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The Scum: Anti-McCann group facing fraud probe

Target ... the Madeleine Foundation blames parents Gerry and Kate McCann for their daughter's disappearance


FRAUD cops are probing the bank account of a campaign group which says Maddie McCann is dead - and aims to blame her parents.

Controversial lawyer Tony Bennett helped set up the Madeleine Foundation, but its account is now frozen.

Detectives want assurances over tens of thousands of pounds sent in by people supporting his warped aims.

Bennett, 62, ran the account from his home in Harlow, Essex.

Much of the cash came from the sale of £4 books blaming the McCanns after the three-year-old vanished in Portugal in 2007.

The couple think many people may have mistakenly donated believing they were funding the hunt for Maddie.

The account holds £2,700 but Mr Bennett is thought to have £90,000 in private accounts.

A rift had developed between Bennett and foundation chairwoman Debbie Butler. Police stressed the case was still only an investigation and no arrests had been made.

A source close to Gerry and Kate McCann said: "This foundation is now in meltdown. They can't wait to see the end of it."

in the Scum

Right to Reply

Statement by Tony Bennett, Secretary of The Madeleine Foundation, in response to an article in today’s (7 November) ‘Sun’

I woke up this morning to read an article in today’s ‘Sun’ newspaper notifying its five million or so readers that there is a ‘fraud probe’ in relation to the finances of The Madeleine Foundation.

‘The Sun’ did not contact me before printing the article.

The recent background to this article, for those not so far aware of events of the last fortnight, is as follows.

On 26 October, for reasons best known to herself, Debbie Butler, Chairman of The Madeleine Foundation, decided to launch a strong personal attack on a public internet forum, ‘Missing Madeleine’, which included many false allegations against me.

Due to this and many other related issues, the Committee of The Madeleine Foundation was left with no alternative by Monday 2 November but to expel her from membership under Paragraph 6 of our Constitution. On the same day, our bank was notified of a dispute, notified that one of the signatories to the account had been expelled, and informed that a members’ meeting would be held on 14 November when new signatories would be appointed.

The allegations by Debbie Butler of ‘fraud’ and financial impropriety followed these events. There is no truth in any of her claims.

I deal now with specific issues on ‘The Sun’ report.

Dealing with the false claim that I ‘ran the account from my home in Harlow’, the brief facts are these: 1. The branch of the bank in which the account is held is in Debbie Butler’s home town of Maidstone 2. The account was jointly operated in that not one penny could be taken out of the account without both Debbie Butler and I signing cheques.

‘The Sun’ article refers to the possibility that people might have mistakenly donated to The Madeleine Foundation thinking it was to support the fund to help find Madeleine. No-one donated on that basis. Incidentally Debbie Butler has publicly called for people who donated to the Foundation to ask for their money back. No-one has yet done so.

Yes, the account has just over £2,700 in it.

As for claims that people sent in ‘tens of thousands of pounds’, the actual total income to the Foundation between its establishment and the end of September 2009 was £8,104.05, made up a follows:

Income £ p

Loan from T Bennett 20 00
Loans from D Butler 350 00
Donations 590 00
Cash subscriptions 10 00

All Net PayPal Income
(payments for books, subscriptions and donations) 5.580 00
Cash sales of the booklet 1.464 90
Retail booksellers 19 15
TOTAL: 8.104 05

Madeleine Foundation members were recently sent a set of income and expenditure accounts in our newsletter.

I now deal with ‘The Sun’ statement that ‘Mr Bennett is thought to have £90,000 in private accounts’. This is how that statement arose.

At the meeting with Kirwans, Solicitors, Liverpool, on 2 October 2009, the lawyers asked about our personal financial circumstances. I told them honestly that my current annual income was £14,000 (I have just filed my tax return) and that I had ‘a few tens of thousands’ saved up for my old age. This is where the ‘£90,000’ comes from

I take this opportunity to say that I have not made one penny either from the sale of ’60 Reasons’ nor in any way from The Madeleine Foundation; indeed it was my declared intent at the outset to make not a penny in any way connected with Madeleine’s disappearance. Our accounts will shortly be audited and that will I trust make it still plainer that there is no fraud or financial impropriety or irregularity in the conduct of The Madeleine Foundation’s affairs.

Contrary to the hopes of Gerry and Kate McCann as expressed in ‘The Sun’ article that ‘The Foundation is now in meltdown’, we have new blood on our Committee, we have a members’ meeting shortly, and we have plans.(...)

Needless to say, when I have a moment, there will be a complaint from me to The Press Complaints Commission about the article, which appears to have been printed based on ‘information’ supplied by Debbie Butler and hs not in any way been checked with me.

I’m downcast but not defeated.

Right to Reply

I have had the Madeleine Foundation bank account frozen and was advised to go to the police after finding discrepancies that I am not satisfied with. This is an ongoing investigation and I am unable to post all of the details for reasons I am prepared to discuss only on the telephone with anyone who has any queries . 07867887066

Mr Bennett is suspended from his position as secretary and member of the foundation whilst the investigation continues, I remain as chairperson .

I have not contacted any newspaper and will not do so and am not responsible for the reporting of any article that may appear in the future in any newspaper .

Unfortunately there is more to this than meets the eye and matters have to be dealt with by proper authorities . I stand by everything and do not agree with Mr Bennetts reply supplied to various forums .

Thank you.

Debbie Butler


  1. I think there is a possibiity that Debbie Butler's integrity has been compromised, perhaps by threats from Carter-Ruck or the UK government, to make these accusations against Tony Bennett and to work on their behalf to disband the Foundation by creating distrust.

    Per posts on the MF site, Debbie has been in communication with Clarence Mitchell on repeated occasions, which she admits and Stevo confirms, but she is unwilling to disclose what they discussed. In her own words, Debbie has written, “…I am not in cahoots with Mr Mitchell or Carter Ruck but will be informing them of underhand behaviour that has occurrred and am having nothing to do with Mr Bennett, I expect Mr Bennett to resign and to give me an apology.”
    She has since tried to backpedal from those words, saying she didn’t mean them the way they came out.

    Stevo posted Debbie Butler's allegations about potential fraud with the fund before hearing back from Tony Bennett to get his side of the story. Stevo send e-mails to Tony on Wed. evening, Nov. 4, and by mid-day Thursday, Nov. 5, Debbie's announcements were plastered over the front page of the MF site, without any confirmation of proof or rebuttal from Mr. Bennett. This is hardly the work of someone interested in fair play and in finding the truth.

    Is it really possible that the Madeleine Foundation received 92,000 pounds? That is more money than I would expect. Is this one of those UK press exaggerations?

    I hope people will withhold judgment on Tony Bennett until actual PROOF is available. After all of his hard work in gathering information and putting the evidence of this case into the public arena, I believe he should be given the benefit of the doubt unless and until evidence proves his guilt.

    I don't know the answers to this or who is telling the truth, but I do see evidence of evasiveness in answering some questions directly by Stevo and Debbie on the MF website, reminding me a bit of how the McCanns handle questions that make them uncomfortable. Mr. Bennett, on the other hand, usually comes across calm and professional in his dealings regarding the McCann case, taking the time to explain things in detail and using care not to libel someone.

    No matter whether there is fraud in the MF accounts or not, I am angry at how this matter was handled by Debbie Butler and Stevo so publicly on the (former?) Madeleine Foundation website, giving a big present to the McCann team all tied up with a pretty bow. This article is only the beginning. They have allowed the Foundation's work to be discredited by starting up the rumor mill before the answers to Butler's concerns were arrived at.

    I am done trusting the MF site.

  2. The MF has been a bizarre irrelevance for months, but perhaps someone could care to ask the same detectives to investigate whether people donating to the other fund to "find madeleine" knew they would be paying for Carter-Ruck, mortgages, Mitchell and Kate to give up work as a GP.

  3. The truth of the Matter is that the Chairman has for some weeks now been in association with Clarence Mitchell. What you read above is an attempt by the now Expelled chairwoman, to dis-credit the organisation that she is no longer part of. There is no such fraud, the books are available for inspection and independent review if anyone should wish. The Foundation has received numerous mesages of support. Once again there is no truth whatsoever in the above, for further information please contact ajsennett.btinternet.com who wil give you more information and the details of the rest of the committee should you wish to speak to us. I will also point out that the Madeleine Foundation website belongs to Debbie and Stevo and not the Madeleine Foundation. How can you get thousands of pounds in under a year by selling a £3 book and before expenses? A ridiculous suggestion anyway.

  4. Is this the McCann's new PR in full swing - to discredit anyone who challenges the McCanns abduction theory. Seems highly co-incidental to me and I agree with post number 2, perhaps Detectives should be asking whether the McCann's fund is ligitimate or not.

