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Sandra Felgueiras interviews McCann couple for RTP1


  1. Give that girl an OBE she really rattled their cage thats the way to do it. They are still a very clever cold as ice pair of liars

  2. Astro, Joana, I just wrote a comment on McCanns"avoid RTP..."
    It is about my analysis when Sandra asked if Kate saw any unknown details, surprises, on the files.
    also about finding Madeleine and the abductor.
    is it possible to publish those comments also here?
    too much work for me to write it again.thank you,

  3. Sandra - boldly going where others pee themselves... =))
    She really nailed them good.
    Excelente Sandra - Parabéns!

  4. We know and they know the Portuguese Justice doesn't consider the dogs as reliable, so the dogs question wasn't a problem for them. A pity (but they must have specified they didn't accept this one) the Smiths'sighting wasn't mentionned in spite of being the only objective element that suits their abduction obssession.

  5. Ms Felgueiras certainly asked the right questions, but was met, as was to be expected by the usual avoidance tactic by the McCann's.

    Straighforward questions did not receive straighforward answers. In fact on a number of occasions the McCann's replied, by speaking randomly of other matters and not answering what was asked of them.

    They displayed the usual arrogance also. When asked a question in respect of the dogs, Gerry McCann replied - "Ask the dogs."

    What a waste of an education!

    I take it they were not pleased at Sandra barking up this particular tree!

    A sign too perhaps of the difficulty the PJ had with this couple?

    Our journalists here in the UK could take a leaf of of Ms Felgueiras book, not only did she ask pertinent questions, she was not deterred by the responses the McCann's gave, and continued unphased.

    The same could not be said of Kate and Gerry McCann, who were visibly uncomfortable with the line of questioning, wriggling and squirming. Gerry's adam's apple I was sure was going to escape through the overstretched neck skin and fall to the floor. Kate's hand gripped Gerry's tighter as the questions irritated them further. Both Gerry's hands then covered Kate's crushing, making surgery appear like the only option to separate.

    Cringeworthy viewing!

    Part of their campaign Gerry tells us is to build a better relationship with the Portuguese people, so that it will allow them to ask for assistance in finding Madeleine.

    I'm sure if any decent person, anyone, anywhere has information which would help, they will inform the proper authorities of this. Whether they like the adult McCann's or not, would not be a condition of doing so.

    How this couple think that by making themselves more popular would bring about floods of people deciding to divulge information beggars belief.

    I don't believe they will win favour with the public after this interview is viewed by them. The McCann PR company in Portugal will have to go into 'damage limitation overdrive' if they are to salvage anything at all from this disastrous outing.

    Fortunately Madeleine does not have to rely on people helping, based on the likeability factor of her parents.

    Not responding to the questions asked, replying with unrelated answers, tells us so much about these people.

    They themselves do not appear prepared to do all within their power to find this child, yet expect that of others.

    They are not prepared to answer questions put to them by the PJ or during the course of interview, yet expect others to answer when they find themselves in this position.

    I'm sure this is one interview they will regret having agreed to.


  6. Well let's be fair - they continue to improve their act. It's far more convincing than it used to be...which is hardly a recommendation. KMC in particular has now perfected her shallow breathing, mother-in-pain performance.

    I only caught one obvious stumble on a first run through. The word jigsaw gave KMC some trouble. It came out as jigshaw or jig-sure. Hmmm.

    One can't help but be conscious of GMC's marathon smirks throughout
    . Well why shouldn't he be self-satisfied? Amaral just about laid low and facing financial ruin. 3A down. Madeleine Foundation in complete disarray. The UK press more poodle-like than ever. And for all we know, 20 secret super-injunctions in place in the UK to make sure that no one ever asks a single relevant question.

    You wonder why they bother with the Sandra F. interview. THey must know she doesn't believe a single word they say. They must have known her questions were not going to be friendly. That much is evident. Why put yourself through that? Is it a kind of professional pride now for them - the feeling they can take anyone on? Or just a recognition that to put yourself through that does lend a certain credibility in some people's eyes?

    Sandra did v. well, but we know there are many more difficult questions that could be asked and perhaps she would like to ask but some things may have been ruled off limits.

  7. Thanks Astro/Joana for this fast post.

    I have posted on my Facebook, with friends in Hong Kong/China/Malaysia hopefully can watch before 'them' people do what they do

  8. Many thanks for posting this video. Now there's a journalist, not like the British so-called interviewers. I particularly liked Gerry's reaction when asked about Gordon Brown. It reminded me of how he tugged at his ear two years ago when asked if they gave the children something to make them sleep. They both seem pleased with themselves while trying to keep their answers "on message" but they still haven't got their body language until control.

  9. Going back to my comment before, where I say tha Gerry will share the fund money with families of abducted children only after Madeleine and the ABDUCTOR are found.

    I now expect Gerry to change the name of his site from

    A little longer but very useful for those parents of abducted children.
    And we will all try to help.

  10. Sandra is an excellent interviewer especiallly since she is speaking a language that is not her own. She never gave up on the hard questions.

  11. At first the McCanns were not happy with the fact that the Portuguese police forbade them to spread Maddie's photos around, with her eye detail. It could mean Maddies death, the offender would get in panics.The police said: no media, it is a enormeous risk for the child's life. The Maccanns did both, photos, posters and mediacircus all over the world.
    It was known that there is investigation secrecy, no information till a trial or shelving.There was. After evaluation of the investigation, the process was shelved and Justice freeded 15% of it, to the public, and Gerry did not like it.
    It is the law in Portugal.

    If they don't appreciate what the Portuguese justice did, they can better remember that the justice was doing their obligation and that if this happened it is because the Mccanns are irresponsible parents, no consideration with their crying children, use to manipulate everybody.

    The Mccanns created the problem, not Portugal.The mcCanns called, the media, the Mccanns called the attention, the Mccanns spreaded the dangerous photos and posters around, they started a fraudulent fund,the Mccanns did what they wanted to do and now they blame the Portuguese justice.

    The story about what happened in Mallorca must have been a terrible schock for them.The whole text is in the files(see Joana) and Amaral did not publish everything.He had a lot of consideration with Gerry.

    The process is shelved and I know by own experience that every police continue the investigations, in silence.My father was a public prosecuter that is why I know.

    They did not forget Maddie, Mccanns.
    Wait and see.
    And about Brown: did kate by chance write on he diary that Brown called them several times?
    And now Gerry says he called once and that is all?

    Gerry told now that they are still friends with Tapas 7.
    Excellent information for an eventual process.
    Are all children of Tapas 9 at risk?
    Or only some?
    Still friends even (at least) after Mallorca incident has been published?
    Even after authorities have freed 15% of the results of the investigations?
    I hope Gamble saw Sandra Felgueiras'interview.

  12. The dogs are not reliable.
    Anyway, much more reliable than the McCanns and Tapas 7 are.


  14. I said I've done my last comment a days ago, but this is stronger than I am. Madeleine is an addicted and fascinating matter. I saw the interview without passion avoiding any disappointment but was the other way around: Sandra has conducted the interview very well and we got to the conclusion that McCanns learn much from the past and become professional liars. However you can feel now and then the uncomfortable line that the interview has followed. Having said that, the only thing that crossed my mind was that they are condemned to do this forever. That's right. Ten years from now we will see the McCanns giving interviews appointing new leads, new suspects. This was the punishment given out of the court. They will go on until they're image get absolutely spent. As well as their marriage. As said before time it's not their side and people are getting skeptic about it.

  15. A golden opportunity missed! They said "There is a wholly innocent explanation for any material the police may or may not have found."
    At last a reporter was addressing those issues and they could have given the innocent explanations. This attitude does their cause no good at all. It only serves to confirm to those who think they are guilty that they are or to make others unsure.

    Their latest campaign has achieved its goal of getting the video watched. Their interviews however will make many who have not questioned it before, now question their parenting skills. The way they are dealing with this with the twins is a disgrace.

