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Locard's Truth - The Preface to The English Gag

The following text is the translation of the Preface to Gonçalo Amaral's new book, "The English Gag". Titled "Locard's Truth", the preface is authored by Francisco Moita Flores, a former Polícia Judiciária inspector, now the Mayor of Santarém, and a renowned criminologist and author.

Locard’s Truth

I read this outcry for freedom by Gonçalo Amaral at a time when the country wallows, and when I say the country, I say the politicians, some characters within the judiciary system supplying the pyrotechnical material for the fireworks that the media launch every day around the ‘Face Oculta’ process [major corruption scandal presently being investigated in Portugal]. And it is the greatest example of hypocrisy. Exactly the same newspapers, the same columnists, who in the name of respect for the parents’ «pain», in the name of respect for arguidos with no other coercion measure, practically imposed the end of any newscast about Maddie, they are exactly the same that, forgetting today what they had said yesterday, flog personalities from the areas of politics or economy with suspicions, half truths and hearsay, based on wiretaps that nobody knows, savagely destroying the character and honour of their targets.

Two weights and two measures. And now, after reading this painful, nostalgic, and yet brave book, following a temporary injunction against ‘Maddie – The Truth of the Lie’, accepted by a Portuguese court, I understand even better what I always understood: the McCann couple’s strategy, since the first day of their media folklore, never had any other purpose: to discredit the Portuguese Justice, the Portuguese Police, and, fundamentally, Gonçalo Amaral, the man who knew the most, and still does, about what they did. And what they didn’t.

Gonçalo Amaral is not a fictional character. He is the boldness of truth. He is the challenge of truth. Even if he doesn’t fully know it. He knows what nobody else does, about Maddie’s hidden destiny. And it’s no use to try to conceal the sun with a sieve, which seems to be the child’s parents’ only obsession, because like Sherlock Holmes invariably replied to his unavoidable friend Dr. Watson, the method of deduction, applied to facts, as long as they are seen in connection, becomes elementary, even for the most stupid living beings, that if action A produced result B, if result B is coherent with consequence C, then A is related to C. It is elementary! Aristotle formulated this reasoning in the shape of syllogisms, Edmond Locard, the father of modern criminal investigation, recovered it to become the instrument of all investigation police forces worldwide, and the results are there.

Even CSI, written under the shape of future fiction, evokes Locard. He is the true God of criminal investigation. Without exception. Be it for the Portuguese PJ, the FBI, the Scotland Yard. There is only one exception. It applies to all criminal cases except to the disappearance of Maddie. The exception. The divine exception which protects the parents to continue the farce. Since the beginning of the investigation. None of what has been explained by the hired «detectives», none of what is related to the reconstitution of facts, more or less proved, none of what is advanced by the «spin’s», hired journalists, protective political chains, manages to resist the implacable evidential logic of Edmond Locard. The instrument which Gonçalo Amaral used. Nothing escapes it. Neither the «moral» indignation, nor the silly piety, nor faith, nor propaganda, or any injunction, manages to trample over what life produces, as such, and Locard never ceased to be right. Just like Gonçalo Amaral. Just like all professional policemen who know, who are competent, who master the techniques of criminal investigation.

Gonçalo Amaral lives in the artlessness of the very best policemen. He believes that working so uninterestedly, in such an selfless way, where only the solution of the enigma matters, he didn’t pay attention to the dark manoeuvres, he didn’t realise that behind every column that was written against him, behind every indignant comment or editorial, behind every report that was serving the McCanns’ sieve, a current of sinister associations and complicities was organising itself, which had nothing to do with the material truth, or the investigation into the mysterious disappearance. The ingenuity of those who love their job and deliver themselves to their profession in an unconditional way.

Gonçalo Amaral never realised that nothing was done, apart from him and his team, to solve the case. On the contrary. Everything was done, from propaganda to commissioned detectives, to screw up his case. Nothing else mattered.

And one just has to look at the results. After all the silences, after all the interviews, after all the «reputed» detectives, after millions of euros, after the Pope’s blessing, and his negation, after so many words, squeezed to the last drop, that what has been advanced since the day that the process ended was zero. ZERO! That is to say, everything was done to shut up Gonçalo Amaral. Nothing was done to discover the truth. And the abduction theory, now the injunction, just like all the other pieces of this farce, had only one goal, just one: to tell the world that the little girl’s parents are saints and that the bad guy, the really bad guy, in this story is the policeman.

