1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

'I am the same Citizen who Believes in the Values of Justice and of Freedom'

The former Maddie case inspector tells how his life turned into hell after the injunction. His wife had to undergo shock therapy against depression.

Is ‘The English Gag’ a book to counter-attack the McCanns?

‘The English Gag’ is a book that was written from the point of view of defence and revolt against a decision that I consider to be unconstitutional, therefore against the law. It is a counter-attack from those who defend the “planned and premeditated abduction theory”, which, to say the least, offends the intelligence of any policeman, anywhere in the world. Even that of a common citizen…

Do you feel gagged?

I have no doubts about the “gag” that people wanted to impose on me, even when I was still a Polícia Judiciária coordinator. But I won’t be silenced, and I won’t stop trying to discover the truth. This is no obsession; the truth is a principle.

Why is [the book] published by a Spanish editor?

Because no Portuguese editor was brave enough to publish it. And this has nothing to do with any “conspiracy”, I think it is the fear that the editors feel of suffering major financial damages due to a hypothetical injunction, in fact an “undercover” prohibition. This is Portuguese censorship, which returns 35 years after the Spring of ’74 [revolution of the 25th of April 1974, which restored democracy in Portugal], with the agreement of our own judicial system.

Did you feel the need to portray a bit of your family life, namely in the chapter where you speak about your daughters and where you describe some emotions and situations that happened with them and with [your wife] Sofia?

Those who attack me should not forget that I am a “head of family”, with a wife and daughters, with other relatives and also with friends. Which is to say, I’m a citizen like so many others. I am not, nor have I ever been, that which my detractors want to make me look like. On the other hand, my family has suffered just as much or even more (if suffering is measurable at all) than those who attack us. To speak about family is to focus on the core issue, on what is important, on what matters above everything else.

The injunction that is being fought by you in court, which prohibits the sale of the book ‘Maddie – The Truth about the Lie’, the consequent seizure of assets and the freezing of all of your income sources, has this shaken you financially and emotionally?

It is an attack on all fronts, with the purpose of asphyxiating me economically, and putting my capacity of defence at stake. Just to give you an idea, for me to fight the main action, which demands 1.2 million euros from me, I will have to pay judicial expenses that amount to approximately 30 thousand euros. Firstly, I pay, and only then I am able to oppose [the action]. I think I answered that clearly. Given the fact that the judicial costs are indexed to the requested amount, [the plaintiffs] demand a lot, to prevent me from reacting. This is how it works for citizen Gonçalo Amaral or for (almost) any other Portuguese. The seizure of rights and assets is not a consequence of the request, it is a process “on the side”, which seeks to reinforce the asphyxia. An arrest is not obligatory when there is a request for compensation. But if both processes run simultaneously, as is the case, they ask a fortune from me, I have to pay in order to be heard, and I cannot use the means that I gained legally from my work, to defend myself.

According to the family’s British lawyer, Ed Smethurst, Madeleine McCann’s parents defend that you produced “continuous and gross” statements about the little girl’s disappearance…

Given the fact that the injunction, apart from everything else, also forbids me from speaking about the contents of the book ‘Maddie – The Truth about the Lie’, I can only tell you that what is written in there is based on the process that supported the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Madeleine McCann. On the limit, it is a duly based technical opinion.

Are you confident, concerning the court’s decision?

I have no doubts. I am sure that the judicial system will work and that it will declare the unconstitutionality of the decisions that have been made so far, in a provisory manner.

What are you going to try to prove?

That in Portugal, in 2009, it is not possible to limit responsible freedom of expression.

Is the injunction only valid in Portugal?

Yes. There is neither in Portugal, nor anywhere else in the world, a court that is competent beyond its territorial jurisdiction, which is to say, beyond its borders. That is why apparently the couple’s lawyers seem to be on a world tour, selling the provisional injunction as if it were definitive, in the countries where the book is on sale.

Explain the arrest to me. Are you unable to touch anything that you own?

