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Gerry McCann to speak at CEOP's Conference

Taken: Sexually-motivated child abductions

A One Day Conference, Tuesday 26 January 2010. School of Oriental and African Studies, Bloomsbury, London

“The abduction of a child is a tragedy. No one can fully understand or appreciate what a parent goes through at such a time, unless they have faced a similar tragedy.”

John Walsh, father of six year old Adam Walsh who was abducted and murdered in 1981; co-founder of the US National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC); campaigner for ‘The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act’ passed in the USA in 2006.


The stereotypical, high profile incidents of child abduction play into every parent’s worst nightmare and often result in media attention and public hysteria. Whilst the names of those children and offenders alike are engrained within our collective consciousness, these cases are mercifully very rare. Indeed, parental disputes resulting in the abduction of a child by one parent still make up the majority of abduction cases per se.

However, throughout the spectrum of child abduction cases, each presents unique challenges for the professionals involved in their investigation and the aftermath, particularly given the emotive nature of the crime and requirements to heavily invest resources (technical, personnel, financial and forensics) early in the investigation, which have the potential to overwhelm the best prepared investigator or agency.

Technology has opened up an exciting new world for children where they can escape the watchful eyes of the adults charged with their protection and indeed, the use of these technologies simultaneously brings both opportunity and risks for children.

Developments in technology have allowed children access to uncensored material and information that can influence their behaviour and there is growing evidence to suggest viewing certain types of material may influence their sexual developmental trajectories. Through a growing variety of technologies, children have begun to push boundaries as part of their natural social, emotional and sexual development.

Whilst the opportunities afforded by mobile and internet technology vastly outweigh these risks, they are nevertheless real. Indeed, as in the real, physical world, there are areas online that young people frequent, which will be attractive to those who seek to corrupt and exploit vulnerable children and young people for their own sexual gratification. Consequently, the online grooming of children became so concerning that new UK legislation had to be introduced in an attempt to protect them. Despite these preventative measures, offenders are still using an array of technologies and strategies to groom children with a view to abusing them virtually, by way of inciting a child to commit sexual acts to be captured on still images of webcam or indeed, to prepare children for an offline meeting.

This type of behaviour is becoming more common as a precursor to child abduction.
Conference objectives

This one day conference will explore the issues associated with a variety of child abduction cases, predominantly focussing on sexually motivated stranger abductions.

By using a combination of recent research, operational case studies and offender debriefs, this conference seeks to identify pertinent issues for any such investigation.
Benefits to the delegate

Delegates attending this conference will gain the following:

* an understanding of the link between online grooming and child abduction;
* an insight into how child abduction is dealt with by US law enforcement agencies; and
* an insight into the UK perspective on dealing with child abduction.


09:00 Registration

09:30 Welcome: Jim Gamble, Chief Executive, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

09.45 Multiple case research: Jim O. Beasley III, Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

10.30 An holistic approach: Adam Gregory, Senior Behavioural Investigative Adviser, National Policing Improvement Agency

11:00 Break

11.30 Operation Paris – the Shannon Matthews investigation: Detective Superintendent Andy Brennan, Detective Inspector Andy Walker, West Yorkshire Police

12:30 Lunch

13.30 False allegations of abduction: William Donaldson, Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

14:30 Break

14.45 Insight from the minds of child abductors: Detective Chief Superintendent Graham Hill, Dr Joe Sullivan, Consultant Chartered Psychologist, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

16.00 Closing speech: Gerry McCann

16.30 Questions and answers session: All speakers

Key Note Speakers

James O. Beasley III, Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

James has been a Special Agent with the FBI for over 25 years. He served in three field divisions – Kansas City, Missouri; San Antonio, Texas; and Newark, New Jersey. He later served as a Supervisory Special Agent Document Examiner in the FBI Laboratory in Washington, D.C., and then as a Supervisory Senior Resident Agent in the FBI’s Sacramento, California, field division, where he managed violent crime investigations. He is currently a Supervisory Special Agent in the FBI’s National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime – Behavioral Analysis Unit, which is a component of the Critical Incident Response Group based at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. In that capacity, he has participated in operational matters relating to violent crimes, specifically crimes against children and serial murder.

He has also conducted research and published articles on these topics based on his interviews with incarcerated offenders and extensive analysis of their backgrounds and relevant case records. He holds a Batchelors degree in Psychology from Central Missouri State University at Warrensburg and a Masters degree in Public Administration from the University of Missouri at Kansas City.

Andy Brennan, Detective Superintendent, West Yorkshire Police

Andy is a Senior Investigating Officer with the West Yorkshire Police Homicide and Major Enquiry Team. He previously served with Greater Manchester Police for 18 years before transferring to West Yorkshire Police in 2004. His career has been predominantly within the Criminal Investigations Department and Major Enquiry teams and he is passionate about the development and progression of career detectives.

William H. Donaldson, Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

William is a 12 year veteran of the FBI. He is currently assigned to the Behavioral Analysis Unit III which deals with behavioural crimes involving child victims. Prior to his current assignment, William was in the Indianapolis Division Muncie Resident Agency. Before his career with the FBI, he served as an officer with the Atlanta, Georgia Police Department.

Adam Gregory, Senior Behavioural Investigative Adviser, National Policing Improvement Agency

As a Senior Behavioural Investigative Adviser, Adam brings with him 15 years experience within the field. He became an Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) approved adviser in 1998 and since this time has provided written reports in support of more than 150 major crime investigations throughout the UK and overseas. He has also given, and continues to give, presentations and training inputs to a wide variety of law enforcement agencies and academic personnel both nationally and internationally.

He has extensive experience of delivering behavioural advice to major crime investigations providing services such as crime scene assessment, behavioural linkage, predictive profiling and prioritisation matrices. Adam is currently the Deputy Head of Profession for Behavioural Advice within NPIA.

Graham Hill, Detective Chief Superintendent, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

Graham is currently the head of CEOP’s Behavioural Analysis Unit which is unique in that it specialises only in understanding the behaviour of people suspected of having a sexual interest in children. Graham brings with him 25 years service, the majority of which have been spent within the Criminal Investigation Department, Major Crime and specialist teams.

Since 2001, Graham has assisted with law enforcement training on the issues of understanding, interviewing, preparing strategies for interviewing child sex offenders and investigating serious sexual crimes against children. In addition to providing training in the UK, he has undertaken training internationally for European law enforcement agencies, Interpol, Europol and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office in South East Asia and America. Graham holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Behavioural Forensic Psychology.
«The PJ's efforts are being boosted by information from the UK passed to them by Leicestershire Police, as well as the work of criminal behaviour experts from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (Ceop) Centre. Among them is Superintendent Graham Hill, of Surrey Police, who is working with Ceop on secondment to the UK's "FBI-style" Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca). He investigated the disappearance and murder of Surrey schoolgirl Amanda "Milly" Dowler.» in Herald Scotland
Dr Joe Sullivan, Principal Forensic Behavioural Analyst, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

Since 1986, Joe has specialised in the assessment and treatment of adults accused or suspected of sex crimes, professional misconduct or representing a risk of sexual abuse towards children. He holds a PhD in Forensic Psychology, a Masters degree in Criminology, a Bachelor of Arts degree in applied Social Sciences, a Certificate of Qualification in Social Work and a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology. He is an honorary tutor at the University of Birmingham, School of Forensic Psychology. Joe was formally employed as Principal Therapist for the Lucy Faithfull Foundation’s Wolvercote Clinic, a specialist residential assessment and therapeutic intervention centre for the treatment of adults with a sexual interest in children. Joe has supported law enforcement enquiries into cases involving child sexual abuse in UK, USA, South East Asia and Australia.

Who should attend

This one day conference is most suitable for those involved in child abuse investigation including:

* Senior Investigating Offices and their deputies;
* Police Family Liaison Officers working in major crime investigations;
* Child protection professional who support major crime investigations; and
* Critical incident managers and front line senior supervisors.

Delegate criteria and cost

There is a delegate fee of £195 per person which includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

How to make a booking

Make a reservation online

Complete the online booking form and one of the training team will confirm your place(s) on the conference.

Send an email

Email the training team at training@ceop.gov.uk with your name, organisation, position, contact details and details of a billing contact. The training team will then confirm your place on the conference.
Make a phone call

Call 020 7238 2315/2372 and speak to the training team to make a booking.

There are a limited number of places and you are recommended to book at your earliest opportunity.

in CEOP's site

read as well: Paulo Reis 'A most interesting invitation' and Himself's 'Jim Gamble CEOP A Question If I May'

image credits The McCann Gallery

Internet users are being asked to help appeal to the conscience of a key witness who knows what happened to Madeleine McCann.

A one minute film has been released by British Police showing fresh images of how the missing youngster might look.

The video includes one image showing an older Maddie with darker hair and skin to show how her appearance could have changed if she had been living in North Africa.

The appeal, launched by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (Ceop) centre, is targeted at a friend or relative of the person responsible for the little girl's disappearance.

Ceop head Jim Gamble said the clip's message, which has been translated into six other languages, had been crafted with the help of psychologists to persuade the witness to "do the right thing".

He said: "The person we are looking to reach is likely to be a partner, family member, friend or colleague of the person or people who were involved in Madeleine's disappearance.

"It is also highly probable that they, or someone close to them, is using the internet to search for any updates that may suggest the police are getting closer to discovering the truth."

Madeleine was nearly four when she disappeared from her family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in Portugal in May 2007.

A massive international publicity drive was launched along with a major police investigation, but the youngster has never been found.

Mr and Mrs McCann, from Rothley, Leicestershire, welcomed the initiative.

They said in a statement: "We are extremely grateful to Ceop for launching this new message around the world in such an effective way. It is vital that it is seen and heard as widely as possible.

"If you know what has happened to Madeleine, it is still not too late to do the right thing and come forward to your local police with that information.

"We love Madeleine. Please help us bring her home."

Ceop hopes people will spread the new film across the globe using blogs, email and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

It features a number of well-known photographs and video clips of Madeleine, as well as three pictures of how she could look now, aged six, if she is still alive.

The US National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children initially developed the age-progression images to be released in May to coincide with the second anniversary of her disappearance.

However, two fresh pictures were created following concerns that she had been made to look "too American".

In one her blonde hair and pale skin are unchanged, but in the second she has dark hair and skin to show how she might appear if she has spent time in the sunnier climate of southern Europe or north Africa.

The video has a voice-over in which Mr Gamble appeals directly to anyone with information about what happened to the child.

He says: "We know that there is someone out there who knows who is involved in her disappearance. They may be keeping this secret out of fear, misplaced loyalty or even love.

"Keeping this information secret only increases the anguish of Madeleine's family and friends and increases the risk to other children.

"If you know who is involved and are keeping this secret, remember that it is never too late to do the right thing."

The message is available in English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

It is being supported by police agencies around the world, including Interpol, Europol and forces in Australia, the US, Canada and the United Arab Emirates.

Ceop said the appeal came about after Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, wrote to him expressing frustration that lines of inquiry were drying up.

Mr Gamble stressed that investigations involving missing children were never closed, citing the cases of youngsters such as Jaycee Lee Dugard, who turned up in California in August this year after disappearing 18 years earlier.

He said: "For each one of those kids there's a story where lots of people thought they would never turn up again.

"I believe this is about hope, it's about collective hope. And I absolutely believe this message cascading and spreading in the right way will deliver answers for us."

in STV news 03 November 2009


  1. Is anyone going? There will no doubt be opportunities for Q&A...

    -- Trismegistus

  2. Will Gerald McCann actually be sitting through the other speeches, including the one on faked allegations of abduction, or will he just turn up for his set piece at the end (no questions allowed, of course, unless pre-approved by Clarrie)?

  3. I think we should all email CEOP with relevant questions like, 'why have they invited a former suspect in the case of his missing daughter to speak at the conference, when the case is only archived pending further evidence', and, 'what do they think of the PJ evidence files and the British police cadaver dogs evidence?' And 'what do they think of the Gaspar evidence and David Payne, and the behaviour of the McCanns?'


    ..."those involved in child abuse investigation"...