But Locard is right. Here and anywhere else in the world. And therefore, just like Galileo, Gonçalo Amaral is right. Even if it takes years (in Galileo’s case it took centuries) to demonstrate that he is right. Despite all mystifications, all insinuations, all calumnies, all injunctions, the truth, the only truth, that remains to be discovered is the time at which everything happened and the destiny that befell the pitiful child.

There is no inquisition, no censorship, no rhetoric, no ridiculous staging of shamelessly moralist and lying statements, no falsehoods, no little pieties that can violate Locard. The most cruel of all investigators. The one to whom the entire world owes the discovery of the method that became indifferent to witness statement or confession. The Truth is there, even if others persist, and sanction it, as a Lie. The world of material truth, taken from laboratories, pulled from Aristotle’s syllogisms, reconstructed with the methods of scientific police, has no pity for tears and no mercy for staging. Not even official censorship can silence what is built by life, the material testimonies, no matter how small, tear down the most staged and plentiful weeping.

It is certain that the process did not reach absolute conclusions. It is true. The formalism of the process imposes itself to the substance of evidence. But do not try to deceive yet another truth. Because it did not reach its end, but it went a long way. In another country, maybe it would have been enough for a condemnatory decision. Not here. There are no condemned. All are innocent. In the shape of law. Although those who carry out criminal investigations know that not a single law can change the entropy of life. Which is, after all, its greatest wealth which the poverty of norm never succeeds in capturing.

Francisco Moita Flores, in Preface to The English Gag, December 2009


  1. Brilliant! I would love this book in English for Christmas, if not my birthday next year, i can wait. Really wish i was bi-lingual. I hope Sr Amaral has a way of making sure all profits go far away and out of the reach of the dastardly duo. I have never met Sr Amaral and have only been to Portugal once a long time ago. Sr Amaral has my admiration for his determination. The one thing i remember most about my trip to Portugal (27yrs ago) was how the people valued children, how friendly the people were, something i have never forgotten. I am truly grateful to you all for keeping us all informed so well. Bravo!!

  2. It is extraordinary that the facts of an official police investigation, legally published after due process and later written about by the head of the investigating team can be said to defame the suspects. The facts were there for all journalists to see a year before the book was written. Is it not like King Canute trying to stop the tide after the tide has flowed in. The Genie is out of the bottle McCanns, you cannot put him back in.

  3. If as is suggested in the preface that the cover-up is systemic/institutional/diplomatic and nothing was done after the removal of Amaral and his team, then the possibilities of ever getting to the bottom of this matter appear to be slim? It even evokes the question of a pre-ordained outcome to legal actions against gainst Mr.Amaral. If this proves to be the case then there must very red faced and annoyed people in PT and the UK at the way the McCanns are continuing to exploit the situation with no sign anytime soon of backing off, ie,their grand tour just this weekend gone? I fear Mr. Amaral will have a long battle and the powers that be will never admit or allow the truth to come out especially politicians.

  4. Bravo, Moita Flores! I still remember that he was one of the few who, back in 2007, defended Mr. Amaral and set the record straight, when the british rags accused him of indulging in lavish 2 hour lunches! Mr. Flores said loud and clear on tv that it was not true, not in a million years, his expression was "ele é um mouro de trabalho", a portuguese expression that means something like, he labours like a slave, he works very hard and very long hours if there's the need to!

    Besides, Mr. Flores is the perfect example that puts to shame and descredits the leader of the PSD(opposition party),who gave a lame excuse for not endorsing Mr. Amaral as a candidate for Mayor of an algarvian city. She claimed that she did not approve of the promiscuity between justice and politics, therefore she "killed" Mr. Amaral's intention! The hypocrisy of the woman! Mr. Flores came from the P.J. and became Mayor of Santarém, and he's not the only case, there are many others, like Fernando Negrão, etc.
    Shame on you Ms. Ferreira Leite! Lame excuses indeed!