I would like to explain the contents of the arrest to you, but I do not know the specific decision that it is based upon, because, strangely enough, I have never been notified.

The McCanns have filed an action against you in which they demand a compensation of 1.2 million euros. Do you consider the possibility that you might lose and have to pay them that amount?

I consider the possibility of, and because I owe them nothing, apart from the damages that my family and me are suffering, me counter-attacking and demanding that or any other value from them. Which is to say, what they are doing to me, can also be done to them. Some people call it “karma”, or “you reap what you sow”. That is not the intention. It is a matter of following the judicial instruments that are available to citizens.

Have these two years been difficult?

If the path was easy, what would our merit be?

Who was, and who is now Gonçalo Amaral? Do you still fight for what you believe in?

I am the same father, the same husband, the same friend. What I have is more free time. I am also the same citizen who believes in the values of justice and of freedom.

If the McCann couple comes to Portugal to attend the trial, would you like to approach them to ask some questions, to tell them anything, any questions that remain unanswered?

… (Silence)

It has been said that you made a lot of money and even bought a Jaguar. Did you make that much money?

There are so many authors in Portugal selling (good) books. Many of them are even public figures, colleagues of yours. I still question myself (even though I know the answer) why they only mention the “money”, the “profits”, the “luxuries” of Gonçalo Amaral. You know, I was born into a very poor family, with six children to raise and to educate. Just like any other parent, I like to offer my daughters everything which they deserve and wish for. I would even spoil them more, it’s Sofia who doesn’t allow me. As far as the car is concerned, it is merely a car, which was bought by my consultancy firm.

Would you explain the story of the Jaguar to me…

It is called a Jaguar, but it was a lot less expensive than some lower category cars. When it was bought it was being sold for half its price. The brand had stopped producing that model. Apart from that, it was bought from the car dealer where Sofia’s family has always bought their cars, which made the negotiation even easier. But that is all that it is, really, a car.

The McCanns also accuse you of charging for interviews. Have you ever charged for one?

That is another lie that sustains the damage request. Apart from Bill Clinton, or any other world famous celebrity that charges for philanthropic purposes, do you really know anyone who is willing to pay 80 thousand euros for an interview?! To a retired cop?!

Sofia Leal: Deep depression supporting her husband

Has your family been hurt in this process?

This year in April, I started feeling very low. I did some blood tests and the result revealed that my body (this was not even a psychological matter anymore) was at its limit. The pressure had been huge (moving house, changing schools, changing jobs, defamation, Gonçalo’s early retirement). All the common patterns were fine, including the hormonal part. Nonetheless, until today nobody understands how I managed to get so far.

By the end of April, my body had not even a trace of adrenalin, dopamine or serotonin. In physical and emotional terms, I had given everything I had, plus what I didn’t have. The McCann couple, that is clearly and directly responsible, certainly knows what this means. Nevertheless, due to my psychiatrist and to my family that tried to protect me, I made it through the summer “on one foot”. Afterwards, and due to the processes, the threats, in October my body failed and broke down. I went through shock therapy that included being “shut off” for two weeks. My husband didn’t sleep, in order to “watch over” my sleep.

How do your daughters react to the information that they receive about their father?

Concerning the information that reaches the girls, it’s not easy, but there is a basic principle: to tell them the truth, according to their age. Rita, who is 11 years old and surprisingly mature, is able to understand almost like an adult. Ines, who has just become six, knows that Maddie’s parents loved her so much that they refuse to believe that she died. That her father, Gonçalo, who is a great policeman, with the help of other policemen, of the laboratory and of the dogs, managed to prove that Maddie died. But the little girl’s parents don’t want to believe that, and they don’t want her father to say that. But I always tell her that the parents didn’t hurt her, that we don’t know how it happened yet, but Maddie died. And that Gonçalo won’t give up on finding out “how”, because that is the only way that Maddie’s parents will believe, and she can become another angel just like Joana.

source: Nova Gente, 12.12.2009, paper edition only


  1. I am so sorry to hear of Sofia's sufferings, and hope so much that she is recovering now. She has a wonderful husband and hopefully together they will come through all this. They both have a lot of support in Britain, and would have a lot more if it were not for our spineless press. God bless you both, and your lovely children.

