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I must have missed something

From Lusa, the central Portuguese news agency, yesterday:

“Madeleine: McCanns deny "censorship or undue benefit" in the prohibition of Gonçalo Amaral’s book

Lisboa, 22 Dec (Lusa) – Today, Kate and Gerry McCann rejected that the injunction that prohibited the sale of the book “Maddie – The Truth of the Lie”, by former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral, is “censorship or undue benefit”.

In a press release to Lusa agency, the parents of little English girl Madeleine McCann, who went missing in the Algarve in 2007, defend that the injunction, that starts being tried from the 12th to the 14th of January, at Lisbon Civil Court’s 7th Section, is “merely the result of the free pondering of the democratic rules and fundamental rights”, which, they stress, the couple and the book’s author are subject to.

“The decision to grant the injunction that apprehended the book already has two judicial stamps and can and should be publicised, because it is of interest to all citizens who, in the name of freedom of expression, are at stake of being publicly accused for life, after having been declared innocent by the courts”, Kate and Gerry McCann refer.”

'Declared innocent by the courts'?

I definitely must have missed something.

The last bit that I heard, from any Portuguese judicial authority, concerning the couple’s innocence, was this:

“We believe that the main damage was caused to the McCann arguidos, who lost the possibility to prove what they have protested since they were constituted arguidos: their innocence towards the fateful event; the investigation was also disturbed, because said facts remain unclarified.”

That was the Public Prosecutor’s opinion about the missed reconstitution. In the famous archiving dispatch, which certain people fervently invoke to proclaim the McCann couple’s 'innocence', Dr. Magalhães e Menezes not only states that Madeleine’s parents’ and their friends’ statements concerning the checks on the children were not conforming to the truth of facts – he writes that by boycotting the reconstitution, they failed to prove their innocence and disturbed the investigation.

That is precisely why the archiving dispatch does not declare them innocent of any crime. It merely states that the process is archived, and arguido status lifted, because “there are no indications of the practise of any crime”.

It is worthwhile to mention that the Public Prosecutor actually had another option.

He could have proclaimed their innocence.

Portuguese law foresees two types of archiving: a) an archiving because “enough evidence” was collected to prove that either there was no crime, or that the arguidos did not commit it under any circumstance; or b) an archiving because it was not possible to obtain “enough evidence” to prove the crime or to accuse anyone.

I don’t think further comments are needed – because frankly, I have not lost my confidence in people’s ability to think by themselves and to draw their own conclusions.

In the mean time, if anyone finds out which “courts” have declared the McCann couple "innocent", please be so kind as to share the information, because I hate to miss important things like that.

Merry Christmas.



  1. Isabel Duarte should be sued for distorting the truth just like Carter Ruck distorts the truth everywhere else! Also, it seems clear the couple are on the back foot with this case against Amaral. They are at pains to explain why they've brought the action. Reasonable thinking people will see through them IMO.

  2. Lusa, how disappointed I'm again with you.
    You miss important things all the time.
    I always knew you were not capable to pay attention on anything.
    Shame on you.

    When Madeleine disappeared, her parents were not even in Portugal.
    And we all know it was the Al Qaida and she is now in Pakistan.
    Ask Mitchell.

  3. Don't feel deprived ;) you're not alone, I must have missed it too.

    Many of us have long been acutely aware of the McCanns' and Tapas 7 lies because we've remained concerned about the distortion and deception surrounding the disappearance of a three year old child but their lies are now so laughably transparent, surely they're making more people sit up and take notice?

    I doubt even the 'award-winning' Lift Consulting - the McCanns' new Portuguese PR company - can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

  4. They are FAR from being INNOCENT and they know it.Hence their use of some words which they think apply to them.
    Words like,"free,democratic rules,fundamental rights" and the like....they are sick people,they even did not know such words existed.....
    Their defence has just begun hence their statement today.
    They KNOW they are guilty and they KNOW they wont get away from that guilt for the rest of their life.

    The procurador COULD have pronounced their innocence but he DID NOT, did he?and they are shit scared NOW because whatever they like it or not,what they are trying to do against Dr.Amaral will ONLY lead to ONE thing: the re openening of the case BECAUSE Madeleine DESERVES it.
    Madeleine and ONLY Madeleine
    The REAL Madeleine"s case has just started....