    On a lighter note can anyone explain to me how they can give give innocent explanations for material the police MAY NOT HAVE FOUND!!!

  16. Anyone pick up on the first few moments...Sandra asks about the book....but Mccann say yes...but the publication of the file in the first place....Does he think by stopping Amarals book that he can stop the Files??? Is that the intention.They had no idea that the files would be published which accounts for the lies that they thought would never be discovered.

    Another one liner of Mccanns....'No evidence to SUPPORT our involvement'..Should that not be 'How can there be evidence to support something we were not involved in'

  17. Ironside - In light of the fact they did not have their mouthpiece to hand to answer what they did not want to answer, and they have achieved the gagging of many etc etc, plus the fact they could not care less what the anti's think about them, I doubt they even think about what they should or should not say, they think they are fireproof, and they possibly are.

  18. aacg said...

    'We know and they know the Portuguese Justice doesn't consider the dogs as reliable, so the dogs question wasn't a problem for them.'

    As far as I am aware (but open to correction) it's not a matter of the dogs not being considered 'reliable', it's just the fact that - as in other countries - the alerts of these specialist dogs cannot be used on their own to charge someone with a crime. This is the same in as in the UK; the dogs' alerts can be used to back up a charge, videos of dogs alerting can even be shown in a courtroom, but there has to be physical evidence to corroborate the dogs' findings. IOW, no one can be convicted of a crime on a dog's 'evidence' alone.

    The two dogs in question, Eddie and Keela, are the best dogs in the world at what they do and are used worldwide to help solve crimes. Note 'HELP' solve crimes, they can't get someone into court on their own. One of Eddie's best successess was in the Attracta Harron murder case in N Ireland, where Eddie was able to find the scent of Attracta's dead body in her murderer's burnt-out car ... yes, that's how good he is. He also found the spot where she'd been buried near a riverbank.

    The dogs are reliable, very much so. But they can't be used on their own; other evidence is needed for a prosecution.

  19. well done sandra,like the bit about the dogs, watch their hands @5 03,talk about panic.they have done themselves no favours at all with this interview as sandra had the measure of them and they couldnt do a thing about it but try to evade the questions

  20. Firstly, well done Sandra, she so does not believe them! I think they had to do an interview with her though, as she has interviewed them before and it would look very suspicious if they turned her down, it would look like they were running from the tough questions. I just wish they would answer a straight question, instead of harping back to the campaign, or just refusung to answer any legal questions because they are not in a court of law. They tried to side step everything difficult, Sandra brought them into line sometimes, but did not pursue them every time they did this. I wish she had challenged Gerry when he said Mr. Amaral should not be presenting a thesis without any evidence, because that is exactly what Kate & Gerry are doing about the abduction- I wish Sandra had answered back with that!!! The same with the dogs- they are not reliable, according to Gerry, I was waiting for Sandra to say 'but neither is Jane Tanner and you expect us to believe her!'. All in all I think this interview troubled them more than they liked. Pity it won't be shown on mainstream TV in the UK. As someone has already said though, they are cursed to be living like this forever, always having to be on the defensive, never quite being able to convince people. I would not want to live that life for all the squillions in their fund. If we can't get justice for Madeleine, maybe we could settle for Karma, they will never be at peace.

  21. When I saw this interview with Sandra, I couldn't beleive that the parents were being interviewed by her. And to me there is something quiet fishy about it. The time(s) were interview in the past by her didn't go to well for them, and why they have decided to do it again?
    Here is a link to article where it says somithing interesting, if to be reliable.

  22. When asked about the fund and eventually it running "dry", and about possible ways of keeping the money flowing in, I just had to laugh at the responses Gerry and Kate gave! Well, they will have to look at ways of finding more money, look at alternative ways of fund raising, and how will they go about it?...Oh,there have been SMALL events at the local community, charity runs,an auction at the twins school, people are extremelly generous, bla bla bla...
    One just has to laugh, really,the small change from those SMALL events are enough to finance it all, the lawyers, the PR agencies, the spokespersons, the private detectives, oh boy, those SMALL SMALL events and donations, not by the vast amounts of money events must have been very lucrative indeed...well done, local community! That's how the fund is kept alive and kicking, with squeezed out of people in the past by libel threaths( the Express group) or the future gains from libel suits( Mr. Amaral, bloggers, site-owners, book writters, etc.). Sandra did try( bless her) to make them aknowledge that suing people for every penny they own is their "alternative" way to get money into the fund, but once again they beated around the bush and twisted the subject around, it's Amaral who's the gready one, he's the one who's profiting on Madeleine's back, not us!

    And all those expenses were paid by the fund because it was aproved by the fund directors! I bet it was! By themselves that is...he quickly adds that he and Kate are directors, oops, it's better to say that ourselves or else Sandra will point out that WE are the directors of the fund...no wonder those expenses were aproved!

  23. Anon. said: "The dogs are reliable, very much so!But they can't be used on their own; other evidence is needed for a prosecution."

    Agreed! And in this case evidence was gathered...in all the places the dogs signalled the police gathered forensic material...which later was duly destroyed or rendered useless by the FSS!

  24. Anon. #21 (about the Daily Mail article):

    The readers comments are not at all favourable to the McCanns, lots of criticism there...it seems that the british public has at long last opened the eyes! Good on the D. Mail to publish those comments!

  25. Look closely at their hands.. they are communicating through their hands.. so obvious...

    unlike you who made the madeleine fund for you and your familys to enjoy the high life. you really are stupid woman



  29. The only new item that came from the interview was the fact that Mrs McCann admitted that she is employed by the fund

    It is apparent that the McCann’s are fully aware that despite their obvious involvement and guilt in the disappearance and probable death of their daughter the Portuguese justice system will take no action against them.
    They will progress their action against a just and honourable Portuguese citizen Mr Amaral and they will be successful in ruining him and his family as well as extracting from him a huge sum of money for so called damages.

    The McCann bring nothing but hurt to Portugal.
    They are manipulating the Portuguese system to ensure that their evil and profitable deeds continue.

    Despite all the evidence of their guilt and all the insults that the McCann’s have said of the Portuguese police, institutions and individuals.
    They will continue to live off the proceeds of their child’s death and feed of their own inflated egos.

    They will remain free to spread their lies and insults; as it is being clearly demonstrated that there is no justice in Portugal for the innocent

    Letter from Iberia

  30. Absolutely brilliant...WELL DONE SANDRA - the first ever decent interview that dared to ask important questions and, of course, they wheedled out of all of them as usual.
    Gerry's "ask the dogs" answer was just disgusting.
    A pair of evil cowards - I really do believe them to be insane.

    And the thought that well intentioned people have had their money blown on lawyers for the McCann's is almost as outrageous as their whole concoction of a very badly told story.

  31. and the real point is...

    it's not about there being no evidence of the McCann's involvement rather that

    there are far more clues pointing to the McCann's involvement
    and those who have read The Truth Of The Lie will know. Not a salacious story just a document of the McCann obstruction to the investigation

    I wish Sandra had asked them why they allowed the authorities to shelve the case and why they obstructed all the requests made by the PJ to help
    there is only one answer

  32. Morning Ironside,

    I agree, the publication of the files must have come as a great shock to them.

    Items and answers given in interview/documentary prior to publication of the files, were then compared to the files and many items did not agree!

    That said, after publication of the files, still these "discrepancies" creep in. They appear not to give a jot if they are not consistent in answering particular questions be that in interview or documentary.

    Fencesitter may be absolutely right, they may just think they are fireproof, and possibly are - for now!

    I was speaking yesterday of the Fund and the terms of conditions of same. I had wondered if they remained the same i.e that Madeleine must be found and a perpetrator charged and put behind bars.

    Gerry answered this question with no problem. The Fund money is all theirs to do with as they please, until Madeleine AND an abductor is found.

    Does he mean a live and kicking Madeleine plus abductor, as is the condition I believe of receiving the reward?

    This Fund is tied up pretty tightly, that is for sure. This could be the situation in 20,30 years time - no Madeleine, no abductor - monies staying in the Fund!

