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Just in time for X-mas

McCanns Selling good cotton T-shirts since 2007

Exclusive: Madeleine McCann search cash due to run out in three months

CASH funding the search for missing Madeleine McCann will run out in three months.

Maddie's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, are now preparing to open talks with multimillionaire businessman Brian Kennedy to extend his backing.

The couple had feared the fund set up to trace their little girl, who has now been missing for 31 months, would be exhausted by the end of this month.

But they have boosted it with payouts won in legal actions against newspapers in Britain and abroad.

Glaswegian Gerry and Kate, both 41, flew to Portugal last week for a new libel action against former Portuguese police chief Goncalo Amaral, who wrote a book claiming Madeleine died in an accident, but on Friday the trial was adjourned until next month.

It could see them net £1 million - cash that would be immediately diverted to the fund to find Madeleine, who was just about to turn four when she disappeared from their Algarve holiday home in May 2007.

Scots double glazing tycoon Mr Kennedy has not yet indicated that he will continue to contribute cash The McCanns' PR man Clarence Mitchell, who also acts as spokesman for Scots doubleglazing tycoon Kennedy, said: "No one is worried about the situation.

"Brian Kennedy has not said he won't continue to back the fund and the search will not cease until we have found her.

"As and when the fund diminishes, there will be talks with Brian and various other backers. There is approximately £500,000 left in the fund and there is enough money to keep going until early spring.

"Money is being spent more slowly. We had thought it would run out by the end of the year but the drain has not been so severe.

"If it had not been for the libel settlements, the fund would have depleted long ago. A lot of work that has been done has ruled things out.

"A number of leads are being followed at the moment. Kate and Gerry do feel that progress is being made."

Kate and Gerry, who both work as doctors in Leicestershire, have pledged never to give up looking for their daughter.

The fund is keeping costs down by running a smaller team of detectives and concentrating the search on southern Spain, Portugal and northern Africa.

Kevin Halligen, an Irish crook who posed as a security consultant, was paid £300,000 from the fund and is now facing fraud charges

in Daily Record


  1. The picture at the top says it all - two laughing happy parents and their hanger on enjoying a photoshot at Madeleine's expense. No sign of a tragic Kate then!

  2. ok McCann's leave us alone now... you are insane

    why do you expect people to keep giving money to you??????

    sell your house, sell your possessions like so many desperate parents have done in the quest for their children

  3. So Brian Kennedy has not said he won't stop funding the search for Madeleine. Is that another way of saying he hasn't said yes to more funding?

    It's funny that before the disappearance of their daughter they stayed in, if I may say, quite basic accommodation and ate in run of the mill restaurants. Now it's all 5 star hotels for the "celeb" duo. I really do wonder who they think they are. I bet none of us reading here has ever used donations to a charity/fund to pay our mortgage - that's how financially and morally bereft they were.

  4. «The fund is keeping costs down by running a smaller team of detectives and concentrating the search on southern Spain, Portugal and northern Africa.»

    I just would like to know what team? Is Dave Edgar a one man team?

  5. I read an article where Mitchel said that the Mccanns stopped paying their mortgage when they were made arguidos. They were entitled to do this as the Fund is there to support the Mccann family. My question is once the arguido status was lifted did the Mccanns start to pay their mortgage again from the fund?...The Mccanns are now directors of the fund so they are in control of this money.Esther Mcvey left and wiped the Mccanns from her Website...Esther also said that she released 80.000 pounds from the Fund for a campaign in Spain. There has never been a campaign in Spain..So where did that money go and is this why Esther left because she could see that the money was not being used for the reasons it was collected.

  6. Wheres Cowley? is he under sedation.

  7. The could always dip into their own money.

    How about selling that big place they have and buying smaller. No doubt it would still be big enough for them.

    But that will be the day when they put their own money where their mouth is.

    Have they, or any of their family, ever spent a penny of their own money, or gone out and searched for Madeleine yet?

    If Brian Kennedy has any sense he will tell them to spend their own money for a change, and then sit back and see what happens.

  8. poor gerry and kate well all i can offer you is a spade from my shed and a pair of rubber gloves to help keep kates nails clean ,but mind you i would like them back as being a pensioner i cant afford to buy more .....

  9. The press are hateful look how they used Hewlett in the week..A man on his death bed , used and spat out by the vultures of the British gutter Press.

  10. According to Keir Simmons on twitter the McCanns left PDL one hour ago.

  11. They only have half a million left!

    Pass the begging bowl folks. The McCanns are skint again.