  5. A brilliant piece..thank you Francisco Moita Flores for putting this so succintly. I look forward to reading the book when is is available in English.

  6. This introduction is so powerful.

    Goncalo Amaral, an intelligent man with intelligent friends.

    Roll on January! Best wishes to you all.

  7. Very inspiring words from Sr. Flores. Made me look up Edmond Locard, so I learned something in the process.

  8. hope Gerry & Kate have got it on their christmas list...

  9. What a brilliant preface!

    [Speaking about Gonçalo Amaral] "He is the boldness of truth"

    [Speaking about Kate & Gerry McCann] And it’s no use to try to conceal the sun with a sieve, which seems to be the child’s parents’ only obsession..."

    Gonçalo Amaral is like the sun, shining a light on a fairytale that's full of holes.

    My great respect to Gonçalo Amaral and Francisco Moita Flores.

    Is this new book available in Spanish, please?

  10. "I"d rather be hated for who I am than loved for whom I am NOT"

    Courage, Gonçalo, you are almost there

  11. Sorry this is off topic Joana, but did i read right that it was Fr Pacheco who led the service the Mcs attended this weekend. Can you confirm?

  12. How many British prisoners have been convicted on DNA evidence less substantial than that in the McCann case? Originally recorded by Stuart Prior, LP, to be 15 out of 19 markers. Does this open the way to appeals on DNA evidence?

  13. Parabens Dr. Moita Flores, como sempre foi brilhante,como sempre, tambem , esta do lado da justiça( Justiça com maiusculas o que nem sempre e coincidente com a instituição.
    As minhas felicitações tambem para o Dr. Gonçalo Amaral.Estou ansiosa por comprar este nove livro.
    Para ambos os meus senceros votos de BOAS FESTAS

  14. Off topic mas fiquei boquiaberta com os comentários que a sky news permitiu: a grande maioria muito crítica dos mccann, uns frisam que o casal devia ter sido acusado por negligência, outros acusam mesmo os mccann de terem morto a filha e de só pensarem em dinheiro.Há quem pergunte porque é que os pais recusaram a reconstrução e voltam agora ao local onde dizem sentir-se muito próximos da criança.Há pessoas revoltadas com a censura de 1 livro que dizem ter o direito de ler e também há quem critique os media por defenderem fervorosamente este casal!

    O martin brunt, por seu lado mostra um anúncio no supermercado Baptista que diz "Did you know Praia da Luz has a secret ? Found out now"

  15. Whoa, what a stonking preface!!!! I wish the Bristish press would print it, infact I hope the Portugeuse press press will. I hope Mr. Flores has his hard hat on, they will be coming after him now too. I have pleaded so many times, get an English language copy out, I am sure distribution could be arranged via the internet so it would not matter if no booksellers in the UK would stock it. The book could be circulated there are ways and means.

  16. No2' 'The Genie is out of the bottle McCanns, you cannot put him back in.'
    Beautifully put..........
    A fantastic preface to Goncalo's book. Bravo Sn Flores

  17. Brilliant preface by an intelligent man. Thank you for that.
    On the topic of books, I'd recommend people also read Albert Moisiu's book. Until now I hadn't quite understood Dr M Robert's article about questions ananswered because they could damage relations between Portugal and the UK...
    The book also mentions refusal to give items of Mccann family clothes to the PJ by the British ambassador. I'd never heard that before. How did the dogs search if they didn't have access to items of clothing?
    There is also the question of the fund and lack of info on how much was paid in or out.

  18. Jan, according to the Brit journalists on site it wasn't Hubbard or Pacheco who lead the mass.

  19. This preface by Moita Flores left me breathless. He said it all with enormous eloquence. Bravo!
    If I were the McCanns I wouldn't want to read this. The genuineness of those words will hurt.... a lot! :D

  20. Anon 18,

    It's hard not to conclude that the Secret of the circumstances of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann is not part of a wider, murkier web of secrets which threaten the standing of some very important people in the UK at the very least. Ever heard of One Favour Deserves Another?

    Nothing can convince me that the reason there were no traces of Madeleine's hair, no easily identifiable sources of DNA (bodily fluids, body tissue as one might have found on a toothbrush for instance, no access to her clothing) is anything other than a plot to conceal something which had to remain a secret about Madeleine herself. But why would anyone of stature want to be a willing participant in such a devious plot? Position compromised: A Favour Deserve Another.