    Surely there must come a point before this, that the monies should be given to an appropriate missing persons organisation whereby others in the same position could be assisted.

    I have never understood this. I have never understood why they did not help others as soon as they realised that such vast amounts of money were being donated. I'm sure their lawyers could have seen a way round this - money donated to the Madeleine Fund being used for the good of others who were suffering the loss of their child also.

    As a parent, I for sure, could not have held on to all of this money for my child only, in the knowledge that other parents were suffering the most awful thing in life possible - not knowing where their child was, if dead or alive being tortured.

    How one cannot share, is beyond my comprehension.

    Kate made it clear, that if the Fund runs low/dry, they will need more!

    How else will they be able to search for their child without £millions, yes £millions they have collected to date?

    Perhaps in the same way as the parents of other missing children!

    The reward too, is tightly tied up in form of the terms and conditions.

    As for the interview with Sandra Felgueiras? They did themselves no favours.

    I always view them, in the hope, that a glimmer of something other than the usual arrogant and often ignorant attitude which they emanate shines through. For me, the interviewed served only to confirm, re-inforce my opinion of them, as being self serving individuals.


  33. Kate's going to need another round of Botox after that interview.
    Furrowed brow or what!
    Go Sandra!!!
    What a woman!

  34. Letter from Iberia- I agree that Portugal is being damaged in all of this, the question is why is it allowed to continue? Can someone not stand up and put a stop to this???? The whole world cannot be frightened of them!!!

  35. They say they pay Clarence Mitchell as he was needed to shield them from the media - thats strange given that they themselves ran to the media in the first place. I would suggest if they had not courted the media so much in the early days, he would not be needed and that would be saving the fund an enourmous amount of money. If the fund was intended to find Madeleine, it serves no purpose paying Mr Mitchell, paying their mortgage, paying expensive lawyers - how can lawyers find Madeleine? They are ridiculous, shallow people. The truth is they are more interested in clearing their names than finding Madeleinel, they want Ameral's money because he got too near the truth and now he must be ruined for it. Their names will never be cleared in the minds of many, no amount of money they gain from suing every Tom Dick and Harry will do this, so where will it all end I wonder!

  36. http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/article-23418194-after-six-months-is-madeleines-mother-finally-beginning-to-crack.do

    It is interesting that in November 2007 the time for disappearance was put firmly at 9.30 -9.45 but this was later quietly abandoned without explanation.
    I do wish the Portuguese journalists were allowed to attend the same news conferences as the British - it would be so much more genuine - this has never happened.

  37. I would be grateful for some further analysis of this interview both in terms of forensic linguistics but also body language. Gerry was blinking very fast, there was lip licking, hand grabbing at key points and Kate frequently rolled her eyes up to the sky, notably whenever Madeleine being found was mentioned. Yes Kate, you are right...she IS up there...and she's looking down on you in disgust whilst you continue to let her down and betray her. Your husband has no heart that much is clear, maybe he donated it to one of his patients. Whomever you are that are protecting these people please do the right thing and GIVE THEM UP as they are a liability to you all whilst they continue with these disgusting lies...are they worth it?

  38. It's part of the McCann Portuguese offensive and it is... offensive is the only word to describe it. It's an insult, not only for the Portuguese but for every single person around the world who has been moved by Madeleine's disappearance.

    Condemned to play this charade out for the rest of their lives they may be unless someone somehow comes up with the truth, but whatever happens we must never forget who the victim is here. No amount of interviews, no amount of pathos and crocodile tears must be allowed to deflect us from this course. Not for us the need to publicly demonstrate our piety with the wearing of a poppy or a cheap plastic wristband. We will not rest until the truth is known and justice has been served for Madeleine, who never reached the age of four.

    Take away your pictures of that stranger and for just one time face up to the reality McCann. They are not pictures of the daughter that you failed to protect but a figment of someone's paid imagination. You failed her then and you have failed her ever since, but must you now besmirch her memory too?


  39. Perhaps they should have been asked about that blue bag that Martin Brunt mentioned had gone missing about the same time as Madeleine did.

    Martin said it belonged to Gerry.

    Gerry has since said he never had such a bag.


    Perhaps that blue bag will reappear to haunt them.

  40. T4two I agree with your sentiments but the McCann’s are promoting their end game now.
    They know that there is no will in Portugal for the police or any other agencies to take any action against them what so ever, remember that they were allowed to leave Portugal without any charges not even those relating to abandoning their children and leaving then in danger.
    Their move now is to hound Mr Amaral and via the so called Portuguese justice system they will be successful in ruining him and his family as well as extracting from him a huge sum of money for so called damages. They are perpetuating the lies that are responsible for.
    It is so true that her parents failed her but Portugal turned its back on the only man that was trying to prove the truth and removed him in disgrace from his profession.
    Portugal has stopped the publication of a book which tells what is in the police files Portugal has gagged the truth.

    Portugal has failed her and justice much, more.

    Letter from Iberia

  41. I have just watched the entire interview - Sandra is spectacular!!! And I am a Chinese woman!! The white males must just love her!

    Anyway - geting to Jerry and Kate - I am unsure how anyone can think that they are pretending. it has been clear all along that they are trying to forget completely of the guilt they feel for neglecting their children which gave the opportunity for Maddie to go missing.

    Their careers - the possibility of losing the twins etc has overwhelmed them. They faked timelines, lied about checking the children, faked an abduction and all of those other things - which made them evasive and seem to be covering up important evidence.

    However, they have not hidden her body. There is no evidence for that at all.

    The dog's findings are indicative but not conclusive.

    Many peple say there is no evidence for abducion - there isnt. There is no evidence that the McCanns have hidden the child - only supposition.

    The likeliest scenario was mentioned not long after Maddie went missing. That she left the appartment on her own and was accosted by a stranger - quite by chance - they did whatever these people do and then dumped her. There are miles of underground tunnels in Pria De Luz - old Roman stuff. She is most likely hidden down there.

    Hopefully i am wrong and she is being cared for by decent people who will eventually give her back.

    XX Danny Wi

  42. If you ask Kate what language people speak in China, how many days an year has gotten or if a snake can be dangerous you get the same standard answer:
    "We are still searching for Madeleine, we are doing everything we can...a brother, a cousin, a colleague."
    By the way, Gerry avoided the word colleague.
    Gerry must be extra nervous, fearing her answers.
    He is also looking over her shoulders, controlling what she can eventually say . What a tiring life!

  43. Re: Blue bag-See GM arguido interrogation of 7.9.07. "When asked about the contents of the wardrobe in his room that can be seen in the photographs, he says that on top there is a suitcase and below a pile of dirty clothes he cannot make out. This wardrobe was opened to look for Madeleine." The Sunday Times-6.5.07 refers to the Mc's being seen at the appartment complex, having lunch at the tapas restaurant with the twins and GM seen leaving the appartment with a suitcase and buckets and spades, on the day following M's disappearance.

  44. Rachel (Everton) LiverpoolFriday, November 06, 2009 12:55:00 pm

    I also agree they should have been asked about the smith sighting and why they are not promoting that, but this young lady did very well they are used to being paid homage to and she did not do that she went on the attack. I hope to God Mr Amaral wins over this vile pair and has his day in court, if a reporter can rattle them imagine what a Barrister will do in cross questions,but the law in Portugal seems as corrupt as in the UK. and everthing will depend on that. Brown will be booted out in May will Cameron be any better I don't think so will he help get this case reopened I fear not. They seem to be confident madelaines body will never be found perhaps it has been burnt. One thing is for sure if they get away with this if the truth never comes out we will all have to put up with the Maccanns for a very very long time.

  45. Right.

    What does it matter as far as Gerry is concerned, a little spin on words here and there so as to confuse?

    A 'bag' can be denied, when it was actually more like a suitcase.