  12. Are theirs backers backing out?

    I thought Brian Kennedy had already pledged his stupidity and wealth for life?
    Go BK ...GO BK .....you winner in life you! You must be proud of putting your wealth to such causes.

    A Man we are told who saw himself as the hero flying in to rescue Madeleine by helicopter......but instead as backed,funded,supported the people responsible for her demise and the ongoing cover up.

    (Brian Kennedy and the key supporters roles in this charade is also a book for the future ).

    Originally we were told that Brian Kennedy was to pay for Mitchells cost...only for later reports to suggest he is paid from the fund.

    Now which is it?

    We were told by Esther Mcvey that no legal expenses would be paid for by fund!
    Any legal expenses would need to come from a seperate fund!

    You have all twisted the truth ...you are liars.
    Now let me break that down in case im not clear.

    you are lying, thieving child neglecting idiots!!


  13. The people who do donate should be informed that the money is going into a Fund controlled by the family for their own needs, not only for finding Madeleine.

    Presumably they can spend as much as they like on themselves and nobody can stop them. It would not look good if they were found out though, just as when the people were told about them paying their mortgage out of it.

    Who snitched on them that first time?

    Somebody who is no longer their friend no doubt.

  14. Perhaps if they spent a little less on lawyers to sue all and sundry and a little more on actually searching for their missing daughter, they wouldn't run out of the publicly donated funds so fast.

    May justice prevail.


  15. I think the sooner we accept the fact that this is a business we will all be a lot calmer..A business and it seems all the family are now on The Board of Directors. Remember Mccann said he had a vision ,when he was in the church..Was this the vision ?when he was selling wristbands during a Portuguse church service?...So little respect for others. The vision was not finding his daughter the vision was MONEY and lots of it..

    I cannot believe that the public are sending them any money it is christmas and any money will be spent on their own families...but they are getting it from somewhere. Amaral has already said they will not get a cent from him.I for myself would rather die than give them a penny.

  16. Post 14...it was Mitchel who told the public about the mortgage payments...I think it was damage control as someone was about to spill the beans..'if you dont tell them I will' attitude..May have been Esther Mcvey as she will no longer discuss the Mccanns or answer any questions on her website about them...I doubt her and her schoolfriend are good mates any more.

  17. What the fuck are these detectives doing in southern Spain and northern Africa? Dave Edgar KNOWS Madeleine is alive in a lair somewhere in Praia da Luz. They keep making fun of us.

    By the way could anyone remind me what was the media reaction in Britain when the Tapas gang announced they were not participating in the police reconstruction? Did it spark any questions as to why they refused?

  18. I hope somebody is tracing where this Fund money is going.

    Such large amounts should be accounted for, as it would be a massive fraud if they are soliciting funds supposedly for finding Madeleine and actually secreting it away in their own bank accounts.

    They would be using false pretences, and although they may think they could get away with that because of the small print saying it is technically theirs to do with as they wish, in a court of law I doubt it would wash, as the spirit of the intent of this Fund would be looked at.

    Trusting people are sending money for the finding of finding Madeleine, not for some retirement nest egg for the McCanns.

  19. @post 17
    So Esther is doing a Kate mccann....say nothing? answer nothing?
    Recently a scaffolding firm owned by a Tony Mcvey displayed a find madeleine banner!
    Any connection?


  20. Fernis...all newspaper 'Have your say' were blocked.So we will never know...Outrage I would imagine.Media reaction ?I think John Gaunt made a stink and had a phone in..the rest just followed the Mccann line.'How will it help madeleine now'?

  21. and who´s paying for all lawyers Joana?

  22. I am sick of seeing these killers begging for publicity all the time, they have faces I want to punch and punch and punch,
    can some one tell me

    how can so many people be fooled by so few (sorry i forgot about religion) Blind faith, some one is taking the piss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. 18 Fernis
    But I thought hey were following a very good lead from Barcelona to Australia, at least that is what Clarrie and Edgar said only a coupleof months ago.
    Why doesn't someone from the press just ring them up and ask them about that.

  24. Martin Blunt is taking comments on his sky blog, the majority of the comments are very negative for the McCann's, in fact I'm surprised sky let them through, Dan

  25. The Mccann Curse...Indipendent Ties. 13th Jan 2009

    Cannot find a conection to Tony only that he lives in Liverpool..Is Mcvey her name or a married name?

    Yet more strife for Esther

    Further trouble for the former GMTV presenter Esther McVey, in her efforts to become a Tory MP. Dick Calver, the former chair of the local Conservative Association in Wirral West, where she is standing, is being sued over allegations that he called a colleague an "Islamic terrorist" and accused him of threatening to burn down his house.

