1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

“Amaral answers to the McCanns: I did what I could to find Maddie, but I made a few mistakes”

The former coordinator of the Judiciary Police considers that “a police officer is not obliged to obtain results”, but do the best that he can. In addition, he is convinced that he will win the case which opposes him to the English couple regarding the temporary injunction over his book, “Do not underestimate me”, he warns.

O Crime – How do you answer to the observation made by the couple, in an interview to our newspaper, that none of the PJ investigators has done more than their job, unlike you, who accused persons that the prosecutor and the judge have declared to be innocents?

The couple is misinformed. The process never reached within the scope of any judge, it stayed by the prosecutor. Then, the prosecutor did not made a definite archival but a provisional one, leaving the case on «double boiler», pending for the production of better evidence.

However, the final dispatch concludes that, to the parents, could not be laid any responsibility in the disappearance of their daughter…

Also not true. What the prosecutor said on the archiving dispatch was that the non-involvement of the parents in any illegal action “seems to result” - it does not say “results”[imperative], he said “appears to result” – from a set of elements on which he issued an opinion. An opinion that is valid for the process, but that does not establish an absolute truth that limits the public discussion. We are no longer in the Middle Ages.

Don’t you think that you had the obligation to find little Maddie, as the couple arguments?

A police officer is not obliged to obtain results. He is obliged to do the best that he can. That was what I did, my Portuguese and British colleagues and me. With mistakes, I admit it. I already made the self-criticism of the investigation on the book “The Truth of the Lie”.

If there had been no errors in the investigation, would it have been possible to find the girl alive?

Maybe we could have found the girl. I cannot say anything else due to the temporary injunction.

The McCanns are convinced that the thesis of the alleged death of Madeleine undermines the efforts being undertaken in order to find her alive...

The Public Ministry prosecutor who archived the investigation - and who distributed the archival dispatch to the media around the world - wrote in that dispatch that Madeleine’s death is the “most likely scenario”. And he has not yet been sued.

The McCanns accuse you of pronouncing over situations related to their family, something that they don’t do in relation to yours…

I speak about a criminal case and not over situations related to their family. And they don’t speak over situations related to my family because they don’t need to. Perhaps there is someone who does that professionally and without them knowing it. There are many who forget that I have worked for 30 years in criminal investigation. At a certain point I will request the adequate means of evidence, find the truth and ask a repairment of the damages that I have suffered.

It is true that, until now, you have not lost anything, not even the only two euros that remained deposited in your bank accounts?

So far I have not lost anything, nor will I loose it. I will win the case, of that you can be sure. What happened was that they froze my income in order to prevent me of paying the court expenses and the payment of fees to lawyers. Do you have any idea of how much does it cost to support such a process? It costs a fortune. Indeed, much more than my Jaguar...

Speaking of Jaguar, it is said that it was bought with the returns made with the book “The Truth of the Lie”…

However, what is not said is that before of this second hand Jaguar, I had another, a much older one.

In your book “The English Gag”, you criticize in a very contending manner the judicial decision that ordered the withdrawal from the market of the book “The Truth of the Lie”. Would you care to explain?

I say that it is an illegal decision, an unjust decision, a case of censorship. The court did not hear me before they decreed the provisional injunction; it was decided solely on basis of the elements submitted to them by the McCanns. The court did not know the motives of what I said in the book and, therefore took my words as gratuitously offensive and not as a fundamented opinion.

Do you believe that after the witnesses hearing that you have requested, the decision will be reversed?

I do, yes. I presented witnesses and presented the criminal process for the court to analyse. Such elements of proof will be, in my opinion, sufficient for the lady judge to obtain an enlightenment that until then she did not possess. I contacted with judges for almost 30 years. Among judges, I have many friends. What they do is always fundamented in the elements that they have at their disposal and, at this moment, madam judge of the civil court of Lisbon has more elements than she had previously. Therefore, I am convinced that she will decide in my favour.

The McCann couple felt offended with your conclusions on the book ‘The Truth of the Lie”.

It is not because of the fact that a person feels offended, or alleges to feel offended, that the censorship of a publication is legitimized. If it was like so and if the majority of citizens had the economic capacity of McCann, no newspaper would go to the newsstands. Half of the pages would be blank. A news piece, just like an opinion, does not have to be correct to be freely expressed and published. It has to be substantiated; it has to be conceived without the intention of harming anyone.

“The English Gag” also violently criticizes politicians. Why?

Did any reputed politician in this country spoke out against what happened to me? But when it’s they themselves or their friends, the target of a judicial proceeding, even if it is for paedophilia or corruption, they all immediately come out offending the judges, the prosecutors and the Judiciary Police, saying they are politically manipulated, that they are incompetent, etc..

Were you expecting politicians to criticize the decision made by the Civil Court of Lisbon?

The least that I expected was for politicians to come out publicly to say that the institutionalized pre-trial procedures must be rethought so that never again it would be possible for a judge to decide to limit freedom of expression of a citizen solely based on the elements that are provided by the party that alleges to be offended. This is censorship and there is no way to turn it around.

Depending on the outcome of this process, will you stop here?

The future belongs to God. However, if I have the financial conditions, there may still be surprises. I was almost 30 years in the Judiciary Police. Do not underestimate me.

Weekly Newspaper 'O Crime', paper edition, published 2009.12.23


  1. "However, the final dispatch concludes that, to the parents, could not be laid any responsibility in the disappearance of their daughter…"

    I hope the journalist who is putting the questions doesn't actually believe the parents have been cleared literally? It looks like the McCanns are now going all out to misinterprete the PP's conclusion. Hopefully, the Portuguese citizens are not falling for the spin!

  2. Wonderful, Amaral is showing his teeth and remaining calm.
    Very good.
    I can't wait till January to see the process.
    The McCanns must be going to the loo a great amount of times.
    Isabel Duarte too.

  3. It looks like the McCanns are going for an all-out PR offensive in the lead up to the January 12 hearing. Where is the interview they apparently gave to O Crime which this Amaral interview references? Joana did recently mention that the couple have been contacting several Portuguese media outlets to "put their own side of the story". Is it one such interview O Crime is referencing here? Looks like we will be reading more such interviews in the coming weeks.

  4. I don't have that one ShuBob, but there is a similar article given to 24 horas, a press release of an open letter made by the McCanns issued to the Portuguese agency news Lusa, which was then published in full in some newspapers and in extracts at others. I'll translate the 24 horas as soon as possible.

  5. I know in my heart that common sense will prevail when the case is heard and that for the sake of freedom and democracy Amaral will win.
    Then it should get interesting.

  6. No responsibility in the disappearence?
    They are parents, their little daughter disappeared while they were dining and wining in a restaurant, and they don't carry any responsibility about what happened?
    If Madeleine died before her parents went to the restaurant, and that is what I believe(cadaver scent), they were irresponsible towards the twins who were (and are) still alive.

    If it was an accident, it could have happen to the siblings aswell,
    that is why I think it was not very much of an accident.
    It must have been something specific, a very obvious causa mortis,
    that's why they left to the restaurant.

  7. Thanks Joana.

    Perhaps, the McCanns are now raising their voices in the hope that Amaral will be tricked into breaching the gag order before the January 12 hearing. I just don't trust these people. There appears to be a motive behind every move they make!

  8. "The future belongs to God. However, if I have the financial conditions, there may still be surprises. I was almost 30 years in the Judiciary Police. Do not underestimate me."

    My favourite bit :)

    Go Sr Amaral! I will be making another contribution as soon as I can. This defence needs adequate funding.
    :) E

  9. Because of the money they have accumulated the McCanns have been having it all their own way recently, threatening anybody who dares say different to their fairy tale abduction scenario.

    Let's hope the tide has turned and a blow for logic and common sense prevails. It is the McCanns who should have to prove their abduction scenario before they are allowed to beg more money from the public. How they have got away with getting all this money given them is a disgrace.