  46. @Dimsie (18)
    You're right, "not reliable" was just a quick way to say the dogs can we wrong, the trouble being that no one knows when. Of course the strength of both dogs here is the repetition of McC related things and places markings vs nothing else where. But this is just a highly likely presumption, not an evidence.
    Curiously enough the dogs'capabilities have been critized lately given their (false ?) discoveries in Jersey, an episode which supports amazingly the McC's doubts.

  47. ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON A.Miller 10.50 & LJC 11.21

  48. I wonder if the McCanns are happy with this new appeal.
    I bet they are not.
    Gerry must have had the unhappy idea to ask for help in making a new video and it went wrong.
    Perhaps he thought of a video with the lady of Barcelona, Tanner's abductor, with a part of their reconstruction in PdL and that organisation made it different and to the point,
    asking people to point the offender, warning that he can strike again.Showing that the offender is a danger for other children.
    Gerry never meant such an appeal.
    I think there is a big coincidence, while speaking about the danger, the video shows Maddie and the TWO SIBLINGS.

    Was is a coincidence or on purpose?
    Such an organization does not work with coincidences, I think.

    We better ask the dogs.
    Gamble said the offender is felling uncomfortable with this video.
    Criminal psychologists made the text, not the Mccanns.
    They have no other choice than to repeat what is on the video: people around the offender got to come foward.

  49. I have just read an article in Travel Weekly 4/11/2009 stating that Mark Warner are seeking advice over a possible sale.They give details that the recession, the exchange rate and, THE NEGATIVE PUBLICITY GENERATED BY MADELINE MACCANNS DISAPPEARANCE FROM ONE OF THE OPERATORS RESORTS HAVE ALL HIT THE COMPANY HARD.

    A recession and exchange rate is not negative publicity

    Negative Publicity is bad for any business

    My opinion; maybe they should seek compensation from the Mccann Team for any job loss due to negative publicity.

    The McCanns seem to have done well in this area, suing anyone who they feel have given them any negative publicity!!!!

  50. Their body languages speak volumes - they haven't managed to control that. Nobody completely can. Not even the McCanns.

  51. aacg

    The problem with these amazing dogs is that after checking several apartments they chose the McCanns to signal cadaver odour and blood spots, and after going through several cars, they pick the McCann's Renault Scenic. Choosy dogs. What a coincidence! Of course Gerry is correct that they cannot be charged over what Eddie and Keela found, but that it is pretty damaging there's no doubt. And naturally they can't escape being suspected of foul play.

  52. A most revealing interview. Gerry looked rattled and Kate
    seemed petrified. They are very disturbed by the direct questions
    posed by Sandra. Any barrister would have them both squirming if this ever gets to a court room. Gerry's waffling and eye-ball rocketing speaks volumes. Kate sits like a tailor's dummy gripping
    Gerry's hand for dear life! Shifty pair of money grabbers.

  53. Gerry only mentioned David Edgar at the end of this interview. Did Cowley jump ship then?

  54. Silve at No.50, that is very interesting regarding the negative publicity.

    It is about time somebody in the PJ, or some kind of judicial authority, came out and made a statement about their findings pointing to the death of Madeleine in the apartmment.

    Instead of that, their silence is letting the McCanns run rings around them and creating even more negative publicity that there is an abductor lurking on every street corner of PDL, if not the whole of Portugal, and it is the last place anybody should consider for a holiday.

    And after all that, the McCanns have the nerve to go back and try to cosy up to the Portuguese who ought to publically be telling them to get lost, being as how they refused to cooperate with the investigation from the get go.

    Why couldn't your answer those forty eight questions Kate McCann regarding the disappearance of your daughter.

    Why not? What have you got to hide?

  55. Eye movements. Some brain scientists believe that looking up and to the right triggers the part of the brain linked to the imagination. When someone is making something up, their eyes move to the right (or your LEFT). Conversely, when someone looks down and to the left, she is stimulating the section of the brain associated with memories. When someone is remembering details, their eyes move to the left (your RIGHT).


  57. Wonder if GM has got himself a book now on 'how to read body language' being as how he had a book on forensics and 'how to get rid of a corpse' out there with him in PDL.

    Maybe he simply likes those educational 'how to' sort of books.

  58. Sometimes, life is very unfair. THESE two desperate persons - being interviewed by Sandra! Who is a STAR - radiant, beautiful and with the intelligence of the brain as well as of the heart.

  59. Gerry irritable and doesn't want Kate to speak....Kate taking many deep nervous breaths throughout the interview..... evasion of most questions.....sheer and utter guilt is portrayed here under our noses.

    Sandra Felgueiras asked if the twins go to the same school Maddy went to.
    Gerry replied: "She didn't get the chance to start yet."
    IMO he'd got seven-eighths of the way through this sentence before quickly backpeddling to add the word "yet."
    This may be lost on non-English speaking posters but basically Gerry is using the past tense here.

  61. Next time this couple condescent to an interview, I hope they will bring a translator into English!

  62. Just to explain more about my post at 15.42, the correct language for a parent hoping to be reunited with an abducted child would be: "She hasn't had the chance to start yet."

  63. I disagree with the people who say that they are cursed to continue living like this forever. One of the reasons they take part in such interviews is because they actually enjoy being centre stage. They know that they will never be brought to justice and they like to flaunt it. I'm sure they realise they will never sway Portuguese citizens to their side, their campaign in Portugal is their way of showing their middle finger at the Portuguese people. This is the reason that Portugal should not give these people any publicity. They can go into seclusion anytime they want, but they are enjoying this too much and making quite a nice living at it.

    Their coffers will never run dry. I'll never forget what their benefactor Mr. Brian Kennedy said in a BBC interview, he said that he would support them until his death, now that's devotion. This kind of devotion by their supporters is strange and it raises the question, how are their benefactors interests being met by supporting them?

    My guess as to why Portugal allows this to continue is that England is aware of the corrupt ins and outs of many prominent politicians in Portugal. From what I have observed of the Portuguese justice system, it appears that when a case starts to point to criminal activity on the part of a politician it drags on forever until it peters out. In contrast you watch how swift the process against Mr. Amaral will be. I hope I'm wrong but I believe that even if Mr. Amaral proves that everything in his book is factual, he will still be condemned.


  64. Excellent reporting by a brave and beautiful lady. She asked why they need PR in Portugal. Good question. I think Mr McC was honest when he said to persuade people.

  65. Sandra did it soooo good. She even stayed cool when kate said, Amaral wrote the book for finacial cain. Oh my god, kate is so stupid. gerry was brushing it of aready: we cant talk about Amarals motives (sort of) and kate just went on and on. Stupid woman. Sandras face, wow, she was angry, but she stayed cool. That's professional work. You just have to love her. Sandra, you are the best journalist I have seen for ages.

  66. Would someone living in Portugal be kind enough to tell us how the Portuguese have taken to this interview and the McCanns' latest "campaign" in general? Is their new Portuguese PR woman starting to make her presence felt?

    Thanks :)

  67. Am I the only one, who sometimes (today!) feel sorry for this couple, so completely void of any charm and eloquence? What life could be worse than the life they are living?

  68. Anon at 68

    No, you are not the only one.

    You have Rosiepops for company.

  69. C'est vrai que ce serait bien que le public français prenne connaissance de l'interview.S'il était possible d'avoir la transcription en anglais, il serait facile de faire la traduction. C'est parfois un peu rapide ou inaudible pour nous frogs.
    C'est possible Astro ou Joanna ou Kaz? Merci.

  70. Hi Anonymous 17:14

    I agree with you, erm this erm eh couple, mmmh erm eh lack er charm and mmmh err eloquence!

    They also lack good manners, warmth and honesty. Just my opinion.

    Today I did indeed feel sorry after viewing the interview which took place between this couple and Sandra Felgueiras - Sorry for Madeleine!

    They appear to show more concern in respect of how they are perceived by the public than they do for finding this child.

    Paying a Portuguese PR company to mend bridges, in what they consider a broken relationship with the Portuguese people, in the 'name of seeking their help in finding the child' is utterly insulting.

