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And now comes the end of another year

Fool Sculpture on Henley Street, Stratford-Upon-Avon, England © Ljubica R.

And the Earth will have completed its revolution around the sun once again

And we will think of the wishes that never came true
in the good intentions that we did not fulfil
in that that we left behind to not ever recover
in what we were
in the absent ones
in those who have gone
in those who have abandoned us

And we will cheer with tears, faking smiles

And the Earth will have completed its turn around the sun ... its millionth one, unperturbed

And we will think of what we have learned
in what we have changed
in what we have made better
that this time, utopias will come true
in all that lies ahead
in those who are next to us
in those who have stayed with us.

And we will cheer with smiles up to tears

And that is an old year and this is a new year...
a mixture of yesterdays and tomorrows
an unstable balance between what we cannot change and that that we have an obligation to change

Hopefully, this time, it will become true and if not, well ... it will be just another year

Music: Bach Cello Suite No 5 in C minor, BWV 1011, performed by Yo-Yo Ma


  1. Bom dia! Muito obrigada pela composição de foto,poema e Bach.

    Que a Justiça aos bons seja cumprida.

  2. Blessed be! May we all find peace and prosperity in the New Year. AND MAY JUSTICE PREVAIL!


  3. Très belle association image, texte et musique.
    Meilleurs voeux avec, pour ajouter une note musicale française, ce lien vers la sonate de Franck dont la nostalgie épouse bien les contours de l'année finissante:



  4. its my birthday on new years day and one of my wishes is that justice will be brought in 2010 .so happy new year joana astro,and everyone who posts here
    sue England

  5. Mais um ano passou. Olhemos para tras sim, mas com a paz de quem procedeu bem e fez o que pode, e olhemos especialmente para a frente! Algo que os McCann nao poderao fazer.
    Que 2010 seja um ano bom para todos nos em termos pessoais, profissionais, e que finalmente traga justica para a Maddie e todos os que se empenham em descobrir o que lhe aconteceu.

    To Dr.Amaral, Joana, Astro and Kazlux, who have enormously invested in the truth about the case at both personal and professional costs, my sincere wishes of all things good in 2010.

  6. Thank you, Joana, Astro, Kazlux, for everything you have done for that little girl who is among angels, being part of them, wondering why
    people destroyed her short life.

    She had the right to live, to be protected, to be taken cared of.
    Tonight she will not see or hear the fire works, celebrating a new possibility of living and of breathing life.

    But angels love her, protect her right now.
    They explain her that God made a mistake, sending her to irresponsible parents.

    From above, she will watch her siblings, crying about them.

    Will somebody protect them or will people say "oh, one life more, one life less, who cares?".

    And none of the angels will be capable to explain her:

    -no right to live
    -and no right to be dead.

  7. May 2010 bring strength and good fortune to Snr Amaral, his family and his supporters and legal team. We will be thinking of him and wishing him and justice well. God bless the editors and journalists who seek the truth in this case (Joana and team). May the public succeeed in their support of freedom of speech and may they increasingly see the McCanns for what they are. May new evidence come to light.

  8. As we head into a new year i would like to thank Joana, Astro and Kazlux for all their hard work in keeping me informed in a decent and proper way, there have been all sorts of unpleasant goings on on other forums by some who like to cause trouble, you all have avoided that, and i for one am truly grateful. You have remembered this is about a little girl without proper protection from those who should have known better, you have remembered this is about a man and his family who have been let down disgracefully by those who should have known better, you have remembered this is about a wonderful country (that i have visited) that has been shamed by those who should have known better, and about freedom and justice, which is a basic human right, i thank you all from the bottom of my heart and wish you all the best in the year ahead, may all your wishes come true and may justice prevail. Thank you xxx

  9. I wish us all a new year with freedom of speech, no Carter-Ruck, no injunctions and justice, long waited for.


  10. Joana, Astro, Kazlux

    Owned I the world, I would give it to you on a silver platter. That's the respect I have for you.

    Happy, happy New Year


  11. Happy New Year to Joana, Astro, Kazlux and all of the Amaral family. Many thanks for all you do to help. I hope 2010 brings much hope and success. You deserve it.
    Joana - I was wondering if you had any idea just how many people read your site?


  12. Happy New Year- Best wishes to all of you who maintain this excellent site and all contributors who have added to the collective knowledge of this case.
    Kay- England

  13. happy new year to all,lets hope 2010 is madeleines year where she gets the justice she deserves.

