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Maddie Case posted on the net for the English

 Madeleine McCann's  DNA traces found on the McCanns rented car

by N.M.M.

A supporter of Gonçalo Amaral published on a "blog" on the Internet excerpts from the investigation records of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann on 3 May 2007.

The pages of the process, translated into English, are nothing less than the fundamentation of the thesis of the former PJ coordinator. That is, the minor died in the apartment at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz, Algarve, and the parents are involved in the disappearance of the cadaver.

At the website "joana-morais.blogspot.com" it can be consulted various procedural files of the Judiciary Police investigators, from which it stands out a service report that describes the McCann couple's jitters when they heard they would be questioned about evidences; a friend of the couple witness statement describing a strange behavior of another friend, and an intercalary report signed by the Inspector-Chief Inspector Tavares Almeida, who defends the thesis of death.

Following an injunction brought by Kate and Gerry McCann, the former investigator is prohibited from making public comments about what he believes to have happened to the girl. But the judge of the Civil Court of Lisbon has not prohibited the friends of doing so, instead of Gonçalo Amaral - who has recently launched the book "The English Gag".

in Jornal de Notícias


  1. I think the biggest mistake the mccanns made - since their initial decision to obscure the truth - was to think they could silence Mr Amaral. I firmly believe it will be their undoing.

  2. When are the McCanns going to learn that the truth cannot be stopped.

    Not yet anyway, though I don't doubt they will be working on it.

  3. Goncalo has good friends I'm sure, who are willing to help him in this way. There is more than one way to skin a cat!

  4. Todos somos la voz de Amaral.

    Felices Fiestas¡¡¡¡

    Me pido para los Reyes Magos que los que se creen impunes nunca más lo sean.

  5. this is good news,just wish the british media would print in the british papers.let the REAL truth be known and NOT THE SO CALLED TRUTH ACCORDING TO THE MCCANNS

  6. Dear Joana, Astro, Kazlux and all those who share this space. You know that throughout the year I can't comment much, but I'm always here with you.

    Today I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

    Best wishes from Spain. Mercedes y Mila

  7. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/news/comic-dara-obriain-lambasts-bully-libel-law-1837527.html

    The crazy libel laws...The Sun today report of a manager who was seen leaving a Brothel..they cannot name him because of the 'Creeping privacy libel laws'...His name is all over the net but they still cannot name him. This 'Privacy libel law' means that the press cannot report EVEN IF the story is true,

    Tiger Woods has used the British libel laws also to stop photographs going to press.

  8. Bom dia a Todos/as.

    Também eu sou apoiante de Gonçalo Amaral e admiro em absoluto todos os Blogueres e Jornalistas a quem foi distribuído o DVD de parte do Processo, pela própria P.J.
    Apoio, do mesmo modo,que esses blogues publiquem as notícias em inglês,por ser a língua universal,a qual une muitos, chegando assim a todos.

    Há que saber o que se passa em ambos os lados e, os pais de Madeleine não podem nem devem em nome da ética e da moralidade impedir a manifestação e divulgação das opiniões de outras Pessoas acerca destes acontecimentos,desde 3 de Maio de 2007,uma data de extrema infelicidade para a Pequenina.

    A verdade e as explicações dos factos acima de tudo.

    E não a "verdade" de quem quer impedir a todo o custo,talvez...por lhes ser totalmente incómoda,para não dizer prejudicial, a eles.

  9. MPs and lawyers protested yesterday that the rules of privacy have become an intolerable burden on freedom of speech and are winning Britain an international reputation for censorship and suppression of information.
    It has reached the point where the wealthy from abroad are indulging in 'privacy shopping' to shield them from reporting in their own countries.

    This month golfer Tiger Woods secured an injunction in London to prevent publication of certain photographs which were not even known to exist.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1238017/Premier-League-manager-caught-visiting-prostitutes-brothel.html#ixzz0ab6PaoVI

  10. Natal feliz e um novo ano feliz a você todo

    La Navidad feliz y un próspero año nuevo a ustedes

    Happy Christmas and a happy new year to you all

    Letter from Iberia

  11. To save anyone wasting their money on the parasites at Carter Ruck the football manager in question is Avram Grant, manager of Portsmouth.

    RealHumptyB on Twitter

  12. policia@jn.pt

    Muito bom dia.

    Devem saber,como profissionais que são,que a própria P.J. distribuiu
    um DVD com partes do Processo.

    Eu também apoio os Meus Compatriotas na divulgação bi- lateral dos factos.

    Além disso a divulgação em inglês,língua universal,permite assim pela
    bi-lateralidade quanto aos acontecimentos,que estes cheguem a todos.