    Do they honestly believe that their are Portuguese people out there, sitting on vital information which they will not come forward with because they don't like them?

    Can you imagine for a moment, someone sitting saying 'I know who the abductor is, and I know where Madeleine is, but I dislike her parents so much I will leave her in the lair to be tortured on a daily basis.'

    How ridiculously sad that this is what this pair think. How ridiculously sad that they think too that any amount of PR can change their dispositions. They are what they are. They were these people before Madeleine disappeared and remain the same.

    A big 'ask' of any PR company - to make them look good! But I'm sure they will pay a big fee from the 'Fund to find Madeleine'to the PR company for the privilege of attempting this feat.

    You ask 'What life could be worse than the life they are living?'

    After that interview I would have to say, for them a LIFE WITHOUT THE FUND!

    Though if Madeleine is alive, the life she is living, is very much worse than any type of life her parents will ever live.

    My thoughts today are with this child. Not with her parents. They will always find a way to be "okay."

    Madeleine could not look after herself when on holiday in Portugal,left alone and vulnerable. Do they honestly think the child giving a paedophile who is torturing her every day, her 'tuppence worth' is going to have any effect?

    This pair need a reality check and so do all who support the circus.

    We don't know what happened to this child but this continued pantomime which they call a search is shameful.

    Do I feel sorry today? You bet I do, but not for Kate and Gerry McCann!



  71. Sandra Felgueiras took great care with her excellent questions. Any other journalist (one with any guts, that is,) can now build on the obvious gaps where the McCanns refused to answer properly. Sandra managed to remain courteous and yet firm throughout.
    I often wonder what life was/or is like at home in McCann's house. If it takes an intelligent and brave grown woman to withstand them, how did Madeleine fare in private?

  72. aacg comment 47. The dogs have a 100% record, in fact, despite the attempts by the UK press to discredit them in Jersey. The fact is that in Jersey they did find human remains, bone fragments, but they were very very old so not relevant. Also the ground where they reacted positively was indeed contaminated by human cadaverine, but it had been raked and moved somewhere else. The expert Martin Grimes stated they have 100% record and recently were successful again in finding a burial. UK authorities would not spend millions of pounds training and deploying unreliable police cadaver dogs, the idea is ridiculous.

  73. guerra said:

    'Their coffers will never run dry. I'll never forget what their benefactor Mr. Brian Kennedy said in a BBC interview, he said that he would support them until his death, now that's devotion. This kind of devotion by their supporters is strange and it raises the question, how are their benefactors interests being met by supporting them?'

    But Brian Kennedy seems to have changed his mind about unlimited support, as Clarence Mitchell said this back in March this year:

    'In September I decided I wanted to work full-time to help the McCanns with their campaign so I left the government and Brian Kennedy stepped in to pay my salary. Some months ago Brian Kennedy withdrew from funding it and so the Helping to Find Madeleine Trust is now paying me to help continue the search for Madeleine."

    We had often asked in forums why on earth the McCanns would have begged the public for money if indeed Brian Kennedy had put unlimited financial support at their disposal. There would be no need for a Fund, no need to ask people in these tough financial times to give them money, if someone with Brian Kennedy's wealth was supplying all money that was necessary. But they've said at times they were running out of money and they say they need more, including no doubt Mr Amaral's, to fund the 'search' for Madeleine, therefore it looks like BK isn't supplying it or not enough.

    I agree the McCanns usually like the limelight, but they weren't enjoying this interview with Sandra one little bit - just watch the body language! They love being interviewed by the tame British journalists, who all are incapable of asking a single interesting or probing question. Also, too big a contrast between the gorgeous Sandra and Kate. lol

  74. To anon 55

    Exactly my thoughts also.

    Mark Warner resorts are not responsible for children left alone by their parents and as such should not suffer as a result.

    Bravo Sandra Felgueiras excellent interview, I live in hope that the British Press have the b...s to ask questions that need to be answered.

    The McCanns keep stating that there is no evidence to support that Madeline is dead, in this interview they go on to say that the dogs evidence is unreliable.

    Good Grief Why are the Police in most countries using dogs to find drugs, bombs, and a multitude of things if they are unreliable??? Why are criminals who get convicted on evidence from dogs
    not all up in arms about the unreliable evidence that has convicted them of a crime.

    There is also no evidence to suggest that Madeline was abducted as far as I can make out. I once remember reading an article about crime scenes in which forensics take into account that at a crime scene criminals most always leave something of themselves behind.

    This in my opinion this has become a McCann farce

    Until the McCanns ask, beg, knock on every door to demand the case re-opened I question their creditability (I an entitled to my opinion)

    Madeline deserves the case re-opened

  75. Anon. 21 Thank you for the daily mail link. Daily Mail no longer accepting comments after this article. I would love to have seen the comments they received!

  76. I would be interested in knowing how the Portugese newspapers covered this excellent interview by Sandra Felgueiras and also seeing the comments from readers in Portugal.

  77. I find it very difficult to believe that only 1,400 people in the world (with internet connection) have signed the petition asking for the case to be reopened. I have and I see it as my democratic right. What are people scared of? Still scared of being labelled as uncaring towards a family who is suffering? How can we publicise the existence of the petition more so that those who have thought it through can sign?

  78. Maybe they have a feeling that Madeleine is going to be found soon.

    Could this be why they are having such a blitz of publicity and getting as much money for the Fund as possible.

    If Madeleine is found, it's end of Fund, and they may need the money for other things.

    After all it is theirs to do with as they wish, it says so in the small print.

  79. Again and again this hand clinch! There should be some reason why they never look relaxed. She looks drunk. Or may be just had lots of calpol for the breakfast. If they feel that next question is going to be uncomfortable they immediately interrupt Sandra and repeat and keep repeating all the same phrases, learned like a homework with their ... dearest friend CM. Not a lot new from them. But Sandra has done a great job! She opened the door for the rest professional journalists. Come on, guys! Don't be so... shy! Just do your job properly! Someone has to ask them ALL the questions all we want to ask!
    And what about justice? WHAT JUSTICE...

  80. http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1661684,00.html

    US Time..2007...Never any doubt back then as they ask 'Who Killed Madeleine'..

  81. Kate is very drab and dowdy, the woman lacks any sex appeal. I dislike Mccann also and wonder what they ever found attractive in each other. Sandra was full of life and came across as an exciting woman to be with. I wonder if Mccann was thinking the same while his wife dug her hand into his.Kate is a minnie mona a bore and extremely unattractive. She has aged ten years since all this began. I have no idea what that interview was all about or for what reason they did it. They cannot stop the lies and their body language is all wrong for an innocent person.Kate cannot keep eye contact she has to keep looking away. Sandra knows they are not telling the truth and the Mccanns know it...Mccanns 'Ask the Dogs' was not funny when you think of the significance of their findings...Unreliable or not ,we are talking about a dead child and Mccann thinks its amusing.

  82. Many people keep commending Sandra (and me too!) and then knocking all the UK journalists for not asking those questions.... but we do not have free speech here.

    There is an injunction, one of these so-called super-injunctions, which both prohibits the asking of questions, and publicising the reason why they cannot ask questions. This is obvious, why do you think that suddenly all the difficult questions stopped a long time ago, and now all UK journalist toe the line. It is because they have no choice! It MUST be with government approval, there is a much bigger cover-up here, I'm sure of that.


  83. I'm not living in Portugal but I have read the commentary sections of Portuguese newspapers such as "Sol" and "Correio da Manha". I would say more than 95% of the people are fed up with this farce. The funniest comment I read was when someone said that he couldn't believe there are still people who believe the McCanns and then he referred to the whole affair as a circus for jackasses.


  84. http://news.uk.msn.com/photos/photos.aspx?cp-documentid=150369786

    21st Century stories that never were...the Mccanns should be on this list...

