1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Hypocrisy Award 2009

«I came for the trial tomorrow. We are here to make sure that Freedom of Expression does not allow to distort the truth. And [Gonçalo Amaral] distorted the truth. We are not here because of him. Law will produce justice.» said Gerry McCann upon arrival at Lisbon Airport.

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  1. I see they already have the 'poor victims us' look on their faces.

  2. Lets Hope Justice Prevails.

  3. After seeing this photo how I wish that all people could see the pictures of them laughing like they are elated a few days after Madeleine had vanished. What to make of that.

    Impossible to fathom these characters.

    I read somewhere recently that Kate McCann was like skeletal thin, implying that must mean she couldn't eat because of worry for Madeleine.

    But I was thinking maybe if she didn't do so much running she could save on the calories and be a bit fatter!

    Are we to expect another bleating and whining speech from this pair? I hope not.

  4. Well Gerry, you should know something about 'distortion of truth', yet you have been allowed plenty of freedom of expression.

    More's the pity!

    No way, but your way, eh Gerry.

    Control freakery or what?

  5. They look really bad.
    The hurricane is blowing towards them.
    One Minute for Madeleine, Halligen and now Lisbon.
    Whatever is happening, they are suffering and a lot.
    I would have become insane.
    I bet they are sicker than Mr.Cabrita's assistent.
    They look to bad to be sure they will win.

  6. The McCanns should also be given the arrogancy award for trying to impose their will on everybody who disagrees with them.

    Even Royalty don't do that.

    When is Kate McCann going to answer the questions?

    Please open the case Portugal, and get her to answer the questions regarding the disappearance of her daughter. Or will she still refuse? If so, she would have to be made an arguido and then what would people think?

    These people think they are a law unto themselves and have been allowed to get away with it because people don't like to go against these 'poor grieving parents'. 'Poor frail Kate' how could Sr Amaral write such a book. It should be banned of course, because Kate is so frail looking. That is the line they take.

    Are we in for more lip quivering? I don't doubt it.

    Yet I think we all remember what happened when they thought the camera was stopped and their faces lit up like it was a joke or something.

    If they had been really poor and working class they would no doubt have been given a prison sentence for leaving their kids night after night and one coming to grief. Those working class people would not have had a high paid spokesman to tell a load of lies for them, and really distort the truth.

    But that is the McCanns for you.


    The McCann decree it.

    Bloody arrogant dictator.

  7. Maybe Dr. Amaral should show the photos of what would have been Madeleine's 4th birthday if her parents just would have taken care of her. Show how they "celebrated" that sad event. And all the other photos that show how happy looking this pathetic heartbroken parents are.
    Those and all the other photos, none of them showing the parents actually searching.

  8. Great photo. Gerry with his head unnaturally high. Superior? Arrogant?
    Kate? Tries to immitate Gerry but it's a poor attempt. Gerry is a much better actor. Result of two and half years of life in front of the cameras.

  9. Maybe the newspapers should be sent the pictures of the happy, laughing parents 10 days after Madeleine disappeared? I mean, Gerry McCann wouldn't want to 'distort the truth', would he, by having people think they were actually sad or upset around the time they were saying their daughter had been taken by paedophiles?

    There are lots of those same types of photos taken in the early days and there are lots of things said by the McCanns (the giving the abductor her 'tuppenceworth', said by Madeleine's mother, or the 'good marketing ploy' about Madeleine's coloboma, said by her father) that need some more publicity, so that the truth doesn't get distorted any more than it already has been.

    Sorry, Gerry, but there are too many people with the knowledge of the things you and Kate have said and done in this case, many people with longer and more accurate memories than yours. No matter the outcome of this latest court action of yours, those people will still be here, still making sure the truth won't get distorted for ever. I think we can promise you that.

  10. How much of the Find Madeleine Fund have this pair squandered on needless air flights, hotels, designer clothes,hiring useless detectives etc? If they spent more time co-operating with the police and pushing for a reopening of the case, and less time trying to fill the celebrity gap,they might just gain a bit of credibility! They are crying wolf far too often!

  11. Sky News was on the TV this morning, but I was in a different room so I could only hear it, not see it. Gerry McCann sounded almost hysterical, in my opinion. He was trying to be the 'hard man', in Portugal to sort out Gonçalo Amaral, but his voice kept rising at the end of each sentence in a most unnatural way, almost as if he was panicking about something. What he said was so arrogant, though - how DARE the McCanns tell other people what is the truth and what is distorted, when they can't even prove their version of events and have contradicted themselves so often in the past two and a half years?!

  12. I have always tried to see this from both sides & I know it must be the most traumatic thing imaginable loosing a child in this way. It must be beyond unbearable if you are innocent parents but the finger of suspicion is being pointed at you. However, the way the McCann's go about things only adds fuel to the fire IMO.

    Gerry McCann: “We are here to make sure that Freedom of Expression does not distort the truth.”
    I see nothing wrong with that, but he has forgotten they chose Freedom of Silence, and did not answer all the questions which made it more difficult to get to the truth. All that is written in the book are the facts of the findings to-date and nothing more.

    They claim to have innocent explanations to everything, but they have never attempted to give those explanations and I see no reason for that if they are innocent.. When asked about the dogs markings Gerry replied “ask the dogs”. I hardly call that an innocent explanation, more like arrogant and childish.

    IMO they themselves are the ones that make people question their innocence by their failure to demand the case to be re-opened and ensure that all evidence from all sources is centralised.