  14. People who go to thw police telling what they know sould also call the Portuguese Embassy and consulates in England telling bout their statements.
    Also send an email to the Portuguese police in Portugal.

  15. With the change of year, may the ones responsible for what happened to Madeleine have a change of heart, and help to put an end to all the suffering that has gone on for the innocent ones caught up in this.

    It may take a lot of guts to confess to something that you don't want known, yet that is the true mark of a decent man or woman, and not some cowardly skunk who hides their misdeeds by trying to blame others.

    Confession really is good for the soul.


  16. I would like to wish everyone who participates in this forum, especially Joana, Astro, Kazlux, a very Happy New Yeasr which hopefully will bring justice for Madeleine. Also, I would like to send my heartfelt wishes for a "Bom Ano Novo" to Gonçalo Amaral and his family.

  17. A very very Happy New Year to Jo"s Team and to all my fellows posters.
    Thanks for your ongoing work and excellent reporting
    Lets hope 2010 will bring truth and justice to Madeleine

    RIP Madeleine

    Un gran abrazo para tod@s

  18. A Happy New Year to all. I wish to especially thank Joana, Astro and Kazlux for their selfless work and great contribution towards finding the truth and justice.
    I hope that 2010 will bring peace and justice for Gonçalo Amaral anmd his family.


  19. Having wished Joana and the team, Goncalo Amaral and his family, and all on here a happy New Year, I should have included Nigel of McCann Files - thank you Nigel and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family.

    Amazingly put and informative article (as usual) by Dr Martin Roberts on McCann Files today!

  20. Happy New Year to Joana, Astro, Kazlux and all the very best for "2010"

  21. My very best wishes of a New Year to Joana and everyone else who have been allowing me to voice here my opinions and concerns as a free citizen. Their work has been tremendous and their courage deserves my admiration. Obrigado.

  22. Thank you joana and all for allowing me to read your great blog
    happy new year to you all .maura maguire ,northern ireland

  23. To the website that maintains integrity and credibility - Well done and all the best to you for the future.

    Thanks for all your hard work in keeping the truth alive and in the awareness of the general public. Without people like you, justice wouldn`t stand a chance and only oppression would survive.

  24. I echo all sentiments expressed above. Special thanks to Joana and her team, also Nige of McCann files, and blessing to Mr. Amaral.

    As for the McCanns - give them enough rope and.....................

    Health and happiness to all who post here.

  25. I am almost in tears reading all these messages. There is so much genuine good possible in this year that we are all going into together. My thanks go to all of you who bother to research and follow up details and do it all from a response to this strange miscarriage of justice.

    My thanks go to Joana, Astro, Kazlux, Sr Amaral and all who work to solve this questionable situation - which we ALL find ourselves in.

  26. My wish is that in 2010 we may have good health, happiness, peace, and good friends. May we finally find truth and peace for Madeleine.
    Happy New Year!

  27. Happy New Year to all on this site.. especially to those brave few who work to uncover the truth... Joana, Astro, Kazlux, Nigel and of course Goncalo and his family... As we look forward to 2010 it is with renewed hope and optimism that during this year the truth will be revealed and our faith in humanity restored. Blessings to all..
    Heather (Canada)

  28. I need to share this with you - from the book "The drowned and the saved" by Primo Levi, who survived Auschwitz. He is writing about Hitler(page 32) "He had forbidden and denied his subjects any access to truth, contaminated their morality and their memory; but, to a degree which gradually increased and attained complete paranoia in the Bunker, he barred the path of truth to himself as well. Like all gamblers, he erected around himself a stage set of woven superstitious lies in which he ended by believing with the same fanatical faith that he demanded from every German. His collapse was not onnly a salvation for mankind but also a demonsration of the price to be paid when one dismembers the truth."

    To Gerry and Kate: it took 12 years to end the Third Reich and then the truth of the Holocaust had to be unravelled. May it not take that long to end your reign of lies and for the "truth of the lie" to be revealed.

    This is what we wish for the New Year 2010. The end to the 3 years of Gerry's propaganda. May your "subjects" have their eyes opened, and your Hitlerian arrogance and evil be dismembered just as you have dismembered the truth.

    To Joana and the team: thank you for everything that you do and let's pray that the truth will be revealed soon. The conscience will be pricked. A decent man will capitulate.