    Get that case reopened Portugal and bring charges against the McCanns, at least for leaving their kids that night and the rest of the week, resulting in serious harm coming to one of them. That will do for the time being until other evidence is put forward.

    The way they have been having their media pals whitewash them, it has been sounding like they are the parents of the decade. And it was only that one LITTLE MOMENT when they took their eye off the ball, when something happened to Madeleine and the big bad abductor took her.

    In actual fact, there were MANY, MANY, MOMENTS when Madeleine was left alone. Put all those moments together and they add up to HOURS.

    The McCanns are spinners supreme. In other words, LIARS.

    So where are those credit cards you said you never had Gerry? Then you used to hire a car with.

    Why have you been allowed to get away with that big lie?

    What else did you use your credit cards for? Is it something you don't want known? Is that why you hid them?

    Where is the broken fridge that David Payne referred to? Did you buy a new fridge, or something similar, with a credit card?

    Too many elements still unanswered. They should be answered.

  10. I think, and hope, they have bitten off more than they can chew with this action.
    Always remember Jonathan Aitken and Geoffrey Archer.

  11. This is the time when the relatives and friends of the McCanns should be coming forward, even anonymously to CEOP with what they really know. Whenever the McCanns and their PR appear they can be seen for what they are. The more they spin their side of the story the more it can be seen to be full of holes. The public can see it as spin nothing more.

  12. The future belongs to God However, if I have the financial conditions, there may still be surprises. I was almost 30 years in the Judiciary Police. "Do not underestimate me."

    Mr Amaral knows he has the support now financially, yes I need to make a donation, Imo Team Mccann have taken a big risk by TRYING to shut Mr A up, they must know what an intelligent,well supported man he is, and that his "fighting fund"is getting bigger by the day.

    Keep donating folks this will give Mr Amaral loads of confidence!!!

  13. How dare they claim they had" No responsibility in the disappearence?"Who was it who left them night after night ? who else was responsable for the safety and well being of their children ? IF as they should have been ,they had been charged with child neglect( very minimum) Amaral would not be in the situation he is today ,This is just one part of this crime which will always stay with me ,WHY were they not jailed for child neglect when it was a clear case of such ?Good luck to you and may justice prevail

  14. Anonymous at # 6 mentions Cadaver scent, when the dogs were first mentioned, the McCanns had their Lawyer contact the Lawyer of a man who was on trial for the murder of his wife in Wisconsin U.S.A. This man Eugene Zapata,was accused of killing his wife in 1976, the case was re-opened in 2004 under a "Cold case review". A trial took place in early 2007 and ended with the jury deadlocked. A major feature of the trial was that the judge had dismissed the results of the cadaver-dogs as inconsistent(the reason for the McCanns interest).A second trial was arranged but at this point Zapata capitulated and a deal was done which allowed his trial on a charge of "Homicide by reckless conduct". He was sentenced to five years imprisonment on 19/2/2008.Under the terms of the deal,he had to give all the details of how and where he had disposed of his wifes body.That was not recovered because he had cut it up and put it in Landfill sites etc.Before finally cutting it up, he had moved it to various sites,it was buried in land he owned for 24 years prior to him cutting it up.The main point of this long saga is that the place where he killed his wife,still contained cadaverine odour after 28 years! Finally, if I had lost a child and the Police wanted to try various techniques to learn what had occurred prior to her vanishing,I would'nt set about rubbishing their efforts----Would anyone who was genuine ?

  15. "At last, specialist libel solicitors can feela chilly wind blowing. Jack Straw has an expert committee in action, seeing what can be done about the no -win no-fee antics of some operators who run up eye-watering costs as they deliver relatively puny damages to their clients. Newspapers and broadcasters don't always bear the brunt of Britain's legal gravy train: doctors and scientists can be silenced too. But the sheer cost of fighting ridiculous claims is enough to frighten many smaller newspapers into silence. Fear wins, but for how much longer? Wish an unhappy New Year to Judge Eady and all his old chums"
    Peter Preston, Media Section The Observer,Dec.27th.

  16. My New Year Resolutions- to contribute to the fund, to sign the libel laws petition, to write to Jack Straw and to protest in a number of ways about GMs attendance at the CEOP conference. If I ever have information about child abusers, CEOP is no longer an agency I would contact. Have Gerry MCann(or David Payne) ever rebutted the claims made by Doctors A and K Gaspar? Will anyone attending the conference ask him to do so?

  17. To post 14
    GM also contacted Meredith Hughes, Martin Grime's supervisor at S. Yorks police on 14.5.06. I wonder why?

  18. Correction- date should be 08 re Meredith Hughes

  19. A third donation winging its way to Amaral's fund from me. A great response as usual from the great man.

  20. How do I donate to Amarals fighting fund ? Thank you

  21. I as many others have a feeling that all will be lost if GA loses against those who are trying to cover up the truth. However although it may come from a desire to hope for the best is it possible that should he lose it may increase the resolve of all those in all countries who because of the feeling that enough is enough will regroup and find other ways fighting harder to win this battle for truth and decency.All together now...

  22. Goncalo Amaral is a true gentleman and what a pity Madeleine isn't his daughter,if she was, she would have been having a lovely Christmas. Mr Amaral, has shown more heartfelt feelings towards Madeleine, than her parents. He has admitted he made mistakes, but any mistakes he did make, were nothing to the conscious decision the McCanns made when they left their children in that unsafe environment.

    They have never once said they were sorry for leaving their children alone, only that they wished that they were with Madeleine at the time she disappeared. They probably were with Madeleine, when she disappeared, they probably helped her on her way. Thats why they never bothered to look for her, because they knew she would never be found.

    There are many photographs of the McCanns laughing in PDL, I hope they weren't laughing at the locals who gave up their free time to search for Madeleine, while the McCanns carried on with their holiday.

    I hope there is a large crowd surrounding the court on January the 12th and I hope Goncalo is given a loud cheer and many words of support as well as flowers. If the McCanns decide to show their faces, I hope they are booed and hissed at and that goes for their Portuguese lawyer and anyone else who is supporting the McCanns.

    I don't know how anyone who loves children can support this evil couple. They have said they are thinking of bringing their two children to Portugal on January the 12th, if they do bring them, they are just using them, because they know that they could face a lot of problems outside the court, should they make an appearance.

    Typical McCanns, putting themselves first before the welfare of their children, just as they did on that so called family holiday in PDL.

  23. Anon #20, to donate to Project Justice Gonçalo Amaral's solidarity account, you may use PayPal, or carry out a bank wire transfer.
    In either case, you can find all details on the PJGA site:
    Scroll down a bit on the homepage; all information, plus PayPal link, can be found on the right hand side.
    Thank you!

  24. Having introduced some friends to information contained in this site, to the other side of the story, they are, at present, so upset that they refuse to discuss the case further. They had been convinced of the parents' story as this was the only information they ever had had access to. Their world has been turned upside down. I am leaving them to digest this harsh reality, and hopefully we will be able to resume talking about this disappearance again shortly.

  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxN6qFaJF4Y

    JIM GAMBLE....CEOP...JUST LIKE MCCANN..When asked a difficult question he cannot answer because it is part of the investigation....'Operation Ore 'is not over it is still on going.
    Innocent men killed themselves because of Jim Gamble and 'The investigation'Sharon Girling of National Crime Squad who worked with Gamble resigned.

  26. In front of a judge what would be GA words worth in Portugal? I explain myself : in some country a policeman is "on oath"; so how could a person like Senior Amaral who served his country and the Police for almost 30 years and finished his career as chief inspector of the Judiciary Police be suspected of lies or even twisting facts just to sell a book ? In a case like this one, I am sure that for a dishonest person there was easier ways of earning money !

  27. post 24
    I've had a similar experience, in that people are quite shocked by what they have read, but have been willing to discuss it.