  2. What a marvellous man and what a wonderful wife he has. Very best wishes to him and his family.

  3. Beautiful interview. I really enjoyed reading that! Thanks Joana and Astro for posting it.

    Will the British press dare to print this? Martin Brunt was responsible for the claim about the 80k euros interview charge, after all.

  4. How utterly shocking that Mr Amaral and his family are being persecuted in this way. For only doing his job and trying to get justice for a three year old girl. It really is shameful.

  5. @ post # 4, I doubt Amaral is the only one with such a story to tell. Of course, their hounding of Amaral has gone on unrelenting for nearly three years but I'm sure Murat would have a similar story to tell. We also don't know the amount of pressure put on the Gaspars and the Smiths but I doubt life has been easy for them either!

    The McCanns have a lot to answer for!

  6. how can the british media treat mr amaral like they do is beyond me
    after all he is trying to get justice for madeleine where as her parents are only after sueing any one and everyone for money.

  7. Força Sofia, Força Gonçalo!

  8. If only the Scum British press would publish this....but their paymasters won't allow it.

  9. God bless you Dr Goncalo Amaral, God bless your wife Sofia and all of your family! You are a great men!

  10. great interview.
    All i can say is Goncalo you are inspirational,strong,honest and a brave man.
    I hope the sun shines on you and your family from this day forward.

    You did the right thing.


  11. What a lovely couple, they both look so friendly & open. Thanks for bringing this uplifting article and photos to us. If only the UK press would print such articles. I love it and have so much respect for this dignified couple - so different to the whining McCanns.

  12. Actually, who knows what impact Clarence Mitchell's actions have had on his own family. It is not his children's fault that they have a father like that! Whether he believes in the McCanns innocence or not, there is no justification for Clarence Mitchell's behaviour as far as I'm concerned! I fear a lot of innocent people are being damaged by the McCanns and they are not the usual suspects.


  14. How the Mccanns accuse Goncarlo Amaral of charging for autographs is the height of hypocrisy from that pair,i read that the McCanns are selling thousands of family photographs of themselves and holiday pics etc via Getty Images on the internet,if true then it says it all about them,i hope the new year brings justice for Madeleine and for Mr Amaral and his family,and i do hope that he knows that not all the British are like the cowardly British press.

  15. It is time GA fought fire with fire..Mr Amaral I am sorry but you will have to leave your honesty behind you for the moment and get down in the dirt and fight with these two child neglectors. It is so clear that all the Mccanns want is money. Your money and they will fight to get it. You must now do the same. You must use every dirty trick you can and get yourself a good PR man. The Mccanns cannot control their temper as we have seen..they were livid that things did not go their way.As they say in the States 'Break a leg'

  16. One thing we can be glad of the Mccanns are no longer Headline Pullers..you have to scroll down to find their pathetic faces. I think many now see that MONEY is all the Mccanns ever wanted hence the Fund . They knew Madeleine was dead but the fund has set them up for life..It would have looked very suspicious if in the early days they were in control..but now they do not give a damn.Kate Mccanns actions this weekend are of a mother whose child is dead.It was Kate Mccanns fault I now believe that Madeleine died.. and Mccann thinks he is the Knight in shining armour protecting her.

    Where did she get those bruises that night ? her husband? holding her tight, to pull herself together?

  17. The McCann's have a serious flaw in their character's it will lead to their down-fall no doubt about it . They have shot themselves in the foot by demanding money from Sr. Amaral the flaw is they are both money mad .

    They're not content with just a ban on Sr. Amaral's book they demand his money too they are two greedy , needy people who will be brought down to earth with a bang . It's universal law .