  29. It won't be a happy time for the McCanns - neither one is on the Honours List.

  30. Tantissimi Auguri e Felicissima 2010!!

  31. Joana, Astro and Kazlux, my sincere thanks for all you do. My very best wishes go to you and all your followers for a healthy and prosperous new year as we continue in the fight for justice for Madeleine.

  32. Thank you for all the hard work that you, Joana, Astro and your collaborators have done along these last years to keep us all so well informed.

    As the New Year approaches I want to leave here my best wishes for you, expecting that all the inner strength you’ve shown to possess in pursuing this matter will also result in total success in your personal and professional lives.

    But my vows also extend to all the people that I had the pleasure to share ideas with in the 3As and that I keep accompanying here.


    P.S. Happy New Year even to those that disagree with the mainstream information in this blog and that have not always been very polite – let’s start anew with a more positive feeling towards everyone.

  33. Many blessings to all who fight for justice and truth throughout the world . It's been a long fight for justice for Madeleine . I thank God for Sr. Amaral ,Mr.Tony Bennett Joana , friends and supporters , who have given us so much faith in the fact that justice and truth for Madeleine is a very real possibility in the face of all adversity .

    With the help of God we will see the day of all the corrupt liars who have made these good peoples lives a misery . May they be exposed to the world for what they really are . Corruption makes all good peoples lives a living hell . . Happy New Year .

  34. May 2010 bring good tidings, great health wealth and prosperity to everyone! May the world be a more peaceful place to live in!

    Alexandra Correia

  35. Once again, best wishes for a happy and healthy 2010, to Joana, her team, all the posters on here and Goncalo Amaral and his family.

    Along with everyone else, I pray that 2010, will see justice for little Madeleine and all who are involved in her disappearance, successfully prosecuted.

    I hope that the ones who have supported the McCanns and anyone else involved in Madeleine's disappearance, develop a conscience. They need to think about Madeleine and whatever suffering she has and maybe still is enduring.

  36. May the New Year bring new cheer for democracy and civil rights.

  37. I thought people might like to be aware of a story on the Daily Mail online - apologies as I can't seem to post a link to it.

    It's about a couple going out for a walk in the snow, with their toddler in a backpack-style carrier. It's the usual sensationalist nonsense from the Mail, showing what appears to be a well-equipped and responsible family taking a short walk up a safe path on a snowy day, but portraying them as 'Crazy'

    As one would expect, there are hundreds of comments, with many of them calling for the parents to be prosecuted and the child taken into care. I have posted, making the comparison between this couple and the McCanns. So far, one very angry reply.

    I find it alarming that people can have such skewed values.
    I seem to have been able to post a link now, I hope it works. Apolgies that it's slightly off topic


  38. To Joana, Astro, Kazlux and all posters, A very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  39. Thankyou for such an informative site, and also to Nige at the McCann files, Thankyou for all your hard work and very best wishes for 2010.to the team, and all that believe in justice, and luck for goncarlo amaral.
    May 2010 bring about the whereabouts of dear Maddie so the case is reopened and those that are guilty brought to justice.

  40. Happy New Year everyone. I hope 2010 bring us news of what happened to a nearly four year old little girl in PDL in May 2007. I also hope that those people responsible for that little girl's fate are locked up and the key thrown away.

    Best wishes to everyone who seeks the truth and freedom of expression.

    Our freedoms were hard fought by our Grandparents we should never let them down by allowing these hard fought freedoms to be taken away.

  41. I have tried posting this link previously. Perhaps it was thought to be off topic. I feel it it relevant here - a year of parents behaving badly, from "balloon boy" onwards. Oddly the McCanns were not mentioned! Parents using their children to achieve fame and notoriety:

  42. It's been said already but thanks to all who run this site as it gets rid of the sickness felt after reading too much UK press spin on the subject. May 2010 be the year justice triumphs over greed and distortion.

  43. a happy new year to Madeleine !

  44. Aparthotel Sol e Mar=Solimar Rue Ficticia Burgau.
    As the poster who first mentioned this, I've made some progress. It's mentioned in the PJ files as Solimar, owned by Peter and Margaret Owen in Cardiff. See links to the Polish couple, the Krokowskis, the grey Renault Clio with false plates, the photos on the beach at Sagres and samples taken from the apartment by the PJ.
    I don't quite know what to make of it all!