  85. Hi Mike, with you 100%..We have to also realise that the entire group are being protected not just the Mccanns. I no longer believe that the gullible public are sending money. I am sure they did in the early days but now with the crisis it is each for their own. I have no idea why they keep on putting themselves through this.I spoke to my father this evening and asked him did he see the Mccanns..he said NO he switched off..Not sure if he meant the TV.or himself..lol..."I am sick of hearing about the bloody Mccanns" he said. We both laughed. They should be glad they have got away with it and just get on with their lives and be thankful they still have the twins and their 'Lovely' home...

  86. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7sQ3I4ESMk

    The Happy Couple...Before it all went wrong..

  87. Mike said...

    Many people keep commending Sandra (and me too!) and then knocking all the UK journalists for not asking those questions.... but we do not have free speech here.

    There is an injunction, one of these so-called super-injunctions, which both prohibits the asking of questions, and publicising the reason why they cannot ask questions.

    But the point is not that the British journalists ask them no pertinent questions, it's that the British journalists fawn over them as though they were victims, when in reality the only victim was Madeleine. I could very well understand British journalists being forbidden to ask tough questions, but in no way could British journalists be ordered to treat them as though they were saints, beyond reproach. No one could make British journalists write the fawning, boot-licking tripe they continue to write about this pair, about parents who admit to leaving their children alone every evening of their holiday, who admit to leaving a door unlocked so their 3-year-old child could go looking for them in the darkness.

    Until someone can explain to me why British journalists act in this crawling, toadying fashion where these people are concerned, I will continue to criticise those so-called 'journalists' and say thank God for people like Sandra, people who are a credit to their profession and not an utter disgrace to it.

    British journalists = the worst in the world. (And I'm British myself, living in a place where we've had to fight to stay British. Sometimes I wonder why we ever bothered.)

  88. The way Kate takes a deep breath, suffering, is always forced and out or ritym.I noticed this before.

  89. I think I have finally figured out what happened

    Having read Kate's interview I believe the sequence of events is as follows

    Kate and Gerry had fallen out the night previously as she stated they slept in seperate beds.

    The following day the Tapas group went to the beach without them, probably as Kate and Gerry were still not getting on

    On the fateful day Kate had returned to the apartment having to look after the children, Kate smarting that Gerry was having more free time having another tennis lesson and that they hadn't been to the beach leaves the children to play whilst she has a shower.

    Finishing her shower she is confronted with Maddie playing up by throwing things behind the sofa (Gerry makes reference to the kids doing this in his statement) Katie still fuming inside lashes out at Maddie and hey presto the child has an untimely death.

    Russel O appears at the door and tries to resusitate Maddie but to no avail.

    Having been sent by Gerry to check on Kate and the kids he quickly returns to inform Gerry of the accident. (Its in Gerry's statement)

    Russel O was absent from the table in the evening for a considerable period of time and at the same time Gerry went to do his check.

    and Jane T Russel's partner was the one who came up with the sighting.

    The checking timeline is a complete red-herring to throw you off the sent of the real time line of events that happened previously.

    Maddie must have been struck by Kate otherwise why wouldnt they have just reported a tragic accident. As they are both doctors they would realise a post-mortem would show that Maddie had been struck.

    I rest my case Mi Lord

  90. One thing I particularly noticed on the video 17.35 was Kate’s response to Sandra’s question as to how they were dealing with the “reality” of it all at this present time. Gerry looked VERY uncomfortable with Kate responding.
    Kate said that she was “feeling stronger than a year ago” but the emotion was still there.

    JMO but would the distress of “not knowing” what happened actual increase over time not decrease. I’m sure it would if I was in the same position.
    However, if you actually knew that your child was dead, would not time gradually decrease your feelings of grief. You could gradually come to some sort of terms with the situation, even as tragic as losing a child must be.
    Kate appears to me to fit the latter.

    Initially the emotions would have been the same. Grief /distress but over time they would have taken a different path, in any possible resolution

  91. Have I gotten good news?

    I went to gerry's Findmadeleine.com and I found out the new one minute video with the appeal is not placed on there.
    I saw tanner's abductor, the man with the bad skin, etc etc.
    Gerry, what a bad luck.
    You don't like that video.

  92. Why on Earth the Mccanns expect us all to spread around the new video

    "Appeal for Madeleine",

    while they are not doing it themselves?

    On Gerry's site, no word about it, no video.

    Are we supposed to do everything for them, supporting them financially, receiving them on TV studios, being forbidden to read Amaral's book, dispizing those fucking dogs, searching physically for their daughter like the Portugueses did, etc etc?

    A short one minute video, and Gerry is too lazy to place it on his site?

    O Gosh, does it by chance have to do with its contents?

    Sorry, I did not think of that.

    1000 excuses.

  93. I have watched this video again. I am sorry McCanns but whoever your PR advisors are should be sent down the road. Money has not up to yet found your daughter , so why are you asking for more?


    On a last note; I Am appauled with Mr. McCanns statement in this interview when Questioned about the dogs said "ask the dogs"
    and appeared to find it amusing.

    There are a great deal of people who would not be here if our Canine friends were not involved in disasters, crime , etc.

    As a member of the British Public I ask PLEASE DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR ALL CHILDREN

  94. had another look at interview. My goodness, the twins are old enough now to read and 'lead the way' with questions.

    their school friends will ask them if their parents still wine and dine 'in their garden' with friends, but still make checks ever 15/30 mins on their well being.

    the twins' lives won't be normal from now......lawyers, investigators, Clarence Mitchell, Gerry's brother, Tapas 7, will soon just walk away with their money.......Twins will be at school, as Gerry says, information will be available to them

    Clarence M, Gordon Brown can shield the Parents from intense pressure from Media, but they can'y help brain wash the twins to believe the lies

  95. Anonymous 95,

    The problem will be twins' school friends. They will hear at home, from their parents, that the McCanns DID IT. And when at school they will repeat it to the twins. At home, Gerry and Kate will have a hell of a time having to explain themselves to the twins over and over again. When the twins will be teenagers, the problem will worsen as they will be able to surf the net and read whatever will be available about the case. It will be a nightmare. They won't be able to control the twins' actions anymore. UNLESS THEY STARTED ALREADY THE BRAINWASHING PROCESS, that is.

  96. Well done to Sandra for asking the McCanns the kind of questions that British presenters seem to be afraid of asking them. I was disgusted at Gerry McCanns laughing response, to Sandra's questions re the dogs. He looked like he was ready to burst out laughing the other day, when along with his wife, he was inteviewed on the ITV lunchtime news. I had to switch the television off, I felt like throwing something at it.

    I'm in agreement with Anonymous, re the twins and their school friends in the playground and I fear for their sanity, because of what they will hear in the playground and at home.

    The McCanns started to mess with the twins heads almost as soon as they could talk. Kate McCanns mother told the media, that the twins who had already been told that a monster had taken Madeleine, were given gifts last Christmas and on their birthday and told that the gifts were from Madeleine.

    Whatever lies the McCanns tell to the twins now, will backfire on them big time, once they are older. Sean and Amelie, will hear some gruelling stories about events surrounding Madeleine's disappearance, as they grow. These stories will come from children who will have heard their parents talking about Madeleine and their version of what happened in PDL. Sean and Amelie may even be bullied by some children.

    If the McCanns are never brought to justice for the part they played in Madeleine's disappearance, they will be asked by Sean and Amelie, why they and Madeleine, were left alone in that unlocked apartment, all but one night of that so called family holiday in PDL. Sean and Amelie, will ask their parents, why they didn't look for Madeleine when she went missing, along with other questions they will not want to answer.

    Sean and Amelie, may even ask Kate McCann the 48 questions she refused to answer in PDL and I would love to be a fly on the wall if she says no comment to them.

    The McCanns are in for a very bumpy ride in the not too distant future, they may be laughing now, but they will be laughing on the other side of their faces, by the time Sean and Amelie have finished with them.

  97. I fear for the general welfare of Sean and Amelie. I really do! Unfortunately, it would appear that Social Services have been warned off intervening. With a family like that, what hope do they have of growing up to be well-adjusted members of society?