    It's the third such setback in the past year for McVey and her colleagues. Last January she paid her Labour opponent £6,500 in damages after she incorrectly accused him of taking part in a cricket "junket" in Australia. Three months later, a Tory councillor was forced to hand over £6,000 to a colleague after alleging financial impropriety

  26. Anonymous @ 19

    Read on (copied from findmadeleine.com):

    Fund Objectives

    The full objects of the Fund are:

    To secure the safe return to her family of Madeleine McCann who was abducted in Praia da Luz, Portugal on Thursday 3rd May 2007;
    To procure that Madeleine's abduction is thoroughly investigated and that her abductors, as well as those who played or play any part in assisting them, are identified and brought to justice; and
    If the above objects are fulfilled then the objects of the Foundation shall be to pursue such purposes in similar cases arising in the United Kingdom, Portugal or elsewhere.

    So, there you are. If the Fund's objective is to support financially the couple, what prevents them from helping themselves. It's legal.

  27. 'Gerry and Kate feel that progress has been made'.

    Really. Like what?

    Though the statement would justify people sending in more money, so they are hardly going to say the opposite.

  28. 'Kevin Halligen, an Irish crook who posed as a security consultant, was paid £300,000 from the fund and is now facing fraud charges'

    No doubt there will be many gullible enough to believe from the wording of this sentence that Halligen is being sued for fraud by the McCanns. What was that you were saying about distortion of the truth, Gerry?


  29. Joanna, Edgar is the proverbial "one man band"! That's their "team" of defectives. The Fund is running dry so they can now downsize or perhaps the mother of the missing child could get a job to help fund the search - by one man!

  30. So, Kate is now back to work?

  31. I was under the impression that Kate no longer works yet this article says they are both Doctors, working in Leicestershire. That fact should be very easy to verify so why make out they are both earning? In fact Kate Healy is constantly referred to as a Doctor - if she has given up work, then she is no longer a Doctor. That's how it works for everyone else!

  32. Kate told SF in her interview no she does not work nor is she going to return to work. She now looks after the twins and runs the campaign.. Kate cannot take the risk of a member of staff asking her who were the six bodies she dealt with before her holiday.Kate still calls her self a Doctor she has her image to think of..

  33. http://www.algarveresident.com/story.asp?XID=11993

    This is the only picture where the Mccanns show grief..grief AND FEAR. It must be very soon after what happened. I hope an accident of course this could also have been a murder but prefer not to go there.Kate wearing THE pants and rubbing the soft toy on her thigh. Both even then had to read from notes...nothing from the heart.

  34. Maybe they should just run a telethon. You know, something on the order of what TV evangelists do. The media seems to love them so I have no doubt they'd get free air time. Kate could bring CuddleCat and Gerry could show off his Wider Agenda flip chart. Clarence could wear pink and....oh nevermind. You get the picture.

    The McCanns are cons. No doubt about it. Quite original though, I must say.

  35. The McCanns have left PDL what a relief to the locals. The wave of nausea will subside. He must have bullied her to go back and show the world. Its like a Doctor who loses a patient on the ward then has face up to it and go back on the ward, simple as that. I bet they regret all those happy photos when the child went missing. They would like to delete all the blogs he posted, the photos,soundbites as they are so bizarre. No turning back now.

  36. I'm tired of these two and their crying for more money.

    Here's a tip Mrs McC: Go and work! Like the rest of us.

  37. @37,kate has no need to work,the gullible people who donated to the fund have seen to that.

  38. To no.35 - I'm so glad someone else remembers the flip-chart and the 'Wider Agenda' outline drawn by Gerry! Little did we know what a wonderful business plan he had come up with.
    It started an hilarious thread on the old 3arguidos site.The man is absolutely wasted - he could help any bank make a profit...

  39. This fund has been in danger of running out ever since it was established. This is obviously a 'good marketing ploy' to keep the cash coming in. Why change a winning concept?

    I wonder whether the idea of setting up a fund, appealing for donations, selling tat from a cheapy website and suing the backside off anyone who dared to question it was conceived before Madeleine disappeared? If it was then it was a stroke of genius old boy, albeit a very criminal one.

    But perhaps the volume of donations pouring in from a compassionate public was an unexpected windfall which inspired said marketing genius to quickly develop the concept into the cash cow for celebrity bad parents' that it has become.


  40. I think Kate is now back at work. I don't think it's any coincidence that the papers and Martin Brunt are suddenly reporting that both the McCanns are "working doctors".