    I bet this includes people like Yvonne Martin...is she atending? She should be! And relate to the conference her experience with her dealings with the McCanns and their pal David Payne. Oh, and maybe the doctors Gaspars and their report to the Leicester police and what the lack of interest that police force gave to the matter!

  5. Gerry Mccann has been asked to speak for a reason, he will be watched and listened too very carefully, what other reason would a suspected person were the case has not been closed be asked to speak! very suspicious imo

  6. The Oxford Handy Dictionary gives the following definitions; Abduction: Carry off illegally by force or fraud.
    Disappear: Pass from sight or existence, vanish.

    Perhaps G.McCann will discuss the difference between these two definitions and explain why he still insists that his daughter Madeleine may not have been harmed ?

  7. The CEOP knows Madeleine"s case has nothing to do with any other "classical" case of missing children.
    Two things:
    1.- either the CEOP is protecting the mccanns
    2.- or it is really genuine

    I tend to believe 1.-: all protectors
    Ask the dogs, Gamble,ask the dogs....

  8. i feel sorry for the McCann twins. they will be used as a marketing tool in some way.

    Whilst the British Press and Prime Minister complain about the execution of a drug trafficker, they continue to approve the antics of these parents

    also, a Football manager in England visiting a Brothel cannot be named either

    the laws in this country makes it easy for McCanns to have their easy(and evil) life

  9. Oh to hear his weedy voice what a treat that would be as he delivers his mantra. x(

  10. I suppose having Mr McC speak will be the draw otherwise who would pay 195 pounds to attend. I would like to ask why he thought there had been an abduction especially when there was no evidence of one. Like other posters I expect the questions will be prearranged and he will answer them all. I once attended a conference where we were asked to write down our questions for the guest speaker on a slip of paper and drop them in to a hat. The questions picked from the hat would be asked. We didn't see them being pulled from the hat, but it gave a sense of fairness. Now I know better.

  11. No doubt Clarrie would have written Gerald's speech which will be more smoke thrown at us. IMO it's strange that he is given the honour of closing the conference. With what criteria was this man chosen? What kind of message is intended (if any) I have no idea. Any guess?

    Kate & Gerald's interview is more of the same. Kate is again a disaster and absolutely incapable of sounding convincing. Awful acting. Should simply keep her mouth shut!

  12. Sexually motivated child abductions? So what happened to the nice couple who just wanted a little girl to call their own, and hopefully are treating Madeleine like a princess (even though she keeps giving them her tuppenceworth)? After all we all know there is no evidence that Madeleine has come to any real harm.

  13. I have prepared a letter for my MP and I will write to my local Police HQ. All of the Police forces in the UK seem to have a child protection department so perhaps the main forces could be targeted with a letter?

    It would also be interesting to know if the CEOP have established a "Partnership" relationship with either McCann or the Madeleine organisation. Unfortunately, I do believe that associating McCann with CEOP is part of the much bigger Government cover-up. Perhaps the CEOP have assisted with the cover-up from day 1, hence the staff being sent to Portugal within days of the "abduction"? If the CEOP are helping the McCann's (or Payne) to escape justice, and this is proven, it would destroy the CEOP and Jim Gamble as well as shake the foundations of trust we place in Police and Government as agencies to protect young children. It seems to me that the thread that ties Gamble, CEOP, Government and Mitchell together is operation Ore. Could Payne have been detected by Ore and then, for some reason, he was not charged or a blind eye was turned or someone high in authority intervened .....but then Payne went on to do something nasty?

  14. The relationship between the McCanns and Gamble is symbiotic.

    They are both using each other to reinforce their agenda.

    Those who think Gamble is some kind of avenging angel who will sweep in and reveal all, are deluding themselves.

    Add to this, Kate most likely finding Gamble another shoulder to cry on, and cozy chats in Rothley with the McCanns (don't forget Gerry is the supreme networker), and not much chance Gamble will be seeing anything the dogs are saying as of any relevance. How can he be objective when he is so up close and personal to these people?

    If he did believe the dogs, why hasn't he come out and said it? Why the charade of inviting McCann to talk about child abduction, if he thinks it is a child death in the apartment as the dogs indicate?

    No, the McCanns have him in their pockets, and they are in his. Don't expect any help from the Gamble agenda of promoting his organisation, which at the same time promotes the McCann's abduction fairy tale, and raking in yet more money for them.

  15. Ele (imagine-se!!!!!) encerra os trabalhos desse dia.

    Imediatamente a seguir há 1 período de perguntas às quais se esperam as respostas e mais esclarecimentos.

    Claro que as vão ouvir e,

    o último orador vai ter o descaramento de "responder"!

    Será,tal como Kate, que o g. já não exerce medicina?

    Passa a vida de um lado para o outro....

    Penso que a pré-lavagem de Janeiro já começou também.

  16. Does anybody know if Gamble is also a Mason as is Gerry?

  17. Descaramento jamais lhe faltou.

  18. Like last year in Luxemburg... icons of desperated parents of abducted children...

  19. Which police is Gamble referring to when he says whoever is involved in the taking of Madeleine, may be using the internet to search for updates as to whether the police are getting closer?

    We are told the Portuguese police have shelved the case, and the UK police have said they are not searching.

    Could he therefore be referring to the McCanns ex detectives who they have been paying to come up with all these distractions, and pointing here, there and everywhere, except at the McCanns?

    If so, does this mean Gamble really does believe the McCanns (and himself), have now completely taken over the case?

    Not only that, but that they are the ones who are going to solve it!!

    Scarey stuff indeed.

  20. So how much is Ger getting paid?

  21. The world's gone mad, how can anyone allow Gerry McCann to give a speech at the CEOP's conference. Gerry McCann and his wife are responsible for Madeleine's disappearance and any suffering she may have endured.

    The McCanns way of child rearing, stands for anything that the CEOP doesn't, or isn't supposed to do.

    Whoever invited Gerry McCann to speak at this conference, should be booted out of the CEOP, ASAP.

  22. 195 pounds to see Gerry? This is a lot of money.
    Joana, thank you for putting the video of Skynews where it tells Gamble says the offender should be very worried and it shows Gamble talking about them.
    I suggest you to put the other videos on here, the next days, one by one, giving the chance to the public to watch them again, following what Jim says.And watching a nervous Gerry and a terrified Kate.
    The second video, below, you can see how depressed the couple are(is?).
    They regret they ever knocked again at the CEOP's door.
    Let everybody on this blog watch Gamble and see that he is willing to find the offender.
    And see how happy all journalists are, daring to ask more because they are supported by the CEOP.

    my love to your cats!

  23. If any of you guys are present, don't forget to ask Gerry if he still thinks it is good parental behaviour to leave children alone, locked in a room, at night, in a foreign country, to go for a night out.

  24. Mr McCann might use the opportunity to explain to the public why there is not a single legitimate police force investigating the disappearance of his daughter.
    Or, in the words of a friend of mine, what parent would welcome the shelving of the investigation that seeks to find out where one's daughter has been 'taken' to?
    These are the questions that apparently not a single journalist has managed to ask from the Golden Couple.
    How very curious...

  25. Looking at those speaking at the CEOP conference, at least FOUR of the nine speakers are directly linked to the Maddie case. Isn't that interesting? Perhaps, all nine are involved in one way or the other but we're only publicly aware of Gamble, Hill, Sullivan and Gerry.

  26. Why criticise Jim Gamble this much?
    Do you expect him to arrest the McCanns in front of the cameras?
    Did he offer himself to come to the studios to be interviewed or was he invited by the channels, sitting down near the McCanns?
    "-Let Gim Gamble talk, he will not be sued".
    A chance for all the channels to broadcast about the disappearence without being suing.
    A chance to say the offender is protected by people around him, a chance for Gamble to say"the offender will be controlling people around him", and that the offender is not happy with the appeal, and he wants to get away with their crime(another video too).

    It is the very first time that an authority is openly talking about the offender and about other children at risk.
    That encouraged Skynews to talk about"other vulnerable young children" and to say"whoever took Madeleine could strike again".

    This would never have happened if Jim Gamble would not be present in front of the cameras and if the CEOP would not have made the appeal the ways it is.

    Skynews above concentrated themselves on Gamble, the appeal and Madddie.
    No McCanns because they must be fed up of them.

  27. The sooner this odious man is under lock and key, the better. A rather good photo-op for the "anti-McCanns" would be for someone to accost him with a pair of handcuffs while he is at the CEOP event. Would the papers dare to ignore that?

    Come on Gerry, come clean. Admit it was YOU the Irish family saw hurrying towards the sea with a lifeless child in your arms...

    Thank the Lord for Joana's blog where the truth can be discussed.

  28. I wish someone would pay for Mr Amaral to attend with several of his supporters. If they didn't allow him to ask ask questions it would show how much the duo revere freedom of speech. Also his supporters could ask the questions becausethey haven't been gagged yet.

  29. One hour on the subject of the Shannon Matthews affair, one hour on the subject of fake abductions. What will Gerry be doing all that time? Staring at the ceiling?

  30. Perhaps they will pass the hat around at the end to collect for the McCanns Fund. Or does McCann have a set fee?

    After all, they are down to their last half a million now and already needing to raise yet more of the readies, though what they are doing with all the money they have had is a mystery.

    Have they paid their mortgage off now with some of the money, being as how they were doing that until they were snitched on.

    That would be a good question to ask them.

  31. A conference on sexually-motivated child abductions? Will David Payne be the keynote speaker?

  32. Anon at 26

    Jim Gamble is still indicating an ABDUCTION, and the McCanns being around with him is reinforcing this.

    The official investigators are talking about THE DEATH OF MADELEINE IN THE APARTMENT.

    If Gamble knows about the findings of the dogs, why is he not speaking out in support of the finding of those UK dogs?

    If he did, then he would make sense.

    As it is, he is adding to the confusion for those who are not really sure of what is going on, by appearing to be coming down on the side of the McCanns.

    At what point are you going to accept that Gamble is in the McCann camp? What more does he need to do to persuade you?

  33. Is Mr. Walsh attending this conference? Mr. John Walsh has a show called "America's most wanted," his show seeks the help of the public to apprehend criminals and it has been very successful. America's most wanted also did a couple of shows on the Madeleine case. What is interesting is that Mr. Walsh who seemed to be a strong supporter of the McCanns, stopped talking about them. A year ago it was advertised by CNN that he would appear on the Larry King show to discuss some of the major cases that he had dealt with over the years including the Madeleine case, they even showed Madeleine's picture. He did appear on the Larry King show but he never mentioned the Madeleine case and Larry King never broached the subject, it was like they had made a prior agreement.

    By now nobody should be surprised by the highly unusual irregularities in this case, the major incidents being:

    Formal suspects allowed to leave a country.

    Politicians accompanying people suspected of harming their child to the European Parliament to discuss a child welfare initiative.

    A judge making a speech implying the innocence of suspects in a criminal investigation.

    Censorship by the press, not allowing anything negative to be said about suspects in a criminal investigation.

    Affirmations by the spokesperson for the former suspects in a criminal investigation that he sat down with editors of newspapers to "shape the stories."

    The former lead investigator now being prosecuted for libel by former suspects in the case. The court banning his book and freezing his financial assets without informing him as to the reasons behind the decision.

    And now, this CEOP PR campaign.

  34. It is time this circus ended ,Maddie has got pushed aside,it is and has been from 3 days into this charade all about money ,Who is defending her ? who is asking question for her ? who is seeking justice for her ?Not her "parents"not the police ,not the media ,poor,poor child

  35. I doubt there has ever been another case in history where the main suspects have taken charge of the investigation and shaped the way they want it to go. Even holding press conferences and showing photofits, as if they were official or something.

    They even have their own police force in the form of ex police officers supposedly investigating for them, although they are allowed to look anywhere but not at them.

    Their so called 'suspects' have been named in newspapers and browbeaten with questions. Innocent people pursued right, left, and centre.

    What kind of investigation is that? And they have got away with doing it.

    And all voices of dissent are being systematically silenced, or at least attempted to.

    Meanwhile, they have not spent a penny of their own money on any of this.

