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Madeleine: Trial over prohibition to sell Gonçalo Amaral’s book starts on the 11th of December

Lisboa, 05 Dec (Lusa) – On the 11th of December, the Civil Court of Lisbon starts the trial over the injunction that forbids the sale of the book “Maddie – The Truth About the Lie”, about the disappearance of the child in 2007, written by Gonçalo Amaral.

During the sessions scheduled for the 11th, the 14th and the 16th of December, at the 7th Section of the Civil Court of Lisbon, the former Polícia Judiciária inspector’s defence will present its opposition to the argumentation of the McCann family, that was the basis for the temporary injunction that was granted on the 9th of September.

Kate and Gerry McCann, represented by lawyer Isabel Duarte, allege that the book and the video that was based on it, divulge Gonçalo Amaral’s thesis, which they consider unsustainable, of Maddie’s parents’ involvement in her disappearance.

source: Lusa, 05.12.2009


  1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1233330/Dr-David-Kelly-Six-doctors-demand-inquest-death-weapons-expert-prove-murdered.html

    Off topic but here we have an example of the cover up by the Goverment on the death of David Kelly..You will see here that if he was murdered the 'Swarthy' did it (such is the xenophobia of the British)...finger has also been pointed at MI5 CIA.

    We need a whistleblower for the Mccann case .If not the truth will never be known.

  2. Força Gonçalo!
    I feel terribly sorry that this couple have dragged you in this dirty game. They will lose big time,no doubt about it

  3. http://truthformadeleine.com/2009/12/another-south-african-madeleine-finder-arrives-in-portugal/

    An interesting theory but where would that leave the dogs in all of this?

  4. A very well written article with regards to free speech and silencing of the Internet.

    Friday, 4 December 2009

    It seems pretty obvious from the activities of the McCanns legal beagles, Carter Ruck, that they are doing everything in their power to shut down every Blog, Forum and Web Site where there is any discussion to do with the "disappearance" of the McCann's Daughter Madeleine on 3rd May 2007.
    Whilst they may do their best to do so they must realise that as one is closed down, another one will open. Why are the McCanns spending so much of the Find Madeleine Fund on legal expenses which are merely being used to remove speculation or suspicion about possible involvement of themselves in the "disappearance"? And also to attempt to discredit a very experienced Detective in the Portuguese Police and even get his books banned when all he is doing is repeating details of the "evidence" obtained by the PJ during the investigation into Maddies "disappearance"? Can the McCanns get the publically available statements of all those questioned by the PJ removed and banned from publication? We doubt it, and whilst such information is in the public domain speculation. suspicion and opinion will continue to be expressed.
    We are surprised that the McCanns are not out and about themselves looking for their child, which is something they did not do even in the minutes and hours after her "abduction". They spent more time organising the media, printing leaflets and more inportantly refusing to assist the PJ by answering questions which may have helped the Police to bring the matter to a swift conclusion.
    The more the McCanns continue with their legal battles against all and sundry,the less respect (if there is any left), they will get from the public at large. Continuing in this vein will also only serve to convince many people that the speculation and opinions being voiced about their possible involvement could, in fact, be further enhanced..
    Why do the McCanns need to use a Company who number amongst their clients such as high profile individuals, heads of state, heads of government, senior politicians, diplomats, leading business people, celebrities and prominent figures in the fields of entertainment, media and sport. They say they also represent sovereign states, government ministries, regulatory bodies, academic institutions, charities, multinational corporations and companies and they say their Media clients cover the whole industry, newspaper, magazine and book publishers, broadcasting organisations and online publishers. Their Fees must really be depleting the Maddie Fund.

    SOURCE. Maddie Abduction Mystery

    AUTHOR. The Blogger

  5. The McCanns consider Gonçalo Amaral’s thesis to be unsustainable. Well they would wouldn't they? But then, if it isn't Gonçalo Amaral’s thesis alone but one which the Portuguese police and other expert witnesses share, where does that leave the McCanns?
    Well, I suppose with their 'friends' in high places it leaves them continuing to be protected, but under suspicion, forever.
    This is what irks them most; this is what they had not foreseen. No amount of PR, spin, or call it what you like, can prove their innocence.
    But it is this need to prove their innocence which drives them to continue their phoney search and intensify their attempts through their notorious lawyers to remove all traces of opposition from the internet and the shelves of the bookstores.
    I wonder how long their 'friends' in high places will continue to tolerate this incessant quest which is destined never to succeed?


  6. Eddie and Kella said it all no need for further speculation . These two intelligent dogs will go down in history and haunt the McCann's for ever .