    But in a web, everything's connected. Strong connections, and the weakest most tenuous of connections. Expose one secret and just wait to see that house of cards come tumbling down.

    Why, oh why, did Gordon Brown think it critical to tell Gerry to tone down the campaign? Remember? And why, oh why, did Gerry choose to concede? One day, we WILL know. Time. Every man has a price.

    A very powerful preface, Francisco Moita Flores. By your words, I would say you are indeed a man of honour.

  21. Não pretendendo desfocar o tema deste post-BRILHANTE prosa do Dr Moita Flores-chamo a vossa atenção para o tratamento dado ao caso da infeliz Typhaine Taton no site findmadeleine.Depois de tanta comparação com o caso Maddie,esqueceram-se(?)do remate final...
    Típico comportamento dos pro "Mccann BESUNTA" (digo eu)

  22. Very moving introduction to the book but I can see Duarte moving very fast to get an injunction against it. Better buy your copy right away I have a feeling there is going to be a long court battle.

  23. I agree with you,post 21. The traces in the car boot were attributed by the McCanns as coming from M's sandals and unwashed pyjamas-The Sun 19.9.07.; yet there is a witness statement from a laundry worker that all the clothes were washed on May 5th.Why weren't the "unwashed" pyjamas given to the PJ; why did they have to show a smaller pair of Amelie's pyjamas in front of the media?
    Albert Moisiu's book is worth reading, as it addresses the political ramifications behind this case.I'm going to suggest to my MP that he reads it. In my long years of experience of working in criminal courts, perverting the course of justice, conspiracy and withholding evidence from the police leads to prison sentences. This applies to politicians and civil servants, as well as the family concerned. The sheer amount of money spent both by the PJ and British police beggars belief and has taken away valuable police time from other investigations. I bet some LP officers are spitting pips about this case. I know I am!

  24. The investigators were having to investigate the Madeleine McCann case with one hand tied behind their backs.

    I ask you, what other people would have been allowed to hide details of credit cards and their child's medical history in such a situation.

    Who else in such a case would be having chats with Prime Ministers and their wives calling them up?

    It is an absolute disgrace what has been allowed to happen and it is about time the people of the UK knew about this.

    I hope this book will soon be published in the UK.

  25. An excellent and moving introduction,i hope we will be able to buy this book,i have often wondered what is it about the McCanns and their tapas pals that they are protected by Gordon Brown and the press of this country,and my only answer is that they must have something on each other,there must be something terrible that binds them all together,and i think the press know that the Mccanns are involved in Madeleines disappearance,but something deters them from saying anything,and i don't believe it's a gagging order that shuts the press up,i think there's something more,but what i can't figure out.

  26. To ANON 3

    This is obvious.

  27. Greatly written, a capable man, Moita Flores.

    Joana, people abroad has to know who Moita Flores is.

    A little explanation from you side would tell us all about his competence as a law man.

    It is necessary to explain it and very useful for Amaral.

    A kiss from your môther.

  28. Joana, your môther is senile,I guess.
    Right now I saw an information who Moita Flores is, above.

  29. Há coisas demais por trás disto.
    Demais mesmo.

    There are too many things behind this.
    Much too many.

    Other children are at risk.
    Please, save them!

  30. Joana thanks for reply, it was reported in the Scum that Fr P led the service, so wasn't sure if it was true or not. Thanks again.

  31. I read during the Mccanns were in church, Father Pacheco had a prayer especially for Madeleine.
    Is it true?

  32. It was not Pacheco.
    I saw a video of the church and I saw it was not him.

  33. 25 and 26 can we please bury this ridiculous internet myth that the McCanns are somehow "protected" by Gordon Brown. He has bigger fish to fry than these two. Mitchell himself said it: "We requested a meeting with the Prime Minister and were offered a minor consul, which we turned down." Cosy chats? I don't think so!

  34. 34 -

    I am not a beleiver in an intricate plot involving Brown, but there is no doubt that Brown went out of his way to help them at the start. He was Chancellor of Exchequer. No reason, constitutional or otherwise, to get involved. But he intervened.

