  100. You guys are going to have to get busy if you want to get enough votes for Sr Amaral - perhaps get your grannies to vote too.

    Look, even old Jeremy Clarkson got nearly 50,000 signatures, when a Downing Street website poll demanded he become Prime Minister.


  101. CONT. Recently, The "Face Oculta" case revealed a dark face of the Ministerio Publico and the STJ, two TOP JUSTICE DEPARTEMENTS, which are suposed to work on the behalf of the best for the country, but looks more like that they are there to protect some people and hide evidences. I just wonder, if what was done with Amaral, hapenned... I don't go so far to say with PM, but lets just say with one minister or even with a popular artist or a management of a bank or a public enterprise? Will be classified as a crime of persecution, conspiracy and much, much more. I can just think that somebody in the high positions in JUSTICE WANT'S TO DESTROY AMARAL with blindness of the authorities which is not acceptable and WE, THE PUBLIC, WE MUST FIGHT AGAINST THAT STRATEGY WITH PETITIONS AND ALL KIND OF SUPORT WE CAN, FINANCIAL and JUDICIAL, GOING TO THE HIGHEST COURTS IN EUROPE WHERE CORRUPTION CANNOT REACH. Because in portugal there is corruption in justice... Will take more then 30 years of responsable democracy to clean-up all the corruption which was instaled during the previous 30 years after April 1974. Yesterday, Manuela Moura Guedes writen on a blog, a pertinent question: Where is THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC? She was also a journalist gagged and victim of persecution...THE AUTHOR OF AMARAL'S PETITION MUST SEND HER THE LINK OF THE PETITION TO ASK HER IF SHE CAN JOIN OUR FIGHT... We are on the same boat... we want transparence.
    I'm not shocked with "24 horas" or "Espresso" publishing the private life of Amaral. This is a mirror of how poor are this two papers, everyday classified more as tabloids then serious papers. This is why they are loosing public and over time, less and less public will buy them. "24 Horas" still not having Amaral Story on their on-line edition, I just confirmed it after reading Jolie post here. Wonder WHY? They don't take the risk of been vilified by the comments of the public. Very covard attitude... By the way, " 24 Horas" was one of the portuguese papers whch the Mccann's always claim to sue... but till now, nothing hapenned... they change their minds? And Levy, is now working as a freelancer to "24 horas"? AMAZING WHEN WE START SETTING THE DOMINO...

    If Amaral has debits, this add nothing to what he is as a man and a police. He just falls on the same bag as many portuguese familys which work honestly but did not get ennough incomes to suport what the banks ask for their mourtages. If he was a corrupted man, maybe he will get his problems solved years ago, just negociating some profites to drop Madeleine case. This is how corruptors work... they have no feelings, no thoughts, no face. LEAVE THIS MAN ALONE, HE SUFFERS ALREADY A LOT, PERAPHS much more then the Mccann's which lost their girl because of their neglect behaviour day after day.

  102. Bridget,
    Did you know why the 4 kids of that single 22 years old mother are found alive and not harmed? BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT UNDER CALPOL NIGHT OR WHATEVER OTHER DRUG CAN BE.

    A child on their plen faculty's always fight and survived even in the most worse scenary. Lets believe an abduction for a secound: Maddie or the twins awake will fight and cry before the kidnap even went the room to plan anything. He will be under so streesed situation that his intentions will end-up as a collection of mistakes with all Resort out to see what is going on in the flat 5A.
    Unfortunnatly, day after day, the new cases will show us that the calpol night was the problem for MADELEINE...

  103. ModnRodder

    You have a peculiar interpretation of what is in the files and in the conclusions of the investigation. An interpretation that suits your agenda, whatever it may be. Unfortunately for you, the McCanns DID neglect their children several nights ia a row so that they could go dine and wine, and their abduction claim is, in all probability, a cover-up (as you very well know). Until they come up with credible evidence that Madeleine "was taken", we will stick to what is in the files, wether you like it or not. We just hope, that if, or when the case is reopened, they interview immediately the Smiths and the Gaspars. The dogs have already left their deposition.

  104. What the freak is going on?
    What are they doing to Dr.Amaral?? x(
    Are the mcScum HAPPY with this outrageous demolition of this man AND his family????
    Is anything that comes near them destroyed?Do they rub their filthy handsz with glee?
    They can start praying, yes ,they can.....