    Joana,my best wishes for 2010 and a lovely Xmas AWAY from the mcScums.
    Thanks you for your constant and excellent hard work. You have done a great job keeping us informed and "moderados" ;)
    Un abrazo

  5. joana parabens pelo seu blog . acho util que ponha neste blog a entrevista do dr. gonçalo amaral que saiu hoje no jornal "Ocrime" . é uma entrevista muito boa e toda a gente percebe com ela que ele tem razão .

  6. Por favor, o que vem num jornal 24h e ,tal como ontem,a lavagem esta que colocaram foi propagada em toda a imprensa escrita e audio-visual.

    Hoje há 1 carta nojenta aberta escrita por quem nós pensamos e de cá a expor mais uma vez as finanças de um Cidadão!E até,de tão infames,colocam um link do qual nem vou fazer publicidade.

    Têm correio.Aliás 2.

    Cheguei há pouco e não vi mais o resto da imprensa.Mas vi já a carta.

    Pigs!Falta de (bom) carácter; gentalha, o pessoal que escreveu a dita.Claro que foi escrita em território nacional.

  7. How apt and to the point...The Mccanns have NEVER been proven innocent...FACT

    Have a great Christmas Lusa

  8. Well Astro, the McCanns are not known for speaking the truth. They are not a very trustworthy couple. This garbage from Kate and Gerry is part of their campaign of deceit trying to convincee people that indeed, they have been declared innocent. I would like to ask as well: by whom?

    They can try as hard as they can but until they agree to play according to the Portuguese police terms, they will continue under the suspicion of having contributed to their daughter's disappearence.

  9. Lies , lies and more lies . The McCann's , their friend's and supporters aren't telling the truth , they will be cursed for the rest of their lives . Liars don't win approval or blessings . Hopefully the twins will do well in life God bless them .

  10. http://blacksmithbureau.blogspot.com/

    Blacksmith at his very best...

  11. Exactly, Jo at #4, that's one of the reasons that keeps them from asking the reopening of the process, the "arguido sword" is still hanging over their heads and could fall down on them at any moment. As they HAVE NOT been declared innocent, black on white, no buts about it, by the magistrate, they know they are in a limbo. But they also know that there are lots of lazy people out there, who do not bother to read the files or simply are not able to, due to not knowing of their availability online, or due to the blackout in the british media or because they have no internet access. They play games with people's minds and offer them their version, their "truths" and hope it will hold water. And for many, unfortunatelly it does...

  12. http://goodqualitywristbands.blogspot.com/

    'HIMSELF' as only he can tell it.

  13. Distortion and lies! Someone from the PJ once said about Mitchell that he lied with as many teeths he had in his mouth...well, he's not alone, the McCanns can teach him a lesson or two in that department.
    Grrr, I feel sick in my stomach everytime I see this couple and their warped version of reality.

    Sorry, completely off-topic, but I really could use some help here.
    Does anyone here know of a good and reliable translation service online, one that would translate a text from portuguese to german accurately? A good friend of mine has just lost her husband and got a Christmas postcard from an old friend her husband had in Germany, from his years as an immigrant. She has to inform the friend of her husband«s passing, but she doesn't know a word in german and the friend does not understand portuguese, what a dilemma.
    Thank you so much!


  14. Simpe, mccanns have never been proven innocent, and never will. Because they are not. They are quilty, atleast, for leaving the little kids alone, when they went boozing, sorry, for dinner, with the rest of tapas 9. Who also left their kids. But me personally, I think it's much worse than that. But quilty, never the less.

  15. 'After being declared innocent by the courts'

    This is either a) a mis-translation b) delusional ramblings c) Emporer Gerry McCann, ruler of the world has declared himself innocent of all charges, we,his humble subjects must accept his ruling on pain of death d) It is a dammned lie.

    Maybe we should send an e-mail to the McCann website asking which court declared them innocent and when. The editorial column of 'The Sun' does not count as a court of law, by the way.