    I sincerely hope there isn't a rift within the former MF.


  5. I wouldn't be surprise if, very soon, Gerry is after the Madeleine Foundation's money as well. Gerry surely thinks Tony made a bundle and its too much a temptation.

  6. I am at a loss to understand why the British police will investigate a complaint from the public about a possible fraud
    When they will not investigate two parents that go on holiday abandon their children whilst they party resulting in the disappearance and probable death of one of the children.
    Perhaps the difference is that there is protection for the McCann’s

    This has the dirty hand prints of the McCann’s all over it beware this site may be next.

    Letter from Iberia

  7. I am hoping Mr.Grenville Green will give us his input. I also doubt very much that Mr.bBnnet raised this large amount of money..There does appear to be a rift on the outside. But then again the Mccanns would want to give that impresssion would they not. Seek and destroy...Remove everything from the net but their version. If maddie is dead as many believe including myself the Mccanns are commiting Fraud everyday of their lives. If and when found out ,they will go to prison and lose everything they have fought so hard to keep. Was that night really worth that extra bottle of cheap plonk...

  8. Until undisputable proof is shown that Tony Bennett is up to his neck in fraudulent behaviour, as is being intimated, if not said outright, I will continue to back him because he has stuck his neck out for Madeleine, the same as Goncalo Amaral has, and he deserves support unless and until things are proved otherwise. It will be a great service to those who want the truth for Madeleine, if Debbie and Tony can patch up their differences - until then it is a bonus for the McCann team.






  10. This is posted on The MF site, which may explain why Butler has chosen to make her accusations so public (and vindictive?):


    The Madeleine Foundation
    Combating child neglect

    66 Chippingfield Tel: 01279 635789



    CM17 0DJ e-mail: ajsbennett@btinternet.com

    Tuesday 3 November 2009

    Dear Debbie

    Expulsion from membership of The Madeleine Foundation

    It is with great rgeret that the undermentioned members of The Madeleine Foundation Committee have unanimously resolved to expel you from membership of The Madeleine Foundation for conduct which has brought or tended to bring The Madeleine Foundation into disrepute, please see Paragraph 6 of our Constitution. The particulars of how you have brought the Foundation into disrepute are shown on the attached sheet.

    You have the right of appeal against our decision and you should sbmit your decision to Tony.

    This decision does not in nay way mean that we do not recognise the huge contribution you have made within The Madeleine Foundation towards truth and justice for Madeleine, and which all of us have deeply appreciated. But your conduct especially since 26 October regrettably gave us no alternative.


    Sharon Lawrence

    Grenville Green

    Helene Davies-Green

    Tony Bennett


    This was Debbie Butler's post in response to the posting of that copy of the letter (which she had received previously)


    Debbie Says:

    November 4th, 2009 at 5:28 pm
    I remain as chairperson and will be making a statement soon , hopefully I shall be able to explain all shortly , thank you for your patience , Debbie .


    She also posted much, much, too much more on the site, imo.

  11. It appears that Stevo is deleting new comments submitted to the MF site that are taking him and Debbie to task for how this issue was handled on the site. Both of my comments have been waiting in moderation for hours, while more recent submissions by others were published and then deleted. I suspect they are afraid everyone will jump ship if they read the unhappiness of so many people with the actions taken this week on that site and the resulting consequences in the media.

    Here are my two posts from this morning:

    Jolie Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    November 7th, 2009 at 4:49 am
    Let me just clarify something, Stevo: you sent e-mails to Tony Bennett on Wednesday evening (Nov. 4) and when you did not get an immediate response, by early Thursday afternoon (Nov. 5), in less than 24 hours, when you did not hear back, you rushed into publishing allegations that could destroy Tony’s reputation on this public site that used to belong to the Foundation he worked for and still is a member of. Did you really give any serious thought of the consequences of your actions? You had a collegial working relationship with someone for two years, working on the same goals, and you don’t give him the consideration of having adequate time to respond to serious issues before assisting someone in defaming him? You might be protected legally by tiptoeing around with the wording, but that is exactly what has happened. It is a bell that once rung cannot be unrung. How can anyone trust someone who would turn against a colleage so quickly without proof of wrongdoing but based on opinion that someone else is telling you the truth. I believe your actions this week may be your undoing and the beginning of the downfall of this site and your hopes for your two soon-to-be published books. I think you have worked at cross purposes with your stated intent in the matter of Madeleine McCann.

    I would not trust anyone who has repeated conversations with Clarence Mitchell, state they have done nothing wrong, but still decline to reveal the contents of said conversations to other people in the organization. Mitchell has lied through his teeth for two-and-a-half years on behalf of the McCanns, protecting them, and helping them avoid telling the truth. What possible honorable purpose could anyone who believes the McCanns are not telling the truth have in holding extended conversations with their paid mouthpiece? I suggest that perhaps Debbie’s integrity has been compromised by threats made against her on behalf of the McCanns and/or the UK government and she is now working to undermine the Foundation and the work of those who want the truth revealed about what really happened to Madeleine.

    In her own words, Debbie has written, “…I am not in cahoots with Mr Mitchell or Carter Ruck but will be informing them of underhand behaviour that has occurrred and am having nothing to do with Mr Bennett , I expect Mr Bennett to resign and to give me an apology.”

    She has since tried to backpedal from those words, saying she didn’t mean them the way they came out. Sorry, but the damage is done.

    Repeated communications with Clarence Mitchell but cannot reveal to anyone what they are about? Problems with other Madeleine Foundation member: run to CM and CR to tell them all about it? I have read that Debbie wants to keep this website as the official Madeleine Foundation website, but remove all the ‘libelous’ statements. Will she check then with Mr. Mitchell and Carter-Ruck and perhaps Kate and Gerry to make sure everything on the site is acceptable to them all?

    At my request, a friend of mine put information with links about this case in an information box on her website. I have requested that she remove the mention of The Madeleine Foundation and a link to the site at this time because I believe it has lost its integrity.


  12. Here is the other comment I submitted to the MF site this morning.

    Jolie Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    November 7th, 2009 at 7:22 am
    Congratulations, Debbie and Stevo! Carter-Ruck couldn’t do any better for the McCanns than the two of you did this week. Joana Morais has a reprint of an article from The Scum titled “Anti-McCann group facing fraud probe” in her blog entry of November 7. At the end of the article is the following:


    A rift had developed between Bennett and foundation chairwoman Debbie Butler. Police stressed the case was still only an investigation and no arrests had been made.

    A source close to Gerry and Kate McCann said: “This foundation is now in meltdown. They can’t wait to see the end of it.”


    Clap. clap. clap. clap.

    Great show! Can you please remind me what side of this issue you are on?

    And this is only the beginning, you can be sure.

    Do you think that the very people you want to reach out to, to read your books, Stevo, will bother getting them, knowing they are connected to the Madeleine Foundation in some way?

    You have ruined the reputation of the Foundation that so many people have worked very hard to build up, in the space of less than a week.

    Please let us know which police department is working on this fraud investigation so we may call and confirm. Sorry, but I am not trusting in the UK press, particularly when the article appears to come straight from Team McCann. I would like to verify the facts.


  13. Joana, you devil, I actually thought there was a column or magazine called "The Scum" and referred to the article as appearing there, not knowing it was a pet name you have for a particular UK tabloid.

    Next time, I'll be sure to click on the link to view the source BEFORE I start typing.


  14. I too will continue to support Tony until absolute proof is given that fraud has been committed, which I doubt will appear. Bearing in mind, of course, that if it is true then it must have been over a period of time - in which case surely Debbie would have been complicit?

  15. Well ,I have just been over to the site and it is one big shamble. Debbie admits being in contact with Mitchel and Carter Ruck. Stevo claims to have been in contact with the Mccanns at some point.. Stevo also claimed to had been in contact with Amaral about his book. Joana posted some comments about this the other day and Amaral said that this was not true. Now, I know that this was a newspaper report and not to be trusted. Again this seems to all boil down to money...I have no comments to make as I do not know any of them apart from a few posts on the 3As...But yes this has played right into the hands of the scheming Mccanns ..Well done all three of you.


  17. I have to say I have been reading the MF and find the goings on there very strange.

    Accusations are being made about the source of the material in the book that is allegedly due to be published in the USA, Snr Amaral's book. There is an allegation that the book contains Anna's translation without her permission. It would appear to me that comments on the MF site appear to confirm Anna's belief. Changing words like colour to color and other words from British English to American does not, in my view, mean the book has been re-translated which appears to be the implication being made.