  98. We may all be surprised to find that in the future the twins may toe the official family line due to pressure and the desire to share in the protection their parents receive. Unfortunately, we will have to wait and see.

  99. The McCann's agenda is simply to find their daughter, everybody else,has a diffirent one, including blogs anffd that is self pubication, and self justification, and every paper ,book, pamphet,interview, fits into that.

    Every post on every blog is folk thinking they have the answer and want to let people know how clever they are that they have found the truth.

    For god's sake, leave the McCanns alone, the dogs can't speak , so who knows what the picked up, it is not evidience, just maybe a lead, which the poice think is not worth looking further at, as it can't be justified.

    So I would suggest that everybody get's a life and if they realy care about the poor litte girl, either give support to the true campaign or mind your own business.

    Common sense would suggest that these parents are at their wits end about the poor little girl.

  100. Anonymous comment #100

    Are you Clarence Mitchell?

  101. Comment 100

    Common sense would surely tell you it is unwise to leave three very young children alone in an unlocked appartment would it not?

    And if on your return you find that one of them has "disappeared" wouldn't common sense tell you it would be a good idea to answer police questions so that you might find your missing child?

    Well done Sandra. Excellent work. You certainly put them on the spot!

  102. Anonymous 100,

    Sorry but you seem to be another brainwashed idiot who didn't read the official files, or preferred to forget the investigation conclusions of the Portuguese authorities. And do yourself a favour, stop reading British newspapers, you'll only become worse and probable incurable

  103. Meanwhile, right at the beginning of the interview, did Gerry suggest that as well as taking legal action against Amaral, they were taking legal action against the bit in the files that makes allegations against them i.e Tavares de Almeida's report? That's the impression I got!

  104. Anon. 90, you seem to be very confused, it was not O'Brien who checked on Kate and the children at gerry's request,on the late afternoon of the 3rd of May, it was DAVID PAYNE, you know...the one who it seems likes to suck his fingers and to caress his nipples, or at least had an interest in knowing if a certain little girl would do it...

  105. We were led to think that the McCanns instigated this latest stage in their awareness campaign, but I´m finding that increasingly difficult to believe. They had already crossed swords with Sandra in another interview, so why on earth would they choose to be on the receiving end of her rigorous questions yet again, when the stated purpose was to improve relations with Portugal?

    As for the video, there are none of their marks on it: no mention of abduction, and viewers with information are being asked to contact their local police, rather than the McCann team direct.
    It has been said that the video has been compiled with the help of psychologists, but how can the psychologists compile any profile of the person they are addressing when nobody, officially, has a clue as to what sort of person the perpetrator is? He (or she) could be of any nationality or religion,a paedophile loner, member of an international kidnapping ring, a kindly couple in the hinterland of Praia de Luz who desperately needed a little blonde girl to complete their family. And yet it seems to have some particular person or persons in mind.

    The latest news update entered on the McCanns'official website as far as I can make out is about the Everton t-shirts. All very strange. I´d have expected at least some comment on this latest campaign, unless none of it has quite turned out as hoped. Or it was never their idea in the first place.

  106. Comment 100

    They do not seem to be at their wits' end and never have appeared that way. That is only one of the problems I have with this case. Have you read the case files?

    Justice for Madeleine, for all the other missing children and for ALL the children affected by the coverage of this case.

  107. Comment 100 -

    Their only agenda is to find their daughter you say? You seem to have forgotten about the "wider agenda" which the McCanns told us - explicitly - they were pursuing. They took time out to pursue it as well, at press conferences, European Parliament etc. Back then the search for the child, paradoxically wasn't so urgent.

    Very few people here think they have "the answer". But the common perception of nearly everyone who posts here is that the investigation into what the answer is has been deliberately slowed, sabotaged and derailed by various parties since May 07.

    No one has put forward any evidence to show that the dogs were mistaken. Their reaction is therefore a powerful signal.

    Common sense would say that these parents have reacted very strangely all along. Not getting invovled in the physical search, laughing and jogging soon after the event, not answering police questions, campaigning on the wider agenda before leads had gone cold, not worrying about their detectives saying where Madeleine is being hidden...very odd.

  108. Anonymous (Post 100) the McCanns agenda, should have been to take proper care of their children, on that so called family holiday in PDL. If they had done just that, they wouldn't need an agenda to find Madeleine.

    The McCanns agenda in PDL was to spend that so called family holiday, without their children. They put their 3 children in the creche, where they were safe, during the day, while they spent their time with their friends. The McCanns, then left their 3 children in an unsafe environment, without adult supervision, while they spent their evenings with the friends they had spent every day with.

    The McCanns are lucky that they are only being criticised on internet forums and the odd newspaper, they should be serving time for their behaviour. The PJ only had the McCanns word that Madeleine was abducted, the McCanns lied to save their own skins, there was evidence Madeliene was harmed in the apartment, the McCanns did not look for Madeliene when she first disappeared nor at any time since.

    The McCanns still say that they have done nothing wrong and they weren't involved in Madelienes disappearance. The McCanns know full well that they have done something very wrong and they are involved in Madelienes disappearance. If only for the fact they left their children unsupervised and from the way they have behaved, I would say much much more.

  109. I posted at # 100 - and already have several abusive comments against me, which maybe shows that most folk do not really think.

    I am not brain washed, in actual fact i have read about the case over the last couple of months, and looked at both sides of the case with interest, keeping an open mind. Fernis does seeem to be brainwashed , not an open minded.

    Yes, the mccanns should not have left the kids alone that night, but we have all done stupid things, myself included, but we all dont are not as unlucky as the mccanns, and boy they have paid the ultimate price for that stupidity. That is something they know!

    Something happened that night, but we can not say what beyond resonable doubt what happended.

    The dogs incident is not conclusive itself, we do not know the history to the flat, did the last occupants have a nose bleed for instance?

    No sightings, even the smith's are conclusive enough, so the only real possibility is that the poor child WAS abducted, although the odds are very high, that i admit, but abductions are rare anyway.

    This interview with sandra is just average, and gives nothing away at all, she didnt get anything, the McCanns just took the stance that anybody would take that has had so much media speculation.
    Let the police investigate.

    To all boggers, just give me once piece of info, that is worth looking at and help me form an opinion, at the moment my heart goes out to McCanns , and there is NOTHING that suggest that the McCanns are guilty of anything.

    Just one final thought thought, is that if the McCanns are under any suspicion, do you not think that thier phones, emails, and home is not being tapped, as well as all friends and family.

    The authorities are not stupid, which is why the shannon matthews case, and Ian huntlty were allowed to hang themselves.

    The authorites will be looking at the McCanns every movement since this poor little girl vanished, and if there is any guilt, it is only a matter of time, so let's leave them alone and assume that they are victims?


    yes, my intital are in actual fact CM

  110. Post 100

    I see you have your own truth. You're probably very young and impulsive, and wrote that very fast, judging by keying errors and lack of preview check. Experience would tell you that the police had to go further and did so. Read the files and their conclusions, please.

  111. Anonymous 100 - what about the blood under the sofa? There's a photo of the floortiles in Sr Amaral's book that shows clear signs where blood has seeped under the tiles.
    ( Floortiles were ripped up and sent -where?- for forensic inspection.) Of course, the book is banned now, obviously, But I got it and read it when it came out, thank goodness.Read the files for details, do.

  112. Anon 100
    Why dont THEY get a life and truly disappear from OUR sight?
    They have been whining over more than 2 long years for the PUBLIC's help and they tell us to get lost? jeje.....NO way
    If they REALLY want to find out what happened to Madeleine then the only thing they have to do is to ask for the re opening of the case. No more no less. They would show common sense investing the few neurones they have left into something useful and necessary for MADELEINE

  113. cm...post 110.

    You have read about the case over the pst couple of months, you say?
    Well, then you have missed a lot!