  28. Jim Gamble and the CEOP are doing a great work for Madeleine.
    They are only requesting "if you know who is involved and you are keeping this secret...".
    It is the only thing they are asking and certainly not pointing at any suspect.
    It is a very responsible appeal and Gamble and the CEOP are depending on the person who knows what happened and who is willing to tell.
    Jim Gamble is not working all by himself, individually.
    A group of people at the CEOP did this work, together with him.
    The video was accepted by them all, before it was published.
    Somebody must be the spokesman of that organisation and by chance it is Gamble.
    It could be somebody else.
    If there were suicides of innocent men, before, it is shocking and tragic.
    I have no idea about statistics about positive and negative results after Gambles appeals, through the years although my opinion is: one suicide is a suicide too much, innocent or not.
    But the police can not give up searching for justice for innocent victims, small children specially.
    The offenders got to be found, in order to protect other children.
    This is something we got to remember.
    Consequences can be tragic, like I read now, above,really tragic, but avoiding new victims is a must.

  29. Viking #14 thanks for the information, unlike the British journalists you did some research. The decision to censor the book and freeze assets without involving the accused is indicative that it was not and won't be a fair process.

    Mr. Amaral knows it was an illegal decision, an unjust decision yet he still thinks there was reasoning, be it flawed, behind the court's decision. Mr. Amaral, who was behind the decision to remove you from the case in October of 2007? Could it be that the same people are facilitating this process against you?


  30. Having introduced some friends to information contained in this site, to the other side of the story, they are, at present, so upset that they refuse to discuss the case further. They had been convinced of the parents' story as this was the only information they ever had had access to. Their world has been turned upside down. I am leaving them to digest this harsh reality, and hopefully we will be able to resume talking about this disappearance again shortly

    I had the same reaction after talking to a few friends and giving the book by Tony Bennett M.A.to read.
    Their first reaction was NO, these are professional people ,I really do not want to get involved in this smear campaign.
    I personally thought at that time I was the only free thinking person out there, wasn’t going to believe the garbage the u.k public were being spoon fed .
    A couple of years on, the tide is changing.

  31. I for one hope that after 12 January we may be closer to finding out who exactly is promoting the lies and fabrications. That would be helpful.

  32. http://www.scenta.co.uk/home/search/cit/1724114/operation-ore-flawed-by-fraud.htm

    Just to refresh Gambles mind...'OPERATION ORE'flawed by FRAUD..

  33. anon 21, if GA loses his appeal against the injunction that will be unfortunate but it certainly doesn't mean that all will be lost! It will just show how much political interference is present in this case and this is something many of us have suspected for a long time.

    Nobody will be giving up whatever the result of the court hearing. That will include GA, I imagine. One book may be banned but he has already published another and there may well be more by him or by other interested parties. There will be no giving up until truth and justice for Madeleine are finally achieved. As you said 'all together now ...'

  34. @ Anonymous 25

    Have some people learnt nothing from the foul smearing of Gonçalo Amaral in Portugal, Lenny Harper in Jersey.....?

    The link you gave doesn't work for me but maybe this is the same programme link - HardTalk with Jim Gamble?

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/hardtalk/7591560.stm (UK)

    Jim Gamble explains the process and the checks & balances used in charging anyone exposed by Operation Ore.

    Innocent people committing suicide in their droves? Gamble explains that the credit card fraud excuse rates right up there along with "the dog ate my homework" when it comes to excuses! The process involves LE agencies other than CEOP and goes much deeper than merely checking credit card records!

    I wonder who has a vested interest in smearing people like Gonçalo Amaral, Lenny Harper, Jim Gamble......? Only the innocent?!

    Looks to me like Jim Gamble can't win - he's damned if he does and damned if they doesn't.

  35. Apologies for a glaring typo. The last paragraph in my comment should read:-

    'Looks to me like Jim Gamble can't win - he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.'

  36. post 24 and 27 ... I too have found it hard to convince some freinds of the guilt of the Mc Scams ....but a lot of read Tony Bennetts booklet i loaned them and were shocked that they had been fooled ,I am not just saying this ,it is 100% the truth ,from the very first time I saw this vile duo on tv ,I turned to my husband and said "They have done it" He looked shocked and said "What on earth makes you say that ?" I think it is down to Mother intuision ,but I have never been so sure of anything in my life ,I KNOW one day I and all of you on here seeking justice for an innocent child WILL get justice ,Please let 2010 be the year it happens ,IMO all it will take is ONE editor to grow a pair and split open the case

  37. Thank you ,I have now donated a small sum to the fighting fund ( all I had left in my paypal account )I will give more when I have it ,every penny helps

  38. I would like to know what Jim Gamble did about the statements alleging possible paedo behaviour by David Payne.

  39. ShuBob, I find this friendship itself strange. Friendship between DP and Mccanns! - ? What a strange traction OF BOLD MAN to wash and bath not his own kids, GIRLS! And this comments with their father! Are they all paedos?

  40. It is now near the 28th and I wonder if somebody is finally going to the police tomorrow.
    Who knows this somebody waited till Xmas was over, not to disturb the offender's life during these days, not to disturb their family life .
    Let us wait and see.
    And let us hope this witness will not die unexpected.
    Dear witness, we all urge you to protect the lives of other vulnerable children who are at risk and who will be destroyed if you don't dare to tell what you know or strongly suspect.

    Save them in God's name, they are your responsibility, be corageous and tell what you know.

  41. Jim Gamble probably knows about the Gaspar's statement.
    He for sure knows that the Gaspars made their statements in May and that the police held it in England for five months.
    I warned the CEOP about this fact, some time ago, without saying Payne's name.
    I asked the CEOP to check on the UK police, controlling if they are
    hiding statements.
    I got a reply that they had written down what I wrote to them.
    And they thanked me very much.

  42. @ post 39, at this stage I'm more interested in the friendship between Jim Gamble and Gerry McCann. What is it that brings these two so close together? According to Martin Brunt, Gamble had sent CEOP representatives to Portugal IMMEDIATELY after Maddie's disappearance and IIRC BEFORE Leicestershire cops even got there! Why? What does Gamble have to say about the Gaspars' statements? Did he also investigate Yvonne Warren Martin's concerns about recognising Payne? I hope someone attending the conference in January put these questions to both Gamble and Gerry.

  43. If Jim Gamble would be such a disaster, he would have lost his job.

  44. @ post 41, well done. That reply you received from CEOP may prove to be of importance at a later date. When the smelly brown stuff hits the fan, they cannot deny knowledge of the Gaspars' statements.

  45. poster 39 ,i also noticed there were a lot of little girls in the group,this case has more hidden than we may ever know

  46. 42, Jim Gamble sent help to Portugal immediately after Gerry had spread around that it was an abduction.
    At that moment, we all believed that Maddie had been taken by a stranger and the CEOP believed it aswell.
    They were too far away to judge the circunstances. The media were talking about abduction and very soon Clarrie started directing the orchest.
    There is the secrecy of justice in Portugal and none of us knew about the inconsistences in the statements.
    And who says Jim and Gerry are friends?
    Maybe they were friends in the past but not anymore.
    I don't believe Gerry preserved the friends he had and I don't believe they made new friends.
    The McCanns are scared of everybody, including of their own shadow.
    They would mistrust every new friend and they mistrust their old ones, who could suspect them.
    They are lonesome.
    I believe Gerry has never been Gamble's friend but he manipulated him, or at least tried to.
    Gerry is nobody's friend. Too risky.
    Don't underestimate an experienced police man like Jim is.
    I think Jim treated Gerry very well, of course, but he must have suspected the McCanns very soon.
    And don't forget he is specialised in crimes against children.
    If he was stupid, he would not be the director of the CEOP.

  47. Anon 24, 27 and 36
    I have been doing my bit, too and have had mixed reactions from friends. Only a few think the parents are completely innocent victims, though. Most are interested in reading more when I mention some of the books that shed some light on this sorry affair. Some have already signed the petition.
    I am not discouraged.