    Surely, somebody will eventually write a book about all this, and people will be stunned by the arrogance and audacity of this pair.

    And, hopefully, laws will be made to prevent it ever happening again. It is a disgrace, and should have been stopped from the get go.

  36. Maybe Gerry will begin his speech with a request to all parents of young children not to leave them alone and go out wining and dining - that would be a good way to make sure they weren't abducted! I won't hold my breath though! He seems more eager to line his pockets giving interviews and attending lectures about missing children than trying to find justice for his own daughter. He would have requested the investigation be reopened long ago if he had the courage of his convictions.

  37. If the McCanns are guilty then I imagine they have justified their actions by 'campaigning' for missing children's organisations, that they are using their media power to highlight the issue...people manage to justify everything don't they?
    However it is amazing how they never talk about other children, only their own. They don't share the money from the fund either.
    Madeleine's disappearance has been a career opportunity of sorts...if they are religious, then like Tony Blair over the Iraq war, they probably imagine that it's 'God's will' that this happened.

  38. Anon 33 You forgot to mention Halligen and how he duped the poor couple. Oh wait they said they weren't duped.

  39. Regarding the earlier David Payne reference. Anyone not aware of who he is, might want to read this: http://mccannfiles.com/id236.html

    Most interesting is his use of the past tense in his statement...

    "Mmm..., errr... Madeleine's, errr... a very striking, errr... beautiful child, I'd almost - if I want a better phrase - call her doll-like, you know. She was very, you know, I think, you know, very unique looking child, errr... she'd got very pretty, you know, blonde hair, errr... in a bob, she was quite a petite, errr... child and, you know, she was very bubbly, very, errr... you know, she was a very good child to, to interact with. She was very bright, you could have a lot of fun with Madeleine, errr... and, you know, she... she was, you know, Kate and Gerry's, you know, pride and joy. They'd had a lot of trouble conceiving, you know, with IVF and everything and, you know, Madeleine was their miracle. She was obviously very unique with the fact that she'd got the, you know, the iris defect, errr... but, you know, she was certainly a happy go lucky child, you know, she was... she would interact with the other children very well, as I said on the other, earlier recording, you know, she played very happily with L*** and, you know, indeed the other children. She was, you know, very... she is a very beautiful child and good fun."

    (..)"You know, I, you know, a fact I've come across already you know she was a... she's a very bright child. you know, she wouldn't be the kind of mischievous child who, you know, and just try and get out of the flat and, you know, get up to mischief and that, you know, there's fun in all children but she certainly wasn't that kind of child. She was very bright."

    My theory - Payne abused and accidentally killed Madeleine when it was his turn to check on the children while the callous adults ate and drank themselves silly...

  40. I did buy the CEOP campaign in November, did believe Jim. But having McCann speak at the end of the conference (it will be scripted, he will give nothing away) has undermined my confidence in the CEOP. Interesting that the CEOP have a "significant reliance on income from training" as disclosed on P.39 of their 08/09 Annual Review. I believe McCann is there to maximise attendance and income from this event. IT STINKS ! It may be worth contacting Janet Paraskeva who is the Chair of the CEOP Centre Board with our concerns. In fact I will write to her this weekend!

  41. Now let me get this right. At this conference, senior police investigative experts will be allocated time to speak on high profile cases about which they have first hand investigative experience, ok. But although at least two of the speakers were involved directly (Hill, Sullivan) in Portugal on the McCann case, they will not be speaking about that case, OK. BUT THAT ROLE OF SPEAKING ABOUT THE MCCANN CASE WILL BE LEFT TO GERRY MCCANN, the former official police suspect in the case who disagrees with the police investigation findings and evidence. Yeah right! You couldn't make it up could you? This would have to be some kind of joke if it weren't for the fact that a child's life is involved.

  42. I will be writing to Ed Balls, as he is supposed to be concerned about the welfare of children, asking him to use his influence to have GM removed as a speaker at this conference. If he hasn't already done so, I will suggest he reads the Gaspars' statements.
    If McCann is allowed to speak, he will uphold the right of parents to leave children unattended and unsupervised. How will Social Services departments ever succeed in bringing cases of neglect in the future?

  43. Post 41 Good suggestion.. I will do likewise.

  44. From the Joe Sullivan's conference profile:

    "Joe has supported law enforcement enquiries into cases involving child sexual abuse in UK, USA, South East Asia and Australia."

    I note with interest that there's no mention of his involvement in Portugal. Why is that?

  45. Anon at 40

    A possibility of course.

    So what might have happened next?

    It might have been that after the death of Madeleine, in comes Gerry Mc doing a check (while JT is finishing her meal, before going back to apartment as requested, to relieve her husband who has been taking care of their sick child, so that he can then go eat his steak), and Gerry sees Madeleine behind the settee thinking she had an accident while left alone by Kate and himself, and sees 10 years inside looming up for them both, so cleans up the mess, scoops up the child and hot foots it down to the beach.

    In doing this he is fleetingly seen by JT when returning about 9.45, and also by the Smith party, later being recognised by Mr Smith as Madeleine's father.

    On closer investigation of what happened to Madeleine, when the child is later retrieved from beach, he can hardly then go along to the police and confess what he did.

    No, it would have to be covered up, however, and whoever did it. Is he still left wondering who was responsible?

    Possibly. Has somebody got away with murder?

    Or was it a simple accident after all.

    That is why it is so important that the body be found.

  46. Post 40

    My theory is Madeleine came to harm, either accidentally or intentionally on the night (1st May) that Mrs Fenn heard her crying for 75 mins. The McC's seemingly had plenty of time to clean the apartment meticulously of all blood splatters, traces of which could only be found by experts and dogs. (They themselves admit to her having a nosebleed!!)

    Whatever happened to her, there was some reason they increased their checks on the night of the 3rd, as they do not state, to my knowledge, what the frequency of their checks were on the night of the 2nd.

    My theory is that whatever happened to her, their timeline was agreed before the 3rd May; the timeline and cover up was pre-planned to account for their movements. To my mind they had plenty of time to think up a plausible account for what happened to Madeleine, and I don't believe such a timeline could be agreed by all without prior planning.

    Therefore, I would really like to know what their checks of their children were on the night of 2nd May, given the only reason for saying they upped them on the 3rd was because of what Mrs Fenn had said she heard on the 1st May.

  47. Post 47
    The Burgau area was significant to the PJ.

  48. LJC

    Sr Amaral has said that prior to the final night, the checks were about every hour.

    That is what they said they were anyway. Who knows what is true with that lot.

  49. Maybe Gerry will begin his speech with a stern warning to all in the room: 'Don't anyone dare to tell me that paedophiles who abduct children harm them! Kate and I know there is no evidence Madeleine's been harmed and we'll sue anyone who dares to say otherwise. How very dare you!'

    The whole thing is so ridiculous it's just part of the ongoing circus. The CEOP will lose all credibility in many people's eyes if it allows this man to speak.

  50. I am glad the scales are being lifted from the eyes of those who thought CEOP were actually suspicious of the McCanns.

    It is quite, quite incredible that GMC is being invited to speak at this conference. CEOP must know what the Portugese investigation concluded. If CEOP believe the McCanns' authorised version why on earth are they not conducting a proper full scale police investigation? Why are they standing on the sidelines?

    I find it all quite sinister. If CEOP are behaving like this, then what sort of country are we living in, in the UK.

  51. If I had any information relevent to CEOP, I would now send it to Europol or Interpol. CEOP have lost all credibility.

  52. 32, Jim Gamble's goal is not to talk about death, dogs, fake abduction, all things investigators know in Portugal.

    His goal is to reach the person close to the offender, who knows what happened, and to ask him to come foward, also to protect young vulnerable children.

    That is the only thing he is trying to acheave.It is the CEOP appeal's goal.
    We all know and saw the barking dogs but it still did not help.We know about the results of the investigations and it still did not help.
    Somewhere on another video, Jim says more or less that they(CEOP) would do something different, this time: an appeal to the person close to the offender.

    Where did you see Jim refering to an "abduction"?
    As far as I observed, he didn't.

    Please, tell me where you saw it.

    His presence at the studios, beside the McCanns, could be a result of invitations of the channels, not a McCanns request.
    Jim only reinforced the contents of the appeal and I am sure the McCanns were not happy at all with his words.

    And finally journalists felt freer to talk about this issue, knowing they could not be sued thanks to Jim's presence.

    Try to pay very well attention on videos where Jim is talking, you can see he is not in favor of the offender.

    He knows who the offenders are but he can not prove it.He leaves it to the police in Portugal or the regular police in England.

    Where did you see Gamble talking about abduction?

  53. The moment I heard that CEOP profiled Murat and found that there was no evidence that David Payne was also profiled CEOP lost all credibility in my eyes.

  54. I am nr. 54, and I start to doubt about The CEOP right now.

    I believe Jim Gamble was and is for 100% honest when he talked about the appeal.
    But now I suspect the CEOP came under pressure of high placed people in the UK and they have to change what they might have insinuated.

    Even Jim Gamble must be under pressure now.
    At the beginning of November, he used his right of free speech.
    I bet we will never see him again.

    What is behind Madeleine Beth McCann?

  55. Correction,

    What is behind Madeleine Death McCann?

  56. 54,

    It's all very well, but he didn't need to invite Gerald McCann to talk at this conference. It's simply weird and it doesn't make sense. IMO it's obscene!

  57. @ post #54, it may be more helpful to the investigation if Gamble profiles David Payne AND Gerry McCann and send the details to the PJ. The investigation may move forward if David Payne is made an arguido.

  58. Interpol, Europol are the people of the country itself, where something has to be found or investigated.

    Don't think five Congoleses, two Russians and three Japaneses will show up to solve the case.

  59. post 60
    The PJ were in contact with Interpol, who offered to help. Some samples were sent to Interpol, I believe.

  60. Why Have Gerry McCann and David Payne never offered a rebuttal of the Gaspars' allegations?- a rhetorical question

  61. Anonymous, Gamble has had a prominent position in sustaining the McCanns theory of abduction as told by the McCanns, based on an inconsistent story told each time differently by Jane Tanner. Gamble and CEOP sent a profile of Robert Murat to the PJ in which it was stated that Murat had a similar profile to the Soham murderer, Ian Huntley.

    At the same time that information was leaked to Lori Campbell and Ian Woods, who used Sky News and Daily Mirror to frame Murat globally on the media.

    Jane Tanner, was put then inside a PJ's civil van, and when a group of people passed trough she pointed out Murat as the man she had saw crossing the street carrying a girl, she said she recognized him by the way he walked. [it's on the documentary based on Gonçalo Amaral's book and in the investigation process]

    Later on three Tapas, friends of the McCanns gave a witness statement at the PJ in Portimão accusing Murat of being a man they saw walking around on the 3rd May 20087, at night, after the alleged abduction. Murat had an alibi, that was proved beyond any doubt, which antagonized and dismissed those three witnesses statements.

    Why he never sued any of the Tapas, Lori Campbell, The McCanns, Ian Woods, and Gamble's CEOP is beyond me.

    However, all of the actions performed jointly by what we call Team McCann, CEOP, and those journalists had an effect, to find a face for an alleged abductor of an alleged abduction, of which there are no evidences; an abduction story that fails for all the inconsistencies and outright lies spun in the British media.

    In my opinion Gamble is evidently on the McCanns side, not on Justice, not on Madeleine's.

  62. Joana I too have always wondered why Murat never sued ,anyone got any ideas ?

  63. anonymous 64, he did get more than a half million pound to be silent.

  64. post 65
    Who paid Murat and why?

  65. Joana, your interventions are always factual, focused, sharp and make a lot of sense. You are amazing. And I 100% share your opinion of Gamble. So far all his actions and words have been on the side of the McCanns. He is not neutral.