    I also find it rather strange that Debbie Butler is happy to put allegations, including photographs, on a public forum but when questions are asked of her she requests people to telephone her. Is that because she doesn't want to commit those answers to the same open forum the allegations were first made? It gives the impression of having something to hide whether that is the case or not.

    I am afraid the only people benefitting from all this infighting are the McCanns. Whilst the focus is on others it is just a detraction from what we should be talking about - a missing child. The McCanns don't need Carter #uck it seems people are doing their dirty work for them by their infighting.

    Perhaps this article would have been better shelved until the facts are known whatever they may be.

  18. Re the article in the Sun, calling members of the Madeleine Foundation scum. The Sun is the last newspaper to call people scum, given the amount of times they have been sued for printing untruths.They have caused untold misery to many people with their lies. I may be wrong, but was the Sun, part of the newspaper group that the McCanns sued?

    As for the gloating McCanns, as the saying goes "Be sure your sins will find you out"

  19. All need their heads banging together! For goodness sakes get a grip - you would expect all this of school children not grown adults.

    Sort it out fast and get back quickly to what is really important.

  20. Jolie, It will be I imagine the LPD...How very sad. I also think it is very wrong of Stevo to have copied from Anneesse her translation without first seeking her approval . A friend of mine has written a book and he wished to place an article that I had written...He first asked my permisiion he also wanted it in writing.Thats the correct way to do things. What a bloody shambles.

  21. Kath , the scum is an alias for the tabloid sun...

  22. Many people have had issues with Tony Bennett but I feel he has integrity.
    My recollections of Stevo have been from the onset of Anorak, then moving to 3A's. He was always full of sensationalsim. I think he was the smoke and Mitchell was the mirrors.
    Tony, I stand behind you.
    To Stevo and Debbie - remember a child called Madeleine.

  23. It urge an investigation into Mccann's Fund aswell. Where thousands of euros donated by the Public went. Any fraud may occur all over the world using Madeleine case, have the Mccann's at the beginning. The Mccann's are the mentors of this kind of campaings. they teach the world how to get easy money and to foolish people. They still undergoing a campaign, which for trillions of us, is nothing else then a fraud. But surrealistic, no any judicial power cares, nobody investigate Mccann's Fund and on, and on they go.
    Now wonder.... The frozen money from Benneth is going to be re-sended to the public which make the donations or is going to be transfered to MCcann's Fund? This pair of evil parents already stand at front stage claiming that some people by mistake, maybe donate to Benneth thinking that they are donnating to the Mccann's. Give us a break... the public was not so stupid. Who donated to benneth know's very well what they are doing and hate the Mccann's and their strategies. THE PERVERSITY OF THAT PARENTS IS GOING OWER AND LOWER OVER THE TIME. THEY WILL JUMP OVER EVERYTHING TO GET MONEY

  24. Debbie says:

    “I am not in cahoots with Mr Mitchell ot Carter Ruck but will be informing them of underhand behaviour that has occurrred and am having nothing to do with Mr Bennett , I expect Mr Bennett to resign and to give me an apology”

    Says it all really doesn’t it? Sorry Debbie I do not know you, but if what you say is true then give your evidence to the police and let them deal with it. You are doing nothing for the cause of Madeleine McCann you say that you support, but your actions are both dubious and highly unprofessional. The fact that you are willing to “inform Carter Ruck and Mr Mitchell of even the time of day is unbelievable.

    I await the forthcoming arrests in light of your serious accusation.


    This is from Debbie with a reply from a poster that I agree with. Why is Debbie if she has this evidence reporting to the SNEAK Mitchel and Carter Ruck...What is her agenda....

    Go to Scotland Yard and take your proof with you.

    Mitchel and Carter Ruck are not to be trusted so again I ask why is Debbie telling them about problems inside the Foundation. I have to ask has she done a deal? No secret the hatred for Tony about him trying to have the Mccanns charged with neglect.This is looking very unpleasant. My advice is keep well away.

  25. I don't think I will bother getting or reading either of Stevo's books, although I originally planned on getting at least two copies his 'Faked Abduction.' Any trust I placed in him is now gone.

    Joana, are you able to comment on anything regarding Stevo's publishing an English version of Sr. Amaral's book? I would like to know how that will affect Amaral legally. If Amaral has no prior knowledge of this venture nor approval of the final copy, but it is his work that is sent out under his name, it seems like theft to me. If Stevo does not get this right, he could cause a lot of problems for him.

  26. These sites and blogs provide me and others with info that isnt always readily available, due to corrupt press restrictions. Lets all be sure of one thing though, the reason these sites exist is because there is a basic human revulsion toward child neglecters and abusers and that will always remain.

  27. I can just achieve one conclusion: somebody inside MF works on the behalf of the Mccann's, teached By THEM. Debbie, peraphs. And Stevo? Who is that guy and what it is his real purpose with USA book? Looks like that everything was coocked by the Mccann's and Mitchell. If they spread the idea of an USA book and get the book and the fraud caught and exposed before the book being released, they distract the public atention and give credibility to the idea that Amaral blames on his book are also a fraud. Then they can win the injuction against Amaral and ear the 1.2 M euros. NOW I DID NOT BELIEVE THAT USA BOOK EVER EXISED. IT WAS MAYBE AN EVIL STRATEGY MADE BY THE MCCANN"S TO ACHIEVE THEIR DREAMS: SHUT DOWN AMARAL AND RE-FEED THE FUND.
    WHAT starts as a little girl neglected in Portugal... became now a COCKTAIL of CRIMES CROSSING THE WORLD. This is where the Public donations in MCCANN'S FUND WENT AND FOR WHAT THEY ARE USED... TO PERVERT AND FOOLISH MORE AND MORE PEOPLE. AND I CALL IT "MCCann's FUND" because it was never for Madeleine. SHUT DOWN, MCCANN's FUND AND you will be close to find the truth about what hapenned to Maddie. SEM DINHEIRO, ACABA-SE O VICIO E A PEVERSIDADE DE COMPRAR SITUACOES E PESSOAS QUE AJUDEM A PERPETUAR A TEORIA DO RAPTO. AO pe destes Mccann, o AL CAPONE era um aprendiz.

  28. Bloody hell.....I dont understand a n y t h i n g!
    WHEN is the fund set up by the mccanns going to be investigated? WHEN?

  29. Debbie is asking people on the MF forum to telephone her..Do not do it she will then have your number..If she so chooses this can be passed on to Mitchel or Ruck...Debbies father is or was a police officer I would imagine she has taken advice from him and that is to save your own neck.

  30. i will keep my trust in tony untill the truth is told,also why is debbie wanting people to phone her she was quick enough to put the allegations up on the mf site so why cant she elaborate more now.having read the locked thread on the maddie case files it looks like brenda was in on it to.poor madeleine been let down again

  31. I think all the in-fighting over at the Madeleine Foundation is very sad and 'unhelpful', if I may use a McCann expression. I believe we should just let them get on with it and continue with our own aim, to find out what really happened to Madeleine McCann and to ensure that justice is served. Ironside, I respect your views and I think your warning about people's phone numbers being noted is timely. Perhaps that would not be the case, but in general I don't think we can be too careful and I would hate people being caught up in something unwittingly.

  32. Can I, as a member of the British public, ask the police to investigate the McCann fund?

  33. Je ne pense pas que le livre existe réellement ou soit sur le point d'être publié, car il serait attaqué simultanémént par Amaral, sans copyright,et Anna car c'est apparemment sa traduction, et les Mccann,pour diffamation.Cela semble de l'intox,soit dans le but de faire peur aux McCann, soit pour faire tomber Bennett,sa fondation et Amaral qui aurait du mal à prouver qu'il n'est pas d'accord.Malheureusement, si les contacts de D.B et Stevo avec l'équipe McCann sont avérés, on s'oriente plutôt vers cette

  34. RE ;comment 16, I would also add that Bren should be added to this list. Trouble maker always. ... Stevo's behaviour is not that surprising if you look back on his post's from 3 A's & his agenda is starting to look to me as though its not so much about how many books he would sell but making sure that it is published and then let the court case begin in America.... Looks like Gerry's agenda is much bigger than anyone would believe ... IMO. One other thing that has bothered me is when Goncarlo's Amarals wife gave an interview to I think it was the Daily Mail, she stunned me when she made what I would consider a backstabbing comment towards her husband by mentioning that he had a Jaguar , now why would she even say that ? Im wondering who the hell is who in this wicked game we are seeing played out.

  35. If I could find a positive in all of this, it'll be that the McCanns can also come undone if a member of their inner circle decides to stray! If it can happen to the MF, then it can also happen to the McCanns!

    I live in hope......