  18. Kate and gerry how can you live with yourselves ? You are the most disgusting, cold-hearted, evil and egocentric people I have ever met in my life.I know life has brought you the worst pain one can ever be subjected to but that does not make you special in any way nor does it give you the right to destroy other families.Life tried to teach you something but it seems you haven't learnt anything so far.Pain and suffering are supposed to make us better human beings.But that did not happen with you.You have chosen to deal with your pain by inflicting pain on others..It had the opposite effect.Unfortunately it seems life will have to keep teaching you until you finally get it.And that means that things will just get worse and become even more painful...

  19. Gonçalo,Sofia,poco a poco.
    Things are changing.
    You have support and they dont. This is one of reasons they did not want to go to the hearing and this is excately why their unsetteled lawyer,Isabel Duarte, asked them to come over because she knows they have no support.....This is only one of the huge differences between you and them but it is outweighting them. And they are well aware of it.
    Lets watch their next move now or is it predictable? :D

  20. Hello Anonymous(18)I respect your post, but the pain the McCanns are suffering, is nothing compared to the pain Madeliene has been subjected to by her parents callous behaviour.

    At the moment we don't know if the McCanns physically harmed Madeleine, but the fact they never looked for her, or the fact there is no evidence of an abduction and the fact they are using money raised to find Madeleine, along with the fact they refused to use professional people to search for her, preferring to use unsuitable amateurs, means there is a 99.9% chance they have harmed her.

    I don't believe the McCanns are suffering from any pain caused by the loss of Madeleine, the only pain they will be suffering at the moment is, the threat of losing the case against Dr Amaral and that is only because they won't get the £million they hoped for if they do lose.

  21. "It is a counter-attack from those who defend the “planned and premeditated abduction theory”, which, to say the least, offends the intelligence of any policeman, anywhere in the world. Even that of a common citizen…"

    What does Mr Amaral think about Gerrald McCann speaking at the CEOP event in January, along with genuine protectors of children and Police specialists? Are the Police protecting McCann or setting a trap for him?


  22. What a difference between the Amarals, explaining very sensibly to their daughter what is going on, and 'the other parents' with their talk of monsters and the twins wanting to fight the person that took Maddie. I hate to think of Sofia and the girls suffering because of two neglectful pieces of work, but I too believe in Karma Dr. Amaral, you will get your justice!!!

  23. After reading the above and all that has been inflicted on Sr Amaral and his family, (not to mention their dog), I hope and pray that this upcoming court case will be the catalyst that will put an end to what has been allowed to happen.

    May they have the best Christmas ever this year and go from strength to strength.

    As for the McCanns, it is no longer about Madeleine any more, its all about THEM, THEM, THEM, THEM and the money grab they are on.

    I hope people have the sense to stop giving them money and tell them to use their own vast resources to search for their daughter, then sit back and see what happens.

    Not much, I bet.

  24. It's ironic that the the Mccanns should be fighting for responsible freedom of speech when their actions so obviously show them up as dictators and manipulators of public opinion.
    God help anyone who points out the screaming discrepancies in their versions of the TRUTH.
    I bet they hadn't counted on the internet being so difficult to control, though.
    If they hadn't fed the media with so many insights from their useless PIs, people like me wouldn't have started researching. The latest gem I found is a book by Albert Moisiu -
    Madeleine Beth McCann A Mystery Story (on the pamalam site) - which raises some interesting questions and does nothing to combat Amaral's theories. Why don't they sue Moisiu, too?

  25. Let us not forget to invite whole Lisbon to show up in front of the Tribunal in January and also at its back door.
    This time too many people knew already that the lawyer would not come and that it would be postponed.
    Joana, keep warning everybody and ask Portuguese news papers to do the same.

    Suddenly the Fund has still gotten 500.000 pounds left.
    The Mccanns can not write, they can not calculate...
    This is bad for doctors.

    Imagine a recepy from "3 milligrams" promoted to 3000 milligrams.

    The patient would "dissapear"from this world.