  105. jOANA,

    Os autores das Peticoes deveriam anuncia-las nos jornais do Brazil de maior tiragem como "O GLOBO" ou a "FOLHA DE S. PAULO". A comunidade brazileira que ficou chocada com o caso de Isabela, segue o caso Maddie desde o inicio e esta solidaria com Portugal mas nao sabe nem esta informada sobre as Peticoes.
    O mesmo acontece com uma larga comunidade arabe que vive em paises onde as campanhas dos Mccann chegam, nao acreditam no rapto, mas nao sabem que ha peticoes a lutar pela liberdade de expressao e pela justica e a verdade. Perdoa-me esta intromissao, mas acho que no caso dos paises arabes, os autores das Peticoes deviam contactar o " GULF NEWS" do Dubai que e um jornal de grande tiragem entre os paises arabes. A peticao pode ser publicitada em Ingles, Arabe e Frances. Seria bom aproveitarem este momento em que o Dubai esta a organizar o Campeonato do Mundo de Futebol de Areia e a Seleccao Portuguesa tem tido um excelente resultado. Pode ser que alguem com poder economico no mundo arabe se toque e apoie a causa, ate porque xenofobamente, o raptor apareceu sempre conotado ao mundo arabe.

    Bom dia e Bom trabalho!

  106. How can anybody trust anything the media says about the finances of those who are looking for the truth for Madeleine.

    Look at how they have tried to portray Tony by saying he had made money and was committing fraud, etc. All because DB did not keep a confidence and it then was told to CM and McCanns lawyers that Tony had money.

    Then it has turned out it is Tony's own money saved from his work as a lawyer over the years. The Team McCann will stop at nothing to discredit people like Tony and Dr Amaral.

    As for you Jolie wanting all this information, if I remember rightly you were not long ago directing people to the raptor sight to read about the feud between DB and Tony.

    Last time I looked they were telling a load of lies. I should know because they had included me in that twisting of words. It was pure spin, which is what the Team McCann and the one who lies through every tooth in his mouth, CM, (says the PJ), are specialists in.

    Need I say more!

    Leave Dr Amaral and his personal finances alone. It is his business. He is doing his best to fight a battle against people who have been literally GIVEN loads of money and have rich, powerful friends, not like him and Tony who had work to earn it.

  107. If Snr Amaral has debts it begs the question who put him in that position? Gordon Brown ???

  108. Censorship reaches Germany
    The book by Mr. Amaral is no longer available in German at amazon.
    I can not find it there. A member of a german forum informed me now...

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  109. Even if the McCanns manage to get the book silenced for the time being, I think people will always be looking at the McCanns sideways.

    The attempt to control and silence the world does not help their cause. It simply makes them look suspicious.

  110. Expresso and 24horas still did not inform us about Amaral's sex life and that is odd.
    We want to know everything about it, don't we?

  111. What does Maddie's death and the Mccann's irresponsibility have to do with Amaral's privet life?
    I agree with somebody here above: he could have sold himself to the Mccanns and received money in orde to make smoke and mirrors around the truth and he didn't.
    The Truth of the Lie is telling about the PJ's investigation, nothing more and a lot less, according to the files.

    I wish we would know already if a brôther, a sîster went already to the police with the truth.

    Keeping this secret ..."increases the risks to other children" and that is the message.

  112. 24horas were the ones who spoke about Amaral's second-hand jaguar firstly, in an article written by Nuno Miguel "Duarte Levy". Now they copied and published the Expresso article.

    Both articles are ridiculous, at a time were we are all facing a serious global financial recession, who, of those who are home owners don't own something to the bank? It is said by Economists that here in Portugal, the majority of middle class families are in debt at 80% in loans, taxes...at the beginning of the month! Which means that some families have to make choices to pay the bank loans, state taxes or put food on the table.

    During the 90's and early years of the XXI century the banks were all promising low spread taxes with big money loans; the publicity was every day in our eyes, in the radio, on tv, on street mopies; various families who didn't have possessions to counter the bank loans, were given credits to buy properties, homes specifically. Suddenly, with the US crash,the taxes became excessive, some spreads were up by 200%.

    So, by reading Mr. Amaral's family issues with the IRS and the bank, makes his family, just another family like so many more families here in Portugal who are facing financial difficulties.

    Lusa news agency just published that the unemployment rate is at 9,8% http://noticias.sapo.pt/lusa/artigo/10357714.html

  113. Joana,

    We all know the difficult economic times the Portuguese go through at the moment. Having loans and not the means to pay them doesn't mean you are dishonest. Dishonesty is paying your house mortgage and new car with moneys from a certain fund.