  48. @ post # 46, your faith in Jim Gamble is commendable but I don't share it! If he is no longer friends with Gerry or never was, who is responsible for Gerry's participation at the CEOP conference in January? If as you say, Gamble was manipulated by Gerry, then Gamble is a worse person than I currently think he is.

  49. If the injunction on the book is overturned do you think we will then see it hit the UK market in a hail of publicity......
    God, this could be their worst nightmare!

  50. Jim Gamble is the Chief Executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) http://www.ceop.gov.uk/about/who_is_the_ceo.asp

  51. To the person who does not know who Jim Gamble is,

    call the "McCanns Media Marathon "and you cam see him on several videos.
    I wish everybody a happy new year and I wish justice will be made for Madeleine, next year.

    Consuelo from Caracas.

  52. 48, Gerry is a control freak.He is not happy at all with the CEOP video.Watch his and Kate's face during the interviews about A Minute for Madeleine.
    The video is clever and Gerry will do everything he can to control the CEOP and destroy its message.
    He is worried about its contents, it is not exactly what he wanted.
    Speaking at the CEOP, he wants to impress its employés and convince them he is not involved in the disappearence.
    Besides, this speech will be more or less at the same time a judge will hear Halligen and Halligen's words will reach the media.
    I think no police institution should forbid Gerry to talk.
    The more he talks, the more the police get a vision in his mind.
    Let criminal psychologists pay attention on what he is saying and on his body language.
    Let him talk, as much as he wants.
    Let the expression on his face be filmed, close-up.
    Let Gerry be analyse by experts.
    Let all criminal specialists be present in the room where he will make his speech.

    A better chance those specialists could not get.

    Joana, it is up to you to publicise this.
    It could destroy the CEOP's intentions.

  53. The behaviour of the McCanns is so strange. They act like celebrities trying to restore their reputations after a faux pas rather than the parents of a missing child. It took me 2 years to realize that they are involved in Madeleine's disappearance. I was a staunch supporter all that time. Surely there cannot be that many people left who still believe them. The tide is turning. Madeleine wil get the justice she deserves, poor little thing.

  54. So did Jim Gamble put the parents' welfare before that of the children of the tapas 8 after Maddie disappeared? In his position, he should have arrested the lot of them for child abandonment that put the lives of all those very young children, not just Madeleine, at risk! Parents can protect themselves, children cannot!

  55. JillyCL no one is interested in smearing Jim Gamble...but I feel you will be very disappointed when you hear what Mccann is allowed to say during the conference. I don't want to be the one to say 'I told you so'..Look,Look and look some more. Gamble IS NOT in Madeleines corner as you will soon see. If you search hard enough you will find the kind of person Jim Gamble is.

  56. Would anyone else in his right mind arrange for Gerry to attand a confererence on childrens welfare ? I very much doubt it, Gerry was far from the perfect parent let alone anything else.
    The whole fiasco was to assist the Mccanns in their fraud.

  57. Jim Gamble has done one thing if nothing else, and that is to reinforce the abduction theory that the McCanns are peddling by appearing with them on TV.

    Which means more money sent to their Fund.

    We must be due for another finger pointing session of 'any old paedophile suspect will do', moment soon. All good for distraction, what with the court case coming up.

    But, Gamble's finger wont be pointing at Payne and it wont be Gerry McCann.

    People like Gamble should be nowhere near this case, but it all helps to muddy the water to the benefit of the McCanns.

  58. As far as CEOP is concerned I still don't understand why their website specially highlights Madeleine's advert/link to the vídeo? There are other children missing who deserve the same treatment, but are all confined to the smaller ad "Missing People", within the same banner. Are we talking of a paid ad by the Fund, which I don't believe of course, or is this a friend's favour from Jim Gamble to Gerald McCann?

  59. The mccanns from their arrogance have totally underestimated Dr.Amaral.
    To sue him ILLEGALLY or the way it has been done,i-e, BEHIND his back is the worse thing they could have possibly done after NOT looking properly after their children.
    THEY are the ONLY responsable people to whatever has happened to Madeleine.
    It cannot be undone and Dr.Amaral WILL WIN. So will Madeleine
    The REAL MADELEINE"s case has started
    If I was the mccanns I would pull out....but it is too late now.They are done and finished with.....happy new year MADELEINE!

  60. About the "strange" connections/friendship between Jim Gamble/CEOP and Gerry McCann: - is it current practice for the CEOP to rush into assistance of EVERY parents of EVERY british child that goes missing and suspected abducted?...And is it current practice of the above mentioned agency to provide ALL the parents who had their child abducted or missing with their (CEOP's) highly specialized text books/ manuals, only available to the police or law enforcement agencies? I guess not...ask Ben Needham's Mum, has she ever been contacted or helped in any way by CEOP/Jim Gamble?...

    Read Joana's blog from the 13th of December, - "The McCanns "private trip" to Praia da Luz"
    Posts #20/21/37/38

  61. Comment from Ed Smart on Larry King Live...

    Interesting comment from Ed Smart...

    Larry King Show...

    KING: Ed Smart, you, too, had to listen to reports of your daughter's death.

    SMART: I did. And Elizabeth was and is alive. And Gerry truly believes that Madeleine is still alive, and this is diverting the attention from where it needs to be. And this morning when I spoke with him, he was so concerned that the Portugal police were under such pressure, he says, "Ed, I would not be surprised if they, you know, don't plant evidence in the car, you know, to have them think that there's DNA in this car that I rented after the fact is just outrageous, and what could they possibly have? There's no chance in the world." And you know, he is just ...

    Source :Mccannfiles.

  62. @post 46.

    Why was Gerry / Kate Mccann in possession of CEOP manuals that are for POLICE use only?
    It has been highlighted and raised concerns as to how the MCCANNS gained access to such material!

    I respect your blindfaith..... so maybe you can send CEOP an email asking how the Mccanns became in possession and who had passed them to them knowing they were not for public consumption, let alone parents at the centre of the investigation.

    Surely if simple protocol cannot be adhered to in respect to confidential Literature been allowed to get into the hands of people been investigated then it MUST raise concern.

    Surely there is no excuse along the lines of been duped early on
    1. they are for POLICE USE ONLY !
    2. Jim Gamble is "experienced" in this area of police work and would realise that in ANY such investigation the PARENTS are to be looked at closely ..statistics confirm this! and if Mr Gamble is good at his job as you point out he would be only to aware of this!

    Let me know how you get on


  63. @Anon 43

    It does not really matter if he is or not a good pro or "such a disaster": he is being protected.....like all of them

  64. I too used to support the McCann's. Until a few months ago, when they claimed that Victoria Beckam had abducted Maddie, after a drunk tourist heard something in Barcelona. That and that pedophile dying in Germany. And the dungeon in Praia. And God knows what else they come up with. It took me 2 years to realize that there is no proof of abduction. Like me, I'm sure there are many others who still have to read the truth, who havent heard about the case files because there being brainwashed by the UK press. It's impossible to continue supporting the McCann's after one reads some of the stuff that the UK press has been hiding from the public. The British need to be informed about this case. When the UK press finally starts printing the facts and asking the right questions, people will feel deceived and manipulated. I know that I did. Not anymore. Poor poor Maddie, I feel terrible for her, let down by so many! So many!

  65. totally agree 58 ...... as sure as night follows day , a "sighting" is on the horizon ,just as the case opens

  66. http://www.zimbio.com/member/whymadeleine/articles/CWfSP-OUZBz/Smart+father+speak+kidnapping

    I believe that Mccann has in store for himself to be another Ed Smart..Ed Smart USED John Walsh and his 'Americas Most Wanted' to campaign for the return of his daughter. Smart first used Amber Alert ..just like Mccann...he bad mouthed the police in charge of Elizabeths case...just like Mccann.