  26. I have never known anything like this in my life, poor little girl, and Mr. Amaral, a Detective of 28 plus years experience having to defend himself! It takes the breath away.This is totally diabolical. This Farce has to come to an end, who is being protected, two ordinary Doctors who neglected their 3 Baby Children every day while on holiday in the Algarve? I cannot believe it. As a Mum of 4 lovely Children and Grandma to 7 super Grandchildren, I find this harrowing story of this poor little girl so sad.I would just like to add that I was Born in Rhodesia (Sadly no more) off Scottish Parents and I know that our African People in that wonderful Rhodesia never neglected their Children! Mr. Amaral I respect you and please get Justice for that poor little girl. You and your Wife and Children will, get the peace of mind in the end that you deserve. With Best Wishes,
    Reta-Anne Wiseman

  27. I don't sympathise with Dr Goncalo Amaral at all. Serve him right. He should has caught the McCanns in one week but he hasn't.

  28. Joana, como e que posso comprar o livro " A mordaca Inglesa" nao residindo em portugal? Pode ser encomendado pela Net?

  29. My heart goes out to you Goncalo and your family. You are a truly great person with principals and integrity.
    How I wish the British papers would print this... instead of the tripe they have printed for the last 2.5 years.
    Forca Goncalo and Sofia.

  30. can anyone tell me WHY NO ENGLISH PEOPLE (ie police, media )ARE HELPING GET JUSTICE FOR MADELEINE.and its been left to a very COURAGES PORTUGUES MAN MR AMARAL,honestly i despair.
    my best wishes to mr and mrs Amaral you deserve and have my deepest respect.

  31. The difference between the two couples is astonishing. The Amarals are so sensible, so courageous and so obviously fond of their children, the others ...? The difference is particularly noticeable in the two women, with Sofia having true compassion for others, even for those for whom she could well be expected to hold nothing but contempt. I am so sorry she has been ill and wish her well for the future. At least she and her husband will always be able to hold their heads up high, having done their best for Madeleine.

    Natural justice is something I firmly believe in. One day, though it may be well in the future, those whose behaviour has caused such havoc to so many people will get their just desserts. This may not be in a courtroom, it may come about some other way, but that it'll come I have no doubt.

  32. Anon 24,there is also a book out called vanished by Danny Collins,he believes Madeleine woke up and wandered out of the apartment and fell down some sort of shaft/drain,now why aren't the Mccanns suing him for disagreeing with their 'Abduction' theory i ask myself like they are Amaral,then i read a foreword to the book by said author,and he's donating/donated 15% of all proceeds from the sale of the book to the 'Find Madeleine fund'so this isn't about finding Madeleine,this is all about money to the Mccanns and always has been.Despicable.

  33. The spin against this man is disgusting!

  34. Hello Anonymous (30) thousands of British people including myself signed petitions which were sent to the British Social Services and the Prime Minister, asking for this case to be investigated. I have also emailed Gordon Brown, the McCanns, the Leicester Hospital, where Gerry McCann works and even the PJ.

    My email to the McCanns was to ask them why their children were left night after night after night, without adult supervision. My email to Gordon Brown was to ask why he had helped the McCanns evade justice, when they had quite clearly committed a crime.

    My email to the PJ was to ask them why they never arrested the McCanns, when they knew they had committed a crime by the fact they left their children without supervision all but one night of their holiday. I also asked the PJ, why they took the McCanns word that Madeleine had been abducted, when there was no proof she had been. I have had no reply from any of these people I sent emails to, not even an acknowledgement.

    Tony Bennett a retired British Solicitor, has worked tirelessly to try to get this case opened. He asked Gordon Brown, if a law named Madeleine, could be brought in to safeguard children who were being neglected. Gordon Brown refused to bring such a law in, saying that the laws we already have are enough to safeguard children. They quite clearly aren't because we have had cases of parents who have murdered or tortured their children to the point of death, parents who have gone out partying, leaving their children to fend for themselves and other cases of children who have been neglected by their parents. These parents have been given no more than slaps on wrists. The law protecting children in England is far from adequate.

    Excuses have been given for these parents appalling behaviour.