  66. I'm left wondering what the exact purpose of the meeting between Brian Kennedy, Edward Smethurst and Murat and his people in November 2007 was? Was some sort of deal struck that has made Murat not pursue these people in the courts? I hope not but it's a possibility. To this very day, I still struggle to comprehend why such a meeting took place :-/

  67. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWNoiVrJDsE&feature=related

    Having seen the footage of Madeleine on the stairs with the twins and seen a little of her personality. This little girl is how I think Madeline would have looked today. Notice she still has her baby nose not yet formed...Unlike the ridiculous aged photo that Gamble has allowed to be released. This IS how a six year old looks...not 13 years old...Thats how I know Gamble is not on madeleines side...Remember Madeleine was very small for her age...just like this sweet child.

  68. Joana, thank you for the explanation. It is shocking.
    How do you explain Jim's words and the contents of the appeal?
    They were all very much convincing.
    Do you believe the whole CEOP is corrupt?
    What a corrupt country.

  69. poster 48...I too think Maddie died on the night Mrs Fenn heard her ,IMO Kate lost her temper with her ,I think Kate is the one responsible ,I think Payne is deeply involved with the fact cadaver was only found on Maddie pyjama top and not the bottoms ,I also think gerry disposed of the body ,Do you think it would help stop GM if someone set up a petition ?failing that can someone post an email address we can all complain too ? thank you

  70. The whole point of the TV presentation, which included the McCanns and Gamble, was that it was referring to the abduction of Madeleine, and an appeal to anybody who may know something about it.

    In such circumstances the word 'abduction' spoken by Gamble is totally unnecessary. Those watching would be in no doubt he was talking about friends or relatives of the abductor.

    Nowhere has he mentioned the findings of the official investigators which have found no evidence of an abduction, and the death of Madeleine which is indicated by the dogs. Highly reliable UK dogs at that, who have never been wrong.

    On the basis of this it would appear that he is more than willing to endorse the abduction fairy tale of the McCanns.

    If he did believe something different, and he was a truthful man, then he would open his mouth and say so.

  71. Even before Maddie's disappearance, Gamble wasn't very popular in some quarters. If he had his way, he would have left CEOP by now but alas, a job he recently applied for went to a former Leicester cop.

  72. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cnRXmMn2Ag&feature=related

    Mccanns look what you could have had and look what you have lost.

    I am glad you have all opened your eyes and seen with Jim Gamble at the helm of CEOP there will never be trust.

  73. I would imagine that Murat was sick to death of it all by then, and what he and his family had been put through, and would rather not pursue it.

    He should have, and he should have asked for the case to be reopened, as I believe was his right as an ex arguido.

  74. Murat is an Enigma...Max Cliford worked with Murat and his family without charging them a penny. No one was more surprised than Clifford when Murat dropped him..Max Clifford had plans to clear Murats name through the press and would have made Murat a fortune. To this day Clifford does not know what happened or why Murat changed his mind.

  75. Wasn't Brian Kennedy and his son taken in by the PJ for questioning because they were caught stalking somebody outside their house?

    Was that Murat they were spying on? Does anybody know?

  76. googled Gamble and this is what I found on the CEOP website ,When is he planning on protecting Maddie ?
    Jim Gamble is Chief Executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre and brings with him over 25 years in UK policing - from leading the fight against terrorism as the head of the Northern Ireland anti-terrorist intelligence unit in Belfast to most recently tackling organised crime as the Deputy Director of the National Crime Squad.

    During his time in Northern Ireland he covered both uniform and detective roles in a rapidly changing and often volatile environment before leading anti-terrorist responses in both the UK and abroad. With the National Crime Squad he oversaw a complex and highly intricate portfolio ranging from firearm deployment to hi-tech crime and overall intelligence, professional standards and security as a central figure in the UK's fight against organised crime.

    Jim's specialist achievements have most recently centred on the fight against child sex abuse. He led the work to set up the National Crime Squad's specialist response cell - the Paedophile Online Investigation Team (POLIT) - and was instrumental in forming the first international law enforcement partnership to combat child abuse online - the Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT).

    Both POLIT and the VGT have acted as key forerunners to the creation of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre and today the VGT acts as the main focus for CEOP's international partnerships and global response.

    Every child matters everywhere. We all agree with that. Yet there are people out there who will prey on children and young people, who will look to exploit them for personal pleasure and who will distribute and publish images for their own illegal gain.

    The CEOP Centre is saying enough is enough. We will link with partners on a national and international stage to deliver a cohesive and co-ordinated response with a very clear emphasis - protecting children whether they are online or the in the more real day to day environments of their everyday lives. The internet is after all an excellent and exciting place to be, so we will work to stay that vital one step ahead of the criminal mind, be holistic in our approach, bringing perpetrators to account and safeguarding and protecting vulnerable children from abuse wherever they may be.

    Jim Gamble

  77. http://poundpuplegacy.org/node/19785

    Here is a perfect example of what happens in the States Canada and with the CEOP..

    Just read ..do not click on to any links..

    Masha was an abused child the police now use her as a 'Honeytrap'

    Paul Griffiths of CEOP...explains...they use childrens images to trap perps...CEOP use children....now tell me what kind of people run CEOP...???

  78. Joana, I have difficulties to believe about Jim Gamble. A schock.
    Between last November the 3rd and this week I see a big difference in him.
    Last November he really convinced me he was a honest man and at Maddie's side.
    Suddenly Gerry's speech at the CEOP.
    I hoped he had converted himself from bad guy in good guy.
    I just watched again the GMTV interview 2 and he really sounded honest at that moment.
    And I observed how terrified Kate looked.
    Everything Gamble said sounded great, a threat towards the offender and suddenly he puts Gerry above all those speakers.
    I'm horrified.
    Poor siblings, poor, poor siblings.
    Nobody to save them.

    Please, Joana, could you please put the GMTV video again on this blog?

  79. Thank you anonymous 79, shocking facts. Thanks for the warning for not clicking the links. Posting extracts here for the relevance. http://poundpuplegacy.org/node/19785

    The heading on our original story was that the police claimed that 'Every image of a child being abused abuses that child all over again'. We went on to say that the police should know as they are the main publishers of the images. An outstanding example was perhaps the most famous child victim, Masha, and they are now exploiting her over and over again by using her images as a honeytrap.

    'Children saved from global sex ring', screams the latest CEOP press release which claims that eight British children have been rescued from sexual predators belonging to a global paedophile ring. "The youngsters, aged between six and 14, were identified from thousands of images seized in an international police operation." They would not have had much trouble identifying the kids as they already had their images. The US and UK police now control virtually all of the child porn images that are being published as they use them for entrapment purposes.

    Here is Paul Griffiths, who heads the victim identification team at CEOP in the UK, after saying that the children 'saved' had been subjected to horrendous abuse: "In every image there is a child. These images are crime scene photos where children are being subjected to sexual abuse. This is not 'child pornography'." No, it is not. It is law enforcement agency corruption based in the activities of the FBI who aid the UK police in the entrapment schemes.

    Griffiths went on,"It's important to remember, too, that these children were not missing. They were located in the place where they were supposed to be safe - their own home - where their abuse was recorded and made available over the internet to satisfy sickening sexual desires of a deviant group of individuals." Such as the ones who are still exploiting Masha above.

    (…) Images of Masha are now being used on one or more US entrapment web sites to catch so-called sex predators who are looking for images of underage girls, or simply to entrap the curious or even serious researchers. See a later image HERE. In this second image Congressman Phil Gingery is posing with Masha and her new mother.

    (…)Outside the US, certain police forces such as those in Great Britain where it was not legal to use images of child pornography in the same way appear to have used the US law enforcement agencies to entrap individuals outside America, as in Great Britain where some of the Operation Ore class action activists received unsolicited illegal material which their own experts declared to be from the FBI.(...)

    (...)Why is Masha still being exploited by images of her being offered thus? Has the most famous girl ever rescued from abusers and child pornographers become titillating bait to be used to entrap so-called predators? Are you complicit in this? Is there a connection between her now being vanished and her images suddenly re-appearing?

    Quotes from Masha "How can so many people enjoy the horrible things that happened to me? "I know that these pictures will never end and that the abuse from them will go on forever. ... (more on the link above)

  80. The question and answer session is after Gerry speaks and for ALL the speakers. I suppose this is a good way to limit the questions. Isn't it usual to have question and answer sessions after each topic instead of all together at the end or am I out of touch with modern conference methods.

  81. Not out of touch, it's just when they are running a conference they try to make sure that the speakers don't overun.

    By running Q and A's after each speaker there is a danger that a debate could be opened that cannot be contained.

    If a speaker was to under run though, the person managing might say, "we've time for a couple of quick questions".

    GM will not subject himself to any danger.



  82. i really believe Gerry and Kate secretly read Joana's blog every day

    they respect Joana and Astro's post's

    Let the parents live forever, as with their mindset and attitude to children, they will be punished more with their lies over Maddie.....Forever

  83. NOw I wonder if the McCanns sent money to that fake investigators office in Washington in order to pay people around whom they asked to shut their mouths.
    Could it be?
    Those payed people could live in the UK or in Portugal.
    Money coming from the USA would not attract anyone's attention.

  84. What's the chances of Gerry getting another standing ovation with that crowd?

    If so, it will speak volumes.

  85. It would not surprise me if it is still Murat that Gamble has his eye on, and Murat may yet end up rueing the day that he did not request a reopening of the case as was his right.

    He should never be too complacent either that all that nightmare has gone away, and it would pay for him to contact the PJ and ask that his garden and grounds be checked out, being as how there have been reports of nocturnal wanderings on the part of certain people.

    Gamble is waiting for a certain phone call, an anonymous tip even, so that he can go crack the case. Will he be getting it?

    It is always best to be watching and thinking two steps ahead. It sure does seem like certain others have been.

  86. Does nobody have any observations on the fact that 2 hours of this conference will be devoted either directly or indirectly (Shannon Matthews) to the subject of FAKED ABDUCTIONS? Surely that will have Gerry rubbing his ears a bit.

  87. Hello Anonymous (84) The McCanns and their team do read blogs and I would imagine Joana and Astro's blogs will be amongst them. They say they don't care who writes what about them and Gerry McCann has names for those who criticise them, "nutters" and "sad individuals" are amongst the names.

    I have names for him and his wife, unfortunately they are unprintable. I don't normally use foul language, but I would make an exception in the case of the gruesome twosome.

    I would like the McCanns to live a long life....behind bars. At least Sean and Amalie would have the chance of a normal life, something they certainly won't have if they remain in the care of their ghastly parents.

    The McCanns have already started to brainwash those children and marketing them to make money, is the next step. They have already announced they will take them to Portugal for the court case. They obviously fear the adverse publicity that is on the cards and taking the twins is a safety net for them. They think no one will say anything if the twins are with them....they are probably right.

  88. Bom dia.

    Listagem de perguntas (assim não se compromete) de Clara F.A. no blogue parquedos poetas;
    e a rosa pops no....deu-lhe para "aprender a ler" a linguagem corporal de GA. (ambos com a data de 26.12)

  89. anonymous at 87

    Murat's house and grounds could not have been more checked out!

    It is what the dogs were originally sent to do.

    Except something else happened that turned the investigation.


  90. Speaking of faked abductions/publicity stunts, has anyone noticed that the "Balloon Boy's" parents are going to jail? And also ordered to repay the emergency services...


  91. One thing the McCanns can never, ever escape, is themselves.

  92. With regard to Jim Gamble and CEOP, I have always thought that the very bizarre images of an 'aged' Maddie might have two ulterior purposes: firstly, to prevent any more children from being pursued as Maddie lookalikes, as obviously any girls who actually looked like these photos would be much too tall and old to be mistaken for a 6 year old, and secondly to see whether the MCs agreed to them being publicised as plausible images of what Maddie might look like now. No parent could possibly think a 6 year old could look like this, let alone one who up to the age of 4 looked rather young for her age. The Everton shirt photos were obviously the last ones that were taken of her. As far as Gamble is concerned, I don't know whether he is on Maddie's side or not, given the apparently cosy relationship with her parents, but I still hope he is working for justice for her, and the photo issue might bear this out.

  93. Properdad

    I was not meaning the time they were checked out previously. The PJ found nothing then.

    I was suggesting that it might be wise for Murat to have them checked out again as something could have been planted since, and then perhaps an anonymous call might be made to implicate Murat.

    After all, Gamble is awaiting a phone call from somebody in the know, or who says they are!