    Thanks Astro for this info, I did not realise the prosecutor had the option to declare them innocent but did not. Speaks volumes in my book.

  16. I think it may be a good time to post this again...Some posters are saying that the Goverment are distancing themselves from CEOP in case the shit hits the fan...
    CEOP to become independent

    Child protection, Law enforcement - liaison

    The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) is to be made an non-departmental public body, a junior Home Office Minister announced this week. Non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs) are more commonly known as “quangos”.

    The significance of the announcement is that it will give greater independence to CEOP to set its own strategic goals and priorities. CEOP is currently accountable to the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA); while CEOP enjoys operational independence, SOCA oversees its annual plan, budget etc. NDPBs generally have full independence: their purpose and powers is set out in the statute that creates them and within that framework they have almost complete strategic freedom.

    Jim Gamble, the senior police officer who is the Chief Executive of CEOP, has a record of being outspoken in his criticisms of the Internet industry, particularly social networking sites, and arguing that CEOP should not have to pay costs to ISPs, unlike the regular police. Heading an independent quango, rather than answering to a policing agency, he will have even greater freedom to campaign to set limits on industry self-regulation.


  17. Lusa you missed the spin. Clarrie explained it all in Dubai. PR can be confusing.

  18. Further reading at


    This time they might NOT get away with it.... ;;)

  19. Amaral shouldn't be the only Portuguese citizen publically challenging the McCanns' many lies. How has it come to this, when the couple can issue a press release to the Portuguese news agency telling a blatant lie about being cleared by the courts? HOW???

  20. I note this is a "press release" and, I assume, came from the Portugese PR firm. I have to wonder if this firm is working in concert with Mitchell. "Declared innocent by the courts"?????? sounds like what Mitchell has been trying to convince us of for over two years. '

  21. Christmas Blessings to all.

    Lets hope the truth "will come out" in the New Year.


  22. I think this latest letter is damage control.
    It backfired.
    They were so sure that everyone except for a few forum freaks
    believed in their innocence and supported them.
    The thing is that everything they do now just pissed people off more.
    The man on the street has had enough of the bullshit.
    The good news is they can't stop themselves - and thus they set the stage for their decline.

  23. It boggles the mind how this couple can do anything it wants. Since day one they have done everything possible to prevent a proper investigation into the disappearance of their child. What have they actually done to find their daughter? For every Euro they have spent on the odd poster, t-shirt and bracelet campaign they have spent 1000 fold on lawyers and PR firms to protect their interests. Of course these expenses have not been paid by money from their own pocket but from money given by the unsuspecting public and rich benefactors. They maintain their daughter is alive to give false hope to those who are gullible enough to continue donating to their sham fund. Their objective is to make money, their strategy has been to misinform and censor the public and to portray themselves as victims of a backward nation that has slow witted police thugs. The people that should be suing are the Portuguese police.

    Honestly, does anyone still believe Mr. Amaral has a chance? The very fact that they got this far, having a Portuguese court ban a book and confiscate a man's assets without informing the man as to the particulars behind the court's decision, tells you what the outcome will be. From what I'm hearing they even now have the major media outlets in Portugal playing their tune.

  24. Two fathers in contrast - There is an article in today's Daily Mail about an 83 year old father, Bert Whitehead who worked for 6 years to prove his daughter's death was not an accident. I couldn't help but contrast this father with another father's behaviour.

  25. Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo

    Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année 2010

  26. 'having been declared innocent by the courts'

    This blatant lie has the slimy stamp of Mitchell all over it. It's a lie that has been published time and again in the pages of our gutless British press and radio. How on earth are these scumbags allowed to get away with it? Have the defamed and abused 'courts' no interest in setting the record straight? Or are they, as some people believe, patiently awaiting their moment of retribution? I won't hold my breath.

    Joana, Astro and Kazlux, thank you so much for this site and all your much-appreciated work. Merry Christmas from bob.