    Mccann very swiftly made friends with Smart..the return of a living child...Jaycee is also mentioned with a smile now by the Mccanns...
    Jaycee was 11 years old when abducted...she produced two children by her abductor...Madeleine was 3 years old...are the Mccanns really telling us the public that they HOPE the same is happened to a 3 year old child? Are they doing this with the blessing of CEOP...who say that Madeleine is now the ICON for all missing children.

    Mccann likes the sound of his own voice. He also thinks he is very clever. I would imagine he is sitting down right now writing his speech for the conference..It must be just right..but also just enough to inflame the non believers of which there are many.

  67. Post 59. Fernis, In the first McCann interview with the journalist SF, she asks about the fund, and McCann replies that "this didn't cost us anything", refering to the 'viral video'. CEOP may have been used to give some appearence of authenticity, where the silly PIs have not. Or is there a clever attempt to find something relevant on the McCanns? I doubt it.

  68. Dead or alive, there is a little child that has suffered terribly in all this media frenzy. Her fate is either death (in cold and lonely circumstances) or abduction (to what? Now belonging to and in the control of whom?) Either way it is bone-chilling.

    I am no parent, and I am no great fan of children - they should be seen as seldom as possible and never heard, in my opinion.

    BUT - this is not on. These parents have either done evil or stood by while evil is done. They have tried to blame everyone but themselves. They have destroyed other lives in the pursuit of saving their own hides. They have presented to us all many dramatic performances, increasing in skill as the circus rumbles on and their professional training increases.

    They have used the funds provided to them by the soft-hearted public to feather their own nest - extradition lawyers, PR experts, lawsuits against all who question them!

    Stop the madness, remember the child. What and who would she have been if she hadn't been the Famous Madeleine McCann (Our Maddie)... she can never come back.

    Imagine if she did come back... what would it do to a 6-7-8 year-old mind to find out about the media circus that has surrounded her! The poor girl is lost, lost forever, no matter what the truth is.

    And that is the doing of her parents, and no one else.

    - Trismegistus

  69. Gerry McCann certainly gets around.

    There he is working his magic spin on Ed Smart, making out the McCanns are being framed.

    Does Gamble believe that also, or hasn't he heard about the finding of the doggies?

    If he has, how is Gamble dismissing them?

    Or is it impossible for him to believe that frail Kate could be responsible in any way for what happened to Madeleine?

  70. @65.
    good on you!
    Yes its Sick what the UK media have done and are doing.

    It makes me so ashamed of what my Country has become, and begs the question if we can be manipulated and told lies about the death of an innocent 3y/o British child what else gets hidden or twisted beyond the truth.
    I mean it just beggars belief, a 3y/o child.... is there no honour anywhere with any of our establishments,Have no British officials studied the files? Has no media editor studied them? .....how have things come to this?
    She was a child an innocent little girl !

    Lets not lose track of that with all the side issues that are going on......lets always keep track of the root cause of this campaign.
    Truth and Justice.

    Instead of books, booklets, leaflets etc etc

    Can we make a list of all the important political figures, editors of media tv/radio/newspapers.
    childwelfare establishments etc etc
    other suggestions welcome of who might be worth adding.

    Then would it be possible to send the "complete" OFFICIAL POLICE files (well the ones released, we know there are more than what have been released to date). Send them recorded delivery for their viewing?

    I honestly believe this will make them uncomfortable beyond words, at present they are all hiding behind ignorance and the fact its a police investigation therfore nothing to do with them.
    The problems with books, leaflets is they are not official or independent .....what im trying to say is give them the official files and let them make their own decision.
    If they choose not to look at them ....well what does that say?
    if they look at them and think the mccanns are innocent or have no questions to answer then also what will that say?
    Either way they will have been armed with the independent information gained from the investigation and be it on their heads what they choose to do.

    If they have had a copy of the files sent them it will take a brave man/woman to plead ignorance from that day forward and will speak volumes about them if they choose not to react.

    I would also suggest that a record his publically kept and displayed of who were sent copies of the files, it must be addressed to individuals to apply the needed pressure rather than the organisations heading etc.
    Leave them nowhere to hide ....and with a door open that means they can be revisited later when the truth emerges.

    Its disgraceful that they are all running scared of this "hot potato"
    I will go stronger than that....it makes them complicit almost like an extension of the tapas friends.

    Keep the fight up...Justice will prevail and Madeleine will be allowed to rest in Peace.


  71. While of course it's ridiculous that Gerry McCann should be speaking at anything connected with child protection/safety, I have to agree with anon 53 that it's always a good thing to get him to talk whenever possible. The more they say, the more it's possible to see what they're thinking, what they really mean, how they look while they're saying it. We've seen both of the McCanns being interviewed many times and those interviews are worth their weight in gold.

    Why does anyone think they employed a spokesman? And kept him full-time for so long, including during the time they were arguidos? He may be only part-time now and they speak more in public themselves now, thank goodness. I'm sure every single time they open their mouths in public it's duly noted in the right quarters. Agatha Christie was right when she had Poirot say 'it's good to talk' - or words to that effect!

  72. @Anon 65

    There are many many unanswered questions in this sad case.Too many and now the public (like you) is seriously re considering their thoughts and it is clear something does not fit.
    There is only one and unique way to know and this is by the re opening of the case.The mccanns have all the rights to ask for it,but they wont because they simply cannot prove (nor do the portuguese authorities) there had been a kidnap. There was none.
    The mccanns are falling down, being trapped at their own game " wanting to have it their own way".
    They have started a war and won many battles but this time they will lose the whole war and the loot.
    We all feel for this little child and for this man too who is fighting for justice for her, for himself and for all of us as well.
    Justice will be made.

  73. 63, mojo,

    Yes, the CEOP books were found at the McCanns home, when the dogs came to Portugal, July, August.
    We don't know when Gerry got them.
    At that moment the McCanns were not yet official suspects.
    And there was the secrecy of justice.
    The PJ did not even know about Payne.
    We don't know how far the CEOP knew about the investigations.
    The fact that a dog barked at the pajamas' T-shirt and not at its trousers was a revelation, also for the PJ.
    The PJ suspected that it could have been more than a tragic accident.
    After the dogs, the PJ included an investigator in their team, specialised in children sex crimes.Before it was known about Payne.
    That all, after Gerry had gotten the books, much before.
    And who said it was Gamble who gave him those books?
    The CEOP must have many employes.
    Imo, the CEOP changed their mind, after have read the 15% of the files, of even more.
    I continue trusting Gamble.
    I have listened to him a 1000 times on those videos.
    And I watched the McCanns' faces.Scared, Kate schocked and they look bad.They regret they ever asked the CEOP to help them again.
    At no moment Jim uses the word abduction. He knows it was not.
    And he talks about the offender, not of the abductor.
    And it is clear that he does not expect a confession from any of Tapas 7.
    He expects a relative to talk, and I suspect he expects to be a mother or a father of the offender.
    I repeat, let Gerry talk at the CEOP.
    The CEOP is not a one-man-business.I believe there are a lot of peole working there.
    They must know what they are doing.
    It is the first time that a group(journalists) talks about"people around the offender protecting them", the offender"could strike again" and other children are at risk, without being sued by the McCanns.
    Please listen over and over again to the A Minute for Madeleine.
    It is very clever.

  74. 2010 is the year Maddy WILL get the justice she deserves, taking on Mr Amaral is Team Mccanns biggest mistake and will be their undoing.


  75. @Anonymous 74, well said.

    If the genie was going to be put back in the bottle it would have been done long before now.

    As you say, listen and WATCH the Minute for Madeleine video. What Jim Gamble says in the voiceover is cleverly matched to the video, word for careful word!

    I agree with you, let Gerry McCann make the closing address at the CEOP conference. IMO, the organisation of the Agenda is very clever indeed.