    It might be very hard for Murat to refute if he is found now with something incriminating hidden in his garden.

    He should still be watching his back, he was once nearly stitched up for something he didn't do. It is amazing how those 'so sure it was Murat' witness pals of the McCanns backpeddled with their stories when they discovered it could not have been him.

  94. Anon at 92

    Re the balloon boy, I was reading that the lawyer of the parents said that they had to plead guilty, as the mother is an illegal from Japan, and she has been threatened with being sent back if they don't.

    It sounds like it was meant to be a stunt, but a UFO one, that might have backfired on them.

    What is the truth? It would have been interesting to know what they would have come up with if they had pleaded not guilty, as the father is still insisting privately they are.

  95. Thanks properdad for your reply to 82. It makes sense now.

  96. Gerry is invited to speak at the CEOP conference because he is an acknowleged world wide expert (except perhaps in China...) in the field of Child Exploitation.
    I heard him on BBC Radio 4 recently talking, well, complaining to Sir Christpher Meyer about media intrusion into his life.But just try to keep him out of TV Studios and conferences and he will self-combust.
    Incidentally, is he ever actually at work in Glenfield Hospital or would he be classified as 'self-employed' circuit speaker now?

  97. How on earth can Gerry McCann possibly know that Madeleine is the victim of a "sexually motivated" abduction. And if they do believe that she is, why do they keep telling members of the public that she hasn't come to any harm? Is the rape and sexual abuse of children harmless?

  98. the very fact that g mccann is invited to speak at the ceop instantly discredits this organisation completely. the guy has lost one of his children due to his own lack of parenting skills. what kind of standing is that when talking of protecting children? since when did two doctors get treated better than anyone else? why are they so protected ? who are they?

    so many questions, that could really do with being answered not spun into a web of lies as usual!!

  99. @ post #99, the point you make highlights why I think Gerry is a pretty sick person.

  100. The way things are going, I won't be surprised if Gamble has lined up Ian Brady as a speaker in a future conference.

    I want to hear his justification for inviting Gerry!

  101. All they need now is Gary Glitter to do the entertainment!

  102. I'm not sure what to make of the part Jim Gamble appears to have played in this since almost the very begining.
    I am concerned about the recurring 'Irish' angle though. Gamble was head of the Northern Ireland anti-terrorist intelligence unit, and was, until recently, in the running to replace Sir Hugh Orde as Chief of Police in Northern Ireland.
    Coincidentally, he was beaten by Matt Baggott ... who had been the Chief Officer of Leicestershire police for the duration of the McCann investigation.

    It could all mean nothing of course ... but I would be interested to know who, exactly, were those 28 people the McCanns 'holidayed' with in Donegal, just a month before their child went missing.

  103. I have just had the scary thought !!! how long before the deadly duo get an Honour (OBE/MBE)For services to child protection ?

  104. Anon at 104

    There certainly does seem to be an Irish angle to all this.

    Wheels within wheels.

    Yes, who were the people they holidayed with.

    A lot of top policemen are known to be Masons, especially the ambitious ones. Is this how Gerry knows so many people?

  105. shubob @101, yes Gerry is a sick man. However that is not the reason why he says this ludicrous stuff though.
    IMO, Madeleine was not abducted and the McCanns know she is dead and how she died.

    Almost anything they have said since is pure fabrication from two suspects in the death and removal of the body of their child.
    There is no unifying truth behind their story because it isn't true.
    It is nothing but a patchwork collection of lies, each serving a different purpose.

    They say she has been abducted by a paedophile because that plays with peoples' fears of the ultimate child abuser bogeyman to reinforce the fear and horror of an abduction.
    They also say there is no evidence she has been harmed to discredit the reaction of the dogs and try to extort more money off compassionate pensioners.

    That they should do this, I am not surprised.
    What has always suprised me is that seemingly nobody in the UK media has ever been able to detect any contradiction in what they say. From the beginning.

  106. Anonymous @105: Gerry will no doubt get a standing ovation from CEOP officials for, at best, callously leaving 3 little children alone. Gamble and CEOP must indeed be doing a brilliant job. :(

  107. Salsa wrote:

    "What has always suprised me is that seemingly nobody in the UK media has ever been able to detect any contradiction in what they say. From the beginning."

    Well, Clarence Mitchell recently claimed to have met with newspaper editors to "shape stories" they published on this case. Justine McGuinness along with some of the couple's top lawyers also had such meetings with newspaper editors. I don't think I need to add anything else!

  108. If Gerry McCann is allowed to even cross the threshold of this conference, then I mistrust CEOP and Jim Gamble. I do not believe they are trying to put any pressure on McCann to confess all, and I am sure he will be applauded as a 'victim', whilst forgetting there was only one true victim of that holiday in May 2007, and it was her parents who made her a victim, whether your belief is that they are guilty of taking her life or just guilty of not caring a damn about their children. If CEOP is selling itself as our children's protector then God help the kids out there who really need help.

  109. If Gamble has been involved in the cover-up from the beginning then operation Ore could be the reason. Perhaps Payne was picked up by Ore but the "old boys net-work" ensured he was not pursued. Only for him to then abuse and then cause the death of Madeleine. Protection of Payne would then be essential to protect those who let him slip through the net?

  110. This is the CEOP Governing Board. Gamble is appointed by the Home Office. For those who wish to write or email their objection to McCann's association with the CEOP, perhaps the NSPCC route would be sensible. The NSPCC have staff seconded to the CEOP as well as Wes Cuell on the CEOP Board:

    Janet Paraskeva (Non-executive board member, SOCA) – Chairman
    Matthew Bishop (Business and Marketing Officer, Microsoft)
    Chris Blairs (Head of Organised and Financial Crime Unit, Home Office)
    Malcolm Cornberg (Director of Corporate Services, SOCA)
    Wes Cuell (Director of Services to Children and Young People, NSPCC)
    Jim Gamble (Chief Executive, CEOP)
    Brian Greenslade (Association of Police Authorities) – nominee
    Bill Hughes (Director General, SOCA)
    Ken Jarrold (Non-executive board member, SOCA)
    Paul Minton (ACPO) – nominee
    Trevor Pearce (Executive Director Enforcement, SOCA)

  111. It happened somewhere in Holland, between 1942 and 1945
    A jew had hidden himself in a Dutch home, helped by its Dutch family.
    It was dangerous to keep a jewish for a long time hidden in your house because people could find it out and inform it to the nazi authorities.Betrayals were happening all the time(think of Anne Frank, it happened to the Franks aswell).
    One day the Dutchman, head of that family, told his jewish guest that he was again at risk and he would be brought to another safer home.
    Head of the family and the jew left by car, the Dutchman went streight to the train station and delivered his guest to a SS.
    I had a disgusting feeling about that story and I got it again when I found out who Gamble is.
    I knew already who the parents are.
    Madeleine, I now compare you with Anne Frank and to that jewish man.

  112. Who said Gerry is a mason?
    Every person we don't trust seems to be one.
    I don't believe this.
    And questions about Jim Gamble who also could be a mason?

    They are just bad, unreliable people.
    Simple as that.

  113. The CEOP started to exist a few years ago.
    Was it founded to protect important sex criminals?

    What is behind the CEOP?

  114. I bet Sandra Felgueiras will also make a speech at the CEOP.

  115. I wonder more and more if the CEOP was founded to protect some paedophiles.

    Who knows the UK police are obliged to send to the CEOP every statement about child sex abuse, every result of investigations and that foundation decides what to do about every item.
    That could be the answer to why the Portuguese police never saw the administration of Gerry's credit cards, no information about Madeleine's health, no information about Payne, nothing.

    Was everything being controlled by the CEOP?

    I remember Gerry going to London very soon after the disappearence, I think when his cards were "stolen" at a London airport.

    By the way, the CEOP internet site is very weak for being such an important issue in the UK.Nearly no news.

    Could the CEOP be a cover up of other things?

    And,finally, what is the use to spread around A Minute for Madeleine

    to China, Alaska, Togo, while Jim Gamble knows very well where he can send it to?

    Which one of you can explain me how useful it is to spread that video around the world?

    thank you.

  116. Anon 104, re the McCanns' holiday in Donegal in 2007, according to the Belfast Telegraph -

    'Madeleine and her family had been enjoying a holiday with over 40 relatives and friends in Dungloe and had also visited the neighbouring Gweedore region.
    In pictures released following her disappearance, the three-year-old was seen with her cousins happily playing on the beach and enjoying an ice cream during the Easter break.'

    40 people isn't at all unusual for a big holiday get-together in Donegal. I live in N Ireland but my mother's from Donegal and I too have lots of relatives there. The McCanns and their relatives and friends could easily have numbered 40 or whatever.

    As for Jim Gamble, I don't think there's any special Irish/Ulster connection with his involvement in the McCann case. He was originally in the RUC but then moved to England to further his career in the National Crime Squad, before helping to set up CEOP. Lots of ex-RUC officers leave NI to advance their career in other parts of the UK, especially in the higher ranks of the police. In spite of being shortlisted, he never really had a chance of becoming the PSNI chief constable, as nowadays the policy is to give the post to someone whose previous police experience is earned outside the province.

    What CEOP's role in this is the interesting bit, of course, but it seems Gerry McCann can be invited anywhere to speak on child protection or the media or whatever - quite a draw, our Gerry, and I'm sure he loves the sound of his own voice. A great pity he doesn't use his voice to ask the PJ to reopen the case, but both their voices seem unable to utter the necessary words to ask for this to be done. Oh, I forgot - Kate said it didn't matter ... or words to that effect.

  117. Did Gerry know this conference would be discussing "false allegations of abduction" before he accepted an invitation to speak?
    If so, one is forced to conclude that

    1. He is innocent of any such crime, so why should it bother him?
    2. He IS guilty of making a false allegation, but brazen beyond all belief, and taking a gigantic risk.
    3. He DIDN´T know this was going to be discussed and has possibly fallen into a trap.

  118. I have emailled the CEOP to ask why they have invited GM to speak when he neglected his children night after night and has no proof she was abducted ,I will let you know if i get a reply ,but i doubt it

  119. Post 120. Well done, I hope many people email and object to this insane invitation, and that CEOP reply.

  120. I have also sent an email to the CEOP registering my disgust. I have asked them if I can attend the meeting and ask Gerry McCann various questions about he and his wife's behaviour in PDL. I have told the CEOP what questions I wish to ask Gerry McCann and I have told them if they don't believe what I say, to look at the media interviews the McCanns gave.

    I hope the CEOP are inundated with emails from people registering their disgust, if they had any bottle they would tell Gerry McCann he is not welcome at their conference and why.

  121. The CEOP, have replied to my email, if you can call it a reply, because they have sent an out of hours auto reply contact form. I wonder why, the email gives the hours they are working over the Christmas period and it says that on the 31st of December, they will be working until 16:00hrs.

    Maybe they will reply fully next week, I won't hold my breath though.

  122. Clarrie said the duo could get millions for interviews. Why are they doing so few. I know the Oprah interview didn't go too well, but wouldn't it be worth doing a few well paid interviews to raise money for the fund. How is this speech going to help find their child.

  123. I'm reminded of when I emailed that reporter who did the thing about body language on TV. I asked him about it and received a very nice email. I then asked him how he knew the McCs were innocent and he said because he had met them and they were good parents. I wrote about the inconsistencies and asked how he felt about them. He wrote back and said I was an armchair Miss Marples and all correspondence between us would cease. I await to find out how the Ceop reply to posters.

  124. Anon at 114

    I think you will find that Gerry McCann is a Mason and that information has been around for a long time.

    Is Gamble?

    Who knows?

  125. I think the poster who said the relationship between the McCanns and CEOP is symbiotic got it spot on.

    CEOP use Gerry for marketing the conference (until now, I've never heard of a CEOP conference) and the McCanns use CEOP to validate their abduction theory. Everyone's a winner. Well, not quite as more and more people are seeing through the charade.

  126. Kathy I too got the auto response ,I just hope someone has seen our protests ,fingers crossed ,at least WE have ended 2009 trying to help Maddie ,I wonder what Kate and Gerry are doing tonight ?

