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Influenza A delays Gonçalo Amaral Opposition to McCann's Injunction

McCanns flee from Portugal after being constituted arguidos, September 9 2007

The hearing of witnesses that were requested by Gonçalo Amaral in his opposition to the injunction made by the McCanns, which determines the prohibition to sell the book "Maddie, The Truth of the Lie" may be postponed.

The lawyer of the former coordinator of the case, António Cabrita, received this afternoon medical indications to stay at home in quarantine because his secretary is infected with the H1N1 virus.

António Cabrita immediately informed the judge at the civil court of Lisbon. On Friday morning two of the seven witnesses that have been requested by Gonçalo Amaral are scheduled to be heard within the opposition to the McCann's injunction.

The seven witnesses called by Gonçalo Amaral's defense are: Magalhães e Meneses, the Public Ministry prosecutor who held the Maddie Case Dossier; PJ chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida; PJ Inspector and McCann family liaison officer Ricardo Paiva, National-Joint Director of PJ in Faro Guilhermino Encarnação; PJ's Heavy Crime Unit Director Luís Neves, Former Judiciary Police Inspector and Criminologist Francisco Moita Flores and Scotland Yard Inspector José Freitas.

This witnesses will testify to the fact that the thesis that is presented by Gonçalo Amaral in his book is nothing more and nothing less than the facts pertaining to the investigation.

If the judge accepts the defense lawyer's request, the session may be postponed to December 21st.

Contrary to what the McCanns Spin Man suggested it is now apparent that the McCanns will visit Praia da Luz in the Algarve over the weekend (or maybe tomorrow in the afternoon in an attempt to boycott Gonçalo Amaral's new book launch).


  1. Quite an assembly of witnesses. I am hoping this is not a stitch up from start to finish, and the McCanns are showing up because they know they already have it in the can.

    Can there be corruption going on even here?

    Unfortunate about the sickness.

    Didn't somebody say something about hoping the witnesses don't get the swine flu. A sort of prophetic utterence? or a case of 'many a true word spoken in jest!'.

    All success to you Dr Amaral.

  2. Holy cow, who could expect that?

  3. It was me, who wrote I wished they would not get the mexican flu.
    a brôther, a sîster, etc
    where I live, people have to stay home when they get in contact with the mexican.

  4. I think that should be 'I hope they are not showing up because they think they have it in the BAG'.

    Talking of which, brings to mind Gerry's blue bag mentioned by Martin Brunt that disappeared the same time as Madeleine.

    Now where might that be?

  5. Anon at 3

    I think you might have to change your name to Nostradamus. Spot on.

    Let's hope none of the rest are affected.

  6. Thank you, nr 5, I will consider your suggestion.

    They look bad, don't they.
    What a terrible life.
    But Maddie's life was much worse, she lost hers.
    The list of jurists who are coming to defend the book is great.
    Those are brilliant people with an enormous capacity.

  7. What will the McCanns fuck do in Luz?

  8. Now, if the McCanns had been exposed to the swine flu, you'd all be saying what a bunch of cowards they are but good Uncle Am's lawyer gets exposed to the swine flu and the hearing is delayed - how totally convenient for Uncle Am. Have these highly educated (Am, his lawyer, the secretary, etc.) not heard of the swine flu vaccination? Gives Am more time out of jail, I suppose - but Joana you make sure that you and your little lynchmob go to the court tomorrow to protest the McCanns - it'll give the McCanns so much more credibility. Thanks, Joana - glad you're on Am's side - with friends like you who needs enemies?

  9. to anonymous 8, listen you cowardly stupid and ignorant thing, crawl back to your cave and stop spreading lies.

  10. Anon at 8

    Getting worried, eh.

    Hardly surprising. It is looking like the McCanns have made a great big mistake with this book burning stunt.

    It sounds like there are plenty more where Sr Amaral came from who think exactly the same.

    Are they all going to be sued?

    The UK media will be interested when they hear what they have to say, and you know what the media is like, they can turn on a sixpence.

  11. Anon at 7

    Search for Madeleine of course??? No stone unturned and all that.

    Pardon me while I laugh!!

  12. Anon 8

    Sounds of Rosiepops. The vile and nauseating McCann's flag bearer.

  13. I wonder if the last words the McC's say before they toss and turn all night is something along the lines of;
    " Why, oh why did we start this injunction"?

  14. Oh dear, anon @ 8 sounds very worried indeed and I'm not surprised! Is it the fact that Gonçalo Amaral has many friends that's got him/her worried? :-)

    As for the McCanns maybe going to Praia da Luz, I hope it's to help Dave Edgar in the search for Madeleine, because as we all know that's where Edgar says she's being held. It's been very surprising that the McCanns don't seem to want to tell people what he said, but maybe they're finally going to speak out AND start helping him in his search.

