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Gonçalo Amaral’s new book promises more controversy

In a new book, Amaral attacks everyone who wants to silence him

by Rute Coelho and Miguel Ferreira

It is called “The Gag” and the launch, which will be handled by a Spanish editor, will be a major event. In his book, Gonçalo Amaral focuses on the McCanns and on everyone who has an interest in his silence

From his hasty exit from the Polícia Judiciária following the Maddie case and the nuisances with Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer, who accused him of torturing his client, passing through the more present situation of the injunction that was requested by the McCanns and the consequent arrest of his assets. About all of this – including notes from his personal life – did Gonçalo Amaral write in his new book “The Gag”, that is published by a Spanish editor and will be launched soon, as 24horas was able to establish.

“The Gag” is the name that was chosen by Gonçalo Amaral for his news book that is launched by a Spanish editor. The McCanns’ injunction will be opposed.

“Gonçalo Amaral has explained to me that he is not authorised, due to the contract that he has with the foreign editor, to speak about the book or about its launch. The editor wants it to be a major surprise”, 24horas was told by António Cabrita, Amaral’s lawyer. Apparently gagged even by the editor, Gonçalo Amaral can say nothing about the new literary “bomb”.

His lawyer only advanced that it will be a “book about the right to opinion and to freedom of expression” and added that Gonçalo Amaral “counted on the support of a jurist that helped him with certain concepts”.

Thesis about Maddie is left out

António Cabrita stressed that Amaral could not make any considerations about the disappearance of the English girl in the Algarve. “Due to the McCanns’ injunction on the book ‘The Truth about the Lie’, he is forbidden from divulging the thesis that Madeleine died from an accident in the apartment and that the parents were suspects in concealing the cadaver”, the lawyer said.

Forbidden from speaking about the case, Manuel S. Fonseca, head of Guerra & Paz – the editor of the book “Maddie, the Truth about the Lie” that takes part in the opposition against the McCanns’ injunction – could only confirm to 24horas that the new book will not be published by his editing house.

Cabrita stressed the “financial suffocation” that Gonçalo Amaral has suffered through the McCanns’ injunction. This is due to the Lisbon Civil Court ordering the arrest of profits that are obtained from the sale of the book “Maddie, the Truth about the Lie”. All profits from sales of the book will be arrested for the eventual payment of a compensation of 1.2 million euros that has been demanded by the English couple.

“We have opposed the compensation request but not the arrest of assets, because Gonçalo has not been notified of the fundaments for the decision yet, so he can oppose it”, said António Cabrita. The lawyer defends Amaral for free.

Witnesses heard on the 11th

On the 11th this month, the 13th Civil Court of Lisbon is going to hear a series of witnesses that were indicated by Gonçalo Amaral and by editor Guerra e Paz and the producer Valentim de Carvalho (which produced the documentary that was based on the book), the parties that are involved in the opposition to the McCanns’ injunction, Amaral’s lawyer confirmed to 24horas. Gonçalo Amaral does not have to attend the session, only the witnesses that he indicated. According to an initial information that was advanced by a source close to the former PJ coordinator, the book launch would be scheduled for that date. But neither Amaral nor his lawyer confirmed that information.

source: 24Horas, paper edition, 04.12.2009


  1. so if Goncalo Amaral doesn't have to be there on the 11th, why are the McCanns going to be there? If they are looking for a face-to-face with Mr Amaral, they may just be a teeny bit disappointed.

  2. Sorry anonymous @ 1, I'm sure they will be relieved. They are scared to death to the point that GA is the last person on earth they want to see face to face. Besides, they already made sure that IF they appear in court, GA doesn't show up. Courageous couple ~x(

  3. No,the mccanns wont be "disappointed": they will sight with relief IF he does not go which I personally doubt very much.But they MUST go....if only to show some sort of interest and responsable behaviour because they"ve dragged their kids in this new charade,havent they?
    This pair of cowards disgusts me to the deepest of my .They would take any opportunity to avoid to go back to Portugal,anything will do....fb

  4. Thanks for this news.
    When do you think this will be printed in an English version please.

  5. I'll buy it and I'll read it, no matter how long it takes to translate it from Spanish with my little dictionary :D

    Once a writer, always a writer. Forward, Dr Amaral, just keep on moving forward!