    I have done stupid things in my time too( things like singing in supermarkets, splashing in puddles) but leave my children alone whilst I went out? NEVER. THAT cannot be called stupid, that is called NEGLECT x(

    One thing I DO agree with you on is "Let the Police investigate"

    Now, that's something MANY people would like to see happen. Start from scratch and let's have a thorough Police investigation, questioning ALL the people who were there on that "Family Holiday" in Portugal and this time maybe Kate will ANSWER those questions.

    Somehow, I doubt the Maccann's are looking forward to the prospect of this!

  114. Anonymous (question 100) I cannot believe that you think the McCanns aren't guilty of any involvement into Madeleine's disappearance. You say they were stupid for leaving their children alone, they were more than stupid, they were downright evil.

    The McCanns had a massive wake up call, on the morning of the evening Madeleine mysteriously disappeared. Kate McCann, after denying for 12months, that her children never cried when they were out, said Madeleine told her and her husband,on the morning of the evening she mysteriously disappeared, that she and Sean had cried the previous evening and they never came.

    Kate McCann said Madeleine's words were, "Where were you when me and Sean cried last night and you never came to us? Kate McCann revealed that fact in a television interview that was broadcasted around the time of the 1st anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance.

    Kate McCann continued by saying, "we didn't take Madeleine seriously, but we nearly didn't go out. We then decided we would go out and we would up our checks to every 30minutes" I would like the McCanns to explain how often their checks were on the other 6 nights their children were left alone in that unsafe environment.

    Kate McCann only made one check on the night Madeleine disappeared, it was at 22:00hrs. 55 minutes after her husbands only check at 21:05. The McCanns said that another member of the Tapas party made an earlier check, but according to yet another member of the Tapas party, each parent was resposible for making their own checks on their own children. Also the McCanns said they didn't leave their apartment until 20:30hrs.

    I would like to know Anonymous (question 100) if you have children or are old enough to understand the behaviour of young children. Given the ages of the McCann children, they should not have been left without adequate supervision for 5 minutes.

    Kate and Gerry McCann will at some point in their early days as medics in a hospital, seen children who have been harmed, because they have been left alone while their parents were out. They will have been responsible for contacting the police and Social Services. Yet they saw fit to leave their own young children, while they went out.

  115. Anonymous (post 100) I've just realised that I put question 100, instead of post, in my previous post. Anyway don't you find it strange that the McCanns didn't look for Madeleine when she first disappeared? Kate McCann revealed that fact in her first television interview in PDL. She was asked if she and her husband, had wanted to join some of the locals, who stayed off work to help the police search for Madeleine. Along with some of the holidaymakers who gave up their leisure time to search for Madeleine.

    Kate McCann admitted they hadn't physically looked for Madeleine, but they had been very busy looking in their own ways. I know what the McCanns were doing, Gerry McCann wrote daily blogs to say what they were doing, while others searched for Madeleine.

    He bragged that he and his wife had beaten their personal best at jogging. I saw footage of the McCanns jogging, on the news, I even saw the McCanns in their jogging gear, standing on a cliff, watching the police down below, combing the beach for Madeleine.

    Gerry McCann also wrote of the trips he and his wife made to the airport to pick up friends and family. Anything he and his wife did, didn't involve searching for Madeleine, he did want others to look for Madeleine and to also donate.

    He spoke of a fundraising event that was to take place 3 months ahead. Did you not wonder Anonymous, why Gerry McCann was so sure Madeleine wasn't going to be found, if he and his wife were organising fundraising events 3 months ahead? Did you not wonder why money was so important to the McCanns at this early stage?

    There was a £2million reward set up quickly by newspaper groups, when the news broke of Madeleine's disappearance. Celebrities, businessmen and footballers also pledged money, for Madeleine's safe return. The McCanns were using the local police, so it wasn't as if they needed money to search for Madeleine.

    I learned pretty quickly that the McCanns were aware that Madeleine wouldn't be found, their strange behaviour told me, they were more involved in Madeleine's disappearance than neglect. Also Kate McCann's mother said that when her daughter phoned to say Madeleine was missing, she asked for the telephone number of the Merseyside Priest who officiated at their wedding (the McCanns wedding)Kate McCann wanted the Priest to fly out to PDL, as soon as possible. The Priest flew out with Kate McCann's mother the next morning.

    The McCanns behaviour, the blood stains in the apartment, along with other evidence. Kate McCann's refusal, to answer 48 questions, knowing full well that her refusal, would hinder the search, is why they are suspected of being more involved with Madeleine's disappearance than neglect.

  116. Bye the way, Anonymous (post 100) I am far from perfect, but my husband and I never left our children alone, while we went out. I am sick and tired of reading posts on different forums, where posters say the McCanns were either stupid or they made a mistake.

    These posters lavish much heartfelt sympathy on the McCanns, but there is no mention of any sympathy for the true victim in this case Madeleine.

    I get the feeling that if the McCanns, lived on a council housing estate, the same posters, would have sympathy for Madeleine and none for the McCanns.

  117. Anonymous 100 (CM)

    I still maintain that you are really brainwashed. Your second comment only confirms that. So for you it is absolutelly normal that this couple puts in motion such an enormous media circus only a couple of hours after their daughter disappears? Is it normal that they don't go looking for her as did the local population, tourists, police, GNR, you name it? Is it normal to force the police to investigate only what they want? And is it normal to call Gordon Brown to interfere in the case? To immediately employ expensive lawyers to defend them? Did they need press secretaries? Public relations? And what a coincidence that the dogs found blood and cadaver odour in their apartment, car, clothes and Cuddle Bear. And how strange that their depositions don't match? But the best is that, even though they want their daughter to be found by the police, they refuse to answer their questions and, cowardly, also refuse to participate in the reconstruction. Should we, after all this still support the "poor doctors"? Support people who went night after night to have fun and left three small children alone in a foreign country? At night? I think CM that you are insane!

  118. I am not young, or maybe I am 46, but despite requests, nobody, has suggested any bit of evidence that is conclusive.

    Everthing is poor judgement on the mccanns side, but it is not evidence that they, killed, or had anything to do with the daughters disapperance.

    No, they dont need all the press and media, but they are doing what they think is right,If you have access to gordon brown, why not use him ?, I would.

    The McCanns short comings, does not implicate their guilt.

    Just give me one piece of evidence to change my mind, I am open to it, not just speculation.

    All the blogs and websites go over the same stories which, by the PJ's lack of action, show that there is nothing there.

    Until you have lost a child in this manner, you would not know how to re-act to the situation, the McCanns are doing what they feel is right, and as mentioned the police WILL be looking at their moves and phone calls and, if, they "slip" up the police will take action at this time.

    I dont know what happended to this poor girl on that night, nor does anybody else, just let the episode unfold without speculation, as this is unhelpful to anybody.


  119. Post 119,

    So, for you all their actions were absolutely normal and the McCanns only have a few shortcomings. And you too play the old record "the PJ's lack of action" which is so dear to the British press. You are a hopeless case and I won't bother with you anymore.

  120. Fernis - i would not pretend to know more than the british press, the pj's, the british police,interol, europol, unlike you, but i just want a piece of conclusive proof , so please come up with it,not just conjecture?

    I keep an open mind, but in the absence of anything, I think the mccanns are innocent and are without doubt areunder a lot of pressure and folk read into every statement they make, and come to their own conclusions.


  121. Hi Fernis, call me a cynic, but there is something rather suspicious about Anonymous/cm's posts. The poster writes the same kind of drivel that Clarence Mitchell spouts. So could this poster be Clarence Mitchell? After all we do know that the McCanns and their team of supporters, trawl the forums.

    Gerry McCann called internet critics and anyone who wrote letters to them criticising their behaviour, nutters, but he now calls us sad individuals.

    I have a name that describes the McCanns perfectly and it is "the Gruesome Twosome"

  122. Hello Kath,

    At least he (she) signs CM, maybe in an attempt to make fun of us. If so he is mistaken, of course. But anyone so obssessed in defending a couple that so clearly has something to hide, is very fishy to say the least. And as I said, I am not going to waste my time with him (or her) anymore.


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