  36. Having crossed paths with Tony Bennett on internet fora a couple of times and followed a lot of his activities with the MF as well, I have to say that although I do not agree with many of his views I have always found him to be a man with high moral standards and great personal integrity.

    His above reply to the allegations against him and the foundation is atypical for the courteous manner and utter transparency Mr. Bennett has always displayed even in the face of some of the worst personal attacks one could imagine.

    As for the others, I'm not going to dignify them with a mention except to say that I did notice the speed with which the McCanns got their gloating comment out and that their reaction really does confirm how important it is to continue to fight their contagious brand of evil lest it destroy more than it has already,

    Good luck Tony Bennett!


  37. It's obvious that at least one person on MF was bought by Team McScam.
    A case of dividing the enemy, where the one with most money wins.
    Which makes one wonder, where did the bribe money come from?

    The Scum's article is copy-paste of misinformation received.
    The Scum is unable to give the name of the officer in charge of the alleged investigation.
    Gutter press Scum and the McScams, goes well together.

  38. I agree with post 34 in that this case is much, much bigger than any of us think! It ceased being about Maddie on May 3 2007 IMO! Once the media where contacted and the McCanns started flying lawyers out to Portugal to "assist" them, things took a different turn. I believe there are several hundred- maybe thousands- of people working on behalf of the McCanns who know one or two important facts about the case. It would only take one of those people to talk to turn this case on it's head.

    I live in hope....

  39. i think the sun should be investigating the mccanns here,so come on sun lets see you investigate the madeleine fund or are you carter ruck chicken

  40. I don't believe Debbie Butler would just suddenly turn , & if she was genuinely seeking justice for Madeleine she would never have gone to CR if she thought that TB was up to no good , why would she suddenly go to their lawyer's? I don't believe that at all , I would think she was with the MCcanns from the beginning along with anyone else who suddenly changes their mind like that . It doesn't make sense that she would go to CR or that Steveo would speak to CM only once. I don't believe Bren's explanaton for why she is embroiled in all of this , saying to Debbie Butler , "lets be devious like the MCcanns " this is typical of Bren , anytime anything was about to come out she would post saying she was having trouble with the moderators etc blah blah blah as Kate would say . I had picked up on this pattern of hers before and now I know why . Who is Who ???

  41. Yes Shubob, another positive thing about this scandal is that it creates some publicity for the MF. People may just stop and have a good read and not just read all the crap that's on the front page just now. (Who was is that said "There's no such thing as bad publicity" ?)

    Have to agree with the common sentiment just now. I still have trust in Tony Bennett. I'm not liking what Debbie Butler has done at all - just fodder for the McCanns. There would have been much better ways to handle this.

    Let's hope the situation recovers quickly.


  42. Well, this is the same pattern of 3A's: somebody is expelled (possibly with good reason).
    The expelled party then goes to the Internet to discredit the organisation and especially those who expelled them.

    Yes it is unpleasant, but so what?
    3A's is gone, we now have themaddiecasefiles.
    Is this going to change anybody's opinion about the case?
    I don't think so.

    BTW Gerry, good to see you in fine form in the interview with Sandra Felgueiras.

    You are a star among fathers of missing children and you have certainly kept an incredible sense of humour and a shining wit.
    "Ask the dogs Sandra"!

    Maybe you should take up a career as a comedian?

    (Well, a grieving father for your little daughter is something you obviously are not).


    DID NOT PUBLISH THE NEW LAST VIDEO ON HIS OWN SITE, "1 minute appeal for madeleine"?

    Check on Findmadeleine.com

    You can nor find this video there.

  44. I for one have no intention of taking sides in any dispute between Tony and Debbie, at least until we know the facts. I'd add to the warnings about not phoning anyone though, because I simply can't understand why anyone would ask others to phone them about this dispute. The disagreement was made public in the Missing Madeleine forum, so why change from public allegations to requests to phone for more information? I don't think anyone will be surprised at the Sun making allegations against someone first and asking questions (maybe) later, as we all know the depths to which the British press are prepared to sink in this and other cases.

    Personally I would never put my trust in anyone who appears to jump from side to side in any dispute. Most of us have only one aim and no wider agenda - we wish to find out the truth of what happened to Madeleine and we want justice for her. That is the least she deserves. She was let down by her parents; it's up to us to make sure she isn't let down again.

    PS I think being called 'scum' by the gutter press is probably a sort of compliment; would anyone want to praised by the likes of the Sun? This sort of thing simply reinforces my claim that the British press is staffed by morons and imbeciles - both the gutter press like the Sun and the News of the World and some of the other so-called 'quality' press as well. Not a single attempt at balanced journalism among them, but then also not a single person who deserves the title of 'journalist' on their staff.

  45. i think this is reflect away from the sandra felgueiras interview

  46. The dynamic duo and their gang must have felt very threatened by Tony if they had to use the old divide and conquer tactics to get to the Foundation. Stay strong Tony and don't let them get to you.
    The dynamic duo have a former member of the MMU working for them and now we know why. I wonder if the children who donated to the duo's fund knew that their money would go to lawyers and a spokesperson. The duo have said they are directors of the fund. Are they being paid? Lets see that fund investigated.

  47. Yes, this noise has definitely to do with the appeal for madeleine video.

    Somebody is helping the Mccanns.

    That video is too much to the point and you can not find it on Gerry's site.

    We are now concentrated on Tony Bennett and the goal of this fight
    is to let us forget that appeal.

    We will not, Gerry.

  48. Perhaps, Mr Gamble made it clear to the couple that he wasn't going to do the appeal if it meant people thinking he was linked to the McCanns' fund or their PIs in anyway. It will be noted that Mr Gamble was quite "distant" from the couple during the tv appeals. It may have something to do with the fact he was heavily criticised in some quarters for his close relationship with the couple pre-arguido.

    This may explain why the video is NOT on their fund website. I suspect the appeal wasn't the brainchild of the McCanns but that they were FORCED to go along with it!

  49. I agree with T4two comment 36. I would add that if Debbie had any genuine doubts about the financial integrity of the MF (Madeleine Foundation), she would have dealt with it internaly first, for the good of the MF. The fact that she has gone public proves to me that she really has the destruction of the MF at heart. That is obvious and she has been got at by TM. This just goes to prove that TM are desperate and fear the MF. MF have raised awareness and free discussion.

  50. To me it seems that Debbie Butler was an easy "target" for C-Ruck and the McCanns, vulnerable and easily influenced if she was put under considerable pression from those "wolfs". She's a single mother, she had her young children to consider and protect, maybe she felt she had much to lose, it wasn't worth the pain and living in constant fear, under the threats of libel suits and writs, her head under the McCann "sward". Maybe she did give in and switched camps...
    It's sad, very very sad...

    Until someone shows me unquestionable hard evidence of any foul- doing my trust will remain with Mr. Bennett!

  51. O mundo comeca a saber quem sao verdadeiramente os Mccann e quais sao os seus metodos e estrategias. Estao longe de ser os pais tristes, infelizes, vitimas da mente perversa e obscena de um raptor que numa janela de oportunidade lhes levou a filha. Parecem mais, ser os cabecilhas de uma mafia que nasceu e se instalou a partir de 3 de Maio de 2007.
    A entrevista com a RTP foi um desastre nas suas intencoes de tentarem mudar e moldar a opiniao publica portuguesa. A jornalista nem precisou de ser muito ousada ou incomoda para que eles se mostrassem agressivos, zangados, amuados por a entrevistadora nao lhes dar asas para voarem sobre o ninho de vitimas em que se habituaram a viver e apelarem a mais donativos. Provavelmente nao negociaram so as perguntas, negociaram tambem os planos, os angulos de imagem e a luminosidade. Nada de grandes planos nem imagens frontais para evitar a analise da linguagem corporal. De semblante pesado, pretenderam apagar as imagens felizes dos primeiros dias em que faziam jogging quando outros pais na mesma situacao se colariam a PJ, dando o maximo de informacoes e chorando... chorando.
    A entrevista n/ resultou. Dos media portugueses apenas o Jornal Sol se referiu a ela c/ um titulo revelador" Mccann's fogem a perguntas da RTP" e um Forum com 99% dos comentadores a falarem mal e a demonstrarem o odio que sentem pelo que julgam ser a fraude dos Mccann.
    Agora restam-lhes os ultimos golpes: Minar o solo inimigo, ou seja infiltrar nos blogs e sites que os desacreditam,traidores e gente que se aproxima dos responsaveis pelos blogs com falso voluntarismo. Na realidade estao la para aceder a informacao que depois e meticulosamente passada, conspirada e usada pelos Mccann. Se houver uma investigacao profunda e isenta, provavelmente ainda ficaremos a saber que estes traidores foram pagos pelos dinheiros do Fundo Madeleine e estavam ao servico dos Mccann. Quando e que ficaremos a saber a "FACE OCULTA" do desaparecimento de Maddie? Pobre crianca...