  41. Would somebody be kind enough to post a link to the film where Haynes Hubbard, in interview, says something like "Madeleine is not the church, Madeleine is NOT in the church."

    Many thanks

  42. I think that Kate McCann, far from working as a doctor, is drawing a salary from the fund as a "working" director. Along with Gerry's brother who gave up his job about a week after Madeleine went missing. That's two salaries being paid unnecessarily from the fund, money which they could surely spend on the "search"? If you add Clarence Mitchell's salary in then I bet it amounts to quite a chunk on money leaving the fund every month. And for what? Paying people to do a piecemeal job that should be done for free by the police. All the McCanns have to do is ask.

  43. @ Anonymous 14
    "Who snitched on them that first time?

    Somebody who is no longer their friend no doubt."

    It would be interesting to know who effectively snitched on them about the mortgage.

  44. There's a book about this case by Danny Collins called Vanished,his theory is that Madeleine woke up and wandered outside the apartment and fell down a shaft or a drain,so like Amaral he doesn't go along with the abduction line,so i asked myself why aren't the McCanns suing him like they are Amaral,then i read the foreword by the said author and he has donated/donating 15% of every book sold,a nice little earner isn't it?.

  45. 43#
    I think you are spot on.

  46. #43 that is correct. KMcC is a working director of the so called "fund".

    Fund - private limited company.

    Just another way of laundering contributions.

  47. T4two.

    Many of us trying to get justice for Madeleine have come up with the same question. How could they get the whole thing off the ground with the precision it took in such a short time after Madeleine disappeared. Statements prepared, photos at the ready, UK government and the Pope involved, Gerry at the White House, strong media coverage, etc, all in the blinking of an eye. Much more to this than meets the eye.

  48. Wonder how much the family gets paid for running this Fund, and do they get bonuses for when it is going well?

  49. Anon 45

    And wouldn't that be the perfect solution for the McCanns if their abduction scenario was completely defuncted.

    They could always claim they had been mistaken after all and Madeleine must have wandered off and died by accident somewhere.

    As for all the money sent to them, WELL, THAT'S TOO BAD, it's gone!

  50. sure it was Justine McGuinness who first dropped them into it by telling about the mortgage payments for the fund. just before or just after she she stopped being their spokesperson and there might have been a query about £51k she'd billed them, if memory serves...

  51. This visit to Portugal was carefully planned to put pressure on the court and endear people to the couple but did it all go according to plan?
    1- they went in thru a special door to avoid protesters and that shows they still have undue privileges
    2- the hearing was postponed and they were heckled so it is confirmed that Amaral has support
    3- they said Amaral's book damaged donations to the fund and end up looking very greedy
    4- they advertised their private visit to Praia da Luz - so we know they crave media attention
    5- they said they went to the church in the early hours - undue privileges again - who opened the door for them at that hour?
    6- they made a tour at dawn - not unlike a previous one, unseen, and prove that it is possible to do things undetected while the media spotlight is on!

  52. Que belo trio na Feira de Carcavelos a vender produtos de Contrafaccao.

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    Se fossem ciganos, ja lhes tinha batido a ASAE a porta para averiguar da legalidade e genuidade do produto.
    Sera que cada Tshirt paga o respectivo IVA ao Fisco? Ou estes indigentes tambem tem o negocio isento de impostos?

  54. Anon.45,
    To who he donate the 15%? I hope, not to Madeleine's Fund. If so... not surprised that they not sue him... At the end they don't care about the theory behind of any book, they just care about the amount of money which fall everyday on their accounts without any physical effort. ALL THESE IS TO ACHIEVE PUBLICITY AND MAKE THE INGENUOUS BELIEVE ON THEIR STORIES AND MADE SOME DONATIONS.

  55. VERY IMPORTANT: make sure that you understand wearing this t-shirt may include an offer: to be visited by a ghost. This is a paranormal package.

  56. More garbage in todays's Scum:


    Antonella Lazzeri must be on their payroll.

  57. Anon 55, yes 15% of all books sold has/is being given to the 'Find Madeleine fund'.

  58. Anonymous (52) You make an excellent point at no.6 and I am surprised that no-one else has picked up on this. Alarm bells ringing loud and clear here.

  59. Was the tour at dawn near Burgau? Portuguese dogs detected something near a small beach bar in Burgau on May 5th 2007.

  60. Anon at 60

    As nobody saw them apparently we may never know. Yet it is strange they can go walking in the dark like that when on the night Madeleine vanished they went to bed because it was too dark to search.

    Didn't they have torches then?


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