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'The English Gag' by Carlos de Abreu Amorim

I do not know what happened to little Maddie McCann - I just assume that her fate was too sad.

The news about the case startled me, especially the possibility of the parents involvement. I saw the chronic resistance of the McCanns to everything that contradicted their own version of events, using financial and media resources that, here, had never been seen. And I noticed one of the PJ inspectors who sacrificed his career on behalf of what the investigation had obtained.

Gonçalo Amaral expressed his opinion in a book. The McCanns were able to make a Portuguese Court to prohibit it. An Englishman, John Aikin, once said, to choose a good book, look in an inquisitor’s prohibited list.

But Amaral is not an easy man to silence - and a new book is already here.

Carlos de Abreu Amorim, Lawyer, Jurist, Author

in Correio da Manhã opinion column 'Heresias' 16.12.09


  1. Not an easy man to silence...indeed.

    And very soon the McCanns will have to account for their actions.

  2. "John Aiken once said, to choose a good book, look in an inquisitor's prohibited list."

    That has just been added to my list of favourite quotes, right between "read a banned book today" and "the people get exactly the government that they deserve."


  3. Whoever posted this, he/she is going to bed very late.

  4. I forgot to sign above.

    Consuelo Dolores

  5. That's the sad part though, isn't it? They won't.

    The evidence was such that the case ended up effectively mothballed. Unless and until further evidence emerges, that's precisely where it will stay. If they do pursue an action for defamation against Amaral, it will throw his actions under the spotlight. I don't believe they will be under pressure to explain their actions at all.

    This is just my personal opinion, but I think the constant references, right from the earliest days of this case, to there being ''no evidence of Madeleine having come to any significant harm'' tell the real story of this entire case. Their key objective, above all else, was to save their own arses. No evidence of harm to Madeleine = no evidence to charge them with neglect. And whilst they continue to spend the fund monies on a detective who didn't even know about the DNA techniques which had been employed in the investigation, I'm not expecting a breakthrough there, frankly.

    I don't think anyone will ever be held to account.

  6. Bridget.

    I can't see the Portuguese Justices backing down, any more than the LP's here will. How often has anything changed in this country after people have taken to the streets in protest? The McCanns are home warm and dry and will go on pretending to look for Madeleine and collecting as much money as they can for an early retirement, as well as enjoying media coverage and the resultant fees from that!


  7. Letter from Iberia
    It is too late they will never be be brought to trial in Portugal or in the UK and as the McCann’s mafia teams continuing manipulation of the truth in their ongoing “we are the oh so innocent victims” spin, it is all part of their continuing campaign of “smoke and mirrors” of not wanting to accept any responsibility for their own failings and part of their strategy to increase the flow of donations to their fund.
    They continue to employ from the funds donated by the public a PR specialist and spin doctor to reinvent themselves as celebrity victims rather than being the failed, bad, selfish, parents who did not provide the normal duty of care to all of their children.
    It must not be forgotten that if they had not failed her by leaving her alone in a strange apartment in a strange country to go drinking with their “swinging friends” she would not be missing and probably dead and we would never have heard or the poor girl.
    They act like victims whilst pointing fingers at all and sundry.
    They insult others who were and still are trying to establish the truth, when in fact they the parents, by leaving their daughter and their other children alone, unprotected and in danger, are the cause of this whole sad case.
    The only person to suffer in this whole sorry affair will be an honorable ex detective who has been abandoned by the Portugese state and his wrongs ignorred by most of the Portugese people.

  8. According to the tabloid downmarket Express, the McCann's have said that there is only one thing Madeleine wants this Christmas and that is to be at home with them. I find it absolutely disgusting that these parents, who remember maintain don't want to be in the public eye, are allowing the twins to listen to this rubbish and letting them think that their sister will walk back through the door one of these days unharmed and rush into their arms! What a terrible way to play with their youngsters' minds. Why can't the McCanns just keep quiet for a change and concentrate on giving the twins a Christmas free from harping on about Maddie's disappearance! They are so false and hypocritical it's unbelievable! Goncalo must be shut up but they can keep on spouting their opinions ad infinitum!