  52. I've put aside Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" to follow this. Both Sandra's interview and now Debbie's back stabbing (if it was one)are
    quite a thrill...

  53. Anon @51: yes I think it very likely that most of these public Internet fissions/backstabbing/discredit exercises are planned and paid for by team McCann.

    IMO, e muito provavel que a maior parte destas desavencas, acusacoes, e tentativas publicas de desacreditar organizacoes que nao sao pro-McCann sejam planeadas e pagas pela equipa McCann.

  54. The Mccann's are loosing....They are desesperate and fighting in all front wars to survive and keep their businness.

    Peraphs, the british public are not aware about the huge corruption case which was exposed now and is under investigation in Portugal. It is not the " Freeport ". It is called "Face Oculta" and involves members of the PS Party ( Socrates close friends ) and some of the biggest state companies. The investigaton was exposed to the Media by Aveiro PJ and I heard just now on the news a famous political analist saying that on this case, Socrates cannot say that the case was made up to personnaly atack him. There is a lot of people involved. Maybe now Socrates and his strategies to run the country will be caught and exposed. IF SO, MADDIE CASE WILL BE NEXT... because the public did not believe on abductions without evidences, and the public did not agree with Madeleine's Fund, private detectives and spoke-person's. The castle is breaking down and all the tentacles of Mccann's octopus will be caught and exposed.
    Karen Mathews is in prison for much less then a fake abduction followed by a fraudulent Fund and a traffic of influences, perverting people.
    Pinto Monteiro can't hold Maddie key for much longer and in Portugal, the Media are faraway from SUN behaviour. They know... the public has power and a properly way to make noise and get their voice heard. I just remember what happened with football club "Sporting": The suporter's did not agree with coach. They wave white weapons to say goodbye. Nothing hapen. they fight in front of the stadium forcing the police to act. Nothing hapen. They leave the " Alvalade" stadium on last game, empty. On the same day, the coach and his team resign. I think on mccann's case they reach already Sporting last stage. It is time to resign before some of your workers become caught and expose, in full, your strategies.

  55. My trust and support is with Tony Bennett too. Debbie has behaved like a traitor and thinks she can talk to the enemy. She does not understand the concept of loyalty. She must have very low self-esteem. Do you think she is being paid by Team McCann? I have NO TRUST in her. Bren put ideas into Debbie's head. Stevo believed Debbie and so does Amber. Are they all jealous of Tony and want to bring him down? Often it seems to me that they imagine they have some sort of power and are only involved for their ego's sake. Let's focus on getting justice for that little girl called Maddie! I know that Tony Bennett is innocent.

  56. Yes I think we all need to back Tony Bennett. He seems to be giving a very open account of matters whereas the way this affair has been handled over on the Madeleine Foundation site is very dodgy. Reference has been made by Stevo to ShuBob's IP addresses over there. Are they farming all the addresses as has been done on other sites e.g. 3A? For what purpose?

    In this situation, not knowing the people involved, one can only go on one's instincts. I don't personally think Debbie has been a "double agent" but she's been very silly if she has been in any sort of contact with Clarence Mitchell or Brian Kennedy or anyone like that. We know exactly what they are capable of.

    Stevo seems good at advertising books that never quite appear. The Truth of the Lie does not seem to be available on Amazon USA. He has not given an ISBN number.

    I'm glad to hear from Tony Bennett here that the Madeleine Foundation is continuing in being. If the bank account is closed, the Foundation can always be resurrected in a new form.

    What we have seen from Team McCann or their allies is a full scale assault on free speech, civil society and due process.

    This seems to be the last citadel of freedom. Please don't let us down Joanna! Make sure you have a plan B, because as sure as night follows day, Team McCann will be targetting this site next.

  57. The Scum don't allow comments on their so-called exclusive. I wonder why? What do they fear?
    Is Tony's Right of Reply supposed to be published in the Scum? I couldn't see it in the Scum Online.

  58. Shubob

    The Minute for Madeleine is on the Find Madeleine site - or do you mean a different site?

  59. http://ore-exposed.obu-investigators.com/Gamble%20Lies%20To%20Lords%20Committee.html

    I posted this the other day and I would urge everyone to read it again very carefully. Do not leave out the small print..I am not only talking about Operation Ore...but the blatant lies Jim Gamble has said in Goverment..and his reputation which does not look too good on this link.

    Gamble is known as the 'Sheriff of the Internet'...Now it was only a few days ago the Mccanns were trying to shut everyone up on the Internet...Now it seems things have changed and the Mccanns want everyone on the Internet to help...

    Something very odd here, has anyone used their credit cards to pay in or buy anything with regards to madeleine and I mean anywhere??..Gamble knows every trick there is when it comes to credit cards and yes people can be set up.Phonecalls and credit cards are the easiest way to trace someone. This latest trick and I believe it is a trick .I am not sure exactly what is going on but I think it is someway to try and trap people on the Internet.One thing I do know that it has nothing to do with Madeleine...I think they are now using Madeleine once again to their own advantage. these are only my thoughts and I am most probably wrong ( as usual) lol just everyone becareful OK...

    One more point I am not surprised that this video is not on Mccanns site. I would imagine this is a deliberate ploy to make it look like there is outside help when in fact it is another Mccann scam.

  60. ShuBob,48

    according to myself, the McCanns asked that institution to make a video for them in orde to impress people.
    They really did not realise that the organisation was not prepared to obbey them(Tanner's abductor, Barcelona) etc.
    Gamble showed them the appeal, saying this was the most efficient way to find the offender, according to the experienced criminal psychologists.

    Too late to give up the request saying : "in this case, let us forget about it."
    The pistol shot out of its back side instead of foward and the fatal bullet reached the Mccanns.
    I love Mr. Gamble as much as I love Amaral.

    I don't believe Sandra's interview reached the UK.
    It reachs only some blogs.

  61. To French people,

    Maybe you can ask help at SOS Madeleine where they have also a French section.
    Maybe they are prepared to publicise Sandra in French, who knows.


  62. To anonymous at 12.30. Apparently Debbie Butler wanted to fight Carter-Ruck in Court, it was Mr Bennett who backed down.

  63. Initially I was of the stance that I did not want to take sides in this ‘domestic dispute’ but I have given it plenty of thought now.

    I now fear, unfortunately, that Debbie Butler may have been involved with the McCann’s for far longer than we all realise, and am coming round to the point of view that Debbie Butler has been ‘leaned on’ by Clarence Mitchell. We know how both Clarence Mitchell and Brian Kennedy have famously tried to lean on people in the past, to shut them up. Debbie admits she has been in contact with Clarence Mitchell but she does not clarify who contacted who first.

    Debbie, have you been got at? Have you fallen into their trap?

    An example: -

    Her leaflet drops in Rothley. That played straight into the hands of the McCann’s yet again, didn’t it? Why Rothley. Why the McCann’s neighbours. Because imo it was a roundabout way of getting sympathy for the McCann’s. And why haven’t the McCann’s sued Debbie over this leaflet drop? They didn’t need to, it was excellent PR for them.

    People with their own agendas work in very strange ways. Debbie its not too late, get back to what you really believe in deep down, don’t allow them to brainwash you like they have tried to brainwash everyone else.

  64. Is it just me or has the on-line Sun article just been pulled?


  65. Divide & Rule ?
    So Debbie now openly cavorting with the McClanns wants to get hold of all members details to pass on perhaps to her new benefactors ??
    I find this outrageous.

  66. Joana, I just noticed now on the right top of this blog the Public Petition to suport Amaral fighting for Freedmon of Expression. I would like to invite everybody, special the Portuguese Citizens to sign the Petition and spread it trough their friends.


  67. Dont know whats happening, yours is the only site i read now, sounds to me like Debbie has taken the Mccanns 30 pieces of silver

  68. Anon 2 is very right, as is Anon 23 ("(the McCs) teach the world how easy it is to fool people") : this is what mobilizes me, because for Madeleine the die is cast most probably.
    Dividing to reign better, old and cheap trick. Carte F. are but old monkeys.

  69. I wondered why Gamble was urging people to send as many emails around as they could,warning about the appeal video.
    what is the use to warn Togo, North Corea and Ruanda?
    I think that organization wants to test if Gerry is doing the same.
    Who is he warning?
    David Payne?