  127. Hi Anonymous (128)happy New Year to you. Hopefully the McCanns are quaking in their boots, its only 11 days to the court case.

    Also thank you for telling us you emailed CEOP, its thanks to you that I emailed them. I sent rather a long email to the CEOP, I pointed out that the McCanns were responsible for Madeleine's disappearance and other facts including the fact they never searched for her and the checks. I told the CEOP that if they didn't believe me, they should take a look at the interviews the McCanns gave to the media.

    If we don't receive a proper reply and Gerry McCann does speak at the CEOP conference, we will know for sure that the CEOP is in cahoots with the McCanns.

  128. Hi Anonymous (125) I emailed a newspaper reporter, in Washington DC, who printed the interview Gerry McCann gave to the media when he was over there. He was given both barrels, by the presenter who interviewed him,regarding the children being left without adult supervision. The reporter emailed me back and I joined the forum on his newspaper. The McCanns were slated and that newspaper was not afraid to print the adverse comments, unlike the British newspaper group.

    The British newspaper group, slipped up, when lies amongst the truth was printed about the McCanns. If they had stuck to the facts, they never would have been sued by the McCanns and now they are frightened of printing anything that might show the McCanns in a bad light.

  129. Anon 125, you could always email the idiot journalist who said you were an armchair Miss Marple and all correspondence between you would cease, and tell him that armchair Miss Marples/Poirots, etc. have been instrumental in helping to solve cases before now. Just refer him to


    where he'll find proof of the usefulness of Internet 'detectives'. The simple fact is that many ordinary people all over the world have much more time to devote to researching aspects of unsolved crimes than official police forces have, and not just time but also dedication and a wide range of knowledge of all sorts of subjects. There are many people trying to help solve the mystery of what happened to Madeleine; pity the hopeless British journalists aren't among them.

  130. in the past there have always been books written sometimes many years after events such as wars or certain conflicts which go into extreme detail and have enriched the authors ....it is their livelyhood so im such there are a few today who are recording every happening...Should the mccanns get away with their crimes or not a book or books are sure to be written

  131. None of us would need to be Miss Marples if the Leicester Police and CEOP had done the job properly. I certainly don't find it an uplifting experience, but I have grave concerns about the implications of this case. It appears the course of justice can be perverted with money and influence. As someone who takes an interest in politics, democracy and free speech, I feel duty bound to join with other like-minded people who want to be able to trust the institions set up to protect and safeguard its citizens, but have every reason to distrust them in this case.

  132. 133 correcting my typo- should be institutions.

  133. Post 130. The libel laws in the USA are more reasonable than the draconian laws in the UK at present. If an article in a US newspaper is primarily for a US audience then the McCann can't touch it or object legally. Some US newspapers online utilise geographical software that recognises the viewer's IP address location and if it's UK, then it prevents viewing of web pages sensitive to UK libel laws. As a step in the right direction, publications in the USA are a safe place to publish the facts without this harassment.

  134. I have emailed CEOP to ask if Gerald McCann will be present for the whole conference. including the session on faked allegations of abduction, or if he will just be turning up at the end to do a set piece. Will also let you know if I get a real reply not just an acknowledgement, but not really expecting one. We can all put in our twopenceworth though, and it might make them think.

  135. Anon 133. Goncalo's treatment has been disgraceful, and Tony Bennett has certainly been silenced. We haven't heard a word since he was threatened with the loss of his life savings and can you blame him. He has a family to think about after all. The PJ's had their hands tied behind their backs when trying to gain information i.e. Kate refusing to answer any questions, and the Leicestershire police have certainly been less than thorough bearing in mind the statements they took from the tapas 9 which were, to say the least, police friendly! There were so many more pertinent questions that should have been asked. The culprits got away with all their inconsistencies. Skulduggery springs to mind in this case!

  136. Interesting that Kate approached CEOP to put this message out, I am sure that perked up their interest in the McCanns.

    Aside from her dull monotone performance, as ever, without the slightest trace of emotion, I find it fascinating to watch the expressions of someone who I believe is just pure evil, Gerry McCann.

    Did Kate also say and can you let my Gerry speak or did they suggest that? IMO, they are playing along with the McCanns and they put him on after a speech about a faked abduction of an abused child for money, copying the McCanns and in the context also of faked child abductions.

    Gerry McCann was seen by witnesses who are assessed as honest and not interested in fame and fortune abducting Madeleine.

    Gerry's friends have given evidence to the police about his unnatural conversations with David Payne concerning sexual abuse of Madeleine then aged two. Payne and Gerry say there was no particular reason for picking Portugal. Then it is strange that Geraghty happens to be there, he gets them the key to the church and he stores the hire car for them. I just cannot make up my mind whether Gerry abducted Madeleine alive due to being sexually abused or whether she was already dead at that point.

  137. I appreciate the comments and advice about the email from the reporter who ceased correspondence because I questioned the McC version of events. I always thought the rules of journalism were to ask How, why, what, where and when regarding possible articles. Not anymore for some when it comes to this case.

  138. #138. I agree with most of your assessment, but I don't think Gerry abducted her alive because of the dogs. I don't think he is the one who harmed the child. I think the PJ were on the right track.

  139. I think the McCanns will make one too many public appearances (without Clarence to speak for them) and shoot themselves in the foot. They came out as intellectualy inferior to Goncalo Amaral recently in Portugal when speaking in front of the Courthouse. Gerry's "we are British, we believe in...." I'm certain, will not have made him any new friends!! How bombastic he must have come over to the Portuguese; does he think that being British gives him a God given right to try and bleed someone dry? Especially someone trying to find out the truth of what happened to his small daughter.

  140. For god's sake beware what you get into with some of this anti-CEOP and anti-Ore stuff. Some of it is pushed out by real paedophiles, they are careful and skilfull enough to hide who and what they really are.

    As for the McCanns and CEOP, you are all going to have to accept the bleedin' obvious: they don't think the McCanns are guilty.

  141. Hi Anonymous (142)I think the CEOP does know the McCanns are guilty of at least child neglect and maybe more. How can they think otherwise? given the fact those children were left in an unsafe environment all but one night of that so called family holiday.

    I think the CEOP have a hidden agenda for supporting these child neglectors, I hope it isn't what I think it is.

    The CEOP needs disbanding ASAP, because inviting Gerry McCann to speak at their conference, is sending out a message that its ok to neglect your children and if they vanish because of your neglect, that's ok too.

  142. Please feel free to use my letter as a template to send to your MP or childcare / law enforcement professionals:

    Part 1 of 2

    My name is and I am a constituent of yours. You may recall that I have corresponded with you in the past about the case of Madeleine McCann. I would like to draw your attention to a serious concern that I have about the relationship of the Child Exploitation and Protection Centre (CEOP) with Gerry McCann, father of Madeleine:

    CEOP Conference
    Gerry McCann is to make the closing speech at a CEOP Conference called “Taken: Sexually-motivated child abductions” on 26 Jan 2010. This conference is only open to Law Enforcement Professionals. I believe that the presence of Gerry McCann at this conference undermines the good reputation of the CEOP and the professionalism of its staff given that the organisation exists to protect vulnerable children.

    Since Madeleine McCann’s disappearance in May 2007, there has been a relentless and highly co-ordinated campaign in the UK media to discredit the work of the Portuguese Police and promote the thesis of “abduction”. This process of misinformation has successfully obscured several facts that I will reproduce here, to enable you to understand precisely why I am so concerned about Gerry McCann’s association with the CEOP:

    1. I would like to draw your attention to a witness statement given to the Leicestershire Police a few days after Madeleine vanished. A female Doctor who had been on previous holiday’s with the McCann’s and Dr David Payne recalled an incident from a trip to Majorca where David Payne, in conversation with Gerry McCann, made sexual gestures and comments regarding Madeleine McCann. Whilst this incident gives an insight into the behaviour of Payne, the participation of Gerry McCann in a conversation where Madeleine was the subject of a sexual fantasy certainly gives cause for concern. Note: the witness statement referred to was not sent to Portugal by Leicester Police until the former lead detective, Goncalo Amaral had been removed from the investigation .

  143. Part 2:

    2. In a recent interview for a Portuguese journalist Gerry McCann was asked to explain the reaction of the British Police Victim Recovery dogs that were sent to Praia Da Luz in the weeks after Madeleine vanished. The dogs detected the odour of a corpse in the McCanns apartment, boot of their hire car, on Madeleine’s soft toy as well as on items of belonging to Madeleine and Kate McCann. When asked about the dogs findings Mr McCann responded by suggesting the interviewer “Ask the Dogs”. The CEOP conference that I mentioned earlier in this letter is for Law Enforcement Professionals. I am concerned that Mr McCann is being given the closing speech at this conference given his apparent disregard for serious police work.

    3. Gerry McCann was observed carrying a motionless child through the streets of Praia Da Luz at approximately 21.50 on 3 May 2007; shortly before the alarm was raised. This sighting was witnessed by the Smith family from Ireland who gave statements to the Police. In a recent documentary on Channel 4, produced by the McCann’s media team and entitled Madeleine Was Here, the sighting was not portrayed accurately according to the facts in the Police files and the viewer was lead to believe that the man seen by the Smith family could not be Gerry McCann.

    4. The McCann media team have repeated many times that the McCann’s were cleared by the Portuguese judicial system when this is not the case. The investigation was suspended or “shelved” with the evidence collected not sufficient to charge any of the three suspects in the investigation (i.e. Gerry McCann, Kate McCann and Robert Murat). The suspects were not cleared and the case may be reopened at any time, should further evidence materialise.

    5. A further concern I have is in respect of the CEOP’s relationship with Gerry McCann. Whilst the investigation was still “live” the Portuguese Police found copies of restricted Police (CEOP) manuals in the McCann’s apartment. These manuals are strictly for the eyes of law enforcement professionals only.

  144. @ post #142, you may be right about CEOP believing the McCanns. I just wonder how Jim Gamble will react when a paedophile suspect is caught by his men and during defense arguments, the David Payne/Gerry McCann incident is brought up.

  145. post 142

    If, as you suggest, the CEOP are convinced that the McCanns were not involved in the disappearance of their missing child in any way ... then why did they advise the Crimestoppers website to amend their reporting of the official CEOP appeal ?

    Originally, the Crimestoppers website had advised anyone with information to contact 'either' their local police, or, 'alternatively' to contact the McCann's investigations team via the the Find Madeleine website.

    After speaking to the CEOP however, Crimestoppers were asked to change the advise they were giving out to the public.

    Subsequently, they removed all reference to the McCanns, their investigators, and their website. The advice given to the public ( at the behest of the CEOP ) was altered to state that any information should be passed to local police ... and ONLY to the police.

  146. CEOP need disbanding because they invited Gerry? No, I think not. Really, people need to get a sense of perspective here. CEOP do a lot of good work and to suggest that they should be destroyed because they don't follow your agenda about the McCanns is really very silly.

  147. @ post 148, CEOP may do a lot of good work so please can you point in the direction where I can read an independent report about their good work? Thanks.

  148. Anon 144 -

    An excellent letter but may I point out just one spelling error in Part 2 - No.3 last line. Should be 'led' instead of 'lead'. I shall certainly be following your lead. No pun intended though!

  149. Post 147. If CEOP advised that people should only contact the official police then it's significant. It cannot be a stunt because it wouldn't be widely known. Let's hope it's not just ptotocol, but because they have their suspicions and an open mind, as they should do.

  150. Anon. 148 - you are right that the CEOP do a lot of good work. Obviously they do, but they should still be made aware that many people are unhappy with Gerry McCann speaking on child protection at their debate. This is a man who left his children in danger, one of whom went missing while he wined and dined with his friends. Let's hope he points out to all those listening the gross negligence of himself and his wife and their tapas friends,as far as a duty of parental care was concerned.

  151. This CEOP conference is, clearly, designed as a learning opportunity for child care professionals.

    It is not a 'publicity stunt' and, I am convinced, not a 'platform' for Gerry McCann.

    He will be speaking in front of a very exclusive and highly informed audience ... quite a daunting task, one might think.