  76. I read aldo that somebody will speak about false adductions at this CEOP conference...

  77. Imagine him turning up for his closing speech, and then the police arrest him and his scraggy wife. Jim Gamble then gives a nice speech about how they closed the net.


    I can dream......

  78. 76, thank you for your support.
    The comments on Gamble and on my comments make me remember an article on the Sunday Express, extremely ironical and people on this blog were not getting the message.
    Possibly people here are not getting Jim's messages, during his interviews.
    He is not in favor of the McCanns.
    We may not forget the appeal is a British appeal, from a different culture, Jim has gotten British influence and we have to analise what is behind his words, when he talks to the media.
    At least this time Kate understood something. She looks very shocked and scared.

  79. 77, great, if true.
    And I hope everything will be filmed.

  80. @ post #s 74 and 76, whilst I agree with your sentiments, I'm still untrusting of Jim Gamble.

    Ok, it's possible that he's realised the errors of his ways but the fact still remains that he got too close to the McCanns to the detriment of the investigation. I don't understand how he was able to send staff to PdL before the Leicester cops got there. Why? Martin Brunt found this strange and so do I. CEOP where also partly responsible for the persecution of Robert Murat because of the profile they did on him. Where are the results of the profile they did on David Payne? Was such a profile even done? What about Gerry? Was he profiled?

    How many more chances is Gerry going to get to speak so that experts can analyse him? Don't forget he spoke at a police conference in the summer of 2007 where he allegedly got a standing ovation. How many more opportunities do the experts need before they can conclude that the man is indeed a liar?

    For all we know, information has already flooded into CEOP and other police forces with information that could directly lead to the re-opening of the case but has been suppresed for whatever reason- perhaps, the same reason the Gaspars' statements were suppressed.......

  81. Anon 78 I hope your dream comes true.

  82. @ post 79, are you suggesting that a man of Jim Gamble's standing was had by the McCanns?

  83. Yes, that's true.
    I don't remember having ever seen Gerry showing up somewhere, to repair Clarence Mitchell's words, trying to convince people of the contrary.
    It has never been necessary.
    Gerry does not have to control Clarence.
    But he got to control the CEOP because things are running out of the hands.

  84. The most interesting thing about the video appeal and what Jim Gamble has to say about it is that nowhere is the impression given that we are looking for a crazed,ugly, pimply loner who descended on Praia de Luz from the wild hinterland of Portugal or Morocco or wherever, to run off with a small girl for his perverted ends.

    No, it seems that the perpetrator is not isolated, as one might reasonably expect, but socially integrated, with friends, colleagues, family, who are fearful, loyal,loving. Moreover, according to Gamble this video will haunt these people, so apparently they have access to the internet, and are able to use it. How can he possibly be sure of that without knowing who they are and where they come from?

    Furthermore how can anyone assume that someone close to the perpetrator would necessarily know what happened? Don´t such people more often than not try to hide their guilty secrets, even from those closest to them?

    Or could it be that Gamble knows full well what sort of background the person he seeks comes from and knows full well who could be protecting that person?

  85. i have watched the video ,and the opening image of Maddie in her dressing up outfit has always haunted me ,she is TERRIFIED in this video ,the fear in her eyes as she looks up at whoever is taking the video is crystal clear ,i left a text message on you tube ,but it has to wait approval now !!! since when have they been approving texts on you tube ? or is it just because its about the golden couple ?

  86. Do not also forget that Gamble is EX RUC and so is Dave Edgar...

  87. Am I missing something here?

    What is the point of Gamble involving himself in this case?

    If he really wanted to do something useful he should ask people to contact the police in Portugal directly with information.

    After seeing him with the McCanns would anybody who knew something about the McCanns want to go near him with it, being as how he has the McCanns sitting there apparently endorsing him and them reading from the same page.

    As for McCann's speech, do you honestly think he wont be rehearsing that before he says anything. The McCanns don't do ad lib. That's why they have to approve the questions beforehand, or it's walk out time.

    All Gamble is doing is giving McCann the chance for more of his abduction fairy story, anti cop, anti Amaral, anti anybody who says different to him, to be propagated.

  88. http://www.annaraccoon.com/madeleine-mccann/liam-adams-mps-brother-wanted-for-child-abuse/

    Worms in the Woodwork...

    Sepians comment sheds more light on Jim Gamble...

  89. Anon at 85

    All said with Murat in mind perhaps!!

    We know that Gamble has been contacted about Payne.

    Action taken?


    Nor will there be, because Gerry McCann will be vouching for him.

  90. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/fivelivebreakfast/2008/04/breakfast_live_from_ceop.html

    The video seems to have a malfunction...Read the comments CEOP does not seem to be trusted. Not all of these people can be wrong..Can they????

  91. Like ShuBob @ 81, I am quite sceptic as to Jim Gamble. Indeed there is a lot to explain as far as his relationship with Gerry McCann is concerned. The CEOP's manual and the rapid deployment of his people in PDL are food for thought. And I really don't understand what on earth does Gerry McCann have to say to professional people at the CEOP's conference that justifies being invited by JG. IMO they are just feeding his sick ego. BAD, BAD CHOICE!

  92. I thought Jim Gamble was known for being a paedophile hunter (not protector)!

    Regarding the CEOP conference - I wonder if GM was invited to speak by Jim Gamble or has Jim Gamble been told to invite him?

  93. THE MCCANN'S BECAME A MAFIA. The "Rothley Camorra" traffic's JUSTICE CORRUPTION.

  94. It is true that the CEOP sent key staff over to Portugal in the early days. In fact, Graham Hill and Dr Joe Sullivan, who are both speaking at the conference in the slot before Gerry were the two staff who were despatched to Portugal to assist Team Madeleine. This is according to the Mail on-line 15 May 07.

  95. @ post #95, thanks for that information. You've got to really wonder what the purpose of that conference is? Was it organised specifically with the PdL crew in mind?

  96. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/family-and-relationships/top-10-cautionary-tales-for-mom-and-dad/article1412868/
    See above for a "year of parents behaving badly" !!!

  97. @ post #95, following your post I did some digging and have found an even earlier report in the Sun dated 10 May 2007 about those two:

    "It was also revealed that a senior British policeman who worked on the kidnap and murder of schoolgirl Milly Dowler has flown to Portugal to assist in the hunt.

    Detective Superintendent Graham Hill is attached to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), part of the Serious Organised Crime Agency set up a year ago. He previously worked for Surrey Police.

    Milly, real name Amanda, was snatched near Walton railway station, Surrey, in 2002 while walking home from school. Her body was found six months later in a wood. No one has been charged.

    Det Supt Hill also worked on the re-investigation into the murder of 14-year-old Roy Tutill. He was abducted in Chessington, Surrey, in 1968 and strangled.

    Paedophile Brian Field was convicted of Roy’s murder in 2001.

    A colleague of Det Supt Hill said: “Graham has great experience of investigating abductions of children.”

    Another British expert, behavioural psychologist Joe Sullivan, has also been helping the hunt. He worked with Det Supt Hill on the Roy Tutill probe and advised officers on their interview strategy with Field.

    Mr Sullivan, who also works for the CEOP, has wide experience of child sex murders and probing paedophile rings.

    Mr Sullivan flew to the Algarve last week and returned to Britain yesterday. A source said: “He has many commitments but will be travelling back and forth to Portugal.”

    Mr Hill and Mr Sullivan are regarded as the top brains in Europe on paedophile inquiries. Maddie, of Rothley, Leics, was taken by someone who broke into her bedroom at a Mark Warner holiday village in Praia da Luz as her parents Gerry and Kate, both 38, ate at a nearby restaurant."


  98. Looking at those speaking at the CEOP conference, at least FOUR of the nine speakers are directly linked to the Maddie case. Isn't that interesting? Perhaps, all nine are involved in one way or the other but we're only publicly aware of Gamble, Hill, Sullivan and Gerry.