  9. Carlos de Abreu Amarin - a few words, but he didn't need to say more! The McCanns, by trying to silence Goncalo Amaral, have just made him even more famous, and more read, and themselves even more unpopular.

    Happy Christmas to Goncalo and his family and let's hope the 12th January 2010 will be a red-letter day, as well as a red carnation day, for them.

  10. Parabens pela coragem em vencer o TABU ao escrever este artigo no Correio da Manha. Apesar de pequenino, e revelador da VERGONHA QUE PAIRA HOJE EM PORTUGAL.
    MILHOES de portugueses e LUSO-DESCENDENTES que pelo mundo defraldam bandeiras e vestem a T-shirt das cores lusas, sempre que a Seleccao portuguesa de Futebol ou um qualquer desportista os presenteia com resultados orgulhosamente BELOS, sentem vergonha e controlam imperiosamente o impeto de rasgarem a mesma bandeira, o passaporte e tudo quanto os liga ao pais que no sec.XXI nao se coibe de mostrar ao mundo que a censura e a perseguicao de pessoas sao possiveis. A censura e a perseguicao e possivel em Portugal, e o mais inacreditavel e ridiculo desta circunstancia, e o ser possivel baseada apenas no protesto de um casal e nao na movimentacao em massa de milhoes de contestatarios a encherem as ruas.
    Socrates, o filosofo da antiga Grecia, defensor dos pilares da democracia, no seu advogar sofista da palavra e da diferenca de opinioes, teria um discurso enorme a oferecer aos "papoes" da justica e do governo portugues hoje, mostrando-lhes os erros profundos implicitos neste triste caminho.
    Interessante, sabermos que Portugal foi um dos paises envolvidos no plano que levou a invasao do Iraque. Iraque acusado nao so de ter armas de destruicao massica, mas tambem de nao respeitar a opiniao e os direitos de alguns dos seus cidadaos, de usar a censura e a perseguicao individual como arma para silenciar e destruir quem pensava diferente. A sombra desta acusacao, invadiu-se o pais, depos-se e condenou-se a morte o seu lider. SERA QUE ERA ASSIM TAO DIFERENTE O IRAQUE DE SADhAM, DO PORTUGAL DE SOCRATES? O METODO USADO PELO "ESTADO" DE SOCRATES, SERVINDO-SE DE INSTITUICOES JUDICIAIS CONTROLADAS POR AMIGOS, PARA MANIPULAR, CONTROLAR E SILENCIAR AS VERDADES INCONVENIENTES, NAO CORRE O RISCO DE SE TRANSFORMAR NUMA ARMA DE DETRUICAO MASSICA, SE continuarmos a fechar os olhos, os ouvidos e a boca perante os flagrantes atentados que nos reduzem direitos, garantias e corroem a nossa democracia? NAO PODEMOS CONTINUAR A FINGIR QUE NADA VEMOS!!
    O fundamentalismo Islamico, que o ocidente recrimina e condena, por vezes usa as ruas para demonstrar o descontentamento perante ecritores e jornalistas que eles interpretam como herejos e apostolos de heresias. O Ocidente resiste e da guarida a esses escritores e jornalistas. EDITA OS SEUS LIVROS E PUBLICA OS SEUS ARTIGOS,numa tentativa desesperada de demonstrar ao Islao que num mundo global, nao pode haver vozes silenciadas e o mundo se torna mais rico e mais plural quando cultiva a palavra e a diferenca de opinioes. MAS PORTUGAL PARECE NAO FAZER PARTE DESSA CORRENTE e dobrar-se perante o interesse privado de um unico casal, num assunto tao delicado quanto o desaparecimento misterioso de uma crianca.
    Tanto se escreveu sobre Lady Di. Tao depreciativa da sua imagem foi alguma literatura de veracidade duvidosa. Nada foi proibido, ninguem foi censurado ou perseguido. Tanto se escreveu sobre MICHAEL JACKSON e tao pauperrima e pobre foi alguma escrita, mas nenhum team de "limpadores de imagem" foi montado para perseguir e processar os delatores. Tanto se escreve hoje sobre TIGER WOOD, e a AMERICA atonita e embevecida, diverte-se a sombra do drama de uma familia fazendo anedotas em directo, fantasiando para o mundo, sem se lembrar que ha duas criancas (os flhos de Tiger) que podem estar a sofrer no meio desta novela planetaria. A America nao ousa calar quem critica Tiger. Mais, a America da Liberdade, da ousadia , do "pra-frentismo", olha os devaneios de Tiger com uma postura conservadora de quem defende a familia tradicional e os bons costumes, de quem se indigna com devaneios. E no entanto...ninguem foi fisicamente molestado, ou negligenciado, ninguem desapareceu.