    Sempre é mais correcto,ético e moral do que o hábito da
    unilateralidade e da opinião única.

    Já agora,uma pergunta: o artigo,referente a Madeleine McCann,publicado
    hoje,dia 24, não tem espaço para comentários.Porquê?

    Muito obrigada e cumprimenta,

    Mª do Carmo Reis

  13. Thank you to Joana, Kazlux, Astro for all your fine work, dedicated to revealing the truth in this case, especially in English, for the world to see. A peaceful and happy Christmas to you and yours and all here.

    To support the petition for Libel Reform in the UK to redress the legal balance in favour of reasoned justice rather than wealthy individuals and corporations, sign the petition at: http://libelreform.org/

  14. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Justice for Maddy!
    Freedom of speech!

    Beata, Germany

  15. deixo-vos aqui um vídeo " carta ao pai natal" em hip ---? rap? em português.Eu gostei.


  16. supostamente(estou inscrita e não consigo)os comentários no J.N. serão já????? possíveis......

  17. http://mccannexposure.wordpress.com/2009/12/24/joana-morais-a-force-to-be-reckoned-with/

    From one Force to another...

  18. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1238157/The-chilling-story-Gerry-Adams-lied-protect-paedophile-brother--helped-work-children.html

    The truth always comes out sooner...or later. The Mccanns and their friends would do well to remember this.

  19. Well done Joana for getting this out there...Merry Christmas to you, Kazlux and Astro and everyone who visits this site.
    Heres to better news in 2010!

  20. Merry Christmas Joana, Astro, Kazlux, Sr Amaral and his family, and to all those who work hard to bring the truth out and justice for Madeleine McCann, from England.

  21. Joyeux Noël, bonnes fêtes de fin d'année et bonne année 2010!

  22. The genie is out of the bottle and won't ever be put back in; that's the reality of the situation, and all these attempts at censorship are doing is drawing more and more people's attention to the facts of the case, particularly the official case files and GA's book. Why the McCanns want to keep drawing attention to the things they say aren't true I don't know, unless of course they've shut their eyes to what is really happening publicity-wise. I guarantee that win or lose the libel case they'll find the focus of the world firmly on what GA said in his book and on what his supporters say in court.

    Trying to censor people is stupid and only the stupid try to do it. Once information has got into the public domain it's out there for ever, especially these days when the Internet is so many people's main source of information. Trying to contain information by censorship is like trying to hold water back with a sieve - it can't be done, it will always trickle through.

  23. I am here everyday hoping each new day for the TRUTH for a dear little girl I never met ,and will continue to seek justice , ,,MAY I WISH EVERYONE A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR peace to all on earth and justice for Maddie 2010 ..pepper29142

  24. Maybe it's just my pessimistic/suspicious nature, but I'm not sure I feel very at ease with this unexpected "spotlight" focused on Joana and this blog. Is it a good thing, completely innocent, no hidden agendas, or could it mean danger and trouble ahead? Is the dirty finger of Lift Consulting in it? Of course, the McCanns and C.-Ruck, by now, are fully aware of Joana and her work, but if too much focus is placed on her who knows what actions it might cause?
    I hope it will not be the case.

  25. @ post # 24, you have every reason to be suspicious. We know all too that nothing is at it seems with this case. Hopefully, this publicity will prove to be an anti-Lift move.

  26. Anon 22

    Well said, yes the genie is well and truly out.

    I also was on the Mccanns side and believed their story, over this last year ive seen their body language and this is what gives them away, apart from all the stuff ive read on the internet that has helped me come to my conclusion that the Mccanns are guilty of a cover up of maddies body, Im not sure still how Maddy died but I DONT TRUST ANY OF THE TAPAS 9

  27. I remember vividly the day the news broke - I was at an afternoon barbecue and it came up in discussion - I was the only parent in this small discussion - and I remember ranting about what sort of parent could leave their kids alone at night? and whatever happened to their child they were culpable of negligence....2.5 years have passed and it stinks more and more and more - my only hope is that the PJ and the British police are playing a clever game in this - and they will get the evidence they need - my fear is that UK authorities are covering up something very sinister with myriad implications

  28. Then the UK Authorities are bigger fools then anyone realises and they will be made to pay for this, 2010 is the year the UK Government WILL BE CHANGED and good riddance to Brown and his (more than helpful in this sad case) friends. As they say its okay when your climbing the ladder of success its when your coming down thats the problem! it couldn'thappen to a nicer person then Brown.
    Maddy will get her JUSTICE Gordy, remember that!!


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