    As you very well pointed out GA's difficulties do not differ much from those of ordinary Portuguese families.

    But there are vultures out there ready to strike whenever they see a vulnerable victim.

  114. How about some newspaper give us the low down on the McCanns finances before the fund, and then after.

    What's betting there is no comparison, what with them using the fund for mortgage payments and whatever.

    Can anybody imagine the outcry from the McCanns and their supporters if this information were to be revealed.

    Yet Team McCann think people like Tony and Dr Amaral are fair game and the stories printed aren't even true.

    They have tried to assasinate their characters from the get go.

  115. ModNRocker - I'm with you on this.
    If we are truly open minded then we look at the conclusion drawn by the PJ files. There was no evidence of any crime committed by all 3 arguidos, hence the arguido status was lifted.
    Just because there is no evidence of any crime does not mean we have to fill the void and say "well therefore it was an abduction" and ask "pro-mccann" contributors to supply this evidence. There is no evidence, of anything apart from the fact that a little girl called Madeleine is missing.

    As to Snr Amaral, if he has debts it's a point worthy of discussion as it gives motive for writing a book and earning money through it. Same as the McCanns - if they had debts then we could see that as motive for perpetuating the fund. If you're open minded it can work both ways.

    Finally, what is in Snr Amaral's book is not the same as the PJ files. It is his interpretation (in some cases presented as fact) of the case he worked on.

  116. Anon at 117.

    Good try, but why don't you go read the Files again, if you ever did in the first place.

    The PJ believe the child is dead, died in the apartment, and that the parents have refused to reveal where her body is.

    They are not looking for a missing live Madeleine because they do not believe the abduction scenario put out by the McCanns.

    The case is shelved, not closed, it can be reopened and the McCanns know this.

    It will be, sooner or later.

    I am sure there are many others, besides Dr Amaral, who are working on this case in the shadows who we have never even heard of.

    They are not going away.

  117. Anonymous at 117

    As Anon 118 said: a good try, but a hopeless one at best. I wonder why do you try to feed us this bullshit that in the investigation's conclusion there is no evidence of foul play? Are you trying to have fun at our cost or are you illiterate? It is there black in white, written in a very simple language why the police is sure Maddie is dead and that the abduction is a fabrication of the parents and friends. So, go back, sit down, re-read the conclusions as a normal intelligent person and tell us what did you really read. If you come back with the same garbage, there is something wrong with you.

  118. Well said anon 100, when ModNrodder points us towards EVIDENCE that there was an abductor I can at last get off the fence. I wonder if those who defend the McCann's every action can let us know why they have never bothered with the Smith's sighting of the abductor and why they did not include it in their own reconstruction. They may well be innocent, but they sure are doing a good job at looking guilty!

  119. Anon@118,

    I can present no conclusive evidence to prove why my belief in the abduction theory is viable. Just as nobody else can present conclusive evidence of any other theory.

    If we had conclusive facts and evidence then non of us would need to produce theories.

    The most likely theory that will lead to an alive Madeleine is abduction. That is the only theory that holds hope. So, that is why I support the McCanns in their search for information.

    Think about it. Why would these parents that some consider guilty of neglect, involvment with the death and conealment of their child, want to keep a high profile and INVITE information if that information may go against them? Why would guilty people do that? They are innocent. Get over it.

  120. http://www.lawandparents.co.uk/child-abandonment.html

    Child abandonment is considered to be the leaving of a child on his or her own without any intention of returning to ensure their safety and well being.

  121. Anon at 118 - yes I have read the same files as everyone else. Look at the PJ summary (Tavares Report is NOT the final PJ summary BTW).

    It is not up to the PJ to decide whether Madeleine is dead or not. They investigate and present whatever evidence they have gathered to the judge who then makes his/her decision. ALL options are still open as per that PJ summary - accidental death/concealment of cadaver as well as abduction. There is no evidence of any crime according to that summary. This does not mean a crime did not take place, it just means there is no evidence to support any theory.

    I'm glad if there are others working on this case because as long as this case is solved on evidence then that is justice for Madeleine. I'm sure that is all any of us want.

  122. NO POINT ARGUING WITH THE LIKES OF MODNRODDER, they just try to muddy the waters, are THEY pedos like the scams and friends, why else would they defend the indefensible, My advice to genuine posters on here, is to ignore them. They are either part of the ring or relatives. DO NOT GIVE THEM THE TIME OF DAY.