  11. The problem is that innocent people have been caught up in this huge lie.
    The Mccanns have waged a war against Goncalo with support from rich powerful backers, the governments on both sides have helped them beyond comparison, evidences collected have all the hallmarks of been skewed, i could go on and on and on.

    Suffice to say..giving up the fight for truth is NOT an option.

    Goncalo has witnessed is wife become ill from the stress, is daughters will have been affected, watching their parents under stress must be upsetting beyond words.

    And why?????

    Because the man has done what he was paid and trained to do, and is bl@@dy good at........... his job.

    He was doing this to find out what happened on that night....can everyone remember a 3y/o girl was reported abducted!
    He co-ordinated the biggest, most comprehensive search in Portugals History for this young "British" child.
    The evidences collected, began to paint a picture...very different to the one been forced by the mccanns and co.
    With pressures from above to fall in line ....Goncalo stood firm and thought of the victim ....remember Madeleine?

    He Fought for the little girl and still to this day has not flinched on that course ...much to his healths expense he continues on the path of truth and Justice.

    So for me it is quite simple .....if the establishments want to corrupt the case....they may have the network and power to do today, but history tells us that they will fall in the longterm.
    The WILL eventually be held to account.

    In the meantime if the "people of the world" are aware of this corrupt case then regardless of what the courts/establishment/and media say....it will still be the mccanns who are living in prison...albeit an open one!
    Infact one could say that is the situation today !!

    never never give up!!

    Justice For Madeleine


  12. Hellish Lair or Hellish Liar?
    Dave Edgar believes Madeleine is in a "hellish lair" in PdL.
    The McCanns continue to employ Edgar.
    Ergo, they believe Edgar.
    Therefore, they should now search the 10 mile radius.
    Announcing a large reward for anyone with information about the disappearance.
    Transfer any funds to an independent trust to administer the reward.
    Announce they are no longer spending money on a PR company to uplift their image-a task no agency is capable of.

  13. I would like to take issue with the writer of this article. Goncalo Amaral DID NOT express HIS opinion in the book he merely wrote about the conclusions the official police investigators (both British and Portuguese) had arrived at. I thought this was the whole point of contesting the ban.

  14. Stand- foundalone evidence
    The phone call between GM and Russell O'Brien on 10.6.07.?
    The bag in the layby near Faro?
    The Aztec towel in the barn near PDL?
    The contents of the "missing" blue bag.

  15. No. 5 & 6, I am also doubtful that the McCanns will be brought to account, although I pray that Madeleine will have her justice in the end. We do need to remember that forever is along time to keep up a lie, things change, friends change, family situations change, and (hopefully) governments change. Noone can tell what may come to light in the future. In the meantime the McCanns are living in limbo, never completely free of suspicion, even if they win every libel case against everyone who publicly disbelieved them, they would not stop the stares from the people in the supermarket, the whispers in public, the parents at school who won't let their children go home with the twins for tea- they cannot ever stop that.They will also have to keep looking over their shoulder, never knowing if someone will break the silence, or the case will be re-opened, or a newspaper editor grows some balls and defies the 'injunction' not to print bad things. I would not want to live that life for all the cash in the world. Or all the attention it brings- bad publicity aswell as good- they did not like the negative feelings they got outside the Lisbon court did they- I suspect there will be more of that at the next hearing- if they go!!!
    So they are living in their solid gold, million pound, life of luxury prison, one they have created for themselves. What is so unforgivable is that they have dragged a decent family and respected policeman into all of this. I cannot forgive them for that. I couldnot care less if they have to languish forever in their own personal hell but to inflict this on the Amarals- who did not neglect their own or anyone else's daughter -is EVIL.

