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Spot the Differences

Video Creation by 'Hetrolusitano'

The unprecedented publicity about a missing child has not, strangely and contradictorily, served the cause of information or the finding of the truth.

Have YOU listen to both sides of the story?

Probably not, because one side has been banning the other side from expressing diverging opinions based on the investigation conclusions.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this video are ludicrous, but they are free. Please help the family of missing Madeleine McCann - let's get the best professionals on the case - sign the petition to re-open the Investigation and pass the message to your friends.

Some of the material used in this video was produced and kindly supplied by 'Himself' - you can see more of his work here: The McCann Gallery- A Satirical and Irreverent View of Two Serial Child Neglecters

version for those in Germany


  1. I love that Saddam Houssein's spokeman.He is charming.
    Shame that the McCanns did not ask him to speak for them.

  2. excellent excellent video

  3. That was a brilliant video.

    Yes, if you are allowed to tell a lie long enough and are protected you can maintain it. But only for so long.

    Somebody will come along sooner or later to expose it to the public at large, that you can be sure of.

  4. The more teh McCanns talk about this case, the worse it gets for them.

    By now the whole world must be aware of the truth.

    But they can not stop.

    They started an endless discussion without overseeing its consequences.

    They could better have told the truth on May the 3rd.

    If it was an tragic accident, Justice would have understood it.

    probably it was more than an accident,

    something stronger than Calpol, who knows her blood would show that she was given drugs for a longer time than that night.

    And who knows about the twins blood?

    If the aim of the drug was to make her sleep well, no problem with the police, I think.

    Probably it was more than that.

  5. Yet again another brilliant masterpiece!

  6. http://ww2.iirme.com/news_details.aspx?newsID=289

    does this explain Arabian Madeleine?

  7. if somebody ever comes forward with information, he must send a coppy of his statament to the Policia Judiciaria in Portugal.

    There is the possibility that the British police will be forced to keep the information secret.

  8. If only the numpties who believe everything the McCann's say could see those photos of them smiling all over their smug faces only days after their daughter was supposedly abducted by a paedophile, they would soon change their tune!

    The video should be circulated to everyone who is a pro-McCann and especially to the Tapas 9 so they can see just how unbelievably transparant they all are.

  9. Somehow the Gaspar police Statements have to be printed in the British Press and the knowledge that the police held this information back from PJ...Can you imagine if it had been the other way around and PJ kept something from a Scotland Yard investigation.
    If this statement was of no importance and it was just a misunderstanding why was it held back.

  10. great video!

    on more Seroius note, the papers today in UK is dragging the Twins into the headlines.

    The lengths this couple will go.....truly sad and sick

  11. Maybe it is time to put pressure on the Tapas 7, if they have nothing to hide, why are they so silent. Makes you wonder exactly what they have to hide?

  12. I am beginning to think they are really after a hollywood film about them, to set them up for life. The way Gerry emphasised they could not wait a long time for Maddie to be found like in the case of Jaycee made me wonder.

  13. This hand in glove thing the McCanns are appearing to have with the police in UK, could put people off informing the police of anything they know, as it may be something they don't want to get back to the McCanns.

    I ask you, when ever before in the history of the UK has anybody ever heard of people who have been suspects themselves, being able to practically take over a police case, making official type statements to the press as if it was sanctioned by the cops, issuing photofits, having police men (albeit retired) working for them and charging all over the world demanding interviews and statements from people, invading the lives of others, even if they are alleged peadophiles and their families, and informing the press, and etc, and to all intents and purposes running the case themselves. Even to the extent of going to court to get information from the UK Police who did not want to give it them.

    Using their money to silence any opposition to what they want people to believe.

    It's as if because they have the money they can do whatever. How powerful they must feel.

    The world has gone mad and the McCanns ought to be put back in their place. They are taking liberties, literally, and getting away with it.

  14. Very interesting.
    Which one of you noticed an important detail on the appeal video?
    While the voice talks about "increasing risks for other children", (if others don't come foward with information) you can see Madeleine and her TWO SIBLINGS, together.
    This is not a coincidence.
    Not at all.

  15. "to increase the risks to other children".

    This means this instituition admits that "some children" are already at risk and that this only can increase.

    I hope this Gamble, whatever, saw the photo of Gerry, Kate and Fiona Payne together on that Sunday short ago, during a marathon.
    A 1000% evidence they are still friends.

  16. Excellent! must be twittered à mort...

  17. When I click on the video a notice appears that says this video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions


  18. Hello Joana,

    great idea to help the McCanns to reopen the case :D ;))

    warm regards Sibylle

  19. i wish sandra had asked them why they dont ask for the case to be re-opened.