  6. anonym 4, no idea, it all depends on the Spanish Publishing house I suppose.

  7. Dan wrote, Its just another publicity outing for the McScums,
    this is interesting reading, http://dan-juandan.blogspot.com/2009/11/is-gerry-mccann-freemason.html

  8. Sounds like an interesting book! I wondered what had happened to it- now we know :) Good luck with everything Sr Amaral!

  9. I love how Mr Cabrita tells what Mr Amaral cannot reveal. Excellent!

  10. please god in heven give this couple no rest as long has thay live.never in there hearts or in there mineds. there punishing mr amaral for fighting for justic so little madeleine can be found. and to rest in peace and to give this couple what thay desirve . good luck mr amaral.

  11. Looks like the McCanns have swallowed more than they can chew with Amaral.

  12. @ post # 9, that made me smile! Excellently done, Mr Cabrita :D. Now, I have to give much respect to the Spanish publishing house who has taken the book on knowing what they're potentially up against! Onwards and upwards I say!

  13. Antonio Cabrera " He is forbidden from divulging the thesis Madeleine died from an accident in the appartment and that the parents were suspects in concealing the cadaver"
    =)) =))

    Força Gonçalo!!!

  14. Yes GA seems to have a good friend in Antonio Cabrera...nothing mentioned about others repeating the accident in the apartment or anything else for that matter.GA may not win round one but the fight is not yet over it would seem. You cant keep a good cop down.

  15. No 1 stated
    so if Goncalo Amaral doesn't have to be there on the 11th, why are the McCanns going to be there?

    Could it be Amaral HAS named them as witnesses so they HAVE to attend - class opening move if he has

  16. Spain is not Portugal and the Mccanns as you will remember from the Poll taken there were not believed by a very high majority of people. Spaniards spit on the floor when it comes to neglecting a child.. It is also not forgotten how the Mccanns used Mari Luz Cortez..Remember her, the little 5 year old that was killed by a neighbour...How quickly the Mccanns grabbed onto this case. They used Mari Luzs photograph without the parents consent for their own self serving agenda. The moment Mari luz was found dead they dropped her like a hot potato..the Mccanns do not want dead children only live ones with paedophiles...They want us all to think that madeleine will be another Jaycee.Do they realise what they are saying...madeleine was 3 years old. We all know what happened to Jaycee. The Mccanns seem happy to believe this is also happening to madeleine.The Mccanns are a pair of very sick people. IMHO

  17. Anon 15 it is a photo call the Mccanns will not miss out on a chance to be once more in the lime light.

  18. Although it is claimed that Amaral doesn't need to be in court on Friday, I doubt he won't be present if the McCanns will be in attendance. If nothing else, he needs to be able to look in the eyes of the couple who have caused he so much hurt and misery for nearly 3 years! Perhaps, it will also be therapeutic for the McCanns to look into Amaral's eyes. That may prick their conscience assuming they have one!

  19. Yes Anon at 15, perhaps they are having to attend as witnesses and there are questions that have been reqested they answer, even Kate McCann may have to speak this time as she certainly wouldn't for the investigators.

    What would it look like in court if she refused to answer before the judge.

  20. "It is called “The Gag” and the launch, which will be handled by a Spanish editor, will be a major event."

    "Que viva España!"
    La gente canta con ardor
    "Que Viva España"
    La vida tiene otro Sabor
    Y España es la Mejor!

    I salute the courage and integrity of "nuestros hermanos", namelly the publisher! Well done!

  21. Oh, forgot to add, my deepest gratitude and admiration for the Honourable Dr. António Cabrita who is defending Dr. Amaral pro bono. I was not aware of that, it's a wonderful example of solidarity. May God bless and protect them both.