  27. Going back to Kate's clothes in Praia da Luz, I don't believe anymore that it was a request of her Portuguese PR, adaptation to the Portuguese culture, to impress the public, but now I believe it was imposed by a psychotherapist or psychiater, in order to make her separate fantasie from reality.IMO, most of the time, she believes their own version about Madeleine on such a strong way that it is difficult for the psychiater to help her.
    As therapy, she had to go back to the important places that have to do with Maddie's death and experience again what she esperienced that night.
    She has to accept to be approached by reality, avoying insanity.
    While she is fighting to find reality, she still has gotten some time left to open the door for the mailman, who is bringing Xmas presents to the siblings, sent by Madeleine.
    If it is true Madddie is sending Christmas presents to the twins, the social services got to do something about this.
    And Kate's visit to the church, early morning in Luz, indicates the church took part in this tragedy, at least for a short time.

  28. In their own ,selfish,self obcessed little minds they may BELIEVE the courts found them innocent ,but as we are all aware they will run a mile rather than appear in a court of law ,this is why this case shocks me ,What if Amaral has as he claims 3 things against them ? what if the cadaver dogs are brought up again ? the window jemmying ? the open ,closed,locked,unlocked ,ajar ,wide open doors are brought up again ?I cannot see why (apart from their lust of money) they are bringing this case ??? Does anyone know if Amaral has gone through with his threat to counter-sue them ? I truly hope he has

  29. Declared innocent? What a bad joke! But one needs to understand that the McCanns and their crooked mouthpiece Mitchell are pathological and professional liars. They all, by now, do ineed believe in what they are saying or publishing. They are convinced of their innocence! What we talk about is some kind of pathological disease. There is no need to worry too much about it, because their time is almost up. However, what should be done immediately to enable Portugal to recover from the deeply in people installed impression that the country has deteriorated to a Banana Republic is 1)fire the judge who signed the injunction against Amaral, 2)withdraw Isabel Duarte's licence to practice law with immediate effect, 3)Make PM Sócrates publicly declare that the Portuguese Constitution is untouchable - for every court and any judge. If that happens, the air in Portugal what be somewhat cleaner, because the smell of corruption on various levels within the administration and politics would have been eliminated.

  30. To no 13: German translation - If convenient, tell the people to mail the desiredPortuguese text to my email account: navigator 2@clix.pt. I do speak German fluently and it would be a pleasure to help. - Bernardo

  31. Astro, I share your despair. I simply refuse to believe that journalists in Britain can read "having being declared innocent by the courts" without shifting rather uncomfortably in their seats.

    What an incredible man Amaral is. He's refused to be intimidated, he's refused to be bought off, he hasn't backed down. The McCann's desperately need for this case never to come to court. The panic is becoming increasingly clear to see now, as the days tick by towards January and Amaral still refuses to settle out of court. That was the McCann's hope all along of course. Just like the UK papers did. And now they've seen just who is prepared to take the stand and confirm under oath that they agree with Amaral's belief that Madeleine died in Apt 5A, they realise that they can't spin the 'lone, rogue cop harming the search for Madeleine' line to the tabloid spoon-fed British public any longer.

  32. This made me giggle from `Good quality wristbands` blog :-

    "Madeleine McCann, not yet four years old, has been "abducted by paedos," what, among other things, does Gerry McCann the father of the "missing" girl do?

    He trade marks his daughter, he fucking trade marks her, he turns Madeleine McCann into a registered fucking trade mark!

    Give that one some thought, sit down in a quiet moment and really really think about it.

    Merry Christmas."


  33. the mccanns are the most disgusting excuses for parents that ever lived,and the tapas 7 and all the other scum who know what happend but are covering their own ars**instead of helping to get Madeliene Beth Mccann the justice she deserves may you all rot in hell.

  34. Obviously Jim Gamble isn`t aware of the position otherwise he wouldn`t have invited someone who has not been declared innocent of the disappearance of their daughter, to give the closing speech at the CEOP conference.

    I cannot understand what Jim Gamble is up to here. He`s either stupid (which I doubt), he`s colluding with GM (which I doubt because the man is supposed to be anti-child abuse) or he`s using hoping GM`s head will get so big it will burst.


  35. Guerra @23:
    As I see it the point is not even what the outcome of the case will be.
    Portugal is a small country which has fought hard for what we like to think is a democracy.

