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A Letter to Maria Inês

by Teresa Baptista

Hello, Inês. You have a very pretty name that recalls a great love story featuring a Portuguese King, which unfortunately was condemned to end in a tragic way. Oh, but that was many, many years ago!

You don’t know me, but I know very well who you are! And I even know that you became 6 years old, only a few days ago. I know that this year you did not have the usual birthday party, that you are living strangely sad days, and that this year, you may not even enjoy Christmas, like the other children in Portimão, the city where you live with your parents.

I know, Inês, that you are Dr. Gonçalo Amaral’s daughter and that fact has been bringing you disadvantages, and that you have already started to feel, in your home, the result of the siege that is being built around your father, just because the work that he was developing was uncomfortable for a few important and rich foreigners, people with high level influence at the top of the English government, who through those connections ended up pulling the strings in Portugal. They managed to have the Polícia Judiciária discharging your father from the process that he was involved in, and later on, frustrated and disappointed with all the evident professional persecution, he exonerated himself, retiring too early, just when he was developing serious investigations that sought to discover a presumably criminal action, a hideous one, in which the parents themselves conceal the truth about the facts that led to their daughter’s death, a little girl exactly your age.

Your life is completely different now, I know that. Where once was largeness, there is now tightness, where there was joy and happiness, now reign sadness, fear and anguish.

Maybe you cannot understand this strange world of adults, and maybe you are upset that after all, by fighting for the truth, your father suffers on his skin, the weight of ingratitude, of disrespect and of humiliation. If he had bowed to the hypocrisy and the lie of a staging of gigantic proportions, your peace and quiet would maybe have been secure. But he chose the hardest path, and he chose well: the path of competence, of dignity and of truth.

A harrowing coincidence: that Portuguese King that I mentioned earlier, his name was Pedro, and when the wife that he loved was murdered – Dona Inês -, he, too, decided to face up to the Court’s convenience, and walked a rough, rocky path, to persecute those who were responsible, to punish with his own hands, those who had dared to lie and to practise a crime of indescribable cruelty.

Inês, yours is a sad fate, as this year you will not enjoy a Christmas like you deserve and like you were used to.

Nonetheless, trust your father, trust the good Men that surround him and cheer him with your smile, with your spontaneous laughs, with the care of your gentleness and the warmth of your charming little voice. You will see your parents smile again, and you will certainly enjoy a blessed Christmas evening, again.

Do you believe in Santa Claus? Do you know that sometimes he arrives and even though he does not bring presents in the red bag that he carries with the reindeers’ help, he brings along true friendship, justice, happiness and the tranquil and proud conscience of a verticality that is hard to sustain. That is something that the homes of those English people, and of those who engineered the plot of the Injunction, will never enjoy again, no matter how high they raise their hands towards the sky, in a lying and inconsequent supplication.

You see, Inês… God does not sleep… and neither do some Men!

Please receive a tender kiss from a friend whose weapons are the pen, and the typewriter’s keyboard. Some day, we will all celebrate the victory of dignity and of truth, over imbecility and lie.

in A Folha do Café Regional Newspaper, nº230, 10 December 2009, paper edition


  1. Ines,

    If you do read this, be proud of your father and support everything that he does to get Justice for Madeleine as well as his right to free speech.

    If he is stopped from speaking freely that will mean that Portugal has gone back to the age when man was stopped from voicing his opinion and that would be wrong.


  2. may i maria ines wish you and your mother and wonderful daddy a happy christmas too,
    love to you all
    sue xxx england

  3. Thanks Teresa for your moving letter to Ines.

    Ines has the chance to have such an invaluable,courageous and honest father and this is probably her best present in life. This is her privilege in this life. No other present can possibly ever equals this gift.
    I have wondered many times how the Amaral family copes with all this assault,how they can see their lives reduced to a constant fear and anxiety,as you said,Teresa.I do feel for them,truly and sincerely.
    I am also wondering HOW the mccanns are allowing and wanting this to happen to a DECENT man and his family.
    HOW can you, mccann people?
    HOW can you sleep at night?
    Can you see what we ALL see?
    HOW can you look at yourselves in a mirror without blinking a eye?
    Look at Ines,just a tiny girl,the age Madeleine would be if she was still there with us.
    YOU are destroying HER life,this is what YOU are doing and you are doing this because YOU do not want the truth nor justice for your very own little girl.
    How can you do THIS to Ines, you cruel and spineless people?
    Instead of a heart,you hold a bank account in your chest but I promise you will not have a minute of peace hasta que se sepa la VERDAD......

    Ines,un abrazo para ti,cariño, y para toda tu familia

  4. Very, very touching, and it explains succinctly, but in a different way, how despicable these people and their crass followers are, destroying innocent peoples lives to save their own sorry arses.