  70. Shall we ask the dogs why this is hapenning to Tony Bennett?

  71. Right now the video "1 min. for Madeleine" is indeed available in the FindMadeline site. I don't know if it was put there just some minutes ago, or if it was there all along. You see, one has to click below where it says "more information" WHILE the picture of the video is on display. As soon as it moves down to the other 2 items, the "suspects"( do you know these people and how Madeleine might look now) if you click on the more information link it does not direct you to the video anymore, only to the related subject.
    Don't know if I'm making myself understood, make no mistakes about me, I'm NO MCCANN FAN, but it is not right to be giving incorrect information.

  72. It looks like the book "Fake Abduction" is a fake book. Money can do strange things to people and it wouldn't surprise me to find out that members of MF have been paid off. It always bothered me why the supposed author of this book claims that he had been in contact with Mr. Amaral while he denies it. I believe this MF foundation can be used against Mr. Amaral in his trial as proof of the supposed bad influence his book has had on the public.


  73. Don’t be down cast Tony, Lots of people trust in you.
    Cant wait for the new blood to get back to business.

  74. Has anyone considered a blackmail on Debbie or at least a pressure put on her ...
    considering she delivered leaflets in Rothley a few months ago ?

  75. The Missing Madeleine Forum and Stevo's forum should never have allowed these allegations on the forums. Missing Madeleine Forum also allowed a lynch mob to hang draw and quarter Tony without any charges being made against him. These allegations I understand were made by Debbie only AFTER she was sacked from the organisation for bringing it into disrepute which she did. Also after she had conversations with CM - she was repeatedly asked on the Missing madeleine forum by a number of different posters why she was reporting back to CM about an internal dispute in MF if she was not in cahoots with him. After slagging him off for days on the forum she refused to answer the question and then decided she did not want to discuss it anymore. If any wrong doing has been done which I for one do not believe there are proper channels for that to be done, the forums which have allowed this lynching of Mr.Bennett should hang their heads in shame, they know nothing about justice and fairness and are at the end of the day not remotely interested in Madeleine. They are more interested it seems in having fights and games with people who support the Mccanns. They all need to grow up.


  76. I wounder how much Debbie got from the McCanns to stick the knife in. I thought she was more intrested in getting Justice for Madeleine ,How wrong i was ,

  77. After reading that Debbie wanted everybody's contact info from Tony and he was refusing to give it, I was left thinking thank goodness for that. Why couldn't she have left a message to have people contact her instead of publishing all the ins and outs of her disagreement with Tony and those unfounded accusations of fraud.

    It appears that the contact details may very well have been passed onto Carter Ruck and CM by her if they were given her, as she seems unable to breath unless she asks permission from them!!

    She is the one who is bringing the whole anti McCanns into disrepute by publishing this argument she has with Tony.

    The McCanns are feasting on this.

    What on earth does she think she is doing?

    And what if Tony is found completely innocent, which I believe he will be, will she then be sued for libel, because I am sure he would have a case.

    My respect for her now is MINUS ZERO.

  78. Tony needs to take legal action against Ms Butler and "The Sun" without delay. We need to expose the facts, I'd quite happily contribute to costs.

  79. I urge all to read Ironside's comment #24 7/11/09 09:45.

    As always, the voice of reason.

  80. Stevo is censoring which comments he posts on the MF site.

    One of posters, Lyndsey, asked him today:


    Also, question to Stevo. Are all posts on this subject being printed? The site seems to have gone very quiet over the last few hours.

    If you are not printing them, it smacks of censorship, which is what the McCann’s are experts at, shutting people up and not allowing them an opinion. Please please print all responses and let us decide the rights and wrongs of what is going on. Lets not have double standards here.


    Stevo responded directly to her:


    It is not censorship but after the Sun article it became a free for all by the nutters to post crazy comments. I’m in a significantly different timezone to the UK so I wasn’t going to stay up all night checking the site. I had to turn moderation on permanently. So don’t get paranoid because that annoys me when conspiracy theories come up about unnecessary censorship. It’s not censorship. It’s called getting some kip.


    I guess Stevo considers me a nutter because he chosen not to print both of my most recent comments made hours ago, as copied and pasted here in comments 11 and 12 on this article.

    So, Lyndsey, in case you are reading the comments here, there is censorship going on over at the MF site.

    He's printing some of the negative remarks, but likely only of the folks he thinks he can turn around to his side of things, not the ones who have already lost trust in him and said so.

    The other recent posts by Beverly and Lyn never were put back on the site after they were deleted, either. Both posters were firm in criticism but were with well-reasoned intelligence. I wish I had thought to copy and paste their comments, as well, but they appeared and were deleted quickly afterward.

  81. As a postscript to my last post about censorship at the MF website. My posts here (#11 and #12) that were awaiting moderation are no later waiting moderation. I have confirmed that they were outright deleted, as they no appear there, with the words 'comment awaiting moderation' where I posted them (on the "Is Free Speech Dead?" article).

    Who is being truthful in this controversy? This latest move of censoring regular posters' comments is another piece of evidence that the host of the current MF website is not being above board with its readers, to the detriment of the Foundation, the cause of officially getting to the truth of what happened to Madeleine and the people who support that goal, and Mr. Bennett.

  82. The video A minute for Madeleine is on Gerry's site.
    On the 3rd page.

    Perhaps there was something wrong with it when I looked for it.

    my mistake.
    or shall I blame the dogs?

  83. It seems to me if there is a dispute between Debbie Butler and Mr. Bennett it should be discussed with the Board members and not on the internet. Discussing this with Mitchell and/or Carter-Ruck is unthinkable hence the story in the Sun today. I shudder to think what the News of the World (the Sun's sister paper) will be coming up with on Sunday. None of what has gone on is helping in the cause to obtain justice for Madeleine.

  84. DB is a loose canon who is not fit to be chairman of MF.

    No matter the issues within MF or her differences with TB, as chairman she should look at the bigger picture for the interests of the Foundation and its members, and resolve the matter in private.
    Her behaviour is not befitting a Chairperson.

    Mud sticks, her reputation will not recover no matter the outcome of the fraud allegation. Her handling of the matter renders her childish and juvenile. Keeping contacts with the other side (CM) makes her trecherous and traitor. She can protest all she wants about the contacts being innocent, no one will believe her or trust her again.

  85. Judging from the Sun's article closing sentence, DB must be in cahoort with mccanns, otherwise who leaked the fraud allegation to mccanns and they in turn leaked to the Sun? If not, how did Sun obtain mccanns remark about the meltdown?

    Could they have taken up DB's invitation to call and found that out from the horse's mouth? When DB invited people to call she never knows who is at the end of the line - could be members could be other camp since she claimed she doesnt know who her members are. Anybody could call and claim to be so and so and a member of MF, and would she knows the truth of it?

    Iron made a good point of not calling because phone records retention.

  86. brenda from the new 3a,s has banned any discussion about tony bennett,my guess is she knows more than she is letting on about debbie and mitchell.

  87. http://gerrymccan-abuseofpower-humanrights.blogspot.com/2009/11/statement-by-tony-bennett-secretary-of.html

  88. Stevo and debbie remember keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.
    Tony keep up your excellent work, you have everyones support, unlike Debbie and Stevo.

  89. Perhaps it's time for a new sighting, perhaps in China, for a change.
    Everything else is slipping into this new Bermuda Triangle, sucked in by Gerry's "Wider Agenda" from that flip chart photo, which seems so long ago now.

  90. I was right.No mistake.
    The last (one minute) Madeleine video disappeared again from Gerry's site.
    he is unhappy, isn't he?

  91. Doctor Faust needs money and Mephistos is helping him.

    What a cold, cruel expression on his face.

    No miracle he once said Maddie could be in a better place now.

    I bet she is.

  92. Is there a problem?
    All posts stopped at lunchtime today.
    Threads were very active but everything suddenly stopped.

  93. Off topic - Just seen the Sunday front pages on Sky - Sunday Expree indicates Yard asked to reopen Maddie case - too early to get story.

  94. This will do untold damage sort it out and quickly

  95. This website tell your clearly it has nothing to do with the search for madelaine maccann so there is no way any donations can be for the maccann fund. This needs sorting quick. The Sun is well known for lies it was burnt on the streets of Liverpool after Hillsborough, but the Maccanns are now playing very dirty someone has upset their milk. I wonder who. According to Sundays daily express they are calling scotland yard to reopen the case as Portugal are not interested. I am not holding my breath

  96. OMG the backstabbing in this sad sad case is absolutely unbelievable, May TRUE JUSTICE PREVAIL for little Madeleine.

  97. Article in th Daily Mail:


    Gerry McCann: - "We will answer their questions openly and honestly. What they ask, we’ll tell them. We’ll tell them what happened and what information we know."
    Something like: "Daddy, why did you leave us alone at night, why didn't you and Mummy stay with us?"
    The honest answer: "It was our holiday too, you stupid little brats!"