    Is it acceptable to see our judicial system take decisions so incredibly biaised towards a pair of, at best, child neglectors? Should we accept a justice whose decisions we don't trust?
    I say NOT.

    As for Dr.Isabel Duarte, self-proclaimed "mulher de esquerda",


    she knows very well that she is defending the indefensible.
    She may continue, but expect no sympathy nor respect from either the Portuguese people or, I would suspect, a large proportion of democratically minded colleagues.

    I am not political but I believe in democracy and summarily silencing people as well as taking away the means for their defense (note, all BEFORE any defamation whatsoever has been shown) is non-democratic and quite frankly bordering on immoral.

    Smells of persecution, a la "Estado Novo"...

    As for taking lessons on democracy from Gerry McCann, it is ludicrous!

  36. The prosecutor, by your reckoning Astro, could also have 'cleared' Murat, but chose not to - the wording is exactly the same for him as it is for the Mccanns. So I wouldn't read too much in to that.

  37. Agree poster 31 ,they never for one single minute expected Amaral to not pay up ,their ass cheeks will be quivering as we speak ,do I have any pity for them ? not a jot !! they will maybe understand how their tiny child felt when she awoke to find "Mummy and DaddY" out of the lash while she was left babysitting ,poster 32 Why you should be shocked at them trademarking Maddie is quite bizarre ,they started the cash till running before she was even cold ,they are in my lifetime the vilest,sickest duo I can think of ,IMO ,they are worse than Hindley and Brady ,what these two did was to their own child ,and THEN to add insult to injury ,they cashed in on her ,knowing full well she was dead ,may they and all who support/lie for them rot in hell .,may they never find a moments peace

  38. Anonymous #36, the wording is indeed the same - but nowhere in the archiving dispatch does the prosecutor state that Mr Murat has misrepresented the facts, obstructed the investigation, or failed to seize THE opportunity to prove his innocence.
    I have written, here and elsewhere, several times, that certain people insist on citing only the few final paragraphs of this archiving dispatch - a document which, in practical, is an opinion about the case, a more or less personal evaluation -, conveniently forgetting the dozens of pages that precede said closing paragraphs.
    I have also never seen certain people mention that this archiving dispatch lists the opportunities that the arguidos had to prevent or oppose the shelving of this investigation; opportunities which they didn't take advantage of, either.
    Personally, I think that Mr Murat's responsibility in this process is quite different from that of the McCanns. And the way in which the prosecutor 'treats' him throughout the dispatch's text, is clearly of a very different tone.
    But it's best to stick with those last few lines. Much less challenging, and it avoids that unpleasant exercise: thinking.

  39. There's certainly a difference in the case between Robert Murat and the McCanns.

    He didn't leave his children alone in an unlocked apartment where anything could have happened to them.

    He was also prepared to attend for reconstruction.

    He has remained quietly dignified throughout this imo. I don't know whether he was or wasn't involved and I'm pretty sure he gets a mention in the book as ell.

  40. To put the record straight what stops the prosecutor in PT pr any other relevant official doing so and saying that there was no trial, they were not found innocent and could not be or guilty for that matter. It is the very play on words that go unchallenged that allows them to continue with the charade. Why does someone at the Prosecutors office not just make astatement everytime the state lies re the facts?? That would shut them up. Someone knows what deal was struck to halt the case and should whistleblow.

    I share Guerra's pessimism, post 23, and think that Amaral will have trouble getting the injunction overturned. The decision IMO is already probably paid for. There is no limit to the money availabel to block the facts of this case coming out. Too many high profile individuals involved and they will do anything to keep it covered up as their very credibility depends on it.

  41. Astro:

    Excellent reply! Some people find thinking a waste of time.


  42. This statement, "declared innocent by the courts", is a 'smoking gun', as was McCann's statement that the dogs are "scientifically unreliable." These words are a clear deception. I hope that legal entities like the PJ (and Snr Amaral) are listing these false statements in the press releases and interviews of the McCanns. Deception is a criminal offence. In the US, the Heene couple have just been convicted of deception, and sentenced to jail.

  43. @ post # 36, I have never heard Murat claim he has been cleared by the PP. Have you?