  20. As Anonymous 13 said so rightly :-
    "I ask you, when ever before in the history of the UK has anybody ever heard of people who have been suspects themselves, being able to practically take over a police case, making official type statements to the press as if it was sanctioned by the cops, issuing photofits, having police men (albeit retired) working for them and charging all over the world demanding interviews and statements from people, invading the lives of others, even if they are alleged peadophiles and their families, and informing the press, and etc, and to all intents and purposes running the case themselves. Even to the extent of going to court to get information from the UK Police who did not want to give it them.

    Using their money to silence any opposition to what they want people to believe."

    It`s the absolute gall and arrogance that`s so unbelievable. Yes, they are totally controlling a case where they are the prime suspects and have judges, politicians, police, newspaper media and authors all doing their bidding as if in fear of GM - it absolutely beggars belief. And yes I agree - the world has gone mad.

  21. I have been back tracking on statements to press blogs etc. that the Mccann and team have made during the last two and a half years, there are many, its a bit like a before and after(before they had any idea what the police knew, and after when they knew what the police knew if you get my drift)

    the www.mccannfiles.com has a great deal of information, videos, etc.

    There is something that I read on this site which really puzzles me. Its about Gerrys Blogs 1-15 May/June 2007;

    Gerry gives details of day to day activites regarding the twins enjoying going to the Kids Club, family cooking their meals, how he and Kate managed to complete a run to a monument in 19 minutes
    (not sure if that was on the 19th or 20th of May2007)

    Their daughter missing for 16/17 days and they seem to be proud of making a run in 19 minutes????

    Maybe more people will start to read all information available on the internet and demand that the case be re-opened.

    I know this comment is not related to the subject Spot the Differences but feel all comments might help to bring justice.

  22. Silve, now I can understand Gerry Blog and On-line diary. It is a strategy to distract the police, the journalists and the public. Like that nobody suspect them and investigate what they are doing in some isolated anf faraway places. At the time, people believe on them and are shocked by all the situation. Only the police had doubts and some public which feel sick about some strange behaviour. Keep the public and the press busy with press conferences, press statments and the blog is the best way to leave the rest of the day free from public eyes and do what they absolutly need to do- take care about Madeleine's body. We should not forgot that PJ find on the side bed table a Mannual ( book) which teach how to conceal a body. Wonder why a parent of a missing child needs such mannual. And on we can go with hundreds of evidences showing that Madeleine is dead and the last campaign it is annother crime to ad to many others.
    This pair of evil parents need a deep investigation. we should care about how they damage the brains of all childs in the world when they spread that mega and planetary campaign. Every time the kids sink again in a movie terror, with abductors and cellars where they can be hided forever. The damage of their behaviour in childs brain can be compared with Syndrome of SEPTEMBER 11. Everybody affraid of terrorist attacks in public transports, in some countrys. All childs affraid of professional abductors which can subtract them from their parents leaving no trace. governments and child Psychologists should think on what Portugal and UK are allowing the Mccann's to do to the childs from all over the world. They are feeding childs nightmares and perverting the reality.
    Such kind of campaigns must be forbbiden, unless the all Tapas 9 pass the trial of a judgement by court of law with all the evidences evaluated and all lignes of investigation followed till the end. If after that, the abduction was prouved then, not they but a country or a world official campaign should start to find not only Maddie but all abducted childs, with predators caught and put under justice surveillance. It is the only way to stop childs nightmares and repair the damage of more then 2 years of terrorism on our little ones brains.

  23. Slightly off topic but I noticed today that Sara Payne (mother of Sarah Payne) is the UK government "Victim's Champion". So anyone involved in the petition to get the Maddy case reopened, maybe a copy should be forwarded to Sara Payne seeing as Maddy is a victim.

    NB She is no relation of David Payne though it could be one of Carl Jung's "meaningful coincidences."