  22. I hope GA does face the McCanns in court. If he doesn't show up I dread to see the headlines in the U.K. press. "Disgraced Amaral doesn't turn up to face Maddie's distraught parents."

  23. Mushroom Head @ post # 16, could have put it better! Spot on!!

  24. Espero que la Jueza revoque la medida cautelar. Espero que razone. Si razona seguro que levanta la medida. Señorita Jueza, please. DIGNIDAD.


  25. no22 You have a point there but I think we all know that even if he does appear in court, the McCanns PR will still spin it to suit their own agenda.

  26. I'd like to think that things are now hotting up for the McCanns, though I've said that too many times before. It's good though that Amaral and his publishers are fighting the McCanns in court, by calling witnesses etc. Hopefully in his "Gag" book Amaral will arrive at some CLEAR conclusions as to why he was gagged - perhaps he will specify whether it is to do with national security, UK Government scandal, PT Government scandal, child abuse, or some other VIP bigwig.
    I see the parents of the 8 year old girl who hanged herself are being prosecuted for neglect, no "they've suffered enough" let-off for them.

  27. I was reading about how the UK cops were listening to the interviews of the McCanns from a room next door, and were even feeding questions to be asked them.

    It would be hard to believe that they did not come away with the same impression of the McCanns that the PJ got, and that they will not have changed their minds even if they were called off the case by a higher power.

    What did they make of Kate McCann and her refusal to answer the questions? That must be hard for them to forget.

    Didn't Dr Amaral say that one of them took off his Madeleine wrist band and threw it in the bin. And another was so convinced that Madeleine was dead he was going and searching for her body himself.

    The truth will emerge eventually.

  28. ShuBob 18 - Your last sentence made me giggle - conscience? They do not possess a conscience at all, their behaviour has proved that no conscience exists - they are narcissists remember. They could not have got this far and done the outrageous things they have if they had even the tiniest glimmer of conscience.

  29. i don't really think the McCann's care who they look at eye-to-eye in court - they are pathological liars, they've convinced themselves they've done nothing outside of "reasonable realms of parenting" -

    they don't give a toss for the man that they've systematically destroyed over the last 3 years - they've ruined enough other lives with their supposed sightings, pedalling their lies to save their sad wrinkled little skin

  30. Could it be that Dr Amaral is not showing up because he knows that the case is already fixed in favour of the McCanns, and his book is the reply to that?

    I hope not, but am of the impression that the McCanns don't show up for something when there is nothing in it for them. Even if they were ordered to by a court, am under the impression that some excuse or other would be given to prevent them appearing.

    I hope I am wrong.

  31. Anon 27 - someone wrote (can`t remember if it was in Joana`s blog or not) that they had friends in the UK police force and the opinion of most police officers is that the Ms are highly suspect.

  32. The McCanns should be out looking for their child instead of wasting the Find Madeleine Funds on Legal matters.

  33. Citizens in Defence of Rights and Freedoms – Project Justice Gonçalo Amaral

    Manifestation of Support for Gonçalo Amaral
    Manifestação de Apoio ao Gonçalo Amaral

    Type: Causes - Rally

    Network: Global

    Date: Friday, December 11, 2009

    Time: 9:45am - 1:05pm

    Event Description:
    Interlocutory proceedings on the case of the McCanns' allegations vs Gonçalo Amaral.

    If you can be in Portugal on the 11th of December, please let us know. We are planning a demonstration in Lisbon. Prepare your posters and slogans!

    Bring a Gag, traga uma mordaça.

    Time: December 11, 2009 , from 9:45 am

    Location: Lisbon

    Will be updated as details are confirmed.

    Organized By: Justice and Truth/PJGA

    If you'd like to be present, please contact us and stay in touch with us for updates.