    Some say there is the connection via one of the Tapas 9 and an intermediary to Sara Brown. Quite possible. And quite improper. Then, once he is PM, we have the removal of Amaral.

    We also have the unexplained holding up of evidence about DP going to Portugal. Why was it held up? Were No 10 involved in reviewing all evidence before it was forwarded? I believe it was. And I don't personally think it was an accident that it took several months for that evidence to get to Portugal.

    We also have the fact that there is Freemasonry in the Brown family and there are definitely Freemasonry links in this case. Whether those two facts are linked is anyone's guess.

  35. Anonymous 34. I agree. If Gordon Brown were involved in this he wouldn´t want the case to be constantly in the public arena. Rather he would have told the McCanns to shut up and run away and hide long ago, in the hope that everyone would forget all about it.

  36. Anon at 34

    Of course we believe Clarence Mitchell as to everything he says, he who 'lies with every tooth in his head' according to the PJ.

    But you would know different would you.

    I have only just recently read that Kate McCann was phoned by Brown's wife herself asking if there was anything they could do for them.

    Now how many other people get that sort of special treatment.

    Do you paid for jumping in on behalf of these people or something?

  37. Whilst there was an ongoing criminal investigation going on, Gordon Brown should have in no way intervened whether he knew Gerry McCann or not, or whether a relative of his did.

    He did get involved by communicating with McCann, and the UK Ambassador who was first on the scene had even reported that he had doubts about the parents but he was withdrawn pretty quickly.

    Brown not involved in any way eh! Of course not, whiter than whiter. Yeah, right.

  38. Anon at 36

    The case is in the public arena and the McCanns are not able to run away and hide.

    And if they did, how would they get the money for their Fund.

    If Sr Amaral says the Govenment intervened in this then that is good enough for me. He knows more than any of us do.

  39. 34

    There is no denying that GB was invloved in the case since the first moments. Even Kate Healy confessed the contacts (by telephone too) did exist. How can one explain the pressure over Goncalo Amaral? Where did it come from. Who was powerful enough to get rid of him. Do you believe that the Portuguese themselves decided to sack him? One of the best inspectors in the force?
    That remark "We requested a meeting with the Prime Minister and were offered a minor consul, which we turned down." was made at a very later stage when GB was already distancing himself from the McCanns. Why didn't he want to meet then the McCanns? We'll surely never know, but my guess is that he too was fed up with the whole theatre mounted by the couple and adjutants.

  40. Brown's only interest in this case was very early on - any Prime Minister would take an interest in such high profile case abroad. Likewise the Pope and David Beckham. The celebrity endorsements soon stopped when questions were asked about the parents. Brown also phones Afghan widows and X Factor winners. Maybe some of the more fanciful fantasists would detect a Brown conspiracy there as well.

  41. Powerful stuff. Thanks for posting the translation. I think when the truth of this case is finally unravelled, it will be the sort of thing that if a novelist made it up, they would be criticised for a plot too outrageous to be believed.

    Thank you, Sr Amaral, for not giving up and for writing this second book. You are a paragon of courage.

    Despite all their best efforts to conceal the truth, the McCanns must be feeling its breath on the backs of their necks...


  42. The NY Daily News allows comments. I left this one

    Are you "cleared" of suspicion when, thanks to lack of evidence, case files are classified ? The couple pretends the little girl was abducted but how can they be sure since they were a hundred meters away, having dinner ? The policeman pretends the little girl had some accident and died. Why not? Two dogs smelt cadaver in a flat where no one else ever died. Besides no evidence of abduction was found and the window through which the couple said the abduction occurred only had the mother's fingerprints. Then what distortion is the couple speaking of ?

    Let's see how long it remains there.

  43. And what did Gordon Brown, friend of the McCanns, say to Socrates about the case?

    No doubt it would have been mentioned.

  44. Ask yourself, how did Clarence Mitchell get involved in the case in the first place?

    Where did he come from, and who does he know that the McCanns needed to know?

  45. Only the McCanns are loose cannons and wont shut up and continue to exploit the money making potential. That's the gratitude you get for helping them, only now there is an angle on you, if you happen to be the PM. Facing re-election this would not go down well with the voters.