    I have to say I am very disappointed with the senior members of the PJ who appeared to bow to pressure from the British Government and let the McCanns off the hook. These people insulted not only Portuguese citizens, some of whom had been successfully prosecuted for child neglect, but they insulted Madeleine.

    Madeleine's life has meant so little to her parents, her aunties and uncles and family friends who have all said the McCanns were excellent parents. Madeleine's life also meant so little to members of the British Government and multimillionares who used their status and wealth to help the McCanns to evade justice.

    Madeleine's life meant so little to the Priest in PDL, who gave the McCanns a key to pray in church and said he would take the secret of what the McCanns told him to his grave.

    Yes Madeleine's life meant so little to all those people, but not to the residents of PDL, who stayed off work to search for Madeleine, while her parents jogged past them.

    So please don't think that we the British are doing nothing to find out what happened to Madeleine. Just remember,that the crime was committed in PDL and the PJ were the ones who should have brought the McCanns to justice.

    The PJ have just missed a golden opportunity to take the McCanns into custody again. The McCanns were never taken to court and cleared of any charges, so there was no reason why they could not have been charged with child abandonment.

    Its a living disgrace that the McCanns are able to visit the scene of their crime without fear of being brought to justice.

  35. Right Kathybelle

    And how did the McCanns know that they could go back and not be arrested?

    Who is feeding them the information so that they always appear one step ahead?

    Who gave Gerry McCann those forensic books?

    Did nobody ask him where he got them from when they were restricted access?

  36. Hi Anonymous (35) I would like to know the answer to your questions. I'll hazard a guess and say that Gerry McCann could have obtained the forensic books from someone who works in the Birmingham Forensic Laboratory, where the samples from the McCanns apartment in PDL were sent.

    Maybe that someone is a friend or a relation of the McCanns because it seems ironic that the samples that were found by Eddie and Keela, the cadaver dogs, were not enough to bring about a conviction of the McCanns.

    As you say the McCanns are always one step ahead.

  37. I wonder how Mr. Amaral can express his confidence in the judicial system, while he is still in the dark as to the specifics that the court based its decision to apply the injunction. One would also think that the presiding judge would have corrected Mrs. Isabel Duarte when she pronounced that the court's decision has worldwide jurisdiction. I sincerely hope that I'm wrong, but based on the judicial system's behaviour with regard to this case and others, I do believe that the trial will be a mere formality to give some credibility to the decision that has already been rendered.

    There are two mysteries in this case, what happened to the child and why no one in Britain in a position of authority is willing to take the McCanns to task. Their lack of cooperation with the police and their contradictions aside, doesn't anyone in Britain smell money laundering when they look at the fund and the people being paid by it? There is the theory that the English culture has so much pride that they are willing to protect the McCanns in order to avoid a national embarrassment given the media exposure to date, but I don't buy that. My theory is that the McCanns are privy to a very sordid scandal involving highly influential people, in other words blackmail is involved. I see that Mr. Brian Kennedy's name has popped up again. What was most memorable about Mr. Brian Kennedy to me was his interview with the BBC in which he proclaimed that he would support the McCanns till the day he died. It was a strange proclamation which he made with a look of apprehension; it seemed to me that he was a trapped man.


  38. Does anybody remember when Gerry McCanns' brother said at the beginning when Madeleine went missing, 'Gerry has a number of favours to call in' or words to the effect, with a sort of wry little smile on his face.

    I was thinking then, oh yes, tell us more.

    What a strange way of describing getting people to help you.

  39. Yes Kathybelle, and it's is amazing the amount of people they know, or knows somebody who knows somebody who can help them.

    Gerry McCann must take the prize as the networker of all time.

    As two people, both from the lower echelons of society, they sure have managed to get into the higher ehelons with their rich and powerful friends.

  40. Hi Anonymous (38) I remember Kate McCann's uncle Brian Kennedy (not the double glazing magnet) speaking outside the McCanns home, while the McCanns were still in PDL. He was asking for donations to help with the McCanns living expenses in PDL and their mounting bills in the UK.