    Will Gerry McCann's arrogance, and determination to always be 'calling the shots' get the better of him finally ?

    He was clearly 'invited' to speak at this conference ... which is almost akin to him performing, like a lab-rat, for the assembled specialists ... and his ego couldn't resist accepting the invitation.


  152. Hello Anonymous (148) my suggestion that the CEOP should be disbanded because they invite Gerry McCann to speak at their conference, may seem silly to you, but at the end of the day, Gerry McCann and his wife, are responsible for the disappearance of their daughter.

    The Portuguese police only have the McCanns word that Madeleine was abducted. There was no evidence an abductor entered the McCanns apartment and took Madeleine, but there was evidence that Madeleine had been harmed. Evidence that the McCanns had tried to destroy by cleaning the walls, they forgot about cleaning the back of the sofa, because more evidence was found there.

    The CEOP stands for missing and exploited children, Madeleine is missing because of her parents callous behaviour and she certainly has been exploited by her callous parents. They have used the fund to find Madeleine, to pay for dodgy detectives while refusing to use experts in the missing child issue. The McCanns can also use the money from the fund to aid their own finances, that clause was written into the terms of the fund, after they illegally used the fund money to pay for two mortgage payments.

    Kate McCann admitted she and her husband hadn't physically searched for Madeleine. What parent wouldn't look for their missing child? Only those who know there is no point in looking and in my opinion, that is why the McCanns didn't look for Madeleine. In my opinion they know where she is and if she is dead or alive.

    Any good work the CEOP may have done, will be undone if they allow Gerry McCann who is a child neglector and along with his wife, is responsible for Madeleine's disappearance, to speak at their conference.

    I may be wrong, but I sense that you think its ok for Gerry McCann who is a child neglector, who left his children, in an unsafe environment and after almost 3yrs thinks he and his wife have done nothing wrong.

    If I am right and you do think its ok for Gerry McCann to speak at this conference, will you please spare a thought for Madeleine and remember that any suffering she has endured, is because of Gerry and Kate McCann. Also spare a thought for their remaining two children, they have got some very difficult times ahead of them.

  153. The McCanns and Gamble are too close for comfort for anybody to be sure that information given to CEOP will not be passed on for them to see.

    If this is not the case, then why has nothing been done about Payne, after not a small number of people have contacted CEOP about the witness statements of the Gaspars.

    You can bet that if it were Murat who people were offering information about it would be all stations go.

    Let's face it, the McCanns and their Tapas friends are untouchable as far as the CEOP and Gamble are concerned, and any suggestion to check out any of them is probably regarded as 'ludicrous'.

    After all, they are doctors, they just don't fit the profile that Gamble has!!!

  154. When the Police put Karen Matthews on the telly to appeal for Shannon, did they think she was innocent?

    So far as the law is concerned, you cannot treat a criminal suspect any differently to any other citizen.

    I am flabbergasted people have written to CEOP to tell them about the evidence against David Payne, do you actually believe they do not already know. Just because police have evidence against someone, that does not mean they can be charged with a criminal offence, neither does it mean the police are doing nothing. Their hands are tied by the constraints of the law and the necessity to have a watertight case against someone before they can be prosecuted. Any other action they are taking re Payne etc, is confidential, suspected sex offenders do not get "outed" by the Police!

  155. Hi Viv, of course the CEOP know about David Payne, they know all aspects of this case including the fact the McCanns are 100% guilty of causing Madeleine to disappear. People are registering their disgust at the CEOP, myself included, because they have invited Gerry McCann to speak at their conference.

    Its no good just saying to the CEOP "I don't think you should invite Gerry McCann to speak at your conference", you have to say why you don't think he should be invited and if David Payne's behaviour is one reason, so be it.

    The CEOP stands for missing and exploited children, David Payne was reported to the police, by two friends, because of paedophilia comments he was making to Gerry McCann. Just like Gerry and Kate McCanns behaviour has been ignored by the police, so has David Payne's. Missing and exploited children, have suffered,because of people like Gerry and Kate McCann, David Payne and others.

    People need to look at Madeleine and just imagine what it was like for her and her siblings to be left alone in that dark unlocked apartment all but 6 nights of that so called family holiday. They were often heard crying and Kate McCann admitted Madeleine and Sean had cried for them when they were out. Madeleine told her so, but it still wasn't enough for her parents to stay in with them for the evening or take them out. They preferred to be in the company of David Payne and their other friends.

    Just what did David Payne and their other friends have that their children didn't? Was it paedophilia? When the McCanns two former friends, reported David Payne to the police, they then distanced themselves from him, I wonder why the McCanns didn't distance themselves from him.

    I wonder why Gerry McCann didn't punch David Payne on the nose and report him to the police, when he made those disgusting comments. Maybe the answer lies in the reasons behind Madeleine's disappearance and the fact the McCanns showed little concern for her disappearance.

    All those who don't think that Gerry McCann should speak at the CEOP's conference, should register their disgust and maybe they will take action.

    Remember Viv, the two former friends of the McCanns went public with their complaint against David Payne, because the police chose to ignore the complaint. If this couple were lying, I wonder why David Payne and Gerry McCann haven't sued them.

  156. Actually, Viv, the police did not treat Karen Matthews initially as a suspect. It was her behaviour as the case went on that was not ringing true for them.

    Just like the behaviour of the McCanns has been commented on, as that investigation went on.

    I don't believe Payne will have been investigated at all.

    He is Gerry's best pal, and Gamble is a pal of Gerry's.

    Say no more!

    As for Gerry speaking at the conference, can you imagine that not being made much of in the media.

    All good reinforcement for the innocence of the McCanns and their abduction scenario, at the same time as the case in Portugal and Sr Amaral bringing evidence of eminent others also believing Madeleine died in the apartment.

    So who was behind the choosing of the date for the conference then?

    How handy that date is for the McCanns and their publicity campaign, and their need to give credence to their version of events.

    Wake up and smell the coffee folks, if you think Gamble is some kind of white knight come riding in on a charger, forget it.

  157. Post 144, Very good points and worthwhile sending the body of the letter to CEOP too. Of course this is an exceptional case where the public is aware rhat the suspects have received undue protection and been allowed to run free as it were. In this unusual case it's important to let the authorities know that the public is watching events carefully, and the public expect their taxes to be spent wisely in this case. It's entirely in order to write to CEOOP and raise all the issues, they are a publicly funded body designed to protect the public. Let's get that straight at least. We don't expect public resources to be wasted and misappropriated like the McCann fund has done.

  158. I know I keep harping on about the fact that the McCanns never looked for Madeleine and they left her and the children alone on the night Madeleine mysteriously disappeared, knowing that the night before she and Sean had cried for her.

    It brings back memories for me, because when my daughter was 4yrs of age and my son was 6 months old, I put them both to bed and when they were fast asleep, I nipped next door to push a birthday card through the door. I was away no more than a couple of minutes, but when I got back, my daughter was out of bed and sobbing hysterically, she thought I'd run away and left her and her baby brother.

    I was mortified and after I'd calmed her down and put her back to bed, I was in tears. I never ever left the house again, while the children were in bed and I never told my husband who was a serving police officer, I shudder to think what he would have said, because we never ever went out and left the children, unless they were with a baby sitter, or their grandparents.

    My daughter is now almost 41yrs of age and my son 37, neither of them have children, but if they did I would tell them what happened when they were young. I see no point in telling them now, but I still feel guilty.

    This is why I cannot understand the McCanns leaving their children without adult supervision, not just one night but every night, bar the first night of that so called family holiday. Those 3 children were little more than babies, none of them would have understood the dangers that lurk in a home, or in their case a holiday apartment. All were capable of getting up to mischief, which could have lead to them having a serious accident, or death. If anyone has ever seen photographs of the McCanns holiday apartment, they would have seen the drugs that the McCanns left lying around on a table. Madeleine could have got hold of those drugs and thinking they were sweets, give some to the twins and they could have eaten them.

    The McCanns say they left their door unlocked in case of fire. They should have been asked, how Madeleine would have been able to lift the twins out of their cots and get them and herself out of the apartment, if there was a fire. I know the answer she wouldn't, smoke would have killed her and the twins, before the fire got to them. I know because my cousin, her husband and baby daughter all perished in a fire caused by an electrical heating system that developed a fault. All died of smoke inhilation.

    The McCanns at some point in their careers, will have treated children who have been harmed because they were left alone while their parents went out. They will have no doubt notified the police and Social Services. Yet they left their own children in the same way and for almost 3yrs they say they have done nothing wrong.

  159. Kathybelle, thanks for sharing that.

    It is a shame that the Portuguese Prosecutor who decided not to charge these two with neglect hasn't read it.

    He should, those kids were in grave danger. Obviously so, as one of them is missing, and contrary to what the McCanns keep insisting, she has come to serious harm.

    They should have been given a prison sentence for that alone.

  160. Thanks Anonymous (161).

    Kate McCann said that the first 48hrs after Madeleine's disappearance, were hard, then after that things became easier and they slept better. If any of my children went missing, even at the ages they are now, I know things would never be easy, until they were found safe and well.

    I know one has to get on with their lives and learn to live with tragedy, but for Kate McCann to say that 48hrs after Madeleine disappeared things became easier and they slept better, is beyond belief. Especially as they were the cause of Madeleine's disappearance.

    The McCanns must have hearts of stone, especially as they keep bleating on about being responsible parents.

    Only 9 more days to Goncalo Amaral's court case, I hope his lawyer has recovered from the flu. I wouldn't mind being a fly on the wall of the McCanns household, if they lose this case. I bet there are some tantrums flying around, not from Sean and Amalie, but from Gerry McCann.

    He had a tantrum in a Spanish studio, because the presenter asked him some awkward questions. He threw his microphone on the floor and stomped out. "He's tired" said his wife.

    I think this tantrum is still available on "You Tube" I would have a look myself, but I'm eating my supper and I might throw my plate at the computer screen.

  161. I think, Kathybelle, that if a child had gone missing, the anxiety would be even worse as time went on because then you would have time to think about all the terrible things that might be happening to them.

    All the witness statements of how the McCanns behaved that night indicate behaviour more like grieving at a death, than of a child gone missing.

    That they use the excuse of not searching because it was dark outside is nonsense.

    There are such things as torches, and for all they knew, if Madeleine had really gone missing, she might have been lying injured somewhere in the dark.

    What parent wouldn't have been searching all night until they dropped with exhaustion, calling for the child.

    How could such a parent even think of going to bed.

    Yet the McCanns did.

  162. I've found the You Tube video where Gerry McCann throws a tantrum and I also found the video of the lady from Rothley who very bravely gave an interview and said exactly what she thought of the McCanns. She also named the Social Services chief, who told her that if she left her children in the way the McCann children were left, her children would be put into care.

    She wants to know why the McCanns were not prosecuted for their part in Madeleine's disappearance.

    So do I and many many other people.

  163. It has been said Kathybelle, that Kate McCann throws much worse tantrums than Gerry.

    She would have needed to be restrained that night as she was smashing the walls with her fists. Those watching had never seen anything like the behaviour of the McCanns.

    Gerry was rolling backwards and forwards on the floor wailing, and then they were both doing some sort of contortions and moaning on the bed. Some of the onlookers were embarrassed and confused by what they were seeing.

    'It's a disaster' says Gerry on the phone to his family.

    'She's gone mum, she's gone', says Kate on the phone.

    Then they wanted the key to the Church, and their friendly priest flew straight out for them.

    So why weren't they up and out searching for her that night if their child was missing, instead of doing that?

    I think most people would agree that if they had not been doctors with influencial friends, they would have been charged with neglect leading to serious harm to their child.

    I hope the case is reopened and they still will be.

  164. I've lifted this post from another entry on this blog which may help explain why Gerry has been invited to the CEOP conference:


    Found this on Jon Clements blog...It seems of no importance to Gamble who took Madeleine.

    Madeleine McCann... the guilty web surfer
    By Jon Clements on Nov 3, 09 11:01 AM in McCann
    Among the many interesting comments made by Jim Gamble, Britain's most senior child trafficking and abuse cop, about the disappearance of Madeleine was his theory about how whoever was involved would be regularly checking the internet to see if the net is closing in.