  44. Anon # 36

    I never heard Murat saying "I've been declared innocent by the courts". Maybe he doesn't feel the need to lie. He doesn't feel the heat. He is not the hunted man now. By declaring so, Gerald McCann shows he is a desperate man.
    I hope Astro's reply # 38 has enlightened you.

  45. Also, does Kate McCann no longer suspect Murat? Last I heard, she did!

  46. Querida Joana,

    Desejo-lhe a si e atodos que a têm acompanhado nesta jornada, o melhor dos Natais, junto daqueles que mais amam,estes votos são também para o Dr. Amaral e sua família.
    Estou e estarei sempre acompanhando as vossas lutas,embora enquanto esta porcaria que chamam de país,não mudar,honestamente acho que a maior parte dessas lutas serão inglórias,no entanto peço todos os dias que as forças nunca vos falte,pois as minhas já há muito que findaram.

    Um bem haja, e um melhor ano novo para todos vós.

  47. I wonder where people realise that democrazy only exists by ticking a box on voting day.
    Whatever party you vote for, it makes no difference because they are all puppets under the same puppeteer.
    And to claim that Portugal will defend its own is bullshit - if the puppeteers want the McCanns protected, nothing will stop them.
    But then again miracles do happen and if more and more of the population become aware of this then the tide can turn.

  48. I don't believe Goncalo Amaral has a chance against the powers that be in this case. I will definitely eat my hat if he does come out of this with his integrity intact. Look what happened when he tried to get his book published in the UK. Not one publlisher would help him and this must be because of pressure applied from whoever is pulling the strings in this case. The McCanns certainly have powerful friends and I would say the Masons have a large stake in preventing Madeleine and Amaral from getting justice. Any publisher would know they could make plenty of money from a book by Goncalo Amaral but none have come forward, which must be because they fear the consequences. I have always said that this couple are untouchable and they know it; how else would they continue to walk around heads held high as if they haven't a care in the world. They know they will never have to face justice.
    Their quest for celebrity and money seems to be their main priority, not justice for their daughter. If they really wanted that they wouldn't hinder the chief inspector from giving his opinion about what happened on 3rd May 2007.

  49. Su at 47

    You are right, and what makes it worse is that the EU is running an absolute dictatorship now they have got their so called Treaty/Constitution through.

    We have in effect given away our Sovereignty to an unelected few, who comprise the Commission, the Council of Ministers and those in charge of the bureaucracy that run the show.

    We nearly got BLiar as President of the EU the other day. But not to worry, no doubt his day will come!

    The so called EU Parliament is there as a front to make it look like it is some sort of democracy. They simply pass on through the wants of the unelected ones who are behind it all and debate on the size of bananas. The real power lies with the unelected ones.

    I was reading lately that they are wanting all the opposition voices on the internet stopped. They will have to power to decide who to silence.

    And what makes it even worse, is that the pals of the McCanns, BLiar and Brown, are part of the same small bunch of unelected elite, 'jobs for the boys' club.

    Perhaps the suggestion for the silencing of certain sites on the internet came from the McCanns. Word in the ear, and all that!!!

    that will have a say in it all, and to hell with what the people of the EU countries want.

  50. What you are witnessing are the beginnings of a NWO ...the EU is the first phase of a bigger plan.
    We are at a point in time where people who are recognising the beginnings of such an agenda will be made to sound like freaks, oddballs, cranks by the all controlling media masters.

    The media has been able to shoot down anyone deviating from there course using the almighty propaganda machine.
    however they are losing that power of control through the internet and are scared stiff....this Mccann case is one of many that is demonstrating that.
    No longer can the media feed you lies that cannot be checked out, The Digital age has it stands today is becoming a threat for the people who want to control us.

    Has anyone noticed how people are scared to believe in the ideas of conspiracy ...WHY? History is full of it....it really should be nothing taboo..it should be understood that idealogy is inherent in humans and that since time begun people have fought to progress theirs.