    He said his niece and her husband, had access to people in high places, that ordinary members of the public didn't have access to. He said that, should they be charged with any offence, they would call in favours from these people. Gerry McCann often boasted about having Gordon Brown's telephone number and Philomena McCann said that Gordon Brown was a friend of the family.

    Its funny you should mention John McCann having a wry smile on his face, he always has when he is interviewed. John McCann was grinning like a Cheshire cat when he mentioned Madeleine's eye defect(coloboma). He said it was what made her a special little girl, what he didn't say was, Madeleine could have been suffering from "charge syndrome" children who have colobomas often have "charge syndrome" The symptons include, stunted growth and autism. Madeleine was reportedly small for her age and there have been many reports that Madeleine was autistic, Kate McCann's mother said that Madeleine was a difficult child and Kate McCann was asked by the PJ if she was thinking of handing Madeleine over to a member of the family, because she couldn't cope with her.

    Other symptoms of "charge syndrome" include heart problems, although I have never heard that Madeleine suffered from heart problems.

    Brian Kennedy also had a smile on his face when he was begging for donations to aid the McCanns while they were in PDL. His niece and her husband have had many smiles on their faces since Madeleine disappeared, the only time I have seen the smile wiped off their faces was when they were interviewed by a Spanish reporter. Gerry McCann threw a strop when he and his wife were questioned about leaving their 3 children alone. Gerry McCann threw his microphone on the floor and stomped out of the studio.

  41. Hello Guerra, it isn't too long ago that Brian Kennedy said he was not financing the McCanns anymore including paying Clarence Mitchells wages. Also not too long ago there was a discussion about the dwindling fund on the radio. It was revealed that Clarence Mitchell had taken a drop in his salary, now that he was being paid out of the fund and he was receiving only (ONLY?)£30k per annum.

  42. Anon 37 - agreed, especially your 2nd paragraph. Agree the McCs must have information which cannot be released to the general public - they are too powerful for it to be otherwise. Even if this is the case, the thing that the public find most insulting is their arrogance in thinking they can spew out any old bullshlt and the public will believe it. But I suppose it was the only tactic they could take once the PJ were suspicious.

  43. I read that Brian Kennedy and his son were caught by the PJ staking out somebody's home at one time, and hauled in for suspicious behaviour.

    Has anybody any idea who they were watching?

  44. Hello Kathybelle, I have heard that story before, maybe it was even you who told it to me previously. Because of the strange occurrences in this case one always wonders if what Mr. Kennedy said about not financing the McCanns any longer was just a ploy to boost public donations. I just found it very strange when he said that he would support the McCanns until he died, especially the way he said it. How can I describe it, I guess he looked like a deer caught in the head lights of car.

    Look at the previous article in this Blog "Just in time for X-mas." Mr. Mitchell says this:

    "Brian Kennedy has not said he won't continue to back the fund and the search will not cease until we have found her."

    There are so many contradictions and no one to ask these characters to explain them, so who are we to believe?


  45. Hi Guerra, I've just read an article in a British paper that says the McCanns are in talks with Brian Kennedy, they are asking him for more money for the fund which is supposed to find Madeleine, but is used to pay incompetent private detectives, the salary of Clarence Mitchell and to aid the McCanns living expenses.

    Brian Kennedy's wife must be reeling with disgust, she knows her husband has worked hard to amass that fortune. She stood by and watched, as her husband paid for Clarence Mitchell's salary, while he did nothing but act as a mouthpiece for the McCanns.

    Now she has to stand by again and watch the greedy McCanns plead for more money from Mr Kennedy, knowing full well that the money he may give them, will end up as part of the McCanns living expenses.

    If Brian Kennedy falls for the McCanns sob story again and gives them more cash, I wonder if they will drop the libel action against Goncalo Amaral.

    One thing I know, is that if the McCanns do carry on with the libel action and lose, they won't be out of pocket. Any costs they have to pay, will come straight out of the fund.


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