    I still believe that even if they had nothing to do with Madeleine's disappearance, they are hiding something which is more important to them than coming clean about it in order to alleviate doubt, and getting everyone focused on an abduction. That is what they expect everyone else to do but they themselves will not do what it takes to make this possible.

    I conclude that instead of trying to blame everyone else they take a long hard look at themselves because the blame for Madeleine's demise etc. lays firmly at their door one way or another and their self created media circus is now working against them because they have just taken it all too far and think they are something that they are not.

  13. Freedom of expression?
    What a pompous arrogant little twerp Gerry McCann is.

    The UK press does not allow comments on articles about the McCanns.
    The Scum Online censors any discussion about the ghastly duo. There was a long McCann thread in the MyScum's discussions yesterday evening, but it had been deleted by this morning.

    -Rhetorical question- What is so special about these two despicable individuals that they have freedom of expression but we don't?

    I long for their downfall.

  14. How on earth do this pair manage to sleep at night?

  15. "Arrogant goes before destruction, pride precedes the fall: ;;) ;;) "

    It is said that fear makes arrogant! So .. arrogant attempts were made to impress .. and make better blind others ...

    Yes, the attitude of GMC as this picture suggests that the affected right now.
    And poor Kate, after plays his shadow, Kate can not be separated from her man, sad!

    Imagine Kate herself, single, suddenly, how it can escape from this treacherous trap in which they are submerged? Could do without his mentor?

    Anyway, this couple did not seem upset to tread new ground in Portuguese, on their clothes again for any attack that former police officer, and fill their pockets with impunity with no real element and justified As evidence.

    Have they not enough? after the massive waves that were triggered during the transition in May 2007, a period marked by so much damage and the consequences of all kinds, in the Algarve, which reflects an image serene and where it was good to come to rest!

    However, only one question remains in the heart of all: what happened to Madeleine? only you, Mac Cann, you know!
    So why are you still coming here and how dare you come and beg for something new in order to fill your pockets?

    They come on at once in their briefcase, and in their heart that visceral hatred against the former Inspector Amaral, who has done so much to try to solve the disappearance of their daughter and they intend to destroy it talk more but without realizing they are expected by the police who were in the investigation at that time and certainly have settled well and are well equipped to answer!
    They do not have foreseen such a deployment! and yes, it's the surprise ... you can continue to be arrogant Mr & Me Mac Cann ... it masks your anxiety!

    It should be noted that this couple would have had to show as much conviction and energy over the hearings of 2007, as shown on their arrival here in Portugal!

    One day perhaps someone will demonstrate that the proverb suggests:
    who is believed to be taken!

  16. why does Gerry feel its his right to distort the truth, have freedom of speech to insult whom he wants, and Snr Amaral no. The tightly gripped hands tells us a lot Gerry, ask any psych, maybe you are here to insist the case is reopened, thats what any grieving parent would do, or is there another item on the agenda when you visit Luz, making sure no stone has been unturned.

  17. As I have said on countless occasions ,all this case needs to wrap it up is for the Mc Scams to take a lie detector test,If it were me in their position I would offer to take it ,their reluctance to take it speaks volumes ...why are they not forced to take it ?

  18. The McCanns having the gall to accuse someone else of 'distortion of the truth'- another one to add to the 'wtf moments' thread on your forum, Joana.


  19. Now!!!! answer the questions Witch Mccann!!

  20. They look like walking on some crucifixion path. And in fact denying is long term crucifixion. But they have NO CHOICE anymore. They only can hope that, lacking evidence, doubt will be eternal. Their strong point is to be a couple. No ties are stronger than shared lies.

  21. Talk about distorting the truth!!!
    I'm not aware that Mr. Amaral is the one who employs a spin doctor...

  22. To quote, "And [Gonçalo Amaral] distorted the truth."

    What truth is that then? Why is the McCann's 'truth' the real truth. What proof of their 'truth' is there?

    Truth, at the end of the day, is something that is definite. It is an actual happening which is corroborated by evidence. What the McCann's have is fiction, speculation, belief some might say, but definitely not the truth.

    Mr Amaral, on the other hand, has the truth of what the investigation revealed. Is it that truth they think is distorted?

    Because Mr Amaral believes in the dogs findings and they think that two very highly trained and experienced dogs are unreliable?

    Because Mr Amaral believes the Smith family when they say they saw a man carrying a child towards the beach but their witness Jane Tanner saw egg-man walking with a child the opposite way?

    Who are the real distorters of the truth? Answer: THEY ARE!

  23. GM Quote : " We are here to make sure that Freedom of Expression does not allow to distort the truth."

    ............ unless it is us that are doing it.

    Is how the sentence should have been finished.

  24. I hope that this case results in a reopening of the case.

    And that the McCanns are questioned again, also that there is a warrant to take the dogs in to search their house and garden.

    Have they recently had any work done on the house?

    Have they planted any trees or foliage in the garden?

    Madeleine may have been hidden in Algarve, but it is now two and a half years on, and she may have since be moved.

    The McCanns should have been thoroughly checked out, not only in Portugal but including back in UK.

    The credit cards information should be requested again and the child's medical records.

    It is about time all these things were done, and now with Sr Amaral's book telling that there was difficulty caused by UK authority to gain access to this information, the people of UK will be watching closely to see that there will be access in future.

    They will have been informed by the book what went on previously and will want answers.

    Until, the McCanns have been thoroughly investigated and cleared how can this case move on?

  25. I think Kate Maccann looks VERY frightened also the I feel the trip to prai louz was to say good bye to Little Maddy - Wonder why She feels closer to Maddie when she is by the Sea so many unanswered questions so many lies RE OPEN THE CASE !!!!!!!


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