  45. Solimar- architect JP Jacinto. www.jacinto-murat

  46. Thanks to all, and Best Wishes for a Wonderful New Year.

  47. Dear Joana, Astro and Kazlux,

    A very good New Year, healthy, and that we all we acheave our goal:
    justice for Madeleine.
    I wish the same to all people who read this blog and those who write on it.
    Thank you for doing all that you can to save the siblings.

  48. I hope that 2010 is the year that the circus ends ,and that Maddie is allowed justice ,may the good people on here who try to help her more than her own "parents"have ever done ,have a happy new year and THANK YOU SO MUCH to Joana,Astro,Kazluz and Nigel ,please keep up your tireless fight until justice is given to this innocent child ,All my best wishes to Sr Amaral ,we are all behind you ,and will be in court besides you in spirit ,xxxxxxxxxx

  49. News title of today's Daily Mail:

    The thin VERY blue line: Porn shame of hundreds of police staff disciplined over internet use.

    Something wrong with the British police? Now I am not wondering anymore why Gerald McCann was invited to be a guest speaker at the CEOP's conference.

    Read the article at:


  50. Happy New Year to EVERYBODY, special to you Mr. Amaral. The portuguese around the world are with you, fighting for the truth and for justice.

  51. On the McCannsfiles you can read a very good article, published three days ago.
    It speaks about Matthew Oldfield, inconsistencies.
    I'm very happy about that article.
    Who is M. Oldfield, why is he covering up for the McCanns, what is behind him?
    Is he the same kind of person Payne is?
    Is he afraid people of Tapas 7 would tell what they might know about him?
    Did he watch the A Minute for Madeleine and he and his wife know he would be the last person to go to the police?
    And that is why Rachel Oldfield went to Portugal "to recognise" Murat?
    To protect her husband?
    Protecting from what?
    Not only from a doctor's mistake, I suspect.
    I hope some decent police man is investigating him or both of them.
    Who knows they are innocent but I have my doubts.

  52. Joana, I read the Amaral's translation, last interview.
    What does the translator mean with "a compensation" for Murat?
    Money and where from?

  53. Votos de um ótimo Ano Novo para o Dr Amaral!

  54. Muito bom ano para joana e toda equipa deste sitio, Espero que o "mundo" inteiro( dos estados unidos até à china )saiba por este sitio tudo o que se está passando em portugal neste momento, É preciso difundir mais este sitio. Bom 2010!!!!!

  55. All good wishes for the new year to the hosts and contributors of this harbour of free speech.

    Well done, and thanks to you all.

  56. Ontem a Igreja Catolica insurgiu-se e denunciou aquilo que entende ser um atentado a Liberdade de Expressao na Madeira, com um dos seus membros a ser transferido para uma diocese mais pequena por defender a pobreza. Dizem-se perseguidos pelas autoridades regionais. E A RTP DEU UMA ENORME COBERTURA A ESTA NOTICIA...
    Esta dualidade de criterios nao dignifica a televisao Publica que e tambem aquela que chega ao mundo inteiro atraves do canal Internacional. Queremos a censura a G.Amaral discutida abertamente e dada a conhecer em horario nobre, a todo o mundo. O mundo precisa de saber que em Portugal ha um governo que no Sec. XXI, alimenta a censura e protege quem persegue os que ousam denunciar e expor a verdade, quando essa verdade e inconveniente, ao mesmo tempo que tenta colocar-se entre os paises mais desenvolvidos do mundo, com TGVs e aeroportos megalomanos.
    Se na Madeira, a Igreja catolica se sente perseguida, faz bem em denuncia-lo, mas temos de ser imparciais e concluir que no continente a perseguicao se faz a cidadaos com a cobertura do estado. Se na Madeira os padres acabam transferidos quando se tornam incomodos, no Continente os cidadaos acabam prematuramente reformados e a enfrentar processos judiciais com os seus bens congelados e sem direito a defesa. SINCERAMENTE, CHOCA-ME MAIS A PERSEGUICAO QUE SE FAZ NO CONTINENTE, E ESTA TODOS CALAM... INCLUSIVE A IGREJA CATOLICA, apesar de ela ser tao evidente que ate os mais distraidos a notam. ACABEM COM A HIPOCRISIA E DEFENDAM OS VALORES QUE FAZEM DOS PAISES GRANDES E MEMORAVEIS.
    Que 2010 traga moralidade a quem se encarrega da justica e se lembre que ha uma crianca a quem a justica e sistematicamente negada. Quem tinha o dever de a proteger nao o fez e dai resultaram danos graves. Quem tinha o dever de a proteger e nao o fez, tem de ser punido por negligencia e nao pode ser protegido e idolatrado para que nao sirva de exemplo as mentes mais perversas que proliferam maltratando as criancas e tratando-as como objectos que se descartam.