  99. Does anyone know what the McCann’s and Tapas’s timeline was for 2nd May? We know that on the night of 1st May Madeleine was overheard crying for 75 mins. After that the McCann’s spoke of ‘upping their checks’. Did that therefore mean they checked every 30 mins on the 2nd May? I have only read that they checked every 30 mins on the 3rd. I wonder if there are any witness statements from staff at the complex who know what their movements were on the 2nd May?

  100. I thought this was interesting on wikipedia ,
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Madeleine McCann
    Madeleine McCann disappeared on the evening of Thursday, 3 May 2007 while on holiday with her parents and twin siblings in the Algarve region of Portugal. The British girl went missing from an apartment, in the central area of the resort of Praia da Luz, a few days before her fourth birthday, and has still not been found. Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, have said that they left the children unsupervised in a ground floor bedroom while they ate at a restaurant about 130 yards (120 metres) away.[1]
    The initial investigation by the Polícia Judiciária (PJ) (the Portuguese criminal investigation police) was based on the assumption that she had been abducted.[2] After further investigation, the PJ stated that there was a strong hypothesis that she might have died in her room.[3][4] During the investigation there were a number of unconfirmed claimed sightings of Madeleine in Portugal and elsewhere and additional scientific evidence was obtained. The investigation involved the co-operation of the British and Portuguese police and demonstrated the differing methodologies employed by each, with regard to such aspects as the amount of information released to the public and the legal status of those involved in the case.[5][6]
    Robert Murat, a local resident, was given arguido (suspect) status on 15 May 2007.[7][8] Kate and Gerry McCann were also named as arguidos on 7 September, but were allowed to fly back to the United Kingdom on 9 September.[9][10][11] All three were cleared, with their arguido status lifted, on 21 July 2008. The Portuguese Attorney General archived the case, also on 21 July. The case can be reopened if new evidence emerges.[12]
    The disappearance and its aftermath were notable for the breadth and longevity of the media coverage. This was initially due to the active involvement of the parents in publicising the case and to several awareness-raising campaigns by international celebrities and, latterly, to the interest that arose from the parents being named as suspects. The event generated international media attention with controversy surrounding the Portuguese-led police investigation and the actions of Madeleine's parents. There has also been criticism of the extent and nature of the publicity and of the reporting of the disappearance in both the Portuguese and British media.

  101. Does anyone else recall that a couple of nights before the 3rd ,the adults dined in the next village ,so no checks were made ? I recall reading this somewhere but it never gets mentioned now ?I have always thought this could have been the night Maddie met her demise ,and the 15 checks the following night were just a smoke screen

  102. No 63, the dogs barking at the top of the pyjamas and not the bottoms- that makes me shudder and feel physically sick, poor , poor Madeleine.
    Someone has to be brought (or most likely) dragged to justice for this. That tiny, wee child is in my prayers every night, as is the whole family of Dr. Amaral.

  103. Post 85. I sensed that too. But if CEOP is cleverly seeking a British offender/s, then why is the 'Minute for Madeleine' video in so many languages, and not just English and Portuguese?

  104. Well it says it all to me how bad or incompetent the CEOP is if they have to have the likes of McCann speak at their cozy conference. Yet another waste of money organization. Cannot see the wood for the trees, but no doubt McCann will put them staright about faked abductions? You have got to laugh =))

  105. In an interview given by the McCanns around the time of the 1st anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance, Kate McCann said, that on the morning of the evening Madeleine disappeared, she told her and her husband she and Sean had cried for them and they never came.

    Kate McCann said they nearly didn't go out that night, but they decided to and up their checks to every 30mins. I don't know what time the checks were on the other nights the children were left, but the McCanns said they only went to the Tapas Bar at 20:30 and Gerry McCann's one and only check was at 21:05.

    Gerry McCann gave conflicting stories about his check, in one interview, he said Madeleine wasn't in her bed and he presumed she had got into the bed he and his wife slept in. In another interview he said that he looked at sleeping Madeleine and thought how lucky he was to be her father.

    One of the McCanns friends was going to check on his sick child at 21:30hrs and he said he would check the McCann children. He said he didn't go into the apartment, he just listened outside.

    Kate McCann's one and only check was at 22:00hrs, 55 minutes after her husband's check and that was when she discovered Madeleine was missing.

  106. Sorry I forgot to say my post(106) is a reply to post (100)

  107. poster 103 ,this makes me vomit too ,it doesnt take a lot of working out why does it ? How on Gods good earth can ANYONE with a single moral ,protect and agree with this ?May they ,and the people protecting them rot

  108. Look back to the interview where the Mccanns discussed Madeleines eye...Mccann said she will most probably be wearing contact lenses and Kate said 'Oh it is just a fleck you would have to be really close to even notice it'..

    Jim Gamble Happy to let this pass..also the 'Aged' photos of Madeleine looking more Asian than English..nearer 12 years than 6 years. Madeleine was small for her age..she would probably now have a few milk teeth missing . Take a look at any six year old near you do they look the size and age of the photos Gamble is happy to release. The Mccanns and the Tapas 7 are well protected no one is about to throw Mccann to the wolves. Mccann wants a job where he can talk and talk and talk..NHS heart patients must be pretty boring after all the attention of the past couple of years. Mccann craves the limelight ,the money and the applause. I am glad you have now opened your eyes and seen where this is heading. This way you will not be shocked by what ever comes out of Mccanns mouth.

  109. Just checking back on old articles...The Saga of the Stolen Wallet..

    Wallet was returned with...30 Euros...CREDIT CARDS...and a photo of Madeleine taken inside the church just before she was abducted..

    Mccann said he did not have credit cards...No one would return cash regardless of its currency...Why has this picture of Madeleine in the church not been shown.??????

    McCanns Move Out Of Holiday Resort
    1:52pm UK, Monday July 02, 2007

    Madeleine McCann's parents have moved out of the Portuguese holiday resort from where their daughter was abducted - 60 days after she disappeared.

    The McCanns have moved out

    They have stayed at the Mark Warner Ocean Club resort in the Algarve town of Praia da Luz for nearly two months, but the start of high season has meant they had to find somewhere else to live.

    Gerry and Kate McCann are now set to move into a private residence in the Portuguese village, along with their two other children, twins Sean and Amelie.

    "We have confirmed our new accommodation and will be moving in the next few days," Mr McCann wrote on the Find Madeleine website.

    "We seem to have acquired a lot more stuff, particularly the twins, with lots of well wishers sending them toys.

    Mr and Mrs McCann, from Rothley in Leicestershire, have said they plan to stay in Portugal at least until the end of the summer and are "determined" to come back to the UK with their eldest child.

    But leaving the holiday complex may be seen as the first sign that life is starting to move on.

    As Portuguese police continue to investigate the four-year-old's disappearance, across the Spanish border judges have questioned a couple suspected of trying to extort cash from the McCanns.

    Danilo Chemello, a 61-year-old Italian man and Aurora Vaz Pereira, a 54-year-old Portuguese woman, made an initial appearance in a Madrid court two days after they were arrested in a luxury complex in the South of Spain.

    Portuguese police agents are reported to have followed Mr Chemello to Madrid with files of evidence.

    Mr McCann said: "This appears to be a clear signal from European police forces that they are treating all information relating to Madeleine's disappearance very seriously."

    Meanwhile, stolen photographs of Madeleine McCann are safely back with her father after they were anonymously returned.

    The pictures had been inside Gerry McCann's wallet when it was pick-pocketed at Waterloo Station in London. He later appealed to get them back.

    The thief kept the pounds but sent the wallet to the McCann family home with 30 euros, credit cards and his driving licence still inside, as well as the treasured photos.