  46. I for one am not jumping in on behalf of anybody (I wrote at 36). I happen to think the McCanns the lowest of the low, and I´m quite prepared to believe Brown and all other politicians to be quite capable of any dirty deed. The whole case clearly stinks. And I'm well aware, thanks, that compared with Sr. Amaral I know nothing.

    But I'm puzzled. I have no axe to grind, but I can´t help asking what I think is a perfectly reasonable question to which I haven´t yet had a satisfactory answer. Is there anyone out there who can explain to me why, if the great and the good really are involved in this, it wasn´t all swept discreetly under the carpet from the very beginning? Isn´t that the usual way of dealing with potential political scandals? Why were the McCanns allowed to turn it into a money-making circus which just could not be ignored or forgotten?

  47. Wow! That is the preface! Please publish this book in English.

    Thank you Astro.

  48. I am so glad that the Preface was written by someone other than Goncalo Amaral. The more people saying the same thing the better. The McCanns can't take them ALL to court!

  49. Wow! Mr. Moita Flores, how I wish this passage that you wrote could be published in the front pages of British newspapers. You have the courage to say what I'm sure many know to be true.


  50. "We requested a meeting with the Prime Minister and were offered a minor consul, which we turned down."

    Load of rubbish. This was said on purpose so as to cover Brown's ass.

  51. Bravo Sir. A most eloquent piece of writing.

    Keir Simmons of ITV tweeted that there is to be no English version of this book.

    That is disappointing if true, although I can well understand the reasons why.

    I wish there was some way to accomplish a USA publication.

  52. Maybe Gordon Brown was happy to help at first, thinking this was a confirmed case of abduction, but at a later stage when it became obvious there were other possibilities, he drew back a bit. I remember someone (Gerry McCann's brother, maybe?) saying something about calling in a few favours - I wonder just what favours he meant.

    Back to the preface of the new book: excellent piece of writing, powerful and confident. We'll certainly not see anything of this calibre in a certain person's blog/website. I'd really love to read this book if it gets printed in English.

    I imagine other books about the case will come out in the months and years to come, from other authors and maybe in other countries (the US, for instance). A very good thing, because even if there are attempts to censor them, the content of the books will always find its way on to the Internet and gradually through to the general public.

  53. I'm surprised that Sky News is publishing such a lot of comments full of critisism on the McCanns.
    They are less gagged than I thought.
    This is probably the beginning of freedom of speech in the UK, about Maddie.

  54. Gosh, I just commented about the freedom of speech of Sky News, al the sharp comments about the Mccanns and the news + comments disappeared from their site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. @ post # 47, and a perfectly valid question it is too! I sure can't get my head round that one and that's why I think there's no huge conspiracy even though certain politicians have clearly gone out of their way to help the couple! Having said that, something is clearly not right but what is it? What has caused these politicians to go out of their way thus?

  56. The Sky News disappeared news was about Kate feeling closer to Maddie, in PDL.

  57. The McCanns go to bed very late, don't they?
    And they stand up early in the morning, before 5.30am.
    Controlling the media, controlling the saints...
    What a life!

  58. Another great article from Dr MR on "taking liberties".
    Every time they open their mouth they put their foot in it. No wonder the peace-loving Portuguese in Praia da Luz cannot stand them.
    Algarve is fed up.
    Poor Madeleine!

  59. All the UK newspapers are most probably gagged by the Maccanns due to a super injunction, so maybe there is an excuse for them not to print the truth on this case. But there is no excuse for the way they have all but cannonised the Maccanns raised them high to sainthood, no no they have all been a disgrace to the memory of an innocent child. no UK newspaper can ever be trusted again. I hope Mr Amaral never ever give the british press the time of day.

  60. Anon at 54, I don't know if it's the beginning of free speech about the case in the UK, though we can certainly hope so. But one thing I'm certain of is that it's impossible to force everyone to believe one version of events, when that version has no more proof than any other. Anyone attempting to do so would be a dangerous megalomaniac, utterly deluded with their own ideas of power and domination of others.