    Also from the article:

    "Mrs McCann told a Portuguese chat show that the twins had helped her ‘adapt and function’ despite her grief."

    What portuguese chat show?! Do they mean Sandra's interview, or has Kate been on Fátima Lopes, lol?!

  98. As far as I am concerned, although I don't know the facts, to go public before any proof has been obtained, is totally wrong and Debbie Butler must have been only too aware of how the mccanns would jump on this and milk it to the max. Exactly which side is she on? I am deeply disturbed by her admittance that she has chats with Mitchell. Who, if they are on the side of justice for Maddie, would ever go near this excuse for a man, just the sight of him makes me feel ill.

  99. I am disgusted with the squabblings.

    Those idiots are having a field day laughing at us!

  100. To Anon at 62

    Yes, it does sound like she wanted to fight Carter Ruck, with Tony's own money, not her own, but he would not take the risk and who can blame him.

    I hope they manage to completely distance themselves from this woman as soon as possible.

  101. I think Scotland Yard and PJ must start a new investigation now, togheter again, not to investigate what happened to Madeleine, but what happened after Madeleine case was shelved in portugal. Wonder's me and I think everybody with a pinch of brain, why a pair of innocent parents, after having their arguidos status lifted, need a huge team of top lawyers at least in 3 countrys ( because in france W9 programe was gagged aswell) a spoke-person and a image consulting company such is Lift Consulting in Portugal. I'm not speaking about the private detectives, which I can understand at one point but not without highlighting how incompetent and useless they are to deal with a child missing case, no matter if they are from Spain or Ingland, if they have experience or nothing at all. They become a bunch of idiots which just can be used to shut down the reputation of private detectives.
    What was exposed yesterday about what is going on inside Madeleine Foundation it is so serious that need's to be investigated in a deep way. If Benneth is innocent and is a victim of some of his coleagues which aproach him with their own agendas and working on Mccann's behalf, then this guys need to answer several questions at S. Yard offices, their bank accounts need to be investigated and peraphs their movements during the last 2 years. This investigation in UK, must be followed by an investigation in Portugal, on Marcos Aragao and Leonor Cipriano affairs. Aragao assumed already in the Media that he aproachs Leonor with one agenda which suits perfectly mccann's agenda. He don't want only Amaral gagged and sued, he want him in prison. For that he went to joao Cipriano jale and force him to give a fake confession writen by Aragao hands where Joao assumes that he plan to sale Joana but the girl discovered the plan and he was forced to kill her without the help of Leonor. Too much stories surrounding the Mccann's case, to be ignored by the authorities. If we went back to the TV interviews with Aragao, we quickly understand that Leonor has no money to pay him. After him geting involved on Ciprianos case with a lots of smoke, no any portuguese will hire him as a lawyer. Then... who pays him? The portuguese Bar Lawyers with Marinho Pinto? The portuguese public taxes? I don't believe! must be payed in euros or pounds coming from outside the country. From who and from where? PJ need to investigate it. He almost confess that is working for the Mccann's to try to descridibilize Amaral investigation. Taking this into account, I cannot just pass by into annother strange situation. Aragao was the one which came to the TVs saying that he strong believes that Maddie is dead. This is why he went to " Barragem do Arade" with diving experts to search the body. If somebody working on Mccann's behalf, believe the girl is dead, no matter if because a domestic accident, a gang of paedos or a couple which want's to buy her( as he defends on Joana case) then why are the Mccann's insisting that the girl is alive, lunching internet campaigns which die in few days? MONEY, EASY MONEY.... it is the only reason for me. THAT PERVERSITY MUST BE STOPED because over the time will become so popular that the young generations will learn it, as a easy way to become millionaire, set a businness and a vitalicie good income. Yes... this is not a job... it is a retired programe.
    Kate answered S. Felgueiras revealing a lot. She did not work as a doctor anymore, she works on full time searching for Madeleine... Where and How? because even the interviews in TV are always with her husband and she never put her feet out to look for her daughter. Peraphs she is the one which make the contacts to keep togheter this chain of suspicious suporters. It is just my feelings...

  102. Anon is right, Bren has prohibited discussion of MF or anything to do with MF, yet that doesn' stop her going to other site to stir trouble - double standard. What is surprising is site admins seemed to allow her to get away with it. Any dissent against her will probably result in a ban.

  103. If the mccanns were gloating over the Sun article, and MF's slight hiccup, they'd better think what'll happen to them when their illegal fund is exposed - Cheating pensioners and children money to shield their deed. When that happens, even CM ,who Gerry conceded was hired specifically to shield and protect them, can do nothing to stop the deluge of anger. CM will be on the run or in hiding then.

  104. Not surprising Tony is censoring anti him and DB comments.
    His legendary support of DB providing her a platform to wash her dirty laundry only encouraged DB in the wrong direction, made worst by Stevo one-sided support for her which embolden her. They were both as malicious as each other.

    What was DB thinking when she talked to CM? Was it Stevo who defended her saying she was not in cahoot with CM, and that CM shouted her when he didnt like to hear what she had to say? So did bother to humiliate herself herself and at the same time belittle MF after she didnt call in personal capacity did she? If she was calling to work with CM, she must have called as Chairman, hence representative of MF. She didnt have members vote to represent them, so how could she presumed that? She had betrayed her members, she should hang her head in shame.

    Or did she really want people to believe her calls to CM were merely chin wagging.

  105. If TB have new blood and new strategies for the Madeleine campaign this scandal had better be sorted out quickly and in private.

    Stevo, the low life scum hang onto the site is being hostile to TB, thereby depraving TB of a his own platform to inform members. TB should get a new website started quickly and write to Stevo hostgater to complain Stevo was mispresenting MF. If that proved not feasible then he should rename Foundation to something else. HE could ask members to suggest and vote on a new name. What's in a name anyway - better to dispose of a stained one (let Stevo keep the mud he contributed to) and start afresh. Its the causes that count - people support causes and organisation that operates them, so what's in a name?

  106. It was taking too long to silence the MF site legally, was it? So it had to be destroyed from within, did it?...I wonder how much this operation is costing.

  107. £800 is a petty cash money, has anyone wonders why TB would be interested in that peanut sum doesnt make sense isnt it? Can anyone get rich on that, that it is worth risking good name?

    Wish DB should investigate it properly or give TB a chance to explain and then inform members only private Afterall this concerns MF members - what has this got to do with general posters of other forum?

    DB's sense of judgment is very wanting. Wonder what was her agenda when she called CM and what she hoped to achieve with a proven liar? Associating with the like of him only stains one's reputation, the saying birds of the same feathers comes to mind.

    Can you imagine anyone wanting to have anything to do with child neglectors and liars...yuck...SO REPULSIVE!!! YUCK YUCK YUCK.

  108. Shame TB was forced into a position where he was obliged to explain his nest egg, a v. private matter, in such a public manner. Who supplied the 90K sum to the Sun? Can only come from Debbie Butler directly or indirectly as only she knew about it. It's no good her protesting, even if she didnt talk directly to sun, it was as good as if she talked to the Sun since info for that could only derive from her, She should have kept her gob shut until auditors have audited the accounts.

    Even if she jumps into Yellow River, she wont cleansed herself of that stain on her characer, malicious by nature and treacherous.

  109. The Sunday People have now picked up the story:


    It seems clear from Clarence Mitchell's comments that DEBBIE is the source of the story because it is just Tony who is mentioned:

    "A McCann spokesman said last night: "It has been made clear to Mr Bennett by Kate and Gerry's lawyers that he must desist from his defamatory activities.""

    Shame on you, Debbie!

  110. I find this totally confusing. Forgetting the money issue for a moment, have DB and Stevo now joined the pro camp. Have they now changed their minds and think M was abducted? Is Stevo still going to publish his book, Faked abducted or is he writing another one "abducted". Kate said when asked about antis "they have their own agenda" maybe she was right on that issue!

  111. Divide and conquer, that's the Team McCann's motto. And sadly it works. I think here are very sinister people at work, via infiltration, maybe blackmail/and/or/bribery.
    Really sad.
    All the best for you, Tony Bennett

  112. Here's a comment I made on the MF website which Stevo initially allowed to appear but then censored:

    ShuBob Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    November 6th, 2009 at 2:05 pm

    I’ve been quite unsettled since yesterday given that Debbie, on this website, openly threatened passing on information to Clarence Mitchell and Carter Ruck. Stevo is also openly supportive of Debbie. I can’t help but wonder if this book and the other one- “Faked Abduction” is being published with the blessing of the McCanns in other to completely destroy Amaral!

    The whole set-up stinks!

