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Gonçalo Amaral at Lisbon Court

to be translated


  1. The cool calm attitude of GA against the hysterical voice of Kate Mccann...They were livid..'We are British' only a remark like that would come from Mccann..The colonial days are over..Kate reading from a written statement...they did the same when asking for the return of Madeleine..Does nothing come from their hearts?

  2. Heart? where? They hold a cash machine in their chest instead of a heart,otherwise they would not put the Amaral Family to this ordeal.
    No.They have NO heart and they have no shame nor decency.
    I cant help but feel extremely sorry for the twins....They are only two little children,like Ines,like Madeleine...Very very sad

  3. And there goes another fifteen mins of fame for these two.

    "We're British"?

    Fuck off and gimme a break.

    There's no such thing as freedom of speech in Britain.

  4. I doubt the McCanns could be spontaneous if they tried.

    Every word has to be measured and tested.

    After all, a slip of the tongue and all that might reveal?

  5. bravo mr amaral,we are all very proud of you.

  6. 'WE are British' now that's another lie- he's irish born in Co Donegal and with an irish name that's probably not good enough for his arrogant self.

  7. The Sky News are informing that the Mccanns have arrived in Praia da Luz.

  8. Dr Amaral has class.

    The McCanns don't display any class whatsoever. Guarded speech, charmless conversation, with childish outbursts when challenged. Remember Gerry flouncing out the room after the interviewer asked him about giving drugs to the kids).

    They are going to be REALLY MAD if they lose this case and don't get the money they want.

    There will be more people than ever wanting to read the book. In fact, this is very good publicity for the book.

    There is nothing like a banned book to make people want to read it.

  9. Kate has to read from a script as she can't seem to be able to string a sentence together at the best of times.

    Thank god she has given up being a doctor as her next victim, sorry I mean patient probably wouldn't be able to understand what the hell she's saying to them.

    For someone who is supposed to be educated she certainly appears not to be very bright.


  10. I don't know what Mr. Amaral said (but wait patiently and gratefully for the translation), but he looks really nice and sounded very calm.

    I couldn't get over that 'We are British' remark. OMG I was gobsmacked.

  11. It's interesting that Gerry McCann was holding a bunch of red carnations when he got into the car at the end of this report. Perhaps he understands so little about Portuguese culture that he thought this was a merely gift from a well wisher?

  12. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/madeleinemccann/2509693/Madeleine-McCann-Text-of-Kate-McCanns-letter-to-Paulo-Rebelo.html

    Kate Mccanns letter to Paulo Rebelo...asking for information on the case...Kate Mccann refused to return for the reconstruction. I wonder why no one is referring to this and the fact that Rebelo said the Investigation was pointing in the right direction. The refusal of the Mccanns and their friends to return for this vital reconstruction caused the case to fall apart.

  13. A source close to the investigation told The Times: “One of the things they want to do is clarify all the problems so if they want to advance on the McCanns there will be no unanswered questions. They are certain that Madeleine died in the apartment but the question they cannot answer is who took the body and where it went.”

    This from the TIMES...when under Rebolos investigation...

  14. http://www.theinsider.com/photos/785876_Madeleine_McCann_Paulo_Rebelo_Arrives_And_McCanns_To_Brussels

    Is Kate holding a pink blanket with CC?

  15. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/europe/article2741672.ece

    The pink blanket is an 'enigma'

  16. The sight of the McCanns holding the red carnations will enrage the good people of Portugal.

  17. A picture of Kate on the front of the Daily Mail today tells a very different picture to the arrogant one above in the video! Even so, the response page showed easily that 80% of people are not with the McCanns on the subject of GA's book. And what has being British got to do with anything, apart of course, from that same British couple, and their pals, leaving their kids alone night after night while on holiday!

  18. Just wanted to make clear from my last post, both my parents who are 81 and 80 live in a Spanish area and have learnt spanish, also my sister lives in a spanish area and has been learning spanish since arriving there, none of them live in an english enclave.

  19. If Kate is holding a pink blanket, then is this Amelies? and the what looks like a red blanket under that big buggy they were pushing in the pictures taken on 6th or 7th May, Madeleine's blanket?

    In these pictures the McCanns are walking down past the apartment with a funereal look on their faces and sunglasses on. There is something very strange in the closed buggy because it is revealed as the sun reflects on it.

    They come back later minus buggy with much more relaxed looks on their faces and chatting on their mobiles.

    A red blanket is used by one of the main main characters in the childrens TV programme 'In the Night Garden' which was first shown just before Madeleine disappeared.

    The character uses his red blanket not only as a blanket, but also as a sail when he goes off in his little boat and sails out under the stars on the sea into the 'garden of the night'.

    Quite sweet and sad really, but I can see little children wanting a red blanket like he has.

    I trust nothing the McCanns say.

  20. 'We,re British, we fought for freedom of speech.'

    Right on, Gerald - me and you- any time and on any TV channel you care to choose, I'll pay my own expenses, my travel, overnight accom. etc. One condition: I ask the questions that reaaly need to be answered - you know the ones - unhindered ( that means with no interference from your 'team'). Get in touch via this site. We all know it's 'monitored' by you lot. An injection (oops) of some good old fashioned 'British' free-speech is just what this case needs, I would say.

    bob the bluebird


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