    The snaps of Madeleine, said to be her father's favourite photos of her, included one of the missing girl at 15 months and another taken in church shortly before her abduction


  110. Anon 109 said 'Jim Gamble Happy to let this pass..also the 'Aged' photos of Madeleine looking more Asian than English..nearer 12 years than 6 years. Madeleine was small for her age..she would probably now have a few milk teeth missing . Take a look at any six year old near you do they look the size and age of the photos Gamble is happy to release.'

    Yes, the photos recently issued are of someone who has at the very least almost reached her teens, if not already a teenager, and certainly not of a 6-year-old child. Anyone issuing those pictures is IMO not the slightest bit interested in finding a 6-year-old, because no one will ever find a child of that age who looks like a teenager. The dark "Madeleine' looks like Tina of Coronation Street, who is meant to be about 17/18 (I think); the actress who plays her is 18.

    There's something remarkably odd going on in this case; unfortunately for those who'd like to see everyone accept the abduction theory, all the strange attempts to force this particular theory on the general public simply result in deeper and darker suspicion.

  111. Which one of you is handy with google?
    There are pages about William H. Donaldson, ex-FBI, who will also speak at the CEOP on January, 26th.
    I think he will speak about fake abductions.

    He got to be informed who Gerry is and he got to read the files.
    I could not find his e-mail address.
    Joana, please?

  112. 109, about the photos and Gamble.
    he knows Madeleine is dead but he has no choice than to show the photos, how she might looks now.
    Somewhere, interview, Jim says about the fake photos : "this is not what it is about".
    "The person we are trying to reach knows how Madeleine looked like when she disappeared...".
    Those photos don't play any role on the appeal.Maddie never reached that age.
    What plays a big role on the appeal is the film Maddie and the siblings"and increases the risk to other children".

  113. I've thought about this and I have no doubt that GM will appear after the speakers have finished just to do his closing and pick up his cheque.

    Otherwise any speaker on faked agductions would have the delegates shifting around in their seats looking at GM's response.

    He has to go though, not sure what's going on here but I suspect that Gamble is using the McCanns to propel himself around the world.

    He has hedged his bets though if it all comes unstuck at some stage he can say he was playing them.

    If not, well he still profits, bit like Clarry really.

    Let's see what the New Year brings, still a lot to be played for and a dying government, and Amaral just won't go away.



  115. @ post #110, I wonder what the significance of the "30 Euros" is? We know the McCanns don't put out information without it having a double meaning. Perhaps, it was a warning to someone or a group of people not to betray him like Judas in the Bible by accepting a metaphorical 30 pieces of silver?

    @ post #112, I am almost certain that everyone invited to that conference knows about the files. Whether they will read it as it is intended to be read and understood or read it with a McCann/Carter Ruck spin is another matter.

  116. We should not find it surprising that Gerry McCann is to speak at the CEOP conference. Who is more experienced in faked abduction and exploiting children? Wasn't it himself who exploited Madeleine's image, despite the advice of professionals, because it was a good marketing ploy.

  117. On the last couple of occasions the Daily Mail has allowed comments on a news article about this case, I have noticed a couple of changes compared to the past.

    Firstly, although many of the views are extremely polarized for or against the Mcanns - as one would expect - there seems to be an increasing number of people who are commenting to the effect that they are bored with the whole thing, that she isn't the only missing child, and asking why there is still so much attention being given to her particular case.

    I've also noticed that news articles about their latest publicity wheeze seem to drop off the front page very quickly these days. It's old news. I don't think that their prosecution of Dr Amaral is winning them any friends in the court of public opinion either. I see many people who do not appear to be habitually anti-McCann stating that it hardly seems fair for them to try to sue him, and blame him for being unable to find the daughter whom they lost in the first place.

    In general, though, public opinion is driven by the messages people receive from the media - especially newspapers. The McCanns did a great job of getting the papers on their side, but at the end of the day, newspapers are interested in one thing and one thing only - selling more copies. They will only become really interested in this case again if there is something fresh to report. They are not interested in the Case files, in the rogatory interviews, in the cadaver dogs. None of that will sell copies, and it's likely to get them sued. The best hope for breathing life into the case would be a spectacular loss in the case against Dr Amaral. Now that they would report. Other than that, nothing will happen, and it will, eventually, all just fade away, sadly.

  118. 117, hah,hah,hah,funny!

    Gerry will speak around the date that man of the Trafigura(?)(Travestit?) will be interrogated by the judge in London.
    Gerry will try to make smoke and mirrors around him because he does not know what the man will tell.
    That is one of the reasons he is attracting the attention to himself speaking at the CEOP, on the day before.
    He hopes to be first page news with his speech and to destroy every possible news about that man(what is his name?)
    This is definitely one of the reasons if it is not the most important one.
    Because people at the CEOP know him already, they all have gotten an opinion about him, we all know the appeal,we all have gotten an opinion about Gerry aswell, why the speech?
    His speech will not change anybody's mind at the CEOP, neither ours.
    But it definitely has a goal:
    the statement of the fraudulent man who is now sued by the Dutch Transexual Companhy, whatever.
    Smoke, smoke around that man.
    What a life, Gerry, what a life.
    It is getting worse and worse for you both.

  119. The fraud's man name is Halligen.

  120. "A picture taken in church just before she was abducted."

    Can it be verified that they went to church with their kids in Portugal before their daughter disappeared?

    I believe it was Mrs. Kate McCann's mother, who said in an interview in Spain that she was surprised by her daughter requesting the telephone number of a priest on that fateful night, because her daughter was not religious. I also remember reading about Mrs. Kate McCann having a bible with her in Portugal and that it had some passages underlined. So do the McCanns actually attend church regularly or is this another marketing ploy?


  121. Guerra, according to what I understood before, the McCanns were not very religious before the accident.Or not at all.
    But they belonged to a Church/faith.
    I believe people get religious after they are confronted with terrible things. And it is the McCanns' case.
    Yes, somebody gave a Bible to Kate and they went to the Pope.
    These are very normal reactions when people feel scared and lonesome.People fall down, back on their religious roots.
    Nothing odd, imo.

  122. To those people who believe that Gamble is not rooting for the McCanns, why don't you contact him and ask his explanation for the evidence of the blood and cadaver dogs alerting to a dead body behind the settee.

    It would be interesting and very revealing to know what he would answer, if he would dare to answer.

    He can't have it both ways, either the child was alive and abducted from her bed as the McCanns are trying to make us believe, or she was removed dead from the apartment, as the official investigators who worked on the case believe.

    So, which is it he believes??

  123. Anonymous @ 112.

    Interesting not only that Donaldson is speaking on false abductions, but that two representatives from Yorkshire Police are talking about the Sharon Matthews affair:


    At the very least Gerry is going to find this conference a bit uncomfortable.

  124. If Gamble is "helping out" the Mccanns why would he have given that speech, especially the way he worded it, not using the word abduction and speaking of parents and friends knowing!, these kinds of words are not helping, if they are then I would hate to get on the wrong side of Gamble!
    Imo Gamble is on to them, like everyone else involved in this sad case, they just need the evidence,also get rid of Government interference from both Countries.

  125. post 115 The Restaurant mentioned was Chaplins -further away than the Tapas restaurant

  126. post 115
    Chaplins isn't remote, it's quite near the church.

  127. Maria- I accept your reference to Chaplins being near the church, but I read that it was further from the flat than the Tapas.
    It's not clear whether they were there or not, but it was suggested they drank there after eating at the Tapas.

  128. It's too remote to keep popping back every 10 minutes.

  129. I agree going to back to the flat from Chaplins at regular intervals would take the pleasure out of the evening.
    If you believe the checking routine of 3rd May, I don't see why they bothered to eat out anyway, so many being away from the table at Tapas for so much of the time...

  130. I only have one Daughter - took her on holiday many times before age 6 - she never left our sight we had a brilliant time bringing up our daughter - she got ill and had accidents - like most children -just glad I was there for her when it happened - the Mccann case distresses me cos they weren't there for her....thats my simple truth whatever the complications of this case


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