  113. I am really fed up with this issue, it is in the hands of the police, let them deal with it. When the investigation is completed and all is known, then make comments.

  114. Bren appears to be siding with Debbie as far as the comment goes on her 3As forum. Strange times. Trust no one.

  115. Correction to post 104

    Didn't you mean to say Stevo instead of Tony in this sentence?

    "Not surprising Tony is censoring anti him and DB comments."


    You wouldn't believe the terrible character assassination that Stevo is attempting on Tony over at the MF site. It keeps escalating, with more and more accusations of wrongdoing and alleged past history pouring forth. I assume it is because Stevo is desparately trying to justify his and Debbie's actions so far, but I think he is building up a libel case against himself for what he is printing. Perhaps his ultimate goal is to get the MF site shut down?

    He and Debbie Butler have behaved disgracefully. I cannot imagine how she managed to be chairwoman of the MF organization, with such such poor judgment and lack of character.

  116. A brief statement from Tony Bennett.

    All of Debbie Butler's allegations are untrue. There is no fraud as the bank will confirm and, if the police really are involved, they will also see for themselves. All cheques paid out by the Foundation were signed both by Debbie and myself. In the case of claims made by me, all are fully accounted for by receipts for actual expenses, postage, stationery, hosting fees etc.
    Not a single donation has been sent in by anyone who thinks that they were donating towards finding Madeleine; our former website (now under the control of Steve and Debbie together) makes clear we have no connection with the McCanns' fund-raising committee. All allegations made by Steve and Debbie are fully rebutted in a document which I'll be happy to send anyone: contact me at ajsbennett@btinternet.com
    The references to '£90,000' have occurred solely because Debbie Butler has leaked to the press confidential information that I gave her that I had around £90,000 in savings saved up for my old age, a leak that I very much regret her making. All of those savings were accumulated before MF ws set up and not a penny has gone into them from anything to do with The Madeleine Foundation.
    The irony of this situation is that I went into it vowing not to make one penny from the sale of '60 Reasons' nor in any other way from MF. Too many people have made money out of the name 'Madeleine' whilst at the same time the mystery of why she went missing is still unexplained. Indeed, I am out of pocket as a result of work I've done on behalf of MF.
    MF has new people on the Committee, we have a meeting on 14 November, and we have plans.
    I have no further comment to make on the reasons for the actions of Steve and Debbie who together control the content of our former website at www.madeleinefoundation.org, except to say that although it pretends to be The Madeleine Foundation website, it is not.
    I repeat that I'm happy to answer on the record any reasonable question about MF, as are the fellow-members of the current MF Committee, Sharon, Grenville and Helene.

    Thanks for reading this!

    Tony Bennett

  117. I think it's disgraceful that the Sun can print details about Tony Bennett's personal finances without even contacting him. But will the Sun investigate possibly the biggest fraud in allowing the Find Madeleine fund to go on unchecked? That really should be scrutinised.

  118. The truth has started unravelling on the MF website. Basically, Debbie has NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that Tony has misappropriated funds from the MF account. Stevo has now turned it into a personal attack on Tony and is bringing in totally unrelated matters to justify his attack. He knows he has lost all credibility but he won't go down without a fight! I do hope his illegal English interpretation of Amaral's book never sees the light of day because it would be to Amaral's detriment.

  119. Re. post 95. Yes, you're quite right Mary, Liverpool. There WAS a disclaimer on the opening page of Madeleine Foundation website, TB phrased it as follows (or words to the effect of):
    Not to be confused with the McCanns 'fund', who claim they need more money to "continue the search for Madeleine". However it would appear that this disclaimer has been removed by the current website owner (yet more dirty tricks). I do hope TB continues to have a lot of support, I for one do not believe a word of the allegations against him.

  120. After reading your post, ShuBob, I went over to the site and saw that Stevo recently wrote that Debbie had not even requested the bank to provide her copies of the two checks in question that she states she was unaware of signing but is sure she didn't. They published allegations of fraud on the MF site, on gut feelings and memory, but no proof?

    Stevo has been tossing out anything he can think in the last two days that will defame Tony. He has an agenda to destroy him, I believe, and if it takes the reputation of the Foundation down, too, he is willing to accept that as the cost of accomplishing his and Debbie's mission.

    Do Debbie and Stevo think anyone can place trust in them in the future? They are behaving like children, or worse, traitors, in my opinion, in their approach to this. I am beginning to think they are not basing these allegations on any legitimate concern over the finances of the Foundation. That is just an excuse, I think.

    The Foundation's reputation has suffered by their actions. Fortunately, they are and will continue to reap what they have sowed.

    There are only a handful of posters still posting on their site (or at least whose posts are showing up).

    Stevo says he thinks Tony Bennett shot himself in both feet. I think Stevo doesn't realize he is bleeding to death, from his own gun fire.

  121. I think Stevo and others have been completely taken in by Debbie B, and if he has any sense he will steer clear of her because if she has done this to Tony then what might she do to him.

    Full speed ahead with those books Stevo. If Dr Amaral knew nothing about his book being published in English then it is out of his hands. I believe he sold the copyright so how can he be responsible now.

    I don't doubt that all this that is going on with DB and Tony is some kind of ploy to try and disrupt the publication by people who are trying to throw a spanner in the works.

    No way would I want to trust Debbie Butler after she has been given a confidence and then betrayed it by telling somebody about Tony's personal finances.

    How the McCanns must have been interested in that, just as they have in the income of Dr Amaral which they have gone after.

  122. Jolie @115
    You are right to correct my post 104.

    Yes, I meant to say

    "Stevo has been censoring anti-him and DB comments".

    DB and Stevo who started his whole sorry saga will be sorry when this is over. Their credibility will go to the dogs.
    Stevo is trying to cover himself from blame but it's too late for him to wipe his backside because the harm is done.

    Has DB gone mad? giving out confidential info on TB? people will not forgive her that nor her other actions in cohoot with Stevo and CM - her reputation will never recover.

    I dont know - some people need mental evaluation!!

  123. By the way Stevo, you should be careful what you tell DB regarding the books being as how she appears to have a compulsion to tell it on to Carter Ruck and CM.

    I don't doubt there is a plan afoot to bring down the site and try and stop those books.

    We have seen it all before, they come in sideways.

  124. Stevo you have done yourself no good by publishing DB's allegations that have no proven basis in fact. You should have put the MF organisation's reputation first, and kept allegations strictly out of the public eye until and if proven. You have played into DB's and TMs hands by doing this. I am surprised at your lack of common sense, because you have given people the impression that you too have a hidden agenda. DB has, of course, tried to undermine the respect people have for the MF and people can see through this, but I suggest that you wait and see where the truth lies. I have no doubt about the clear integrity of Tony Bennett.

  125. debbie butler has stated that she did not contact the sun,
    so how did the sun get this story any one know

  126. Anonymous at 125,

    the names Carter Ruck and Clarence Mitchell spring to mind.

    Debbie Butler does seem to be unable to make a move without contacting them and informing them of it.

    Failing that, somebody she has been on the phone to telling all the woes of what she believes has happened?

    How does she know who she has been talking to, and Team McCann would have been idiots to have missed an opportunity like that.

  127. Tony Bennett has submitted a full rebuttal to Stevo for publication on the MF site. However, Stevo has stated in comments on the "Truth of the Lie: English version" story, that he is unwilling to print it in the format that Tony submitted his detailed response in (a Word document). And he is continuing to attack Tony's character on something completely unrelated to MF.

    It is obvious to me that it is not his concern for the Madeleine Foundation that is driving this negative publicity and attacks on Tony Bennett's character.

    I am going to copy and paste my post submitted just now to the MF.org site, for you to read, as I doubt Stevo will publish it:


    Jolie Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    November 9th, 2009 at 2:04 pm
    Stop being so damn dishonest. I’ve read Tony’s rebuttal, too. He deserves for it to be posted prominently in this website. If you don’t, I can assure you it will be posted in many other places on the internet with the information that it was submitted to you but you refused to print his reply on this site. More and more people will see your campaign to destroy Tony Bennett’s reputation for what it is.

    Do the right thing.


    You can read a copy of Tony's rebuttal in full that someone else posted on their website here:


    You will also be able to read Stevo's comments in response to receiving this rebuttal and another reader's encouragement to post it, on that website, at the top of the page.

  128. I would like to add that independently of Mr. Bennett or of Mrs. Buttler actions, this whole situation started with Carter Ruck menaces. The Madeleine Foundation did upset the McCanns. If there's anyone to blame for this sad affair its the McCanns and their legal team.

    Since we don't know the whole truth about this unfortunate situation, and the only thing that we have knowledge of is the word of one person against the other, the comments under this article are now closed.

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