  124. I personally find it sinister what is happening to Goncarlo Amaral,who are the Mccanns that they can dictate to the British public on what they can and cannot read,and even more sinister is this lousy PMs interference in this case,do the McCanns have something on Brown or other political figures,that they can be protected from being arrested for at least the blatant neglect of those children for their own pleasure,as was the rest of the tapas children,the whole checking routine doesn't ring true to me,because of the statement by Mrs Fenn saying she heard Madeleine cry for at least an hour and a half,can you imagine that poor child waking up in the dark,crying for her parents,not only that but i read that one of the tapas children had been unwell with vomiting all that day but the parents still left her/him,real normal behaviour that isn't it?Something is seriously wrong with the whole set up.

  125. I read on another website that a source in Portugal has stated that David Payne has a new passport & other new credentials,not sure if this is true,but if it is only a government and/or police/judicial system has the power to do this.And if true,why the need to change all his credentials.?

  126. Anon.117,

    Are you joking or moking about Madeleine? " There was no any crime commited by the 3 arguidos". A GIRL DISAPEARED AS A RESULT OF A NEGLECT BEHAVIOUR OF HER PARENTS (2 arguidos) and still missing... and you said there was no crime? What you call it? A FORCED HOLIDAYS. Maybe you are true and knows more then us or the PJ, maybe Madeleine is somewhere hiding, in a place where her parents know's well and in a care of somebody very close to the family. A fake abduction very well planned to let her parents set a Fund, sue everybody and become a millionaire in a blink, solving all economic issues they may have untill may 3 2007. THE PROBLEM IS THAT SOMEBODY DIED IN THE FLAT 5A OF THE OCEAN CLUB AND WAS NOT REPORTED TO THE POLICE OR TO THE RESORT AND THE MCCANN'S ARE THE ONLY TENANTS WHICH CLAIM A MISSING RELATIVE. ON TOP OF THAT, OLEGARIO DE SOUSA, THE SPOKE-PERSON of PJ SAID IN A PRESS CONFERENCE THAT WHATEVER HAPENNED ON MAY 3 2007 INSIDE THE FLAT, It WAS A TRAGEDY FOR WHO LIVE IT. He was not talking about an abduction because if he considered the abduction, he cannot use the words "who live it" because apart the asleep twins, Maddie and the suposed abductor, nobody else was there. He was talking about the tragedy of finding a dead Madeleine.

    Wonder's me why, the all of you Pro-Mccann's, tend to moke about the little girl. I'm not surprised if one day, to defend a poor parenting behaviour, you come up saying that Madeleine never ever existed and the all story was a fabrication from the evil police to frame the innocent parents. The all story is a chain of ghosts and shadows...

  127. ModNrodder,
    Now you are moking about yourself. Don't play with words... Mccann's have a theory, PJ has facts. theories have no evidences, FACTS are supported by evidences.

    An abduction and Madeleine alive... after more then 2 years of a huge and massive campaign in the Media with her parents showing almost all types of " persons of Interess ", no matter if they are cartoons. SORRY TO DISAPOINT YOU, but even on that theory, Madeleine alive have a poor chance to be true. Again, she can thanks her parents which even after she disapeared fail to protect her with the all ODD campaign they set up. Just imagine how the abductor hate this parents after a huge xenofobe campaign against all the caucasian man's, after all the money raised in the FUND, after the milionnaire bakers, after the controversial Carter-Ruck, after the way the British press presented him to the public... ABDUCTORS DID NOT LIKE POLICES and THEY HATE PARENTS LIKE THE MCCANN'S. The Mccann's are not stupid an they know that very well.

    THEN the only conclusion we can achieve is THE ABDUCTION was a FAKE ABDUCTION and now... that the Mccann's created the monster they have to feed it untill the end. WHEN SOMEBODY LIE IN A SO SERIOUS SITUATION, THERE IS NO WAY TO WASH-UP THE LIES AND STOP. It is like a chain... the end of one lie is the begining of a new one.

    DID you questionned yourself why after more then one week since the last campaign, there is no sights of Madeleine or the suposed abductor? It is not easy to buy fake witnesses now... people are affraid and even when well payed did not want to be connected with Mccann's. Everybody knows that everywhere, police and public look attentive to suspicious behaviours and did not hesitate to dennounce something which they saw or know.