    Presumed location:
    13ª/14ª Vara Cível
    Rua Marquês de Fronteira - Palácio da Justiça - 1098-001 Lisboa

    ps. GA will attend the hearing.

    join facebook group http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/group.php?gid=197329129103 or Justice and Truth at http://justiceandtruth.ning.com/ to receive more updates

  34. adding some info regarding the McCanns: The McCanns do not have to attend the court hearing, they can sent a legal representative in their place, like Isabel Duarte or Rogério Alves. Only on the 11th of the December we will know if they are going to be present on this first hearing at Lisbon's Civil Court.

    NOTE from astro:

    Please keep in mind that this is merely a hearing of some of the witnesses that have been summoned by Mr Amaral's defence. This is a hearing that is related only to the appeal against the injunction. Neither Mr Amaral nor the McCanns are obliged to appear in court. Only the witnesses that have been summoned to the hearing are obliged to appear in court that day.

    This is NOT the main trial.

    from http://themaddiecasefiles.com/topic4672.html

  35. Thank you for clarifying matters Joana and Astro. You can bet I would be there if I lived in Lisbon. My thoughts will be with Mr. Amaral. But as you say, this is not the main trial.

    Louise [with Mercury in Aquarius (freedom of speech)]

  36. Oh, that sounds interesting, Joana. Bring a gag lol.

  37. Thanks Joana for the update on GA. Not for a moment did I think he would miss the hearing ;)

  38. Fico muito satisfeita por terem pensado numa manisfestação junto ao tribunal dia 11. Vou levar as pessoas que eu puder. Passem a palavra nas Faculdades (a malta nova é muito generosa e agarra as boas causas, ao contrários de algumas pessoas das nossas famílias, generally speaking).
    Vou conhecer-te finalmente Joana?
    Até lá,

    P.s. o número 11 pode ser um bom presságio!

  39. If I could be there, I'd come as Clarence Mitchell- in a baby pink babygrow and bunny ears!

  40. boa Alexandra, finalmente vamos-nos conhecer, e tomar o tal café combinado há uns meses. beijinhos, depois envio-te um email para combinarmos detalhes para o dia 11 ;)

  41. So if the McCanns lose their case will it be all speed ahead for the book to be printed in UK? Do hope so, and not before time.

    It could always be advertised as 'the book the McCanns tried to ban because they didn't want people to read 'the TRUTH of the lie''.

    There is nothing people like better than to read a book that is banned but they have managed to get hold of, or a book that somebody has tried to ban.

    Here's hoping the McCanns lose and freedom from book burning reinstated.

    By the way, would the McCann still have being going ahead with this case if there had been no money for them to grab from Sr Amaral?

    If not, all their arguments as to why they are doing it are specious. There is a good argument to be made that this is the case because why wait until the book has been read by thousands, and the money had been made, before they try and stop the book.

    Bet Judge Judy would be straight onto asking that one. Doubt they would get their argument for the banning past her.

  42. please read today's updates posted at PJGA http://pjga.blogspot.com/

    good evening to all, until tomorrow :)

  43. Yeah, it is not a crazy idea.
    Maybe Amaral is calling the McCanns as witnesses and they have to present themselves on the first day.
    Just bureaucracy, all witnesses have to present themselves.
    This could be the reason why the McCanns are going to Lisbon.
    Because some time ago they announced they would go back to Luz.
    Later they said they would go to Lisbon.
    A witness is always obliged to show up, when Justice calls him/her.
    This is very well possible.

  44. Have just seen the Mcs Port. lawyer on Tv. news. Rogerio Alves, probably another fraudster as well ???? A witness/ arguido , from the Universidade Independente case, declared that Mr Alves was unduly paid 90 000 euros ...... lol, and considering that this guy is also into the soccer bus. It makes me wonder....... think...... and discuss. Freedom of Expression, as I call it. lol another patrone will bite the dust.

  45. Joana, apenas para dizer que apesar de estar a trabalhar nesse dia, como deves calcular, a minha cabeça estará noutro sítio. Um beijo enorme.