    Gamble believes the new viral advert will "rattle" the offender or offenders because "every time you search for updates about where the investigation is you will meet this prompt to your conscience".

    His willingness to discuss the case was a welcome relief after two and half years of complete silence from Leicestershire police, the Association of Chief Police Officers and the Serious Organised Crime Agency.

    Gamble was reluctant to offer his own theory of what happened in Praia da Luz saying it "didn't matter" if Madeleine was taken for trafficking, or sexual exploitation or by some "deluded soul" who wanted to raise their own child.

    Two words which did not pass his lips at any point, however, were "kidnap" and "abduct". Instead the case was strictly referred to as a "disappearance".

    One thing Gamble did make clear, however, was his passionate belief that the advert would help find Madeleine and that it was still possible she remained alive.

    "Statisticians do that most awful thing", he said.

  165. Ah yes Anonymous (165)I remember reading about the McCanns behaviour when the news of Madeleine's disappearance broke. I would have been running here there and everywhere looking for my child, not rolling around on a bed or smashing my fists against the wall.

    I have said in previous posts, that the McCanns have provided so many clues, that they are more involved with Madeleine's disappearance than neglect. Their strange behaviour, since the news of Madeleine's disappearance broke, is the biggest clue.

  166. ShuBob

    That statement of Gamble's, where he says it is possible Madeleine may still be alive, just about sums up his disregard for the work of the dogs, who have never been wrong, and his belief in the McCanns.

    No wonder he has invited Gerry to his Conference to speak.

    That will be another endorsement for their abduction theory the McCanns can field to the media.

    And coming about the same time as the court case as well.

    Just like a well planned campaign.

  167. 165 Anonymous
    re the behaviour of the McCanns that night, - rolling round on the floor, punching the walls, howling, not rushing around outside calling her name - ...
    It is very similar to people who wish you to believe that they have a mental illness (I was a cop, and met many who thought this would let them off a shopliing charge!). They act in the way in which they THINK mentally ill people act. In other words what they have seen on TV, or on stage. It rarely conforms to what sufferers actually do. ( I have a degree in psychology - and visited mental hospitals to talk to patients)

    So what we see there is the McCanns clearly pretending to be distressed, and acting in the way they suppose distressed people do. It is obviously not real, and surprised those around, as it is not even culture appropriate.

    Most interesting, as non verbals usually are.

  168. PeterMac

    Interesting thought.

    By anybody's rating their behaviour regarding a child that had just disappeared out of an UNLOCKED apartment, was well over the top.

    She might simply have been wandering the streets looking for them.

  169. Who should attend

    I think an obvious, ideal and perfectly qualified person to attend would be Sr Goncalo Amaral!

    I am sure for just the chance of having GA there lots of us would be willing to donate to cover his entrance fee, flight and hotel – or are our donations best sent to his legal fighting fund?

    Mr B

  170. Hello PeterMac, we have a little bit in common, because although I have never been a police officer, I was once a police officer's wife.

    I don't know if you saw the program "Killing Mother and Father" but if you did you will understand where I am coming from. If you didn't see the programme and for anyone else who didn't see the programme, it was chilling. A psychiatrist said that Jeremy Bamber bore all the charactaristics of a psychopath and some of the characteristics describe the McCanns, especially Gerry McCann.

    Take a look at the post I made, which was post (160)and you will understand why I feel so strongly that the McCanns are more involved with Madeleine's disappearance than neglect. I just cannot understand why they are still walking around free as birds.

    A social worker along with a police officer, visited the McCanns home, the day after they arrived home from PDL. When they went away, Gerry McCann said that he and his wife had been told that the way they left their children and the checks were within the bounds of reasonable parenting. How strange that he and his wife were supposedly told the same thing, by a member of the Portuguese police. Especially when he and his wife had broken the law.

    For almost 3yrs Gerry McCann has been saying "We have done nothing wrong" The only thing he ever said was, "We are sorry we weren't with Madeleine at the minute she was taken".

    For what its worth, I don't believe that any police officer whether they are in Portugal or the UK, would ever tell a parent who left their children in the way the McCanns did, that it was within the bounds of reasonable parenting, especially when their child has disappeared because of their behaviour.

    By their own admittance, they said they would up their checks to every 30minutes, on the night Madeleine went missing and that was only because on that morning, she had told them that she and Sean had cried for them and they never came.

    The McCanns made one check each on the night Madeleine went missing. They said they only went to the Tapas Bar at 20:30, Gerry McCann's first check was at 21:05 and Kate McCann's check was at 22:00hrs. There was supposedly a check at 21:30, but depending on what you believe, the person who made the check, said he only listened at the door and in another statement, he said he went into the apartment, but not the children's bedroom.

    Either way his checks were not acceptable, those children could have been lying injured or ill and they were not seen for 55 minutes. As it turned out Madeleine had supposedly disappeared between 21:05 and 22:00hrs.

    As a parent, I know that it takes seconds for a child to have an accident. As a police officer, you will have seen children who have been injured because they have been left without adult supervision. I know my husband did, although he didn't talk to me about his job, we used to get police officers coming to our house and they did talk in front of me, although I never ever repeated anything they said. I don't think they would ever discuss anything that was top secret though and I wouldn't have wanted them to.

  171. Hello again PeterMac, I had to cut my post because it was too long.

    I don't understand why Gerry McCann, who is a child neglector and along with his wife, is responsible for Madeleine's disappearance, is being allowed to speak at the CEOP conference, which unless I am wrong, is a Goverment Agency. He and his wife broke the law in Portugal, I have seen evidence on forums, that proves what they did was illegal.

    If the evidence I have seen is false, I have heard Portuguese and British lawyers say they broke the law. The McCanns said they fled PDL because they feared they would be prosecuted for neglect. Clarence Mitchell said they expected to be prosecuted for neglect. Certain members of their family said they expected to be prosecuted for neglect. So why weren't they?

    Why did the Government get involved with the McCanns so much. Gordon Brown gave the McCanns his own personal telephone number. Philomena McCann said that Gordon Brown was a family friend.

    Brian Kennedy, not the double glazing magnet, but Kate McCann's uncle, said that his niece and her husband had access to people in high places, that ordinary members of the public didn't and if they were going to be prosecuted, they would call in favours from these people. Richard Branson publicly said that if the McCanns were going to be prosecuted, he would pay for the best lawyers to defend them.

    Who are the McCanns? What makes them so special? They neglected their children, causing one of them to disappear, which is against the law in Portugal and walked away without being prosecuted.

    I am praying that the McCanns, lose their libel case against Goncalo and I am praying that Goncalo can plead with a Portuguese judge to get this case down off the shelf, dusted and reopened. Those senior members of the PJ who allowed the McCanns to walk away from prosecution, should be sacked and prosecuted for allowing the McCanns to escape prosecution for breaking the Portuguese law.

  172. Kathybelle, the PJ did want them prosecuted.

    It was the Prosecutor, who decides whether to send the case to trial, who decided not to prosecute for neglect because he felt they had suffered enough because they lost their daughter. Much too kind hearted!

    He even told the PJ to go find the body because he needed that, to know what charges to bring.

    Who knows, Madeleine may even have been murdered, and it was not an accident. We don't really know what happened to her without her body.

    They put the case on hold because there is no point in searching for Madeleine because the PJ believe she is dead.

    The Mail said not long ago that one of their reporters had phoned the PJ and asked why they weren't searching for Madeleine, and was told that they weren't searching because Madeleine is dead.

    Sr Amaral has said that the Attorney General has evidence that shows she is dead, and that with another Prosecutor the case may still go forward.

    In the UK, which is a different legal system, they would most likely have been prosecuted, at least for neglect. On previous nights they had been leaving their children for up to an hour.

    Beggars belief.

  173. CEOP January 2010 report:


    Report Conclusion:

    "CEOP’s business model is a proven success, which over the past few years has delivered real outcomes in terms of children safeguarded and offenders apprehended. It has been able to mature under the aegis of SOCA, but it is now clear that the demands of child protection require a stand-alone organisation focusing only on that issue. In this way UK policing will be able to deliver services locally, supported by a world class specialist organisation. In turn, CEOP will be able to strengthen its partnerships with industry
    and the third sector to ensure that it remains just that. Finally, this change will enable the Government to integrate and enhance protective service provision in this area by bringing related services under one roof."

  174. Waiting for a reply from Ed Balls on this. Will I get one?

  175. How long has Gamble been in this job and how many cases of missing children has he come across during his time? Why is it now he suddenly decided to turn Maddie into an iconic missing person? What is so special about this missing child compared to the rest who were probably sexually exploited before death whose fate if not worst is not any better than Maddie?

    Is he shielding them (the mccanns)?

  176. Dont know whether people have seen this before, Gerry McCann spoke at a media law conference in October last year, on this occasion clearly getting access via his pal, who has netted him about a million in toto from hapless Brit newspapers, yes, he wheeps even his former beloved News of the World, who, apparently, upset the Lady Kate in publishing her shocking memoirs apparently intended for Maddie and the twins, what all that talk about paedophiles making her want to rip her skin off or something. Highly suitable and child friendly stuff if I may congratulate you on that Lady Kate if you are looking in. Kids do need to know all about these things after all.

    Watch out for him going to say USE the media and quickly correcting himself for a more suitable word. Do have your sick bucket ready, he starts with his best performance, almost managing a cracked voice on the morning of 4 May, he just wanted to show them the video of that, ah bless I hear you all shriek! I struggled to go right through without throwing something, such is my loathing of this repulsive play actor.

    But CEOP, as Clements points out they are not using that abductor or kidnapper word, that must have pissed Gerry off a tad=)) I cannot see how he is a Gerry mate when he blatantly refuses to stick to the Gerry script, (you have got to admire his bravery there) I promise, time will tell, he is not (a McCanfan I mean) far from it!

  177. In addition to speaking quite lovingly about the News of the World, Gerry also pointed out with touching empathy some kind and gentle words for the McCann family in The Sun, that, apparently, really touched him. Both owned by the incredibly wealthy Rupert Murdoch, there just has to be a link here, given how much Gerry obviously also covets fabulous wealth.

    There are three classes of newspapers in the UK, the dregs, The Sun, The News of the World, The Daily Mirror, The People being the main ones right in the bottom of the sludge. Curiously, quite remarkably unscathed by the attentions of the money grabbing Mr McCann.

    Then there are the slightly better quality papers appealing to a more middle class rather than working class Brit, The Daily Express and The Daily Mail, also The London Evening Standard. These are the papers that have bore the full brunt of Gerry McCann's mucky money grabbing antics but it is true to say they have written some very anti McCanns stuff, as well as Pro McCann. The Daily Express in their heyday were quite contemptuous and writing a Pro article one day and an anti the next. There is still some pretty fierce anti McCann stuff surviving in the Daily Mail, it would seem settlements reached with them were far more hushed up and perhaps their sister paper the London Evening STandard/This is London came in for more of a hammering. It would be interesting to know why?

    Then there are the better class papers, the broadsheets, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent. When you scan these papers it is often possible to find some even worse anti McCann stuff than in the Daily Express or the Daily Mail but odd, completely untouched by Gerry. Would he think he was biting off more than he could chew here, or maybe would he not get the backing of Rupert Murdoch perhaps, his targets being the middle of the road papers?

    Has Gerry deliberately wooed the lowest class papers in UK with the least educated readership? It would seem that way, I have even laughed sometimes at the pro McCanns stories in The Sun and The Daily Mirror including the Daily Mirror's impression of Cyclops a particularly amusing rendition of Cooper man that looked like it was straight out of a kids horror or sci fi mag. But it is not really funny, it is very sinister. To target the welfare benefits of those who know no better than to believe in Team McCann? That is pretty sickening stuff but even they got wise now, I think! Well there are some 14 year olds left who believe Maddie is alive and well, in fact living the life of a princess as she waits for Daddy to go get her once he has dealt with these nasty cops who are stopping him.

    I am sure there is something in all of this! Any thoughts?


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