  128. Fernis, it is not bullshit. I suggest you too read the PJ Summary as I have. What conclusion(s) did it draw? What conclusion(s) did the prosecutor draw on reading that summary and the evidence presented? (You might want to note, there was a report on this site back in Jan in which he (Monteiro) said it was not possible to establish anything, which is what he said at the time the process was archived).
    Please drop your insults about my intelligence - it does your argument no favours.

  129. Anon 124, the Prosecutor requested of the PJ that Madeleine's body be found so as to know what charges to bring.

    The case is on hold, not dead and buried.

    Only a small part of the files has been released to the public or to the McCanns.

    If the McCanns had nothing to hide, why did Kate McCanns refuse to answer those questions.

    They were not that hard, so what was her problem?

  130. Anon at 131

    The Prosecutor did not bring charges yet because he does not know what charges to bring, or who exactly was involved in disappearance of the child.

    Nevertheless, it is believed by those who worked on the case that the child died in the apartment.

    That is why there is no search for the living Madeleine, as would be a waste of time and money.

    If you really are convinced Madeleine was abducted and is alive out there somewhere, perhaps you should go help in the search, as the general consensus here seems to be that there was no abduction and Madeleine is dead, and you will be wasting your time trying to persuade otherwise.

    So why do you bother posting on a site like this, when you could be using your valuable time on the hunt for Madeleine, or giving the McCanns your support and telling them what wonderful parents they are.

    Or, aren't you really convinced it is worth your time searching.

  131. Anonymous (comment 124) there is evidence of a crime. The McCanns, admitted leaving their 3 children alone, without adult supervision, all but one night of their holiday. That in itself is a crime in Portugal. The fact that Madeleine, supposedly disappeared while the McCanns were out, means that they are involved with her disappearance. The PJ should never have taken the McCanns word that Madeleine was abducted, when there was no evidence to support that fact.

    The cadaver dogs found plenty evidence which proved Madeleine had come to harm. There was also the scent of death on Kate McCanns clothing, she explained that she had dealt with 6 deaths in the days before she went on holiday. I sincerely that there is proof that she dealt with 6 deaths. How strange that she should have the same clothes on each time, she dealt with one of the deceased and how strange that she should wear the same clothes on holiday.

    How strange that the McCanns committed a crime of neglecting their children in Portugal.That there is all this evidence which points to Madeleine being harmed in the apartment, yet the PJ come to the conclusion that a crime did not take place.

    How thorough the Portuguese police were, when they searched Robert Murat's mother's apartment 3 times. They also dug her garden up at least twice. Each time the police found nothing in the apartment or in the garden. Robert Murat, helped the police in every which way he could, he even asked to be made an arguido, so he could have a lawyer present when he was criticised.

    Robert Murat and his mother were put through the mill by the PJ, yet the perpetrators of Madeleine's disappearance, the McCanns, were treated with kid gloves.

    The McCanns apartment wasn't sealed off from the beginning, the McCanns were able to remove items from the apartment. The McCanns refused to have the twins hair tested for drugs.

    The McCanns refused help from an expert in the missing child issue. Kate McCann refused to answer 48 questions regarding Madeleine's disappearance, knowing full well that her refusal,could hinder the search for Madeleine. The McCanns lied about the childrens sleeping habits, their checks on the children the distance from their apartment to the Tapas Bar. The McCanns by their own admission didn't look for Madeleine at any time, from the time she was "discovered" missing before the police were called, to the whole time they were in PDL.

    Robert Murat and the McCanns are all British citizens, no one from the British Government, lifted a finger to help him. He wasn't given a spokesperson like the McCanns were. He didn't have the backing of Richard Branson, Brian Kennedy or Philip Green. He had mud slung at him from every quarter. The McCanns friends were able to question him, even though some of them broke the Portuguese law, when they left their children unattended. One of them even left their sick child alone.

    When the McCanns were made arguidos, they fled the country on the first available plane. Robert Murat stayed in PDL, until his arguido status was lifted.

    I have posted on forums where some of McCann supporters, would like to see Robert Murat(who incidently looks more like David Payne than David Payne) prosecuted for Madeleine's disappearance. Even though it has been proved that he is not involved. They think that the McCanns just made a mistake when they left their 3 children alone, all but one night of that so called family holiday. They also think that 30 minute checks(the last one 55 minutes) were adequate.

    What a strange world we live in.

  132. I meant Robert Murat requested that he was made an arguido, so he could have a lawyer present when he was questioned not criticised as I have written in my last post.