  16. Anon #14,

    It was the lies over the phone calls from GN to ROB that led to the PJ searching that barn. They both said they were near PdL when the call was made, but triangulation put one of the phones 28km away, hence the search and the towel was found. There is not much more information about this, I wonder if this is being retained in the unreleased files for future use.

    Also, I wonder, and hope, whether back up samples of DNA evidence were retained, that could be tested somewhere else, not the UK, without the interference of the British government.

  17. No.15, I expect they will attend court in Jan, using the twins as shields against the Carnation Throwers. How would their Lawyer ID cope without them for support.

    I personally think it is disgusting dragging the twins into this and I just hope and pray that the Portuguese Court is not as corrupt as they appear to be.



    WOOF WOOF!!!

  18. 12 Anonymous
    "Dave Edgar believes Madeleine is in a "hellish lair" in PdL.
    The McCanns continue to employ Edgar. Ergo, they believe Edgar.
    Therefore, they should now search the 10 mile radius."

    But he also believes she was taken by yacht to Barcelona, and thence to Australia/New Zealand/South Africa (delete as appropriate) Both he and Clarence Mitchell said so, and they have not oficially changed their story to deny this belief.

  19. To anon 16
    I believe the Portuguese police may have sent some information to Interpol and have also retained some material found, after samples were sent to tbe FSS in England.

  20. So what does Russell O'Brien have to say about that phone call?

    Perhaps certain people are trying to incriminate others, anybody will do. It was tried on Murat and failed.

    If ROB knows anything whatsoever, he should speak up and go public with it.

  21. I can imagine that there will be a lot of infighting amongst the Tapas Crew because of the pact they made they wont have peace of mind because of the lies they told in support of the McCann's abduction theory , every one of them will be waiting for that knock on their door to tell them that the game is up .

    There will also be lots of suspicion about them throughout the British medical profession because of their weird behaviour e.g. going on a media jaunt after Madeleine disappeared instead of grieving alone as is usual in times of great distress . At the end of the day the McCann's will be left without decent friends .

    The only friends they will have left are the ones they pay to lie through their teeth for them . The ones who will laugh all the way to the bank .In other words their corrupt lawyers and Clarence Mitchell . When they have finished with the dirty dealings for the McCann's they will also desert them .

  22. anon 16 ,, I agree with every thing you say and more ,I believe they are living in limbo with hell knocking on their door every minuite of the day and its no more than they deserve . GOD pays debts in mysterious ways and when the karma hits them they will say omg! why do we deserve these things happening to us , all this bad things why? well its maybe payack time!!! THINK why do you deserve it ?

  23. Anon #12 and PeterMac, don't forget Dave Edgar and his sidekick Cowley also believe the terminally ill paedophile in Germany knows what happened to Maddie, even if he was too ill himself to have abducted her. They would have spoken to him about it if only he had agreed to their demands immediately rather than cruelly waiting until they were on their way to the airport. Obviously they couldn't possibly retrace their steps to go and meet him - they had a plane to catch after all. Now he is going to take his secret to the grave and the poor McCanns will never find out what happened. Oh, unless the agitated lady in Barcelona becomes stricken with conscience, of course, or someone gets round to doing that pesky search around PDL.

  24. I too believe that Goncalo is not an easy man to silence, but I am very afraid that it may not be impossible to silence him. Those of us who have the great misfortune to live in the UK at this particular juncture in time are only too aware of the fate of
    inconvenient people like Robin Cook, the former Foreign Secretary, who was courageous enough to voice opposition in the House of Commons to the war in Iraq, and Dr David Kelly, the weapons expert who died in very mysterious circumstances indeed - both very brave men who stood up to the New Labour government. It is no use saying if anything happened to Goncalo we would all know who had done it - of course we would, but so what? What action would be taken against them? I think we can guess the answer to that.


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