    It is time for this to end. I sincerely hope that it will end soon.

    Have strength Goncalo. You have a lot of support here in the UK.

    Best wishes to you and your family,


  5. Somehow, I cannot conceive of dr Amaral hurrying along the allyways of Praia da Luz after dark, with a dead or dying child across his left shoulder, turning away his face from passers-by, averting his eyes, and erasing his cell phone within hours after the child was discovered missing. Nor can I picture him boozing along in a crowd in a foreign country, with 3 little children left unattend after crying for hours on end the night before.

    So maybe, we should not feel too sorry for his daughter Ines, who will after all be safe and cared for by her parents. .

  6. This sounds very depressing.
    It is as Amaral has lost the process already, before it starts.
    Let us wait a few more days.
    Or let us wait till tomorrow afternoon, what the witnesses will say.

  7. @6,yes mr and mrs amaral are definitly NOT like the mccanns and will cherish Ines for now and always .Ines you have a brave and well respected father and a lovely mother.

  8. McCanns, it's not enough for you to have provoqued the ordeal of your child? Do you really need also to destroy other children's life? Just to try to save a respectability that doesn't exist, even in your dreams?

  9. Ines, yours is the best dad in the whole world, and so is mine, too. So you see Ines, I am sure you will grow up to become a real caring, daring and courageous young woman.
    Quando abraçares o teu pai, da-lhe todo o carinho que ele merece, ao contrario de outros (pais) menos crediveis, como se de erva ruim se tratasse. Um xi-coracçao e Feliz Natal

  10. Gonçalo Armaral's daughter has something the McCann children don't - a father and mother of dignity and principle, parents who look after their children properly, who don't leave them in danger and then try to blame everyone but themselves when something happens to one of them. She is a fortunate child to have parents like that; could anyone truthfully say Madeleine McCann was fortunate to have had the parents she had? The parents who left her in a place where she had no one to call on when danger threatened, because her parents were not within sight or earshot of the bedroom where the children were left alone.

    No matter what the outcome of this 'we want the money' demand, the McCanns will always know what they did, as will others. Some day the full truth about Madeleine's disappearance will come out and the world will know exactly what happened to the little 3-year-old left home alone with her younger siblings at night. The shame and disgrace of the way the children were left to fend for themselves will never go away, no matter how much effort is made by some people to try to pretend otherwise.

    So, Ines, be proud of your father and feel sorry for those children whose parents are morally inferior to him, those to whom their children's care and safety was not as important as the money they now wish to be placed in their own hands. It doesn't matter in the end how much money anyone insists on getting for themselves, they can't buy class and dignity, both of which your parents already have in abundance. I wish you and your family every happiness for the future - you deserve it.

  11. A lovely letter, and how right are others who say she is a better treated child. I pray for Sr Amaral and his whole family, may they get justice and peace, and justice for Madeleine.

  12. @11 bravo,the truth as we all know it. well said dimsie

  13. Yes, the McCann children are not the only children involved in this, and that judge in the court case should remember that as well.

    If the McCanns see themselves as victims it is because they have made themselves so. They brought this on themselves by the choices they made.

    With parents who think like the McCanns do, that it is OK go out and leave three small children under four alone night after night in a dark unlocked apartment, little Madeleine was in harms way from the start.

    For the sake of the twins the mentality of the McCanns should be assessed.

  14. I would have thought its virutally impossible to assess the McCanns mentality. I don`t think there`s a test for narcissism. Its generally thought GM is a textbook narcissist - Pat Brown, the criminal profiler, says she thinks KM is as well. They are clever people and can easily be one step ahead of psychologists, therapists, doctors, police, social workers etc. People are there to do their bidding, not the other way round.


  15. I echo all that has gone before me. My thoughts and prayers are with Goncalo and his family right now. I cannot bring myself to utter anything to or about those despicable Mccanns.

  16. free speech - what a load of drivel

  17. 14, you are right.
    The Judge of the court got to think about the children at risk, not only about Madeleine's death.
    Is there still time enough to make a poster and to stand in front of Vara 7, warning the judge that he is responsible for the other children?
    People got to be warned about the statements of couple Gaspar.
    And I hope Mrs. Gaspar or a friend of hers is one of the witnesses, with new filthy stories.

  18. News about tomorrow on Skynews internet.
    A wonderful photo of a smiling Amaral and a deadly worried of the Mccanns.
    Skynews is obviously in favor of Amaral.

  19. Joana, I hope you will keep us informed tomorrow, during the day.
    I believe you will be present the whole time, following every detail.
    Who knows Tony Bennet is also coming.


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