    Dave Edgar said '“All we can do is try and keep public awareness high – and try and reach as much of that mountainous region outside the resort as we can.” So I presume the best way to keep the awareness high is to tell the public what he said, and the best way to reach as much of that mountainous region as possible is to actually keep searching it. Over to the parents on this one, I think!

  15. The McCanns had no choice. Publication in English in the UK could lead to a proper UK based police investigation.

    They had to act. And having made that decision, they are having to give it their all.

    The flu problem if accidental is fortuitous and if a matter of tactics, good tactics. The McCanns like all media manipulators need to maintain rythm and momentum in their working of the media - anything that disrupts that, and allows the public to focus on them and the real details of the case, is good...very good.

  16. Anon 15

    The witnesses will have to produce a doctor's certificate to confirm the flu. So I think it is not a matter of tactics. But the fact remains, the McCanns are now off balance and, as you said, will be now realizing that they are loosing momentum. And that is just great! Also, I guess they will be slightly scared because of he stature of GA's witnesses. They are indeed "heavy guns" and will definitely present powerfull arguments in Amaral's favour.

  17. Oh, for goodness sake, poster number 8, what do you know about Swine Flu in Portugal? Are you aware that you can't just turn up at your local doctor's surgery and demand a vaccination? Only people deemed to be at risk are vaccinated, and even then in a strict order of priority. Nor can Tamiflu or other anti-viral drugs be bought over the counter. And if anyone catches Swine Flu or are in close contact with someone who has it, they are ordered to remain at home in quarantine. Your remark about why didn't Gonçalo Amaral have a flu jab is as inane and uninformed as the rest of your post. Grow up, and get a life!

  18. Do you think that the judge has read the book so that she/he can form an opinion and then to agree or not agree with McCanns? And if so will the judge be also sue by them too?
    This crazy!!!
    And I find this couple very dangerous.

  19. Question for 8.....just who died in the McCann apartment and when?....Or did the blood and cadaver dogs get it totally wrong?...Looking forward to your answer.

  20. 'Scotland Yard Inspector Jose Freitas'- Woa, he has a Scotland Yardie on side, I wonder what he makes of Dai Davies' rambles. I can imagine what he thinks of the McCies as he is speaking up for Mr Amaral. As someone said, an impressive line up. Perhaps Goncalo has more support than anticipated. I wish him nothing but the very best of luck. It's about time he had something go his way!!!!

  21. Yes, I'm sorry for whoever has flu, it being a nasty illness, but I'm pretty sure the McCanns aren't too pleased at this delay. They do seem to have the most vile luck, don't they? Could it be that old curse that seems to follow them about like a bad smell at work again?

    PS They're both doctors, what a pity they didn't have the foresight to advise all the opposing team to get vaccinated before the opening day of the hearing. ;)

  22. I must be a bad person and I hope the person who has the flu recovers fully, but I can't help but think it's a good thing that the hearing is postponed.

    I'm not sure if Mr. Amaral will win, as it's a very complicated case. However it was interesting to see them on Sky News this morning. It absolutely baffles me that they could leave these poor little children alone and be sueing someone who was trying to find their child.

    I still can't believe they left that door open either. Of course it's tragic what happened to Madeleine, but why on earth not answer the questions. What was their lawyer thinking. It's ridiculous.

    And all the guff about I will do a lie detector, I won't. What was that all about. All that stuff in the beginning still needs further investigation imo.

    For Madeleine's sake.

  23. Anon,@8.
    Without doubt the biggest load of utter rubbish I have seen printed here.
    You sound very afraid or very guilty over something to me.
    Now crawl away back to your filthy forum and GROW UP before you come back to somewhere decent, thoughtful, people read and/or post.

  24. To Anon 8. It was not Mr Amaral's lawyer who postponed the court proceedings, it was the Judge who decided.

    To Anon 8. It was not for Mr Amaral's former colleagues and lawyer to decide to have the swine flu jab. It would be a decision made by their respective Doctors.

    I'm sure Portugal, same as in England, have a pecking order of who is priority for the swine flue jab - children, sick people, etc.

    Why should Mr Amaral and his witnesses be given special treatment by their Doctors? Just to suit the McCann's?

    No doubt the McCann's have already protected themselves, seeing as they are Doctors themselves. I know that medical professionals are another group of people in England who have priority. I should think the same in Portugal. Very convenient for them I say.

    Now, they must think long and hard about their next PR strategy over Christmas. They always like a headline over the festive season. Shame they haven't got a Court case to rely on!

  25. Anon 8
    I understand why you are so worried.There will be someone in jail soon but unfortunatelly for you it won't be Mr Amaral.It will be someone probably very close to you....

  26. That Fund should be stopped now.

    The McCanns should have to PROVE there was an abduction before they are allowed to ask for more money to be sent to them.

    They can't, that is why they want Dr Amaral silenced.

    They are the ones distorting the truth.

    This has gone on too long, it is an absolute disgrace that they are getting away with it.


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