  46. Independente: Ex-bastonário Rogério Alves diz ser "falso" financiamento da sua campanha pela UNI

    http://sic.sapo.pt/online/noticias/ultimas/2009/12/04/independente-ex-bastonario-rogerio-alves-diz-ser-falso-financiamento-da-sua-campanha-pela-uni.htm :)) genial!!

  47. e continua Lima de Carvalho revela desvio de dinheiro para financiar campanha do PSD e viagens de deputados


  48. Mccann's Portuguese lawyer Rogério Alves, former head of the Portuguese bar allegedly involved in UNI/PSD corruption case http://dn.sapo.pt/inicio/portugal/interior.aspx?content_id=1439122

  49. =)) Rogerio Alves =)) abogado de los mccies =)) otro ala!!!! que me estoy meando de risaaaaa .....es el colmo!!!which credibility that pair of malfrats has?

  50. If possible, please can we have an update in English so we can follow what is going on with this Rogerio Alves news.

  51. Its much appreciated that Mr. Amaral has sent his thanks to all those who are supporting him - I received an email thanking me for donating - I didn`t expect it because I didn`t donate much. His thanks meant a lot to me and if I was rich I would send him much much more.

  52. If what I am understanding is correct, the McCanns certainly do pick em!!

  53. Oh dear! The McCanns are not having a good week, are they? Couldn't have happened to a more deserving couple =))

  54. Is anyone in Team McCann straight =))

  55. A BOMB IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE INVOLVING ANOTHER MCCANN'S MAIN CHARACTER, EVEN IF HE REFUSED WHAT WAS DENNOUNCED CLAMING THAT IS FALSE: one of the arguidos in " Universidade Independente" process denounced today, in a trial, that a generous amount of the Independent University, was taked from the university to Suport ROGERIO ALVES ( Mccann's lawyer) in his campaign to be the HEAD OF " ORDEM DOS ADVOGADOS". The news are reported on some newspaper. ANNOTHER DARK STORY SURROUNDING PEOPLE WHICH SUPORT THE MCCANN'S. THE CASTLE IS FALLING DOWNN LIKE DOMINO PIECES. If this is true... show us which type of people agree to suport the Mccann's on their charade against a litle unprotected girl which by accident is their daughter. HOT TIME FOR MR. ROGERIO ALVES AND VERY, VERY HOT FOR MCCANN'S.

    I hope thousands of people in Lisbon join Joana and all who seek justice for Amaral and Maddie, on next Dec. 11. IF YOU ARE IN PORTUGAL, IF YOU CAN GO... Don't miss that oportunnity to show our indignity and how we disagree with all the games which justice is playing in Portugal. Unfortunatly I'm out of the country but I'm passing the message to all my friends there. I invite everybody to do the same. Now it is time to act and get out of the backstage, not only for Madeleine and G. Amaral, but also for all the little girls and all the polices, to prevent a situation like that to hapen again in the futur.

  56. Joana, divulguem a manifeatacao a favor de G. Amaral nas universidades e criem um slogan para mandarmos por e-mail. E importante divulgar por todos os meios.

  57. Rogerio Alves bem esperneia gritando que o desvio de dinheiro e falso. Na verdade onde ha fumo, ha fogo. Depois qual era o interesse do arguido Lima de Carvalho, denunciar esta situacao?

    Caros Mccann, "UM DIA A CASA VEM ABAIXO" e quando vier, que nauseabundo vai ser o cheiro do entulho...

  58. I cant see how the mccanns can win without more serious corruption in justice!

    The case was archived not closed !

    It was archived covering the possibility that Goncalo's book suggests.
    Granted Abduction was a thesis also (even though all the evidence points to what Goncalo is saying)....

    anyway has this rosiepops character along with others written a book promoting the abduction scenario?
    I believe it was sold from a supermarket chain?
    So will that book be used for the mccanns downfall...sweet justice that would be....there own supporters contributing to their demise!