    I honestly believe that already there are plans soon to be actioned in regards to the Internet, they cannot shape the agenda by printing articles of propaganda in the newspapers or through broadcasts on the tv/radio which then in turn allow them to shape the public of that country.
    Murdoch will be a driving force on its restrictions ..watch this space.He can see his grip is weakening!
    Newspapers groups and media have lost a huge power, they still have the upperhand were joe public is concerned but slowly even that is diluting at a rapid rate.
    Take for example the internet campaign that has recently taken place for the Christmas No1 in the UK.
    Simon Cowell who is looked on as the puppeteer of the pop music world in the UK grooming and shaping the future of pop has just been beaten by a couple of normal everyday internet users who waged a campaign to fight back.

    People are noticing whats going on in many areas of there everyday life and are beginning to fight back ..it proves that when we all band together you can bring down these preceived powerful monoplies.They are trying to give a perception they are the democratic majority when it is bloody clear they are not.

    Yes minorities who know how to use the tool of PR are painting lies which to your average joe public looks like they carry more weight than they actually do!
    ( This simple chart victory symbolised alot more than just showing a fight for a christmas no1 ...infact to be honest it has nothing to do with the music).
    What it will have done is created panic amongst the puppeteers who realise that the strings of control are becoming severed,frayed and eventually the puppets will dance to their own tunes.
    So watch and prepare in 2010 for the attack on the freedom of the internet, it will happen!
    We has people of the world have to band together and prevent this at all costs, it will be the last stand.

    Anyway i hope thats not to heavy ...i believe with great conviction what i have said, and will stand by it.

    I wish everybody a great christmas ...laughter fun and great cheer.


  51. Thank you so much #30 (Bernardo), I will take your kind offer. I'm going to speak to my friend and ask her to write what she needs to tell the german gentleman and then I will contact you by mail, after the holidays. I'm without a email address at the moment, because I changed my internet provider and still haven't created a new one.
    Thanky you so much, Merry Christmas!


  52. our 'democracy' is far from perfect. Anyone who thinks a new govt. in UK will alter the course of this case is deluded IMO. Rememeber, Conservative leader Cameron has been flown in the private jets of his billionaire pals to meetings with the likes of media mogul and McCann fan murdoch. Labour sailed into power on the anti-sleaze ticket, then systematically set about trying to out-sleaze the discredited Tories who have changed none of their spots. In fact they may even have learned a few new sleazy tricks from the hugely disappointing Labour govt.

    The one thing power-mad megolamaniacs are afraid of, however, is public opinion. Hence the disturbing suppression of relevant facts concerning this and other cases. Hopefully mr Amaral's case will help change this situation. I hold the opinion that when the truth emerges, the general public will be livid for being lied to and made to look like a right bunch of ignorant prats. Particularly those kind-hearted souls who donated to the 'fund'.

    rant over, Merry Christmas to all.

  53. In todays newspaper the "powers that be" have removed a facebook sight that upset the golden couple ,It is either lick ass or you have to be banished ,such power !!

  54. A lie often enough repeated will eventualy be believed.
    Said by Goebbels (more or less), acted upon by Mitchell, Blair, Brown, Campbell and many others through recent history.

  55. At Anonymous post #50:

    Re your comments, "I honestly believe that already there are plans soon to be actioned in regards to the Internet ........So watch and prepare in 2010 for the attack on the freedom of the internet, it will happen!", unless UK authorities intend to go the way of China/Iran, in suppressing access to social-media sites (Facebook/Twitter/Blogs), how can they effectively withdraw Internet access from individuals?

    Read this today: "The Rupert Murdoch chain has been used extensively to publish false intelligence from the Israelis and occasionally from the British government," Giraldi said. The Times is part of a Murdoch publishing empire that includes the Sunday Times, Fox News and the New York Post. All Murdoch-owned news media report on Iran with an aggressively pro-Israeli slant." From here: http://www.ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=49833

    Truth purveyors need only use public library computers, or Internet cafes, to post messages anonymously - I dare the UK Government to close such facilties. If they attempt to, what they'll encourage is the biggest backlash in its Kingdom's history, and a revolution of the like that will make the poll tax riots appear a picnic.

    I believe 2010 and beyond will show the powers behind their puppet leaders that nationals no longer have an appetite for their insidious talk.


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