    There are various theories as to what could have happened to Madeleine, as mentioned in the official summing-up, and all of these can be considered and discussed. Anyone attempting to limit this right of others to think for themselves and to exchange ideas with others would be setting themselves up as a dictator, an enemy of freedom. I think the world has had enough of dangerous dictators, people who are so drunk with their imagined power they think they have the right to tell others what to do or not do. People aren't going to stop discussing all the possibilities about what might have happened to Madeleine just before the McCanns want to force one view on everyone - it's never going to happen, they're just whistling in the wind. Haven't they noticed yet that the more they try the less they succeed? That banning one book just results in another, banning the second will result in a third ... and so on? Same with websites, leaflets, booklets ... all of these things can be reproduced, with just a few little adjustments here and there, but with the central points still firmly in place.

    As someone already said - and I've said it myself in the past - the genie is out of the bottle and out he's going to stay, until what happened to Madeleine is finally uncovered. Anyone who has nothing to hide has nothing to fear from this; there's absolutely no need for any innocent person to worry about the truth coming out, rather the opposite as it will remove suspicion from the innocent people for good.

  61. Daily Mail have been printing a lot of negative comments. Then they seem to get wiped very day or so. Not sure if that's normal practice.

  62. It is to be hoped that every editor will have this article by Francisco Moita Flores brought to their attention. They will then see how pathetic their editorials have been regarding Madeleine's disappearance and how far from the truth their comments and views about Goncalo Amaral have been since the McCanns opened their media campaign against him.

    One paragraph stood out to me:

    "Goncalo Amaral lives in the artlessness of the very best policeman. He believes that working so uninterestedly in such a selfless way where only the solution of the enigma matters,he didn't pay attention to the dark rumours, he didn't realise that behind every column that was written against him, behind every report that was serving the McCann's sieve, a current of sinister associations and complicities was organising itself, which had nothing to do with the material truth, or the investigation into the mysterious disappearance. The ingenuity of those who love their job and deliver themselves to their profession in an unconditional way"

    I can't wait to read the book after that excellent preface!

  63. http://goodqualitywristbands.blogspot.com/

    'HIMSELF'....Gets it in one.

  64. I couldn't beleive how virulent the comments on Sky News were - far worse than virtually anything on this site!

  65. If Sr Amaral says there has been some sort of political involvement in the McCann case, then who are we to say differently.

    He knows a whole lot more about what has been going on than we do.

  66. Ironside,

    Himself is brilliant. Well worth reading. Love this one:


    A Quotation or Two:

    "Being a low life worthless piece of shit I feel no remorse in desecrating the name and memory of our dead daughter Madeleine.

    Equally I feel no shame in besmirching the names of my two remaining children, no matter how vile and repugnant this may appear to anybody possessed of decency and an ethical moral code.

    Possessing neither decency or an ethical moral code myself, and fuelled by a most earnest desire that we may never face the kind of justice that we so richly deserve, I shall, on behalf of my wife and myself, carry on in the same disgraceful and reprehensible manner to which by now you are all well accustomed."

    (Well perhaps I can't attribute the above directly to the lying fuck, but you get the idea I'm sure.


  67. Anon @ 41

    The problem is that Gordon Brown was not Prime Minister in May 2007 - he was the Chancellor of the Exchequer. I can't image, as Chancellor, he also contacted soldiers’ widows and X-Factor winners.

    Mr B

  68. Been to goodqualitywristbands blogspot - Classic!

    Pictures tell such wonderful stories, don't they? 9 days after a 3-year-old goes missing, purportedly snatched by paedophiles, by people who were monitoring your movements on vacation and you appear on the church steps grinning from ear to ear, absolutely NO TRACE of concern or distress on your faces - not for your daughter who still hadn't been found nor for your own welfare. After all, you should also be concerned for your welfare if you were being monitored by some nefarious group who could pounce again to inflict more harm upon you??

    You Just Could Not Make It Up.

    Never bought it and still not buying the shite they're selling....

  69. Anon 69, The duo being given a member of the MMU was unprecedented at the time according to the papers. There was another PR person before him given to them by the government.

  70. anyone know what locard told us from dust?
    i need to no by tommorrow, if anyone can help please comment!
    the real question is what did Edmond Locard tell us from dust?
    it would really help for your information-thank you:)


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