    If the case was archived covering all scenarios then surely that book must be pulled also?
    surely the publishing of that book ( done in retaliation ) consolidates Goncalo's truth of the lie book.

    I just dont understand the continual double standards been imposed and what makes it worse, is by the judicial system that Goncalo has gave his life to serving.

    good luck everybody.
    Your day will come !


  59. Buena suerte con su nuevo libro Sr. Amaral. Estamos detras de vos.

  60. nada com o caso aqui mas publico título de notícia em teletext holandês:

    "Mulher desabrigada proibida de sair na rua."

    O juiz que deu esta sentenca deve ser a Kate.

  61. Good news.

    And brilliant news on the Kerchner case - showing that media manipulation does not always win the day!

  62. 43, I agree with you.
    Probably the first day will be only to register all witnesses who will take part on the process, identifiend themselves, showing their documents etc.
    And the judge will fix a new date, when they can start the inquire.
    If the McCanns are going as witnesses, requested by Amaral, they must be feeling uncomfortable with the situation.
    They did not mean the video One Minute for Madeleine.
    They did not want Halligen to get arrested.
    And they don't want to be questioned by Cabrita or Amaral.
    What a bad luck!

  63. It appears Amaral isn't going to back down.
    Maybe he feels he has nothing more to lose.

    This segment of the McCann case really saddens/angers me because what the McCann's have done to so many people and institutions is downright dirty.

    If anyone needs to be gagged it's Gerry and Kate McCann. One day, hopefully, they'll reap what they have so wrecklessly sowed.

  64. "And brilliant news on the Kerchner case - showing that media manipulation does not always win the day!"

    What on earth does that mean? Are you saying that you're thrilled about such a clearly unsafe conviction?

  65. Joana, you may want to consider distributing information similar to what's contained in Tony Bennett's "10 Reasons" leaflet (which I believe hasn't been Carter Rucked) during your Lisbon match. People need to be made aware of the facts.

  66. @65...unsafe conviction?...Were you party to all the evidence produced throughout the 11 month trial then?

  67. All convictions are unsafe in the hands of millionaire lawyers.

    Read the Kerchner murder evidence and you see a familiar tale unfold of rapidly changing witness statements, crucial forensic evidence being dismissed with a wave of the hand, unwarranted allegations of police malpractice, ethnic stereotyping, and false accusations made by the perpetrators against innocent parties. And on top of that a lot of media manipulation.

    All very, very familiar.

  68. I came to the conclusion by myself that the child had not been abducted. I found this site by myself too. Yes!!!! I'm sure many many more people feel the same way and have found this site. Go Amaral! And thank you for this site which seeks the truth.

  69. The McCanns should question why with all the power they supposedly have with top lawyers and PR people that people are still suspicious of them. That has nothing to do with Amaral! Why are people gravitated towards believing Amaral and not them? They are the root of their own problems! The now defunct Mirror forum proved beyond doubt that people were suspicious of them right from the very beginning- long before Amaral was named by the press as the head of the investigation!

  70. Força Gonçalo Amaral!

  71. Good luck to the demonstrators in Lisbon, I hope you have a good turn out, and I hope that Portuguese law will be biting certian people on the bum on the 11th. Thanks Joana for bringing us all the news from Portugal and giving us a safe haven to discuss this case. All much appreciated!!!

  72. Can anyone tell us when this book,The English Gag, and the previous one, The Truth of The Lie will be available in English, there are millions of us would like to read the facts.

  73. when can we get the books in English please ?

  74. If she died in an accident why was there blood all over the wall and floor. There is more to the death than meets the eye. It was no accident. Perhaps we should ask David Payne what he did to the little girl,

  75. Is this available free online in either Spanish or English?

    1. It's in Portuguese only, sorry. Some links that may interest you https://joana-morais.blogspot.pt/2009/12/locards-truth-preface-to-english-gag.html and http://frommybigdesk.blogspot.pt/2010/01/maddie-truth-of-lie.html


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