  57. Yesterday, the Atlantic behave strange and trowed at one of the Portuguese's beach, hundreds of octopus ( different sizes and recently feed) and a FOOT WEARING A SHOE. It WAS THAT A SIGNAL coming from the sea for the New Year? I can imagine some anguish in Rothley... IMAGINE IF THE ATLANTIC DECIDE TO TROW AWAY SOME BAD SECRETS WRONGLY HIDE INSIDE HIS DARKNESS?

  58. Leicester Police to block any access to the files showing their role in the investigation?
    I wonder why ?

    The paperwork includes everything from correspondence with Government ministers, minutes of police meetings, details of leads and sightings to copies of letters from the McCann family.


  59. Wonderful article at Mccannfiles "EXIT STRATEGY", showing us the evidences which the Mccann's are trying to dismiss and the Portuguese justice is ignoring.
    That article should be send to MR. PINTO MONTEIRO ( the Portuguese Attorney General) with compliments from trillions of people around the world- SHAME ON HIM!!!
    What is highlighted on this article is an evidence for 99% of the polices in the world, even for the ones more addicted to CSI. WHY is the Attorney General trying to spread his blindness to the world? THE MCCANN'S AND THEIR FRIENDS TEAM SPREADED LIES SINCE THE BEGINING, and the question is WHY? WHY LIEING with locked and unlocked doors, to the police, when a little girl is missing in a foreigner country and by herself she cannot find a way to be found? WHY LIEING ON SUCH IDIOT FACT? OR IS IT MORE IMPORTANT THEN WHAT APPARENTLY SEEMS TO BE for us? IN FACT THE DOOR/WINDOW is the most important clue to the mystery and perhaps the most important evidence to solve the case... Since no evidences from strangers were found on the windows and doors and no damages on the locks the only conclusion we can achieve of that fact is, one or both parents took the girl out of the flat and more then two years after, still lieing to the world and foolishing everybody. In any developed country, that evidence will be enough to bring the parents into the court and made them suspects. The rest will be just a game to explain where is the little girl now and what happened to her... which crime was committed that the body should be concealed to avoid any autopsy, or in case she is alive( like her parents defend) who keep her so secret? Should be somebody which received her in PDL directly from the hands of who took her out of the flat. CLEAR MR. PINTO MONTEIRO. A CRIME LIKE THAT, HAD NO MANY CHARACTERS INVOLVED AT THE CENTER... NO PAEDOPHILE RINGS, NO CHAIN OF PEOPLE HANDING THE GIRL. Must be her parents and somebody else... with cover-up of the TAPAS 7 which by physical circumstances discovered or know the truth. BRING ALL TO COURT TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS. LETS SEE IF KATE will be SO AVAILABLE TO GO TO LISBON AND ANSWER SOME QUESTIONS now that she made herself available to go in January for the Book injunction. HER AVAILABILITY TELL US A LOT, ABOUT THE TRUTH and more then forensic tests which could be manipulated, needs to be analyzed inside the all context. THE TWO COUNTRYS (Portugal and UK) and the Little girl, more then anybody else, deserve justice and deserve the truth now, when some courts are trying to punnish people on the grounds that a defamation was made and money was raised beside a tragedy.

  60. From an article in "McCann files":

    "Leicestershire Police said they will not release any information WHILE THE INQUIRE IS ONGOING and will never reveal the tactics of their investigation. But internal documents suggest some papers may eventually be published.

    They stated: "Anything in relation to the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann will not be released WHILST IT REMAINS ONGOING."


    How do these statements fit in with the McCanns claim that there is NO police force looking for Madeleine, and that the burden of the search is upon them?!
    Care to explain this one Mr. and Mrs. McCann, Mitchell, Leicester police, anyone...?
    I'd better not hold my breath while waiting...I'll sufocate for sure!

  61. To Nige McCannfiles.

    happy new year!
    Your email box is full. emails keep being returned!


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