  24. 21.26, anony,
    very soon people in Portugal started suspecting them, immediately when they started the fund, when they went to the Pope on a privet plane and Holy Masses with 3 priests.Clarence was controling the UK media and the Portugueses knew he was fooling the British people.People in and around Luz found that "window of opportunity" very strange, after having observing the apartment.Specially because they are warm feeling mediterranean parents, they did not understand the McCanns'behaviour."They are English, that's why they are cold."Bad propaganda for the UK.
    The media always reported that the cops would spend 2 hours on lunching, and omitted to tell they worked sometimes till 4.00am.
    English meals take probably much shorter time because who is capable to swallow that food?LOL

    On May the 3rd, Amaral was ready to go home at 11.00 pm, when he heard of the disappearence.
    After that time, cops even did not take summer holidays.British media did not report it.
    The Mccanns provided more than 300 traces of the child, to delay the real investigation.They must have felt they were suspected.
    I am happy with this new video, talking about other children being at risk if that criminal strikes again.And he will.
    For 99% sure that criminal will strike again, if he still did not re-start this habbitude(?).
    There is no treatment nor medicine that can cure a sexual criminal.
    Besides this criminal(s) is not being treated by any psychologist or psychiatre.He would have to confess what he did and he has to hide it.Probably a group of people know who he is but they don't come foward with it and who knows all those people are also paedophiles.
    On interviews Gamble says the criminal is controling all the people who know or suspect him.
    This could mean that not everybody who could know the truth is a paedophile, otherwise controling would not be necessary.
    I think this institution that made the last video could promise the golden witness would not be prosecuted if this witness did not tell the truth before, an agreement with the Portuguese justice or the British.
    This witness needs a compensation and protection.
    She/he has to hurry up in order to protect other children, maybe even children that they met and know.
    They have to realise young lives can be destroyed again, perhaps not a death but a psychologic destruction.

  25. I presume not only Madeleine and the twins were poisoned by calpol. Help me. Who can remember: someones daughter from tapas 9(?) was seek and father had to go to change the sheet for her. Day before the the tragedy. But later someone from the staff said that no one asked to change the sheets.
    And someone on this blog mentioned the sheets again, the sheets from the twins cots. They disappeared.

  26. I noticed that most of questions were made to Kate, on the last interviews.
    Journalists were concentrated on her.
    I would like a journalist to ask a question to Gerry.
    If the offender was fixed on Madeleine because of her beauty, aren't they afraid this same offender would go to Rothley and fix himself on Amelie, who looks a lot like Maddie, and (God forbid)someday the parents would find out Amelie also disappeared?
    There is no cure for sex offenders.
    They remain who they are.

  27. According to myself that daughter was never sick and never vomited.
    And I don't believe in Calpol that night.
    It must have been something much stronger.
    That is why the body was concealed.
    No autopsy.

  28. Interesting that Kate, when she explains why she is not working anymore, she says it is because she is busy about finding Madeleine.
    Strange answer.
    A normal parent of an abducted child would have said:
    "Our daughter's abduction is a shock and a trauma for us.That's why one of us has to be close to our other children all the time.They are at school or they are with me. I watch them constantly and I watch our neighbourhood.I will never forget the abduction. I stay home to protect our children.We are not naief anymore."

  29. In the begining of their holidays in Portugal, while in the bus leading the Tapas group to the airplane, somebody says to Gerald boy: Come on Gerry, we are on holidays! Gerald replies cordially: F.ck off! I'm not here to enjoy myself. It's in a video. And the guy is speaking in front of his children. What the hell did he mean he's not here to enjoy himself?

  30. http://www.truecrimereport.com/2009/11/missing_baby_shannon_lea_dedri.php

    I had a conversation on here the other day about my interest
    in children being taken from their bed or room...I said they all sound very strange...here is another...and sure enough Mum is about to be charged with faking her own childs abduction. Lucky this time the baby was found alive.

  31. Hello anon.#25, it was Tanner and O'Brien's daughter that was sick, vomiting and alledgedly needed a changing of sheets. It seems that it was a somewhat "unhealthy" holiday for the Tapas group, it was said that almost everyone of them had some tummy trouble at one day or another. Besides from the Tanner/O'Brien child, the Oldfield's baby had a case of severe "runs". According to the mother, Rachel Odfield, it was so bad that it was coming through the diapper and babygrow! And yet, both parents had no remorse about leaving her alone to go out to diner and the mother admitted she was reluctant to go and do her bid of checking because the dark deserted street gave her the chills. She let the checking to her husband, let Matt brave the darkness and deal with soilled nappies!...it says a lot about that bunch "responsible parenting", eh?

  32. Someone's daughter was never sick, imo.
    Maybe the Mccanns ordered her father to wash the apartment for them.
    The McCanns never do anything themselves, except asking for money.
    Gerry is a controlfreak, he just commands, controls, manipulates people around him.
    The child's father went back to the restaurant and nearly immediately Kate stood up and went to 5A."Thank Haevens it is clean".
    That man must have been tired of all that washing.

  33. The video is blocked in Germany - watch it here:


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