  7. Iron
    Thanks for the article and nice to see you back
    Conclusion: the more the mccanns try to shut us up, the STRONGEST WILL BE AND IS MADELEINE"S VOICE

    Now I wonder if they are going to sue this "new" ex police officer who is going to localize MADELEINE"S BODY????Isnt he saying she is dead???
    It looks like an other mccanns trick: it does too nicely tie in with their abduction theory....and the man is supposed to be in Portugal on the 11-D....I smell a BIG rat :D

  8. Anonymous 3,

    The story of the old gentleman is not believable at all. At that time of the day there was plenty of people on the streets from whom he could get help, and police or GNR stations are open 24 hours where he could take the child. This South African is another one probably trying to have a share of Madeleine's fund. He knows the directors only employ crooks. And, as you say, where would that leave the dogs?

  9. It is not about Madeleine anymore.

    It is about the reinvention of the McCanns as the perfect parents and victims who did no wrong.

    And woe betide anybody who dares say anything different.

    Madeleine appears to have got lost along the way since the McCanns started down the time consuming path of sue everybody in sight.

    Distraction and time wasting which could be used to search for their child.

  10. From the link Anon # 3 posted: "Small town, no vehicle, no police station and not even a fuelling station. As it was very late, he decided to take her home, the next morning he would take her to the authorities."

    The search sniffer dogs the Portuguese police used to search for a live missing child followed her scent and then I think stopped at the Supermarket. Therefore if the above happened. Surely the dogs should have led the police straight to the persons house. Also if anyone living ion a small town (or otherwise) found a child and had no vehicle, no police station and not even a fuelling station then the word TOWN means there were other people living there and doors would be knocked no matter what time of day or night? It looks like the McCircus is coming to Pdl again!

  11. Welcome back Ironside, nice article.

    If this South African guy were to find a body, then the only believable story would be that he is employed by the McCanns and that they hope that this new revelation will clear them.

    No chance.

  12. I do hope Amaral´s lawyer asks why the McCanns apparently never considered having a swipe at Halligen. Not only did he allegedly take their money, he didn´t even take any notice of the tip-offs made to the hotline. Is that really less damaging to the search, and to Amelie and Sean than what Amaral has said and done? Then there was Metodo 3... It seems the McCanns are very picky about whom they choose to gag and sue.

  13. @ post # 12, good points. Don't forget the psychic lawyer, Aragao, also. What he said about Maddie is the most gruesome of theories so far yet the McCanns welcomed it because according to Clarence Mitchell, "if she is dead then she is dead but not by their hands".

  14. Anon 12,

    The most blatant is Método 3. They knew who was keeping Maddie and promised she would be home by Christmas. They didn't sue them either. You see, all this cash they are splashing around doesn't come from their pockets. But now this shameless couple are trying to extort 1,2 mill from Goncalo. If they win you can bet it won't go to the fund and we won't be able to find out.

  15. To Mushroom Head @ No. 1

    Yes its off topic but the theme which both topics have in common is: doctors.

    I feel very pleased that 6 doctors have gathered the courage to speak together, but why now and not earlier, I wonder? I also think that there must have been doctors who were consulted in the Hutton enquiry and who decided it was a good idea to support the government line. Who were those doctors? What are they doing now?

    Most likely it is just a coincidence that Tapas 9 were also a group of doctors.......

  16. Check-out the latest update on the Mccanns 'official' find madeleine website - quote "Thank you to Tony McVey and Atlantic Scaffolding in Liverpool for this fantastic show of support and help with our campaign to find Madeleine" - unquote.

    Is this yet another example of how Mr. Amarals book has hampered public support and the search for the missing child? Every time a new awareness campaign is launched the Mccanns declare how overwhelming public response and support has been, like the 1,000 e-mails and phone calls they received following one of their bogus publicity campaigns.

    So Mr. and Mrs Mccann, which is it to be?

  17. Ironside good to see your back love your coments great x

  18. Anon 16, I wonder If Tony McVey is related to Ester McVey who helped set up the fund and is a friend of Mrs McC.

  19. Anon 18... Good point! It hadn't occured to me but now you mention it I think it highly probable that there is a connection between the two.

    There are so many apparent links that continue to appear as time progresses, far too many to be pure coincidence. How many times has Ireland and Scotland featured, be it connected with an individual, a company, a sports club, an ex-policeman, a lawyer, a businessman/woman etc. and of course G. Mccann originates from Ireland and thence Scotland - too many links that lead back to the same places.

  20. @ post # 18, that was the first thought that came to my mind when I read the message. I wouldn't at all be surprised. I believe Esther's family are in the property business in Liverpool.

  21. was Amaral's application for legal aid accepted or rejected?

  22. Does anyone know if the option to ask for Amaral to amend his book is open to the courts? I ask because if the courts agree that while the book is based on the PJ's conclusions as revealed in the process files, because of the PP's conclusion the book is defamatory. So while it's ok to state the PJ's conclusions, Amaral should also mention the PP's summary to add balance. Is that an option?


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