  133. On the subject of finances…

    I have a salary well above the UK average and my wife also works, from that point of view our family income is not typical of most people who live in the UK. However, like most people in the UK we have a mortgage on our house and even now, having taken out the mortgage when interest only/endowment policies were popular, we still owe a substantial sum to the bank. We also have credit cards and loans for cars, much like most of the UK who took advantage of cheap credit in the past.

    If, God forbid, C-R suddenly decided they wanted to sue me for lets say 1 million pounds and the courts decided before the trail that I should forfeit my assets in the expectation I would loose the case then I would expect the mortgage company, the credit card company and the banks to reassess my ability to payback their loans. When it is all added up I am sure even middle class, qualified and employed me would on paper seem to be as bankrupt as Sr Amaral. I don’t believe my situation, or Sr Amaral’s, is out of the ordinary.
    Oh to have the McCanns financial woes aired in public. Had they not got rich benefactors their financial status would be desperate – either that or they would not be quite so willing to employ ranks of expensive lawyers and ineffectual detectives.

    Sr Amaral would not be in this situation (if there is an ounce of truth in the stories) if Madeleine had not gone missing or if the Portuguese courts had not taken the perverse action to sequester his finances.

    Mr B

  134. Kath, thank you for reminding us of all that.

    I really do think the McCanns were expecting to be charged, and that is why they got out quick and got themselves lawyered up.

    Remember Gerry's face when he came out from being questioned. He looked stunned. Bet he didn't think they had all that evidence.

    Was the 'stand alone evidence' revealed to him as well?

    Somehow, I don't think so.

    Somebody is playing a waiting game with their cards close to their chest.

  135. Hi Anonymous(137)On the day Kate McCann was made an arguido,there was a news report from Portugal. The reporter said, that it was expected that Kate McCann would be charged in connection with Madeleine's disappearance. Philomena McCann also said on television, that Kate McCann expected to be charged with the same offence.

    She said that when she phone her brother, she could hear her sister-in-law, screaming in the background.

    As we know the McCanns fled PDL on the next available flight, the McCanns admitted that fact, because they said they feared they would be charged. I think that information is still available on You Tube.

    In the days leading up to the arguido statuses of the McCanns and Robert Murat, either being extended or lifted, there were lawyers from Britain and Portugual speaking about the case. They all said they expected the McCanns to be taken back to Portugal and charged with at least neglecting their 3 children. As we know that didn't happen and didn't the McCanns gloat when their arguido status was lifted. We have done nothing wrong, they bleated, I can imagine the lawyers from Britain and Portugal were shocked at this decision.

    Robert Murat was again treated unfairly, where his arguido status was concerned. It was established months earlier that he had nothing to do with Madeleine's disappearance, but the PJ wouldn't released him from his arguido status, in case he spoke to the media. The PJ should have looked the way Robert Murat conducted himself throughout his horrible experience. His conduct was exemplary from start to finish and for the PJ to keep him as an arguido, was an insult to Mr Murat.

    When the McCanns were given access to the files, Clarence Mitchell said the McCanns were disappointed that the information had been printed in the newspapers as well as the net. He said the McCanns wanted to look through the files, before the public had a chance to look at them. What a good job the public did see the files, because Kate McCann is still going through the files, looking for evidence that the PJ might have missed. Which would prove Madeleine was abducted.

    The McCanns don't have access to all of the files, so it would be interesting to know what information, the remainder of the files contain.

    At least this case has only been shelved and not closed. No matter how many times the McCanns say they want the case reopened, deep down inside they will be hoping it isn't. Of course this is only my opinion and my opinion is based on the McCanns behaviour in PDL and their reluctance to admit they have done anything wrong.

  136. I suppose that if the McCanns had been charged with neglect, that would be like accepting that Madeleine had died while the parents were not there from some sort of accident, which is what Dr Amaral has suggested in his book.

    The body may tell a completely different story.

    It might also have looked like the prosecutor was accepting the abduction scenario, which has been rejected as having happened, in favour of Madeleine having died in the apartment.

    Whereas, Madeleine might have died when the parents were there, or one or other of them were, or perhaps somebody else.

    She may even have died during the day.

    What happened might have been much more sinister than an accident.

    The prosecutor did tell the PJ to find the body so he could know what charges to bring.

    They did not give up and close the case.

    Too much evidence up their sleeve.

    There are still people working on this case, and I don't mean the ones the McCanns have hired.

    The case could be reopened at any time, and people may get a shock at what is known by the investigators.

    With hindsight, perhaps the prosecutor was wise not to have simply charged with neglect when there may be much more serious charges to be brought.


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